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If I listed everything the church was allowed to say ten years ago that she can’t say today, you would be horrified.  Without a miracle, your children and grandchildren will have to survive in a world that will totally ban their faith—and what is even scarier: they will have to face it without you.

It is hard to convince many Christians that they are rapidly losing their First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and freedom of religion.  They either don’t believe it is happening, or they chalk it up to  ‘fake news’ or ‘politics.’  But the erosion of liberty is not only real—it is the greatest threat American Christians have ever faced.

The doctrines of our faith that offend are: the Cross, the Blood of Jesus, the reality of Hell, sexual purity, and marriage.  Preachers who feel the heat from government censorship are already deleting these doctrines from their sermons.  They’ll tell you it’s to reach a bigger audience—but, trust me, it’s the heat.

What can we do to stop the church from being driven underground?   No one who is truly a man or woman of God can seriously entertain the idea that we should stop preaching these truths.  That is not even an option.  What then can we do to reverse this pernicious loss of liberty?

An even better question is: What does God do when a nation tries to silence His church?  The answer came to me suddenly.   Hear me out, it is not what you think.  It is way beyond petitions, or elections.  The revelation I am about to relate to you, struck me with paralyzing clarity. I am amazed I never saw it before.

However, nothing I am about to say will help you, not one point I am making will have its intended impact, unless you have a heart for it.  If you are still in denial about what is happening, I can’t help you—this message can’t help you.  If you think I am dispensing alarmist extremism, then you are just another part of the threat.

But, if you want to hear God’s heart on this crisis—if you hunger for more than half-answers, then you have come to the right place.  You can ask the Holy Spirit the most important question you could ever ask: “What do You do when a nation tries to silence Your church?”

Here it comes:

When the leaders of Jerusalem arrested Peter, they didn’t know what to charge him with or how to punish him.  They knew they had to silence the church.  There was no doubt about their intention.  They were prepared to do anything to stop the Gospel—so what was stopping them?  Answer that, and you will know what the exact marching orders are, that the church needs today.

What was hindering the council members was the glaring presence of the man who came with Peter and John.  This was the crippled beggar who used to sit at the Gate Beautiful.  A spectacular miracle had occurred!  He had occupied the most visible and lucrative begging station in Jerusalem.  Everyone knew him.  Word of his miraculous healing filled Jerusalem, and a mad chorus of praise was rising over the Eternal City.

Their deep consternation is vividly described in these verses: Acts 4:14 “And seeing the man who had been healed standing with them, they could say nothing against it. 15 But when they had commanded (Peter and John) to go aside out of the council, they conferred among themselves, 16 saying, “What shall we do to these men? For, indeed, that a notable miracle has been done through them is evident to all who dwell in Jerusalem, and we cannot deny it.””

Their profound dilemma was not lost on Peter.  The Holy Spirit had revealed to him the divine solution to government censorship.  Peter had clearly settled on a course of action—the very action we need to take today. It is the action we take in our tent. He left with a battle plan. He was armed with critical information.

He gathered the people of God, and ordered them to pray.  He was about to pray a prayer that is the precise model for our crisis. He faced the same threat we face.  Remember that word: “threat.”

You will recall I told you that nothing good can come to you from my message, unless you see how urgent the hour has become?  Peter began his prayer by calling the situation ‘a threat.’  We must do this, also.

In Acts chapter 4, Peter prayed: 29 “Now, Lord, look upon their threats, and grant to Your servants that with all boldness they may speak Your word, 30 by stretching out Your hand to heal, and that signs and wonders may be done through the name of Your Holy Servant Jesus.”

Peter is showing us that boldness is essential.  Only boldness will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Not only this, he is forever settling the question of preaching.  Preaching must not leave anything out.  It is by sharing the whole counsel of God, that the church is protected, and able to continue her work.

Next, Peter is admitting that the vehicle for that boldness is signs and wonders.  God must stretch His hand over an angry culture, perform supernatural healings, and overrule the agenda of man.  Such is the case today.  Look at how God answered:

Acts 4:31 “And when they had prayed, the place where they were assembled together was shaken; and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and they spoke the word of God with boldness.”

Not only were they filled with the Holy Spirit and boldness, but God answered their prayer for miracles.  In the next chapter, the very shadow of Peter was healing the masses. (Acts 5:15-16)

Ignore those who aren’t willing.  Set the time and place to go to homes, houses of worship, schools, offices—anywhere where true prayer can be raised up to God.  Prove this promise and see: the Spirit will fall; you will receive a tongue of fire, and miracles will come.  I am not talking about self-absorbed emotional light touches.  I am talking about undeniable, medically verified, city-shaking divine healings.

And you will see that now, as in that day, no law, no argument, and no politician will be able to silence the church!






  1. Moses Rivera

    So true!

  2. Roger Culwell

    Amen and what when can’t say is what really matter’s and give’s us power, the name of Jesus, The Blood, The Fire, the anointing, they put that down to saying you don’t have to spit on people, well if we had a few more spitting preacher’s [ forgive me ladies] the Church might be anointed instead of filled with devil’s, and we might do some casting out by the power of God through the Holy Spirit, it’s hard to hear all this, grace cover’s sin, when only the blood does, God allows sin now, NO HE DON’T, read the word, you take out the anointing, the name of Jesus [some bibles have and replaced with him] the Blood the Holy Spirit and Fire, you have a social club, a powerless nothing, where people go to get cheered on, [ hey hey it’s ok, sin will never get in your way, prosperty and rest, live like you want and you will be blessed, and hell will be filled with people who won’t pass the test, or there sins confess] sorry but thats crazy as it sounds but that about what you hear today, Time to tell the truth, and stop cheering people in to hell, straight is the gate and narrow the way and there be few that find it, is what my bible say’s, but then again mine is old fashion, but you know what that big old scroll that rolled down in heaven, when Jesus took me, to tell me the church is not ready, 2 Cor 12:20-21, it said the same thing my old fashion bible said, word for word, they want the word done away with because it condemns sin, and they love there sin, even in the church now they love there sin, The Holy Spirit and fire give’s us boldness because it’s not us speaking it’s him speaking through us, [ I was excited when I first read the book’s of Enoch, and I was visiting another church where I use to atend, and I was telling some one what I read, and then service started, and the preacher ask me to testify and I stood up and started to say something and the Holy just took over and said, The Word Say’s Study To Show Your Self Approved, Not Just Sit There And It Will Come To You, and I was shocked what was that about, I was humilated, and then after church the one I had told about the books of Enoch, walked over and said I feel the holy spirit only want’s you to read the King James, And Then What The Holy Spirit Said When I stood Up to Testify Made Perfect Sense, the Holy Spirit knows even before you get attacked, he spoke up for me before I was even attacked he handled it, that why he lead’s, and times people were going to try and kill me look up he said, then look behind you, two guys with knives, I am still here, even the other day, the Lord had me put on fb that the coup was planning to over throw the President pray, and I put it up, well right after I started getting request people a little to nosey to soot me, and this morning I had a vision, A Grizzly was trying to kill me well I new it meant Ca. because the Griz. is there animal symbol, and I new silicon valley fb was behind it, but God said he had them, and Sept 3 the POB have set up to try and kill me again, and God said he has a surprise for both of them, we are in a day all this is going on it’s real, but people don’t have enough of God to see it, The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is needed bad, we are being silenced, and censored, and it can feel a little hairy at time’s, until you rea;ize God is with is and this is a war, Rodney Howard-Browne is putting up some videos of some who want to take over, we are being conned, by people in and out of church, I thought the POB maybe were the end of it, but If I heard right, there’s some ready to take up where they fail, they sound more like the real Spirit filled peple, but they still tell us not to fight, don’t get in all thing’s even though they affect the church greatly, and they lean toward a greasy grace, saying thing’s like oh God knows all about it, like it dosen’t matter, God know’s every thing but thing’s do matter to him, you are to overcome, our will and not his is witchcraft, sorry but if your praying for some one to have certian man or woman, and it’s not Gods will, it’s witchcraft, the churh is praying witchcraft today, bigtime, they pray witchcraft prayer’s there will, not the Father’s will, we need the Holy Spirit and fire BAD, we will not know the truth with out him for he is truth, we will not have boldness, I don’t know how we got so far off base, YEAH I DO, we quit reading our bibles and started to listen to what we were told, and we were told wrong, let’s get back to the basic’s of God, Read, Pray, praise, worship, Get filled with the Holy Spirit and Fire. by the way sin will leave us powerless. Be Blessed

  3. Noel

    As then, so today. The spirit of Anti-Christ works continually to silence the reality that Jesus is Lord. May the witness of an unstoppable church demonstrate to the world that heaven rules!

    Psalm 103:19-22
    Daniel 4:26

    The radical Democrats would have us believe that they rule over our souls and know what is best for the country. It is another example of Satan’s consuming hatred of the rule of the one and only true Godhead.

  4. Robert Notestine

    Hi Mario,
    Just came out of the 10:30 service at Bethel. Kris spoke. Boldly. But you know Bill and Kris. I see your smile!

  5. kingskid48

    This is such an encouraging word. The darkness is surrounding us, but it cannot overcome the Light. I believe we are on the cusp of a true explosion of verifiable miracles. The media will not be able to silence or twist what is reported. They will sit there with their mouths open when their own reporters put the microphone to their mouth and report what they are seeing! Come, Holy Spirit, come!

  6. Karen Staffieri

    Thank you, Mario. You are truly a gift from God.

    Your Sister in Christ, Karen


    On Sun, Jul 21, 2019 at 1:37 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > > > > * mariomurilloministries posted: “If I listed everything the church was > allowed to say ten years ago that she can’t say today, you would be > horrified. Without a miracle, your children and grandchildren will have to > survive in a world that will totally ban their faith—and what is even sca” >

  7. Paul Fuhrer

    Amen from Australia

  8. Desertstream

    “… but the RIGHTEOUS are BOLD as a LION.” Prov. 28:1. Amazing how great this animal is that he is called king of the jungle. When he lets out a roar he is serving notice to everyone around that he owns the territory! There’s something about the dynamic of the Anointing of God’s Spirit, that when in full operation has complete dominion over the immediate area, and commands full attention and obedience. You truly become ‘another man’ and exhibit lion hearted boldness. And all of us can rise up in that same boldness that the Holy Spirit gives us in a moment of time and declare the Truth fearlessly, pray awesome prayers of faith, and see God’s Miracles transpire. It is in the lions nature to get up and take on any challenge that confronts him! God created him that way, and he gives forth a thunderous roar which brings fear on every creature around. God’s Army knows how to accept any challenge from the devil. Yeah, he goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour; but when God Roars As The Lion Of The Tribe of Judah, HIs Thunderings paralyze the devil, who flees in stark terror as our defeated foe. We rise up in full Authority and boldly issue commands to our enemy and he flees before us. We Preach, Witness, Stand our ground, Cast out the spirits, Anoint the sick with oil, and watch the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead work through us who are bold as lions. And this boldness is supernatural. As we step out, the Wonderful Holy Spirit is then given the latitude in us to begin manifesting the Boldness of Christ. Thanks Bro Mario, for bringing this important topic of holy boldness to all of us.

    • Francisco

      Dont worry and be bold as a lion

  9. waibera mahamba

    Thank you

    Pastor Mahamba Wa-ibera Evariste


    2019-07-21 19:31 UTC+02:00, Mario Murillo Ministries

  10. Marilyn Schnell

    A great word for the church and the bride. No need to judge those who don’t yet get it- they will as many grab hold of all that exists in heaven and, by force, bring it to earth. In all our boldness before men on earth may we remain humble before God in heaven.

  11. Stephen Muzick

    I couldn’t agree more. The Bible states without faith it is impossible to please God. We need God to show up in our lives to help us and to cement our bond with him. That is what makes our relationship with him impossible to change. It is the root system with which we grow and share what God has not only done in our lives but what he can do in the lives of others. It is our testimony. The stronger our bond with God the weaker the enemy becomes in our lives. And it needs to be preached. If we are not taught how do we learn? Good message. God bless.



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