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The Democrats have made it plain: free healthcare for illegals paid for by you. They are not hiding anything. They want the right to kill newborns. They will force the church to stop teaching God’s word on sexual immorality. They will remake America. We see their true colors. They couldn’t be any clearer.

What I don’t get, is how the American church can still think this is all a game.

Because of man, and nature—planet Earth is ready to explode—not from global warming but from moral cooling.  Matthew 24:12 “And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.”

Meanwhile, the church—like passengers partying on the deck of the Titanic—pats herself on the back for what she considers her ‘big events.’

Nothing has stopped America’s headlong depravity. Nothing has even slowed it down. We have spent more money, more time, and more talent than ever—yet the church never asks, “Why do we keep doing things that don’t work?” Why can’t we impact culture?”

When the church:           

-Feeds a powerless Gospel to a sick nation, a Gospel that does not deliver us from evil, but even worse, makes those who have already been converted still weaker, the church must think it is a game.

-When the church no longer views the works of Satan as the enemy, but believes the worst thing that can happen is to have an unsuccessful life—the church is just playing a game.  The only solution is a return to the Bible.  The Bible needs to set fire to our sermons.

Sadly, even many of my Spirit-filled acquaintances are also playing games.  Facebook is like a Petri dish for Pentecostals.  In one compressed medium you witness the banal bacteria that excite Charismatics today.

Witness the games:

-Titles like Prophet, Bishop, and Apostle are flung around indiscriminately.  Every garish emotional experience is hawked as being from God.  One “prophet” says he went back in time and visited Moses.  Who of us has not scratched our heads at preachers in ill-fitting jeans, live-streaming from a near-empty church, telling us that they are the ‘vessel of the hour’?

– Conferences promise that you will get “a word from God” if you pay a fee…as if the Holy Spirit was some kind of On Demand Movie Channel.  Or they offer formulas to “activate” blessings.  This is New Age philosophy.  God is not a force to be manipulated—He is an awesome person to be adored and obeyed.  God is not your shield and butler! Gifts arrive, as the Spirit wills, to those whose hearts are broken and those who are emptied of self. His gifts are for the lost, the poor, and the forsaken.

-Everything seems based on angelic visitations, dreams, visions, and trips to heaven.  Most of our time is spent on these ‘experiences’ rather than on rock-solid instruction from the Word of God.

I believe in dreams, prophecy, healing, angels, and visions—but if they are from God, they will drive us to the front line of the culture war, and not into emotionally comfortable safe-zones.

“The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty to the tearing down of strongholds.” (2 Corinthians 10:4)

We are nowhere near tearing down any kind of strongholds—because we think it’s a game. We insulate the supernatural from the ones who need it most. We are role playing. We are doing our own version of dungeons and dragons. 

Beloved, this is not a game.  When Christians toy with materialism, celebrity, alcohol, compromise, and carnalityit spells doom for America.   Right now, giant media sources such as Google, Facebook, Apple, YouTube, and the rest of Silicon Valley, are threatening to pull the plug on Christians, Christian Schools, and churches.  Pinterest has already been caught deleting posts containing scripture. Every day they inch closer to full censorship.  Will your zany videos matter, when they are immediately taken down and no one can see them?

Our preaching ricochets off a culture careening into indescribable debauchery.  Soon it will be illegal to preach the doctrines you are now ignoring.  What a horror!  Pastor, you will wake up one day feeling remorse over the truths you ignored, because now it’s too late—they have been banned.

I am often asked, “Mario is there any hope?”

The answer is, “Yes! Because my hope is founded on God’s fierce love for America!  He will not let this nation go, without a fierce fight.  My hope is also in some of the last people you would expect.

My hope is in the discouraged preacher.  They are the honest-to-God preachers, who feel like fools when they see the runaway success of those who have compromised their ministries.

Psalm 73:12 “Behold, these are the ungodly who are always at ease; they increase in riches. 13 Surely, I have cleansed my heart in vain, and washed my hands in innocence. 14 For all day long I have been plagued, and chastened every morning.”

My hope is in those who chose to fail honestly, rather than succeed artificially.

Are you struggling with decreasing numbers and falling finances, even as you present Christ-centered, Bible-based-truth from your pulpit?   God sees you! Hold on just a little longer.  Fire is coming that will cause such a stampede that you won’t know where to put the crowds.

My hope is in the Christian nobodies.  Have you failed?  Did man take away your pulpit?  Get ready…your brokenness is a key to the fire of God in this hour.  A nationwide hunger for reality is about to make shallowness obsolete.

Are you a teacher, business person, police officer, or stay at home mom?  Do you burn with a passion for your community?

Get ready for vision and anointing! They are about to break out, right where you live!

The hour is so dangerous that God must bring down religious empires, while promoting others to great power and influence.  Satan is also playing games.

I believe that God is not playing games. Using the last people we would expect, He is about to teach Satan what war really looks like!



  1. kingskid48

    I just saw an article containing pictures of leftists celebrating abortion. They were too horrible to talk about. Sometimes I wonder what most Christians are watching for news. They seem oblivious to the fact that our culture and country and descending into the pit at a staggering pace. I think the pastors who are awake had better awaken their congregations, and soon. If they have to shock them and make them uncomfortable, so be it. It’s better than us warming the pews while America disappears into a socialist regime that celebrates perversion of all kinds, and infanticide. The news yesterday showed the celebration of homosexuality in our major city, where they expect four million people to gather to celebrate. They said every store front was decorated in honor of the event. I won’t say where or name the channel, but the reporters and anchors were nearly giddy with excitement over all of it. I do believe we will see an end-time harvest of souls, but as far as I can see, it will have to be brought about by judgment. I hope I am wrong. However, the greatest judgment will be experienced by those who know the truth and are condoning sin, saying, “God is love” as their excuse for failing to call out sin for what it is. “King James Bible
    When I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand.” Ez 3:18

    • Bobbie

      kingskid48: great to see people are awake and know what’s going on. Yes, been living in Ezekiel. Actually one friend called and said wanted to shave head and sit in sackcloth and ashes. Fasting, praying and reading/speaking his WORD and repenting is order of the day if we heed. Apostolic/Prophetic types warning of JUDGMENT and yes they ALL wished they were wrong, “going to give this Nation something to grieve about” consensus is it’s NOT going to be good! Weeping for the debauchery of the Nation/World. One friend says when Freedom of Worship taken away then will they speak up and do and say something, way too late by then! Ezekiel 33:all, Revelations 18:to the end all! Proverbs 9:10! Ten Commandments!

  2. Kim Denner

    Gross darkness is covering the earth. Our light better shine and with power of the Holy Ghost.
    Strategic intercession better arise or severe persecution will.
    We live in evil days. Let his people recognize it and act now….

  3. Roger weeks

    Thank you so much. This is so refreshing, compared to the pablum, being spread in most Christian circles. I tell my wife it is Christian Lite. It grieves and troubles us. I’m one of those, who taught and preached in churches for over twenty years. Now though shut out by lies accusations and brethren that ( love God) Amazing how people can love God so much and turn on you so hatefully. We still share the truth. We want to be reignited and used again. Praying for you all.

  4. spillie48

    Far too many count their “success” by their many contributors who claim visions, visitations from spirits, and dreams. The Holy Bible warns against such ‘fabulous’ happenings. There is only one God. Don’t trust those seeking fame and numerous followers on websites. Many will be lost.

  5. Lindy

    What a marvelous gift the Lord has given you with words brother Mario! I laughed aloud as I read some of the descriptions you gave, though inside my heart felt sad: because I have observed in the church EVERY thing you spoke of! Sadly, it is all true.
    The main thing on my mind of late, is to get back into the Holy Bible!
    I did not notice how much time I had given to the internet, I had thrown out my TV in 2012 as it was a time-waster..even watching Christian shows can be a trap for Christians, because they are not living in Gods’ reality when they consume them: we are supposed to each one of us, delve into the Bible for OURSELVES and hear a fresh Word from God for OURSELVES: a RHEMA – not a: “Hey, that was a good revelation that preacher gave!” or a “Hey, that was a good teaching that preacher gave!”
    Our first and foremost preacher and teacher is the Lord Jesus, by His Holy Spirit.
    What is His direct living Word for us on a particular day? This is how we live before Him!
    If we absorb all these Christian messages on TV or the internet, we are holding back our own spiritual growth in the Lord! We are not (usually) hearing a “thus says the Lord” for ourselves.
    We may “know” lots of stuff and have lots of spiritual revelation on the Word, but we may not even need half of it, God may be dealing with us from a few verses in Proverbs (to help us “shape up!”) while we are feeding on some prophecies connected with the Book of Revelation or whatever.
    We need a PERSONAL relationship with the Lord, not a second-hand one.
    We always share with the unsaved that they need a “personal relationship with Christ” whilst we ourselves are disconnected with Him and thinking we are IN Him, because we are boned up on TV preaching/teaching.
    I am not against it entirely, God has placed teachers in the church and we can learn from them, even on the internet; they can share in a way that will help us, but I am against them being a substitute for hearing directly from God for our individual selves.

    I got off the “banalities” of facebook (as brother Murillo puts it so well,) said Goodbye to lots of Christian “friends” on it. But I have found that if you quit one thing, the devil will try and trap you with another! I may have to quit the internet altogether.
    Ask yourself this question: “How much time to I give to the Word of God? and how much time do I spend on the internet each day?” Then ask yourself if you would not be more powerful in your life, closer to God and more active in His service if you spent at least equal time in the Word of God.
    I am not talking about prayer. We may spend 3 hours a day in prayer which is good, but we also need (badly) the Word of God each day..a fresh living Word – hand-fed to us from God!
    We have many Christians to whom the idea of spending even an hour a day in the Bible is a foreign concept, yet they will watch Sid Roth and others, hour after hour. Sid had a guest on his program recently (I saw the title) who goes to Heaven several times each year! Really? – I wonder!
    Here is a clue for some of you: No matter HOW spiritual a person is, they can STILL have another spirit working with them! God opened my eyes to that. I think of one lady off the bat – a spiritual dynamo they say, she is a guest on every Christian show and teaches people how to travel to Heaven etc. I believe she really DOES go there in her spirit, but its purely demonic.
    The devil will be thrown out of Heaven where he is at present accusing us before the throne of God day and night; (yes, I know he roams the earth also,) he shows up when the sons of God have a meeting with God (in Job ch.1) we should not be surprised he can do these things.
    She is a lovely person in many ways and quite spiritual, but she has a spirit of witchcraft – I saw it. There are other preachers/teachers out there (only a few that I am aware of) who have “another spirit” working with them. If we listen to, or watch such, we invite that thing into our own lives. These (I believe) are some of the false prophets whom Jesus warned us of. GET BACK INTO THE HOLY BIBLE!
    Read it and devour it each day. You will be surprised to find how little appetite you have for it at first, that is because your spiritual sense is used to the internet.
    The Bible and prayer (and regular fasting) and we will not go astray.

    The younger generation who got “saved” and whose sole guide is You Tube need us badly.
    They are little lost sheep. Jesus cries to us, “Feed my sheep! Feed my lambs! Feed my sheep!”
    Invite one over to your house for lunch and build a friendship with them and spend an hour in prayer and worship with them, teach them, help them! No one else will.
    The pastor in the ill-fitting jeans, with the wide screens and smoke machines (to borrow a phrase from brother Murillo) cannot help them.
    Pray them through to the Holy Ghost. Teach them the Word.

    And go find a lost soul and lead them to Christ.
    LESS internet More Bible!
    God bless you all my brothers and sisters!

    • Noel

      Some strong points Lindy! Thank you for sharing some personal experiences. It is too easy to be distracted and not lock in with the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. I pray the day will come when the Saints everywhere will finally realize He is all we have and all we ever needed.

      • Lindy

        Thank you. Posting it was the easy part – the doing of it comes next.
        “A man that hears and does not is like a man who looks in the mirror walks off and straightaway forgets what he looked like!”
        I think turfing the net is coming up for me..I am moving soon so, perhaps the Lord would have it that I ditch it altogether. I live alone in the country (renting on a farm) no friends out here or family, so there is a temptation to converse with Christians on the net. But since I am onto as disciplined in that area as I need be, I will likely throw it out soon.
        Then i can dedicate myself to the Word and prayer.

    • warriorruth

      Good word Lindy.

  6. Daniel Bolick

    The reason that most Christians are playing this game is because they think that they are going to be raptured out of here and they will not be required to do battle.

    • Shoshanna

      That’s the answer I would get when I tried to convince people to vote. They would say, ” worse it gets the sooner the L-rd comes back.”

    • Evang Roger Culwell

      The Lord me to tell the people a few years ago, that they would have to go through some things. when some were saying don’t worry you will go in the rapture, they said they didn’t understand the bible so they didn’t read, I think there are enough translations now, any one can understand to a certain level. be Blessed

  7. Shoshanna

    The L-rd showed me something I would like to share. Years ago their was a live interview with Bundy the night before he died. Bundy said, “when he was young he got into porn, and had to have more and more, then more graphic porn, he then began to act it out.” He said, “Something would take him over and left after he killed.” Bundy also said, “every man in jail for sex crimes had one thing in common which was porn.” This morning the L-rd said to me, ” The dirty little secret in churches is that some Pastors and a lot of the church members have a secret life hooked on porn.” He also said that, “Christian wives are being forced to participate in things that they don’t want any part of.” Where do people go when their trapped and need this demonic stronghold broken? To the Grace, Grace happy Pastors? I am praying for the deliverance ministry to come back all across this country so people can go privately for help. The reason the L-rd reminded me of Bundy is so I could explain that this is demonic and nothing to play with.

    • Evang Roger Culwell

      When the Lord took me to heaven, the two verses he gave and said the church was not ready, 2 Cor 12:20-21 Verse 21 covers all this, porn perverted sex, everything there into S&M too, we must get the power back and deliver people. Be Blessed

  8. Mary Mueller

    We pray for awakening, revival, a pouring out of God’s Spirit in Truth, in holiness, in power, in wise discernment and knowledge of the Word, in American churches. Many of the brethren elsewhere in the world are suffering great persecutions, deaths, poverty, imprisonments because of their refusal to deny the Lord Who bought them. Why should we, here in this country, avoid the same?! We are called on to suffer for His names’ sake, and Jesus said that we must enter the Kingdom of God through many tribulations. So many know a few verses in the New Testament, but have no knowledge of the Old Testament. “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God..” Do you do not know that the Israelites wandered in the wilderness for 40 years because of their disobedience to God, their unbelief in His Word, their idolatries (learned from the pagan nations around them) and their unthankfulness to Him; and most of them died there, in the wilderness without having even glimpsed the Promised Land because of their rebellion against the God who delivered them from bondage in Egypt. They pined for the onions and the leeks of Egypt! Notice how it was their bellies that dominated their lives, their wants, their desires. How long will we circle the mountain before we learn to trust in the Lord for our very lives?! God have mercy upon us, cleanse us from our sin and iniquity, purify our hearts to be a peculiar people to Him, to daily die to self and yield our very lives to His sovereignty, His grace and His mercy. If we do not obey Him, Jesus says we do not love Him.

    • Evang Roger Culwell


    • Desertstream

      A great word of admonition, Sister Mary.

  9. cactusflower18

    Amen and so true Bro. Mario!!! Did you hear of the movements in New York City; and the going on this week-end? What a complement to what the Holy Spirit is doing on the West Coast! I think it’s wonderful and they want to spread this movement to every city in the Nation!!!I pray for more and more thrusts like this to begin and grow from Sea to shining Sea!

  10. Judy Jones

    I read your post everyday and now my husband (82) wants to hear them. We hesitate on Sunday’s to go to the lukewarm churches just to be obedient and today I got more from your post and it is Sunday. My husband and I are now having church at home. Praying for America and the church.
    God Bless your ministry and you for sharing non compromised truth in this dark hour of America.
    But God is moving on His people in pockets throughout this country. So hope is abound
    and Christians are waking up.

    • Desertstream

      Judy, it is a good thing, I believe, to have meetings in the home setting. Isn’t this how the early church met? You can sing, worship, pray, share the Word, and minister to one another. Everyone can participate. I believe Jesus likes it too.

  11. Jon Porter

    God bless your outreach ministries! I see the churches in America are failing because the focus is on pastors and their sermons when it should be on discipling. I see thousands sitting in the pews – watchers being told about the Bible. The Sunday event is not even a good show! We need to do what the Lord said and make disciples who deeply learn His Word learn to follow Him!

    May the Lord be with you all. ?

  12. CS1

    Brother Mario,

    In California where I live, we know full well it is not a game. The” Church ” in California are reaping what we sowed in the 80’s and 90’s . I cause you to remember when the “church” supported the gay agenda with law that stop one from not hiring of this sexual preference. The Church voted yes in context to work. I said then they will come after marriage, “No we will stand against it”; we did twice, and it was over turned both times by a gay Judge. The church went silent. They have not stood against this issue or really anything and the flood gates are wide open here in CA. record homeless, lawlessness, hate for christians. California will pass the State law to fine ” Christian speech” and redefine it as hate Speech. Many are fleeing CA as we speak. Or live in other states and minister in CA. We are praying earnestly for Revival. The local church is burdened with debt, and the State of CA is opening the free education to Preschool and we are seeing many Christian preschools folding up because parents are looking at the free child-care. Feeding the homeless in Monterey CA churches have agreed in the past, to have the local city programs bring them to a church and get a hot meal and night of covering to sleep BUT know gospel message. AND THEY AGREE to it ! In all this we are more than Conquers ! Amen. I was there in Stockton with you, and I have prayed and praying for you as I see the tent move down the Hwy 99 in CA, and I thank God for you. There was time Brother Mario that tent would be in Oakland, Fremont, and San Jose. Inside Stanford, Berkley, Spartan Stadiums. places that I saw Kathryn kuhlman, Billy Graham, and you brother Mario as well as others. Four things are causing the in effectiveness with the Church in CA. 1. form of godliness denying the power thereof 2. No relationship with the Lord. 3. Biblical illiteracy 4. Rebels and no unity. I will had a fifth 5. FEAR

    all these issue will not hold the church back IF We return to God then we will be revived.



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