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Is Christianity dying in America? Is the American church going the way of the hula hoop and the lava lamp? Is it just a matter of time until our faith dies out in America? Leftists love to say this, but it turns out it is a total lie.
Glenn T. Stanton wrote in an article entitled New Harvard Research Says U.S. Christianity Is Not Shrinking, But Growing Stronger:
“New research published late last year by scholars at Harvard University and Indiana University Bloomington is just the latest to reveal the myth. This research questioned the “secularization thesis,” which holds that the United States is following most advanced industrial nations in the death of their once vibrant faith culture. Churches becoming mere landmarks, dance halls, boutique hotels, museums, and all that.
“Not only did their examination find no support for this secularization in terms of actual practice and belief, the researchers proclaim that religion continues to enjoy “persistent and exceptional intensity” in America. These researchers hold our nation “remains an exceptional outlier and potential counter example to the secularization thesis.””
It seemed too good to be true, but then I started getting the calls—calls from leaders who openly opposed the positions I have been declaring in these blogs. They were offended by my insistence on radical soul winning. I also believe we are seeing the national trend acted out in our tent. The surge in attendance in our tent despite the dangerous location is a sign.

Leaders have begun to tell me how they are seeking God and repenting. They have changed their sermons. What is really stunning is that the power of God is flowing in their services, and the crowds which were there for entertainment are now clamoring for more Bible. Prayer meetings are starting to outdraw church socials.
Where we feel it the most is in our tent crusades. Churches who were in deep division are now joining together. They are dropping their differences in order to win the lost.
I can only report to you what is happening in my corner of the world. I was afraid this was just a passing fancy, but it appears that this change is truly taking hold!
You, our faithful readers, have a real hand in this miracle. I freely admit that I have been stern, but apparently what I have been writing is taking hold in the hearts of leaders. The good news is that hearts are turning back toward God, and it appears to be expanding.
If you think that means I will let up in my intensity in speaking the Word of the Lord—think again. We still have widespread corruption, error, and counterfeits at work in the church.  Let us at least rejoice that leaders are beginning to listen to prophets, teachers, and in some cases, even to me.  All glory to God!







  1. Hadassah Ministry

    Awesome teaching, may God continue to use you to bring in a huge harvest for the Lord.

  2. Carolina

    Mario, they thought Isaiah was stern too and so they thought that about Ezekiel, Habakkuk, Amos, Haggai, Malachi, especially John the Baptist…yet your stern warnings and admonishments to high profile mainstream church leadership is essential. The fact that you stepped up to do it is “Living Proof” that it shall prosper in the thing that God sent it forth to do. Like a Watchman on the wall ? you’re declaring victory or defeat – it’s theirs to choose and choose wisely.

  3. Linda

    Mario. U were not too firm. Preachers and flock need to hear it. And u said it because u care about the future of this country and lost souls. Thank u for listening to God and doing his will. They insulted the prophets of old too.

  4. Ron Giovanetti

    Wow Glory to GOD ????????

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  5. Helen Ruch

    Stay strong like you are. Everyone needs to hear your messages. Good to hear that you are seeing results.

  6. Glen Bush

    Praying that God will continue to bless & expand your ministry as you Magnify the name of Jesus..

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  7. Rain

    Opposed? Offended? ….it’s called, sold out unfortunately.
    I can attest to the fact that people are turning to God more, and more, and quickly too!
    I have been seeing it for last few years with the two churches I attend online. One is in Hawaii, and the other is in Southern California.
    They are exploding in person, and online, AND they are both heavy in The Word.
    People have been starving for the meat of God’s Word, and true fellowship.

  8. kingskid48

    I think of you like a modern-day John the Baptist, Pastor Mario. I’m so thankful for your steadfast faithfulness and boldness. Keep going, Man of God.

  9. Frank Mack

    We know these leaders are reading the comments too. They are finding out that the perspectives written on this blog are reverberating with a large growing remnant who have come out to listen to what the Spirit is saying today. Those who have ears to hear, let them come.

  10. Harvey L Wampler

    Psalms 133 Good and Pleasant–God’s Will! Let’s find it and stay in it!

  11. Lindy

    I am so glad to hear this good news! I think you need to re-read James 4:4 to find out what “stern” means!
    I have never found you stern, I got saved where the pastor really WAS stern.
    You often say exactly what many of us are thinking and feeling already but have no place to share.
    Ecclesiastes says, “The words of the wise are as goads,”
    A goad as you know, is a sharp pointed stick for prodding the woolly butts of the sheep forward!
    That describes your blogs they goad people to move forward into what God has!
    So glad to hear those words are taking hold in the leaders as well.
    As I was drifting off to sleep a few nights ago, I saw you sitting on a quad bike in a plaid shirt moving a herd of cows to new pasture. I rent on a farm and the farmer comes down each day on his quad bike and moves the herd.
    I think thats what your blogs do.
    It is GOD however, it is not YOU, it is Christ in you speaking through you in the blogs.
    It is His gift. He has found someone honest and caring whom He can speak through.

    • Linda

      Above comment was so good. Gave me goose bumps of Holy Spirit. Mario is saying what the remnant is feeling. Keep it up Mario. Be bold which is the truth. “ ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make u free’

  12. Reo

    “Prayer meetings are starting to outdraw church socials.”


    Jesus said:

    Is 56:7 – “for mine house shall be called an house of prayer for all people.”
    Matt 21:13 – “My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.”

    We have alot of esplainin to do, Lucy!

    In all seriousness, oh, how it must SO grieve the heart of God to see what has been happening to His church for decades, if not longer! It is also SO VERY exciting to hear that the Body is starting to pull together in prayer, instead of “programs”!!
    Glory to God!!! ??????

    “They shall know us by our *LOVE*!!”



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