Christians who hate Trump

by | Jun 8, 2018 | Christianity Today | 449 comments

They are the Christians who hate Trump.  Let’s call it for what it is: hate.  It is their hate—strange for professed Christians—that dulls their ability to see the inaccuracy of their comments and their myopic views.

One sanctimonious ranting Christian said, “there’s nothing Biblical about Trump.”  Actually, there’s nothing Biblical about that statement.  The prophet Daniel served Nebuchadnezzar.  Daniel recognized the role a pagan king played in God’s unfolding drama.  The church’s ability to work with Trump is totally Biblical.

Now I must clarify, lest I incur the wrath of Trump supporters.  I am not calling Trump a pagan king—I’m sure he much more moral than his enemies know—I am saying that if Daniel could work with Nebbie, how much more we can work with the Don.

I tried hard to figure out believers who hate Trump.  Our side won a long overdue and miraculous victory and they choose to aid and abet the other side.  Is it because their favorite “Christian” didn’t win and they are sour grapes?

And why didn’t these conservative Christians hold Reagan to the same standard?  They adored him even while Nancy was studying horoscopes in the White House.

They didn’t require any president to be a squeaky clean pastor until Trump.

Yeah his tweets can be a bit much.  And okay, president Trump is not as smooth as Reagan…but, maybe we don’t need smooth right now.

But there is something else that is really strange, (hypocritical is more like it) why didn’t these guardians of morality speak out against Obama?  T.D. Jakes even attacked Franklin Graham for questioning Obama’s Christian Faith.  Told him not to judge a brother.  Hold that thought as we explore another question…

How could you not question Obama’s Christianity?  Obama begged the question by dropping the Christian card whenever it suited him (something Trump never does).   Meanwhile, Barack fought for same sex marriage, late term abortion, and was the most Biblically hostile president in our history.

Click on this link to see the list of his acts of hostility toward Christians  

Back to Jakes.  So why do so many Christian leaders—who said it was wrong to judge Obama—judge Trump?

Trump is not a pastor.  He is a businessman who loves America.  As far as his faith?  I am not qualified to determine his spiritual depth since I’ve never had the chance to meet the man.

“He is like Hitler and the church is being fooled” said another comment.  Please remove your tinfoil hats and listen.  Hitler never had 98% of the media against him.  Trump has never called for a new constitution.  Hitler never tried to protect Israel.  I could go on and on.

Maybe if Trump had been the first president to address the march for life.  Maybe if he had chosen an on fire born-again vice president.  Maybe if he has rescinded executive orders that banned federal funds from Christian organizations.  Maybe if he overruled the Johnson Amendment that banned the free speech of pastors.  Maybe if he had moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem.  Maybe if he had put someone on the Supreme Court who helped Christian bakers practice freedom of religion.  Maybe then you would support him.  Oh wait…he did all that.

God has done a miracle and the enemy wants to make short work of the amazing breakthroughs we are witnessing by dividing the church.  Instead of being a religious outlier you should be thanking God, praying, supporting the president, and voting.


  1. Feral Cheryl

    Agreed Mario, but I wouldn’t even knock the Don’s tweets because his brashness in these punchy missives is like the over-correction we needed to kill off the spirit of political correctness that is the enemy of the truth.

    No nice, polite, meek politician would have been elected or have been able to withstand the swamp rats.

    Trump’s counter-punching and backbone of steel is exactly what we needed at this hour to restore the nation to its God-designed foundations.

    • msflair

      Well said… Well said…

      • Teresa Smith

        Amen!!! You are so right

      • Janet DeLay

        Excellence… true statements… good very good !!!

      • Emily Bernstein

        Very well stated, thank you!

    • Ap Downs

      We only need to remember that the “Religious leaders” in Jesus time hated him so much they convinced people who days before welcomed Jesus to now call for his crucifiction. Jesus says the World hated him before they hated us. We live in this world But we are not of this world. They will answer one day, I actually feel sorry because they will come face to face to GOD. All thru the Bible God has used the person we would deem worthless, that’s for God to decide.

      • Angela Warner

        Decide he will we just going to wait it out

      • Bobby

        I KNOW you are not using that reference to compare Trump to Jesus. They hated Jesus because he spoke truths they did not want to hear. They hate Trump because the only times he does tell the truth is when he is bragging about his indiscretions.

      • Linda Otero

        AMEN ! TO GOD’S WORD!!

      • Weller

        President Donald Trump is Our President, I’m a Christian yes I voted for him! I’m so glad he is Our President I welcome him and his Family in the White House! He is Making out America Great Again!

        • Roger Groot

          I read from two different sources that Norway is suggesting that President Trump be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for the historical talks between North Korea. If this were to actually happen I feel that all the people along with their Monday morning quarterbacks or what they call political contributors,CNN as well and many other Democrats will need professional counseling to deal with Anger management issues.

      • Tom

        Very nicely said, decide he will!

      • fulfillingtorahministries

        Actually, it wasn’t the masses in J’lem who called for His crucifixion; it was the political leaders of the Jerusalem religion that did – those are the guys who were called “Jews’ {grk. Iuaidoi} in the gospels and ‘Judaizers’ {grk. Iudaidzo} by Paul in Gal.2. That was all done in Pilate’s courtyard, which was too small for more than 30-40 people to crowd into – about ½ of the J’lem Sanhedrin.

      • Jamie Washington

        You are absolute ly correct ma’am in every thing you say. Trump is the best president I’ve seen in my yrs of living and I’m 57.

      • Carol livolsi

        Good word. Grace grace grace, watch God use this man. Prayers for him and his family daily. Thank you sir.

      • Theresa

        Guess your not Christians. Don’t know why you read this article then. Oh wait, you read it so you can make your hateful comments.

      • Robert Towns

        The Nobel prize has been tainted to the point of insignificance due to some past recipients such as Barack Obama. I wonder about the criteria and those that are involved in the selection process.

      • JoAnna

        To Bobby who said that they hated Jesus because he spoke the truth and they didn’t want to hear it,is exactly why they hate Trump. He speaks the truth and liberals like you can’t handle it. No,we can’t compare him to Jesus,cause only he is perfect. All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

      • Michelle Conley

        The Christians I know who hate him or just hate everything about him is die hard democrats. With so many people whether Christian or not that’s the one & only factor. They stand behind their political party even more than they stand behind God or any religious belief! They’re Republicans like this also. And for the record Christians aren’t supposed to gate people. Yes we hate the actions of some people but we’re supposed to act in love not hate!

      • Gloria

        Totally agree! Trump is God’s man for such a time as this! Best in my lifetime and I am 69! What I just can’t understand how you call yourself Christian and vote for Democrats, who are for abortion??? Pastors who preach the word ???The Enemy has their mind blinded!! Sounds double-minded???

    • Anthony Carsella

      it would take someone named”Mario”,who’s last name to explicitly give an Understanding of”The Don”!!!!? after all,it’s about”The Family”Great breakdown here Brother Mario,I won’t fugghheeeaabbiut da cannoli’s!!!

      • Anthony Carsella

        I left a comment above and I forgot to say after last name,” ends in a vowel.”

    • J E

      YES!!!! Thank you God for President Trump!!!!

      • Joyce Ramer


      • Arlie D Wood

        Throughout history, God’s answers have not followed my expectations. I asked God for His help and interference. I don’t question his answer.

    • Ferret Room

      It would seem to me that the people who are holding President Trump in contempt weren’t old enough to vote for Reagan. I’m in my mid 40’s and was too young to vote for Reagan. In my circles, it’s the older generation that seems to be okay with President Trump, and the younger generation that has a hard time with the apparent inconsistencies in Mr. Trump’s life. I don’t hate him. I also didn’t vote for him, nor did I vote for Hillary Clinton, I decided for the first time in my life to write in a candidate I could support.

      • Anthony Carsella

        Do you read,study,scripture,and see who GOD uses??He didn’t use the most qualified in mans eyes,that’s for sure,King ? David,is the Prime example,as is the Apistle Paul in the New Testament!!could John the Baptist be welcome in your church,walking in with his camel ? haired click,and snacking on Locusts,and honey!!!My orayer for you is that you get baptized afresh,and get delivered from”Religious spirits”shalom

      • Jake

        Could it be the spirit of the Antichrist the Bible talks about for example ..I have brothers older than I 20 years older as matter fact I’m in my 50s that are fully liberal and hate Trump I’m saying all ages seem to be affected up and down. so I believe it’s more of an idea that there’s a line being drawn in the sand between those who truly have their eyes open because of the Lord and those that hate because of ignorance or their blatant hatred towards God.

      • Chantall

        I don’t need to hate Trump to recognize and warn that he is no Nebuchadnezzar, no Sirus either. He is a Saul sent why? “It is God the Israelites/called rejected” (1.Sam.8:7) when looking for a king to represent them.
        I pray for Trump’s repentance and ability to be as bold in making amends to those he is harming as he is in exercising a LACK OF SELF-CONTROL. I warn believers to evaluate their character and attitude in the light of Christ Jesus who refused to take the position of physical King (governmental ruler=“lording it over them”) when entering Jerusalem and people were begging for him to.
        Considering Him who taught us to release the human created things of this world and DO THE WORD!

        “Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise! It has no commander, no overseer or ruler, yet it stores its provisions in summer and gathers its food at harvest. How long will you lie there, you sluggard? When will you get up from your sleep? A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest— and poverty will come on you like a thief and scarcity like an armed man.”
        ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭6:6-11‬ ‭NIV‬‬

        “Join with me in suffering, like a good soldier of Christ Jesus. No one serving as a soldier gets entangled in civilian affairs, but rather tries to please his commanding officer. Similarly, anyone who competes as an athlete does not receive the victor’s crown except by competing according to the rules.”
        ‭‭2 Timothy‬ ‭2:3-5‬ ‭NIV‬‬

        • mariomurilloministries

          No you don’t have to hate him but from your remarks it seems like you do. Also you are totally ignoring the disastrous behavior of the left. Do you support abortion? Do you support the muzzling of the church? What is your plan to resist evil besides semi accurate context of scripture?

    • Regina D

      Hey fellow Christians!! United we stand divided we fall. Hate is a devils tool.

      • Charri

        Jake, interesting take and I think you must be on point. I support our PRESIDENT and continue to pray for him, vice president n their families. Think I should be praying for the Christian who hate him. Eyes wide shut.


        Peace be with all my brothers and sisters in Christ. Remember there will be those in sheep’s clothing coming to divide the flock. One such attempt would be those looking to accuse a business “MAN” of being a poor pastor. Deception is a tool of the accuser. Stay strong and go to God in pray with all your questions.

      • Edna Isaac

        I’m praying for all you haters out there if you read Romans chapter 13 verses 1 through 6 it’s a damnation to go against who God put in place if you read it you should be shameful because God is in control. I can’t believe so-called Christians hate our president they don’t know the word and they’re ignorant of the word.

      • renarae

        I was reflecting on the relationship between Saul and David the other day. Even David knowing he was anointed by God to be king served Saul in his home and determined he would not lay a hand on God’s anointed. David, whom God referred to as a man after his own heart (who, by the way, himself committed adultery) knew God had placed Saul in the position of king. As believers we need to do as he did and sing praises over and pray for our President.

        • mariomurilloministries

          I appreciate your support for the President but ask if you might consider this about Saul. Saul was anointed king by a prophet. He failed almost immediately. Donald Trump has weathered a indescribable storm of criticism far deeper, wider, and longer than King Saul. He still stands by his convictions. People can question his manners but not his honesty. No one does what he does for popularity. He is not my pastor but he is fulfilling a role with a heart for America. Saul had no heart for Israel. God bless.

      • theshepherdspresence

        I don’t hate Trump. I don’t approve of his brashness and name calling though. It is wrong for him to belittle others and makes him look bad even when his policies are effective and turning our nation back to solid footing. In respect for your opinions, I think we have a misconception of hate here. The VP likes Trump’s direction and gets along with him and he should be the example that we follow.

      • Juanita

        I agree !

      • Sharon

        I think it is kinda amazing reading all of this. People talking about his language. Did you ever stop to think about the purpose for the words he speaks? Does it not put a spotlight on the guilty ones? The ones trying to stop him. Boy, don’t they get louder? I wonder what some of you would have had to say about the Lord, when He called men vipers, white washed tombs, and even called them sons of Satan. Come on people get out and support him. He is doing his job, how about you?

    • Doug Harrell

      Totally agree, we have had enough of Presidents who have no clue how to run any business, much less the largest in the world!

    • Jackie

      The one thing evil does not want is to be exposed. The Don is doing exactly that. If as a Christian you recognize God’s work you should have no trouble seeing thru the evil. World peace is a precursor to the arrival of our lord Jesus. If we as Christians don’t help fight evil… Are we really Christians? Don’t base your view on someone else’s view.

    • Roger Groot

      I read where Norway has suggested the Nobel Peace Prize for President Trump If this really happens there are many Democrats,MSNBC Monday morning quarterbacks (politcal contributors) who will need professional counselors for anger management problems!

    • John Bagby

      There’s nothing sanctimonious about hatred towards ANYONE! Read your Bibles folks! Hate is a STRONG word. You may not like a person, but don’t hate. WWJD?

    • Larry

      Hmm … ? Well Said!

    • Terri Lee Whiteside Donohue

      Those God chose to lead in the Bible were not those that we would have called. Most of them were flawed beyond our understanding or our apparent “standards”. The Sanhedrin, or Pharisees would not have chosen any of them. So, is it any wonder that God could use President Trump? I can think of many reasons that The Father would have done this, least of which might be that when He calls us, we might have faith that He can use, yes, even us…….

      • Doug


    • Lula

      So explain to me how a Christian never protested about obama immoral corrupted evil laws and why you so called Christians support abortion? Is that in the Bible? How you can deal with men inside women restrooms, wearing vaginas outfits and all nudity, chaos, anarchy, corruption and hate obama established ? HOW you can call yourself Christian and what king of bible are you reading give me a break!!! I’m an immigrant from Central America who had a communist dad and believe me one more year with a democrat as president and we will finish worst than Venezuela and Cuba. Under obama USA became the Sodomah and Gomorrah, cooking spirits with witch Hillary OMG, wake up because is like all of you are marked with the number of the beast and are so blind!

      • Linda Andrews

        Thank you for seeing the truth.

      • Diane M. Wright

        You have hit the nail on the head. I feel the devil has control over those who are showing hatred and supporting those things that the Bible continuously revokes as evil. I have never seen the hand of the devil as much as I do now. Donald Trump, I feel has been chosen by God to give us a little bit more time to come around to the right way before he brings all the trials and tribulations prophesied in Revelations. Please people wake up before you are too late. The Lord is the only way to salvation and I have heard many say, “I would reather believe in God and be in his graces at the end of times, than not to believe in Him and have to answer to him at the end of times.

      • Laura

        We must listen more to those who have lived under communist governments. Thank you for your story. I encourage you to speak up a much as you can.

      • Keith

        You are absolutely right. I can’t imagine why people can’t see what’s going on right in front of there eyes, just imagine what there planning that we don’t see. These trump haters are falling right into the Democratic parties plans. Obama started the division of this nation and is still pushing it. Why would anyone support a president that would push all this division and anger.

      • rebecca dalelio

        Some just are silent. There is no point in feigning false outrage at the evil mechanations in the hearts and minds of politicians. I would be surprised if there was even one true follower of the Way in the whole of the government. It is something that would not be tolerated. None follow Yahovah’s word, none even remember the sabbath:(

    • Teresa

      Absolutely correct !!! And forgive me but, Christians aren’t suppose to hate anyone, so these people are NOT Christians !

    • Bernice A Wooten

      Very well said. GOD put TRUMP into this position NOW…and it is GOD that turns the hearts of those in office. We have allowed GOD to be REMOVED from our government and for many in government office to make their own agenda. Our country is under the influence of the spirit of mammon….Babylon….depending on MONEY to fix what we need….and here is a MAN…that loves this country and GOD…trying to show us the TRUTH…GOD…not man….is what we need. I will continue to lift this PRESIDENT…and be excited to see what GOD is doing thru him. Last president destroyed lives with WORDS…and I see GOD renewing lives with TRUMPS WORDS. GOD upholds all things with HIS WORD OF POWER. THANK YOU LORD for this man that YOU have placed in office.

      • Christi Mccabe

        My concerns and thoughts are that the many Christian leaders are spewing such hateful words and thoughts over this man. It’s as though , if you do not like this man’s very rude behavior, foul mouth, and continuous lies, you are somehow an horrific non-believer. This type of ‘fall-in-line’ and just accept everything he says and does – is unacceptable to me. He is a man – not a god. My bible tells me to respect all authority and to pray for my leaders. It does not tells me to blindly follow them, which it seems the Trump followers are doing. He is not the end all be all; he is the president during this time – period. It’s as though it is okay if there is no love as long as we support Trump. It’s okay if there is lying or oppression as long as he is meeting certain other ‘important’ step in legislature. Our religious leader’s twitter pages and social media pages once were filled with the message of the cross and the word of God. Now they are filled with anger, bitterness over Trump and his message. Personally, this is definitely different than any past presidents. I am not confessing Trump, I’m confessing Jesus. If that isn’t sufficient for those that claim they are Christians, I’m okay with that. They didn’t die for me and neither did Trump. I pray for our leaders; all of them; Democrats and Republicans alike. I pray God give them wisdom and that His perfect will be accomplished here on earth as it is in heaven – which I’m sure He is able to accomplish.
        The Bible tells us to love our brothers and sisters, encourage them in their faith, esteem them higher than ourselves. I know nothing of Trump’s faith, or any Presidents faith other than what they state. We are not a theocracy and one isn’t expected to be a Christian to live in this country. It is not as though you can legislate the heart. The people still go to hell if you make up great rules. The great commission was for us to make disciples of all nations – not by way of the top down, but by way of focusing on the individual. We take territory for the kingdom – by winning hearts, not legislation. LOVE is the greatest gift. So you can hate me. You can hate what I am saying. But my message is still, and will continue to be the message of the cross – the good News – that Jesus came, He died for the sins of all mankind, He rose, He lives and is seated at the right hand of the Father where he makes intercession for all of us. If you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord – you will be saved. Hell wasnt created for man.

      • Trish

        With all the corruption by the Dems before the presidential election, only God could have gotten Trump elected. I love everything he has done for our country and again for honoring God in our country and in our White House.

    • Angela Day

      In Our Lord, we don’t have to like, people’s motives politics or otherwise,….I don’t like the things I’ve found out about the British Monarchy & Rome,….we must love all, as Christ our Saviour does,….God said,….Jacob I love, but Esau,…I hate, it wasn’t Esau, as persae,’….it’s the motive, of Esau he hated,….so as like Jesus, we are allowed to judge by their fruits,…but not the motive,….thats Gods only, & only His to do so.
      My church channel FIRSTLIGHT, reveals things to me by God’s Spirit,….in my conviction I fall to my knees in repentance, of this, even, the wheat & the tares, He said,….let them alone,…& grow up together,… messengers the Angels, will reap up the harvest, the wheat into the barn, the tares into the garner,…..I need not worry what Mr. Trump is doing,……cos God will reveal all in His time,….those who, judge must repent, we need to pray, for President Trump,…..The President Trump, is in a way in prophesy, cos The USA, is in prophesy,…..the leader of America @ the time, of the National Sunday Law that will be passed, in Revelation 13, in signs & symbols is the beast out of the earth, (the lamb like beast),….he is gentle as a lamb,…but speaks as a dragon,….as is the beast out of the sea is Rome, a sign & symbol, that a system arises, by America’s giving her authority to rule the world, the sea is a sign & symbol, that reoresents, a people, of every tribe tongues & nation who go along with these things written in the book of Revelation, this is sad,…however, many have prophesy all wrong, cos, they know not the true interperatation of it is, but only mans false interperation, of the book of Revelation, holds those back,…it will be a sad moment,….to many christians that will miss out in Heaven,cos they are not following the true Lamb of God, withersoever He goeth,……i mean i ask people that are christians,….wot does (Revelation 17 : 5), is !,….no Christian can tell me,…only those that hold to the true interperation of the faith I hold,….even (Revelation ch 14), the three Angels message to all the world, wen I was blinded in churches I was none the wider, until, God brought me into the truth of His word,……so, President Trump does wot he wilt,…..however,… anyone, we reap wot we sow,….whether, we sow in tears,…for our leaders moving in the wrong direction of Gods love for the truth in us, those will not reap in joy. I leave President Trump @ the altar of Gods throne, @ His feet, in the Most Holy Place,…where the books are now open,…..& have been open for over a century, by now. I Praise God wot God reveals to me from His Word the Bible,…Satan has many in spiritual blindness,…I interceed that God will take their spiritual scales away from their eyes, & that He annoint them with His spiritual eyesalve, & be healed by the spiritual healing balm of Gilead,….for His spiritual enghlightment,…AMEN !.

      • Doug

        Christi Mccabe. No one is telling anyone that. Not that I’ve heard. The main point of this post (at least from what I’ve seen so far) is how those who call themselves Christians are at the same time professing hatred for President Trump. To borrow a line from the writer of Hebrews… “somewhere it is written….”:
        “Can a bad tree bring forth good fruit?… Should both blessings AND curses proceed from our mouths? Brothers (& sisters) may it not be so!” (Something along those lines. Yes I cd look it up but by then it will be gone & you’ll have missed your chance!)
        Anyways bottom line is we are to be praying for him, whether you like him or not. I honestly despised the Clintons & the Obamas. But I was often convicted in the spirit BY the Spirit to be praying for them DESPITE my feelings. Better yet, I needed to keep those negative feelings to myself instead of spreading discouraging words. Just like I struggle w some of my posts that spew hatred in my opinion, of the left, Democrats, etc. I need to be praying for them as well. For their salvation most of all. As Pastor Mario said, how can people call themselves Christian, believers, followers of Christ while supporting such anti-Christ (not to be confused w the antichrist) things as abortion (did not those people read about Moses & then the 2 yr olds in Jesus’s time? Is that not akin to partial-birth abortion?
        56 million & counting… and same-sex marriage? Did you know there’s a passage in the 2nd Testament that there’s a passage which tells us that gays (I’m including all sexual choices here) were delivered from that lifestyle by the power of the Holy Spirit? Anyways as someone wrote somewhere’s in the 2nd Testament ” what does light have to do w darkness?” Or something along those lines. When u go into a dark room & close the door. then turn the lights on, what happens? Is there a tumultuous war going on? I think not. Light goes on, darkness FLEES… RUNS AWAY. So also if the light in us is dark “how great is that darkness!; if the salt has lost its flavor, how will you season the salt?” Capiche?
        Gby Sister.

    • Jim Reece

      Have often thought Trump’s election against all odds had to be “providential”. His bid was ridiculed from the beginning as having no chance of succeeding. Yet he prevailed over “the best” the Republicans had to offer; he conquered the powerful Obama and Clinton political machines; he rose to political success despite all the negativity 95% of the media could hurl at him; and so many of his outlandish comments and allegations were only later proven to be true. There must be something behind these developments and others that I have not mentioned than just mere happenstance!!!

      Let’s not forget that the scriptures are replete with examples of GOD using individuals to accomplish HIS purposes who would have never been selected by the human perspective. Moses, a stutterer; Gideon, a farmer w/o military experience; David, who was less favored than all of his many brothers; are but only a few of many examples of GOD’s choices for HIS accomplishments.

      If my suspicions are true President Trump may be GOD’s way of preserving a nation whose providence brought it into existence. What the atheistic opposition and perhaps many self-acclaimed Christians need to come to understand is that if GOD is with President Trump, which I pray HE is, then there is absolutely nothing they can do to prevent him from accomplishing GOD’s purposes!!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

      • Keith

        I agree with you 100%. I believe God put him in there because from the very beginning they’ve tried everything to hinder Trump but no matter how great the opposition God miraculously brings him through it. God works best when things look totally hopeless, then you know it wasn’t a coincidence.

    • Francis wimpenney

      You have assumed up our president. I Believe that Donald Trump was born to be here at the right time to secure his love for America the people sand our rights against people who would destroy America and will be re elected in 2020

      • J. Smith

        I pray you are right Francis Wienney

    • Walter Brown

      you are a poor excuse for a Christian. I am so glad I don’t listen to you. My God anointed for Donald J. Trump to be elected so backtrack your attacks and be silent.

    • Jeff

      These “Christians” are giving the rest of us a bad name. Trump is the real deal, he is a human and as such is not perfect, but he tells you strait up what he thinks and doesn’t lie right to your face like the other presidents always do. He is actually keeping his promises unlike any other president we have had. Get off the HATE bus, that is for Godless democrats!!!

      • J. Smith

        Thank you Jeff, I agree with your Aug 18, 2018 comment. And further, I have never seen so much vicious downright hatred than what the Democrats have hurled at Trump.

        The Democrats REAL PROBLEM if that President Trump works long hours, with advice from those from Vice President Pence & down, in studying what NEEDS to be done for America using his knowledge & skills from being a successful business man, to try through his many efforts to make America not only great again economically but also DOING HIS JOB TO PROTECT ALL AMERICANS BY PROTECTING OUR BORDERS FROM THOSE WHO ARE ATTEMPTING TO INVADE OUR COUNTRY from other countries.

        I applaud this President for doing THE HARD JOB THAT HE WAS ELECTED TO DO.

    • Greg Dean

      Look up Jim Forest, Texas. His hatred of Trump knows no bounds.

      Deep hatred from legalistic Christian’s. Often pro life.

    • Nsrogers

      This is so not true of Christians I know.

    • Elaine Clevenger

      If one Hates anybody,he is not a Christian

      • Dan Wynalda

        Actually it makes them a sinner. All people are sinners. If they repent for sin and ask for forgiveness they are Christian. All of us have our issues. Those that hate Trump are just sinners like everyone else. There are certainly things to love and hate about his behavior. He’s a sinner too.

        Jesus never called on the ruler of Rome to be hired only if he followed biblical mandates. He never spoke out about the secular world’s sin. Sinners sin. That’s to be expected. He spent his whole live calling out the church (and specifically leaders of the church) that preached holiness but didn’t live it out. We should do the same — in the church — and be light to the world that doesn’t know Christ. That’s what being a Christian is, not following a list of dos and do nots.

    • Conrad

      Christians should not “hate” anyone. This is a president doing all he can for this country. He should be embraced. We could have had Hillary instead.

    • Haydee

      There are many prophets who got the word from God downloaded in a very powerful way to describe years ago we hat we are living today.
      Kim Clement had prophesies from God so accurate that your jaw will drop. He is now with the Lord. You can see his prophetic words on Trump in You tube.
      God appointed Trump even before Obama and He confirmed choosing Trump after Obama. Another prophet is Mark Taylor, who has an accurate account on Trump as an anointed from The Lord.
      John Paul Jackson a third prophet, who also is with The Lord, did hear of a prophetic dream and he interpreted the meaning of the dream: A wrecker ball destroying what the White House had become.
      There you have it Chisrstians…at least three prophets heard from God and spoke about this President.

    • Brent

      Hate is a strong word and Trump is a horrible person.

    • Audrey

      We LOVE this President more than any man on this earth!Anyone who can not see what he has been doing for the American people are blind!! Or they are just plain stupid and ignorant. Thank the Good Lord Jesus Christ blessing us and me we wise up and show our gratitude!!!! P E A C E!

      • Audrey

        Oh wow!!!! It posted at 11:11. That means so much to me!!!! Thank you God

    • Michael McGill

      Those Christians who hate Trump, but praised Obama, never read Obama’s book “for if the winds change, I will stand with the Muslim’s” And he did have a Muslim prayer room in the ‘old’ White House. So how many Christians house a Muslim prayer room? Do they?

    • Ronnie Cosper

      Amen brother!

    • Jeanne

      Feral Cheryl, you nailed my opinion exactly.

  2. tjgwynn

    Christians never cease to amaze me! I live in Canada where our government is going against anything Biblical or godly for that matter. Yet, I hear Christians saying we have a good Prime Minister. I have stopped following people on FB that bash Trump & say how great Obama was. Can they not tell good from evil? We certainly are living in the time where we are calling evil good & good evil for sure. Keep showing us truth Mario – I look for your blog every night just before I go to bed.

    • Sam

      Please stop calling them Christians. Jesus was real plain in what He said Christians do. Paul was equally clear. When you call them Christians, you give them credibility they do not deserve.

      • Delia Cook


      • Christopher Ventura

        Whoa! Every time I say the same thing my wife warns me, but then agrees. We share tge same thought

      • Christine


    • darlene

      I am Canadian as well and agree with you. Apparently Trump is a baby Christian, as per Mike Pence. I believe this is probably correct, however, only God knows. Having said this, the Bible is clear that anyone who hates a brethern (a fellow believer) is not from God. Discernment should rule in a Christians life regarding whether Trump is to be considered a brother or not and whether God intervened in the election of 2016. No question, scripture settles this issue. Many chaff amongst the wheat….many. Unbelievers like to attend church and claim that they are Christian because there are seemingly benefits to be had. Personal gains, not kingdom gains. See the difference?

      • Michele

        Pres. Trump has been a Christian for at least 10 years. He said he has changed & he’s not the same man. He prays regularly with Christian
        Leaders. There is an ongoing Bible Study at The Whitehouse now. His decisions are fulfilling Christian principals. Wake up and smell the coffee.

      • Christopher Ventura

        Mike Pence and James Dobson. It was Dobson who led him to the Lord just before the elections.

      • mariomurilloministries

        Mark, the article is about Christians who hate Trump. I never said, nor do I believe
        if you oppose Trump you hate him.

    • Angela Warner

      Try say your prayers before bed Means much more in the long run

    • Charri

      I agree. Obama was out for Muslims and definitely not christians. Supporting the Brotherhood was first on his agenda. What good did he really do? Can’t think of anything?
      Me either.

    • Robert Tompkins Sr.

      Well said …Prayin for Canada

    • Faye

      I agree! I am so proud to be called a deplorable – A Trump follower. God is using him to drain the swamp. That’s why they hate him!!!

    • Larry

      Wow! My wife and I were just recently discussing how Secular folks have been blinded, only seeing evil as good and good as evil. By the way, isn’t a hateful Christian an oxymoron? We serve a loving God, Amen! ✝️??

  3. ghostofdurocher

    Woe to the self proclaimed prophets out there who are calling Trump a pagan king and say they are “hearing messages from God”. If prophecy is useful for edifying, exhorting, and comfort how come their “messages” always seem to attack his character and never mention a word about how we need to pray for Trump?…..ever heard of Z3 News…the prophetic site?

    • Nancy Enke

      I have heard that President Trump is a Christian and I believe it as those pastors who surround him in the White House agree .He is young in the Lord .I praise God for Our President .

      • Sheila


  4. Paula Peterson

    You are right on Mario!!! God Bless
    Paula Peterson

  5. Sandy Juntunen

    Bro Mario, I have a question about TDJakes. At what point do we stop classifying ministers as Christian ? Jake’s has embraced Oprahs version of Christianity which denies Jesus as the only way of salvation and I heard him myself say the church should not worry about gay marriage or homosexuality. Its separate from us. Heard him say the bible is against homosexuality ” no matter what he thinks himself” as if he personally disagreed. I’ve seen him on Dr Phil giving advice that never mentioned the bible or Jesus as a source of help. Where is that line?

  6. Eddie Garcia

    Exactly Mario ???
    Well said, brother. I was called a false prophet by another brother on a Christian blog for disagreeing with him about Trump and had my comment remove. God bless Trump ?

    • Kim

      Have anyone heard the teaching. Of Bille Brim about the heritage of trump. Very interesting to hear where his mother was raised and the move of God that was taking place in her lifetime. I was definitely not a big of fan to begin with, but I can see a writing on the wall of how God is using him in a mighty way.

  7. Tracy

    I agree and applaud your stance for Truth! Keep preaching and I’ll keep praying! I do believe The LORD placed Donald Trump in the office of President and I thank HIM for it!

  8. Suzanne Bonne'

    Amen Amen Amen! Well said. There are self righteous religious spirits everywhere. Even in the church. God bless our president for all the good he is doing. Thank you for this. So true.

  9. Laura

    Thank you Mario for your ministry. I loved reading this commentary you wrote. It is everything I have felt during this administration. I have a very hard time with people who profess to love God but hate our President. I truly believe this is the man God wanted to lead America and a man to influence the rest of the world as well. I pray for him daily.

  10. johnwillis

    You were right about Trump from the beginning Mario, I was dead wrong..I voted for him of course because, well you know…shivers. I thought he was courting the evangelicals for the votes and he would turn hard left after the election…I was dead wrong. It seems that God looks on the heart and not appearance..That should be written down somewhere. Trump has proven to be the most Christian friendly, Israel friendly president in modern history. While the press goes bonkers over his tweets, he just methodically keeps doing the right thing in policy. Who knew? God obviously did because I did not see this coming.

  11. Joy Wright

    Great article. Speaks truth!

  12. Aronlee

    How can they justify their words when in the Bible says that if you hate your brother but love God. You’re a lier and the truth isn’t in you. Hate your brother who you’ve seen but love me that you’ve not seen

  13. Debra

    I have determined to pray for him daily.

  14. prophetic destiny

    A modern day Cyrus is how he was referred to by some before the election. He seems to be proving that out. Is his character perfect? No! But nobody’s is! Is he doing right by Israel and by Christianity? Yes! I can tolerate imperfect character for that!

    • Garrett Combs

      Began and continuing as Jehu pulling down corrupt king and queen Ahab and Jezebel, cleaning the swamp,Cyrus, to Israel.

  15. Evan. Roger Culwell

    amen he has done more for America and God than any other president ever.

  16. Evan. Roger Culwell

    I think the problem is we are not all serving the same God not YAHWEH, to many different opinion’s and he has unity and one spirit, we see many spirit’s working the body of Christ that are not of him, when we seek other thing’s more than Christ we open the door to other spirit’s, and sadly that’s what has happen in the church today, when they all said Cruz was God’s man, and I prayed and fasted and the Lord said Mr. Trump, the so called Christian leader ship tried to destroy me, I said Lord what’s going on here, there suppose to be of you they claim to be the leader’s and they don’t bare witness with my spirit at all, he said it’s other spirit’s, they have sought after other thing’s more than me and Jezebel has come into the church with all her witchcraft, sorcery, divination, and every other evil thing, they have become the Mystic church, with controlling munipulating spirit’s which all fall under Jezebel and her control, that’s why the church must be cleansed by the fire of the Holy Spirit, we have allowed the evil one to come in and set up camp.

    • John

      There’s always been lots of counterfeits out there. And what is the nature of a counterfeit? It must first look good. Otherwise, no one would give it any credibility. How to tell the difference? Learn the Word of God first, and learn it accurately. And a big part of that is one should also read (and re-read) the Book of Proverbs. Why? Because that’s what Jesus did. That’s why He” knew what was in the heart of Man”. Teach it to the kids, too.

      • Sandie Fields

        Amen! Well said! Sharing that comment!

    • Cjackprays

      Real Talk. Not just in the Church but our Homes aS well. I just realized what was going on in my home with my two daughters coming against me and my rules… that Jezebel Spirit. We all remember Jezebel right. A house divided can not stand… The same way in the House of God and on old this bitter earth. Rebuke
      revisit Revival

  17. Jana D.

    Amen! and well said.

  18. Josh Campbell

    Great article, Mario! This kind of thing is needed! I just got defriended by two Christians who hate Trump. It actually made them furious when I gave them an article showing that Trump has been the most pro-life President ever.

  19. Dan Martinovich

    There are literately dozens of prophetic people going back 10 years that have been prophesying the presidency of Donald Trump. Some by name but all talked about the polices that would benefit the whole world and the brash and unruly mannerisms that would drive everyone nuts. These were not just prophecies about a man that would be elected either. these were prophecies about a man being chosen and ordained.

    It goes way deeper than this though. Personally I have never seen God cast such a widespread net over the nation. God communicated to everyone, sinner and saint, directly to their spirits that Trump was chosen by him. That is why you see such madness and a lack of peace and tranquility on the part of those who have set themselves against Trump. They have set themselves against themselves. Rebelling, refusing to accept by faith what is in their own inner man, both sinner and saint. Many because they have some kind of personal interest that they think Trump is interfering with. Fighting with God about something HE is doing is never the smart thing to do.

    Donald Trump and the next few presidents are the result of 24 years of praying and warring against the political direction Satan was bringing the nation starting with Bill Clinton. God has come down to answer our prayers and it is going to benefit the entire world. Oh and by the way. Don’t let the wicked fool you. Most of the world is happy to see the re-emergence of a strong America with leadership confident about America’s beneficial role in the world.

    • Shelia HG

      I choose to believe God, He is doing a thing. No matter what it looks like to us, I truly trust God ordained President Trump for such a time as this. Prophecy has come forth years ago, calling him by name!! Kim Clement & more recently Mark Taylor. The movie Trump Prophecies will be released in October 2 & the 4th only & only @ selected theaters. So I question why should this have such a limited exposure??? No man could have put these pieces together BUT God. I’ve never been on a political bandwagon, but I find myself wanting to shout “WAKE UP AMERICA “, let’s go back to the roots of the constitution that our country was established on. By no means is Trump perfect, but are you? If someone were pulling all your skeletons out of your closet what would you look like?? Was the Blood of Jesus selective?? “ I think “NOT”!!! Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Let us all hit our knees, pray for our president, our country, our churches ( judgement will start here) our community, our families & others daily. Then rest will come when our confidence no longer rest in man but The KING OF KINGS and The LORD OF LORDS!!!

  20. Jeff lane

    Trump loves America. That was motivation enough for him to run. His business sense, style, and experience set him apart from the conventional candidates and on a level relatable with his base. Having met the man, I attest to his charm and genuine nature. I think, also, that the long, hard, & neigh impossible campaign trail helped transform the candidate into a better man and potentially great President. Fellow Patriotic Americans were the tool of God, assisting in the Presidents growth. We all are investors to #MAGA. Christians hating Trump – pluck that log from your eye and join in.

    • Charri

      Over 5 yrs. Ago I told my husband why doesn’t someone like Trump run? H es got business sense, money so he’s not beholden to anyone, he’s got connections around the world, he’s a believer, etc. To my surprise, he did run and won.! GOD and I must have been on the same wavelength.
      Listen to that still quiet voice. GOD continue to be with and bless our PRESIDENT and Vice President.

  21. Aaron

    Someone tried to get my 10 year old son in there truck wed at the church parking lot.
    And starting thurs night we started finding pentagrams etched into the dirt around our apartment.
    People in our church becoming apethetic lazy and distracted and major faulse acusation leveled by a rebellious man toward a good upstanding brother in our church enough to destroy that family.
    Feels like Im loosing my steam very discouraging.

    • Carolyn

      Praying for protection of you and your son … also rest of your family. Speak to the Lord. Tell Him your problems and ask Him to direct your path and for safety and for your local church. The Lord will. It’s surprising sometimes what he will do! Be strong in the Lord!

      • Aaron

        Thank you!

      • Charri

        I agree with Carolyn. Also, there is obviously an evil spirit attacking more than a few people in and/or around your church. Call out that spirit and send it away. Ask God to send protective angels around and in your church. May Angels also surround your family members if I feel threatened, I say, I am a child of God, you cannot touch me, get away!!! May God give you peace right now!

    • Dorothy showalter

      My heart goes out to you but keep your eyes on Jesus Christ for Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world get togather with your family nightly claim psalm 91 over your household there is safety and protection in the secrete place of The Most High focus for you and teach your children to dwell in the secrete place of The Most High shall abide in the shadow of The Almighty He shall cover you with His feathers and under His wings shall you trust Trust in The Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding claim that when your enemies come at you in one direction they will flee before you in seven directionsno weapon formed against you will prosper. Put on the armor of Jesus Christ daily teach your children to do the same speak blessings over your family daily. The Lord bless and keep you the Lord make His face to shine upon you The Lord lift up His countenance upon you and be gracious unto you and fill you with His shalom. If there is fear speak the word of God peace I leave you My peace I give unto you. Mot as the world giveth give I unto you let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid. Learn the word of God teach it to your children. When we pray the scripture Those angels that are around us can become active and bring that word to pass these are the words of God and His angels respond to it to preform and bring it to pass you are loved with an everlasting love and the plans of God are not to harm you but to give you a hope and a future and cause you to fulfill the footsteps written in your book before you were born and be all you can be and fulfill the gifts and callings of your lives.

  22. dj kerns


    • Sarah

      Fyi his first quarter salary went to parks service but just nit picking.
      Matthew 18:
      15 “If your brother or sister sins, go and point out their fault, just between the two of you. If they listen to you, you have won them over. 16 But if they will not listen, take one or two others along, so that ‘every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.’ 17 If they still refuse to listen, tell it to the church; and if they refuse to listen even to the church, treat them as you would a pagan or a tax collector.

      My biggest issue with christians today is we don’t want to call sin as it is when it makes us feel bad. We defend the sins or make excuses for them or deflect and say well so and so did this. I think many lost people see christians as Hippocrates because we are quick to criticize those we disagree with but can’t call out people we agree with.

    • shefloyd

      I don’t understand why people constantly say the Bible says don’t judge. That is NOT true. The Bible says a man will be judged by his fruits. The Bible also says if a church member is sinning, he should be confronted and told his sin is against God’s word. The Bible also says if he/she does not listen, more Christains should talk to them, going all the way up to church leaders talking to them. It is not judging someone to point out a sin, such as, “You just told a lie. God doesn’t want you to lie. He even thinks it’s important enough NOT to lie that He put it in the 10 commandments. God is Truth, and He doesn’t want you to lie.” Pointing out sin with love is NOT judging. However, saying “You just told a lie. You are going to hell” IS judging. We are told in the Bible to correct with love and gentleness.

      • Tony

        The Bible also says you will be judged as you judge. Jesus further went to say only a sinless person could cast stones. Remember all have fallen short so dont judge someone just because your sins are different than theirs. They are STILL sins.

  23. Evelyn Forehand

    Excellent. Thanks.

    Sent from my iPad


  24. Jeff Borders




    • Christi Mccabe

      It would seem so – luckily he doesn’t get to judge anyone except here.

  26. Sara Webber

    Amen to that! I believe God gave America another chance by giving us Donald Trump. And, he has done more in his 18 months, with resistance and attacks from all sides, to support Christian values and restore America than past presidents have done in their full two terms. He is a man of his word displays great courage, wisdom and strength in the big issues facing our country. If he believe something he does it, despite resistance from even his own party. How often do you see that in politics! He loves America, America’s people, and is compassionate for the world’s people. We are blessed to have him and we should be thanking God for him every day. God bless President Trump and God Bless America.

    • Danny Crane

      How quickly some people forget campaign promises made solely to get votes and how quickly said promises are forgotten after the election. Even worse when someone promises to deport ALL the illegal aliens, including Obama’s pets, the DACA “kids” (average age about 25, but then wants to give every one of them amnesty! That is not keeping a promise. And have you noticed that Hillary is still out roaming around even after DT said he would put her in prison? Not that I thought he would BUT after the election he said the Clinton’s were “good people” and that he “didn’t want to hurt them.” In what universe are the Clinton’s “good people”?

      I voted for Mr. Trump because it was a choice between him and Hillary Clinton (there was also Gary Johnson but he’s a whack job who had no chance so realistically the choice was between Trump and Hillary). But just because I vote for someone doesn’t mean I won’t call him out when he goes back on his word. Too much hero worship in this country–Bush supporters could never see any fault with him, Obama’s likewise and now there is unadulterated hero worship of another man.

      • Mary

        Whoa! Trump isn’t finished yet and neither is God! Have you ever considered that President Trump is working on his promises in a way that cannot he undone by the left? Many of his statements have been taken out of context by the mainstream media. If you want to blame anyone, blame them! They are using communist doctrine as their guide!

    • Fay Moore

      I VOTED for Donald Trump, and have stood beside him though-out is Presidentce from the day one. And truly believe that GOD gave a second chance. I truly LOVE the LORD, and believe that he’ll be returning very soon.

  27. David W Gray

    Mario, you are so right about this. I am so frustrated with pastors that are more concerned about not rocking the boat when there are diverse people in the congregation. My pastor fears that it may hurt some people’s relationship with Christ if the truth about some political matters is talked about. I am very concerned about the church in California. I don’t know how much more I can tolerate it. After seeing the results of the Primary last Tuesday, I’m somewhat dumbfounded. However, when the majority of pastors in California is grossly silent, the election results shouldn’t be surprising.

  28. Cappie stuf

    Those leaders in his house who vote for the
    Party that is committing the 6 abomination s in Proverbs 6:16-18 must realize that Gods position as he sits in the Seat of Jealousy. No good will come from abortion( shedding of innocent blood), discord(sanctuary cities),fee t quick in mischief) writting bills to overturn religious rights and speech,evil imaginations(perverseness rape murder and molestation) lying stealing people’s money. The enemy wants to alienate Gods people so repent and do right!

  29. Wanda

    Have you not read that the first to be judged on that day will be his church. He will separate the wheat from the chaff with his winnowing fork. His wheat will go into the barn and the chaff will be burned. It is best to look to your salvation with this understanding.

  30. Nina McElwain

    Right on!!! Praise God for standing up for truth.. we don’t have to like everything he does but we do need to pray for him. Support his biblical and moral decisions and pray for him. By the was he’s doing a good job .
    God bless you

  31. Sandra Gray

    WOw Mario. Your messages are so inspired. God has done a mighty work in you while the devil has tried to keep you down and silence your voice. No Way Satan will that happen! I came to the Lord through Pastor Jerry Fry and was at Calvary Community Church for many years and came to so respect you through the 22 week Awakening and the so many miracles that happened during that time. I moved to SoCal and attended Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, Pastor Jack Hibbs. He is another one that has no fear and speaks the truth. I was very active there in the Watchman Ministry and helping to keep the body informed of all the bad legislation going through the State Legislature over many years.

    Want you to know how much I appreciate you and forward most of your messages to many friends. Many blessings to you and your wife. May God protect you and give you peace, wisdom and supernatural strength as HE uses you in these very end times. I look forward to receiving your emails.

  32. Michele

    Brilliantly spoken truth

  33. Angela Vigil

    Amen indeed !

  34. Janet DeLay


    • Henry Byler

      Sandra, I will 2nd your opinion of Pastor Jack Hibbs. No fear and speaks the truth.

  35. Judy Pink

    He acknowledges the Lord, prays, quotes scripture, and invokes the blessing of God in almost every speech. And…his actions toward God’s people prove what’s important to him. He is my President and my brother in Christ. Thank God for a brash New York billionaire that shakes up the status quo…in every sphere, including the religious church.
    “if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved”…Lord, do you mean Donald Trump, too?

  36. Judy Pink

    On another note..would the audacious Elijah have made fun of the prophets of Baal…on Twitter in 2018?

      • Judy Pink

        Mario…I remember seeing you on TBN talk about the guy who wore a tambourine around his neck and when he liked something you said while preaching, he would shake his head instead of amening. LOL!!!
        I’m glad you’re still a radically saved preacher!

  37. Gary Belman

    Everyone should read Jonathan Cahn’s book Paradigm to better understand Trump’s role in today’s world.

  38. disabledvet1991

    Trump – Pence will be reelected in 2 years. I was a big Cruz supported but when he lost I jumped on the Trump Train. Praise God for working through President Trump.



    • WK

      Don’t partake of the Koolaid Sal!

    • Aaron

      JT does not merrit his position its a joke.

  40. blizzard2016

    Trump will go down in US history as a great President and well he should. There is racism in the Church sad to say. A lot of black Christians supported Obama even though he showed his true colors against the Church and even the US. TD Jakes is FIRST BLACK and then a Christian pastor.

  41. Dina

    Thank you indeed for your wise assessment of Mr. Trump. Those christians are off the radar of God’s doing brother. They cannot see, the media has blinded them. May be now when all that is unfolding against lady Clinton and others, they will, just may be, they will see her true colors. Trump is the first president who allowed a weekly prayer meeting at the White House. He is the only one who gave evangelicals a platform. He wants to stop abortion, and all terrorrists from the USA. Best ally ever of Israel. Fulfiiled the promise of moving the Embassy, no other did, just empty promises. And in the next seven years he not only will make America great again but, he will also make a better world, even facing tremendous opposition. Can’t you see he is the new Cyrus, who was not a believer? By now I see that Mr. Donald Trump has had a transformation and IS a believer. Having said all that , I’ll say I am not american, but I thank God every day for God’s chosen vessel for such a time as this, and his influence will affect the whole world. Time will prove me right. Tune in with the Spirit and you won’t be found fighting God.

    • Carolina

      Extremely well said Dina!

  42. Jeff Kline

    The bible speaks in several books about things relating to end times. It also speaks to those who will mock and reject God and all his followers. I will continue to carry and wear my shield and my sword (The word and the prayers) and recognize those who’s fruit has turned sour or bad. We are warned we will see these. Everything must be compared against the word for the word is right and proper and true.

  43. Tom Zakes

    Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush both addressed the March for Life. Reagan wrote a book about abortion, arguing that by allowing abortion, we are dulling the conscience of our nation in other matters regarding life.

  44. Larry Truitt

    Well said.

  45. Martin Adusei

    Great ,Great Message,l am in Ghana but after listening and following President Trump ,he is the right man in the White House at this time.We need a strong man who is on the Lord side to crush all the evil agendas against Christians in America and the rest of world. I pray for him all the time. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP.

    • Donna Gast

      Thank you so much for praying for our president. We appreciate prayers from outside the Us. God bless you

  46. Lynn Oliver

    Very well stated. Thank you Mr. Murillo.

  47. Rosemary Zoucha


  48. Carolina

    This has been an ongoing problem. Mario is one that has tried to help bring a course correction among high profile leaders. 10 months ago I got serious with Christian Leadership in one of my video’s about this…hope this helps;

  49. Poppy711


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  50. Luisa

    Did you’ll know TD Jakes voted for Obama?

    • Betty

      Hard to believe a Christian voted for him.

      • Dorrie

        Why is it hard to believe a Christian voted for Trump, Betty?

        When you consider the alternative, isn’t it clear what the choice should be? If Hillary had won the office, we would NEVER have learned how despicably biased and corrupt the entire Obama administration was! Now we know! Now we start doing something to change that!

  51. Harold Watson

    Anyone who hates another person is not a true Bible Christian. As the apostle John said, “He who hates his brother is a murderer and Eternal Life is not in him.”

  52. Donnie Lavelle Martin

    Our President is not like Hitler, who had no concern for the lives of others in any way. He is not like the Democrats, who don’t care about human life (abortion, euthanasia, etc.). He loves our country, respects our flag, and is not a follower of David S. Alinskey who is a “darling” of those on the Left.

    • Dorene

      Saul Alinsky

  53. Jackie

    1 John 4:20
    If anyone says, “I love God,” but hates his brother, he is a liar. For anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not seen.
    They are “christian” in name only…

    • Lindsey Walker

      Looking at Washington D.C. history, infinity backwards, Christian or not, anyone is a fool waiting for any politician to fix this country.

      • Patty

        Trump isn’t a politician, he never claimed to be!

      • Donald Rash

        Good point, Lindsey. 4.1 $trillion a year flowing through “the swamp” and yea, drain it if you want but I’m betting that with that kind of green flowing through one swamp, the swamp’s gonna fill right back up as fast as it’s draining.

  54. Emilio De La Cruz

    I agree. granted there are some who are against trump. (there will always be some Christians who will no be in full agreement with any president.) who are able to express their disagreement without coming across as hateful. But most that oppose Trump do not try to hide their hate and contempt. If you oppose trump thats your right but as a christian if you come across hateful you are violating the word of God and you are at least in this one thing not being the light of the world that God calls us to be. the fruit of the Spirit should not be limited to certain areas of our life.

    • Terry L. Kiser

      If anyone says, “I love God,” but hates his brother, he is a liar. For anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not seen.
      They are “christian” in name only…

      • Dennis Kirk

        So do people hate Trump simply because they question his honesty and integrity? I mean let’s be honest the guy constantly lies. Come on, you know he does, just admit it – that doesn’t mean you hate him.

        • Tony Reeder

          Let he that is without sin throw the first stone. That is all.

      • Todd Inman

        “Constantly lying”? Really?

  55. kingskid48

    Some good comments here. I totally agree with Mario. I wish I had a nickle for every time I’ve read a comment bashing Trump by someone who called themselves a Christian. I can scarcely believe they are serious with some of the things they say.

    I had one guy a few days ago tell me that Hell awaited me and he hoped I get cancer because I stood up for President Trump. Very Christian-like. When did the Body of Christ forget how to forgive, even forget that they were forgiven? How many of these people have spotless pasts. I can answer that right here…0. Nada. Goose egg. But they sure have forgotten that they had much to lay at the foot of the Cross like we all did.

    They condemn their own selves by their condemning words against our President. They are defying Scriptures that tell us to pray for those in authority, yet they truly believe they have the position of high moral authority. I’m not going to judge their salvation, but I do believe they will have to answer for their hatred, and for allowing themselves to be deceived.

    • Jerry Burgard

      I will judge there salvation because that are not saved when they act like they are with hate. Christians are to be Christ like and what they are doing isn’t Christ like at all. So I will question there salvation.

      • Tony Reeder

        Let he that is without sin cast the first stone.

      • Dennis Kirk

        Do you question Trump’s salvation?

      • Keith Jenkins

        Jesus told us to “judge righteous judgment.” Just a few verses beyond the only phrase in Scripture liberals seem to know – “Judge not” – Jesus told us to beware of wolves that come in sheep’s clothing – false prophets. How can we do that without judging? Paul, Peter, Jude & John (the Apostle of Love) all issued sharp warnings about false teachers IN THE CHURCH and commanded us to “try (test) the spirits whether they be of God, because many false prophets are…in the world.” I’m afraid that the overwhelming majority of people who profess to be Christians haven’t the faintest idea of what true Scriptural Christianity involves. As a pastor, I’ve run into open hostility for preaching “ye must be born again.” I had one man tell me he had been a faithful Methodist for 50 years and had never once heard about being “born again.” Mr. Trump was not my first choice for President. I felt Sen. Paul was the man who would adhere most closely to the Constitution. When he dropped out, Ted Cruz got my support. When it was obvious to me that Donald Trump would take the nomination, I began looking at him much more closely. I had BIG questions about his moral character. But the more I studied, read and listened to the man himself, the more I became convinced of his sincerity, his love for America and his desire to do the right things to try to restore American greatness. These past 16 months I believe he has shown my estimation to be largely correct. In spite of the hatred of the news media, the vitriolic hate of the Democratic party and, often, the opposition of some in the Republican party, he has accomplished more than I would have thought possible. Is he a sterling example of Christianity? No. Is he trying to do the right thing? I believe so with all my heart. As far as his “tweets;” from someone who still thinks “tweeting” is for the birds, I believe he has used Twitter to do something remarkable – bypass the media who would never have honestly reported on anything he said or did. And so I pray, “God bless President Trump and help him to continue to do the things that need to be done.”

    • Rebecca


    • Subella44

      All this is leading up to a one world Ecconomy. The hatred out there is setting the next election up for supporters on a one world government which as we know from the Word will happen and then begins the end. Amazing to see prophecy being fulfilled right before our eyes including what’s happening in Israel, but scary too. Where was all the anger for Obama’s lies, unwillingness to show his birth cert and his lying, where was the outrage and contempt when Bill Clinton was having sex with everyone in the White House except his wife? Like the word says “what’s right will be wrong and what’s wrong will be right”.

    • Frances

      Totally agree !

    • Carol

      You talk about condemning hate, but what about the hateful things said against all democrats? Or vice versa? We are all Americans and we all love our country. I believe the Russians interfered in our election and divided this country on purpose. A devided country is easier to invade and take over. They knew the fallout would lead to an investigation that would distract us from their real purpose. We have to hold our representatives responsible for not working together to protect our democracy. We have to come together as a country or we will fall.

      • Johnny

        Oh, my, Carol, what is our real purpose? As Christians, it is not to protect democracy. I called out Clinton and Obama, but can’t believe the blind support many Christians give Trump. He’s done some things I agree with. He’s also done damaging and hurtful things. I do not hate him, but do believe he is doing many things that need to be questioned.

      • Linda

        Hilary had much more business with Russia. Why the blindness to that

  56. Bill Cribbs

    The hatred for President Trump is spiritually inspired. But not from the Holy Spirit. This hatred is unprecedented and is not only from carnal Christian’s but also the ungodliest in the world. THAT should speak volumes.

    • Dorene

      Sadly, Amen

    • Sandi Leonard

      Amen,, great comment !! Thank you

  57. Gayle Shull

    Can we not hear the enemy’s voice in this? Yes, the attacks are spiritual in nature. Demonic spirits. I’m not going to argue his lack of professional politician abilities. But we forget….. our option would have been Hillary Clinton. All of these ranting haters, honestly….. get a grip and figure out what you would have had!!! And start looking at the accomplishments coming out of this man. This man has faults. But Obama, Clinton(s) and the rest have all been a terrible mess. Yet no one screams about them. That is because, the enemy had no problem with them. It’s crystal clear.

    • Janet DeLay


    • Sandi Leonard

      Amen !!

    • Carolina


  58. Tony Reeder

    A Christian never hates SO if they hate him, they arent Christians. Thats not ME judging them, its GODS WORD. 1 John 4:7-8 and 1 Corinthians specifically state we are to operate in LOVE. 1 John 4:7-8 says you dont know God if you dont LOVE.

    • Tony Reeder

      1 Corinthians 13

    • Holly Vizcarrondo


    • Rebecca

      All so true

  59. Joyce Apgar Taylor

    The Bible tells us that those who are in power over us are put there by God. Pres. Trump’s election was a miracle performed by God. If The Lord of the whole universe knows this is the man for our country at this lime, who in the world am I to reject him??? As I pray for our president there is one verse that pops into my mind every time. It says “No weapon formed against you shall prosper.” Every charge the liberals have tried to bring against has fizzled. Does this not prove God is pretty smart? and knows everything there is to know about this man? I will trust the Lord’s judgement.

    • Carol


  60. Holly Vizcarrondo

    They are fake. No Christian hates.

  61. Bud Greene

    Thank you, Mario, for a much-needed wakeup call to some in the church today. You were speaking the truth back in the day when you ministered often in the Melodyland Church in Santa Barbara, and I was one of the pastors. Father has given you clear vision of some of our failings, and I commend you for speaking truth especially when it isn’t popular. Keep up the good work. The times are evil but He is ever-faithful.

    • Mark Stuber

      Beginning the question an tu quoquo isn’t God’s work.

  62. TruthSeeker

    Thank you for your willingness to speak the straight truth. We must break God’s heart every day, by our persistent failure to reflect God’s grace and love. Why? Have we forgotten the verse that tells us, “They will know we are Christians by our love”? “God forgive us…”

  63. Sarah

    It is these type of articles that break my heart. This is one of the reasons we are losing christians. I think Satan’s best new gift is politics. Everyone has gone overboard on both sides with regards to Obama and Trump. There is a lot of hate on both sides. I remember the few days after Obama was elected I had a familily member and two in-laws that said I hope some one kills him. Even 2 used the n word. That broke my heart yet now blogs or posts about us praying for him just criticizing. Note I am not a Obama fan just telling what I saw.

    Trump has made us all a bunch of hypocrites and greatly damaged our witness to the world. Many christians have raised him up to such a high pedestal and practically worshiped him. He can do no harm in their eyes. He has several flaws and it is ok the speak up when he does make mistakes.

    I was heart broken during the election when the access holywood tapes came out and see christians running in front of cameras to not criticize but to defend. They said it is not that bad, we all say it in locker rooms, or deflected it at Clinton. As christians we should have all stood up and said this is not right ANYWHERE. But we tried to spin it for political gain. We have put politics and a guy above teaching how God would want us to defend and treat women.

    I truly feel the verse “what profit a man if he gains the world but loses his soul” fits todays church pretty well. We are willing to overlook so much for political gain that we are losing witnesses. We are not called to make this a more Christian country by laws, but by salvation. That is the great commission. For many they look at christians worshiping this president as if he is perfect and wonder how he is any better than them. Is it worth it if prayer is allowed back in schools,but there are not kids their that want to pray? We have put more effort into trying to make our lives more convient than reaching the next generation. Standing up for morals. Teach them that forgiveness and humility are not weakness. Stop trying to witness through legislation but through the heart.

    I personally believe God gave us a candidate and we missed it. I believe was chose who we wanted it to and convenienced ourselfs it was who God wanted us to have.

    This is probably longer than the actual post, sorry, but I feel it needed to be said. If you by some miracle made it to the end without skimming congrats you get and extra jewl in your crown haha.

    • Tony Reeder

      President Trump hasnt made anyone a hypocrite, You have done that to yourself. If for one second you think God gave us Hillary then you arent a Christian. You shall know them by their fruits. Hillary supports full term abortion and if you support her, so do YOU.

      As for flaws honey, ALL have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory, even YOU so stop pointing fingers at others when you also are a sinner.

      • Luc

        You obviously didn’t read that post or chose to see and believe what you wanted. Nowhere did they say they wanted Clinton to win.

    • Dawn


      • Charlie

        I cannot voice my opinion on this thread as, obviously, opposing views will not be tolerated. As well, I run the very real risk of having someone commenting on here track me down, show up at my door armed and blowing my brains out.

      • Bobby

        Did anyone else notice that she did NOT say Hillary? She said she believes God gave us a candidate and we missed it. It could have been any of, what, 2 dozen candidates at the beginning?

    • Leigh Ann

      The Bible talks about politics in Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, 1 Kings, 2 Kings, 1 Chronicles, 2 Chronicles, Nehemiah, Esther, Job, Proverbs, Psalms, Ecclesiastes, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Song of Solomon, Ezekiel, Hosea, Daniel, Joel Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Malachi all speak of politics. Those are only the Old Testament references. You think politics might be important?

      The tapes were made in 2005. Are you the same person you were in 2005? I hope that you have matured and grown in wisdom and character. The fact that you would sling dirty laundry from 12 years ago says volumes about your inability to forgive for the past. Oh, is that a sin? You are not so clean yourself. We elected a leader, not a pastor. We elected a Cyrus who is giving America a period of mercy and grace. Trump has bared more fruit in 15 months of his presidency than any of the past presidents of over 20 years. Barnabas was a bit crude and rough around the edges but he still loved the LORD and followed him for years. I hardly imagine any of the disciples not dropping a swear word, especially since Paul was a murderer of Christians. I somehow suspect when he was being beaten in prison that his language was less than “moral.” I find it incredulous that you would say “Standing up for morals. Teach them that forgiveness and humility are not weakness” but not offer it to Trump for something he did 12 years ago. Oh, hypocrisy where is your sting? Sounds a bit like the Pharisees to me.

      Christians are not leaving the church over politics. They are leaving the church over decades of fruitless teachings that told them they could live a life of complacency and turn a blind eye and there would be no consequences.

      GOD bless you and watch that religious pedestal. The fall may hurt.

      • Wai

        Drop the mic! Great response!

    • Kathy

      Thank you, Sarah.

    • EmilyRaustine

      Wow! I’m glad I came across your comment. You’ve said what I have felt for a long time for the most part. Thank you for staying true to who you are. You are a true Christian my friend.

    • harold00

      Thank you for the most intelligent and thoughtful message here.

    • Cato Younger

      Sarah, this whole article just kind of went right over your head didn’t it?

      • Bobby

        Sarah seems to me to be one of the only ones that truly understands, and isn’t swayed BY the article.

    • Millie Shrader

      I think you are confused about politics. Christians prayed for a man who loves this nation and it’s Constitution, who loves God and who loves Israel. Trump beat 17 Republicans and an avowed communist to become president. He has worked tirelessly since he was elected without nothing but lies and negative comments from the left. We didn’t elect a preacher, we elected a president. God is in control and Satan is madder than “hell”! Good place for him! He knows what his fate is!

  64. Carolina

    So much of the hate that exists that Mario speaks of about now President Donald Trump…is due to the reality that far too many Christian people and people in general cannot admit to themselves.
    The reality that they are paralyzed by a spiteful distain of hate, for anyone who has excessive monetary wealth & riches. Mr Obama suffered from this illness. It’s just more obvious this spiritual affliction of despising hate for the uber wealthy, within the antics and opinions put out by the leftist progressive Dems & media. Unfortunately “now” we hear & see the same myopic illness manifested through the lens of mainstream church culture as well.

  65. Tammy

    I’m a Christian who is not dazzled by Trump, and I spoke out loudly against Obama. Trump is not the answer to America’s problems – Jesus is. This author’s opinion is not biblical. God tells us to call good good and evil evil regardless of who it is. Discernment is not hate. I believe God is using Trump despite himself. I’ll never like who he is, but I can appreciate things he has done. And he is better than the alternative, but even poop is better than poison. Doesn’t mean I like it.

    • mariomurilloministries

      Tammy, Saying falsely that the author thinks Trump, and not Jesus is the answer for America, accusing him of calling evil good without substantiating your statement, claiming not to hate Trump while calling him “poop” is not biblical.

      • Arleen Watson

        I think you misunderstood the gentleman, he knows some scripture, but from a secular view point, He did say Jesus, not Trump is the Answer, but i think people would not even accept Christ. He came to his own, but they would not. 40 to 60% of americans dont know who Jesus is. And that includes people who claim to be, but really arent as this whole blog is about. They profess, but do not possess.
        He didnt call Trump poop, but used an annology.. but saying Trump was the lesser of 2 bad choices would have been better received, the gentleman showed us his true feelings. President Trump is our President, duely elected. God spared America, He held back the winds of Sorrow .i shudder to think what would have happened if Hillery had gotten in.. we are admonished to call good..good and evil, evil. Mr. Trump is rough, but hes being true to his person, not phony. God is still in Control, but He continues to allow us our choice of free will.
        Yes, lots of people are looking to the WRONG guy ,i. Hope we are not being deceived by Mr. Trump. He is not the anti-christ, but theone who will come the middle East will deceive the world.

    • Leigh Ann

      GOD loves us enough to send us a leader who will stand to the decades of backroom governance and cause our nation to fall to its knees and it has nothing to do with poop but with the restoration of this nation to GOD’s will and let it be done!

      • Tammy

        Please do not believe that he has made things transparent. Watch “The Swamp” videos by Thomas Massie on Facebook. Paul Ryan has made the Republican party in the House of Representatives worse than ever to serve Donald Trump. I’d imagine McConnel is doing the same thing on the Senate side. Trump’s main agenda is Trump. If my child acted as petulantly as the president, I’d swat his backside.

    • Cato Younger

      Tammy, you totally misunderstood the article and are creating strawmen out of whole cloth.

      • Tammy

        I understood the article just fine, thanks. And calling my statements a logical fallacy doesn’t make them so. The Bible tells us to pray for our leaders, and I do. I pray that God will continue to lead and guide President Trump to do the right thing.

  66. Ed Kimble

    Many on the left believe the role of government should be to step in and “do for or unto others” what the man on the street seems unwilling or incapable of doing. However, there is an ocean of difference between giving from your heart what you are able to give, giving locally to people who cannot fend for themselves or need help now versus having your lifeblood, beliefs, tools, and ownership ripped from your hands brutally by a bureaucratic juggernaut and given to people and causes who are cut off from simple sanity, our evil enemies and life threatening monsters, people who show no emotion in killing babies or committing murder in the name of jihad, threatening complete seizure of our freedoms, people who would stifle our voice, remove our ability to defend ourselves, who would enslave the worker to the state, and would declare, teach, and dictate that “All men are not created equal! Long live Madame Guillotine!”

  67. Cyndi

    Trump is also not like Hitler in that he has been nothing but a friend to Israel – and they adore him.

  68. Thayer Freese

    President Trump is a fairly new Christian. Maybe we should remember how we were as babes in Christianity. I know I didn’t understand it all. Still am learning after 40 years. He will learn as we did what true Christiananity is thru loving Christians showing him the way. NOT
    With hateful criticism.

    I can’t find in my Bible anything about talking evil about another Christian just because you may not agree with him.

  69. Milt

    Personally, I do not see how anyone could vote Democrat and call themselves a Christian. Pro-abortion, gay marriage, attacks Christianity at every level – taking prayer out of school, supporting taking down any/all crosses and/or 10 commandments and supports Muslims at every turn. I asked a diehard Democrat “Christian”, did she believe in what the above mentioned platform of the Democrat Party, she said “No”, but the Democrats supports the Teachers Union – of course she’s a teacher. So she’s willing to sell out her eternal soul for her earthly flesh. Democrats attack Christians every chance they get and Christians or church folks still vote and support them.

  70. Richard Beebe

    Even Obama was in office only because of the sovereign will of Almighty God! How can you fight against Him? I can hear Him saying to himself, “Oh, I wanted the other person to win the election, what to do now”? Yeah right…..

  71. Bert Castel de Oro

    Mario isn’t shy and pulls no punches about the place of Christianity in the mainstream. We belong but in whose image? Not politics, but to be Christ-like. I personally thought Obama’s chhrisianity was an affront to the church and often prayed he’d give up his his atnt-church referendums. Paul kicked against the goads. So did Obama but the president kept going. Still, the people of God have a biblical injunction to pray for those who lead us, without apolopogy, exception or an attitude..

  72. John Huntley

    Obama a Christian is laughable. On national TV, can’t remember the FAKE NEWS channel, he said, and I quote “My Muslim faith” at which the interviewer said ‘ Mr. President, Mr. President, don’t you mean your Christian faith at which Obama said “OH YEA MY CHRISTIAN”

    • Robin

      John Huntley _ you totally distorted that statement _ you should fact check that on

      • Anthony Carsella

        Fact check on Snopes????lol☹ they are as left,as you could get

      • Cato Younger

        No one has to fact check. Obama had imans to the White House on almost all Muslim holy days, he declared “the future does not belong to those who insult Islam”, and on and on. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

  73. George

    I don’t hate Trump. I hate many of the things he stands for and many of the things he has done and those things he is trying to do. I find it hard to find any redeeming qualities in him, but that leads me to pity him not hate him.

  74. Harry

    Some of these fake Christians on here irk me. They Very cleverly show hate for our president and don’t acknowledge his many successes because of their hate.

    Whether they want to believe it or not, Donald Trump was anointed by God.
    It was prophesied in 2011 that God stated Donald Trump was his anointed one.
    He also said that the opposition would spend billions trying to defeat him and all would go down the drain.
    Does President Trump have flaws, who doesn’t. Try and thing of any other candidate that could have sustained the countless attacks from the time he announced he was running until today yet accomplish what he has accomplished. President Trump is a strong man and God has spent decades preparing Trump to be president.

    All of you so called Christians who dislike our President are going against God’s will. You don’t have to believe that, you can believe what you want but you will be judged by God.

    Let me be clear, God is guiding President Trump and providing him, knowledge and wisdom through the Holy Spirit. God loves Israel so much, so it’s no surprise that Trump has done so much for them. President Trump is doing exactly what God wants because he is being guided.

    God has stated in the prophetic word that America will prosper like never before.
    And Donald Trump will be one of the best presidents America has ever had.

    One other thing, God will address and expose the evil that has tried to ruin America.
    Obama, HC, Lynch, comey and others are all evil and will be in prison when the time comes. Within a year.

    God is in charge and he isn’t playing around.

    But mess with his anointed one, and you will suffer God’s wrath.

    • Shelley

      i totally agree with you. well said. sounds like you have been listening to Mark Taylor. I listen to his videos on Youtube all the time. Kim Clement gave some prophecies on Pres Trump also. He started prophecying on the president back in 2007! Thanks for sharing!

    • Delta3

      I beg to differ brother……
      With every “nation-wide” prophecy, there needs to be repentance and unity…. God will not bring us prosperity without first calling us to a place of surrender and change. That has NOT happened.

      Also, it violates our FREE WILL… If God has chosen DT, then He has gone against His own protocols of us having to choose for ourselves. (Heck even the people cried out, “Give us Barabbas!” during the time of Christ’s Crucifixion..)

      If that were the case, then we don’t ever need to take a vote again, we’ll just have a bunch of people stand in a line, and have the Holy Spirit descend like a Dove on one of them – if it were “that easy” – But it’s not.

      DT is not a king; there are three(3) co-equal branches of government in this nation, and it is NOT up to one man, to fix all of our problems… And as you can see, very little is actually getting done. –> And what I mean by that is, other than Executive Orders, there’s been only one MAJOR piece of legislation: The Tax Cut – which added 1.48 trillion dollars to the National Deficit.

      So please, let’s stop crowning him king every time he does….. “anything” (lol)

      And also, we will see revival and God’s grace on this nation, when we begin to walk in LOVE and in Unity.

      Then this nation will be great again! 🙂

  75. Lynette

    I know that we are in “labor” and the birth pains that we must go through before we meet our Savior is already written in God”s Word. As Christians this process should be obvious. President Trump has done many good things in office and if that offends…well our society is easily so. Religious leaders should beware…you are held to a higher standard. Lift him in prayer and rely on God to show you His truth.

  76. Danny Crane

    I found the post that I did yesterday–it was in “older posts.” Yesterday’s posts were “older”? Apparently. I just thought when I couldn’t find my post on this page that for some reason it had been rejected but I was wrong.

  77. Danny Crane

    To call out Trump for breaking his promises is “hateful”? No, it isn’t. I don’t hate the man and I even admit I voted for him. But the truth is the truth no matter whose ox gets gored. Trump said while he was running for the office he would deport all the illegal aliens. But then after the election he wanted to give the DACA “kids” (average age 25) amnesty. Are they not every bit the illegal aliens now they were then before the election? If you are honest with yourself you will have to admit that Trump hasn’t kept all his campaign promises and hasn’t even tried to keep this one.

      • Danny Crane

        I didn’t say you did. My reply was to someone else. Forgot his name and my reply didn’t get posted under his comment as it should have been. And I am an equal opportunity critic because I don’t care what letter politicians run under. What matters to me is whether they abide by the Constitution and in matters like immigration (for example) to say what they mean and mean what they say. I disliked Obama (intensely) and I criticized him on a regular/daily basis because he was ALWAYS doing something unconstitutional. Even he admitted he had no authority to do what he did in regards to DACA but he went ahead and did it anyway.

        My point is that no one should be so blinded by partisanship that they can easily see the wrongs of the D’s (or R’s, depending on which horse you have in the race) but can never see that “their guy” did anything wrong. That’s getting up close to idol worship.

    • Tony Reeder

      Danny, I am saying this with all the Christian love I can muster. Its clear you have no inkling of how government works. All of the above things you name depends on actions by Congress to initiate. It takes money to deport illegals. You cant wave a magic wand and they all disappear. As for the DACA kids, they did not commit any crimes. They were born here so by law, they are citizens already. If they are paying taxes into our country and working and going to school/college, they arent sucking welfare dry. Adults that border jump are indeed criminals. At some point, you lost your compassion for others.

      • Danny Crane

        And you know nothing whatsoever about me beyond a few words posted on this site so I give your comment all the weight and consideration it deserves (very little). You have no idea how much I know about how government works AND how it is SUPPOSED to work (quite different things these days). And you are wrong when you say that the DACA “kids” were born here, many, if not most of them were brought in illegally by their illegal alien parents. We have an immigration policy and we have a border and both need to be enforced. And your comment that I have lost compassion for others is not even worthy of comment. Just because I believe politicians should honor the oath they HAVE to take to get the job doesn’t mean I am not compassionate.

  78. Vanita Dulin

    The N Korean/USA meeting is being praised or abhorred.

    In comparing Kim to Hitler, I agree. I also remember Ceausescu and multiple Russian leaders, et al.

    Where I see a major difference: Hitler and Ceausescu have had to die before their people found a better life.

    It looks like Kim is in process of “repentance,” wanting to change the direction of his country.

    Can’t we give this a chance? I am praying Kim won’t be overthrown by others in his government. Who would take over? I doubt no one better!!

    Reagan gave Gorbachev a chance. It ended the USSR and offered chances/opportunities to the countries so closely held by USSR.

    The majority of naysayers hate anything Trump does. IMO, they are missing some positive things by blinding hatred.

  79. Aaron

    Mario I posted the link to this article in the contact the white house portal.

      • Aaron

        Its way over due for you to have a dinner at the white house.

  80. Doris

    Hello! I admire USA President as what he promises he delivered! He done most of them within a year or so. Which USA President or others can do it! God use donkey or sat on one. He didn’t sat on fine racing horse! Though he is a rich business man.nHe cares for USA. So true if you cannot take care of yourself how to take care of other! So he doesn’t need to use USA citizens $$$ to fix his lifestyle. Others did! You should be thankful that you have a God given one. Hope ours come soon!

  81. Mary R Hunt

    Shelly. You know that a true “Christian” does not harbor hate like this. Evidently he is not a C
    hristian at all.

  82. Kent Barcus

    Whatever we may dislike about President Trump or the way he has behaved–or misbehaved in our judgment–we probably are wiser to evaluate his actions as opposed to thinking that we fully know his motivations. Thanks, Br. Murillo, for sharing this article..

  83. BarbaraRidge

    If God had not wanted him he would not be there!WeHave had good Pres and Bad for a reason we do not know.BarbaraRidge.

  84. Tony Reeder

    The article obviously went over your head as well. Its about purported Christians acting like the evilness of the world when it comes to hating the President. Its not about not liking what he does or does not do. Its about judging his eternal soul and thats not our job, its GODS.

  85. Tony Reeder

    Bulverism must be a new word you just learned, since you keep spamming everyones posts with the same comment. Do you not have an original thought of your own, Mark?

  86. Zeke Williams

    You all have missed the point NOTHING ELSE MATTERS BUT JESUS!

  87. SHGustafson

    I agree with your article and am very thankful for these accomplishments by Trump. But why oh why does he have to spew such immature remarks, giving his detractors plenty of ammo to criticize him? I pray for him and appreciate all he’s doing … it’s just hard to defend him sometimes given his childish antics. Thank you for this concise list of wonderful accomplishments – I’ll share!

  88. Angie

    Reblogged this on The Simply Free Life and commented:
    I totally agree with his thoughts on this.
    Great article! Thank You!

  89. Max Blaska

    First off, I don’t hate Trump. I hate his sins. I hate that he lies, I hate that he is greedy. I hate that he is prideful. I hate that so called Christians have the Word of God. Proverbs 6, Isaiah 1, Matthew 5-6, Galatians 5, 2 Timothy 3 and hundreds more yet continue to support the Biblically wicked man.

    I hate that this hypocrisy blasphemed our Lord and pushes people away from the faith. I hate that atheists believe that this is Christianity. I hate that you, a man who hS the word of God, decides instead to listen to his itchy ears and decides to become a false prophet no better than those who served Bal. you are worse because you claim to serve Jesus when denying everything He stands for.

    You are like Judas, selling out Jesus for national pride, fear, and hate. No you are worse than Judas because again you claim to serve Christ when you are selling Him out.

    But God will not be mocked. Please repent, stop serving evil or when your time comes. Jesus will deny you and tell you to go away because He never knew you

      • Aaron

        Im glad you posted this it needed to be said.
        It does draw out the trolls though.

    • Aaron

      I hate the fact that you dont know when to shut up?

      • Aaron

        Directed to max not mario

  90. Steven Chapman

    Isn’t this essential the same argument that the left uses to engender tolerance of the gay lifestyle … if you disapprove of the gay choice you hate gay people?

    Disagreement and a refusal to support or be identified with a leader who has demonstrated questionable morality, confused decision-making ability, and complete disdain for those who disagree with him is not the equivalent of hate.

    • Aaron

      Morality-pro life and conservitive supreame court judge appointments and bringing evangelicals back into the fold of policy.

      Confused descision making?
      To much MSNBC and CNN you drank the coolaid.

      The problem is you have been watching to much anti trump television.
      And you are confused because of the influences you surround yourself with.
      Dont come back at me with some made up denial of what Im saying because nothing your saying is orig it comes from talking points you have gathered from the main stream media on the left.
      Standing against trump is a vote for Globalism,Marxisn,Socialism and a thousand other things that are destroying the fabric of our constitutional republic.
      We have a duity as people of God to come out of our little comfort zones and unite against the evil thats infiltrated our society.
      Its because of the apethy and the lazyness of christians we are in this mess no back bone always worried about felt needs and materialism watched our gov strip prayer from schools and cast out the 10 commandments from the public square etc etc etc with no protest or fight (STINKING LAZY APETHETIC BACKSLIDDEN LUCKWARM CHURCH?)
      What is at stake is the Gosple and the ability to send it into all the world.




      • jill


  91. Cherie

    My personally honest (honestly personal) opinion: I believe God has placed Trump in the position of President and given “the Church” in America a reprieve of (hopefully) eight years to get their act together before true hardcore persecution begins. Make the most of this time, quit the vindictive hate/blame/”me too” game, and figure out if your heart is right or if it needs some work. One day we will meet Jesus face to face….and what are you gonna say when he shows you those hands? Holiness begins with you, if you’re true to the cross. If you’re part of the audience that thinks we will somehow be exempt from persecution because America is special or you think being in a certain area of the country will “protect you”……read about the “great falling away” in your Bible….we’re just coming into the “birth pangs” kiddos, so hang on for the ride. It’s gonna be a doozie!!

    • Carolina

      I’ve been reading this blog & all its posts since Mario’s article came out June 8. This has been an extremely “hot” topic, many have insulted and responded with obvious distain for whoever’s previous blog post they disagreed with.
      What is clear is that Mario Murillo, struck a chord with his insights.
      It was NOT a political chord…it was a spiritual chord! BECAUSE;
      if it were not a spiritual issue that America & the rest of the nations are facing, then none of this would be being discussed among us.
      The FACT that all of you are responding ( whether favorably or not) to Mario’s words, proves that he is doing his duty as a Christ believing man to STIR your faith into action.
      Nice Kingdom going Mario!?

  92. Melanie


  93. clarimichele

    There is a difference between being sold into slavery and forced to serve a political figure, and electing one into office. I don’t hate Trump, but I also find it odd when Christians defend him.

    • mariomurilloministries

      Yes, Trump was elected. 62 million Americans voted for him. There are two reasons Christians support him. 1. He is undoing the persecution of the church by Obama. 2. Because some Christians can see through the fake news smoke screen that has Trump as a racist, misogynistic, homophobic madman but has presented zero credible evidence to substantiate those charges.

  94. Michelle

    I am a believer. Just because I disagree with some of what the President does and most of what he tweets doesn’t mean I hate him. I do admire the courage he exhibits in tackling tough issues even when I disagree with his position, and I respect the office because I believe that is biblical. There are believers who don’t like Trump and there are believers who don’t like Obama. This is not news. My biggest concern for Christians in America is that we are letting politics divide the body of Christ. God is not an American. Preserving America as we once knew it or making America great is not synonymous with the Kingdom agenda. We should fight injustice and seek order because we love people and peace, but we are advised in Scripture not to become overly entangled in the affairs of this world. When our level of worldly entanglement causes Christians to slap unrighteousness labels on fellow believers (i.e. haters, not Christians at all from the right or unsympathetic, unloving from the left) it’s past time to refocus on The Cross and things of eternal consequence.

  95. LM

    I really believe Donald Trump is the only one who could have beaten Hillary. He is also the only one who could get anything of value done. Although some of his comments are cringe-worthy at times, he is the only one of those who ran who doesn’t care what anyone, especially the libs, think of him or his actions. Everyone else would been inclined to compromise. You can’t compromise with stupid, evil or immoral. He is actually doing things that are morally correct and helpful and good for our country and for Christians and Israel! He is pro-America, pro-life, pro-Israel, pro-Christian. I believe he is here for such a time as this. Obama did everything he could to diminish our stance on this world as Christians, as Americans-Hillary and the Dems would’ve continued that and any other weak, wishy washy Republican would’ve caved in to the PC correct, insanity of the liberal, media-driven leftists. Pray for Trump, for America, for the awakening and repentance of the straying, compromising, Christian Church. Pastors and other Christian leaders are leading their flocks astray from the truths in God’s Word. God’s Word is truth from beginning to end- we don’t compromise/change our truth because society says so. Revival begins in the Christian Church. We need a revival. Good Bless America!

  96. Carolina

    Michelle, in a way you’re correct in saying; “My biggest concern for Christians in America is that we are letting politics divide the body of Christ.”
    That is partly correct, in my opinion.
    Yet I would re-route your concern, into another direction of prophetic biblical focus. Christ Jesus said that one day people and nations would be separated (or divided) Matthew 25: 32,33, Jesus discusses His final verdict regarding Sheep Nations (on the right) and Goat nations (on the left) “…and He will put the sheep on the right and the goats on the left.” Now that is to occur at the time of His return. Since this verdict with action of Christ The King is going to happen, and if we apply any standard of implication of this same Word of The Lord that He stated would happen… then why not understand and apply that in these “last days” this separating (or dividing) of sheep & goats is also occurring even right now, in a precursory way, before The Lord’s second coming?

  97. Carol Stevens

    God chooses people for his purpose, even though we don’t know what the purpose is, but I can hear God say, we need a strong man to lead our country so that’s why president Trump is the man to bring God into the lives that had abandoned him.

  98. Karen

    Is it ok to continually lie? I do not find his comments or attitude towards people is very Christ like..

    • Tony Reeder

      Sin is sin is sin is sin. Jesus said let the one that is sinless throw the first stone.

      • Bud

        If there are any that hate him then they are CINO”s because they couldn’t have the spirit of God in them.

      • Irma

        Looks to me like he is throwing stones & judging with his comment! He trusts the known Liars in media more than PresidentTrump???

      • Craig Anderson

        Actually sins differ in severity and degrees of punishment. Otherwise it would make no sense for Jesus to have said , “that it will be more bearable for Tyre and Sidon on the day of judgement than for you”
        Matt. 11:22

    • mariomurilloministries

      Karen, I want respond to your question, but answer me first: say you’re an American of voting age, you have a choice for President (not pastor) between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, since no one else has any chance to win who would you vote for?

      • Shelia Hansen

        TRUMP every day all day.

      • Gayle Nash

        So well written Mario – I totally agree with everything you said – makes me wonder if these people know the Word or know the times we are living in or have the ability to see the truth?? It’s so obvious that Trump is God’s man for the hour and yet these people want to nitpick and refuse to see the bigger picture. God has raised Donald Trump up for “such a time as this” that’s all there is to it and anyone who calls themself a Christian and can’t see that is deceived!! That’s the long and short of it!!

    • Merry Murphey

      And you think Hillary’s was? Do you lie? If you say no then you are lying. I honest dont believe Trump lies like the media says he does all the time. God put Trump in office for His purpose… and that’s Biblical.

      • Irma

        I would uphold & vote for the one who would back & defend our Constitution, (President Trump) … Definitely NOT the one who wants to destroy our Country & our Constitution (Hillary)

      • Debbie


      • Carol Paxton

        I agree with your last statement more than anything else. “God put Trump in office for a reason.” If you don’t believe this you do not believe Scripture.

      • Jenny w

        This hatred from the Christians towards our president and his wife has grieved my spirit and it has been truly embarrassing. Trump accepted Jesus into his heart a couple of years ago. Is not his sins and his past forgiven? As Christians we ought to know better than to throw stones of persecution at our own family member in the body of Christ. You will know a true Christian by their love and the fruit in their lives. President Trump is considered a baby Christian. Are we not supposed to show him what being a Christian is about ? If Jesus has forgiven Trumps sins so should we. And if we hate Trump like the witches do and are throwing out insults to him…Are we not agreeing with the evil schemes of the enemy? I would personally not want to agree with Satan. You can not serve two masters. We are to be the light of the world. God chose Trump to be president because we needed a bull dog in the White House to fight for freedom and to keep the constitution. Had Hillary become president who happens to be a self practicing witch she would have stripped the rights of Christians and Jews and would have destroyed our nation. She supports killing babies and is involved with pedophila and sex trafficing rings. She truly is evil. But to compare Trump and declare he is an evil person and to actually vote for what Hillary represents is baffling to me. Why would Christians vote for someone who has no problem supporting abortion up to 9 months? That is evil. Pure evil. So for me to see my so called Christian brothers and sisters who are criticizing and spewing hatred towards Trump… You are not representing Christ my sisters and brothers. We are to stand up against the evils of this world and to be a light of love… yet not be embracing sin and condoning it in the name of “tolerance” which has been truly grieving to the heart of God. We are to not be of this world but to be set apart and to be different. We are to love and support the family of God. So I do not get the hatred from Christians. It is not a good representation of Jesus.

      • mary

        You are right. President Trump does not lie. People/media take what he says and spins it for their own agenda.

    • Delores Oliver

      No it’s not OK to lie, but we are all sinners. We can’t go one day without sinning. Trump has told some lies, but we have to take the good with the bad. Look at what he had accomplished. All politician lie. Look at the Clintons they have hurt America they have become Millionaires off of American tax payers. Obama he was not that well to do, but look what they are worth now. They too are millionaires. Those are corrupt people. So what has Trump lied about? You hear about the lies but they never give incident. He doi ng what he has promised

      • Jennifer

        We can go one day and not sin! Jesus told a lady to go and sin no more, he didn’t say, go and sin every day:)

      • Donna Wood are so right…my sister in Christ!!?

      • Ricky

        Christians do not vote for abortion or gay marriage, church members and other heathans do

      • Dorothy Whiddon

        I’m 76, and I’ve read about Donald Trump all of my adult life. He was portrayed as a young successful businessman. I remember when he was commended for donating to inner city children, and awarded the Ellis Island award. He was accompanied by Rosa Parks and Muhammed Ali. Later he was lauded for the job opportunities he afforded young people via his show, ‘The Apprentice’. His divorce was publicized, but not as scandalous news. I never read any horrible scandals such as I have heard since he’s been President. No one complained about Trump until his name appeared on the ballot. I believe jealousy plays a big part of the hatred he’s being subjected to. There are unpatriotic twits that will always be dissatisfied when a President is elected from the ‘other side’. Gone are the days when we respected our President, no matter his affiliation. I did not vote for Obama, either time…but I didn’t riot, break windows, threaten people on the street, block traffic, or make a public nuisance of myself. He was my country’s President…so he was my President. Conservatives don’t roll by raising hell…if they do, they’re not conservatives. This man needs a chance…he’s going to do his job, even without a chance, but it would make it so much simpler if the entire country would work with him. Men and women need to let go of their jealousy… The First Lady is taunted about her accent…if those making jokes about her were smart enough to know several languages, they would be smart enough to have an accent. Those who are taunting her have only accents of ‘redneck’ and ‘ebonics’.

    • Mike Wofford

      Christians should be tough with the Word of God and in Action.
      I am a Christian and I will fight for by belief in Christ and our Country with Words.
      Christ threw the money changers out of the temple

      • Stephen Werner

        The Clinton’s ARE “money changers”.

        Did you vote to put them back in?

        Personally, I have serious doubts about any self-professing Christian who would vote for Hillary knowing what she absolutely does stand for… CINOs doing the work of Satan, if you ask me.

      • mary

        Hitlery is the biggest liar in the American continent.

      • mary

        Obama is right behind Hitlery when it comes to lying. They both follow Alinsky’s doctrines. Lie, Lie and keep on lying. Eventually people will believe the lie.

    • ltpar

      Let he/she who hath never told a lie, cast the first stone. Be both know it won’t be you. Leave the judging to God and consider the alternative had George Soros clone Hillary Clinton been elected.

    • Susan evans

      I’m sure Trump has the light but why do you think Obama did not lie excuse me Clinton lied Obama has lied many times not just one time

      • David

        I think we should all be grateful that God is on our side not trump or any man for that regard. That’s where the fine line is established. I do agree that God can use believers and contrary to popular belief, wicked people to protect his people. The finicky area as believers is that we shouldn’t judge but test every spirit..1 John 4:1..We should pray that Trump has the spirit of Christ regardless how God is using him for our benefit.. We as believers also have a responsibility to examine everything that is said, hold on to what is good. 1 Thessalonians 5:21.. The error I see is Christians holding on to what is good and holding on to what is bad because of our bias or political affiliation. As an examiner of what comes out of Trumps mouth, yes, he says some very abrasive condescending things that don’t edify the body of Christ.. Obama did the same thing(I was a supporter) but didn’t condone or hold on to his actions that didnt line up with God’s truth once I examined the things he said. My point fellow Christians is to be mindful to love everyone but “ take no part in the unfruitful works of the wicked but expose them.Ephesians 5:11.” Look we all have our opinions but remember It is God allowing everything to happen and the same grace, love and prayer we show to Trump we also should have shown to Obama or should show to anyone in the near or distant future regardless of political affiliation.. Showing those qualities of Christ don’t suggest you’re endorsing their politics or wrongful acts, it shows that Christ lives in you and you’re not a hypocrite. Take away the titles, the parties, etc.. and we’re all God’s creation designed to be a light and the righteousness of Christ. Love you all and stay blessed

      • Daphne Saari

        Obama was the most anti Christian by far than we have had before, and mor pro Muslim! He did major harm to our country because of his beliefs.

    • TL

      All good points that I have often considered. Would love to share but numerous typos make it seem like it was not thoughtfully reviewed, opening up these thoughts for more ridicule.

    • Carolyn

      First, I hear haters say that he continually lies. Please explain that accusation in depth. I don’t see it. I hear it, but somehow, I dont think that people who claim it can back up their accusations –

    • Ron Gaenzle

      He is not lying. It’s the mainstream liberal news media that has hated this President from day one who are the liars. You need to listen to the other side. Trump has done more to help religious liberty and the Christian cause than any other President in my lifetime. Ron

    • Jr

      Your statement is repeated lies of the LEFT STARTED BY HILLARY AS SOON AS SHE LOST. She made sure to get as many lies about President Trump started so they would continue to be passed on by millions until to people like u, they became truths! Yet, they’re STILL LIES!

    • Dave Sherbert

      Since when are we judging Presidents by their lies. Obama lied every time his mouth opened. LBJ lied every time his lips moved. Bush lied about chemical weapons in Iraq. Every supposed lie by Trump has been proven true. Quit watching the MSM and actually do some research on your own. We didn’t call a preacher to the White House, we hired a disrupter to overthrow the establishment.

      • Randy

        Actually, another media lie about Bush. We found chemical weapons in Iraq. In fact, there were US Soldiers that were exposed to those chemicals. Did we find the quantities we thought we would, no. Just like much of his military equipment, he shipped it to other countries so we couldn’t destroy it. However, you don’t hear that much in the MSM.

    • Nita Wiebe

      Who is saying Trump is Christ-like? Nobody. He is the man God has allowed a seat of authority to accomplish His purposes in the U.S. and perhaps the world. God uses wicked men. He might have used a wicked woman, but he allowed this wicked man to win against all odds – and Trump blusters his way on the political stage and has not proven to be ‘anti-Christ’ but has done some things to aid what Christ believers would be ‘good’ things. When has the States had a Christ-like president? When were they a Christian nation serving other nations without thought of self gain? They fought when it served them. The States can’t ‘regain’ Christian status not because the wrong man is in power, but because self – glorification has really been the driving force of every nation on earth including the U.S.

    • Denise

      Pray for him, that is what we are called to do, dont judge just pray, let Jesus do his work!

    • Eva Woolard

      And yet, it is my firm belief that God has President Trump’s back. No matter what you throw at him, (lies or whatever) he comes through everything smelling like a rose!

    • Ian Osborne


    • Sarah


    • gman81953

      Karen, is it ok to (insert the sin you struggle with)? President Trump is not a perfect man or a pastor. He is just like you and I. Why would we hold him to a higher standard than we hold ourselves too. Our redemption comes not from the good works we do, because they are as filthy rags before God. Our righteousness comes only thru the blood of Jesus Christ.

    • Chris Plante

      You haven’t heard the side that shows President Trump’s humanity. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC will never show you the families who have had their kids’ medical bills paid for by Trump. Or the planes Trump has met at 3:00 AM bringing home Americans who had been held captive in foreign lands for months and some for years. Or the gifts to strangers because his heart got touched by a social media story about a tragedy. Trump never touts the generosity he exhibits on a regular basis and the media will never report it.

    • Lee

      What did he lie about? He’s fulfilled every promise made to his constituents and then some. Us Trump supporters never expected Christ in the flesh to come down and run this country, but he does seek for His guidance. Meanwhile, the Adversary herself openly stands for Satan and killing babies up to birth and parting out their organs, so please just shut it the bs.

    • Christine

      We will never have a perfect president. He is what is needed for such a time like this. Obama lied, lied and did some more lying. He was sworn in on the Qur’an for his 2nd term and no Christians were outraged about that.

    • Trish

      Have u ever lied?

    • Stephen Serafin

      A lot of people says he lies but somehow can’t name one lie. So please enlighten the rest of us “pagans” who don’t believe the lie that Trump lies. please name those lies.

    • Chris

      I would go as far as to say that US Christians who do not support Trump are not listening to the Holy Spirit. Blind Nelly can see that God is using him to drain the ungovernable, evil swamp! Shame on Christians!

    • Derinda Walker

      What proof do you have that qualifies you to call President Trump a lier??..on the other hand if you had called Barak Obama a lier,a deceiver,a traitor, you would have hit the nail on the head.

    • Karen

      What has he lied about??

    • Jason Zentz

      I take it that you think your works will determine whether you make it to Heaven or not. Jesus said at the Cross, “It is finished.” Nothing we do will ever supercede what Christ has done for us. Sad how the same crowd who says not to judge people, continually judge. Trump wasn’t elected to be a Pastor, He was elected to be a leader, something America hasn’t had since Reagan. All we had were Globalists who strengthened countries and continually weakened America.

      What also amazes me is that how Bible Prophecy says that there will be a Falling Away from Sound Doctrine in the Last Days. Boy, that statement hits it right on the head on so many self proclaimed “Christians” today. Especially from a crowd who can self identify as whatever pleases them at the time.

  99. Heidi Tanner

    Thank you for your thoughts, Brother. Many years ago, I heard someone say that there are many people sitting on the fence in regards to God and to this world. But, God was turning that fence into a razor blade causing people to jump and reveal what is truly in their hearts. It seems to me that Trump has become a razor blade for the Church. Accusations, fear, hatred, and violence (both word and action) have been voiced, not just from the world (which is to be expected) but from pulpits. I am ashamed. My brothers and sisters have been deceived and have eaten what should not have been eaten. And I cry for them. Did not the Lord teach us forgiveness? Did He not say to love one another? Church, WE NEED TO REPENT AND PRAY! To ask for forgiveness for our squabbling. To intercede for those who are blind. Blind not to Trump’s goodness or evil but to God’s will and face. His Power and Grace. God directs a king’s heart. Will He not direct Trump’s if we seek God and pray for HIS will to be done? “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” Is anyone praying?!

    • Carolina

      Gee Heidi, you made some very relevant statements.
      The willy nilly way ‘some’ people of faith are speaking & acting against
      PR-Trump and Conservatives, would tend to make it appear as if the Kingdom prayer warrior squad was out to lunch. Yet the fact that PR-Trump actually made it into the position of the Oval office lends to us volumes of spiritual understanding that Father God has our backs!…HE is hearing and watching.

      • Delores Oliver

        I BELEIVE that Hod the Father has our backs and is watching out for us. We need to pray for our leaders everyday. This is what the Bible tells us.

    • Marian

      I had heard a similar word. And then t there’s the scripture about Christ dividing the sheep from the goats.

    • rebuild2820e Murphy

      Well I keep hearing the phrase “how can Belivers etc” . Remember even satan believes in God. It is not enough to state you are a believer. You either serve God totally or you don’t. You cannot cherry pick. In all my years on earth, I have never seen a United States President, openly pray, acknowledge Christ as the only begotten Son of the Father and move to have that reflected in the government policy. It’s like the children in the desert again, whining and complaining, tearing down, not rejoicing and praying for your leader. Be grateful.

    • Jr

      Thank u! And yes! We are praying ?

    • Amanda D

      Beautifully stated

    • Nancy Brown

      Amen dear Sister! Repent and Pray! We are in a spiritual battle!


      YES! I pray for President Trump and VP Pence, EVERY day!!

  100. Tony C Ross

    You are accurate in your analysis of facts about Trump. Remember God is going to use a remnant to usher his Kingdom of God agenda. Many believers are listening to the 1st and 2nd heavens frequency. So we can only release what is factual alongside of biblical proof. God never uses what the majority believe is the right way. The Cross is always the standard of God’s wisdom verses the world’s and some believers who are not intimate to what the Holy Spirit is saying, they to will be in the shaking rather than help those being shakened.
    God bless you

  101. Rev Kat

    Freaking AWESOME

    • Kris Weythman

      “freaking” . . . really Rev Kat??

  102. Jodie


  103. delduduit

    Bravo!! I posted two patriotic blogs on my website at and received mostly fantastic comments with some who disagreed with my position and that’s okay. But a believer called me out on the President and called our leader lousy names. I don’t understand their thinking. This hits the nail on the head. Del

  104. schnebsy

    There are many suffering from TDS (ie Trump Derangement Syndrome). For the Left, it is godlessness and they are not willing to listen to the truth. For others, they are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. They were so long under the spell of the Obama lie, they now feel lost and long for the “good ole days” of misery and mindlessness. I have never prayed for a President and defenders of the Constitution as I have running up to this administration. The Church must wake up and get ready, for our Redeemer draws nigh!

  105. Mrs. V

    Titus Chapter 3
    God leaves nothing to chance or who has the biggest pocket book. Either way, Americans need to respect their president. “Respect those with authority…”
    You either trust in God or you don’t.

  106. Doug

    Then I would look close to see if he really is a Christian.

    • Janice Coleman

      What really makes him a Christian?

  107. Laude Hays

    Don’t understand all the implications of why God chose Trump for this Presidency, but I know He did, no question. I know a lot about a man by the enemies he keeps. Trump’s enemies happen to be my enemies so I totally trust him.

    • Mike

      If God chose Trump… Then he chose Obama, Bush & Clinton….

      • snitchr

        Careful there, Mike. You’re using logic in a forum devoid of it. I mean, it’s obvious to most of us the implications of the argument “God puts people in positions of authority, therefore we must support Trump.” The rest of us know that logic means also extending that same reverence to Obama, and the rest of us know that using the argument defensively is ignoring the fact that we’re in a democracy with a right to debate and choose (rather than accept without argument who’s in charge).

        But I’m guessing that kind of sensible, logical argument won’t go far here. Let the people worship their false god in peace.

  108. stevedude

    Let’s start with the opening statement: “It is their hate—strange for professed Christians—that dulls their ability to see the inaccuracy of their comments and their myopic views.” Read all of the replies, and if you are like me, you are seeing a lot of hate on both sides. Jesus never once got caught up in political battles, His mission, like ours, should be singular on the preaching of the good news. In fact, we are admonished in Romans 12:18 to live peaceably with “all” men (that includes liberals and anyone not like you). Luke 9:52-54 James and John wanted to call down fire from heaven because a city did not receive them. What was Jesus’ reply? Jesus turned and rebuked them stating “You don’t even know what spirit you are” What are the fruits of the spirit? Galatians 5:22-23 “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.” The very first thing mentioned is love! 1 Timothy 2:1-2 “Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority…” All men include liberals, and when Obama was in office, to pray for him too. Did you do that? Do you pray for the liberals, or are we as Christians quick to pick up our religious, self-serving stones? I get it, there is a lot of pent-up frustration, but how we respond will tell the world if we are Christian. Forbearance is a fruit of the spirit, pushing for your agenda is not on that list. It is by your “LOVE” for one another will ALL men know that you are my disciples. Did you catch that? We are to show the same grace that Jesus showed us, yet I am saddened that I see this less and less from those who call themselves Christian. (John 13:35). Lastly, let us remember 2 Chronicles 7:14 “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” The word of God is calling for MY people to turn from THEIR WICKED WAYS, THEN God can and will heal the land. After all, that is what we really want and need.

    • Arthur McGowan

      Jesus never got caught up in “political battles”?

      In sense, this is true, since there was no hint of self-government in Palestine in the First Century. There was oppression and revolution in the air, but “politics” as we understand it didn’t even exist. “What Jesus did” is a meaningless standard in this case.

      But if this is intended to mean that it is impossible to enter the voting booth and commit sin by voting for a person who is PROMISING to persecute the church (Hillary made that promise), kill more babies (Hillary made that promise), and start nuclear war with Russia and North Korea (Hillary also promised to do that), then it’s rank, evil nonsense.

  109. Arthur McGowan

    I am a Catholic. What I notice is that the people (I call them “katholyks”) who hate Trump are almost all long-standing pro-abortion activists. These are the people who hide behind the “Seamless Garment,” whose purpose was never anything except to smear pro-llifers. Pro-lifers want to kill the poor and blow up the world!

    Then, the pro-abortion bishops like Cupich, McElroy, O’Malley, Dolan, Wuerl, McCarrick–the ones who slobber all over pro-abortion politicians, including katholyks, and give them Communion. And the Pope is one of these.

    Then there are a few like Robby George and George Weigel, who have been pro-life, but are deeply entangled with the Bush wing of the GOP.

  110. Betty Anne

    I personally don’t know how a Christian could have voted for the most evil, demonic, lying, foul mouthed, corrupt woman such as Hillary, who stole earthquake relief funds from the poorest nation on earth, Haiti.

    How could a Christian vote for someone they knew was corrupt and has been since her early 20’s and shows no remorse. She only ups her fraud and God knows what wealth she would have accumulated as president with Comey and Lynch still there to to cover her deeds, like cats do in a litter box.

    How anyone calling themselves a Christian could vote for a woman, who is the person who actually colluded with Russia in the sale of some of our uranium. Russia is the country, which she is now falsing claiming to have colluded with Trump, when it is obvious to all with brains to think and eyes to see that it was Hillary, who colluded. I guess $140 million in her pocket for that uranium wasn’t all she expected. She also knew that uranium would find its way to Iran, whose only goal with nuclear weapons is to eliminate Israel. What Christian would vote for such a woman?

    What Christian would vote for a woman, who stood beside the coffins of those brave men, who died in Benghazi and lie 87 times that they were murdered because of a video? Who would support a woman, who denied those men military help because their presence might have uncovered the illegal arms sale that been going on in Benghazi to ISIS? Those American weapons were later found in Syria in the hands of fallen ISIS fighters and their numbers traced back to Libya. Is it clearer now why Obama dismissed concerns about ISiS and would not engage military force against them? More money for her and Obama, more treason, more victims of her treacherous corrupt and greed and nothing but lies while she and Obama stood beside their coffins.

    What Christian would vote for such a woman? That’s the question that should really be asked of Christians, who hate Trump.

    • ltpar

      Betty, there is a simple answer to your question about voting. For fifty years the enemy (New World Order) have been brainwashing citizens through the Education System and the media to support their cause and Candidates. The goal is to destroy the United States as we know it, burn it to the ground and rebuild their new utopia under a One World Government. Fortunately, the half of the country not brainwashed woke up from their nap in 2016 and elected President Trump to help take back America. It is critical we support the President, because if they take him down, the country will go with him. Make America Great Again.

    • Sherry

      Amen will said!!?

    • SharonKay

      Very well stated Best Anne. I have been asking myself how my Christian parents could have voted for this vile, evil woman. I will never understand.

  111. K Trontl

    My comment to those who have problems with our president because of past sins is if you have nothing in you past that, should it be made known to the whole world, wouldn’t put your present job (life style, marriage) in jeopardy, keep on throwing stones. Well, that should be all of them. The rest need to watch Jesus write with a stick in the sand.

  112. Diana

    I get the victory by praying for him and his supporters, we are first of all loyal to the kingdom Christ told us to be loyal to. Dan 2 showed a rock from heaven destroying all the kingdoms of this world and then Gods kingdom taking over. There is none righteous, no not one.

  113. CGWard

    If you’ve ever read Jonathan Cahn, you’ll read about his thoughts on today’s situation with former President Obama, former President Bill Clinton and his wife, former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, and our current President Trump. In “Paradigm”, he postulates that the Clintons were the Old Testament King Ahab and his queen Jezebel, who came near to destroying Israel, and Obama was their son Joram who continued their policies. President Trump compares to King Jehu, who overthrew them and did much to restore Israel to favor with God. Strange to see evil playing out in an almost exact parallel today, and its consequences coming after…….

  114. Ken

    Good word. Now, can I see the article you wrote about Christians hating Obama, please?

  115. J. Taylor

    They are Christians in name only. Have they forgotten the sacrifice of Jesus? Jesus died for the sins of the world while the world was still sinning. Have they forgotten Jesus said to pray for those in authority over us? 1 John 3:15 says: “Everyone who keeps hating a fellow believer is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life residing in him.

  116. Betty Sines

    omg these so called Christians would have hated every one of the prophets too. They were not sweet mushy people who kissed behinds… They were often rough, abrasive, Spoke the truth with out mincing words and didn’t care if your poor little feelings got hurt…

  117. Linda Hester

    You are absolutely correct. There is no way a believer could support Barack or Hillary with their ties to Muslim, anti-Semitic countries, they’re absolute dedication to hate term abortion, their ridicule of anything moral or Christian, I could go on.

    Donald Trump has prayed openly, to the One, Living, God more times in one year than either of them, and that’s if he did it once. He has never claimed to be a Saint, but he has said his heart is changed. He is the first ally to Israel in decades, which is also very Biblical. His children are smart, respectful and incredibly accomplished. Even his ex- wives, who he wronged incredibly, won’t speak a bad word against him.

    He is a stellar businessman, which our country desperately needed; and he has fixed more financial woes than anyone, ever, in a faster time frame. He put a black man who rose out of the worst ghetto and became a brain surgeon in charged of Housing and Urban Development as a beacon to aspire to.

    But, apparently, it’s open season on his wife, who immigrated legally and speaks five languages, and his young son. The tolerant, inclusive left have done so many things that should have been considered treason it’s not even funny.

    Should be think before he tweets? Absolutely. But anyone who shows loyalty to him is burned at the stake. Roseanne Barr and Tim Allen ring any bells? This is the most hateful, malicious, slanderous, libelous America any President has ever faced. His party won’t back him, heck even the Bush family turned on him.

    But, they’re going to see who is running the country now. CHRISTIANS finally have a vote.

    • ltpar

      It is critical to our survival that Christians maintain that voice. Entourage everyone you know to vote to support Conservative Candidates in the November election. Make America Great Again.

  118. Missie

    I have read your article and many of the postings. But I have not seen a list of the Christians that oppose President Trump. Could you share a few of those names?

  119. James Speed

    I do not care WHO you are, if you are a Christian and AGAINST President Trump, then this is the bottom line, YOU are going against the very scriptures we all hold dear. ANYONE who advocates working against or overthrowing the established order is OUT of Gods Will and stands against the very Word of the Living God. They don’t quite understand the fact that we elected a leader of our Nation, not a pastor of our church.

    Dont like the fact that GOD HIMSELF is telling you to do what HE COMMANDS here in these verses? And dont sit there and try to come up with something to change the narrative. This scripture is clear, if you go against it – you are fighting God.

    “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.” Romans 13:1-2

    “I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness”

    • JD

      I guess John the Baptist was wrong.

  120. sandra s Main

    I believe that the darkness is increasing in America. Obama was not a Christian by God’s standard, the Word. He is Muslim through and through. remember the end justifies the means. So his job was to destroy America no matter what it took. That is their goal.

    • ltpar

      You are absolutely correct on your observation that darkness is increasing in America. Barack Obama was the puppet in the larger play, just as was both Bush Presidents, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. Their strings were being pulled by George Soros and the New World Order. They have been working on a long term Strategic Plan for fifty years on how to destroy the United States from the inside out. Want to measure their success, simply look at the sorry state of our Public Education System from kindergarten through College. Students are no longer taught to read, write and do math, but are instead indoctrinated. Look at the dismal state of racial divide in the country. Martin Luther King is probably rolling over in his grave. Look at the increased violence all across the country as George Soros funded groups like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter accelerate their attacks on institutions and individuals. Look at the weakened and stripped down military, until Donald Trump took over. Lastly, look at half the country on entitlements and dependent on government for their existence. I believe had Hillary Clinton been elected, she would have been the lynch pin to bring the nation to it’s knees and we would be in a full scale Civil War. I don’t pretend to know God’s Plan for America, but with the amazing election of President Trump, it appears he is giving us one final chance to get our act together. Make America Great Again.

      • Anne

        Children are not taught to read, write and do math? My grandchildren are! What do you mean by that?

  121. ARLENE

    the religion based on the person and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, or its beliefs and practices.
    Christian quality or character.
    “his Christianity sustained him”

    According to this description/definition, a Christian follows the teachings of CHRIST and NOT the OLD TESTAMENT!

    • mariomurilloministries

      Arlene, Even Jesus followed the Old Testament see Luke 4 where He quoted it 3 times to defeat the Devil.

  122. ltpar

    This negative reaction to the President is a typical example of pseudo Christians who talk the talk, but do not walk the walk. Inflamed by shyster ministers and clergymen who put political beliefs ahead of God’s word. This is a major reason why people such as myself, have been turned off to organized religion and deal with spirituality on a one to one basis with God. While President Trump may not be the “Mr. Nice Guy,” on the block, that is not what 63 million of us elected him to be. He was elected to be the bad guy, the disrupted and to counter the forces of evil who have been working for 50 years to destroy our country. All you so called Christians better get off the fence, get your heads screwed on straight and understand what will happen to the country should we allow the Soros Democrats to regain control. Make America Great Again.

  123. Mara

    I totally understand your point Pastor Murillo. I question myself the same . Why Christians don’t get that it’s not about a us it’s about Gods wiil, and his scriptures . God bless

  124. Linda

    Excellent reply!!!

  125. Brian Huggett

    Those who would oppose Donald Trump have no Biblical discernment. That takes years of study and many christian are christian in claim only and not interested in getting to know what God has to say about reality.

  126. Teresa

    I personally dont like Trump because of his “actions”. I cant believe you can say everyone who dislikes him is a “hater”. You are judging me and doesnt that go againt what the bible says not to do? In my opinion you seem to do just what your blaming others for doing. Please, stop the anger (on both sides) and be the best Christians God wants us to be. I myself am a true Christian with all my heart and it makes me so sad how divided American has become. So, please try to stop the evil words cause you will never change anything, only make things worse. God bless you and soften your heart.

    • mariomurilloministries

      Teresa, I never said that. If you took it that way, you may be judging yourself. Again, if you don’t hate him I’m not talking about you. for someone who wants to stop anger you sure are angry.

    • William

      Nobody said you had to like Trump. Is that your criteria for supporting a candidate? You have to like them? Really? How do you even know him?

  127. Jack

    All the Trump haters are Hilldabeast supporters perhaps?? Well, that certainly explains why they strain at Trump while swallowing Hilldabeast’s and Bimbo Bill’s actions so fanatically.

    Hilldabeast is still ten times worse than Trump could ever be. And, America wins in the mean time. And, no, Trump didn’t cause the hostility and hate in American politics. You’d be a buffoon to believe that… And your head buried in the sand for the last 50 years.

  128. Cynthia Maury

    Thank you Mario Murillo for the good article. I only read a handful of comments; so please forgive me if I’m repeating something others have written. I did vote for Trump and am happy with his Presidency overall, and I agree with others who have said that God makes it clear that He allows people to be placed in government; or even puts people in government; to either be a blessing to us if we are obedient to Him; or a judgement upon us if we rebel against Him. There is no question about it; God uses WHOMEVER is in office; whether they be saint or sinner. That isn’t what I question. My concerns lie on both sides of the coin. On one side; the fact that some professing Christians hate President Trump; which is wrong; but on the other side is the equally disturbing trend of some Christians fawning over him; and looking to him to do for us and to be for us many things. NO MAN should be looked at in that way, EVER. That is the sort of mentality that will be given to the antichrist. All; except God’s elect; will be in awe of him; he will appear to ‘have all the answers’ to our problems. Very dangerous mindset for Christians. Yes; we should pray for Trump as God has commanded us to pray for ALL leaders; ALWAYS. And we should respect the office even if/when we don’t respect the man in the office. I am guardedly thankful to President Trump for doing his best to keep his promises to those who voted for him. But it is DANGEROUS for Christians to hold him up as high as many do. There is little doubt in my mind that he is not a Christian. He has made it clear that he sees no need for repentance; and I can show you why. I can pray that God would in fact save him; that would make me very happy. But I urge you to watch this video; and though you should still support him as President after watching the video; I think you will see that we need to view him very carefully through the lens of God’s Word; not either slamming him down; or lifting him up; except in prayer. Please don’t pass on watching this video; I believe it will help you and everyone who decides to watch it; a better perspective on all that goes on behind the scenes in our government; and with President Trump. One more point. I don’t remember which Christian preacher said this; but it holds true for whomever runs for office. I don’t know if I’m quoting it verbatim; but you’ll get the point….”When faced with having to vote for the lesser of two evils; vote for neither”. Here is the link to the YouTube video:

  129. John

    If you hate anyone, you are not a Christian.

  130. Ann Patterson

    Some very good comments!! I have been very concerned about folks who say they are Christians yet hate President Trump, God’s word is plain with this passage of scripture, He says. ‘ He that LOVETH NOT, KNOWETH NOT GOD, FOR GOD IS LOVE !! HOW CAN WE AS CHRISTIANS HATE, I’M TALKING HATE SOMEONE AND BE HIS CHILD? PONDER ON THIS…WELCOME REPLYS,AS I SAID IT HAS TROUBLED ME !! GOD KNOWS DONALD TRUMP IS PRESIDENT,AND GOD IS IN CONTROL!! JOHN 14:1

  131. Kacy Smith

    I was aware of the fact that we were voting for a president not a pastor. And he has been unbelievably supportive and taking a leadership role of putting our country back in line with our Christian principles. I voted for him not because of his morals but because of mine. If I get the chance to vote for him again it will be because of his outstanding presidential world leadership of putting America first.

  132. Bev

    Read the book of Daniel. God is in control of those He puts in control.

  133. A Powell

    So, now I’m not Christian enough because I don’t support Trump?

    If the church wants federal money, pay taxes.

    Why was this blind support not thrown to our previous President? Is he not a man of faith?

    To the comment: Trump was saved a couple years ago…
    You mean right before he chose to run for office, knowing he needed the far right as his base?

    This article is the reason people don’t trust the church anymore.

  134. Randall Verarde

    Mario, you were a guiding light in the 70s that lead me from drugs and phony mysticism to Christ. It took me decades longer to realize that academia and the media were phonies, too. Trump ain’t pretty but he’s real, and the way he has turned the ship of state aournd is nothing short of miraculous. Your courage and clarity continues to be a guiding light for Christians in this global battle for our future. Love and strength to you, brother.

  135. LA

    I do not hate Trump and also agree that Christians have (and still do) live righteously under rulers who do not reflect Christ (at best) or are political tyrants and persecutors of people (at worst). We, as Christians in America, can and should do the same. I do not agree that that means support of his (or any leader’s) actions when they do not reflect our morals/beliefs. I especially think we should put people before politics. What I most take issue with in this post is that it says “our side won…” My side is not a political party. I agree, based on my faith, with people on both sides, depending on the issue. I believe we should be politically active while not putting our ultimate hope in earthly authorities. When our faith becomes synonymous with ANY earthly institution rather than Jesus and His church, we are in dangerous territory.

  136. Larry

    Forgive my being blunt — but the reasoning here is a bit of a mess. Maybe it’s a limitation of blogs and comments. If you want to focus on “hating” Trump, then sure we can have a discussion about whether Christians are supposed to “hate.” If you want to have a discussion about whether Christians should pray for our leaders, then we can do that (but that is a really short conversation. II Tim. 2:2). If you want to have a discussion about what Christians should do if they face a choice between two less-than-desirable candidates, we can do that. If you want to have a discussion about how Trump compares to past Presidents, we can do that, but all of these issues are NOT ON TOPIC. These are all side-issues and strawmen for the real issue – that is: Why do some Christians NOT support Trump.
    We live in society where the government is set up in a way that encourages and relies upon informed citizens hearing/learning/listening/speaking/and voting – which is completely opposite to what our forebears had in Biblical times. So, Christians, as much as any other citizens should hear/learn/listen/speak/and vote as much as anyone else, but with a Biblically-informed and hopefully Spirit-led intellect and conscience.

    That said, if you want to have a real conversation about why some Christians do not support Trump, there are lots of scriptural reasons for that position.

    It is not enough to say “well, he is in office and therefore he’s God’s choice and we should support him.” Ahab, Azariah, Menahem, Pekahiah, Manasseh, and a dozen other wicked Israelite kings were “in office.” Nero, Diocletian and a bunch of other crazy emperors led Rome and caused widespread persecution, they were all “in office.” Don’t get side-tracked — should the people of God have “supported” them??? (“Vote for Manasseh!!” hahaha) No, clearly not. If any of those societies had been democratic republics like ours, would you expect the people of God to actually vote for these clowns and support them? No, clearly not. Pray for them? Sure. But support them? Vote for them?

    • Cynthia Maury

      Thank you for your excellent; well thought out comment. Every point is so good; I don’t think much could…or should need to be….added to any of it. I noticed too how the topic strayed into many other areas; not just about whether or not Christians should or should not ‘hate’ President Trump. Of COURSE we should not hate him; that’s ridiculous. BUT; though I can love someone; that does NOT mean that I ACCEPT all of their ACTIONS. There is a line of delineation between loving someone unconditionally; and accepting their wrong actions; or sins. As a matter of fact; it should be BECAUSE we love someone that we make it clear that we do NOT accept their SINS. God His Self will make that ‘line’ clear….He DOES love us; unconditionally; but if we choose to side with sin; then He WILL reject us. We are called to judge rightly; which seems to not be what many so-called Christians proclaim today. They go around saying “Don’t judge; don’t judge”; but that flies in God’s face; because He told us we ARE to judge RIGHTLY between whether someone does right or does wrong; and administer the appropriate actions towards them depending upon those actions. I do not ‘hate’ President Trump, I believe I love him with the love of The Lord; but that means that; because I answer to The Lord; I MUST NOT ‘accept’ his wrong doing; his sins. It can work out to his benefit; and if not; then it will to MINE; for not condoning sin. Too many of us; it seems; are working up to a fever pitch over worldly; temporal governments. Jesus made it clear that His kingdom is NOT of THIS world; and HIS ‘Government’ and rule are eternal. We must set our sights; our hopes; our faith NOT on ANY human being or agency; but on The Lord ALONE. Thank you again for your excellent comment. I pray that it hits people in their souls and spirits; and shakes many out of the fog we seem to be in concerning these things. God bless.

  137. Mary

    A person from the article said “there is nothing Biblical about Trump”. Well, there isn’t much Biblical about ANY of us. We ALL could sure live a better Christian life, so don’t dare judge somebody else. So what if there’s “nothing Biblical about Trump”? We did not hire him to be our spiritual leader. We hired him to do a job and he’s doing a darn good job at doing what we hired him to do. He’s done more for the Christian community than any of the other presidents. Just maybe God didn’t see any of the “Christians” running for president as capable of getting done what HE wanted done at this time. It was a miracle that he won to begin with so there had to be a reason he won. Christians that are against him, get your OWN life in order and thank God that the other person didn’t win!!!

  138. Judy

    I am not racist but I am a Christian
    and a Trump supporter. I would be curious to know the racial composition of these “Christians” who hate Trump?
    God forgive me if I am wrong to say that I do not know how any Christian
    can support any Liberal…..they stand for everything that goes against the teachings of our God and our standards that our forefathers set in the Constitution !!

  139. Nancee Morgan

    This needs to be a warning to the so called Christians that are leading this! They need to check their hearts and what is there true agenda. Who are they listening too? A True Christian who knows God wouldn’t even dare touch God’s anointed. President Trump was hand picked by God for God’s plans and purposes to manifest. This is God’s agenda. God is cleaning up the political system just like He said he would. God answered the prayer of the saints that were crying out to him just like he delivered the Israelites from Pharaoh. God also hears the blood of the innocent children that have been murdered by abortion. The blood cries out in the spirit realm. A Christian would not dare touch a covenant man! President Trump is a covenant man. If you attack President Trump then you are attacking God. If God be for you than who can be against you. Let God arise and His enemies be scattered. I decree in the name of Jesus a spirit of conviction to fall upon the people who are leading, joining and financing this wickedness. Amen

    • Mary

      I think MOST Christians were on their knees before the election. I could be wrong, and I probably am, but I think most of us wanted Trump to win, thus the reason for being on our knees asking our Lord for a miracle. That miracle happened “for such a time as this”. I read another post that stated that if God wanted Trump, then he also wanted Obama. YES, at that time, He needed him for HIS purpose. He knew unless we hit what a lot of us thought of as rock bottom, that His people would not call out to Him. He put Obama in office to shake up His kingdom to bring about the changes that HE had in mind to help get this country back on track, but He couldn’t do that until we had come to a point where He could see if His people would actually get on their knees and beg for His help. Well, a lot of us did that, and He answered our prayers. He knew there was NO WAY Hillary would accomplish the things He wanted done, ex. what has happened with Israel under this president. Also, as Nancee said, abortion. And He knew that the Republican Christian candidates just didn’t have it in them to be a forceful leader. So, YES, He puts every single person that gets into office in for a reason. We just have to be the ones to sit and watch to see just what the reasons are for some of those people and just realize that whatever they do, good or bad for us, that it is the will of our loving God. We just have to accept what happens and try to remain faithful followers who are just trying to understand His motives. “For such a time as this”. One of my all time favorite songs.

  140. David Monteil

    Words matter but actions speak louder. Many are upset that Trump is not as Christian as they hoped for, and some even compare him to Hitler to there own ignorance. So Trumps words get out of hand in this ultra hyper PC world we live in. Jesus called out hypocrisy to the hypocrites face, and called them a bunch of snakes, your father is the Devil…etc. and Lot’s of people have completely forgotten about that side of Jesus. The righteous anger side that would offend many in the crowd. Now was it what Jesus said that offended them, or was it the way He said it. Either way He confronted Hypocrisy and evil in both words and deeds. Jesus was not shy, timid or reserved. Why do we expect our President to be PC when he calls it as he sees it. Jesus was 100% sinless and yet told it as it was. Courage, boldness, truth and character is the way Jesus lived…not just character!

  141. Stephen J. Ardent

    in speaking with so many people I have found that those who identify themselves as Christian yet absolutely despise Trump tend to be of the leftist variety. IE the Christian Left.

    Indeed based on their actions and their words, I have to ask why they don’t simply be honest and put the word Left before the word Christian. Since that more accurately describes what they think and how they act.

    Over a year before Trump even announced that he was officially running I said to myself that things were lining up for Trump the way they lined up when God would choose someone to work through.
    Indeed, as time went on his detractors were swept from in front of him or Worse exposed for their own corruption.

    Those who stood against him, did not prosper.

    Before the stunning election night, I told those of my friends who would listen that we were watching the hand of God move.

  142. William Davis

    Great word and you are absolutely correct. I thank God for President Trump. True Christian should not be hating our president. To be honest with you I fasted and prayed the whole day election day to get President Trump elected thank you Jesus.

  143. RebeccaLynn

    Yes! This!!

  144. Linda

    What a great article! I am so thankful that Hillary Clinton is not my president and that I do have one that will protect my liberty, select conservatives for the courts and protect America. Before pointing the finger at President Trump, take a good look in the mirror.

  145. Blake

    “Christian” and hate towards anyone is an oxymoron.

    • Steve Kelley

      These people are liberal democrats and there’s no such thing as a Christian liberal democrat.

  146. K. Ross Newland

    I didn’t vote for him because of the casinos and all they represent. Trump is not the moral paragon I would like. He is, however, the man GOD put in office. To quote Daniel, “The king of heaven is sovereign in Heaven and in the affairs of men, and gives the rule over them to whomever HE chooses”

    • Cynthia

      So…If you did not vote for Trump I assume you voted for Hillary or did not vote at all?? Hillary wanted late term abortions, same sex marriage, allowed Bengazy to happe, I could go on but I hope you see where I am going. Trump while maybe not the man of God you would like was truly the less of 2 evils.
      And I voted for him because of his policies not his morals. Also because he chose a truly Godly man as his Vice. Pence prays every day with With White house staff. He calls God down on every event. A Great second in command!

  147. Keith

    It is sad how Christian pastors and people be on board every evil Obama did against the country and believers! I know many In my family and Those I grew up with who claim Christian beliefs but supporting gay marriage abortion and every thing contrary to Gods word yet they hate Trump with a passion.

    • James lathrop sr

      That is correct. Now i am judging!!!i don’t believe you can be a liberal Democrat and claim to be a Christian…abortion is murder.anyway you slice it. AMEN.GOD BLESS AMERICA. PRESIDENT TRUMP IS GODS CHOICE FOR AMERICA…that is absolutely true.

  148. S.A.T.C.

    A radical(those who dislike and/or hate Trump), I must say, have both feet planted firmly in mid air.

  149. Salvatore Campisi

    I did vote for for President Trump. I am glad that he has done much good for the country but I wish that he would work hand in hand with the Democrats in getting healthcare reform going. Healthcare insurance companies are no longer the way to go. They are worse than the black hand corruption of late 1800 which brought terror to small business owners.

  150. Steve

    Doesn’t sound very Christian to me. What happened to love thy neighbor and your fellow man. Did they take those out of the Bible?

    • James

      Steve — quick question: Who is Jesus to you?

  151. Brent & Raewyn Chambers

    President trump scares “average”. Obama talked the talk(how I loved his speeches); President Trump walks the talk. He doesn’t act like a politician, and as a CEO, he’s totally unpredictable, and CEO’s always scare “average”. He sees the job that needs doing, and so he acts, hires & fires accordingly. The end-game is putting America first, whatever it takes. I don’t have to agree with all he says, often said on the spur of the moment, without a carefully crafted speech in front of him, but he’s there to get things done. Action trumps flowery speeches any day

    • Carol L

      Amen….exactly how I feel.

    • Donald Rogers

      Amen. You don’t have to like Trump to appreciate all the good He has done for He country. I said that to say look at His accomplishments. Enough said.

  152. Bonniry

    One thing I’ve never heard addressed is that unlike basic “thru the Bible” courses, most Christians start out wherever they happen to be in life when they accept Christ, and begin following one or another church and their doctrine. This means that unless they do a lot of personal Bible study, or have the best of teachers, they are very likely left with mingling their own preconceived notions with whatever degree of Biblical knowledge they have been exposed to. Judging from the number of people I know who absolutely abhor reading, that leaves them with a serious spiritual deficiency, and cannot speak as to biblical teaching. It’s very sad because it means they will follow their own way of thinking, while at the same time professing to be Christians. I do know a very good reader who “hates Trump”, but she is not online & depends entirely on what she gets from established media, never really knowing the volumes of opposing information that is out there. She also is a devout believer. I’m not saying she was for the Democrats. I don’t know what she knows in that respect. But I do know she catches on fast when she gets reliable information because she has always been a serious reader. This is why it is so important to do whatever it takes to stop Internet censorship.
    I do however take great exception to far left, anything goes, Christians. When they start accepting as “okay”, practices that even worldly people have considered wrong throughout history, it time to do whatever you can to get them to not only see what the Bible says, but also what was happening in some of those ancient kingdoms that is recorded in secular history and shows why God allowed their destruction. I’m not doubting their profession of Cgrist. I’m doubting the amount of effort they have put in to determine whether real bible knowledge can support notions that are so contrary on the surface to God’s word.

  153. Carlene Shuttlesworth

    How could a Christian hate the good that President Trump is doing? He may not be perfect, but which one of our past Presidents has been? This hate is coming from demon spirits and if you call yourself a “Christian”, you better be careful that this demon spirit doesn’t get to you! Satan will deceive many in these last days…….just read what the Bible has to say……

  154. Ron Kramer

    Trump is just a businessman. AND A GOOD ONE and doing great things for this country. Like or hate him he’s just a man and not a pastor nor is his job to spread Christianity. HOWEVER – If you consider yourself a Christian. (and many do who are not). You would HAVE to be for him – as the opposite was Clinton who is the opposite. Thou shall not kill – is about as clear as it gets. Abortion is killing. (no? if you don’t act in any way will that baby be born and alive?) If it’s God will it will be born, so it is alive. If it is taken from the mother than that too is Gods will. Yes there are medical reasons, there are times when it may be required. It would be hard to impossible for a woman to carry to term a child from a rape. I’m glad I don’t have to make that decision. But I can understand who some might have to. It is up to them and should be the courts to decide. Dem’s don’t care and call Abortions a good thing. A Christian would also support any President. I didn’t vote for Obama. I actually still felt he was the best choice for the first term. After seeing his result, I decided he wasn’t doing good for thie country and that he had no desire to improve the country. Trump genuinely CARES about the American people and the country. It is refreshing to see… I’m 61 and have never seen a president so determined to improve this country. Thank you Lord for putting him into leading this country, especially since Satan was the alternative. (Hillary). A Christian could NOT SUPPORT HILLARY. No way – no how.

  155. Lila

    I supported Ted Cruz and did not like how Trump treated him and others in his presidential run. However, if Cruz, Rubio, Graham, and others have forgiven him, I can too. Looking back, he is the only person running that could defeat Hillary Clinton. I was wrong about him. He was not a democrat in disguise and is trying his best to keep every promise he made during his campaign. Sometimes, I don’t like his crass personality or tweets, but he is my president and I voted for him rather than someone who supports abortion. I will support him and pray for him. God bless President Trump and the USA.

  156. Cynthia Maury

    I voted for Trump, mainly because I wanted to make sure to take a vote away from Hillary. I have been a HUGE ‘fan’ of President Trump and have supported almost every single thing he has done while in office; but recently; someone who also voted for Trump and who is a Christian; showed me some things they learned while doing a little research on him. This person studies The Word of God like no one else I know; they are like a true Berean; they search and study the Scriptures daily; and also they look well into the ‘backgrounds’ of different beliefs, customs, political ‘roots’; the ‘roots’ of everything; actually; to see exactly what the roots are so that they can know what the fruits are or will be. Of course I STILL believe that President Trump should be prayed for; as God commanded us to pray for ALL those in leadership positions; whether we like them or not. But I have a growing concern; almost a fear; that MANY of us, especially Christians; are going to be shocked; disillusioned; disappointed, perplexed; vexed, confused; when things unfold in ways we really thought and felt and hoped they would not under this President. Of COURSE I do not ‘hate’ him. I can love someone with God’s love and not condone everything they say and/or do; it does NOT take away from my love and it does not translate into hate. Not agreeing with someone does NOT make you a ‘hater’. WHY do we feel the childish need to LABEL everyone now??? Anyway; please; I BEG you; whoever reads this comment; if anyone; to MAKE the time to watch these videos; and prepare to have your eyes opened to some facts.

    • Mary

      SO, how do we vote??

      • Cynthia Maury

        Honestly Mary; I’m starting to believe; after reading a lot of commentary on how things are REALLY ‘run’ here; that voting doesn’t do ANYTHING. It’s ALL a charade and theatrics. I have a strong conviction that if not ONE person voted; that someone would be ‘elected’ ANYWAY. From all that I’ve read; it looks as if we have all been duped into believing that we are given choices; so that we will not rise up and ‘fight’; when in actuality; we are NOT given choices; merely the ILLUSION of choices. This entire process stinks from the beginning to the end; and as a Christian; I know that God’s kingdom is NOT of THIS world; and I MUST…WE must…disentangle ourselves from this worlds system. We can NOT put our trust in ANY human being to ‘deliver’ us; to ‘make us great’; to ‘save’ us; because though human beings CAN do a lot of ‘good things’; ultimately; for the things of GREATEST importance; especially from an eternal perspective; only God His Self can ‘manage’ us and our earthly affairs. Can we vote? Yes; we can; I’m NOT saying “Don’t vote at all”; I’m just saying that we must realize that our hope will NEVER lie on ANY person; because one day; the antichrist will appear; and will SEEM to have ALL of the answers for EVERYONE; and the ENTIRE WORLD will marvel at the beast; and will take his mark. DON’T BE FOOLED. It is better to be right with God for eternity and suffer a little while here; than to have a ‘great’ life here but to be separated from God in the pit of hell for all of eternity. Are you born-again Mary? I know that there are commenters on here that are ‘religious’, but not saved. Don’t lose heart Mary; if you are born-again; Jesus will help you. Stick close to Him; don’t be deceived by the antichrist; if it comes to you losing your earthly life to reject him; then you will know you have ETERNAL life in heaven with Jesus. If you have any questions Mary; please don’t hesitate to ask.

        • Mary

          Yes, I’m a born again Christian. I thought by voting Republican that it would help our president accomplish what he needed to accomplish. NOW, I can’t be sure I want him to accomplish anything he has in mind. I voted this morning after watching the videos. I was wondering the whole time why I was even bothering. Now I feel so disillusioned about the whole process. I will continue to vote, but my heart sure isn’t in it. I know God is in control and I know everything happens for His purpose. It’s just a shame that we think we are doing the right thing and then find out that it is all a lie. I guess we just do what we feel we are led to do. But when you pray, on your knees, for the best and what you have been led to believe is the best is not what you hoped for, it kind of leaves you down. I will just let God handle it and and continue to stay faithful.

      • Cynthia Maury

        Hello again Mary. I feel heartsick for what you are going through because of all of these things happening. But I also feel Mary that in one way; what you are experiencing is; or can be very good for you. Now you know what is behind this world system; now you can REALLY put ‘all your eggs’ in ONE basket; The Lord’s, and look ONLY to Him; not to man. It FEELS sad and difficult; but Jesus will give you ALL that you need to be ‘weaned’ off of the false hopes we have ALL fed on; and have all of your hope on and in Christ alone. Many people believe that Trump his self is being used by the system; and that is probably true. I still don’t ‘hate’ him; but I cast my eyes increasingly away from him; and onto The Lord; which is where they should have been ALL of the time anyway.
        Keep serving The Lord Mary; with ALL that is within you. Stay in His Word; seek Him day and night; stay close to Him and He will guide you safely home. Take care Mary. I’m sending you ‘holy hugs’; and prayers for God’s Truth, mercy; and grace to help you along the way. You may write again if you want to. I can even give you my email address if you’d like; but that’s up to you; I’m not pushing anything. God bless. C. M.

    • Truth Seeker

      I watched the video. Respectfully, this is just one more tool begin used to subvert God’s plans for the mission He has put before our president. More distraction. Deception. One more opinion.

  157. Tom Zinn

    As a Christian, I am critical of Donald Trump but I do not hate him. I am more critical of those who are in a role of Daniel to the president.
    I respect the office of the President and pray for him and our representative. He got my vote for only the reason that the balance of power on the supreme court was on the line and I was not wild about his opponent either
    As a Christian, I don’t believe President Trump is a Christian nor do I expect him to pretend to be one. What I do expect is that he be a President that acts with integrity and respect for all citizens even if they do not agree with him. I expect him not to call people names like an elementary child. (Horse face, idiot, scum, really?)
    I agree he is a Nebuchadnezzar and have stated this many times. However, my question is, where is Daniel? Where are the men of God advising wisdom unashamed to President Trump? I believe President Trump is too arrogant to listen to the Daniels. I don’t see the men of God speaking truth and wisdom into President Trump.
    When President Trump began his reign as President, I believe he had 1-2 months to set the tone of Government. I believe the Democrats even had an open mind to see if they could work with him. Instead, a Republican controlled Congress bickered with President Trump amongst themselves on policy and agenda without accomplishing so much less than they could have.
    The Presidents arrogant tweets and impromptu speeches have alienated half our electorate, showing little compassion and respect for all citizens. He is a president who does not take the leadership responsibility when he is in authority but instead throws people under the bus (Jeff Sessions is a prime example) and points the blame at others.
    I do believe we needed to negotiate our trade alliances. He could have used much more tact in doing so without insulting our allies.
    May be God does have a purpose for Donald Trump. However, God does not take likely when people mock God and his people either. If our President exalts himself over God or believes he is God, I do believe the same consequences will arise when Nebuchadnezzar over stepped his place.
    I pray the Daniels can speak wisdom into our President and we can be a less divided and intolerant nation so we can be One Nation Under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All. By the way, when I refer to the Daniels, I do not mean Stormy Daniels.

  158. Terry

    “God has done a miracle and the enemy wants to make short work of the amazing breakthroughs we are witnessing by dividing the church.”

    He’s blaming Trump’s election on God??

    • Truth Seeker

      Looks like he’s praising Him for it.

    • Truth Seeker

      Sounds like he’s grateful to Him. You should be, too. ☺

  159. Truth Seeker

    It really bothers me when professing Christians loudly malign the president, and how easily the accept every lie the devil tosses out there for them. DT may lie, but he doesn’t lie near as much as the lying media says he does. The biggest problem with Christians who hate or “hate on” the president is that they have let the Bible lose authority in their lives.

  160. Robert Burton

    Whoa there, Buddy. You are being too free with that Christian loop you’re slinging out there. Here are a couple of “paraphrases” that just might fit the “baddies” that you are calling Christians… Try: “They shall be known by their works” or worse than that: “I never knew you!” “But, Lord didn’t we cast out “Demons” in your name?” On a different slant, could you be addressing “pending cults” that haven’t quite achieved their notoriety, yet? Move over Mormons and JW’s, here comes TD Jakes and anyone else who doesn’t get it. There are lots of high profile TV “opportunists” (the modern day Pharisees?) who are offering their own brand of “cyber phylacteries” to promote their latest gimmick? Didn’t HE say, “Watch out, Buddy, there’s gonna be a pack of “scoundrels” (vipers) in the last days coming in my name” (paraphrased again)? Mario, you just put your finger on ’em… As for the “Oh Dears” who can’t stand Trump’s rhetoric, they never studied warfare (or Spiritual Warfare). For those of us who served or studied guerrilla warfare or the French Resistance in WW II this amazing guy (DJT) is not hunkered down in some foxhole somewhere ducking all the “incoming”… He’s out there slinging it back twice as hard. Those tweets are his hand grenades, which every USMC type recognizes and for which they give him (DJT) a round of snaps (high fives to the current gladiators). President Trump is taking a page right out “The Swamp Fox” (Francis Marion for the clueless) play book. If you want to get a better handle on “stupid” try solving the riddle of why anyone would go up against anyone who marches through History with a four star Marine General on each side…??!!! Donald J. Trump gets it (Satan Hates his guts). His is the front lines. More Patriots recognize it everyday and are coming on board. And when we’re “outa here” we get to say, “Not on my shift” …with thanks to Donald Trump. Mario, don’t you just love him?

  161. john h bright

    Daniel 4:37 AMP
    Now I, Nebuchadnezzar, praise and exalt and honor the King of heaven, for all His works are true and faithful and His ways are just, and He is able to humiliate and humble those who walk in [self-centered, self-righteous] pride.”

  162. Margaret Smith

    Mario, love your boldness, we Christians need to stand for TRUTH, which is the WORD, CHRIST JESUS!!! We ARE overcomers! Enemy you need to bow out…we will fight as warriors for our KING…



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