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God is warning us in advance.  He wants us to lose our denial.  Don’t look at your red state, or your on fire church, and laugh off the threat.  It is a real and present.  The Holy Spirit is calling for immediate action.  He has a plan to stop the California agenda.

Don’t forget, there was a day not long ago when believers in California could not imagine the laws that have just passed here—laws that will lead to banning Bibles and shutting down Christian services.

Can this agenda really spread to the other states of America? It’s already there. Here is how it got there and why it will spread even further:

Teachers unions:  The National Education Association is the largest interest group in the United States.  That means the roots of radical indoctrination on gender are already in your child’s classroom.  This union is waiting for the events in California to unfold and gain wider acceptance before they make their move.

The Democratic Party: This November, you will see these elements of California’s agenda slipped into their political platform.

Universities:  The local university your child attends already includes these tenets as a part of education.  Students will earn their grades based on agreeing with these values.

Hollywood celebrities: They are getting bolder and bolder about sexual immorality.  They are pushing the idea that young people who don’t agree are already labeled intolerant and ignorant.

Social media: In a speech at Google headquarters, LGBT activist Samuel Brinton promised to “figure out” how to stop “pastors…” “I may not be able to find every little camp … every pastor, but I can make it something that is culturally unacceptable,” he said.”

The captains of social media—Bay area based, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube—want this agenda to take over of America.  Every American young person has at least one of these accounts.

Lukewarm Churches: They are the biggest reason this radical agenda will spread.  The combination of leftist radicals and lukewarm churches created the perfect storm in California.  That weather pattern is now all over America now.

There is a glaring example in deep red Texas—Houston is a contradiction of mega churches and radical city government.

Beloved, I don’t care if you are in New York State or Alabama…this hideous agenda is at festering and God wants us to take action now.  I believe we can reverse this curse and see nationwide revival.  Do these things:

Pray in a way you have never prayed before:  It is time to call together a unified company of intercessors. It is time to divert them away from separate issues and focus prayer on a specific target.

I said this before: Stand between heaven and earth as a true intercessor.  Invoke the Name above all Names to get to the very Throne of God with your petition.  Do what Moses did who raised the rod of Aaron over the battle. When you pray, pray violently, pray exactingly, detailing the damage you want done and where you want it done. By the Spirit, speak directly to evil powers. Call them out and cast them down.  Cut their power over America.

Get out of the lukewarm churches.  Stop supporting them.  Stop kidding yourself that you are there to minister to people.  We no longer have that luxury.  If you are not hearing the Bible preached, and you are not seeing the Holy Spirit move, get out.

Never mind all of the perks.  Consider the word of God which says, “Better to be of a humble spirit with the lowly, than to divide the spoil with the proud. –Proverbs 16:19

Even more direct are the words of Paul: “having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away!” -2 Timothy 3:5

I promise you there is a man or woman of God not far from you who is staying true and fighting the battle of their life.  They are getting it from both sides:  A godless generation and seeker church models that mock their integrity.  Join them!  Watch the Holy Spirit raise up an army.   Follow this link to read about these right churches

Become an informed witness.  I have written to you about stolen thunder How Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson reach millions because the expose lies.   Follow this link to read the article Stolen Thunder

Christians have an even greater capacity to expose lies and oppose bad government.  Proverbs 28: 2 says, “Because of the transgression of a land, many are its princes; But by a man of understanding and knowledge Right will be prolonged.”

Even more powerful is this promise from Jesus: Luke 21:13 “But it will turn out for you as an occasion for testimony. 14 Therefore settle it in your hearts not to meditate beforehand on what you will answer; 15 for I will give you a mouth and wisdom which all your adversaries will not be able to contradict or resist.”

Someone reading this is not supposed to be a preacher.  You are supposed to be in government and in journalism…perhaps even television news.  The point is that if Christians would just stop hiding and let the Holy Spirit train them and embolden them we would be able to disrupt Satan’s plans for America.

At the very least, we need to go to our children’s schools armed with an understanding of parental rights and a firm knowledge of our convictions.  We can stop radical teachers and politicians if we obey the Holy Spirit.

It is not too late for any state in America…it is not even too late for California.  We just need to be bold and obedient.  However, we are running out of time.

Finally, I must say what I have said to you before: When God sees someone take up the mighty weapons of God—in the Name of Jesus—and attempt the impossible—God will muster all of the resources of heaven to bring that someone total victory.


  1. Evan. Roger Culwell

    We must become the mighty Army he has called us to be.

  2. John L Escalante

    Ephesians 6… Stand!

    • Denise

      Only!!!!!! When you have done all —“STAND”
      So far nothing is being done—— ARISE & WAKEUP CHURCH/INTERCESSORS.

      • Jodi

        it’s called walking by faith and not by sight. Keep standing. The witnesses will shake every church and soul. Keep standing and reach for the lost. Above all, do not forsake the gospel. In the end it is all about Christ. Look for those who do not know Christ. Forget the religious. We are not to witness to them. It is the lost who are looking.

    • cathy

      PARENTS NEED TO STAND UP FOR YOUR CHILDREN! DISGUSTING! “A teacher demonstrates how to use a strap-on dildo, part of the Common Core curriculum in many states. ‘Obscene’ LGBT Sex Ed Classes”

      • Aaron

        i would pull my child from the school and file a lawsuit

  3. Dorrie

    “The Church” has to clean itself up before it can expect others to clean up!! Start obeying God’s Commandments, rather than blowing them off!

  4. kingskid48

    Homeschoolers got 3,500 people to the capitol to fight the restrictions they were trying to put onto homeschooling. We could not muster enough people to even email their senators in protest of 2943 and stop it. I’m so sad to say that most Christians are still asleep.

  5. lisa lisa

    I love your reading your emails! You speak Truth when many do not. I do have one problem and that is your association with Hillsong. Their theology is way off Center. In fact, aren’t they part of the very problem you speak of ? I would describe them new age, something for everyone, Worldly & seeker friendly. I am writing this to You out of concern and confusion. I hear what you are saying and i agree, but to be associated with churches you’re calling out seems confusing to me. We recently left a church because I hear the Gospel but they are more concerned with entertaining the goats then feeding the sheep. The fog machines, fancy stage lights and watered down man centered “worship” music has to go, at such a time as this. It is putting the church to sleep, when it’s time to battle on our knees not our backs. I love you brother, please seek the Lords guidance. It is confusing for the remnant to hear Truth, but then to be like the world only silences those words. In Christ’s Love, lisa erskine

    God is good all the time.


    • mariomurilloministries

      Lisa, I thank you for kind words. I don’t have any contact with Hillsong at all.

      • Aaron

        I wonder were that came from? Mario did you not do a whole blog post about how strange hillsong is?

      • Katherine Matthews

        Mario! I don’t know if you have listened yet to Jeremiah Johnson’s dream yesterday. But, it’s about you. Very powerful!

    • Edward kerongo

      They have rebelled against God and preffered an oppressive king who makes them slaves 1samwuel 8 and so God has given covered himself with clouds and can’t hear their prayers lamentations 3:44 and so they’re cursed mattew 23:37_39 Daniel 7 :25

    • Katherine Matthews

      Thank you for sharing! I really can feel your sincerity. The false church ( as Mike Bickle called it Babylonian church) will look just like the world. James 4:4
      I think what is bringing confusion right now is the separation has not totally taken place yet.
      The Lord is gracious and long suffering and desires for none to perish. I feel He is bringing everyone to the crossroad. Valley of decision ( so to speak) . We must love Truth or He will give you over to what you want.
      Wheat and tares. I do believe however time is almost up or maybe even up.
      These are just some of my thoughts.
      Jeremiah Johnson just shared a dream he had. Judgement is coming to California.
      The goodness and severity of God is going to be revealed, starting in California.

  6. Tracy Coleman

    I am just a person who believes in my higher power who i choose to call God but i have not believed in religion for a long time now which is a whole other story so i wont get into that but anyway i read what you wrote and have to say that you are right about this!
    The church is pulling the wool over their fallowers eyes and blonding them to the fact that if something isnt done soon we are doomed.
    The time is now that we try our best to open these fallowers eyes to what is going on…
    God bless and have a good one

  7. Debra

    Get information! Needed prayer worriers to save our country! Amen

  8. Debra

    Get information! Needed prayer warriors to save our country! Amen

  9. Carol

    This is Truth! Not only are there lukewarm churches but also lukewarm parents and adults who are scared to stand up because they don’t want to be labeled as haters. We have to be bold in truth and love. John 15:18 “If the world hates you, keep in mind it hated me first.”

  10. Kathy Jo Robbert

    Right on. Christians need to be unified, pray, preach the Gospel and speak up against ungodliness in our day. If not, how can we be the light of the world?

  11. James Godson

    It is time to stsrt new Christian ‘nations’ inside the United States just like the founding fathers did inside the British Empire when their own countrymen were burning them at the stake for their beliefs. Read more at jcbooks org

  12. Larry D. Shankle

    I love reading your blog. You are right on target. Don’t be disheartened or discouraged. You are doing a great work. Praying for you!

  13. Michael A Druckenmiller Sr

    Thank You, have shared on Facebook…

    A True prophet warns of impending danger…

    A False prophet only promises blessings, peace and safety…

    The threat *IS REAL*, the cure callouses on our knees and a broken heart towards Jehovah.

  14. Harold Watson

    Look up Hand of Help and Dumitru Duduman its founder. Buy his auto-biography, THROUGH THE FIRE WITHOUT BURNING. There you will find the prophetical words spoken to him in 1984 by the angel that worked with him to smuggle Bibles into Russia from Rumania, just after God brought him to this country. The angel told him, among other things, that there would be an armed civilian resistance against the Federal Government sometime after the turn of the century. While the gov. was distracted by internal problems. we would be attacked by Russia, China and North Korea by missiles targeting our nuclear warehouses and specific cities that God was judging. They would be judged for the same reason Sodom and Gomorrah were judged, so you can figure out which cities those are. You may want to move.

  15. maria amarillas

    Your always on point!!

  16. Carolina

    When reading this blog done by Mario Murillo, I’m encouraged and inspired because of all the saints I read and see here that have The Love of Truth like a fire shut up in their Bones!!…there is NO replacement for the REAL deal which is Christ glorified within and from without by HIS people.

  17. jacobemet

    Excellently stated. The division of the sheep and goats is already at hand. Be blessed, brother.

  18. AL ZITO

    The world and the LEFT will get what they want, But they will not like what they get. (look up if you are looking for our SAVIOR JESUS who is the CHRIST

  19. Evan. Roger Culwell

    amen we must stand and fight.




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