Worship leaders dressed like hookers and drunk pastors

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I was minding my own business winning gang members, addicts, and college students to Christ.  I loved my life.  There was no way I wanted to get in this fray.  God ordered me to warn the churches of impending disaster.  It meant rebuking their violations of scripture, rampant immorality, and political heresy.

No way I wanted to do this.  That’s why the life of Amos the prophet was a comfort to me.  He said “I’m not a prophet nor the son of a prophet.”  He was content in what he was doing.  He was a successful herdsman.  He was from Judah and the sins of a separate Kingdom didn’t matter to him.

He didn’t care about the conditions in Israel—he was from Judah.  God recruited him for the larger war where disaster was looming.  He didn’t pick the fight.  God brought the fight to Amos.

God is warning us from the book of Amos.  Here is where carnal preachers will point out that we don’t need the Old Testament.  Yet, Paul said to Timothy, “Until I come, devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture, to preaching and to teaching.” -1 Timothy 4:13.   Since there was no New Testament, he could only have meant the Old Testament.

According to Amos, the central altar of God had been replaced by rogue altars.  At these altars, pagan superstition mingled with Jewish tradition.  They left the Bible out of their worship.  God’s warning was clear: “tear them down or I will.”

Today, churches have built rogue altars.  Worship leaders prance church stages in stripper outfits.  They see nothing wrong with it.  They even teach that the body is a beautiful thing and if you have bad thoughts, it’s in your mind.  The Bible disagrees.  Proverbs 7: 10 Says, “And there a woman met him, With the attire of a harlot, and a crafty heart.”  The NIV says, “clothes of a prostitute.” The Word is saying if you wear the uniform, there’s got to be a reason.

We have pastors getting drunk with their staff after church.  They began by justifying wine and then moved on to hard liquor.  They justify it with grace teaching from beyond the Bible.

Both acts come from the same wickedness—abandoning the Bible.  The Bible is gone as a standard.  It is no longer regarded as the word of God.

Now, if you ever listened to anything I have ever said then get this: You are watching a moral civil war.  A great army has come against us.  They are not Russians.  They are not Iranian.  They are Americans.

They are a confederation of teachers who want to teach your child how to use sex toys—who want to get them to experiment with gender.  They are politicians who believe the family must be removed to make way for a socialist society.  They are actors, professors, authors, news casters, and a litany of anti-God/anti-American ideals.

They have already systemically changed California into a separate nation, and without a miracle will spread like cancer to the rest of the United States.

Why am I engaged in this fight?  Because soul winning in America will be virtually impossible if our freedoms are destroyed.

The ideas and values that created America are under heavy attack.  It is not just a physical war it is in the spirit world.  Demonic engines drive this agenda.  That makes the carnal church and her leaders special villains in the eyes of God.

Scantily clad women on stage and inebriated ministers are no longer just a matter of hypocrisy and carnality…it is blasphemy.   When they—who are supposed to be leading the charge against darkness—instead, help advance the darkness, they are traitors.  But doing it when it helps destroy our freedoms makes it high treason.

No one is better equipped to break the curse than the church.  Conservatives can only do so much.  Your favorite commentator can only do so much.  Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson can only accomplish a part of what we need.

It is left to the Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, Pastors and Evangelists to take up the mantle for this hour.  But, to our great horror…instead of purifying themselves for the battle of their life—instead of seeking holy fire to combat the evil—many are gorging on cheap grace, testing the limits of decency, and falling into dangerous addictions.

Hear the word of the Lord: Amos 3:13 Hear and testify against the house of Jacob,” Says the Lord God, the God of hosts, 14 “That in the day I punish Israel for their transgressions, I will also visit destruction on the altars of Bethel; And the horns of the altar shall be cut off And fall to the ground. 15 I will destroy the winter house along with the summer house; The houses of ivory shall perish, And the great houses shall have an end, Says the Lord.”  Can this mean that lavish centers of worship can suddenly go missing?  Can we afford to assume they cannot?

Two years later, an earthquake destroyed everything Amos targeted.  This does not just apply to California, but to every church in America that has built idolatrous altars.

You are helping destroy the miracle of liberty that came from our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.

But Isaiah said, “tell the righteous it shall be well with them.”  This is the hour for the remnant who love God and seek His face to feel comfort.  You will be spared.

In fact, at this moment, heaven is releasing power for miracles, words of prophetic might, and great resources to do the work of God.  Those who have kept their integrity–and perhaps labored in obscurity not seeing results—will receive great power and multiplication.

For the rest there remains an ominous warning: In your carnality, you are one the greatest threats to freedom.  Again, you are aiding and abetting the destruction of a great miracle—the miracle of liberty that came from our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.

If the church will not rise up and speak…God will turn even nature against us to spare America.  Matthew Henry said something chilling in his commentary on Amos: “If men will not destroy idolatrous altars, God will, and those with them that had them in veneration.”


    • Pastor Bill Moore

      I watch Christian TV, Hillsongs, TBN, GodTV, Daystar, etc. I have never seen anyone scantilly clad as a hooker in any Worship Leaders position, ever. As far as Drunk Pastors? How about alcohol being not just tolerated, but encouraged even in the so called Spirit Filled churches. A young lady I youth ministered to several years ago clued me in that her hubby and his MISLED compadres, always bought a 12 pack before they had their weekly hom Bible study. Being in Ministry over 30yrs, I knew this was sheer foolishness, sin. Best advice is to pull the beam out of your eye, ir your church family’s eyes before you go pickin at every one else’s eyes. Good luck with that. After alm, it’s so COOL or SUAVE to hangout and drink. Like God isn’t watching. Lololol…. Get rid of those sins that so easily beset us.. Amen

    • Marcie Anderson

      Very sobbering message. Thank you! I know it’s not easy when you are given such a weighty warning to deliver. The church tday doesn’t believe in the apostolic or prophetic. They feel like that was then & it’s not for tday. Okay…it will be sad to see this happen but necessary to purge the church. When we make it about “us” then we lose sight of why we come together for worship. We must prepare our hearts bcuz Jesus is coming soon! Blessings to you, ~Marcie

  1. Michael A. druckenmiller Sr

    I was not aware that it had gotten this bad in some places.

    I know there are churches that have “magnificent” worship teams and songs that play on KLove often, but my spirit cringes…

    Discerning of Spirits is no more fun that being a prophet…

    Two of several gifts the church no longer wants or even tries to understand…

    • Bob Dooley

      I have the same experience when certain ‘worship’ songs come on. Having been in the counterfeit revival and come out of it I exercise discernment on every song I listen to. I’ve also heard music that used to be wonderfully anointed lose it’s anointing, and also discerned when the anointing returned. I’m sure if I named some of the artists I’d get some strong rejection.

      • Jeffery ONeill

        Bob, what was the “counterfeit revival”?
        Also, how does an anointed song lose it’s anointing and then regain it?

    • Neva Lott

      Amen.. read the book of Jude on apostasy…too often ignored..

  2. Aaron

    Mario you did it again!
    A masterpiece.
    I pray for jordon peterson to get a true conversion.
    He could be the next derek prince type of teacher the body needs.

  3. N. Hawk

    My son In law saw in a vision, Calif. coast falling into the ocean. Was couple yrs ago.
    Butterfly n

  4. Mary


  5. Ruby Bolding

    Thank you! This is a vindication for those of us who have stood firm against the ignoring of Holiness.

  6. Evan. Roger Culwell

    Preach it brother we have to stand for our freedom, not long ago when the Lord told me it’s time I had dozed off and I heard nooooh, oooooooh and the deep scream’s, and then louder, and then I heard if we don’t tell them the truth who will, they hate me but they will hear the truth from me, and God bless you brother Mario I am not hearing much at all from any other’s, but we need to preach the whole truth or quit and let some one who will tell it. Be Blessed Btother

  7. Sandy G.

    Please remember that there are many very good, decent people in California, including my daughter and son-in-law, and many other good people. Please don’t condemn those in California with your way too broad brush! “Love thy neighbor as yourself.”

    • Ann

      Yes and we live in California. My prayer is all Believers and Conservatives will stand up and be counted in the coming election to vote in those people who will turn this state around and make it the beautiful place it once was.

    • Carolina

      Sandy G…
      Is this admonition to the scandalously clad, sleepy, bleary eyed Christian leadership, given by Mario M., who’s been on the front lines of REAL evangelism and Mega church pastorate preaching to revival, for decades upon decades, while fighting the kind of spiritual battles you & your kiddo’s I dare say couldn’t possibly comprehend… is Mario painting a picture with a “way too broad brush,” of condemnation? Please.
      California is in BIG trouble, both spiritually and naturally. YES, there’ still wonderful people living there & they are being “forced” to navigate within a hellish spiritual sewer! Sandy G, does “love” always represent itself with a big “everything will be okay anyway!…brush?? NO re-read your bible and believe what it says. AMOS was one of the most passionate and disgusted prophets of the minor prophets. HE like most of us was appalled at what he saw Israel had resorted to.
      Sandy G, sometimes REAL Love offers rebuke and demands honesty not platitude, milk toast narratives and lack of realism. Jesus Christ’s Own death on the cross was a signal to anyone and everyone of just how depraved and desperate our sin condition was & is before The Holy Father of Lights. Pure LOVE undefiled and perfect isn’t even within our human playbook the likes of what Christ Jesus has with The Father to measure by.

  8. Nanci Heath

    Those that have ears…let them hear!

  9. Hal Cook

    Love you Mario, you are on the forefront, just like in the 70’s. Now you are on the forefront like David Wilkerson, with truth. Preach it.
    I wanted to comment since FB banned me for 30 days for calling Obama the future anti Christ who will attact Israel. Love & respect you Mario.

  10. Jerry Zanin

    I have written 4 Christian books and am working on my 5th. My first book: ‘From The Promise To The Throne – Blood Covenants’ details exactly what a blood covenant is and the power the church (ekklesia) has in Christ. The book I am working on now is about darkness and the Light; you hit this subject perfectly. The believers in Christ are mostly sleeping but are becoming awake. No longer can we sit on the side lines and do nothing. Our government has turned to Socialism and Marxism – Communism which will take the rights of the believers away and try to force them into demon worship – NWO (now called illuminati or Luciferians).

    The illuminati have been around since the mid 1700s and are still going strong. Before them the devil used Baal worship from the time of Cain. Satan wants to be in control – he said he would exalt himself above the Most High. He wants to be worshipped the same as God. Churches who conform to the world standards (darkness (choshek) which is misery, wickedness, destruction, death, ignorance, sorrow) are not being led by the Holy Spirit. The Apostle Paul wrote in Romans 8:14: “For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are the sons of God.”

    We are the body of Christ and as such do His work. Thank you for standing strong and stating the truth.

  11. jon freese

    Mario thank you for being and remaining a true prophet of God! Shalom!

  12. Linda

    David Wilkerson wrote an article some time back in his monthly newsletter about Praise and Worship that was like a rock concert and how it was deceiving God’s people to be lured away from true Praise and Worship. It was a warning that I see coming into our sanctuaries today.

    • warriorruth

      wow, yes I agree. I am not ‘in a church’ per se, and when I went to a recent gathering, I was shocked at the ‘praise and worship’. It felt like I was at a rave. Light show, fake smoke, body surfing, a rapper who had very antiGod pictures on the big screen AND this was at a gathering for prayer for our nation. A serious assignment but such mixture. Strangely enough the Holy Spirit came and ministered to us but it definitely was amidst mixture. God grant us discernment in a big way. Many are unaware that they have defiled the altar of worship.

      • Marcie Anderson

        Exactly! It is a spiritual distraction drawing attention to yourself. It can cause young believers to stumbling. That is not church. To pray for our nation is a sobering thing. That’s the way we are suppose to live. Quietly. Soberly. As watchmen on the walls. As ones who have a message for the kingdom of God. Lifting Jesus high above everything else. We know who the posers are. The wheat or tares. The sheep or the goats. The lines of demarcation are already set. I would like to ask them the question, side are you on? But I already know that answer. Blessings to you.

  13. Mary Aversa

    Can you please post 0r email me personally if it is wrong for a women to dress modestly , but wears pant suits and light make up is not what a christian women is to be doing. Please let me know if pant suits are wrong or make up as I do not want to offend the Holy Spirit in anyway. I value your scriptural truth.

    • Faithful

      Put on modest clothing. No men’s clothing. No flashy makeup modest button earrings if you must wear them. Be modest in all things

    • Carolina

      Mary Aversa, what a humble & dear soul you are!
      I would say to you, wear what makes you feel excellently dressed before your personal Savior Christ The King. If you like to wear nice pants with feminine blouses or pant suits BRAVO, wouldn’t you go to a new career job interview the same way? Point being, Apostle Peter said to do everything in excellence as though we’re doing it for the Lord HimSelf. Just be your prettiest self because Jesus alone truly knows you and loves you just as you are. As far as face make-up… every women needs a little “paint on the ‘ole barn,” don’t we!?

    • Marcie Anderson

      I do wear make-up & I dress modestly. I try to present myself in the best possible version of myself. I wear a little jewelry. I don’t draw attention to myself but I get compliments all the time. You ask yourself who am I dressing for? The Lord? Or to catch the attention of a man? Or show off to others @church. Read Proverbs. Also Proverbs 31. Listen to the spirit of God in you. It never condemns but encourages & is gentle.

  14. Aaron

    Mario if its not ok to put this here please feel free to rebuke me but I felt compelled to share this.

  15. Kevan

    Mario, as I was meditating today about how to battle in prayer for California and the nation, the Lord reminded me of a vision He gave me some seven years ago – a vision of His works of power being unleashed in Las Vegas. The mystifying part of the dream was the presence of M&M chocolate candies in the midst of everything – in the malls, on escalators, inside and outside of various places from shopping malls to the famous LV hotel strips.
    Early this morning as I was praying upon my bed the Lord brought that vision back to my mind and asked if I remembered the M&M’s – and immediately I was shown the M&Ms represented…Mario Murillo! That vision is many years old but I’m praying for its fulfillment, strength for you both physically and spiritually and the beginning of revival fire such as this nation has ever seen!
    To the glory of God!

    • Aaron

      Plain or peanut??

  16. Dr. Jeffry Smith

    Judgment begins at the house of God! Amen, brother Mario!

    Until the shepherds stop their wicked behavior, the sheep will not walk in holiness.

    God is looking for intercessors. He is calling us all: not only to pray against the darkness, but to be light and salt!

  17. K Green

    2 Chronicles 7:14 spells out God’s non-negotiable terms for healing America. The Church is the solution, but we don’t seem to understand God only works in concert with the prayers of His people. Most seek God’s hand. But we are not instructed to seek God’s hand, we are instructed to seek His face!

    Could a marriage last if the partners only looked at one another’s hands? No! It’s a ridiculous thought. They discover intimacy and knowing one another by looking into each others face… looking into each others eyes, listening, speaking, kissing, touching. There’s something so special in God’s face! His heart is revealed! That’s where we discover the true beauty and holiness of His Person.

    This verse tells us to turn from our wicked ways, and as the Bride of Christ we should model that to the world! But, we are unable to make that turn in our own strength. There must be something more beautiful, more attractive and more compelling for us to follow! It is found in the face of God! In heart-to-heart intimacy with Him.

    The Bible shows us multiple examples of how a single person, who was intimate with the Lord, interceded and travailed for their nation to be saved and God granted their heart’s desire. Who will stand in the gap for America? Will it be one? Maybe a praying remnant? Whoever it is, they will be broken. They will “own the sins” of the nation as if they committed them. They will allow God to borrow their emotions as He weeps and travails through their person. They will turn the heart and hand of God. He will hear from Heaven! He will forgive and heal our land.

  18. Jeff JEFFRIES

    GOD is not mocked!!! Paul said come out from among them, and be ye separate!!! What matter does light have to mingle with darkness. GOD has drawn the line in the sand. Yes He said He would judge the church first. The LORD Jesus ran the money changers out, He stated my House is a House of Prayer, and you have made it a den of thieves!!! The Lord Jesus is coming back looking for a Marvelous Church without spot, blemish, or wrinkle. Will we be ready man or woman of GOD? The Scripture states watch and pray, for we know not the time or hour when The Lord Jesus will return, so be Ready!!! John The Beloved said if any man love the world, then we don’t Love GOD. The things of the world are the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. The Lord Jesus said if any man wisheth to follow after me: let him first deny himself(selfishness), take up the cross,(the personality, or nature of the cross ie GOD’S AGAPE), then follow me!!!Let us not forget what the Apostle Paul told Timothy that in the last days men would be lovers of themselves, boasters,proud, blasphemers,incontinent, backbiters, evil, disobedient to parents, truce breakers always studying but never coming to the knowledge of our Lord The Christ. hell enlarges itself daily because of man’s disobedience!!! Obedience is better than sacrifice.

  19. Jeff JEFFRIES

    This is not a flesh and blood battle. We wrestle against spiritual wickedness in high places, against rulers of the darkness of this world, against powers and principalities!!!

    • Neva Lott

      “Not by might not by power but by MY Spirit, says the Lord” This battle is won by nothing else but warriors equipped by infilling of the Holy Spirit, and the daily putting on of the “full armor of God” Some church folk have never even hear of such. Read the book of Jude..says more than I ever could. Let the Word of God do the work iin our hearts..

  20. Joanna

    Thank You

  21. Ana Ruth Rocha

    May The Lord continue blessings you brother Murillo, Thank you for releasing this powerful word, it’s so sad to see the condition of our church today, where worship has turn into entertainment, when we are been labeled as legalistically, old fashion, judgmental people simply for saying that The Bible speaks against drunkenness, sexual sin, God loves The sinner, but still he said that neither idolaters, drunker, adulterers, etc will inherit the Kingdom, we His Children suppose to be the city on the hill, the light in the darkness, the salt of the earth, but some are losing the saltines, been good is not enough, I don’t want my children to be just good, but I want them to be Godly men & women, we are losing ground because our passiveness, it is time to arise and take the weapons of our warfare and fight for our son, our daughters, our unborn generations, let us speak the truth in love, but without chocolate covering it, Grace is the power given by God so that I may not voluntarily sin, no a license to sin, that an insult to our Lord, to our God, to His sacrifice on the cross for me, for us, for the world, thank you brother Murillo for blowing the trumpet, for sounding the alarm, God bless you, protect you, and strengthen you in every area of your life, may no weapon formed against you, ever prosper Amen!!!

  22. Aaron

    If you believe in clean living free of filthy entertainment and intoxicants, attend church more than once a week.
    Pray and study your bible regularily.
    Make stands about rightiousness with your family and not comprimise with there carnality.
    Give tithes and offerings and keep a good testimony as a witness in todays religious climate you will be labeled a cult member.

    I heard a definition of what a fanatic is considered to be-“it’s anyone who loves and obeys God more than you do”

    It infuriates luke warm church goers to see someone more serious about God than they are because it convicts them.

    Its why cain killed able!

    The biggest enemies of revival are religious people who target on fire christians.

    Joseph was targeted by his own brothers for the same reason.

    Anyone rising up for Jesus has to face this reality.

    Mario Im sure has faced this spirit attacking him and I pray for Mario to continue to have the ability to outfox the devil through the mind of christ which is distributed by the holy spirit!

  23. Humbert Gomes

    That may not necessarily be an ocean as we know it could very well mean desper permiciveness of any kind, failing away from God and becoming obomenant and self deceivers and indolgers of self allowing and bringing the world in to the church, and pervert the Christian values, and destroy the so much needed anointing to serve and worship God.

  24. D.Hammond

    Jesus says a number of things about direction for a Christian. 1. Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness. Take up your cross and follow Him. Do not take your hand off the plow and look back. Without Holiness no man shall see the Lord, (right now, today or tomorrow, straight and narrow is the path that leads to holiness, but wide is the path that leads to destruction (California anything and everything is ok), you cannot serve God or the world at the same time. We are compelled as true believers to stand having done all stand in His Grace, Faith, Word and Prayer.

  25. Timon King

    Reblogged this on Timonic humor and commented:
    Well, I have seen some of these ‘hooker’ worship leaders in this our beloved Nairobi city!



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