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Right now a pastor is strangely restless about this Sunday.  They feel a disturbance in the spirit realm. They may have just been awakened from sleep to get up, pray and make drastic changes.  They are tossing out their prepared sermon and frantically writing something new.  The same troubling is in the people.  Something about this morning feels different—very different.
This is the Sunday after Easter and the attendance is supposed to be low.  That’s why God thinks it’s perfect for the fire to fall.  Ask me how I know.
This afternoon I felt a vicious attack of Satan—not just on me, it felt widespread.  I dove into my prayer room to understand. The Holy Spirit explained that Satan can tell when he is about to suffer a great loss and it enraged him.  He knows fire is coming to a church somewhere—this Sunday.
Then the Lord reminded me of the message He had me write called Small Churches God’s secret weapon.  (You can use this link to read it)
That was my first warning about what would happen this Sunday.  The fuse may be something completely surprising.  It may ignite at the first note of a song.  A bold saint may march to the front and kneel and start praying.  A complete stranger may walk in and ask of 5 minutes to address the people.  The pastor might strike lightning in the pulpit and preach from a dimension the people will seize for revival.   
No matter how it begins—look out!   Weeping will come automatically.  Repentance will appear without effort.  Healings will stun the onlookers.  The pure and righteous excitement of a true revival will capture the church.
Somewhere in America, the early symptoms of a divine takeover are already present.  Today a church that thinks its small and perhaps unimportant, or even forgotten, is about to have heaven come down on them—a downpour of Glory.
This not just a warning, and a promise,  it’s instructions.  I am writing you instructions that are not mine…they are His.  Do not do church as usual.  Pastor God may order you to confess “we are the church where fire will fall this morning.”  That simple declaration may be all it takes to touch off the explosion.
God is going to overrule the church schedule.  There may be a total suspension of programs and extended meetings.  Don’t try to bring in a guest unless you get a direct order.  I leave you with these timeless instruction from R.A. Torrey:
“When any church can be brought to the place where they will recognize their need of the Holy Spirit, and take their eyes off from all men, and surrender absolutely to the Holy Spirit’s control, and give themselves to much prayer for His outpouring, and present themselves as His agents, having stored the Word of God in their heads and hearts, and then look to the Holy Spirit to give it power as it falls from their lips, a mighty revival in the power of the Holy Ghost is inevitable.”


  1. Larry D. Shankle

    I love this! Praying it is our church…thanks for following the Lord and encouraging people.

  2. e.marilee

    Amen and amen!! So be it!!!

  3. Robyn Elam

    Let the FIRE fall!!

  4. Carolina

    And You Mario are the FRESH FIRE magnate!

  5. Aaron

    Our church service is at 1:00pm pacific time im looking fwd to seeing what God does.

      • Aaron

        We have another service tonight at 7:30pm pacific time.
        We have several young new convert couples that God is challenging toward the high call.
        Todays service was more like a revival meeting.
        Altars full of people making serious descisions for Christ.
        What a privledge to have Mario speak words that spark a move of God.
        We are in prayer right now so got to go.

      • Jeanie Ruprecht

        Hi Mario!

        Thank you for this prophetic and encouraging word! I go to an awesome Baptist church and have been praying that the Baptizing of the Holy Spirit falls powerfully on our pastor and all the leadership.
        I loved what you said and how you expressed it.

        Peace & Agape!

      • Jeanie Ruprecht

        Thank you for sharing this Aaron. It feels like it was just yesterday when we used to sing this beautiful praise to the Lord.

  6. Judy Haga


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    • Aaron

      Jeanie Ruprecht
      Thank you sister i mix in old songs still into our song service and it is easy for people to sing along and worship ive gotten away more and more from performance music in church.
      A whole new generation is hearing this stuff for the first time.
      I love this stuff early in the morning before daylight then put on a sermon by Mario or david wilkerson.
      I love it!!
      God moved today in so many ways.
      Im excited!!

  7. vickymontiel84

    Mario Murillo it is already happening in Fountain Ministries in Shasta Lake California this morning was awesome God was really moving in our church Fountain Ministry God is so good

  8. vickymontiel84

    Mario Murillo are pastors name is Sherman humpfree please pray for our church in Shasta Lake California at Fountain Ministries

  9. Stan idell

    I pastor a small church and read this message early Sunday morning. I made copies for our people and we read it out loud asking for His fire to fall. I am receiving by faith that the Holy Spirit came. Thank you, Mario, for your obedience and passion. You are a great blessing!



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