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Now we can tell you.  For 9 and a half weeks Mario has been virtually immobilized with acute pain in his spine and left leg.  The first two doctors could not pinpoint his condition.  At first they thought it was bursitis of the hip then they thought it was a stress fracture.   X-rays, Cat-scans, and an MRI showed no bursitis or fracture. The third doctor could not figure it out either.
Mario did receive a touch from God weeks ago that reduced his pain by half, but he still couldn’t sit, and he couldn’t walk for more than a few minutes.
We didn’t know how long this would last.  That made it difficult to know what to tell the various groups slated for crusades.  So many people have been waiting to hear if they can go ahead with outreach plans.  The outreach to Las Vegas has been hanging in the balance for weeks.  We didn’t want to cancel any soul winning effort until it was absolutely necessary.
Then it became absolutely necessary.  The forth doctor found the protruding disc in the base of Mario’s spine.  He said only back surgery would fix the problem.  This meant yet a fifth doctor–a neurosurgeon, several more weeks waiting for surgery, and an extended time of recovery afterwards.
Every meeting scheduled until the middle of Summer was now impossible.  Still Mario and Mechelle felt to hold off making the announcement until after he met with the surgeon today.  Then this happened…

When the surgeon walked in, he was staring at the latest X-rays…X-Rays the surgeon ordered the day before we met him.  He said, “There is still something here that does not make sense, I want to try something.”  What he tried was to prick Mario’s leg with a pin from his foot to his hip.  He asked, “is there any numbness?  Mario said “no.” Then he asked Mario to lock his left leg while the doctor lifted it.  The he moved it laterally to test the hip.  “Did any of that give you pain?”  That’s when Mario realized that for the last three days—the days after the previous doctor examined him, the pain subsided in his leg.  The surgeon said, “ I have never operated on anyone’s spine who did not have pain in their leg.  Your back is healing.  You don’t need surgery.  You need physical therapy.”

We know this is in response to all of our prayers.  We have no words to express our thanks to all of you who are praying for Mario, Mechelle, and all of us at MMM.  You can imagine how we are praising God.
Mario begins physical therapy on Monday.  Las Vegas is a go!  There will be signs and wonders in the tent!
Please keep praying.  Don’t let up because of this good news, Mario still a lot of hard work ahead of him.   Now is the time for even more prayer.



  1. Evan. Roger Culwell


    • Raquel Rivas Cruz

      Tears of joy! Hallelujah, HONOR and GLORY to you Jehovah-Rapha. Thank You JESUS for answered prayers!

    • Nancy C Frescas-Rojo

      Praise GOD. So happy to hear this news. God bless you Mario with complete healing in JESUS mighty name amen.

    • Carolina

      Now I BEG you to hear me!…Mario knows this regarding my spinal situation, I just got through a similar problem I was recently healed from.
      PLEASE tell Mario, word of caution with Physical Therapy, WATER Therapy is the best and least irritating. Massage Therapy is also dangerous both Physical and message can PROLONG the recovery. I went through this!
      Bless the Therapists hearts they believe what they do is very effective…but this is the SPINE & Spinal NERVES are involved that love to get highly irritated & inflamed with exercise and stay that way until they are saturated with steroidal injections. All that becomes light is light.

    • Pastor Jerry Gutierrez

      AMEN SO BE IT.


      I pray for you everday……Amen

  2. Teresa Kauffman

    Our God is an AWESOME GOD!!

  3. vickymontiel84

    Hallelujah praise the Lord Mario Murillo we serve an awesome God

  4. Cevdet Ozdemir

    Praise God! Great news! Our God is great! Blessings. Cevdet

  5. David Jones

    Thank God. He is UNFAILING, UNFAINTING, AND UTTERLY FAITHFUL. We love you Mario.

  6. Lynn Reeder

    So very thankful to our Father! He knows what he is doing – we trust Him and His timing in all things! Praise the Lord for what He has done, is doing and will do in the future of MMM.

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  7. Ted and Judy Garrick

    This is shouting news, Praise God.
    He is still on His Throne. He is still in the Healing Business.
    We will still continue with Prayers.
    God is Good, All the Time.
    We love you and Mechelle, God Bless!!!
    Ted and Judy Garrick


    Thank you JESUS!!!!!!

  9. Patt

    Praise the Lord! ?
    You will be running very soon Pastor Mario! Stronger!

  10. Phyllis Falco

    Praise the Lord ,By His stripes you were healed
    Love and shalom from Israel
    Sharona Falco

  11. Judy Haga


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  12. Rose Flores

    Praise God I will continue to pray for miracles for the crusade in Las Vegas many will be saved and delivered I will also continue to pray for complete healing and restoration for you brother Mario and for your family and your wife God bless

  13. Rosemary Zoucha

    I can just echo the praises of all of you! I am in tears over the Faithfulness of Jesus, greater, so much greater is He than he in the world. Prayers continue from here and won’t stop. The enemy thought he would destroy this ministry, but instead the Holy Spirit has birthed another powerful Blog/writing ministry for Mario.; double for the trouble!! To God be all the glory, but the multiplied benefits to Mario and his family, and the Purposes of the Lord…

  14. Margo Hayes

    Praise The Lord! He is Glorious! Will continue to pray!

  15. Aaron

    So awsome!!!

  16. Judy Pearson

    Praise God, your armed and dangerous, always!!

  17. Joseph I Tenorio

    Praise The Lord Mario and Sister Micelle God bless you both amen

  18. Fred

    I pray for a massive miracle in Las Vegas! I pray that the city is changed by the move of God that the darkness is trying to prevent. I pray that so many people are saved, healed, and delivered, that Las Vegas is changed from sin city to Saint City! Go Mario!!!

  19. Melody Schumachet

    Praying for you Mario, may the Good Lord complete the healing! I praise God for you and your strong calling! Through you the miracles salvations and healings to our nation will continue! The devils going to be sorry he messed with you.
    Praying for you!

  20. Navek

    Lord Jesus, you are so AWESOME!

  21. maria amarillas

    Its coming Mario! I feel the earth rumbling …. i see a presence of God coming so strong that we have yet not seen… Once you get back to ministering you wont recognize it anymore it will be different. You thought you saw signs and wonders before…Get ready there is going to be a spiritual throwdown unlike anything we’ve seen. Wow what you have endured will all have been worth it for his kingdom’s sake. GET READY a different more powerfull fire will be upon you and your ministry! God bless!!!!

  22. johnwillis

    Great news! Praise God!

  23. Mary Aversa

    I had the exact same thing happen to me. I went through physical therapy for about 3 weeks and continued certain exercises at home and it completely healed. It has been 10 years and has not returned. Praise the Lord!

  24. Natalie

    We r blessed to hear that you are receiving the fullness of His miraculous healings. Hallelujah Hallelujah!! We believe that when you took that stand esp on April 2 against satan, the powerful words you were given to stand and lead us all to pray more effectively and in agreement were in complete obedience to Him. Jesus heals you as he sees your flat out allegiance to Him and your continued obedience to bring us all the word no matter your own circumstance. You moved me powerfully to stand where He put me in obedience to Jesus, to fight in Jesus name in prayer and in action that His victory and His protection will be delivered to those who are helpless in their age and mental state as they wait to see Jesus in Heaven. Praise God!! May God use you mightily to heal Las Vegas to Jesus!! Thank you Natalie

  25. Sandy Hayes

    Such encouraging news! I am rejoicing with you, Pastor Mario, and continuing to pray for total restoration of your body and renewed energy. Also will be praying for the Las Vegas Crusade. You WILL go forth in a powerful anointing from God, and many souls will be saved! Continue to trust Him.




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