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Stayed tuned!  A truth is about to revolutionize you.  This blog is no light thing.  It does not bear a hollow threat.  It is not fluff, fanfare, or hype.  It is—for the devil—the things that nightmares are made of. Read on.

Now I can tell you, for the first time, how bad the attack was. It was more vicious, cruel, and strategic than any previous attack. It was designed to wipe out our outreach and break my spirit.  Psalm 69: 1-3 was my prayer:

“Save me, O God! For the waters have come up to my neck. 2 I sink in deep mire, Where there is no standing; I have come into deep waters, Where the floods overflow me. 3 I am weary with my crying; My throat is dry; My eyes fail while I wait for my God.”

Matthew Henry commented on these verses: “David complains of the deep impressions that his troubles made upon his spirit.  The waters of affliction, those bitter waters, have come unto my soul, not only threaten my life, but disquiet my mind; they fill my head with perplexing cares and my heart with oppressive grief, so that I cannot enjoy God and myself as I used to do.

The considerations that used to support and encourage him now failed him, or were out of the way, and he was ready to give himself up for gone. He sought for something to comfort himself with, but found himself in deep waters that overflowed him, overwhelmed him; he was like a sinking drowning man, in such confusion and consternation.”  That was me.

At one point, the pain threw me to the floor.  I saw a sorrow in my wife’s eye I never want to see again.  I knew then, I could not tell her what was really happening inside me.

I would never walk again, let alone preach.  The ministry is finished.  I am used to his lies.  This time it felt different.  It felt like he was stabbing me my spine and hip with a knife—while he lied.

Then my miracle came.  It may not sound like much to you but the pain subsided 80% and I could walk.  The devastation to my nervous system was so great, that to this day, I can only walk for about 3 minutes before I must lie down again.  Believe me, compared to before, that is a miracle.

I know I will be totally restored soon.  No one will ever convince me my recovery isn’t supernatural.  The truth is, God has seized this recovery time to transform me. The lessons learned in the Valley of the Shadow of death will fill a lifetime.

I learned never to accuse God.  I learned what people suffer at the hands of some doctors.  I learned to pray for others while I suffered most.  I learned to let God’s Word be more real than any feeling or circumstance. 

The despair of ever preaching again has turned to an unquenchable fire to preach.  The idea that I would never walk has become a passion to add cities for our tent crusades.  If there is a Biblical beast mode…I have found it.

Here is the most important lesson I learned:  You must make the devil pay for attacking you.  That is the only language he understands—divine retribution.  Satan must be convinced there is a consequence to attacking you.

The sister lesson is this: Something you were about to do triggered the enemy.  It must be important.  It must be a threat.  Therefore you must determine to do that thing.

Winston Churchill had a standing order: Anytime Hitler bombed London, the Royal Air force was to take off and bomb Germany.  Hitler would bomb civilians.  Churchill targeted military installations.

Churchill also had a lethal command of language. He used it to taunt Hitler.  Hitler’s yawning inferiority complex made him read anything Churchill sent him.  Adolf opened one message that read, “You have done your worst, now we will do our best.”

Historians wonder why Hitler—with victory over Britain all but guaranteed—turned his armies toward Russia.  I know why.  He realized Churchill would never give up.  The devil must know that about you.

We are going to Las Vegas to win the lost and heal the sick on a larger scale than we have ever known.  We are going where gangs operate.  We are going where addicts languish.  We are going where the homeless sit in despair.

We are coming fully charged with the power of God.  We have boots on the ground!  Soldiers are coming to our side.  This Living Proof Tent Crusade will feature the widest range of ministries to touch human need we have ever seen.

We will open the flood gates of heaven in the abyss of human suffering in this city.  Never—and I mean never—has the fire for winning souls burned so hot within me.  Devil, you did your worst, now…in Las Vegas, we will do our best.




  1. Mary Hinkle

    WOW!!!! YES!!!!! AMEN!!! AMEN!!!! AMEN!!!!!

  2. Rose Florist

    Praying for you brother Mario. Complete healing and restoration for you praying for this Crusade that thousands will come and be saved healed and delivered keeping your ministry and you in prayer and your family God bless

  3. Rosie

    Glory to God! So awesome!

  4. Susan Hoyt

    That’s what I love to hear!

  5. Anna Jungert

    So encouraging to stay in the fight no matter what!

  6. Sandra Douglas

    This Ministry is so vitally on fire for the kingdom growth through the Love of Jesus Christ through the Gospel of Truth being enlivened in the hearts Of all who it is delivered to by the Power of the Holy Spirit drawing men’s hearts to Himself …..and the sabotaging efforts of the doomed enemy cannot and will not thwart it going forth . The Lord Himself is overseeing and decreeing Victory in all of the variables that have taken place that as iron sharpens iron the shaping and forming are therefore Glorifying to Gods Kingdom beyond our finite vision as we trust in His ultimate purposes …apart from Jesus Christ we can do no thing ….but His Love Endureth Forever
    This Ministry is unstoppable by Gods Authority of His Word ….staying Blessed to be a Blessing

  7. Sheila

    Yes Mario, your Crusade in Las Vegas will happen and the devil is going to get what he deserves. A big black eye!
    We Christians should always be praying for each other especially in the times we live in now as the devil is on a rampage attacking us. I’m currently going through something similar, except it’s more mental than physical. But like you said, the valleys are a tremendous learning experience and Jesus is holding our hand through it all the way to the mountain tops! Just like you, I know God wants me to do something big and the devil doesn’t like it. But I will never give up and am determined to get where God wants me.
    Praying for you and your wife always, and thank you for all the encouraging words.

  8. Earlene

    Please take a look on you tube for Dr John Bergman. He is located in California and has extensive comments that may provide info that may be helpful in restoring your health.

  9. Carolina

    Again I share with YOU Mario & your lovely Wife, that we (hubby & myself) totally understand this “back attack!” Not only do I have the phantom remnants of this same type of agonizing nervous system involved spinal affliction, but my dear husband too has an old bulging disc trauma from an old car injury.
    We’ve BOTH been on the floor rolling in agony at the height of our ministerial efforts and wondering if walking again was in our life picture. It’s NO small thing to go through!…sympathizing with you is an understatement. But GOD…healed my pain, my husbands pain, and HE’S healed & healing yours! I have learned–that the healing Christ gives oft times is on going, progressive and ultimately effectual.
    Mario YOU “know” Christ has healed You, we know Christ has healed You, THAT is the ROCK that HIS church is built upon, your knowledge & profession of that knowledge about Him.
    And the gates of HELL will not prevail against You, His church!

  10. Kevan

    So be it!



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