The leftist media is now irrelevant to America.  Let me prove it to you.

by | Mar 4, 2018 | Christianity Today | 12 comments

The leftist media is irrelevant to America.  Let me prove it to you.  More than that, let me show you why it matters to you.  The proof is glaring, and the left can no longer run from it.  Here’s the proof:
CBS, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, along with the not so subtle help of Youtube, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, every late night talk show host, backed Obama.   They were praising, pumping, and drooling.  They called anyone racist who didn’t support him. Yet, at this point in his presidency—he had a 43% approval rating among likely voters.  With all that firepower they simply could move the needle above 43%.
Now the wrath of that entire media cabal is being poured out 24 hours a day on Trump and his supporters. Yet, Trump’s approval is at least 5 to 6 points higher than Obama at the same point.  What does that mean?  It means they are irrelevant—and they have been for years.   They have a hardcore following but things are getting worse.
Reality came on election night.  Crestfallen and dismayed they wailed, cried, and sank horrified.  Not just because Trump won but because they were repudiated. They petulantly signed off telling us it was the end of the world.  That didn’t happen either.

On the other hand, Fox News continued to dominate ratings—commanding an audience that is larger than many leftist medias combined.  Most damaging to the left is the fact that conservative outlets tend to change minds. There’s a reason.
The left rants and spouts slogans but rarely makes a common sense case.  Conservatives ask disturbing questions. Here’s an admittedly oversimplified example: Left leaning broadcast: “You are racist!”  Conservative site: “Chicago has the strictest gun laws in America and a high murder rate. Why?”
But nothing is costing the left more than the Mueller investigation i.e. witch hunt.  The left’s towering hypocrisy is front and center for all to see.  They decry foreign influence on our election while they are fighting to let illegals vote.
Here are other signs that the left leaning media is running out of gas:
-Tonight Jimmy Kimmel said he will tone down the Trump bashing as he hosts the Academy Awards.
-The NFL, The Olympics and every other sport hijacked for the left is suffering ratings collapse.
-Even the L.A. Times, printed an article yesterday saying California should not be obstructing federal law when it comes to illegal immigration.
-Abortion is becoming abhorrent to many young people.  Planned Parenthood is panicking and dropping tens of millions of dollars to elect democrats.
What does this mean?  It means there is a growing audience for moral absolutes and a message of personal responsibility.
What does that mean to you?  It means that the church has preached a muted Gospel for no good reason.  It means, the idea that the public didn’t want a message of love and repentance was a myth.
It means that throughout history, the church has never looked worse than when she tried to reflect cultural thought.  And, she never looked better than when she shined the unfiltered light of the Gospel.  We just laid to rest living proof of this fact: Billy Graham.

It means most of all that there is great opening for us. We don’t know how long it will last so we better jump on it.  My final statement can make the devil pull a muscle in his head:
God is looking for people—maybe you.  He is not looking for better technology or methods.  He doesn’t pour out His Spirit on technology or methods…but on people.  People who will pray for fire, wisdom, courage and opportunity.  If God has heard of you, who cares if anyone else has?
Today, a voice filled with love, truth and the Holy Spirit will cut through this culture like a hot knife through butter.  The Gospel is not just relevant—it is timeless.  It can answer the evil of today and also what is to come. Amen.


  1. mumcgraw3

    Amen!✝Muchos gracias!Senor!

  2. Michele Rogers

    Wow Awesome Could you send this to my grand daughter ? I can’t . I have to keep peace with my liberal family

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  3. Paul Spuler

    Dear Brother Murillo,

    I can’t tell you how deeply I appreciate your messages! God is using you powerfully to awaken the church. Every time I see a new post in my inbox, my heart skips a beat in excitement for what I’m about to read, knowing it will have the touch of God upon it. Truly the Lord has anointed you for such a time as this, to be His messenger; and I’m so grateful that I’ve come into contact with you!

    I can’t say enough about how deeply I appreciate your bold stance in support of Trump, when there have been so many Christians who have rejected this modern day Cyrus whom the Lord has raised up for such a time as this! Every American Christian should be on their knees in prayer, first for gratitude to God for saving us from another 4 years of Obama’s godless policies, as well as in intercession for our POTUS as he seeks to accomplish an agenda that is so in alignment with our Christian values….when at the same time, he has all hell waging war against him.


    Every blessing to you always!
    P.S. My wife and keep thinking that we remember you from preaching at Pine Grove Camp (Malaga NJ) many years ago? We were just young teenagers at the time, but your name is so familiar to us!

    Paul Spuler
    [Inline image 1]
    1105 High Street
    Burlington, NJ 08016

    “For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be glory forever! Amen.” Romans 11:36

    • Ann

      Amen and amen!!!!!

  4. Suzanne Bonne'

    Absolutely true. It’s time for Christians to leave the safety of their churches and actually confront the culture around them. We have the answers to the questions God is causing people to ask. Time to do what the Bible says and undo the works of the enemy. Thank you for this!!

  5. Sheila

    Amen to that Mario!

  6. Gmail gmail

    Great article. Speak up brother!

  7. Ruby Bolding

    Amen! Well said.

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  8. Michael Sahai

    Amen! And yes, may the voices filled with the love , truth and the Holy Spirit arise for we have been born and called for such a time as this!



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