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The nameless horror has come.  Tonight, we are not right wing, left wing, or independent…we are Americans.  No parent should send a child to school and have them shot to death. No bystander should do anything but try to comfort the families.
Everlasting shame on anyone who chooses to debate gun control.  Shame on any politician who seizes this new Saint Valentine Days Massacre for their own end.
Are we so soulless that we can’t pause our debates—or give our political railings a rest. We have been visited by pure evil.  When that happens you guard your mouth and pray.
Mark them.  Punish them.  Excoriate any voice that uses the media to rail about why this happened, and who is to blame.  Remember them, for whoever they are the are the villains of society.
Instead of increasing the pain of these families by giving this your spin, let’s give them a collective hug and tears of true grief for a loss they will feel for the rest of their lives.
No matter what I say, the toxic media will broadcast voices of pseudo rage.  Like carnival barkers they will call you to their political side show.  Who will be the first traitor of decency to speak words like salt in wounds?
The Bible says that Job’s friends saw his sorrow and suffering was so great they sat and said nothing.  They just sat with the sufferer.  They sat for 7 days.
We have come to a tragedy for which there are no words.  It is simply time to let the love of Jesus emanate from us in prayer.  If anyone reading this knows these families I beg you to just sit with them for there are no words for this loss.
Father God, we pray that a comfort from beyond this world will cover the families who lost these angels in Florida.  You said that the Father had anointed you to comfort them that mourn.  Words are so inadequate for this disaster.  Only a blanket of supernatural love will suffice.  We open our hearts now to feel their sorrow.  Open our hearts to feel your sorrow, for only then can we do what is right for these wounded families.


  1. Betsy

    Praying for all the fastest families involved in this tragedy❗?❗

    May GOD go through the morg and raise them from the dead❗?❗

  2. Betsy

    Sorry auto correct

  3. Dr. Jeffry Smith

    The violence of school shooting is satanic. We grieve with the parents, and pray it will never happen again: but – we need to know the facts. The Left wants to stir up fear, feed the anti-2nd Amendment frenzy, and take guns away from law abiding citizens so they can run the country unopposed. To do this they spread lies and half-truths, as you can watch on any 24 hr. news channel. Do the research! If a gang shooting or a drug deal gone bad or a suicide takes place at at school parking lot, it is classified as a “school shooting.” If a husband or ex-husband attacks his wife or ex-wife while she is at her job, but not a single student is harmed, it is a “school shooting”. It is not Columbine or Sandy Hook – and should not be lumped in with these demonic psychopaths who want a big body count. Israel arms their teachers, and in many decades no students have been killed. No student has taken the gun away from the teacher as the Left fears would happen. Rather: potential killers avoid schools all together! Let’s train our teachers, arm our schools, and school shootings, as in Israel, will become a thing of the past.

  4. Carolina

    Early this morning I heard about this horror for the 1st time…grabbed my husband held him & cried. All ready today a Democrat Rep. began the political diatribe.
    I hope no one minds, but Just a point to say today, this young sociopath, was demon possessed, this action he perpetrated goes beyond the generality of evil into demonization, he was not only sick or insane.

    Maranatha! Our Lord has Come, O Lord Come, Come Lord, Amen. Come Lord Jesus.




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