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You can accuse me of writing this because of the widespread abuse of alcohol by ministers—but that is not the case.  You can call me judgmental and again you would be mistaken.   I am certain I will be attacked by those who believe I have gone too far and by those who believe I have not gone far enough.  Nevertheless, I must obey God.

I believe the Holy Spirit is raising this issue because America is teetering on the edge of disaster.  We can all see that the Bible, Christianity, Israel, and American values—the values that keep us alive—are under an all-out attack.  Time is running out for our nation.

Jesus is on the hunt for special vessels.  He is looking for someone to demonstrate power on a level we have not yet seen.  To have authority for miracles that are beyond what we have seen or heard.

I am convinced God is calling those who would be excellent, and powerful in the Spirit, to stop drinking alcohol…including beer.   Not out of legalism—not out of condemnation but because of this one phrase: IT IS NOT FOR YOU. 

Proverbs 31: 4,5 tells us, “It is not for kings, Lemuel—it is not for kings to drink wine, not for rulers to crave beer, lest they drink and forget what has been decreed, and deprive all the oppressed of their rights.”

Wait, what?  Does it really say If you would be a king, or a ruler, then wine and beer are not for you?  Yes, it does.

Can you drink?  Of course, you can.  You can live in the elementary level that says it’s okay so long as you don’t get drunk.  However, in this hour—if you want all that God has for you—it is not for you.

Fine, be a casual drinker, but if you yearn for a deeper level of power and true revival—it is not for you.

It may be okay for others, but if you want to see the notable miracles—the ones that quake cities and alter generations—then it is not for you.

The clue to this new call to a higher personal purity is seen in the next verses: Proverbs 31:6 “Let beer be for those who are perishing, wine for those who are in anguish! 7 Let them drink and forget their poverty and remember their misery no more.”

Is the Bible telling us that alcohol is for death and misery?  At the very least that should give us pause to ask, “why am I drinking?”  Or, “do I really need this.”  And finally, “what am I trying to prove by taking this liberty?”  If you find you are defending it beyond reason, then you must consider the specter of a drinking habit growing out of control.

Many who oppose ministers who drink do make this salient point: “If one of my congregation is a recovering alcoholic and sees me having a glass of wine in public, it could trigger them to start drinking again.  I may be able to handle it, but they can’t.”

While I totally agree with that, the real issue goes much deeper. That good argument does not address private drinking.   You must give it up for Christ not public appearance.

Of course, there are many other issues we need to cover including nutrition, wholesome conversation, financial integrity, sexual purity to name a few…but right now, the enemy is capitalizing on the subtly of alcohol to plateau and even destroy the power of vessels of God.

You know you want power.  You know you yearn for a greater presence of God on your life.  Don’t let a crude habit sabotage your destiny.  Remember, a real disciple gives up what they want now, for what they want most.


  1. chris

    Mario, what do you feel about medical marijuana?

    • mariomurilloministries

      About the same way I feel about medical Jack Daniels.

      • Dan Martinovich

        Perfect answer.

      • Amy Lucas

        Great answer ? I loved your article, it is full of Biblical truth and wisdom!

      • Lorenzo

        If you depend on it more than you need God then it’s a sin.

      • Aaron

        Thank God im not alone on this!!!!!!

      • Aaron

        Choosing not to drink is just as much about my influence as a christian as it is about any thing else.
        Imagine an a new convert who was bound by alcohol sees me drink and starts drinking and goes back out into bondage.
        It would be better if a millstone were tied around my neck and cast into the deepest sea.
        Rom 15:1.
        1 Corinthians 2:15
        But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man.

        We must judge ourselves in the church before God has to do it.

        I dont care if this makes religious people mad.

        Sinners are just waiting for the church to stop acting like the world.
        Why would they leave the world for a counterfit of the world?

        Unsaved people know more about how christians should concicrate there lives than church folk do and they are not buying the compramise of the church anymore.

      • Aaron

        Oh and by the way there is no such thing as private drinking.
        God is always watching.
        Just like there is no such thing as hidden porn viewing.
        God sees it all.

      • Lane

        I totally get your point and actually agree with you for the most part, but I know wonderful Christians who drink and wonderful Christians who don’t drink. This subject will elicit as many opinions as there are people in the world!

        The Bible certainlly condemns drunkenness, but condemnation over a drink I’m not so sure of.

        “Motivation” to anything we do is what God is most concerned with.

        Coca-Cola can be worse for our health than alcohol if alcohol isn’t taken excessively! We can be out of control in so many different areas of our life (affecting our inability to receive miracle working power) alcohol is a grain of sand in the seashore of disciplines affecting us spiritually.

        • mariomurilloministries

          Lane, I never condemned drinking Lane…said there’s a higher calling.

      • ketch20too

        So you don’t take any prescription or OTC meds either? MM has its place where other treatments fail.

      • Marie Miley

        I have always felt the same way sms I’m criticized every day but I don’t care. I have never drank or smoked anything or done drugs. I like to keep my body that holy temple that I’m supposed to have. Unfortunatly many people and family believe medical marijuana is ok and I have seen a Hugh difference in those with anxiety. The medicine didn’t help but the marijuana does. What do I do in that situation?

      • Patty Sullivan

        funny funny funny… Very true and so important. Even being a member of a Church and drinking at all is crazy. Unless the Church is a bunch of drunks also and then take down the sign and call it a bar.

    • Cheryl

      It says in Proverbs. Wine is a mocker strong drink is Raging and whosoever deceive there by is not wise… Go figure my view is to come out from the world and be separate put the bottle down there’s a reason why they call it spirits

      • Shnickly

        I always reference proverbs 31:4-5 and Romans 8:16-17 on this subject

        Ok so it’s not for kings, or rulers………

        But if we are co-heirs with Christ in the kingdom of heaven….then that’s exactly what we are…Kings and rulers!

        So if you are in fact a blood bought Christ following God fearing Christian…then by these two verses I would say that it is not something that God would want you to do…

      • Rebecca Castro

        I agree, delivered from alcoholism the spirit that had me down and out would of never seen what I can see today, I was blind but now I see. I know the life to live and my God who set me free, so it is not okay to drink not even occasionally. Why? Should I return to my vomit. Reading my Bible and going before Abba Father is my strength, and I have today a life of blessings I can cope with whatever the devil throws at me, like when my 27 year old daughter was killed, I could of folded up and drank my pain into a belligerent state of mind, but no I remembered in who I was, a daughter of the most high and how he rescued me, my blessing I will make it to heaven where I can be with my Lord and my daughter I shall see 23 years set free.

      • Renae Johnson

        Right on, under a Spirit other than the Holy Spirit, there’s only room for one!

      • Stacy

        Very good points, Cheryl!

    • Ladedria

      This is awesome! However, I believe a distraction from what the Holy Spirit has placed directly in front of every Christian today, the widow and fatherless. The widows are being led astray (blinded) by alcohol, drugs and predators. The predators are snatching up our children (rape, molestation) and we Christians are silent. Can’t even get an all night lay on the floor prayer meeting to pray for our children. God said, “if My people. “

    • Dan

      Here are the two following verses…
      “Give strong drink to those who are perishing and wine to those whose hearts are bitter. Let them drink and forget their poverty and no longer remember their toil.”
      Proverbs 31:6‭-‬7 CEB

      • Joseph Tenorio

        hmm “given strong drink to those who are dying?

    • Rob McCormick

      Why would any man (or woman) of God want to have anything whatsoever to do with one of Satan’s most powerful and effective tools? Why would they want to support an industry that causes so much death?

      • Pastor Jim

        The most powerful and deceptive tool is the idea that it’s what goes into the mouth defiles you, instead of what comes out, spiritual pride, is the most deadly thing that I can think of.

    • Lindy Norris

      It’s un wise to drink for sure. But leaders are under a stricter judgement says Paul. Paul said that he wouldn’t even eat meat of it made his brother stumble. He said we are free to do all things but he wouldn’t be brought under the bondage of any of it. Enjoying alcohol and being under the bondage of it are two different things. Proverbs says that God made wine to joy man’s heart. So the Bible does watch against the bondage of alcohol. But we have to take what the whole Bible says.

      • Candy Culp

        I agree. Let’s not forget the water that Jesus turned into wine. Don’t tell me it was only grape juice, because if that was true it would have not been called wine. Not only did he make it wine, the bible states that it was the best. We need as Christians to truly to walk with the utmost of character and all that we do. That would include having a drink to celebrate whatever that might be but not becoming drunk!

    • Willie

      I like the message.
      How does smoking fit in this?

      • mariomurilloministries

        Smoking will not send anyone to hell but it makes them smell as if they have been there.

      • Lanny Mitchell

        We call it wine because is was translated that way. The custom for weddings during bible time was to serve the best drink first then when everyone was full the taste didn’t matter so much. That is why the statement was made that the best was served last. We don’t truly know if it was fermented grape juice because it was not specified in the original texts. However it was unlikely because given their customs there would have been people present that were forbidden by the law to drink strong drink.

    • Joseph Tenorio

      Medical marijuana is a front for recreational marijuana. Those who said I use it for medical reasons did so way before it was ever called “Medical”. The term was a lie from the pit of hell. And it is more harmful to our young men then many believe it to be. We are to be sober minded , and have the mind of Christ. How can we effectively witness to those who are bound by drug and Booze , tell them Jesus can set you free from what your flesh has you bound by , then go and do the very thing they are trying to be set free from?

      • patty sullivan

        The whole medical marijuana thing is past my believing. I used to smoke it. It did nothing but bad for me. Took away incentive, energy and health. Made me eat wrong. It helps no one, no matter how they package it. It may help with nausea. Well drink teas that help with nausea, then. If you have cancer take Essiac Tea. Find it on ebay or amazon. It heals cancer. Stay away from pot. All it does is wipe your life out.

      • Eliz

        Agree wholeheartedly. It’s a front. Go ahead keep staying in bondage your walk with a God will diminish.

    • Anita Morrow

      Every scripture you used was from the Old Testament. Jesus first miracle was turning water into wine. Since He is our example…I will follow Him.❤️

      • Sharferg

        If you truly want to follow Him, you will abstain in this age, until you drink it again with Him in Our Father’s Kingdom.
        Mt. 26:27-29
        27 And he took a cup, and when he had given thanks he gave it to them, saying, “Drink of it, all of you; 28 for this is my blood of the[c] covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins. 29 I tell you I shall not drink again of this fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father’s kingdom.”
        Jesus is not drinking during this age.

    • Eddie Garcia

      Thank you Mario for confirmation. At the beginning of year. I felt the Holy Spirit tell me if I wanted to be use more by Lord to stop because of the times we are living in now. Bless you brother ???

  2. Pam

    Thank you, Brother.bso needed at this moment in time ??

  3. Roger

    you can’t pour new wine, in old bottle’s, if you want the new, you got to let go of the old, and the Holy Spirit take’s care of all those thing’s that was mentioned and more, so if they want the new wine, I very strongly suggest you let go of the old, there’s a reason they call that stuff spirit’s, and not Holy Spirit, there playing in the devil’s play ground.

    • Yvonne

      Amen to that!!!! Gods not asking for much!! Be pure and holy!!

  4. Kathleen Amanti

    Yes that’s true! Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit! Believers be sober and vigilant! Our adversary prowls around like a roaring lion ?! ???

    • Yvonne

      Amen!! U should be seeing how close you can be like Jesus and not like the world!!! Or what makes u any different!!!or desirable!!

  5. Sheila

    You are so right Mario! I’m a recovering alcoholic for 8 yrs now, thanks to my Lord Jesus! Never once thinking I would start abusing alcohol to numb pain from a dysfunctional family. I just thought I was a casual drinker like everyone else. You don’t even realize that it starts controlling you like a drug. But once I gave my life to Jesus, He took that away and I’ve never looked back. It’s like, you don’t want to be judgemental towards anyone, but I just feel like if you have the Holy Spirit living in you, there’s really no place for alcohol in your life as a Christian. Especially leaders of the churches. It’s just not the best example, even if they’re drinking privately.
    God Bless!

    • Debra

      Wow! Jesus drank and they called him a drunkard…He changed water into wine at a party…I don’t drink, but I am not going back under a yoke of slavery.
      Please follow scripture and keep these things between you and God. I love your heart running after purification and doing that for Jesus and I know He loves it too. If God puts that on your heart…obey! But please, I grew up in a church that didn’t drink, eat meat, they kept the Sabbath-dusk to dawn, no buying or selling….it soon became all about the rules and Jesus was no where to be found. Not saying this in your case….praying that you will prosper and be in good health…even as your soul prospers. I hope I was not too harsh…Until He Comes, Debra

      • Thomas

        I just can’t believe you condone alcohol consumption.

      • Dean Witt

        Thank You Debra…

        I don’t drink. The Lord took that away from me in 1974. And there are many people who should not drink, but was Jesus having a “bad day” when he changed water into wine ? I think not. However I can agree with Mario that anything that comes between the Lord and His followers should be rejected and if what we do in front of other believers causes them to stumble, we should not engage that behavior.

        Mario, be careful that you don’t try to force on others what you yourself have committed to. The Holy Spirit is our Teacher and our Guide…. I say this with respect …..

      • Nereida

        Jesus was among the drunkards because he was there to preach of salvation among the sinners. He turned water into wine which in those days was called wine because it Was The purest form of grape juice before distilled.
        Scripture says be holy for I Am holy. God bless you. If we fit into this world then how could they tell us apart. We weren’t meant too. We follow Only God’s law. Not man’s God Bless u

      • clara

        Debora great point!
        There are many verses on the Bible and Torah that Gd says to drink. Like for example Passover.
        Purification is not related to drinking unless that is a personal sin. I am not a drinker, I can’t stand the taste of alcohol, but I take a sip out of respect for what Gd commended me to do for passover, and that is fine with me.
        My mother has a heart condition and she is required to drink a cup of wine a day. She is a leader and it doesn’t affect her ability to work for Gd.
        Many verses on the bible also talks about doing things out of tradition and rules of man when there is nothing to do with Gd. That is unfortunately what you speak of. I hope you have found a place filled with Gd and where His commedments are being obeying with His guidance.

      • Sheila

        If your comment was meant for me, I see what you’re saying Debra and your right. Only God gets to judge people. I should’ve kept that last part to myself. It’s just what the Holy Spirit did for me personally and everyone gets to have their own personnel experience. So sorry to everyone for

      • Randy

        Debra, you are correct about Jesup drinking alcoholic wine. While earning my degree in Biblical studies I wrote a 10,000+ word thesis on alcohol in the Bible.

        People in the Bible knew what wine was and knew what grape juice was. They are both discussed numerous times and they were NOT the same thing then or now. Anyone making that argument is just WRONG.

        At the wedding, Jesus not only turned the water into wine, he turned it into old wine, in other words, “the good stuff”, the most alcoholic version of wine. The man who comments on the wine even points this out specifically.

        I reviewed 228 instances of alcohol in the Bible and in well over 75% of them, alcohol and wine specifically is considered a blessing from God, or is even offered as a sacrifice to God.

        The issue never has been about alcohol. It has always been about the heart.

      • Ishmael

        This particular scripture was wisdom a Mother gave her Son, who was a King. Her reason in doing so was because she didn’t want him to forget the law and in doing so pervert the judgement upon the afflicted. This wasn’t what God said. Sometimes the Word of God is confused with what others in the Bible says. Sometimes it’s misinterpreted based upon ones own thoughts and opinions. Sometimes it’s taken out of context and history for which it was written. That’s why it’s important to seek God for clarity of what He said and what the word is saying to us.

      • Bible believer

        Jesus never drank wine. If he did, give me the book, chapter and verse. Read it over real good.

      • Kristin

        In agreement with you, Debra.

      • Rob McCormick

        The wine that Jesus made wasn’t alcoholic, that is for sure.

      • Joseph Tenorio

        Gal 5 says be not entangled with the yoke of bondage. this was speaking of the law yes however , there was no Coors, bud, gray goose ect… created to target the selling of wine back then. the application of wine today is not even close to the context of scripture. it seems when a Leader says ” God is calling us to a higher standard we hear , control & legalism . it is very telling when one say we should not drink, and those who see this as an attack on everything they like to do. Christian drink, christian smoke weed, christian do prone, christian do many things of the world . Sounds like some have been fooled again , not born-again .

      • Eliz

        Exhort admonish. That’s scriptural. Sounds like you were in a religion with out the Holy Spirit. So all you did was follow the law without the Spirit. You may need to forgive if you have a root of bitterness. Abstain from appearance of evil. That’s what my Bible says. Peace to you ?

    • Jperry

      If your point is to see the body of Christ do more here such as the miracles in the Bible then we need to be addressing obedience not substance abuse. My question is to you since you have stopped drinking how many miracles have you preformed?

      • Joseph Tenorio

        No one is performing miracles , we are believing God to confirm His word with signs & wonders . If one is suffering from substance abuse should not the Gospel message and the Power of God save them and set them free? Jesus is setting free everyday those who were bound by drugs and addictions .

    • Anthony Carsella

      You are Not a “Recovering Alcoholic”!!!You are a “New Creation”in Christ!!Check out Romans 12,and Proverbs 18,,blessings to you on your journey!!

      • Tina Marino

        Amen. People need to stop saying, ” I am an alcoholic”. Jesus redeems!

  6. Linda

    I agree completely with you. My husband and I quit drinking in 1994, several years after we were born again and spirit filled. I’m shocked at how many Christians drink and think nothing of it. As for my husband and I, we quit as led by the Holy Spirit.

  7. Jeffry Smith

    Mario has the mind of the Lord on this subject! In my 55 years as a Christian, I have seen many ministries and many Christian testimonies destroyed by the “liberty” of drinking. Anything that lowers your inhibitions and opens the door to spiritual influence by the enemy must be avoided. One of the signs in the Bible of consecration to the Lord was taking the vow of a Nazarite and it includes not drinking wine or strong drink. Excellent book on the subject that deals with all the arguments and justifications Christians use to excuse their drinking is “Sipping Saints” by David Wilkerson. Imagine trying to witness to a lost soul and them getting a blast of alcohol in their face… Jeffry L. Smith, PhD, Bible College Professor, author

    • Wesley

      Jeffrey, as a bible college professor you should know well enough that there is no place for anecdotes in a biblical conversation. Three fact that you have a Ph.D. might mean something but it doesn’t prove anything. We persuade others toward the truth by explaining the truth. I haven’t seen any convincing arguments in this entire thread that prove that abstinence is a law in the Bible. I understand that that’s what you think, but you don’t expect me to believe it because you said so, right?

  8. Duane

    Ecclesiastes 9:7

    • Peggy

      coming from a man who screwed up his whole life…you misunderstand the book

    • johnwillis

      Proverbs 23:31-35 AMPC
      Do not look at wine when it is red, when it sparkles in the wineglass, when it goes down smoothly. [32] At the last it bites like a serpent and stings like an adder. [33] Under the influence of wine your eyes will behold strange things and loose women and your mind will utter things turned the wrong way untrue, incorrect, and petulant. [34] Yes, you will be as unsteady as he who lies down in the midst of the sea, and as open to disaster as he who lies upon the top of a mast. [35] You will say, They struck me, but I was not hurt! They beat me as with a hammer, but I did not feel it! When shall I awake? I will crave and seek more wine again and escape reality.

  9. Pamela Eitel

    Mario is right on target ! During a sermon in October of 2008 the Holy Spirit very clearly spoke to me to “set it aside” there was no doubt in my heart He put His finger on this area of my life. I had one glass in March of 2009 and I got sick ! That was the end of it for me. I want Him,the intimate relationship with Him and all that He has for me! When this life He has given me is over, I want it to be an offering back to Him. His plan, in His power for His purposes and all for His glory !

  10. Mary Ann Gracian

    Well said and I agree

  11. johnwillis

    I can’t even believe this is a subject of debate..As a Spirit filled Christian, you need alcohol ? Bless your heart..

    • Pamela Eitel

      John Willis, Thanks for the blessing ! Have you ever had a struggle of any kind ? There has only been One who walked the earth that was sinless. I have learned and continue to be a life-long learner in my short fifty nine years.

      • John Willis

        Many struggles here Pamela. Both a former alcohol And drug user here. I likely came across too judgmental, sorry. But for the grace of God go I.

      • johnwillis

        Many struggles here Pamela, a former alcohol and drug user myself. I likely came across too judgmental, my apologies .. But for the grace of God go I.

    • Todd

      Wisdom is justified of all her children.

  12. Novella hawk

    We who had alcoholic fathers can smell it on the breath!! Is unreal. I went thru some “hell” & despair, until I forgave my dad, an x army guy who never broke the habit. He repented to God, so often, but was killed by a hit/run driver, when I was 12, but I was so filled with bitterness, from the abuse, I turned to Jesus from my mother’s life & testimony, so glad. Years later, I forgave him & now, have a love for him & will love seeing him – later. He loved God just wasn’t able to stop!! Love to know if husband Ralph, has seen him, in Glory. Bless all who read & hear the Spirit of God. We do have a horriblly deceptive problem!!
    Butterfly n

  13. Rosemary Zoucha

    Thank you, Mario. It is time for purity to re-enter the church on every level. Yes, we are covered by Grace, but if we want the True Holy Spirit Power, we must be totally given to only One.
    God bless you in your courage to speak His Truth to us all.

  14. Arminius

    42 “Woe to you Pharisees, because you give God a tenth of your mint, rue and all other kinds of garden herbs, but you neglect justice and the love of God. You should have practiced the latter without leaving the former undone.

  15. Peter Courson

    Wow, Jesus should have known better than to drink wine and use it as the very element of Communion.

    • mariomurilloministries

      The church is very divided on this issue Peter: “Leavened bread has undergone a fermentation process which requires time. It is the decomposition of living organisms when yeast and bacteria inside the dough convert the natural carbohydrates in the wheat to carbon dioxide. This causes gas bubbles to form, which fill up with air and cause the bread to rise. This fermentation process is very similar to wine and beer and is why some people think that baking fresh bread smells like beer.
      So if God forbid the Israelites to eat fermented bread at Passover — Do you think He would want them to drink fermented grape juice — alcoholic wine? -Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

      • paulsmusing

        Strange as it may seem Jesus turned water into wine and turned wine into the symbol of his blood. Moving to the issue of leavened bread ?. What Jesus used was Passover bread that is kinda like crackers, so there was indeed no leaven, may I suggest then that until the last few hundred years we didn’t have such a thing in Europe as a totally yeast free bread. Therefore it is entirely logical that it’s not a thing Jesus would have got hung up about as bread and wine were the common sort of food. Which really means it is the common stuff, so a bread roll or a slice of bread of any sort (even a wafer as the Catholics and us in the Church of England use) and wine over here is a common drink as it was in the time of Christ but if you don’t drink that’s fine use something else I don’t think God is really bothered. After all he told is not to neglect our feast days

      • Leon Stuart

        I’ll assume the best, and that my reply was glitched, and not intentionally deleted, and try again.

        Your exegesis is a little off here. The reason for the unleavened bread at Passover was time, not fermentation. The Israelites were told to prepare the meal in haste as they’d be leaving Egypt quickly. See Exodus 12:7, 33-34. Since God used feasts as memorials, he required subsequent Passovers to include unleavened bread.

        It wasn’t the process, it was the timing that led to Passover including unleavened bread. The analogy of unleavened bread to wine is stretched beyond the plain meaning of scripture.

  16. johnwillis

    Why would anyone even need alcohol as a follower of Christ? let alone a leader.. Is the adventure that is the life in the Spirit that boring to some? And even if you could drink in moderation, why would you risk being enslaved by the drug that has ruined so many lives, broken so many homes and divided so many marriages?
    Is it ours to walk precariously near the edge of temptation as possible to prove we are living by grace? The word of God teaches us to…

    “walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time because the days are evil. Wherefore be not unwise but understanding what the will of the Lord is. And be not drunk with wine wherein is excess, but be filled with the Spirit” (Eph 5:15-)

    • Candy Culp

      Do not become drunk in excess! Is it possible to have a glass of wine and not drink to excess? Obviously it was thought so other wise why would this scripture been written to warn us. If you have struggled with alcohol in the past common sense says leave it alone! Becoming drunk is the issue I believe, not having a glass of wine on occasion.

    • Joseph Tenorio

      MM was not attacking those who drink, but in these dark times we need to protect the integrity of our Witness and the openness to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Leaders ! have failed, Leaders ! have said do this yet they do not do… Today the number one issue is Leadership ! why? Because so many are willing to take little leaven in their bread. How can you take fire unto yourself and not be burnt?

      Normative & descriptive

      Jesus in the Gospels is never suggested, recorded, or said HE was ever was drunk. Can we who have drank say the same thing that we never have been drunk? Please don’t answer 🙂 . But I can tell you Jesus NEVER was . What we do know is the “Religious leaders” questioned his integrity for just eating with Them you know , the tax collectors, wine bibles , publicans etc… what would they have said IF Jesus was drunk? I can guess the Gospels would have beanery short and not the number one Book today.

      Normative: no mighty move of God recorded in the book of Acts was done by those were drunks . Paul under the leading of the Holy Spirit addressed maturity concerning the Lords Supper did he not? apparently the “wine and use it as the very element of Communion” was an issue of abuse to the point Paul had to post out some die for eating unworthily . Amen MM, as the days grow darker we need to be more light : we drink like the world , live like world , smoke like the world, doing everything like the world , why do they need Jesus ? the Christian Leaders do everything the world does…

      • Joseph Tenorio

        lol s/p beanery with “very short”

    • Wesley

      John, have you ever considered the idea that there many people that don’t drink alcohol because they need it. They just enjoy it. The same way that you hopefully enjoy certain things. And that they also aren’t risking anything because they actually enjoy it only in moderation because they desire to please God and not to sin against Him by getting drunk? There are Christians that drink alcohol that truly love and serve there God of the Bible in spirit and truth just as much or moore than you do. You should practice some humility and think about that.

  17. Kate

    I went to a Catholic Church carnival with a friend. There was a beer garden right in the center and the priest was smoking. A Bingo (gambling) sign was hanging on a building. My first impression was this is not a possitive place for families. I am not against being real having a beer on occassion but church to me is not a place to indulge in these things. I cant judge anyone because I have my own faults but there is a place and a time for everything.

    • paulsmusing

      In the UK most of our churches even the magnificent St Paul’s were cattle markets and places of trade. It’s how they were paid for!

      The churches and abbeys were often the only place that there was the space to brew beer which was vital as until the 18th and 19th century’s that water became clean enough to drink.



    • Ryan Lawrence

      The 9Th fruit of the spirit is self control….that is more powerful than Alcohol…

  19. AG

    Ugh … Every time I hear these arguments about drinking, they are all so unbiblical. The people who argue to abstain ONLY ever use the same scriptures in Proverbs while neglecting the New Testament scriptures which clearly show that Jesus and the apostles drank wine (why is that?) AND the people who argue for freedom in Christ to drink always site the New Testament scriptures while neglecting the wisdom given to us in Proverbs and the Old Testament. It seems everyone has their own spiritual agenda to push based on their own natural inclinations, doctrinal upbringing or bad experiences (because neither side of the argument completely washes out Scripturally). THEN people who always taut these arguments (from one side or the other) always add that they have a special word from God about it to make it sound more credible … ugh.

    This post is no different except for the fact that I’m very concerned that the motive behind the agenda this time is to obtain “more power”. That seems completely opposite of the stated goal in the post that says we should be “relying on and resting in the finished work of the Cross of Christ Jesus.” If we are truly doing that (and abstaining from a beer to prove it), why do we need to seek after “more power”. That just does not make sense. It seems the “more power” agenda is more of a worldly agenda wrapped in a spiritual cloak than a heavenly agenda ordained by God through Scripture. There is NOWHERE in scripture where it tells us we can obtain “more power” by the things we do or don’t do. That is such a paganistic idea it’s unreal. (bottom line: scary agenda, definitely not Scriptural, and more dangerous than a Bud Light)

    It is Christ in us that is the hope of Glory. Nothing we can do (or not do) in and of ourselves will ever give us “more power” or accomplish something better for Him. Because It is NOT by OUR might or power that anything CAN BE accomplished–but ONLY by the Spirit of the Living God. We are just the vessels. And if God, Himself was not hindered by a glass of wine, when he dwelled on this earth in the flesh, the point is simply moot. The time arguing that dead point would be much better spent on our faces, humbling ourselves before God and crying out on behalf of a lost and dying world.

    • clara

      Amen! I completely agree with you.
      I find the matter also about sin verses not sin. If it’s something that causes you to sin and Gd tells you to stop by all means stop, but if Gd tells you to drink and you don’t that is disobedience to Gd and that becomes a sin. I think it’s a matter of personal sin, but if it’s a communal sin being done than looking into the matters of what is the root of that sin and getting that taken care of is more important than pointing fingers.

    • Michelle

      Well said!

    • Kristin


    • Noah Wells

      I dong think the argument is against positional holiness/ finished work but an invitation similar to Paul’s that says there are some thing permissible but not benificial… The walking in power/ or greater levels of surrender/effectiveness for God is clear throughout the Bible that it comes with consecration and surrender. To say that our choices of denying our earthly pursuit in light of pursuing things of eternal value have no affect because of the finished work is not understanding the difference between justification (positional) and sanctification (ongoing)

    • Candy Culp

      Thank you!

    • Joseph Tenorio

      More power and revival dear AG, is a cloak & dagger hidden agenda? Right Christ in us is the hope of Glory but the Holy Spirit in us now that empowers us to be a witness. what is wrong with a brother edifying us with removing anything in our lives that can stifle the move of God in our life? Unbiblical not to remove things that can hurt your testimony and witness ? Yes Jesus did drink wine , And no where in the New Testament do I see our Lord use His drinking of wine as a normative in the salvation message . We do see in both Old and New Testament the separation from the things of the world. ” Drinking wine ” is used 8 times in the KJV in four verses. ” Be sober ” is said 25 times in 11verses. clearly one can drink wine or a beer however, it is not a blessing to do so.

  20. Alana Sparks

    Amen to that!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  21. Life More Simply

    If you read the Jewish scribes’ commentary on Proberbs 32, you will see that the reference to avoiding alcohol is speaking of not getting drunk. But let’s go on and focus on the next verse, verse 5, where it explains WHY a king must avoid getting drunk. “Lest he drink and forget what was made law (this means, “what was written in the Torah and Oral Torah”), and chance the judgement of all the impoverished.” (Vs 5, version, parentheses mine based off of Jewish commentary).

    If you don’t believe you need to follow Torah, then verse 4 doesn’t apply to you.

    What do I believe? Too much to write in this box. 😉

  22. gary wallen

    I always question the judgement of a drinker in leadership.

    • Leon Stuart

      I don’t. I only question their wisdom if they drink to excess or in a way to offend the weaker member.

  23. Terrance

    This is a very good article. I really need to seek God for clarification about this issue.

    I haven’t drank for years because I don’t want to be fat, not because I have any biblical concerns about drinking alcohol.

    About a year ago I was cooking in the kitchen and I thought I maybe heard the Holy Spirit tell me not to drink, which I don’t. It was so faint I thought it was my imagination, and since I never drink anyway I could not figure out why it would have been God. I decided someone who thinks I shouldn’t drink must be praying that on me and mostly forgot all about it until this article.

    I havd heard the point of ministers worrying about being seen drinking, but I am not a minister. I never thought about those scriptures in Proverbs, but even if I am not a minister I hope to be a vessel of honor and need a clear head to do what I do.

  24. Ryan Lawrence

    Bob Yandian has the best teaching on Alcohol I’ve heard. He doesn’t reference his opinion, but what the word truly says.

  25. Jeff

    Why would Paul INSTRUCT Timothy to drink wine for his stomach sake? It does not make Biblical sense. If Biblical or controlled consumption of wine is a drain on your Spiritual perception or ability to be used by the Holy Spirit, why would Paul not just pray over a “cloth” and lay it on Timothy and heal him of his sick or weak stomach? Why would he give counsel to this young pastor to do something that would “challenge” his anointing or use of God in Ministry? Jesus never instructed anyone to NOT DRINK wine. WHY would the MASTER NEVER instruct us concerning being useful for God’s Kingdom and the consumption of wine? Paul taught that BISHOPS just should not be GIVEN to wine and the Deacons should not be given to MUCH of it. Paul stated he would basically go to Hell for his brethren. But he never taught against drinking wine in moderation. It is so easy to pick some “candy stick” issues and use the “times” to infringe some yoke concerning them. But, you really need to use the RIGHTLY DIVIDED Word of Truth to construct doctrine. Just because it sounds religious does not mean it has Heavenly value.

    • clara


  26. Johan

    Hi pastor, I want to agree, but Jesus drank wine? The communion cup was the cup of blessing and I think was the fouth or third cup out of four? How do we reconsile Jesus drinkijng wine? Thanks pastor.

    • clara

      I get what you are saying, but revival has nothing to do with driking or not. There are many passages on the Bible were Gd tell us to drink wine as part of his commendments, like for example in the traditions of passover. Jesus turned water into wine, why would He do that if you say Gf is so against leaders drinking?
      This whole don’t drink thing is more guided towards people that has a lack of control or Gd specifically told them not to drink for whatever reason and they disobeyed Gd.
      My parents are both leaders, my dad never touch alcohol since he became a believer until Gd told Him is ok to drink as He commended during certain occasions like passover.
      I think you take things out of context, what one person strugles with another might not strugle with it at all.

    • Vicky

      I don’t know if this means anything, but I’ve noticed that the word “wine” is not used in connection with communion instituted by Jesus at the Last Supper. The term used is “fruit of the vine.” I thought that was appropriate, too, in that Jesus said He was the Vine. I used to wonder how they could drink fermented wine at Passover since all leaven was to be taken out of their homes during seven days and no leavened bread was to be eaten during that time either. It was even called the Feast of Unleavened Bread. Leaven elsewhere is associated with hypocrisy of the Pharisees. Jesus said He would not drink the fruit of the vine again until He drank it “new” with them in the kingdom of heaven. Doesn’t sound like there will be fermentation then.

  27. Olivia

    Awesome Mario 🙂 Praise God!!! 😀 I was talking to the Lord regarding Christians and drinking alcohol last night and also felt the Lord say don’t drink alcohol anymore.
    Praise and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ keep seeking the heart of the Father and sharing with the body what Jesus lays on your heart. Thank you
    Blessings to you and your family.

  28. Thomas Sullivan

    Lets NOT put aside that this is a mothers opinion while talking to her son. This is NOT a prophet speaking to the church. Also, if you continue, it suggests giving strong drink to people in certain instances.
    4 It is not for kings, O Lemuel,
    It is not for kings to drink wine,
    Nor for princes intoxicating drink;
    5 Lest they drink and forget the law,
    And pervert the justice of all the afflicted.
    6 Give strong drink to him who is perishing,
    And wine to those who are bitter of heart.
    7 Let him drink and forget his poverty,
    And remember his misery no more.

    My interpretation of this is that when you are supposed to be doing the Job given you, i.e. WORKING
    Especially in the time of day your people are looking to you for answers………. Show up sober and clear of mind. This will allow you to perform your duties without intoxicating influence.
    Obviously as with any other temptation, if this becomes problematic and starts to affect your life then it should be treated in mind as any other temptation.
    Each of us have our own afflictions. If strong drink is one of yours and you cannot moderate your use at appropriate time or measure….. then you should consider removing anything inhibiting you from your relationship with Christ out of your life.

    I take issue with people whom pull and pick certain scripture to try and fit their narrative. This type of teaching is no better then political satire and is deceptive. In my humble opinion, the leader of a nation, a business, a community, a church, or a family should hold themselves in a higher standard. Leading by example. Lets not try to make things that may be a sin for one person, a sin for everyone. There are a LOT of smoking, chubby, lazy, lustful and angry people leading churches throughout the world. We call them Christian. They are NOT perfect, just forgiven by grace. people seem to think that by putting on your pastors hat, that you are not a regular person anymore.

  29. johnwillis

    “All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient:”

  30. Jessia

    I had never thought of drinking as spiritual immaturity but it certainly is. When you are alive in Christ, you don’t need those things. Thanks for taking a stand!

    • Leon Stuart

      Is there not a difference between “needing” a thing and “enjoying” a thing? Can only the spiritually immature enjoy something that is not truly a requirement for life?

      I find part of being alive in Christ is enjoying the abundant life He offers.

      The issue with maturity is a heart issue, not a rules issue. Only the immature need laws; the mature do right because of their relationship.

  31. Tom

    Very well said! It is said without condemnation and is filled with God’s word of truth and love. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Aaron

    Mario thank you.
    I have taken a lot of flack from people “mostly religious people” about the stand I have taken on this.
    People have forgoten that men of God take stands about Sin.
    Its why they were killed in the Bible.
    You are the real deal!!
    Love you Brother Mario!!

  33. Scott Trandel

    Mario, you are one of the true voices left in The US Church. I appreciate your ministry. God is calling the Last Days Remnant Church and you are sounding the trumpet. Please know there are those who are hearing, awakening and arising.

  34. DaveC

    The reason why Soldiers and Officers in the Salvation Army include oaths of abstinence for that and other things like gambling.

  35. Leon Stuart

    I think what it comes down to for me is this:

    1) The Jews drank wine (not just grape juice). The Hebrew “yayin” meant fermented, alcohol wine, not grape juice – and is the word God used in commanding the people to drink in rejoicing (see Deut. 14:23-26) and to give to their spiritual leaders in offering (Ex. 29:40). There is no blanket OT view that alcohol is bad.

    2) Jesus drank wine (Lk. 7:34, Matt. 11:19). To the point that the Pharisaical around him accused him of being a drunkard. Obviously being without sin he wasn’t drunk (Lk. 21:34), but he did drink wine – clear from NT writing. As a first century Jew, considered to be a rabbi, it would have been shocking had he not abstained. John the Baptizer abstained and it was mentioned it was due to his Nazarite vow. Jesus took no such vow. Luke 7 contrasts this fact about the two of them.

    3) In first century Jerusalem it would have been highly, highly improbable that their Passover celebration would not include wine.

    If Jesus drank wine, and there is no prohibition against it (scripturally, only the Nazarites were commanded not to drink alcohol; the guidance in Proverbs for kings is advice, not a strict command) then there is no sin in drinking wine as long as the commands to avoid drunkenness and to avoid offending the weaker brother/sister.

    Keep the heart and head clear, and wine is something to enjoy if that’s your “cup of tea.” If not, drink something else. No judgement here.

    As to the thought that drinking can ruin one’s witness…well, that cuts both ways. I’ve had fruitful conversations with friends about Christ over a glass of wine or beer. Jesus obviously drank with non-believers. It was the judgmental Pharisees who saw it as a problem, not those who heard the Gospel most closely in their need.

    I won’t let alcohol be a stumbling block, but I won’t let it be an excuse not to engage with some people who need to hear the Gospel. They are what is important to God, not what fills the glass at the table around which we talk.

    • Angelagm


  36. Stephen-John Yeo

    As a young believer , my mom shared with me our family history and how alcohol was a problem. She asked me to vow that I would never touch it. I made the vow to always serve the Lord and to stay away from alcohol. Mario I enjoy your blocks and learn from you.

    Greetings from South Africa

  37. Art

    Jesus and the disciples drank wine.
    We are also commanded in First Timothy to not drink only water, but to save some wine for our stomachs.
    Whereas I understand and appreciate what you are trying to do I simply can not hold your words above the words of Jesus.

    • mariomurilloministries

      Art, It is my custom to ignore certain remarks but I am sorry brother, you are way beyond the pale. I am writing this to you and everyone else who insists on misquoting me. It will be my last comment on this subject. Many have defended drinking alcohol–something I never said to ban–but you Art, are the first to bend scripture to make drinking wine a commandment…and you make it sound as if Jesus commanded it too. Paul advised Timothy not the whole church. Dude really? Even if you were right, you would only take it when you had stomach issues right?

      I know you didn’t read the article but are having a knee jerk reaction to defend your right to drink…something I never banned. I only said that the Holy Spirit told me that for some there is a higher calling to a clearer mind and discernment.

  38. Lee raine

    As cs Lewis said. ” Christianity is a religion of moderation ” let nothing control or enslaven u Drink , food, work, pleasure etcetc. Definition of sin – misdirection of your affections This is better way. ” what does your heart love “

    • Heather Roberts

      Misdirection of your affections- love it.

  39. Michael

    Did God have offerings made to him with wine in the Old Testament? Yes he did. Was it phrased as a ‘soothing aroma’ as in a way of calming from alcohol? Yes it was. You can easily see from the concordance that even God has used alcohol as a pleasantry in Old Testament times. Do I condone drinking as a Christian? Not to the extent that if you cannot control yourself with it. Please stop saying the wine was grape juice. That is completely misleading. The point is self control as with everything else that we take for granted in our lives now. Paul has plenty to say about this topic, Jesus commanded that we love one another as ourselves in that we should help each other live better lives.

  40. Lori Powers

    I’m glad you shared this. I was not raised in church and when Jesus came to me while I was home alone and said give your life to me I am going to make you an example He called me to come out of the world and it’s ways. He taught me a lot that year before I begun going to church. I have been an example to many, and years ago when I did jail ministry I heard many say how the church was full of Hippocrates, and so why bother going. Even though I knew that was their excuses I also knew they were somewhat right.
    If we are ministers we are also called to die to the lust or desired of the flesh and show the lost that Jesus is more than enough. And as for me, I always thought that I do not want to make someone else fall, nor do I want a doorway open to evil spirits.
    God called us to come out of the world and it’s ways, and He desires that we lead others out too, He said we will gather with Him or scater away from Him. Also we were told to do everything as unto the Lord and if it’s not building the kingdom maybe we need to reevaluate what we are doing.
    God bless!

  41. Lori

    Thank you! My husband & I are pastors and we are surround by Pastors, evangelist who all drink. And we are persecuted because we don’t and called religious, and that’s ok because we know the truth! It’s been mind blowing to us and never thought we would see this day. I told my husband, I think you and I are the only people who don’t drink nor have tattoos. We want all God has for us and believe it will only come to those set apart for HIS glory. Thank you again for standing up!

  42. Andrew Harrelson

    Okay, but how do you address the fact that, in the New Testament, Paul instructed Timothy to drink wine for the sake of his stomach and his much illness. Paul was an apostle and Timothy was the head of a church?

  43. K S

    No power for the extraordinary without fullness (influence of) Holy Spirit. Eph 5:18 indicates we should not be under the influence of any “spirit” other than Holy Spirit. Those who desire the highest life in Christ will eventually be led by Holy Spirit to abstinence from many things that are permissible to those who are content to stay on the lower plane.

  44. Pieternella Buist

    Thanks for your comment Jerry Dodson. I agree with you. Of course, if people do want to abstain from drinking alcohol that is all well and good, but they shouldn’t condemn those who think otherwise .

  45. Celeste

    Thank you Mario! I saw you recently in Houston at Kendal Bridges old church! Loved it! My parents went to your meetings when they were young, and now I went with my daughter and her two twin daughters who are ten! Four generations hearing you preach the gospel for 70 years! Thank you for this post! I have questioned drinking so many times throughout my life. Some say it’s okay and others say no to it. I believe your article is right on! This generation has an epidemic of drinking more than any other! I believe what you said for a higher calling, we need to be filled with the Holy Spirit instead of wine! Thank you, this is such a word from God, for I woke up today and said Lord no more for me, I want more of you and to answer his calling on my life! Love you! God bless you!!!

    • Celeste

      I just realized that I got you Morio mixed up with Morris Cerullo I couldn’t erase my message I posted, so I still love the fact you posted this article! I also love your preaching since I was in my early 20’s! Thank you for all you do for the Kingdome of Hod!

    • Celeste

      I’m sorry I thought this article was written by Morris Cerullo. I now realize that you wrote it Mario! I get you two mixed up! Thank you for this article you wrote! Thank you for being a awesome evangelist! Love hearing you preach!

  46. Angela White

    I see people coming on here making so many excuses about drinking. If we Love God like we say, we wouldn’t even have a desire or a thought that come to our mind that we want to drink you should want to make sure that you doing the right thing Not just guessing because you just taking one drink, but because you love our Lord and savior.

  47. Allison Poninghouse

    Lord open peoples hearts to see that alcohol is wrong.

  48. Dava Silva

    Just reading comments here makes it clear not all Christians agree on the subject of consuming alcohol. I do see agreement on the matter of drinking alcohol in excess.
    But one could argue that coffee, or caffiene, might similarly not be for you as a believer. Do you crave it? Depend on it to get you through the day? If so, you are addicted. That addiction may not be as destructive as alcohol but it does suggest you are just as beholden to the world of man as the person who drinks alcohol.

  49. Joy Abrams

    Keep preaching it, Mario! You are the ONLY one who is!!!! Our churches have lost their power, and I believe this is the reason why!!

  50. M.J Stephens

    As a recovering alcoholic, I can tell you that from my experience the sight of a pastor or anyone else drinking is not necessarily a trigger. Anything can be a trigger; a personal tragedy, a change in the weather, a successful day at work. My personal spiritual experience with God and my daily work at recovery is what keeps me from drinking. There is nothing anyone else can do to make me drink and there is nothing anyone can do make me stop. Alcoholism is a disease and not a moral failure, despite what some may teach.

  51. Ron M

    Here is the argument: 1. Wine in Jesus’ day, 2. Paul, speaking that a little wine is good for the stomach.
    Answer: Jesus’ first miracle: water into wine. Please note, WATER. Wine was water based back then and they got Sea salt water to make the wine and it was bitter so they added something to sweeten it up. Also, Old Testament says they drank all night until they drunk? Water based wine.
    FAST FORWARD: Wine today? Alcohol based. Any consumption of alcohol will not destroy your brain cells but it will damage them. It effects: your Neurons, (neurological side of your brain) and causes your inability to learn and also effects your motor skills. Case in point: someone that’s drunk “normally” can’t walk a straight line nor touch their nose with their finger. There is also a direct link between consumption of alcohol and Psychosis and mental and emotional behaviors. Alcohol dehydrates your body. Our brain consists of 80% water. You can’t mix the two!
    A little wine is good for the stomach? Actually, plain, good drinking water is good for the stomach. Staying away from processed sugars, processed and junk foods along with alcohol is the first steps to felling good in mind and body. Making time to work out is also important! Next mandatory thing: SOUL DELIVERERANCE. Love to all!



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