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So far, 120,000 people have read my blog about wine, beer and the Holy Spirit.  I was blessed by how overwhelmingly positive the comments were.  I had braced myself for an onslaught of condemnation.  Of course I was not without criticism, so I am adding this follow up to answer my critics.  Understand however, this is my last word on this subject.  No matter how crazy the criticism, and even if I am offered a massive book deal (lol) I am through with this subject.

I was accused of lifting a single passage from the Old Testament to invent a legalism against alcohol.  Nope, I was declaring that—in this hour, due to the dire condition of America—the Holy Spirit was signaling certain vessels to a higher calling.  One of the things that will fall by the wayside in this calling is booze.

The verses that I cited are not an example of a new doctrine, but an instance in history where Kings and Rulers were told that wine, and beer were not for them, lest they pervert justice—a time when justice was murky, like it is now.  A time when keen senses are required.

Here is what I said, “I am convinced God is calling those who would be excellent, and powerful in the Spirit, to stop drinking alcohol…including beer.   Not out of legalism—not out of condemnation but because of this one phrase: IT IS NOT FOR YOU.”  

Here are the passages I am accused of lifting out of context to build a legalism:  Proverbs 31: 4,5 , “It is not for kings, Lemuel—it is not for kings to drink wine, not for rulers to crave beer, lest they drink and forget what has been decreed, and deprive all the oppressed of their rights.”  To prove I am not lifting just one scriptural reference, I will show you another moment in the Bible where this specific abstinence was practiced.

I believe the Holy Spirit is raising that issue again for the very same reason.  God is leading certain vessels out of a highly addicted and stimulated culture—vessels who will hang straight and true like a plumb line as all the moral lines have been blurred.  If you believe I am lying about what the Holy Spirit has said to me fine, just don’t dance around the argument by saying I said things that I did not say.

I never thought I’d see the day when wine and beer would be a sacred cow to Christians.  The vehement rejection, by some, of even the possibility of abstaining, reveals the problem.  The fact that they use deflection—deliberately missing my point and accusing me of saying things I did not say—to protect drinking, is revealing.  I never talked about the Bible  banning responsible drinking.  I talked about a higher calling.

Others reminded me that Jesus drank wine.  I never said He didn’t.  However, we do know of an instance where Jesus refused wine and why.  House to House .com said, “Mark described the drink as wine mingled with myrrh (Mark 15:23). The drink offered to Jesus was a cheap Roman vinegar wine, which had a drug mixed in to dull the senses. It was the custom of the Romans to offer a man being crucified drugged wine so that he might more easily endure his cross. Jesus refused the wine, however, apparently so that He could go through his suffering with a clear mind.”   If you bring up the fact that Jesus drank wine.  I must bring up the time He refused it and why.  We are in such a time right now.

The overwhelming numbers who read the blog convince me something glorious is happening.  Crawling out of the religious swamp—where grace is bent, and Christians clamor to see how much of the world they can keep and still know God—there is a remnant.  That remnant is marked for special use.  It is the high calling in Christ.  Filter out the noise and listen—perhaps you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this.


  1. Fred

    Amen brother Mario! Paul said that he was striving for the prize of High Calling in Jesus Christ. I think we should all lay aside the weight and run the race the Spirit has called us to.

    • Arelia Pendergrass

      I completely agree with you brother Mario. Keep ignoring the critics. Some Christians will defend their vice of choice so they can continue to indulge in it.

      • Elaine Mitchell

        I thank the Lord for this brother’s wise word from the Word of God on this subject, which has been such a hotly controversial topic in local churches of this part of the country(Central Rural Louisiana). There are too many attitudes that swing from one extreme to another: extreme judgmental condemnation to over indulgence.
        A calling back to simple holiness by walking in and following what the Word of God has to say…..forgetting what others say, and looking to what He has to say……what example should I set for others to follow, as He said and did during His walk on earth.

      • Shirley Ford

        Thank you so much. I have never heard it put this way. Some of my minister friends drink wine because of scriptures in the New Testament and said those who are against it is Religious.
        But you have put it in proper perspective for me individually, as a Minister of The Gospel. Love you so much!

    • Jim Spurling

      At least you all are honest about it actually being real wine back in Jesus day, some try to say it was just grape juice. When , I think it was the Apostle Paul, when he gave the requirements for being a Bishop, he said a man not given to much wine. Lol, if it was grape juice what difference would it make how much he was given to it?

  2. free73735

    Mario’s message is clearly here for all “who have ears to hear.” What also stood out to me, was how much of the world can we hang onto and still have Jesus? I have noticed several sites who offer “verse of the day” and Bible plans, have removed the older saints from their archives, who called the christian to higher standards. Statements made were, we need a different approach to the millennials. They require more current voices. Also there are far more 5 day, 7 day,12 day, 21 day, etc plans than a year long. The longest seems to be around 30 days. Seems attention spans these days have shrunk and folk get bored too easily, so need variety! Good word Mario!

  3. Maggie

    Thank you for putting my exact thoughts into a well written passage with truth. The church needs to wake up and remember that we are not of this world, something too often forgotten. Be blessed and press on

  4. Mark Strausburg

    That is such a good word it has coused me to search deeper into my relationship with Christ and ask myself is it really necessary.

  5. Michael DeWitt

    I don’t know of a single incident where Jesus drank Wine, he may have changed the Water but anything beyond that is assumption and not scriptural. Wine is not Sinful unless it is abused or unless the individual proclaims it a sin for themselves. If there are so many liquids available that are non-alcoholic that taste superior why drink it unless you are after it’s mind altering effects?

    • clara

      He dranked wine during passover celebration, during “communion, and most jewish holidays you tend to drink wine.

  6. Rosie

    Thank you for addressing this! We are called to be “set apart”.

  7. Aaron

    The word legalism is thrown around by everyone now.
    I dont think people even understand what true legalism is in there heart.
    They may have a legal definition but still not get the spirit of the term.

  8. Sheila

    Wow! Simply amazing Mario! You obviously have the Holy Spirit leading you on this. I can hear it in your wise words that you just put in this blog! Being a former addict who’s been saved by my Lord Jesus, it just touched my heart! Simply AMAZING❣️
    Thank You & God Bless!

  9. Joe & Maggie Ingram

    Complete truth in these last days! How will we win others to Christ if we are no different than they are? Keep preaching Mario! You are needed in such a time as this!!

    • Yvonne

      My thots exactly!! U are no different than the world if u act the same as them… why should they need to change!! And do u not feel convicted if u cause someone else to fall???? If u preach and claim to be a Christian … don’t u walk your talk???

  10. Martha Logoai

    Amen brother Mario. Bottom line is, beer/wine and Christians don’t go together. It’s sad that many Pastors and those in leadership are blinded by their opinions as “nothing is wrong with it”….Lord Jesus help them see. God bless you brother Mario.

  11. clara

    Calling people that asked you questions, didn’t understand what you are saying, or didn’t agree with you because your point was not clear crazy. Shame on you!
    Also myrrh is not a drug in any way, shape, or form. It’s used as medicine but is not a drug, get your facts straight. That is why it was also given to mary when she gave birth to jesus because it helps with the recovering process.

    • Charlotte A. Smith

      God Bless you Bro.Mario Murillo!
      Keep on telling it like it IS!

    • Aaron

      Have you been drinking?

  12. Charlotte

    Amen! There is a remnant that will understand the power that comes with sanctification. Don’t stop preaching the WORD!

  13. William

    Only those who are really interested in a higher calling and a purer life will listen to this message Mario – those who are satisfied with what they have will always try to justify themselves.
    Indeed, they also need to ignore revival history, when the pubs closed in Wales and Scotland.
    Mos have only a very vague understand of separation with the world, and fewer really practise it to any degree.
    Even someone suffering from control and legalism in the past will justify this spiritual rebellion.
    Bless you Mario for speaking plain truth.

    If the lives of men such as Smith Wigglesworth, Evan Roberts, Reese Howells and Charles Finley, just to mention a few, are not an example to us, then who would they suggest.

    Blessings sir.


  14. Terrence

    Speaking of Kings drinking, I remember someone sharing on Facebook some dream or vision of Kim Clement that had Obama drinking in it. I don’t even remember what the dream was, but I remember wondering what the dream meant and getting from the Holy Spirit that “a man who is drinking is not happy.” I don’t know if that was the beginning of the interpretation or it had nothing to do with the dream and God was just telling me the guy was miserable. I doubt the dream meant he was literally drinking.

    I came up empty on Google, but I don’t think it had to do with perverting justice.

  15. Holly holmes

    Mario, I have always liked the words u have shared from the Lord but this word of abstinence is tailored to this specific time and ameerica. The Lord says to. Come out and be separate so seekers can distinguish who will have the true word of the Lord. Blessings Holly

  16. Michael Sparrow

    Thanks Brother Mario! I was praying about revival in the Church recently and the Lord said to me, “My people are more concerned about raising their glasses than raising the dead”. Our priorities and passions are off, and what we defend and are willing to fight for is twisted.

  17. Carolina

    Mario is ABSOLUTELY correct! My husband & I quit drinking alcohol, (something we used to take part in far too often and far too much) 22 years ago. And we did for Christ Jesus and to be ABSOLUTELY sure we’d be able to hear the sound of the last trumpet and the SHOUT of Christ for His Covenant Bride to COME UP. People within current church culture believe that no matter what they do the RAPTURE, or as some religionists must call it, The great catching away… is on “tap!” pun intended, for anyone who claims Jesus. That is false. The removal of the Bride “like” church by His Majesty, is reward spoken of in Revelation 3:7 and in the synoptic gospel accounts when Jesus said, “Pray that you be counted worthy to escape all these things, and to stand before the Son of Man.” Its not that booze of any type is bad it is why, what, where and how, the heart is motivated to imbibe it.
    One things for sure….all opinions taken don’t matter, it’s not worth missing the Rapture!

  18. Jody

    The literal translation of the word “wine” in many places in the Bible is “fruit of the vine”. When Jesus changed the water into wine…it was more than likely grape juice, not alcoholic. I don’t know anywhere in the Bible that says Jesus drank wine.There are many verses in the Old & New Testaments that advise not to drink wine or beer and definitely not strong drink.
    Scripture is clear that Christians are not to get drunk. I need all my full faculties all the time without my judgement being impaired.

  19. Mark Blanck

    A clarion voice for excellence

  20. Ricky mireles

    Thanks I needed to here that

  21. Linda Pearl

    Thank you for taking a stand against drinking alcohol. I have always believed that it was not for Christians. I believe what it right is right and what is wrong is wrong. I do not want my mind clouded with any substance that would diminish my ability to hear God and be used of God. We are in the world not of this world. I will not compromise my faith!

  22. Aim

    thank you for posting this! It is really needed in this day and time.

  23. Dr. Jeffry Smith

    I so totally agree, brother Mario! God spoke this to me 1,333 days ago. I keep track, because it was an important milestone: God was calling me to a higher place in Him, and alcohol was not to be part of it. As I look back, there was never a time when any glass of spirits helped me to be more like Jesus! In fact, quite the opposite. It kept me tied to the things of this world, opened doors to demonic influence, ruined relationships, and wreaked havoc in every area of my life. Only those who are determined to fulfill the lusts of the flesh and not walk in the Holy Spirit will resist the message you have brought, Mario. God bless you during this time as we see that the return of the King of Kings is near, even at the door!

  24. Carol Hubbard

    I received Christ 10/10/1975, within two weeks I lost all desire to drink. I did drink quite a lot before. No one told me it was wrong God took my desire for things that would hinder my walk and witness.

  25. Bobbie

    After being Born Again ,had no desire for any of this! Thank you Lord.

  26. Anna Jungert

    I had wine in my fridge when I read the message. I rarely drink; maybe after a long day a few sips at night. But, when I read your message I dumped it out. I got what you were saying! I don’t have an alcohol problem but I do have a hunger for a deeper life and if that what it takes I am all in. It has nothing to do with rules or what Christians can do or can’t do. It has to do with the remnant, intimacy with Jesus and being vigilant!

  27. Bryon Moeller

    My take on the subject for our Good and over a well-being is no. Sin separates man from God and man from man. Alchohol will focus on ones self and the false sense of feeling good. It fellowship with God is hindered and relationships with loved ones suffer. It is not healthy. It fills your heart and mind which results in being spiritually lethargic. In essence whatsoever is not of faith is sin. Real faith trusts in God and is dependent on God and anything you lean on will hinder your fellowship with him and drunkenness mild or more results in being in the flesh and they that are in the flesh cannot please God or be living in fellowship with him through faith in Jesus Christ. Don’t be drunk but be filled with the Spirit, the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, the Spirit of Grace and power and love. He gives a sound mind, creativity life light joy peace and no headaches ? Now not drinking doesn’t make us better because we are all justified by faith in Jesus Christ alone. There are none drinkers mean and cold. We believe God his gospel and are filled in him through Jesus Christ alone, it’s his fullness that fills his body. Let’s believe God and be strengthened in him free from the trappings of the flesh and sin enjoying his glory and life giving presence in the resurrected Christ Jesus.



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