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Yes, it was standing room only.  Yes, there were heart-stopping miracles.  But He is the real story.  He is at his job—an urge to go to the tent consumes him. If he leaves he is fired.  He leaves anyway.

He arrives at the tent ahead of the crowd.   He sits in a presence he does not understand.

Soon the crowd fills every seat.  The music and worship are all new to him.  A fire is building up inside him.  But nothing could prepare him for what happened next.

Is he really being asked to stand?  In front of all these people?  Somehow, he just didn’t care, he wanted, this power—that was turning his life inside out—to finish its work.

“You have 3 illnesses in your body beginning with your liver. God is healing you now.” With that, he is healed and he knows it.  “Now you need to be born again.”  He embraced new life in Jesus with all of his might.  “Now you will be baptized in the Holy Spirit.” 

At any other time in his life the instructions to receive the Holy Spirit might have been bizarre to him…but not tonight.  Now he is forcefully praying, out loud, in a language he never learned.

Who is this young man?  He is the reason we got this tent.  He is the prototype of a secret weapon God means to use on America.  He is a bona-fide member of the Lazarus Generation.

Not a soul in that tent could deny the miracle they had just seen.  This young man became a fuse for an entire wave of healings.  Ask anyone who was there last night.   They will tell you scores were healed.  They will recount to you how people cried out when their sickness was revealed and healed.

We are just hours away from the climactic meeting under this tent.  The anticipation is electric.  Faith for impossible cases to be healed is burning in hundreds of hearts.  Glory to God in the highest.  Join us if you can.



  1. Joe & Maggie Ingram

    Hello Mario,
    Sounds like God continues to use you to bring His healing power to all! The east coast needs you! Joe and I still live in Richmond and truly need a move of the spirit in this area! Would you pray about coming out our way at some point!! We love and miss you and your ministry!
    Joe and Maggie Ingram

  2. scottysearan

    A good commentary about a great service
    It was a holy ghost outpouring of his spirit which is all churches needed.

  3. Carolina

    THANK YOU JESUS!…for answering my simple prayers and cries to you for this fundamental primitive church patterened man Mario Murillo, Your servant, to ignite a New beginning wave of Your Presence and Your glory in this last hour of Your church age.
    Thank you Lord Christ for protecting and encouraging daily Mario’s wonderful wife. Amen.

  4. Ann

    When I went to your web site and saw the young man on his knees, I started crying…..overwhelmed by the power of the Holy Spirit to touch lives. I sense a great awakening starting in our land……a revival that must have its start in every believer’s heart. Oh, Lord, change my heart….use me!!!

  5. Debra

    Wow! So very happy to have found your sermons on YouTube….and I listened to all of the yesterday? I was healed in one of your meeting back in the late 80s. My four year old son was sitting on my lap when it happened and he kept wiping away my tears of joy….today he is struggling with an opiate addiction….please pray for our family…and thank you, thank you for your faithful service…Sincerely, Debra

  6. Felicia

    I need healings also

  7. Felicia

    very soon It would be greatly appreciated



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