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In a masterstroke of perverted genius, Satan has plunged America into chaos.  The interweaving of the lawless media—the anti-god Democratic party—the liberal university propaganda machine—the brainwashing film companies—the dysfunctional Republican Party, and last, but not least, Christianity Incorporated, are crushing the American Spirit.

It is a tapestry of travesty. 

If you thought the election of Donald Trump meant victory…think again.  Not only have we not won the war, we barely won a battle—the battle for America starts now.

Do not listen to any preacher who is doing a victory dance over America.

This is a moment of sober reflection not giddy, celebratory denial.  This is a time of deep soul searching— the emptying of self in the pursuit of divine guidance.

Remember the real victim in this war.  Remember who feels the greatest sense of betrayal.  It is middle Americans.  People who obey the rules, pay taxes and go to church to learn righteousness.

“Silly me”, they say.  “I elected you to repeal and replace Obamacare.  For 7 years you wrote bills to end it.  You get in power, and you do nothing!”

“How stupid am I”,they ask.  “I work three jobs to send my son to college and you melt his mind with self-pity, white guilt, no marketable skills, and a hatred for our faith.”

“Hey pastor”, they say. “I don’t go to church just to feel good—but to become good.”

Until now the war was surreal.  We had the luxury of couching it in hyper-spiritual terminology.  We got away with symbolic intercession.  We were fine with shadow boxing, prophetic flattery, and firing blanks.  But after today, this means war.

Let me be clear: this letter is not for everyone.  It is not for the worrier but the warrior. It is for a remnant.  It is for a holy core untiringly loyal to God.

It is a clarion call of hope.  With God, even the smallest group is the majority.  I don’t care who rejects this message.  I only care about the hearts who can declare without doubt…if God be for us, who can be against us?

How then do you begin to war for America? 

Begin by separating yourself.  The moment you realize you are an eagle in a farmyard full of turkeys…take off!  Swamp gas believers make being alone an improvement.

Once you are free of the toxic, social gravity of Christianity-lite, you will be reunited with forgotten treasures

You will recall your awesome God—a God worthy of total sacrifice—a God who made the weak strong, the confused clear, and common men and women legends.

You can start praying now as you have never prayed in the past.  “…You will not fast as you do this day, to make your voice heard on high.” -Isaiah 58:4. “…The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.”-James 5:16

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Remember why you are supporting and praying for our president.  Christians who jumped and the bandwagon during the election are bailing on him now.  Why?  They wanted the easy victory.  They didn’t want flak.

If you want to know why you should stand by Trump it’s easy—look at who hates him and why.   It’s not about Russia.  It’s not about his family.

They hate him because he stands with Israel.

They hate him because he is pro-life.

They hate him because he wants to close the border against those who would kill Americans. 

But, the final reason they hate him should embarrass us: They hate him because he stands with the church against her enemies.  Imagine that!  Believers refuse to defend him even as he is viciously attacked for defending us.

The battle for America starts now.  It starts with brave pastors who will transform safe pulpits into turrets of truth.

It starts with Senators and Representatives getting delivered of the need for self-preservation.

It starts with everyday believers like you and me—hearts set ablaze with a furnace of faith and love of country.

Yes, it is true that the battle has only started…but God has no even begun to fight.


  1. Rebekah

    Yes – united we stand in faith alone.
    Jesus our cornerstone. God give us grace to walk in complete surrender and see His glory in the earth. I am so thankful for our President and the many wonderful things God
    Is doing in the earth.
    Your love is greater Jesus. Your hope is powerful and Your peace prevails forever !
    Thank you Mario for continuing to encourage believers to run the race set before us and to not be afraid.

    • Brian


  2. Ted Laurent

    It feels like beating a dead horse. But the call to repentance has not changed. The call to come out as nit changed. I appreciate your words here and sharing.

  3. Nancy Kroeger

    You just articulated a home run of clarity and TRUTH! Rev Mario, you are a “trumpet” of articulation of God’s now words, of God’s vital words of knowledge and wisdom. I understood and emphatically agree with every point, especially what “Christianity-lite” is not teaching, not saying, not doing, and not believing. So, so many are either Christians because somebody told them they were because their parents took them to church, or because they decided to start going to the new church down the street in their new neighborhood to get to know their neighbors, or because they have been going to one particular church for 30 years and that must make them more legit than that person who lived a life with its ups and downs in this difficult world and revealed that they are born again and filled with the Holy Spirit. Unless more of these kinds of Christians experience the soul searching “dissatisfied with life” remorse that leads to repentance and embrace the open arms of Jesus and the filling of the Holy Spirit, nothing will change in this arena.

  4. Karl D. Strader

    I could have “run the aisles” when Trump’s wife led in the Lord’s Prayer awhile back! And last week when the ministers all prayed for Trump on national television, I almost had the “Pentecostal Jerks”!
    Also, let’s celebrate when we see what a genuine Christian Mike Pence is, with no New York “values” evident, and the pleasant , humble, expression on his countenance. What a model he is for Mr. Trump! Donald needs to be given a little more time before he begins to “mature” as a Christian. Just pray for him, and STOP FUSSING!

    • Carolina

      Karl D, I agree that when the First Lady Melania Trump prayed the Lord’s prayer it was a triumph for Christians globally compared to the Obamanation that Believers in Christ have endured for the past 8 years under the often satanic direction of the last Presidential administration. Yet I would remind you regarding President Trump’s personal spirit man and his New York Sate of mind and “values”, of what Apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians 2:11. As well recalling to mind the humility that comes from the realization that “all of us” no matter where we’re from or how much material wealth or lack of material wealth we may have. Or how much knowledge we may have gained through The Spirit of Christ, We’re ALL just sinners saved by The Grace of God through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. Everybody begins the same, so that no-one may boast before the Face of God Almighty. Is President Trump a genuine Christian more or less than Vice President Michael Pence? Who knows but God HimSelf?… that’s the Beauty of God’s perfection and Holy mystery . I agree also let’s pray for them all & STOP fussing and I would add presuming.

  5. Leland Pollock

    Amen, This is an on time and in season Word, the world is being turned upside down, everything that can be shaken is being shaken. The false insinuations and slandering spirit of the Antichrist , Anti Anointed, and Anti Spirit Filled has destroyed many. People are now beginning to read the bible for themselves, reading out loud will release the Rhema word of God, reading silently helps although reading out loud puts Dunams Power to The Written Word of God. When God spoke things happened, let there be Light…

  6. Joan Blank

    All I can do is cry and call out to the Almighty. Thank you to all who read and understand this message. May God cover us and give us wisdom.

  7. Carolina

    Mario Murillo you still hold that same “Fresh Fire” anointing that helped to ignite my spirit person back in the 1980s. The TRUTH is The TRUTH in Jesus.
    I call on real Christians…NOW is not the time to defect from Christ’s choice in President Donald J Trump!
    NOW is not the time to be limp wristed and weak kneed when the WA DC elite deck is stacked against the person we were moved by The Spirit to vote into Presidential Office? I’m finally going to give my testimony:
    Back in 1989 when then Mr Donald Trump was in the worst financial and marital spiral of his life, he found “time” to help me and my brother with our business clear across the country. Mr. Trump didn’t even know us personally but he liked our American Entrepreneur idea and spirit.
    So he supported us, not with money $$ but with public accreditation and personal acknowledgment letters which I still have and which were used for years to gain news coverage for us for our local businesses’.
    He didn’t have to do that!
    Why did he do it?
    Because he has much more kindness within his heart than many people ‘I’ know. Now President Trump did that then for the same reason he sacrificed his life to go into public service now. Do you honestly ‘think’ that being The US President is a step up for him?? Mr. Trump left an enormously comfortable, successful, fruitful, and productive life to serve the people and engage with hate groups and people the likes of which none of us have ever seen before.
    Mario is right the time to fight for what is right is upon us NOW. The days are the last days so the spiritual warfare is fierce. We must pursue a thought life that says, “ YES we can and we will overcome!” We’re called to occupy until Jesus comes for us that’s what Christ Almighty said.
    Furthermore, encourage The White House administration by contacting The President and all of them telling them how you feel at I have and I got a personal thank you letter from The President himself and our First Lady Melania in return, I framed it. They still haven’t met me in person, but took the “time” to respond to what I said and beautifully.
    Saints…lets get busy occupying The Kingdom assignment we’ve been given in Jesus Name.

  8. Aaron

    No transgenders in the military!!
    Trump did it again i am more and more convicted to stand for rightousness!
    Our nation is not under gov but under God?
    Tell me how long its been, if ever that a president has stated such a thing.
    Mario has been right all along!

  9. Kim Denner

    You have always been strong and on the side righteousness.
    Stay brave the remnant need you.
    I am praying, praying, praying for President Trump and for the outpouring

  10. vickymontiel84

    We need as Christian to get out more and start talking to people about jesus .winning souls we are living in the last Days Love your teaching hearing about your healing service God bless you Mario Murrillo,Donald j Trump he is the best President we aver had my church always pray for him

  11. Debra

    Praying the President’s face would be like flint and favor would be his shield.
    Protection on every side for his family and cabinet. Wisdom and humility fall like rain on the White House and the strategy’s for America would come straight from Your heart. I pray that righteousness would exalt our nation and You, Father would expose every crooked act and every hidden thing.
    Bring sinners to repentance and cast down every vain imagination. We need You now.



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