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In a world instant gratification and video neurosis…this blog did something impossible…read what’s next!   In just 12 short months, one million people didn’t just view it…they read it!  When I began this blog 4 years ago, with the format that God told me to use, I could not see how it would succeed.  Now the total readership is in the millions.  A million thanks for making 2016 an explosive success.

By Mario Murillo

My nerves were frazzled the first time I sat down to write something called a blog.  I argued with God.  I could not see how it would succeed. I knew there would be a firestorm over the things I was compelled to say.  I was right about the firestorm.

Now millions have read the blog in virtually every nation of the world.  Every day we are amazed at the impact of this little blog.

Check out this excerpt from the first time we spoke out:

“The America we once knew has been taken away.  It happened overnight.   Because America has changed ministries must change the way that they relate to this new nation.

Government has become our national God.   This new God is waging an incremental war on the Constitution.  The New York Times just called the U.S. Constitution an evil document that we should give up on.

Obamacare targets freedom of worship.  It forces Christian Institutions to violate their religious convictions.  Cardinal Dolan the spiritual leader of the Archdiocese of New York calls it “an unwarranted, unprecedented radical intrusion.”

The White House met with Cardinal Dolan and several Bishops met with the White House to talk.   He said he was told to “shut up and accept the mandate.”



It is time for the people of God to speak out on the danger of gun control.

Mass shootings have become the excuse to take away our guns.    Obama wants absolute power.

Mahatma Gandhi the great pacifist said, “Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act of depriving a whole nation of arms, as the blackest.”

Thomas Jefferson and James Madison believed that the greatest threat to liberty was not foreign invasion or domestic unrest but rather a standing army and a militarized police force that had no fear of inflicting tyranny upon the people.

If Government is our new God, Celebrities are our new pastors.

Ben Stein asked, “Where did the idea come from that we should worship celebrities and we aren’t allowed to worship God?  There are a lot of us who are wondering where these celebrities came from and where the America we knew went to.”

Hollywood is the most powerful propaganda machine in history and it has declared war on our faith. 

Ministries must change how they relate to America.  1 Samuel 10: 6 Says, “Then the Spirit of the Lord will come upon you, and you will prophesy with them and be turned into another man. 7 And let it be, when these signs come to you, that you do as the occasion demands; for God is with you.

Here is what I believe the occasion demands:

The Holy Spirit is saying we can publicly oppose government tyranny while still maintaining a loving witness.  Acts 16: 37 But Paul said to them, “They have beaten us openly, uncondemned Romans, and have thrown us into prison. And now do they put us out secretly? No indeed! Let them come themselves and get us out.”  Paul had just led a jailor and several prisoners to Christ and now he turns around and exposes politicians who have broken the Roman Bill of Rights.

We must accept the fact that there is a new generation that has no Christian orientation. “And also all that generation was gathered unto their fathers: and there arose another generation after them, who knew not the LORD, nor yet the works which he had done for Israel.” Judges 2:10

We must lay a new foundation of faith in America.  We must preach the central doctrines of our faith. The Bible needs to set fire to our sermons.”



The big question now is what does the church do now that Trump is president?  In new blogs I will open my heart to you about the radical steps the church must take to seize this greatest soul winning opportunity in our lifetime.  Once again we must change the way we relate to government.

I know we need fresh fire.  Prayer, repentance and waiting for new orders are the keys for the American church in 2017.

One thing is certain…success will not tame this blog.  It will continue to keep its edge.  It will continue to provoke, stretch and force minds to think and hearts to examine themselves.


  1. mariaholm

    I am so thankful that your voice has been heard and has helped to change the tide

  2. Norma Durr

    Mario, you indeed research carefully. You are informed and not fearful of expressing the truth. We appreciate you and recognize you are one of the few “voices in the wilderness preparing the way…” We are awake and no longer asleep!

  3. Sue Meadows

    Thank YOU for your faithfulness to bring the truth back to the front page… I pray the Church remains actively involved in culture for the next generation and the generations that come after. ????✨

  4. Lisa Line

    Appreciate your dedication to the truth!

  5. June Davies

    So thankful you obeyed and wrote the first blog Mario. I pray many more millions will find them in 2017. To read and heed.
    God bless you and use you even more mightily.

  6. Aaron jackson

    Mario if you happen to read this post the honor is all mine.
    I have been texting links from your blog posts to my phone contacts for quite a while now.
    And during the election you helped me turn some of my own parishiners to vote there concience and not there race.
    I am a pastor of a smaller work,we are winning sinners,our church is mostly new converts.
    Couples getting right with God and getting married abandoning fornication and the welfare system getting jobs learning to love and submit to jesus.
    Families restored and learning basic tennants of the faith that have been discarded by much of the religeous world you have been a blessing to them as they begin to grow in the Lord.
    Also i have turned my many preacher friends in to your blog posts and they Love it I hope to come sit in one of your meetings and hear you preach.
    Thank you for your faithfullness.

    • mariomurilloministries

      Aaron! Pastor you are a blessing and your church sounds like home! Thanks for your courage it is an honor to fight alongside you. Let me know what we can do to work together. Mario Murillo

      • Aaron jackson

        Thank you, I will be in touch sooner than later.

  7. Bob Searle


  8. Leland Pollock

    Amen, It is time to get back on track…

  9. fmorrisey

    What a blessing and encouragement you are to my life! My great desire is for the church to arise and play a transformative role in the restoration of our nation to Godly principles. We can only do that, when “the church” leaves the building and shows up, speaks up and stands up in every sphere in which each of us has influence!!
    Oh, how I long for someone like you in my local area!!!!!!
    Blessings to you!!!!



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