A Powerful Final Night in Phoenix

by | Apr 25, 2024 | Living Proof Tent Crusades, Mario Murillo Ministries, Phoenix | 43 comments

The final night in Phoenix was anything but a conclusion. It is merely the end of the first visitation of God, and the beginning of an outpouring of fire on the Church here in Arizona.

With all the challenges leading up to the event, we knew it was going to be an incredible week—and God never disappoints!

Souls have been saved, bodies healed, and lives changed! We can’t wait to hear the reports of the miracles, the confirmation of healings from doctors, and the continued work of God in the Phoenix area in the months and years to come.

The night began once again with Catherine Mullins and her team ushering in the presence of God. The spirit of worship had already descended upon the Tent like the shekinah glory of God by the time I arrived. As I walked in, the front of the Tent was full of people worshiping God. His presence was almost palpable.

Catherine is the perfect fit for these events because she has the same heart to see lost souls saved, broken lives restored, and diseased bodies healed. And it is evident: she doesn’t just sing songs, but truly leads the people into the presence of the Lord.

Mario took the stage and told the people his message for the night was titled, “The Witch’s Invitation.” He explained that this title comes from an experience he had had when ministering on the campus of UC Berkeley.

One day, he encountered the strangest human being he had ever met in his life. And the encounter was so powerful that it became the source of a #1 Christian Video by Carman called, “The Witch’s Invitation.”

The man Mario encountered was a warlock, or a male witch, wearing a full length robe, with a gilded sword, and carrying a human skull. The man identified himself as ‘Isaac.’ He challenged Mario, “I would like to confront your power with the power of Satan—at my house.”

Mario tried to ignore the invitation, but the Holy Spirit told him he was to accept, and was to go to Isaac’s house. Every surface of house’s interior was painted black and every satanic symbol from over the centuries adorned the walls.

Isaac placed a book on Mario’s lap that contained all the spells and incantations Isaac had used in the past to bless and curse people, as well as the reports of the outcomes. It was a book of the deeds Satan had performed through Isaac.

Isaac then got in Mario’s face and said, “What can your God do about this?” Mario was understandably affected, and he felt completely helpless—until the power of God came upon him.

God began to give words to Mario to speak to Isaac. He told him he refused to compare God to the Devil. He said the Devil is not a worthy competitor. But Mario told him he would compare the joy and peace he, Mario, would have on the day he died to what Isaac would experience on the day he died, lying in bed gasping his last breath and having all the entities with which he had made covenants coming to collect.

He asked him, “What are you going to say when the Devil comes for your soul? What are you going to tell him that will keep his hands off you? I know what I would say if he tried it: “I have been washed in the blood of Christ and you can’t have me!””

A look of horror came into Isaac’s eyes, and he ordered Mario to leave his house.

Mario then quoted two scriptures:

“When (Jesus) had come to the other side, to the country of the Gergesenes, there met Him two demon-possessed men, coming out of the tombs, exceedingly fierce, so that no one could pass that way” (Matthew 8:28 NKJV).

“But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come” (2 Timothy 3:1 NKJV)

Mario said that the church has been ignorant of the ways of the Devil too long. And that in the original text, the Greek word translated “perilous” can also be translated as “fierce.” There are only two places in the New Testament where this word appears. This verse can also be read:

“…in the last days FIERCE times will come.”

He said, much of the murder, perversion, abandoning of children, and the insanity gripping our kids to wonder about their gender, is being driven by demonic power. The hatred, racism, atheism, despair, and the pandemic of suicide, is being driven by devils.

Mario said that when Covid-19 broke out, all the pharmaceutical companies began to fight with each other for a vaccine. They understood their business was not business as usual, but was now the pandemic. And they created a situation for world domination.

Then he said, the Church is facing its own version of Covid-19. It is a national hurricane of demonic activity. Any church that doesn’t believe in the supernatural is out of business. Any church that doesn’t believe in the blood of Christ is out of business. Any Christian that doesn’t understand they need to walk in the anointing that has authority over the devil, is obsolete.

He said, “The reason is the current church that wants valet parking, a cup of coffee, and an express sermon. They are living in a different decade. The people walking into church today are being harassed by devils, but it is not even being referenced in our preaching or our theology.”

“It’s time for us to open the Book, get back in the Book, get anointed in the Spirit, and tell people, ‘That devil is coming off of you in Jesus name!” We have to have authority over the devil!”

Mario then returned to the story of the confrontation with Isaac the witch. When Isaac said, “What can your God do?” Mario had replied, “I’m going to compare you and me on that day. What are you going to say when those devils come after you? What are you going to use to protect yourself from hell? I know what I’m going to say. I am redeemed! I am washed in the blood!” That is when Isaac melted into terror and demanded that Mario leave his house.

“We need to know we are redeemed. We need to know that the devil can never have us again, that he can’t have our mind, can’t have our kids, and can’t have our future!”

Mario then told the people he does not agree with much of what is being done in the name of deliverance today in the church. The devil should not be given a stage. If you are under the anointing, you tell the demon to shut up, get out, and that’s the end of it.

Mario talked about the angels whose names we know, such as Gabriel and Michael. “They have names because they have rank. In the Book of Revelation, God summoned an angel so low ranking that his name isn’t given. God commanded the unnamed angel to go bind the Devil for a 1,000 years.”

The point is this: the lowest ranking angel in Heaven, by the Word of God, has the power to put the devil in chains for 1,000 years.

Mario said, “Too much of the church’s activity today is for optics. To look good, to get ‘views’. When you are under the anointing you are going to speak to a demon and it will come out immediately.”

“I do not pray that You should take them out of the world, but that You should keep them from the evil one” (John 17:15 NKJV).

Jesus was praying that the Devil wouldn’t touch you. When God the Father sees one of His children threatened by a devil, and that child is walking in the Spirit, this prayer of Jesus kicks in, and He keeps you safe.

“I pray for them. I do not pray for the world but for those whom You have given Me, for they are Yours” (John 17:9 NKJV).

He said that anyone who is not born again has no reason to believe anything except that they are fair game for the devil. When scripture says the devil is seeking whom he may devour, Jesus’ prayer of covering is only for those who are born again.

He told the people when they come forward to receive salvation, they will remove the power of the Devil from their life and he will flee.

He said when you see human atrocities it’s because you live in demon possessed times. It’s not a human hatred, there is something else there.

So the message of the Gospel has got to adjust to the hour. It’s no longer ‘come to Jesus and feel better.’ It’s, ‘come to Jesus, and the Devil will get off your back, suicide will leave your mind, and natural affection will return.’

He told the people they need to examine themselves to see if the emotional issues they are fighting are there because they are not protected from the oppression of the devil.

Oppression is when you’ve tried everything and the habit won’t break. You can’t recover from anxieties and fears that are out of control. Religious labels are a half-cure. Instead, you need to allow the Holy Spirit to control your life.

Mario had the people bow their heads, then had those who wanted to be freed from heartache, loneliness, depression, fear, anxiety, and addiction, to raise their hands, then to stand, and come forward.

It was another incredible response. The altar area was filled to overflowing. One young woman began to break as she was set free from agreements that had been made when she was a child. It was a beautiful moment as she was delivered and restored back to the Spirit of God.

Mario prayed with the people and then directed them out of the Tent to be ministered to by our army of volunteers.

Catherine and her team returned and led the people in singing about the goodness of Jesus and how he has set us free. People flooded to the front to join in worshiping, praising, and dancing before the Lord.

The remaining time in the Tent was a time of miraculous signs and wonders. Being in these events over the years, I’ve learned that God never does things exactly the same as the time before. And tonight was no exception.

Sometimes we see people addressed one by one for an extended period of time. Other times, God touches entire sections of the audience all at once. Tonight we saw some of both, and I will try to recount them all here.

Mario quoted, “For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil” (1 John 3:8 NKJV). He then pointed toward the right side of the Tent and revealed that a woman was being healed.

He then turned to another person in the same section, asked a man to stand up, and told him that cancer was being removed from his body.

Turning to the left side of the Tent, Mario identified someone being healed of diabetes. He had the man stand up. The man was being healed in at least seven separate areas: spine, legs, heart, neck, feet, blurry vision, heart disease, pancreas, and lungs.

The man began to weep and to fall under the power of God as he was being healed in that moment.

Then Mario said people all across the Tent who had trouble walking were now getting strength back in their legs.

Next Mario pointed back to the right side of the Tent. He reminded the people he was completely inadequate to do anything, but it was the Treasure contained in him, the Spirit of God, Who was doing the work.

He then said, there were ten people with diabetes, seven with migraines, three that had been in car accidents and that their bones were moving back into place. He pointed out insomniacs, people with COPD, and the three men with heart disease who were all in the same section.

He identified one woman in the group and had her stand and put her hand on her forehead. She was healed in her back of scoliosis

Then he had all the people in that section he had described to get up, and people stood all over the section. He had them raise their hands as they were being healed.

Next he turned back to the left side and identified that spines, necks, shoulders, and joint disease were being healed in that section. Nearly everyone in that section stood up.

He had them raise their hands as they were being healed. He began to pray in the language of the Holy Spirit. He then had them begin to move and to test the healing of their bodies.

Someone got out of a wheelchair and took off around the back of the Tent.

The people were standing and worshiping God, and Mario had them declare: “I am a destroyer of the works of the devil!”

Mario said that God had promised him three things this week: 1. souls will be saved. 2. bodies will be healed, and 3. fire will break out in the local churches. And he charged the people to carry that fire.

He then had everyone who needed healing in their body to raise their hands, and had everyone around them lay hands on and pray for them, “not from pity or tradition, but from authority.” He told them to command illness to leave!

It was a beautiful end to an amazing week under the Tent of the Lord. We are sad to leave Phoenix, but excited to hear what God will continue to do after we leave.

If you weren’t able to be in attendance, I would encourage you to go to Mario’s Facebook page or YouTube, watch the live streams, and be encouraged, strengthened, healed, and activated by the Spirit of God!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mariomurilloministry/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GkIa08Akfk

And we’ll see you next time, in the Tent!!

All Glory to Jesus!


  1. Marilou

    Wonderfully written. God is so good to bless us with His presence.

  2. Ron Rupp

    That those of Phoenix will keep this fire burning of the soul winners bringing to The LORD and the shepherds disciple to bring the new into their call and maturity

  3. Carl Rosker

    I have been diagnosed with Small Cell Carcinoma lung cancer.A fast spreading form of cancer. It has been caught early and the Dr is going schedule surgery hopefully within the next 2 weeks. He is also suggesting chemo after surgery. Please pray that they will get all the cancer at surgery and that the Lord gives me wisdom to get or not get chemo. I prefer not getting chemo. Thank you. Sorry I missed the Phoenix meetings.

    • Cari

      I have friends who beat cancer naturally. Look up “Chris beat cancer”. One of my friends is following his protocol. Also look up raspberry gold.com this is a cancer fighter. There is a ton of things you can take.
      Prayer is the best …. So I’m praying for you right now.

  4. Mae Bochau

    Amazing Grace! How sweet the sound!

  5. Kevan Prati

    Yes! Amen!

  6. Gretchen

    Love to you and the team Mario! I read your blogs about these amazing tent meetings. Praise the Lord for your faithfulness and for all those who got saved, delivered and healed. All glory goes to HIM! He is alive!

  7. Barbara James

    PRAISE THE LORD 🙌🙏🙌🙏🙌Prayer answered and the Holy Spirit will continue to move throughout Arizona with the Revival you began, Pastor Mario 🙏 🙌 What an AMAZING, AWESOME tent meeting 🙌🙏OUR GOD is so AMAZING AND AWESOME 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  8. Sherry Smith

    Oh how beautiful to see the children praying for the adults! My prayers for your crusade were answered. May God bless you Mario and all who work with you exceedingly abundantly above all you can think or ask according to the power that lives in you! Holy Spirit! Sent with love and prayers from Ohio, Diana Murillo’s cousin.

  9. Suzanne Bowman

    What about Issac did he get saved?or he just wanted you to leave and you left?you ministry is a blessing to me thank you so much!!!!

  10. Shirley Bonard

    Praise be to God! I’m beyond words of expression but blessed by what God is doing !

  11. DWms

    Thank you for the recap. I feel as though I am there experiencing His presence also. I can’t wait to see what God does next. Blessings MMM

  12. Tina

    Just want you to know that my husband and I love and appreciate all you do!! We miss you on Flashpoint, and we knew you were busy do the work of The Lord! Just want to keep up with you and we want to remember to pray for our Brother!! Keeping in contact with you helps us to remember!

  13. Liz Sledge

    All power and glory to God for He is able to do exceeding, abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the power the works in us!!

  14. Art


    I am so blessed by this! Do you have any plans to come to the central Ohio area? We certainly need the power of God here. God bless you Mario and may God continue to use you mightily!

  15. Aurora Gilson

    Hallelujah!! God is not a god that lies! He keeps His Word and blesses His children!
    May the Lord continue to use Mario Murillo, his staff, and volunteers.
    God says in the Bible that in the last days there will be a great harvest!! Then the angels of God will pluck out the weed and throw it in hell fire!! Hallelujah!! So we should say, “ Come Christ Jesus, Come!!!

  16. Giselda V Velasquez

    PRAISE THE LORD!! WHAT AN AWESOME GOD WE SERVE!! I have been overtaken by the mercies and the goodness of God as I read about the Power of The Holy Spirit moving in The Arizona Crusade. It has ignited my faith in God in a new spiritual level. Brother Mario, I’m praying for you and your Ministries that The Lord continues to increase and protect the Annointing He has deposited on you. I’m praying for many Born Again Believers to join hands with you, to pray for you, support your Evangelistic Work financially and become part of the mighty Move of God through your Ministry. I thank God for every lost soul that has been born again and snatched from the hands of satan, as well as every person that has been healed by The Power Of God!! Thank Brother Mario for your obediente to The Lord. Shalom!!

  17. David Reaume

    It was a great move of GOD
    Praying for Mario to come to Hawaii we need a powerful move of GOD here in the islands

  18. Melissa Bye

    If my Dad was still alive he would be coming to see you in the tent and I would have made him take me!!! I remember him taking me to tent revivals when I was growing up and telling me stories of how God moved in a huge revival that my Great Grandparents were helping serve as song ministers. Stories of when they had their own services in a tent as well. I miss him so much,, he was a Pastor and Evangelist. Dad started a street ministry using a hay wagon and a sound system that was hooked up to a local business. Dad preached and others (including myself) would testify or sing. Mario brother it is so good to see God work through you and those who volunteer. When I was young I went to see Carmen a few times in concert and I have his CD with that song A Witches Invitation. Hallellujah!!!

  19. Sandra

    All I can say is wow, praise GOD!

    • Pat Schwarz

      Yes, I can only say, I agree with Sandra- and so many others! Loved watching, and reading for my personal re-run! WONDERFUL!

  20. Janice

    Thank you Lord, for your amazing power and blessings in the Mario Murillo meetings…. these tent meetings remind me of the kind we had when I was a child and they even advertised in the local Phoenix newspapers. I was able to attend some of them and I was always blessed to see the hand of God move. The fact that I cannot remember the names of some of the preachers who lead these meetings shows these were men not seeking fame but to display the power of Jesus !! I pray daily for Mario Murillo to be successful in reaching the lost, healing the sick, and God to be glorified.

  21. Toni DeLoria

    It was an amazing night. I am so grateful I got to attend. I only was able to make one night but WOW what a night. “I am a destroyer of the works of the devil”. As I type this, I can feel the presence of God all over me. The worship was SO POWERFUL!!! Thank you Father for this group of people who will go where you call them to and do whatever you tell them. All to glorify you Father!”

    Hurry back to Phoenix.

  22. Steve Rutledge

    God is overpowering and destroying the demonic works of Satan.
    All glory and honor to Jesus

  23. Carolyn Wlasiuk

    “Souls have been saved, bodies healed, and lives changed! We can’t wait to hear the reports of the miracles, the confirmation of healings from doctors, and the continued work of God in the Phoenix area in the months and years to come.”

    Mario, How do you confirm the healings from doctors? Do you keep in touch with churches to see how God is continuing to work? The workers in the area who assist in the tent meetings, do they encourage people to find a Bible based church and attend? From your blogs it seems you are very critical of churches … how do you or the workers encourage people to follow Christ … to be discipled? I know your calling is evangelism but for those saved, they are infants and need spiritual food. How do you encourage them in that area?

    • Mario Murillo

      Carolyn, I only correct those churches that do not believe the Bible is the Word of God–that use carnal methods to attract crowds–and that attack patriotic Christians for speaking out against abortion and LGBTQ agendas. I am sorry if you are in agreement with any of those churches. I am a strong supporter all Bible believing churches and we work closely with them. We encourage all who are healed to go to their doctors. We are making an entire film that documents healings. We keep in touch with the churches long after a crusade to preserve the results.

  24. Dianna

    I used to live in Phoenix. I wish I could have been there, but I have been following. I love Mario. He is a true man of God. . I have several of his books. They are great!!!!
    Please come to the Bible Belt. It would be such a blessing.

  25. Shanda Donahue

    Thank God for what he had done in Phoenix. God is so good..

  26. Margaret M Serio

    It’s so exciting to be a partner of this ministry. Phoenix meetings were above and beyond anything I could of imagined. Tremendous moves of God. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  27. David Smith

    Woo-hoo!! Glory to God!!!

  28. Pearl Dalton

    PTL For answering prayers and the Tent meeting was a success 🙌 in all those lives Souls saved, bodies headed and delivered. Jesus is Lord over Phoenix. Hallelujah ❤️🙌🙌

  29. Dawn Meier

    I know that I have the peace and joy of the LORD. Praise the Lord God Almighty 🙌 🙏. Amen 🙏

  30. Debi Foster

    God has anointed you for such a time as this. I am a native Idahoan and have watched my Red state turning Blue. The evil and corruption of our politicians is devastating to watch. The mayor of Boise promoted a 2 day Drag queen event in the lawn in front of our state capital. We have one of the largest satanic cult populations in the states. Please come to Boise we need a revival.

  31. Penny McCartney

    Praise God, I have been greatly, blessed by your ministry, and that of Lance Walnau. we are going to try and get to Michigan, to be part of the move of God happening over the Great Lakes region. Blessings on you, your families and the teams working with you

  32. Mary

    Praise Jesus’s Holy Holy Holy Name ! Love you Lord No your Mercy never Fails Me , 🎶 I have known the goodness of God ! I will be working for the kingdom of God in Batavia Ny June 21st thru the 24th , I’ve been praying for Mario and all his people to come closer to me . God willing I will be there as a Volunteer 🥰❤️✝️❤️✝️❤️🥰🙏✝️🙏✝️

  33. Bill Booher

    Wow!!! Praise God! Please come to Butler County Pa.!!!!!!

  34. Sandra Stewart-Delli

    Praise God for His mercies and grace. Thank you Mario for being a vessel of God. We should all do the work of an evangelist. Let it be so, for me Lord.

  35. Maralyn

    Thanks for sharing the victory we all have in Jesus.

  36. Bret Goode

    Wow! Looks like an awesome move of the Holy Spirit. Go God!! Keep up the good work Mario.

  37. Tony


  38. Laurie Van Wyckhouse

    How very exciting to hear what God is doing! May the ripples you generated turn into powerful waves of conviction and repentance, in Jesus’ name!

  39. Margaret Gail Segars Rainey

    I just printed this blog to share with local pastor who is maintaining a dairy farm and has exotic birds on his farm and preaching the Word of God verse by verse. He has been in the pulpit for 15 years, called by God, and he is a great singer as well. Living in a small town in GA, I never witness healings in church. I am sharing this because my question is, Why not? It is sad that individuals in the body of Christ do not take their authority as believers which all born again believers have. Until pastors teach this, we will continue to see believers devastated with sicknesses and not living the abundant life walking in the Spirit with Jesus.

  40. Trent Mitchell

    Wow. Having read it a thousand times maybe, I never saw this in this way…the rank part I knew, but never noticed that this particular angel was unnamed.


    “They have names because they have rank. In the Book of Revelation, God summoned an angel so low ranking that his name isn’t given. God commanded the unnamed angel to go bind the Devil for a 1,000 years.”

    The point is this: the lowest ranking angel in Heaven, by the Word of God, has the power to put the devil in chains for 1,000 years.


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