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We have gone from extreme adversity to extreme blessing in Phoenix!

There is almost too much good news about Phoenix! Now we know why Satan fought so hard. The streets of Phoenix are truly ripe for salvation and healing!

It is a divine collision between the power of God and deep darkness. The river of God is now flowing where before only a river of fentanyl was flowing.

Think of it! While some are prayed for to be saved, others come up and ask to be saved. Many hardcases are being delivered. Phoenix is under a holy siege.

Now we know why Satan fought so hard.

Look at this photograph. Until our workers saw this woman move, they saw what looked like a pile of rolled up discarded tarps. She wept when God rescued her!

The stories of miracles keep rolling in. Bodies healed instantly. Drug habits broken mightily.

The streets of Phoenix are fulfilling prophecy. Isaiah 9:2, “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in the land of the shadow of death,
upon them a light has shined.”

Who ever heard of this? A homeless camp organized a gathering so we could witness to them and pray for each person. Do you know how many of them gathered for us? 500 homeless people. Who ever heard of such a thing! But there is more.

The stories of miracles keep rolling in. Bodies healed instantly. Drug habits broken mightily.

Frank Saldana who leads Inner City Action and our volunteer army told me something breathtaking. He told me that in all the street outreaches we have done—he has never seen anything like this one.

But there is even more amazing news. Remember our desperate appeal for volunteers? Well, it truly was desperate. We have never had such a critical shortage this close to the opening day of a crusade.

But people have answered the call from everywhere. The number of volunteers doubled virtually overnight! And the numbers keep growing. What a miracle!

On top of all of this, a spirit of cooperation has broken out among the churches. The churches are pouring out food, clothing, and supplies. They are taking to social media to declare revival over Phoenix.

The number of volunteers doubled virtually overnight!

This is a shining hour for the Body of Christ in Phoenix. We wrestled with brutal principalities and powers and God tore them down!

If this is what God is doing now, what will the tent crusade be like!

Stay tuned! Things are about to get incredible in Phoenix! Praise God!

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  1. Linda Graham

    So awesome..God is so good..thank you Jesus

    • Deb potts

      Great news Mario

      • Sheila Turney

        Thank you God for the revival in Phoenix! Let it spread throughout the whole United States in Jesus name!

      • Patricia Plato

        God can do exceedingly, abundantly above all we can ask or think. God Bless you Mario and the work you’re doing for the Kingdom

      • Carmen Ornelas

        A DIOS sea la Gloria.

        Thank you Jesus.

    • Sandra Stewart-Delli

      May God give even more increase. May devils be destroyed in people’s lives. May God give Mario and Frank and their team angelic protection and amazing health and energy.

    • phil beatty

      PRAISE GOD!!!!!

    • Teresa Thomas

      Hallelujah! Praise God! His mercies are boundless. His love is wonderful. Thank you Jesus for saving the multitudes.

  2. Marcus Wheeler

    Amen and Amen!! Praise God!!! Thank you Jesus for giving us the Victory!!!!! 🙏❤️🙌

  3. Loraine

    Praise the Lord! This is incredible. May God receive all the glory. Will continue to pray for Phoenix.

  4. Rev. Frieda Porter

    About 2 years ago, as I quickly scrolled through Fb, I got a quick glimpse of a picture that looked like my son. I quickly scrolled back to the picture. It was you, Mario. I showed my daughter the picture and asked her, “who does this look like.” She quickly answered, “Billy.”
    Through this means I learned about you and your ministry. I heard in my spirit, “This is my servant. He is the real deal,”.
    After a while, I felt I was to send your ministry $1,000. I did. I am so happy to see what a great investment this was. God bless you as you minister in His name.
    Rev. Frieda Porter
    Lillie Rose Ministries
    Atlanta, GA


      Bless you for your faithfulness!

      • Robert B Goode

        Amen and Amen!

      • Thomas Holohan

        Praise God thank you Jesus what an incredible incredible testimony all of it and I mean all of it is just ringing with the Holy spirit’s life and witness. This is nothing short of God’s affirmation and approbation on evangelist Mario Morello because he has kept the direction of his ministry straight to souls souls souls. Would to God that we would have a thousand more like him because he has been an inspiration to me continue to move in this direction. And so we pray..

  5. Glynis

    How greatly encouraging to hear!! God is truly amazing!! Lord I pray you bring the spirit of unity to our capital city in Wales.

  6. Susan Jones

    Hal-le-lu-jah! BLES-SED be there Name of the LORD!

    • Lucy Courtney

      When are you coming to Texas. We need you here too. I want to volunteer.

  7. Russell Bowman

    Retired and limited income does not stop us from donating to this ministry. I pray a dozen trainees will follow in your footsteps. Great though this is, soon it will be the rank and file church members that will receive the anointing just before the rapture. Give it a try, folks. I tried in the past, but not yet. Maybe it is time: Joel 2.

  8. Scott Marshall

    Praise God. What Satan’s met for evil. God is turned around in a marvelous way. Lives are being saved. My soul resources with this good news. God bless you all. Thanks for sharing the good news. Prayers for you all. May the Holy Spirit have his way.

  9. Wanda Tun

    I pray God will send you to Ohio. I have waited many years to see a great awakening like this, God bless you and guide you in all you do.

  10. Dale Aligo

    You prayed for little Micah whose speech inaudible. They removed his ear to work on inner ear and replaced the ear! He said the word ‘YES’ clearly understandable to me! They still may doore invasive surgery but we give it all to Dr. JESUS! Dale Patricia Aligo ++the CROSS has conquered lying devil! 👿 This came up on my screen, the MAD devil is defeated!

  11. Beverly McDowell

    Praise God who is almighty! Pray for healing in my neck. Wish I could be there to volunteer but live too far away. Woodstown, NJ Beverly

  12. Sue Chilton

    All Glory to God!!! Strongholds broken and the power of God displayed!!! It has only just begun!!

  13. Barb Morin-Fleming

    Praise God and peace to His people !

  14. Nancy Cunningham

    Praise the Lord! So encouraging and faith building! May God pour out His Spirit on this whole nation like that!

  15. Judy Bjorklund

    Amen and Amen…BUT GOD!!! Praying for an Eph 3:20 to continue!!!

  16. Pearl Dalton

    Awesome news 🙌🙌..Especially more volunteers helping. All I can do is send financial support,prayers.
    Love ❤️ to all.

  17. Philip Paul DeVries

    Jesus breaks EVERY fetter and He sets people free. Hallelujah!!!

  18. Wayne

    April 21st is the “official” revival start date, but the true revival has already begun!

  19. Bjorn Bidell

    WOW!!! What a mighty GOD we serve! 😭

    • Paula Kochanek

      Thank You Jesus!
      Amazing love poured out.

  20. Becky

    Wow! This is amazing! God is on the move! As you have said, “This is a shining hour for the Body of Christ in Phoenix.” I would add that this is a shining hour for the Body of Christ around the world!!! Let His light so shine through us that as the Bible states, as He has been lifted up, all men shall be lifted up to Him! That is the Church’s role in this hour! My parents were both believers and my mom told me once that my dad was at a prayer meeting and a man who was drunk went to the altar and prayed and stood up sober! God wants mankind to be filled with the Spirit and not use substitutes and crutches. Mankind is so rebellious since the Fall that people often have to get to the bottom before they will look up and seek that which He wants to give–Himself! May God be glorified!

  21. Keith Honeycutt

    Let God arise let His enemies be scattered!!

  22. Kathy Turner

    Praise Jehovah God for what He is doing in Phoenix. We need that kind of outpouring of the Holy Spirit here in South Georgia. Pray that for us here please.
    Thank you for what your ministry is doing through the Holy Spirit.

  23. Angela Donsbach

    Praise God Almighty!

  24. Anna Flack

    This is phenomenal
    God is so good and faithful

  25. Virginia Drastata

    Reading this, that’s all I can do is cry with tears of victory, for our Lord . Praise the Lord !!!!! The Lord’s victory go forth with a mighty praise. Mario , the Lord bless you and strengthen you and all the workers. Peace of God rule over you all. We all haven’t seen anything yet. Lift up your heads oh you mighty gates and the Kiong od Glory shall come in . Exalt his Name forever. Amen and amen

    • Margaret Gail Segars Rainey

      Weeping this morning with GRATEFUL TEARS as I am reading these blogs!!! All good news here is answer to many, many prayers!!!! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!! Amen and amen.

  26. Ron Rupp

    Where ever that tent is planted, wherever the cross is placed

  27. Debbie

    There is another Bible teacher and mentor I listen to. That used to live there and has meetings on a regular basis. He says there is tremendous demon activity in the Phoenix area. No wonder he fought you so hard. We need to continue to pray for the power and fire of God to continue to flow in Phoenix area. God bless you for all your hard work.

  28. David Maddox

    I’ve been praying for revival in America for quite some time, and this is one special example. it’s only the beginning. All praise & Glory to our great and wonderful God.

  29. Joyce Miller

    Praise God for answering prayers!! 👏👏👏🙏🏽

  30. Melba Stallard

    Praise the name of Jesus

  31. Teresa Tittle

    Praise the name of JESUS!!!!What a mighty God we serve!!!

  32. Jean for God and Trump

    Praise God!! Thank you Jesus excited to see what God does.

  33. Peggy

    How exciting is this! Praise God for answering our prayers.
    Couldn’t happen to. More Godly Ministry!
    Gid Bless you and your team Mario. Appreciate you All☝️🙏💖

  34. MaryLucinda Grannan

    So beyond encouraging…..
    Grants abundant HOPE….


    • Sandra larco

      Glory to God

  35. Judy Haga

    That is awesome!!!!
    Thank you thank you Lord

  36. Lonnie Gutowski

    Me and my wife are looking forward to coming to Phoenix . We live in Nebraska and we are driving down to be apart of something special. Looking forward to being with like minded brothers and sisters in Christ

  37. Shanda Donahue

    Praise God for what he is doing and is going to do. Mario I love your heart for souls. God Bless this tent meeting. Praying.

  38. Lora Flinn

    Thank you for this report, Mario. I give to you twice monthly, and I pray that what I can give goes to heal, save, and bring souls to Jesus Christ. Thank you for keeping me informed on what you’re doing.
    I will be retiring soon, and I hope I can become one of those volunteers that follow you around and help you.

  39. Michael J. Briglia

    Praise God the Father, Jesus my Lord an Savior and the Holy Spirit! Bless Gods Angels too. Hallelujah!!

  40. ali s winters

    Truly we serve a mighty, powerful, loving God. Thank you for sharing this eye witness account of our LORD in all His glory. LORD bless.

  41. Grandma O

    Praying for you and your team. Abrazo y bendiciones from Texas!

  42. Mindy White


  43. Frieda Bergen

    Being blessed by your blog
    Believing with you for greater miracles
    We live in Canada

  44. Dana Reynolds

    Yes…PRAISE to our ALL-MIGHTY GOD!!!!!!!

  45. Sheree

    Wow Mario!!! I was just praying for strongholds of delusions to come down and the gates of Glory to open wide and let in The King of Glory! In His light is light. Not by power not by might but by My Spirit saith The LORD. So here you come now with the harvest: the reaper overtaking the plowman. Wow Mario! This is happening, it’s really happening.

  46. Larry and Kathy

    Wow!!! God is on the move revival has begun…Hallelujah

  47. Karen Lund





  48. Kathy

    Hallelujah!! I continue to pray for all. Nothing is impossible for our God!! Just as Gabriel and Michael wrestled with the prince of Persia in Daniel, send Your warring angels to bind those powers of darkness that were appointed to Phoenix. Darkness be broken, in Jesus name, prisoners set free. Let YOUR holy light shine.

  49. Terry Haight

    I thank our God for all this wonderful news. Our God is on the move in these last days. So much is happening. Please pray for my sick wife. Only you Lord can save us, Thank you Lord for your mighty works in this time we are living in. And thank you brother Mario for all your hard work for the Kingdom to come. Amen. Bless everyone who is involved in this last day movement for the Great Harvest.

  50. Sue Crook

    Praise our Most High God! Hallelujah!

  51. Joanne Quantz

    God is sooo Good! Thank you for all you are doing! God is Faithful and Wonderful! His perfect timing! America is being Saved Delivered and Set Free!

  52. Carleen Rowan

    Praise Jesus!!! This is wonderful news!!

  53. shen

    all praise and glory to our KING who reigns forevermore ♥️♥️♥️ only by HIS power and might❣️thank you, mario and team, for all
    you do for the KINGDOM❣️

  54. Nathanael

    Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah! Prophecy being fulfilled in our time, souls freed and the Church moving and growing! Prayer support coming at you! Thank you Jesus-all praise and glory to you!!

  55. Kevan Prati

    Awesome, the zeal of God!
    Posted the blog to FB just now.

  56. Tim

    God just upgraded the entire revival, new venue, double the volunteers and a homeless camp set up for you to visit.

    I’m surprised the local satanist didn’t show up to be delivered, camp meetings not over yet so we shall see!

  57. Doug Krause

    God’s open door is undeniable. Share this blog to spread His Word. Read Matthew 11:28-30, Message bible.

  58. Lisa wright

    As I read this blog I immediately started to cry and pray in the spirit. Only God knows what words to use that man just can’t put together enough to praise Jesus for these lives that are so important to him. The devil is a liar and will not steal another day from these people. God is moving and Arizona is crying for help and God is answering and providing. Satan must move aside and release his hold that was never his in the first place because the comforter Jesus has come. Things and lives there in Arizona will never be the same. Mario God’s presence is so real and strong that I can feel his presence there in Arizona from Fla. Our obedience Is greater than sacrifice. Trust God to move obstacles out of the way. I praise King Jesus for such a move of his spirit. Get ready!!!!!

  59. Beverly Belle

    Praise God! I am praying for volunteers to flow in and God is answering my prayers. I wish I could be there but God never fails. Thank you Mario and your team for all you do for the Glory of God!

  60. Sandra

    I said from your post and then the better spot was there for your tent it was satan and began to pray for the greatest soul saving event you have ever seen!! Please be expectant because it will be the greatest you have ever seen!! God is starting to out do satan because HE knows his time is about up and HE wants all that will to come to HIM. You are the last voice to tell the truth and see the greatest soul saving crusades ever in history! Praying that you will truly be amazed at the results.




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