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What does it matter if you gain an entire empire but lose your own country?

In the greatest moral landslide in our history—many ministries flourish. How can these two things be happening at the same time? The answer is a classic trick of Satan.

It is a kind of cosmic Judo. He uses a ministry’s success against itself. He turns their success into a harmless self-contained success.

What is Satan really trying to do by this?

His goal is to keep the army of God off the battlefield and away from effective warfare just long enough to finish off the country.

He does this two ways.

First he uses success to get them to live in a world apart. They think they are a force for change when in reality they are simply the best deck party going on the Titanic.

The enemy turns their eyes away from the realization that nothing they are doing is a clear path to saving America from destroying herself. They may even be oblivious to the ongoing disaster around them.

His goal is to keep the army of God off the battlefield and away from effective warfare just long enough to finish off the country.

The second thing he does is separate. He separates ministries from each other. He keeps Christians from joining forces.

Not only does he separate ministries, but he also separates vital truths from each other. He gets preachers stuck on one idea to the exclusion of all others. Why? Because Satan knows he must keep elements of truth detached from each other. He knows that if these truths were properly combined it would have a devastating effect on evil.

Here are some ways he does it:

He gets an audience to seduce a preacher. They preach something that catches fire with the crowd. So they say more of that. Their ministry grows through an over-emphasis of that one thing. Today we have pastors who prophesy for 30-40 minutes. There is no Bible teaching, just prophecy.

We also have sons of famous preachers who were hurt by their father’s strict rules. They become famous in their own right by undoing those rules. These codependent congregations remain in open-ended emotional recovery. Because they are in constant recovery they cannot work with other ministries.

Others preachers are imprisoned in a formula. It is not their message, but their system that brought them the crowd. That formula must be protected at all costs. They don’t dare examine themselves. And they cannot work with anyone outside that formula.

2 Timothy 4:3 says, “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables.”

What does it profit you to gain an entire empire but lose your own country?

Here is a big question for these ministries: What does it profit you to gain an entire empire but lose your own country?

But there are two groups who I believe need to hear this. They are two groups that Satan is most threatened by. They are The Christian Patriots and the Revivalists.

The Christian Patriots see the need to win elections and undo evil laws. They are unabashed supporters of Donald Trump. They love America and believe that we must organize the vote and expose the evil doers.

Revivalists do not believe any man can save America. Their reliance is on prayer and the call for national repentance. They point to the corruption in both parties and feel the answer must transcend politics.

They are two groups that Satan is most threatened by. They are The Christian Patriots and the Revivalists.

Both of these movements carry a vital element of truth and Satan does not want them to join forces. Their unification would fling the doors of a moral awakening wide open.

But they can be unified if they realize the overriding truth. First we must preach the Gospel. Second we must protect our freedom to preach the Gospel.

We need events where believers experience the power of both of these movements. They need to be trained to take the fight to local elections. Especially in battleground states!

In that same event there needs to be an outpouring of the Holy Spirit where patriots are born again and signs and wonders prove the Gospel.

We must join forces. In this case, one and one does not equal two—it equals a nation- saving army.

Now you know why Lance Wallnau and I have joined forces!





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    Unity !!! Shoulder to shoulder

  2. Marcus Maddox

    Good message. Thanks!

  3. Vern Heeren

    Mario, I believe you are hearing the Holy Spirit. Perhaps many, like me, who, in the past several years, have withdrawn from life-long church attendance, would love to return to be part of such a combined army, which would not only save the country in a political and moral sense, but would “overcome the world” in the spiritual sense.

  4. Larry Lavallee

    AS ONE 🤺 Unite & Fight 🔥Please be in Prayer April 5th & 6th for The “RISE AS ONE” Crusade in Venice Florida 🙏
    This is exactly what your message is calling for. 40 Churches are Teaming Up to Preach The Gospel and Reach the lost. NOW IS THE DAY OF SALVATION!!! TO GOD BE THE GLORY 😇 See you in Batavia NY this June


    It would be nice to have your blogs in an audio recording on the internet

  6. phil beatty


  7. Susan Jones

    Hal-le-lu-jah! Thank you, Mario. Thank you, Lance. Thank You, LORD JESUS. Thank You, HOLY SPIRIT. Thank You, FATHER GOD.

  8. Leyla Schrunk

    Onward Christian soldiers marching as to war with the cross of Jesus going on before. We are not divided, all one body we, one In.. hope and doctrine, one in charity…against the spiritual forces of the enemy. Singing praises till he’ll flees!

  9. Paula Kochanek

    Reasons to return to Flashpoint. You are a powerful force of Truth.

  10. Elizabeth brasher

    I am interested in your ministries events in Fl

  11. Caleb Mayo

    I’ve been hearing in my spirit for a while now. Abandon the format. Abandon the format.

  12. Ben Rhodes

    Mario,you are so right , it will happen ,they will join together and even more. God will move in these last days because these are the last of the last days. I have faith in our Great God of mercy .thank you for all you do . praying for you all.

  13. Kimberly Moore

    Spot on. And I love both you and Lance.

  14. Deb G

    Dear Brother Mario- you are so right about the need to come together. We were at the gathering in Ocala. What a blessing y’all were to our beautiful city. Our city/county is blessed with so many Godly leaders in our city and county governments, law enforcement and administrations. The move of God continues and we continue to pray that all darkness be brought to light, that God might REIGN in our area and that Jesus will be known by all!

    Blessings on all that y’all do. We thank God NOW for a holy harvest in Georgia and beyond!

  15. Ann Beauchamp

    I had not been feeling well and decided not to go to Atlanta. Saw a broadcast in which there was such an urgency, and God said GO, so I’ll be at the Atlanta event

  16. Margaret Gail Segars Rainey

    Good morning, Brother Mario! I am in both groups and I am one of satan’s worst enemies! And I shall NOT leave quietly!!!

  17. Lucy Courtney

    What websight do l use?

  18. Theodore Vieu

    There is no link to order the books ??

  19. Duane

    May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you a spirit of unity among yourselves as you follow Jesus Christ Romans 15:5

  20. Alan Erwert

    It would be great to see revival in Montana. Kalispell is ripe for harvest

  21. Becky

    Brother Mario, I love that you and Lance Wallnau have joined forces! I have to tell you that you have misspelled Lance’s last name in your poster above this comments section, concerning the Georgia Courage Tour.

    I have followed your ministry for decades and have become acquainted with Brother Wallnau through the Flashpoint program.

    I am a born-again Believer, a Christian Nationalist and a Revivalist. These times feel very weighty to me and as my whole home is a prayer closet, I am often calling out to God during the day for the issues facing our nation, my own life and just to help me bear the weight. I am sure that the weight is even more intense for those of you who meet the people on the streets that are living such horrendous lives! I lived in Concord in the Bay Area over 40 years ago and I can say that I loved it out there. I couldn’t believe what has happened to San Francisco since then, the video you showed on Fire Power this past Wednesday was eye-opening and very sad!

    The Bible does ask the question, “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul?” Our nation was created by God for God and will prevail! May God be glorified always! We were always taught by the church John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son…” The question really is, How much do we love God?!

  22. Jean for God and Trump

    I love this!!! I used to belong to a church that didn’t understand President Trump and wanted a Kingdom party. There is no ballot thus far with Kingdom option. We cannot have 4 more years of demonic democrats.

  23. Susan

    You are God’s resevoir of Godly information. Thank you Lord.🔥💓🔥

  24. Brad Gudgeon


    I posted this today on your Wounded Healer Page, your last 2 posts go together with the Wounded Healer post:

    The phrase “Wounded Healer” was coined in 1951 by the Psychologist Carl Jung, who was a Christian. The Wounded Healer was derived from an archetype in Greek Mythology about Chiron: In Greek mythology, the centaur Chiron embodies Jung’s ‘wounded healer’ archetype. After facing early life abandonment, Chiron, the Centaur, is fatefully pierced by his own poison arrow, incurring an unhealable wound that he carries with him for the rest of his life. It was his own pain that helped him recognize the need to heal others.

    Of course, Jesus, embodied the truest spirit of the wounded healer. The same could be said of Joseph, and in contemporary times even Donald Trump and of course Mario Murillo and many others, including me.

    I study markets and how they move and why. Chiron in astrology is the largest of the asteroids and it perfectly conjoins the Sun and Moon in warlike Aries on Monday creating the up and coming solar eclipse. The Sun conjoined the North Nodes of Moon last night as Venus entered into the April Aries Vortex (something that will occur big time in early 2026).

    The stock market is highly likely to have a panic drop early Monday the 8th of April 2024, that will be a shot across the bow to what is coming in May of this year (when Mars joins Aries), which will also be a precursor to Neptune joining Aries on March 31, 2025 (Neptune entered Aries on the exact day of the start of the American Civil War in April 1861, hints of which are coming ~ July 2 of 2024).

    The “big daddy” warlike Aries Vortex comes together on February 20th of 2026, when Saturn also moves out of the peace loving sign of Pisces. We are fast moving toward massive civil and global conflict. Uranus moves into Gemini on July 7th of 2025.

    Civil unrest is expected this summer after the expected crash of May-June 2024 due to Neptune almost entering into Aries on July 2. A bigger period of tension will form when Uranus enters into Gemini next summer. This last occurred in August of 1941, right before the USA entered WW2 and was a pre-cursor aspect to the American Civil War in 1858 and the American Revolution in 1775! The 84 year cycle of Uranus in Taurus matches exactly the 4th Turning of four 21 year generation cycles, that is we tend to repeat the mistakes of our great grandparents.

    The bottom line is this: we are facing something unprecedented as all 3 of these past American Wars cycles come together to haunt us around the Aries Vortex of February 20, 2026. My job is not only to warn people of what is coming (something I’ve known about for many years), but to make money in the markets so I can help others lessen their suffering, so they too can do the same and that takes the form of practical solutions (mainly food growing) so we can get in front of what’s coming, not just spewing out dire warnings. Think “Victory Gardens!”

    Let’s not be reactive, but proactive. If we are not part of the solution, we become part of the problem. The choice is ours. We will have no one to blame but ourselves for our continued fence sitting and inaction. Choose this day whom you will serve! Salvation is a precious seed, and so it stands to reason that it must be watered and nourished in order to flourish. Paul says that we must work out our salvation with fear and trembling. Don’t let your gifts from God die. To whom much is given, much is also required.

    Blessings to All,

    Brad Gudgeon

    Christian Patriot Media (dot org)
    Eagles Over America (dot com)
    BluStar Market Insights (dot com)

  25. KC

    Spot on with this message. Now if we could just get that to happen. I copied your prayer that you did for the Nation on the Todd Coconato Show called “Changing the way we pray for America” We all need to say this prayer daily with force.
    Here it is:
    In the Name of Jesus! I take authority over demon power that is deluding minds, corrupting government and bringing evil into our cities (towns, and Nation). I stand against it by the Blood of Christ and the Power of the Word of God. And I enforce the Word of God on it and Demand that it Leave!!!!
    BTW, I painted the avtar picture – it is huge and hangs on my wall

  26. KC

    Here is the transcribed second half of your prayer that you did at the end of the Todd Coconato show on Changing the way we pray for America.

    “I am through with elementary prayers!
    I am going to stand between heaven and earth and inflict the damage of the Cross of Christ on demon powers that have made America an insanity and embarrassment of hissing and a bi-word. It’s time Oh God for You to take authority over the demon powers that run our government this time. We Need it NOW LORD! We need it more than we’ve ever needed it before. In the Name of Jesus – “Amen

  27. Pastor Steve Snyder

    Absolutely right on!
    It is time for sleepy believers to awaken!

  28. TJ Owen

    I agree. The army of God is to be united. It is past time of pointing 👉 fingers. The body of Christ united is powerful 🙌 and a “new breed” is rising up. TO God be the Glory!!!

  29. JoAnn Street

    Mario Murillo, sharing good helpful content, that rings true Thankyou

  30. Bonnie Gerke

    Amen, thank you for this word and please come to Michigan. We need you and Lance at a crusade here. If you come we’ll be there. Thank you Mario for telling it like it is. God Bless, keep this word going.

  31. Karen Sorenson

    Love this message!!!
    So true!!! God bless you, Mario and Lance!!!

  32. Linda Kellogg

    Yes and amen. Thank you for uniting with Lance. My daughter and I were at the Washington DC event at Trump Hotel in 2019. It was great. I’ll support with an offering for your work soon. I’m one of those in Texas. A Christian patriot who repents for my and national sins and I know without Gods help the battle won’t be won. I pray we can give our nation back to Jesus. Hope to see Lance at the Texas State Republican convention.

  33. Suzanne and Christina

    Please let me know the exact location of the meeting in Phoenix. How far is it from the airport? Thank you

    • Mario Murillo

      1826 W McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85007 is the address for the fairgrounds. It is not far from the airport.

  34. Angela Donsbach

    Excellent analysis !!!!!!!

  35. Danny

    Mario, I miss seeing you on Flashpoint. I wish whatever happened could be fixed.

  36. Mark and Susan Dubois

    Awesome brother Mario!
    I could not agree more!
    Our church is one that is interceding regularly!
    Make it happen Lord Jesus!




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