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Important update. After asking for an audio of the event where John Maxwell spoke, I was finally told it was not recorded. After saying I was lying they are unable to back up their claim.  I vehemently stand by my blog. Until they present me with the unedited audio which I believe does exist–this case is closed.

What else could he have meant when he told 1,000 Assemblies of God pastors to stay out of politics? How can any righteous voice do that now? Now that leftist politics and evil are synonymous.

Politics is everywhere. We cannot avoid it.  And yes, it is evil. Our corrupt government invades every aspect of our lives. The Democrat Party has sold its soul to the devil.

Any Christian with a child in public school faces political persecution. Pornography in textbooks, boys in the girl’s bathroom, school counselors who secretly groom children for sex. Men in women’s sports.

Shouldn’t their pastor help them with these things? Shouldn’t they take a moral stand?

Shouldn’t their pastor help them with these things? Shouldn’t they take a moral stand?

According to John Maxwell: No. Politics is off limits. No advice or equipping here. Sorry, mom and dad, you are on your own. When your daughter wants an abortion, figure it out yourself.

Every Sunday people sit in churches facing dire moral choices. Nearly all of them involve politics. In Maxwell’s view we must not talk about gender, advice on gender, the illegal invasion at our border, or the LGBTQ+ agenda?

What did Peter do when government leaders attacked the church? He made sure the congregation knew the threat from the political enemies of the faith. Acts 4:23, “And being let go, they went to their own companions and reported all that the chief priests and elders had said to them.”

Then Peter called for prayer. Why did these 1,000 AG ministers not drop everything and cry out to God for mercy on America? Is it because they are more interested in the hottest new business model for church growth?

The pastor who does not warn his sheep about evil is like the parent who lets their child learn about sex on the street.

The pastor who does not warn his sheep about evil is like the parent who lets their child learn about sex on the street.

Maxwell says to avoid politics, because it is ‘polarizing.’ And yet his speech in Miami—ironically at the Trump International Hotel—is totally polarizing. In fact it is igniting a firestorm. And that proves my next point.

Every opinion today is polarizing. You cannot avoid polarization. Our culture forces you to choose sides on everything.

Truth is especially polarizing. Jesus called for a clear division.

Matthew 10:34-36, “Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword. For I have come to set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; and a man’s enemies will be those of his own household.”

Preacher, you are going to be polarizing, no matter what you say.  Why not do it by telling the truth?

Preacher, you are going to be polarizing, no matter what you say.  Why not do it by telling the truth?

John Maxwell referenced Billy Graham. He said that right before he died, Graham told him not to endorse any political candidate.

I find that odd, since in his last days Billy Graham commissioned ads and billboards telling people about the evils of abortion and other matters. Then he exhorted Christians to vote their conscience.

Billy Graham

Barack Obama ordered the IRS to illegally suspend Billy Graham’s nonprofit status. 

In fact, because Billy took a political stand, Barack Obama ordered the IRS to illegally suspend Billy Graham’s nonprofit status.

Maxwell accused pastors who endorse candidates of trusting more in a politician than Jesus. I have never met a Christian conservative who does that. Have you?

But we do know who John Maxwell is trusting.

John Maxwell interviewed Andy Stanley about his new book Not in it to win it and gave it a glowing endorsement. I don’t get it.

Andy Stanley teaches that parts of the Bible are not true. Stanley also says the church should not be trying to save America. Wait! What?

Why are the Assemblies of God letting a man who endorses Andy Stanley tell their pastors what to preach?

Unlike Maxwell or Stanley, the Bible clearly tells us to take political and moral stands.

John the Baptist confronts King Herod: “And with many other exhortations he preached to the people. But Herod the tetrarch, being rebuked by him concerning Herodias, his brother Philip’s wife, and for all the evils which Herod had done, also added this, above all, that he shut John up in prison” (Luke 3:18-20).

Peter and John refuse to obey an evil government: “So they brought them and set them before the council (Sanhedrin). And the high priest examined them by questioning, saying, “Did we not strictly command you not to teach in this name? And behold, you have filled Jerusalem with your doctrine, and intend to bring this Man’s blood on us!” But Peter and the other apostles answered and said: “We ought to obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:27-29).

But is cowardice the real reason some pastors do not want to take a stand? If so, that is a scary thing.


Dietrich Bonheffer

Those who are afraid to address moral issues are no better than those who commit transgressions. -Franklin Graham

Revelations 21:8 says, “But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”

Here is what Franklin Graham said about Revelation 21:8, “That puts cowards in the same category as murderers and rapists. Those who are afraid to address moral issues are no better than those who commit transgressions. When you accept a position of authority, you have accepted an obligation to work toward the benefit of mankind in the name of God.”

Does telling a thousand AG ministers to remain silent play directly into the devil’s hands? If a pastor does not tell their people who to vote for, then they are probably going to vote wrong, or worse, they are not going to vote at all.

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

Obama said that elections have consequences. Consider the consequences of four more years of Biden.

The big question is this: Is Eric Metaxas right? Is the silence of the American church the same as the silence of the German church before Hitler came to power?

If so, then the words of Dietrich Bonhoeffer settle this matter, “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

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  1. Marcus Wheeler

    Amen and Amen, brother Mario!! God bless you and thank you for standing up for truth!!!

    • Nancy T

      Yes! I agree! Thank you for speaking truth!

      • Marcus Maddox

        Elijah was call a trouble maker

      • Sandra

        You have spoke the truth and there is no mistakes in the Bible only translation meanings. GOD hates evil and homosexuality is an abomination to him. And me, because what GOD hates I hate. I just can not understand how anyone could have sex with the same sex? Sick! And preachers will have to answer to GOD just like believers.

        • Rev J

          It would be nice to know which Maxwell event with Assemblies if God you are referencing. 1000 A/G ministers would have been in my district news. Haven’t heard of any of this. –

          Florida A/G pastor ordained 40 years!

          • Mario Murillo

            It was about 70 pastors with churches of over a thousand.

          • Mary Hanks

            Well the good thing is as an AG Pastor you can easily find out what Pastors Conference John Maxwell just spoke at. That is what my AG Pastor said – he does not doubt Mario’s word, BTW.

      • Chris

        Well brother Mario, the A/G has never been more educated and progressive than it is right now. TRUE Repentance? Alter calls? Righteousness? Fire? It is very, very rare now to experience any move or manifestation of The Holy Spirit in thier churches. It doesn’t surprise me the higherarchy of that distirct (they have to get permission from headquarters) would have such a man as John Maxwell (Mr. Leadership guru himself…OMG!) speak to thier finest of church pastoral “leadership” (that word again). I grew up in the A/G. It ain’t the same! In my day we celebrated men like C.M. Ward!! Talk about revival fire!!? He WAS a firewall within that denomination! So, now they’ve gone from C.M. Ward to “Dr” John Maxwell. Things aren’t what they oughtta be. God help us! PREACH MARIO PREACH!!

      • Mary Neckvatal

        Eric Metaxas spoke in (albuquerque) this past Sunday and he also said John Maxwell told pastors not to get involved in politics. He was at Legacy Church in (albuquerque) so you are correct Mario Murillo, that exactly what he said.

      • Leslie E Everhart

        So true! Now is NOT the time to be asleep at the wheel like we have been for 50 plus years!!! This is a spiritual battle where all hands on deck are needed!!

    • Oreste Lamboglia

      Amen. It is evil

      • Star savage

        These people appear to be Christians but are not really. They preach parts of the gospel but deny the power. God will not be mocked.

      • Leyla Schrunk

        I can trust what you say because your wisdom comes from God and His Word. It is not to promote yourself but to further the Kingdom of God. Blessed by your courage to Stand and Fight evil wherever it slithers.

    • Nancy

      Oh, another one!!! Save us O God from these people and the harm they do to everyone listening and agreeing with him!

    • Susan kirk

      Yes Amen!

      • Laura

        I agree completely. What about AG pastors/churches that speak nothing of biblical prophecy in these times of so much fulfilling of prophecy. Is that not part of the (Full) Gospel?

    • Shanda Donahue

      God Bless you Mario for speaking the truth.

    • Diane Anthony

      Thank you! I absolutely agree!

    • Cindy Smith

      Thank you for speaking the truth Mario

      • Regina Terwilliger

        Keep preaching it brother! Amen and amen

    • Patty M

      Well said! Amen. The devil wants the church to be silenced. Thank you for the references I’ll use them!

      I’ve been involved in politics since the day I was born again. Led by the holy Spirit, politicians were removed and replaced from positions when they were corrupt, laws were changed to bring law and order and funding was given to the poor and the gospel was provided and shared through those actions.

      The decisions made by the government have an impact on people and the way we interact with them. Government plays a role in the work of God’s kingdom on earth.

      When we are silent we are susceptible to influences that pressure government to move outside God. We must care about politics because they shape our societies and our lives

    • Rick Rosier

      Amen Mario so many ministries I met in California would not go to your crusades because you speak truth politically against evil.they were wrong it’s our Godly responsibility to stand against any kind of evil. I thank God for your voice . I’ve spent time in your crusades every day and night in 30 degree weather and saw first hand the motives and How shod is using you . Like Bonhoffer the church must peak out about the political evils of today. God help and God bless America keep flying the flag in your crusades

    • Rick Rosier

      Amen Mario so many ministries I met in California would not go to your crusades because you speak truth politically against evil.they were wrong it’s our Godly responsibility to stand against any kind of evil. I thank God for your voice . I’ve spent time in your crusades every day and night in 30 degree weather and saw first hand the motives and How shod is using you . Like Bonhoffer the church must peak out about the political evils of today. God help and God bless America keep flying the flag in your crusades

    • Patty breuchaud

      As always well said. Glory to God who orders your thoughts and gives you the words. Fueled byHoly Spirit power. God bless you, brother!

    • Mark Taylor

      Amen amen amen amen. Did I say amen amen let’s take it to the streets

    • Betty Deans

      Thank you for being obedient Mario and speaking out, that is exact reason my husband & I left our church after the Covid debacle, he refused to take a stand about abortion or anything that he thought might be looked at as political, one thing is certain he will be accountable for what he did not say.

    • Melanie Hymel

      Amen I’m so happy the pastors I listen to speak 🗣️ on it. I plead the blood of Jesus Christ over me and my family in the name of Jesus Christ Amen 🙌🙏🙏🙏✝️❣️

    • Dan Sheehy

      I agree with the Bonhoeffer quote and,of course,the bible references listed above.

    • Blair Broadbent

      ” Bretheren, our preaching will bear its legitimate fruits. If immorality prevails in the land, the fault is ours in a great degree. If there is a decay of conscience, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the public press lacks moral discrimination, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the church is degenerate and worldly, the pulpit is responsible for it. If Satan rules in our halls of legislation, the pulpit is responsible for it. If our politics become so corrupt that the very foundations of our government are ready to fall away, the pulpit is responsible for it”. Charles G Finney

    • Torey Goodson

      Where is the previous Blog he is referring to in this Blog that he is defending? I don’t see it…

  2. Luis Torres

    Amen Mario….

    • Pearl Dalton

      Amen Mario.The churches that are with us,are few .I am struggling finding one,that is preaching the full gospel. Keep up the good fight of faith 🙏

    • Carla Evans

      I agree Amen!

    • Paul S Tanzini

      I wrote this piece right after I read your blog. I met you at an Assembly of God in the late seventies when I was a teenager at a teen retreat in upstate New York. You explain how God called you to preach to the hippies in Berkeley. I grew up in San Francisco but I’ve been in New York ever since 1987. I fully agree with what you say. I use software to put this piece together but it speaks the truth about what I have in my heart concerning this subject.

      The Church’s Role in Society

      The church is not meant to confine itself within the four walls of its buildings. The original disciples turned the world upside down through their unwavering faith and commitment to spreading the Gospel. However, in recent times, the church has become complacent, failing to fulfill its mandate to be a light in the darkness. As a nation founded on Christian principles and prayer, America has witnessed a decline in moral values and societal decay since the Bible was removed from public school curricula.

      The Role of the Senate Chaplain

      The existence of the Senate chaplain, a paid position funded by tax dollars, is evidence that America’s founding fathers did not believe in the separation of church and state. Figures like Peter Marshall, a renowned Senate chaplain, interceded on behalf of legislation in the Senate and the House of Representatives. This practice highlights the importance of spiritual guidance in the political realm. However, as the Bible was gradually pushed out of public life, America began its descent into moral decay, mirroring the warnings found in Romans 1.

      The Antichrist Within the Church

      Contrary to popular belief, the Antichrist is not a political figure but a church figure. The Antichrist falsely represents God, His Word, and distorts the true essence of Christianity. As John the Apostle warned, there are many antichrists among us, individuals who claim to be followers of Christ but promote false teachings and values. These false representatives of God contribute to the mess in the world by perpetuating a distorted version of Christianity.


      Brother Mario, your ministry and presence continue to be a source of inspiration and encouragement. We share more than just a common upbringing in San Francisco; we share a passion for seeing the church rise up and impact the world around us. The mess in the world is a direct result of the mess in the church. It is imperative that we, as believers, recognize the infiltration of the spirit of antichrist within the body of Christ and take a stand for truth and righteousness. Let us fervently pray for a revival within the church, that we may once again turn the world upside down with the power of the Gospel.

  3. Michael A Druckenmiller Sr

    I am so completely saddened by this report. I knew that my home denomination had been failing for some to time, but to read this report…

    I agree with you Mario! I have been pleading in my posts over the years that the reason America is in the shape it is in is because The Church has failed to be Salt and Light, a preservative.

    Interesting, in that the only way salt preserves is to be rubbed into that which it is to preserve.

    If we are doing what Jesus has called us to do we will be an irritant.

    As for light, in my mind that speaks to exposing sin, and in agreement with you, that includes the pulpit.

    • Angel

      The re x of ox

    • Joan

      Thank you Mario. This is so right on. I am in a fast growing church but it does not want to take a political stand. Not taking a stand is taking one. You put into words exactly what I have been thinking and feeling. Are pastors more afraid of losing members and money or speaking the moral truth?

      • Kelly

        So good. So true.

    • David Holloway

      Yes American churches should denounce evil, the evil of murdering thousands of children who Jesus loves, and denounce Zionism who Jesus said, you are of your father the devil who was a murderer from the beginning.

    • Alora

      Thank you Mario for this. Watching the church sidestep it’s responsibility to a lost and dying world is truly a slap in the face to Jesus.
      It’s very disheartening to attend a church where nothing in society is addressed. God help us to WAKE up, not in the sense of society’s likeness but God’s truth.

    • Gabriel Mayes

      This article is not the truth. I was in the room with John that day and this is not what he said. It’s a twist of the truth.

      • Mario Murillo

        Rob, I stand by my report. Please release the recording of Maxwell’s message (unedited).

    • Rob Ketterling

      Read my reply it’s not true what he’s said.

      • Mario Murillo

        Rob, I stand by my report. Please release the recording of Maxwell’s message (unedited).

  4. Greer

    Thank you Brother Mario for speaking the Truth and calling out compromise.

  5. Randy Lucas

    Based on the evidence of 2020 with the closing of churches and the surrendering of Constitutional rights with no push-back from Christian leadership in America, I can only determine that the wrong people are in leadership.

    I ask the Lord to raise up champions who fearlessly come against the wickedness in high places (and those high places in the spirit realm manifest in the physical realm).

    Our Lord raised up a Cyrus to demonstrate how a champion operates to His church which is virtually neutered.

    Thanks to you, Mario, and others who are fighting evil at its roots. May the Lord raise up others who can distinguish between wheat and tares and deal with them as such.

    • Michelle

      Amen Mario, American churches have to take a stand. I was surprised to hear this about John Maxwell. God is exposing government leaders and those who stand in the pulpit who are against him, his word and that lead his sheep astray. We have to stand on Gods word and pray for our country.

      • Thomas Oaxaca

        Maxwell is either confused or ignorant of the truth.
        Why do you think President Johnson sought to gain the support of the pulpit by passing the Johnson Amendment allowing tax-free status for religious organizations under IRS Sectoon 501(c)3. Johnson wanted to silence the mouths of right wing pastors from speaking the truth about civil rights and the abortion issue which was surfacing across the country.
        All Maxwell is doing is advocating exactly what the enemy wants, to keep the Church quiet.
        Pastors need to throw away their 501(c)3 status and start believing what they preach, that God will supply ALL their need according to His riches… The Church doesn’t need a gimic to entice giving by make donations tax deductible. Is that what God is really worth, a tax deduction? Pastors need to stand up, straighten thier backs, look right into the face of the devil and tell him that he can take back his tax rules and regulations and START PREACHING THE TRUTH!
        The job of a pastor is to.protect the sheep. How can he fulfill his duties if his tongue is being held silent for fear of becoming taxed?
        Pastor Maxwell, open your eyes and ears, learn why the Church is being held hostage by the IRS and then set out to free those that are bound.
        In Jesus’s name, Amen

        • John Geise

          Thomas, 100% correct the Johnson Ammendment went after a Texas Pastor who stood against Johnson in an election way back in the late 50’s, early 60’s while he was a running for Senator (before he was chosen as JFK’S VP running mate)
          Well that is just the plain fact and political history.
          *There is a date every Sunday, the number of participating Pastors are growing, they submit their written sermon to the IRS. This is not “tempting God” to see if our Father protects us from the IRS….NO it is our constitutional right to free speech, more importantly EXCERISE “religious truth” via the 1st Ammendment. The IRS will not, cannot stand IN A COURT OF LAW against repealing a tax exempt organization/Church. They would lose and be exposed. Now….if the AG or any other denomination HQ allows
          “Mr positive, Mr authority loud mouth” to continue to spread this whimpy~sissified motivational speaker advice THEN THE DAY WILL COME That a Constitutional Ammendment is passed.
          *My goodness men&women of God leaders-pastors-5 fold ministers we MUST Speak. I urge anyone reading this to investigate “Freedom Sunday” (I’m sorry if I have this Sunday identified incorrectly?) But I believe I heard it on Rick Green or David Barton?? Wallbuilders Org.
          I’m just a lay Man – intercessor who groans in the Spirit, pulling down P&P over cities, destroying these P&P falsehoods, the wickedness in darkness that are attempting to overthrow our Godly heritage via The Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, Yes even The Mayflower Compact…COVENANT. We have more than a few Godly Covenants made by brave pioneers who claimed this beautiful land for the Gospel of Peace to bring *SOZO Salvation to all who will hear it.
          This burns like fire shut up in my bones. I wil be going to Springfield MO. in a few months as part of the Prayer Center at the AG headquarters as a “mission trip” to intercede for the world. My heart & convictions are to intercede for the 2 most important nations, USA & Israel. If the USA is weakened(and we are) with nonsensical motivation speaker coward,*Rev John Maxwell&Andy Stanley bowing down to false gods of cowardice and peaceKEEPERS who are supposed to be Godly & for us ,as national “big names”….then we lose. I believe they are the minority. We overcome by the Blood and by the Word of our testimony, also through intercession.

      • Godswarrior123

        Agree. Cowardice in the face of evil is evil itself.

    • Rebecca

      I also believe we as believers need to stand for truth. Regardless what people do or say to us… I am sad that people who call themselves Christian’s vote life the Democratic Party.
      All they do is spew evil and continue on paying for abortion.
      God help us… I will say the truth .. at 84yrs I’m still here to stand for truth to share the word..
      whether some family members and so called friends do not like to hear the truth . I agree with u Amarillo… God Bless ur ministry.

  6. Rebecca parsons

    Thank you for standing up for righteousness and truth

  7. Ann Kling

    We are retired A/G pastors and find this very distressing!!

    • Patricia Orr

      Thanx for your honesty – you’re standing up

    • Rob Ketterling

      Read my reply it’s not true what he’s said.

      • Mario Murillo

        Rob, I stand by my report. Please release the recording of Maxwell’s message (unedited).

        • Dan

          I believe Mario over Rob.tell the truth Rob

      • Dave page

        Then why don’t you release the recordings of the Maxwell message . We have to stand for the truth !!

        • Mario Murillo

          Dave there was no recording.

  8. Mary J.

    So well said! Amen and Amen!!

    • Charlotte

      These are beliefs I share and have not been able to say the right words, thank you, 79 and still Praying and Believing

  9. Robert L norris

    PTL Mario, you are right on the button. I would run from a Pastor who told me that. Thank you for speakin g the truth!!!

    • Dean Johnston

      Yes he is right. If the church has sold their soul to the satan via the 501c3. Did Paul fight politics? Address politics with the leaders of the home groups and deal with it on a more personal level where it has mor meaming.

      • Glynis

        It makes you wonder for someone who has written so many books on leadership now when you should be standing up he’s telling you the opposite.

    • John Emberson

      Totally correct! ….. Fear of losing (finances, respect, the program) seems to be the driving force.

    • Keith Honeycutt

      Ezekiel 33:1-9 The watchman and his duty. Seems pretty clear cut. Say it loud!

  10. Ada Stovall

    Thank you for speaking out about this. You are speaking truth.

  11. Carleen Rowan

    I got this information from First Liberty. Pastors can speak about political issues in church and can educate their congregation about politics. However, according to IRS regulations, pastors and churches, when classified as a 501(c)(3) organization, may not endorse one candidate over another.

    • Rich Chiero

      You are correct Carleen. A church can even invite a political candidate to come and address the congregation providing that all candidates in the race are invited. The pastor may endorse a candidate individually, though not from the pulpit, nor may any church funds be donated to a political candidate. Beyond that, a pastor has a wide swath of options as to how to educate a congregation about the prevailing issues facing all Americans.

      • Mario Murillo

        The highest law of the land is not the Johnson amendment but the Constitution. The Johnson amendment created the 501c3 abomination. that violates both freedom of speech and freedom of worship. That is why the IRS is loathe to enforce the Johnson amendment. They know that if it was challenged in court the amendment would be removed. So it is merely a scare tactic. A pastor can endorse anyone they want from the pulpit. Furthermore they are not required in any way to give candidates who believe in same sex marriage or abortion to their pulpit.

  12. Larry McMillan

    When the righteous are in Authority , the people rejoice. When the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.
    (king James. Proverbs 29:2)

    Obviously John Maxwell chooses man’s 501c3 0ver God’s Righteousness.
    His choice, his loss.

    Hope those listening to him get a wake up call before they end up in a hot place.

  13. Margaret Siciliano

    Thank you Mario ! I agree with you and applaud you for speaking out against this evil stand which has infiltrated the Church.
    That is one reason I left the church I attended. Couldn’t take it any longer. Control of man and not God! God Bless you Mario! You are so appreciated my brother!!

  14. Sandra L Gray

    Wonderful and truthful and Biblical message Mario. Oh how I pray this gets to those 1000 and more pastors. And Bless the the few pastors around the country and world who follow Jesus and the Word of God and some facing much persecution doing so and that includes you Mario Murillo. I’ve known you from those early days, especially when the “Awakening” was happening those 20+ days at Calvary Community in San Jose.

  15. Greer

    Brother Mario, thank you for standing for Truth and calling out compromise.

  16. Debi Foster

    UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!! And we wonder why our country is a mess!! If Christians don’t stand up and become a voice by VOTING and educating themselves then we cannot hope to change our country!! Shame on him!!!!

  17. Neva Y

    This made me weep. I know so many full gospel churches who are “silent”!! May God show them the truth.

  18. Stephen Mueller


    • Shirley Bonard

      Thank you Mario for standing with boldness’ to speak the truth about the many churches that won’t stand up for us. Your ministry is a real blessing and I support and pray for you. It is such a blessing to see the many souls being saved and transformed.

      • Moreen


      • Mike Walker

        Thanks for bringing this story but I must say it’s disappointing as I have liked and respected John Maxwell. I have some of his books but he is lacking in wisdom in taking this position. He and pastors who concur with him are giving in to the fear of man and failing as leaders.

  19. Michael MEDNICK

    Great words Brother Mario. I’ve been training my ex Pastors in fitness for over 15 years now and sadly they still desire the hush, hush approach to their flock. Truthfully, that’s one of the main reasons that I’m not part of that body anymore. Super sad but, very true. It’s Not a GOoD time to be quiet! <

  20. Sherryl Robertson

    Dear Mario, I am so happy you are connected with Pastor Greg and Kathy Fairrington out in CA, who stand on the Word of GOD. and preach the truth no matter what culture or government officials say! Charles Crabtree was my pastor growing up in the Assemblies of God, and he helped Pastor Greg and Kathy start their church. As a little 6 year old girl, I loved going to First Assembly in Des Moines, IA because Pastor Charles always preached the truth BOLDLY. . .and I loved him for proclaiming the truth, and not a watered down Gospel! People are still hungry for the TRUTH, and preachers need to quit trying to trying to live by what social media says and preach the BIBLE, as people of all ages need to hear the TRUTH ! Where else are people going to hear the TRUTH? THANK YOU, MARIO, FOR NOT BEING AFRAID TO SPEAK THE TRUTH. . .WHICH SETS PEOPLE FREE!!! BLESS YOU!!!

  21. Dana Reynolds

    Right on!!!…we love you Mario

  22. Sue Harman

    No, he is wrong!

  23. Claudia Gilliam

    That’s what the Bible teaches!!!
    I just read it in 2 Peter 2:19,
    They promise freedom, but they themselves are slaves of sin and corruption. For you are a slave to whatever controls you.

    2 Peter 3:3,4.
    Most importantly, I want to remind you that in the last days scoffers will come mocking the truth and following their own desires. They will say, “whatever happened to the promise that Jesus is coming again? From before the times of our ancestors, everything has remained the same since the world was first created. “

  24. Jane Robinson

    My dear brother, keep doing what you are doing—speaking the truth!

    I don’t know how you found me but I am thankful you did.

  25. Carleen Rowan

    I should explain what First Liberty is. It is a non–profit Christian conservative legal organization based in Plano, Texas. It litigates in religious freedom disputes. It has litigated before the Supreme Court

  26. Patricia Houston

    Wow! What’s the background of John Maxwell & where does he get his credentials from in order to address AG pastors? I was a member of the AG congregation for many years & that was the place I grew in Biblical truth. The pastor I sat under was one who absolutely refused to compromise & made no bones about us standing & not wavering on the Word of God.
    I sat under an AG pastor later & when Obama came on the scene, I forwarded all the information I could find to this pastor in order for him to make an informed opinion of exactly what this candidate was really about & his agenda of “hope & change.”
    Two Sundays prior to the election this pastor got up & made the statement that “both candidates were pf the same party but one is a Mormon & Obama calls himself a Christian!” I about levitated out of my chair; at the end of service I approached pastor & informed him he had endorsed him as the candidate to vote for & I cautioned him to pray about what he had just done & next Sunday make the congregation aware of the error.
    He made no mention of it & on Monday morning I met him at his office, mentioned why I was leaving the church & handed him all my Sunday School books!!!

    • Sandra

      Good for you! If our leaders are not leaders then pray for God to send you to the right church. I am so proud of Mario taking a-stand.. And during covid I know of two in Canada that did and went to jail. I was praying for them and thought I would love to be in a church like that.

  27. Lilly Degand

    Thank you. PLEASE pray for our AG Pastor Al Toledo- Chicago Tabernacle Church, Chicago, IL
    He is an advocate of John Maxwell! PLEASE our 1200 member church needs Pastor AL to “SPEAK-OUT”!! PLEASE pray the Holy Spirit speak to him in a dream or out loud! HELP!!! Thank you…

    • Sandra


  28. Denise Myers

    I pray that God will give ministers all throughout America the courage and conviction to share God’s word concerning the evil all around us. It is true that the Democrat party has fully signed on with evil and they are not even trying to hide it. I do believe pastors need to give their people guidance and let them know the consequences of voting for the party that is evil. We, as the people of God, must vote according to God’s word, and that is not voting for Democrats.

    • Moreen Williams

      I am in agreement with you my sister.; this is also my prayer. God bless you.!!

  29. Brenda Lee

    Totally and wholeheartedly agree!

    • Brenda Lee

      Dear Pastor Mario ,

      I totally agree with the point of your blog…
      Not to speak, is to speak and not to act is to act!

  30. Dina Vannice

    Maxwell is out of order.
    The Lord did not call us to be a doormat or dormant.
    What does he think spiritual warfare is about. Ephesians 6.
    We must remember that some Christians are not filled with the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of Truth knows all and leads us.
    The Church must stand!

    Next subject….

  31. Gary Reynolds

    Hi beloved brother Apostle Mario. My AG Pastor had somewhat to say to us yesterday about politics, I am still meditating cogitating ruminating – I’ve reached out to him for council as he is awesome and is my Pastor.

    I’ve been a staunch grassroots Christian Family Man Conservative Patriot Republican since 1980, the year we had to enroll our firstborn into school by law. Even then Public Schools were indoctrinating sex education at an obscene level. 1980, the year after God RADICALLY saved my wife and I out of New Age drug rock culture. Thank God we were swept in the coattails of the Jesus Revolution! Praise Jesus somebody!

    Democrat Texas Governors Mark White and Ann Richards literally chased HUNDREDS of homeschool FAMILIES out of Texas! They arrested Pastor Lester Roloff out of a WORSHIP SERVICE in Corpus Christi TX (The Body of Christ = Corpus Christi). WE HAD TO ACT! He resfusee to comply with sex-ed curriculum in their Christian School, Thank You God for such people of conviction 🙂

    The Harris County TX Republican Party was Democrat in everything but name only. My wife and I were called to join tens of thousands of Jesus Revolution grass roots activists and COME AND TAKE IT to TEXAS. And we DID take Texas for God’s purposes according to God’s will.

    NOW – right here in Montgomery County Texas, the red buckle of the Republican belt of Texas, Democrats have invaded the Tea Party and are trying to use illegal rules and completely anti-Christ bullying lies slanders hate speech attacks to intentionally push “Nice” christians OUT, and replace them with mean as snakes cronies. We are fighting tooth and nail against “Texas Nationalism” now dubbed “TEXIT”. This is open TREASON and I am quoting the Republican Party GOP Platforms of 1856 & 1860. Our FOUNDERS are calling them TRAITORS. I agree!

    The unimaginable is this – they call themselves – “christians”. They “control” the Republican Party of Texas, Eagle Forum, and many other formerly legitimate orginizations. They have intentionally risen to prominent leadership positions in many arenas, and are now they are coalesing to force TEXAS SECESSION. 129,000 of them signed petitions to get Texas Secession on the ballot THIS YEAR.

    All this to say PLEASE PRAY FOR TEXAS. PLEASE PRAY FOR MONTGOMERY COUNTY CHRISTIAN REPUBLICANS to STAND FIRM. And please pray for HUNDREDS of thousands of WE THE PEOPLE to early VOTE this month and on Primary Election Day March 5. And if the Holy Spirit should so lead, mention the MCRPTX County Chairman ELECT and his wife and family in prayer – they have been viciously attacked and slandered personally as they STAND FIRM in Jesus 🙂

    Thanks mucho much in advance 🙂 Love to all in Jesus God our Savior!

  32. phil beatty

    AMEN & AMEN!!!!!!!

  33. Grey Memory

    Thank you for your guidance. I believe you are a true man of God . Continue to deliver to us that want to hear. God bless you

  34. Gail Friend

    I have thought about this the last few days. As being a Christian I needed to understand it. They’re were wars in Jesus day. I think what he was talking about was more of your neighbor or someone needlessly.

  35. Shari Bradley

    It is totally appalling to me that a pastor would take such a ignorant stance. Thank you, Mario, for always having your finger on the pulse of America!

  36. Cheryl

    Truth!!! I am so grateful my pastor (AG) has preached truth (politics/which are really spiritual and moral issues) for years.

  37. Joyce Edwards

    Right on Mr Murillo!! The reason we are in the mess this nation is in now are due to a silent church!! What if we had stood up and demanded to keep the Bible in schools when they took it out? We all know what….our children would be knowledgeable about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit…the 10 commandments…His love or us…..and value of life!! PREACH BROTHER…and Christians, speak out on the side of Jesus everywhere. Politics are of God…we should be about His business everywhere.

  38. Patricia Ballard Cross

    Thank you, Mario for posting a senior citizen who was alive when Hitler came into power. I was nine years old. At that time. Saw them open all the gas chambers as our soldiers came invaded the camps. Have read and reread Bonhoeffer book. Have been praying for Tha American Cburch for years. If my people who are called by my name—/when people read this do they realize it is not calling people as a whole to repent, it is the believers. Judgment will come to the Church first. Oh Father forgive us for are total indifference to the world around us.

    • Colleen MacPherson

      Amen and amen!! Well said and very true, Mario. The church is the governing body and we need to stand and speak, shout out the truth. If we are a silent church, we will go down the same path Germany did. Stand for and speak the truth, and be obedient to God, no matter the cost. Jesus gave all for us, let’s love Him enough th give all fir Him.

  39. Heato

    John Maxwell has a right to his opinion. Unless he became the AG equivalent of the Pope, the pastors can choose to act or ignore his advice.

    Free speech is free speech. Even speech I stridently disagree with.

    Makes for a great litmus test though. John Maxwell may have inadvertently did all who are looking for a more politically passionate pulpit a wonderful favor.

    There are no shortcuts to prayer and discernment when it comes to where one should attend church.

    Everyone must ultimately do their own homework.n

  40. Jeffrey Meyer

    You are speaking Truth again Mario. God Bless you and your family!

    • Rob Ketterling

      Mario, you and your source are liars! I am the founder of 1000+ and what you say didn’t happen. I will go on your show, your podcast or anything you like. This article is deceiving, misleading, not rue and a lie! You are a man that causes division and you and your source should repent! This is Rob Ketterling Lead Pastor of River Valley Church! ANYTIME you want to talk, you have my email, let’s schedule it. You should be ashamed of yourself!

      • Mario Murillo

        Rob, I stand by my report. Please release the recording of Maxwell’s message (unedited).

        • Rob Ketterling

          There wasn’t a recording, take me up on my live interview. Of course you won’t, you will just slander people and hide behind some liberal journalistic tactic. Well done!

          • Mario Murillo

            It is not slander if is true. Why wasn’t it recorded?

          • Peter Harding

            Rob, it seems like a reasonable request… John Maxwell would record every single event he speaks at… that is just a given for someone who built his very successful business on the dynamics of media. I’ve enjoyed JM for decades and incorporated much of his wisdom in my personal, business and ministry. However, we all know people who have shifted views over the years – some for good and some for wrong. I hope JM did not say what he said, seems simple enough to prove he didn’t.

  41. Eddie Scott

    Let’s shout it from the rooftops.

  42. Linda Stewart

    So true Mario !

  43. Gerlinde Green

    Proverbs 8:13
    The fear of the Lord is to hate evil…
    God has no tolerance toward sin, therefore He will not compromise with it.
    The fear of men is a snare. Proverb 29:25
    The line is drawn is drawn in the sand.
    We are the Ekklisia- the governing body.

  44. John McDaniel

    I myself am a AG minister, and I personally think that was a foolish statement that John Maxwell said I will stand with the reaction Of Peter & John and not cave to the government but warn my people about the dangers face America today, great article I agree 100%.
    Rev. Pastor John McDaniel

  45. Brenda Dennis


    Praise the Lord!

    As born again believers in Christ we are called to pray, encourage and defend our country, the USA. Our country that bears the words, “In God We Trust” is being shaken as never before by God! He is calling us and all the nations to lift their eyes up to him as the end draweth nigh. We are also called to pray & help his people, the Israelites, even as they become a heavy, burdensome stone around the nation’s necks. This is a command, our responsibility and priveledge. My deepest desire & prayer is that God’s call & voice be heard around the world during these tumultuous times.
    I would like to sew a seed into your ministry if I could. Could you please share an email address? I appreciate it.


    Faithfully his servant,


  46. Rosemarie Stephens

    I am so ashamed that this happened. Lord wake up all those Pastors who heard Maxwell in taking NOW a stand and speak up and tell where we stand with all the children etc.
    I feel there is a snoozing in the church, yes they want the GLORY, but on their terms. God help us. I know God sent me to a AG church on assignment. They are loving, not knowing much the word, Now getting the book to learn the word from Beth Moore. I told the Pastors wife what I sense so strong….. but…. They do it anyway, her husband is over her of course and over the Ladies Ministry. He is anointed preacher, but, I ask him a while ago a few questions, and over the pultet he announced he is not going into Politics. God have mercy !

  47. Joe and Lori Pileggi

    Thank you, Mario. I was raised in an AG church, went to an AG Bible College and pastored 2 AG churches. I left the AG over Pre vs. Post Trib issues and their politics of siding with church boards and hanging pastors out to dry when conflicts arose. That was over 40 years ago and I haven’t looked back. My heart grieves over this latest compromise. AG was where I accepted Christ and was baptized in the Holy Spirit on the same night at the age of 12! Those are my roots. I pray that this Great Awakening will shake that great movement and grow them a backbone to stand up against the flood of filth that is destroying our nation. Keep speaking the truth, Mario. You have a platform from God that few have been given. I support you wholeheartedly and pray for God’s continued anointing on your ministry.

  48. Edith Toole

    I stand 100% for Truth..God’s Word. They hated Him before they hated us.
    We take God’s Word as our guidance on every issue. And count it a joy to be counted worthy to suffer with Him!

  49. Brenda

    Lord Jesus, give us leaders such that it will be for Your glory to give us the victory.
    Derek Prince prayer
    I pray this with my whole heart!

  50. Anthony B 3rd

    Tony B 3rd, absolutely true and disturbing. Thank you for the verses of truth and conversational discourse . May you continue the great fight of faith and truth. Amen!

  51. Susan Seifert

    This is a great article and has a lot of good points. One thing in common that I see is that these Christians accuse those who are good patriots of worshiping a candidate or president. They accuse them of Christian nationalism, whatever that is. They say that the Christians who are patriotic are trusting in the leaders instead of in God. I resent all these accusations. I am very patriotic and I don’t worship our leaders. We need to support leaders who have a moral compass and who fear the Lord. But we remember that they are flawed men and women, and are not to be worshiped.
    I also look at this as if we see a child drowning. Would we just ignore it and say that it will be ok because God is in control and won’t let that happen? Do we expect someone else to do the hard work of rescuing the child? If we allow evil to continue to run us over, we will be run over and have no more say or credibility. All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing (E. Burke).

  52. Joanne Villegas

    Amen and Amen Mario! We should all be shouting it from the rooftops! I cannot be silent or I would explode!

  53. Chris Leavitt

    “Now, O king, establish the decree, and sign the writing, that it be not changed, according to the law of the Medes and Persians, which altereth not. Wherefore king Darius signed the writing and the decree. Now when Daniel knew that the writing was signed, he went into his house; and his windows being open in his chamber toward Jerusalem, he kneeled upon his knees three times a day, and prayed, and gave thanks before his God, as he did aforetime.” Daniel 6:8-10 No one can read the verses that follow and state with any authority that God’s people should not take a stand for all that is holy. Daniel changed the world with his holy stand and we still teach of his boldness today.
    The “Black Robe Regiment” of early America pastors preached politics from their pulpits. They rallied their congregations and took up arms marching for God’s cause.
    Those 1,000 Assemblies of God pastors should have walked out of John Maxwell’s bull corn speech.

  54. Arnulfo & Alisa

    Thank you, Mario, for standing for the Truth! It is scary that the churches are helping Satan by staying silent–or even worse, opposing Biblical truths.

  55. Herbert

    The word of God is very clear why Sodom and Gomorrah was set forth as an example not a life style.2 Peter says the truth shall be evil spoken of and he reminded us about righteous lot and Noah and how if the angels were not spared how much more shall we escape.Gods word is very plain about strange flesh and the days of it was in the days of Noah shall it be when the don of man returns.they were giving into marriage back then the same conditions exists today but we have strange flesh that Enoch prophesies.the laws of God stands man shall not lie with man or woman with woman.God did not change his stance on Sodom and Gomorrah he warned us.I agree with you Mario we must speak the truth about it because God says in Roman’s if we have pleasure I them that commit such sins we are worthy of death and that’s the New cannot support this sin remember lots wife Jesus says in the last days and we should also take note on the example of what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah it was destroyed twice.once in the days of Noah and then the city of Sodom and Gomorrah.Gods wrath is against all ungodliness not the blessings.

  56. J M

    Isaiah 9:6……………..Wake up AG…….Jesus before 501 C3!!!

  57. Cindi Picou

    Thank you Mario for calling this out. I’m sad to see John Maxwell has lost his ‘salt’ in the pulpit. But I’m glad to be aware that he has, so that I do not follow his teachings from now on.
    Please keep speaking God’s truth.

  58. Charlie Baburchak

    Really enjoy your blogs Mario. My pastor is an Assembly of God pastor and my wife and I are really frustrated for the exact reason you lay out in your blog. But we will continue to speak the truth in love no matter what happens or who doesn’t like it.

  59. HollyT

    I am humbly grateful someone told me the truth and didn’t leave me in my mess Mario you are right, “politics” is still good and evil and we choose I am Catholic and we are watching the evil one continue hijack “leaders”in name of false mercy and “social justice” I stand with Gods Word and His power to live holy and upright before Him

  60. Danny L Trussell

    For all the prophets who stood up against kings and leaders in the Old Testament and the apostles who stood up in the book of Acts and the message from Revelations, and most of all Jesus Christ himself who yes loves us all, but he was not short on making a riff when needed for example overturning the tables of the money changers in the Temple, we should speak up and bring salvation to our country. It was pastors and religious leaders in the beginning of our country who stood up against England and established the United States of America. Anyone who says for pastors and Christians not to stand up is missled.

    • Rob Ketterling

      Mario and his source are lying. Sorry… I was there and it’s my event. I welcome contact from Mario.

      • Mario Murillo

        Rob, I stand by my report. Please release the recording of Maxwell’s message (unedited).

      • Mario Murillo

        I stand by my report. Please release the recording of Maxwell’s message (unedited).

      • Mario Murillo

        Rob, I stand by my report. Please release the recording of Maxwell’s message (unedited).

  61. Linda Hammer

    We left our previous church (Evangelical but not A.G.) a couple of years ago because it was compromising with progressive values. We joined a large, local A.G. church.
    But now we experience that political, cultural issues are never addressed. No mention of Transgender, no mention of supporting Israel, no mention of abortion, as examples. Only “spiritual” life is addressed.
    The music and sermon are great entertainment. Maybe young people will come!

  62. John Mark

    I gave up on commenting here because most of what I wrote was never posted. But I will try again. I spent many years as an ordained A/G minister. I am very thankful for my time in the Assemblies. Thomas Zimmerman was my first Superintendent. His focus was “the anointing of the Holy Spirit.” Know it, have it, cultivate it, preach under it, at all costs, be under the anointing. After his death, things began to change. In the 90’s, John Maxwell come on the scene as the preferred speaker. “Leadership” was taught in seminar after seminar with him. Leadership became the new anointing. I began to hear our national leaders say things like, “Pastor so and so is one of the few Level 5 leaders we have today!” Leadership became the buzzword, and the momentum and numerical growth the denomination had experienced for decades came to a halt. The “Decade of Harvest” saw more A/G churches close that were opened. Many of us ministers saw the change as “building leadership” became the focus, and emphasis on “the anointing” faded. I still love the A/G denomination and have many dear friends and brothers there as I am now the pastor of an interdenominational fellowship and no longer carry credentials. I will not judge anyone else, but I am not a fan of what this man brings to the table, and I hope my brothers will reject this call to ignore the evil that men and women in politics have brought into our nation. Bonhoeffer stands as the great example. These times are not time for cowardice in our pulpits!!!!

    • John G Cowper-smith

      It is great to hear that you are standing strong. A Canadian PAOC. I too have been discouraged by the socalled leadership of some.

  63. Doreen Tucker

    Thank you for sharing truth. We have longed for a bold leader. You are one in a million
    Let judgment begin in the house of God. You give us courage to speak in the face of silence.

  64. Mickey Holiday

    © Mickey Holiday 2021

    (Vs. 1) (Key E)
    _ I miss America what happened to the dream?
    _ I miss United States I’m looking for the team,
    They came from far across the sea, Pursuing heaven’s destiny,
    _I miss the U. S. A. come back where you belong.

    (Vs. 2) (Key F)
    _I miss America the land of liberty,
    _I miss United States on this we can agree,
    There’s never been a greater place, So full of God’s amazing grace,
    _I miss the U. S. A. let’s bring it back again.

    (Bridge 1) (Key F)
    I miss the anthem at the game, Ole glory doesn’t seem the same,
    For such a time as this we’re here to change the atmosphere __.(Key change to G)

    (Vs. 3) (Key G)
    _Bring back America you’ve been away too long,
    _Bring back United States together we are strong,
    Within dependence on the One, The only way for battles won,
    _Bring back the U. S. A. and sing our song again.

    (Bridge 2) (Key G)
    We lift our voice and testify, We lift our hands to God most high,
    In God we trust and pray, and all the people say amen __ . (Key change to A)

    (Vs. 4) (Key A)
    _Rise up America and make it loud and clear,
    _Rise up United States, the reason we are here,
    We’re rising up to take a stand, For all who need a helplng hand,
    _Revive the U. S. A. let’s hear it one more time.
    (One more time)

    (Tag) (Key A)
    There’s never been a greater place,
    So full of God’s amazing grace,

    (Big Ending) (Key A)
    _Come back America, let ev’rybody shout Amen!
    Amen! Amen! Amen! A———–men!

  65. Joyce

    I looked him up, and quess what?? he is a business man first!!Leadership Development & Career Development | Maxwell Leadership
    Learn how to lead powerful, positive change through values-based leadership with John C. Maxwell, one of the world’s most recognized leadership authorities. Find tools and support to become the leader you were born to be, create a culture of leadership, build a business, and make a difference. So what would anyone expect?? PLEASE ck out the Rolls Royce in the Alternative industry through my web site, call me, Peace be still

  66. Rebecca Czajor

    Yes Mario, I fully agree! It is not playing sweet church anymore, or having beautiful modern big church halls anymore, as if 2 or 3 are gathered together in my name I’ll be in the midst of them! I know you need to have big tents and you have a tremendous following! But to us “much is given, much is required” it is our mouths and actions that speak God’s mouth! Time for all those pastors AoG to wake up, but somany others as well, I am in Australia depends where you live, but difficult to find likeminded. I pray for you to keep doing what you are meant to do! R.

  67. Marcus Wheeler

    Amen, brother Mario!! We must preach Truth and not back down!! God bless you and thank you for all that you do!!

  68. Rachel

    Brother Mario- you are 100% correct. This is troubling to read. The government has invaded Biblical territory redefining gender, marriage, life, to name a few. They declared the war and we must not sit idly by and not teach the church what God says about what He created (life, gender, marriage, etc) Andy Stanley is an apostate and for his books or his teachings to be endorsed in any way is a horrifying thought. He must be exposed not endorsed. Pastors that aren’t teaching their flock that God has placed in their care are wolves in sheep’s clothing (imo) I spent much of my life traveling and speaking – visiting many churches on Sundays when I was out of town. Much of the church is illiterate on these issues ! So sad ! Shame on John Maxwell. May he REPENT

  69. Terry Haight

    Such wisdom coming from a true man after God’s own heart. I’m with you Mario. Love your wisdom.

  70. Don

    If our forefathers had not spoken from their pulpits and lead their congregations to battle we would be speaking the kings english today!

  71. Samuel Stephens

    What happened to John Maxwell, I guess aberrant theology has affected him too. Christ warned his disciples about deception, if Christ warned His disciples about deception, then the church needs the same warning. Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing, Matthew 7: 15-20.

  72. John G Cowper-smith

    That has been a problem for most of the Church now for years. We can NOT stick our heads in the sand!

  73. Sandy

    Wow!!! We better vote, stand and share the Word of God!!!
    Praying 🙏🙏🙏🌹✝️

  74. Wesley

    “If Satan rules in our halls of legislation, the pulpit is responsible for it. If our politics becomes so corrupt that the very few foundations of our government are ready to fall away , the pulpit is responsible for it.” – Charles Finney.

  75. Becky

    Both the post and the comments are enlightening and encouraging! So many believers are beginning to understand that what is being spread by John Maxwell and others is just a lie! This is the anti-Christ that has invaded the church and society! This agenda changes the laws and meanings in God’s Word and will “lead many astray.” Pastors and those of us in the pews all need to be aware of what we are saying “in the name of God.” Pastors have more influence and thereby more responsibility, but we are all responsible when we share the Bible with anyone! May God be glorified as we lift up His Holy Name and ways! This is our time and we need to help bring in the harvest through the truth of God’s Word! Another note — I have watched the online sermons and read many of the books written by Dr. Charles Stanley for decades, he is/was a credit to his calling, and continues to benefit many people even after his death! I can only say that it is tragic that his son has seen fit to “preach” a Biblical message that is otherwise than the truth of the Holy Bible! He needs our prayers!

  76. Kim

    I agree 100percent. The book of revelation foretold of churches growing cold. The Bible never said that it becomes irrelevant today. Andy Stanley and others will have a-lot to account for. Revelation says anyone who adds or subtracts on dot from word would incite judgement, How do these people reconcile the great commission to preach gospel? This is shameful

  77. Jeanette Reynolds

    “The pastor who does not warn his sheep about evil is like the parent who lets their child learn about sex on the street.”

    So true, Brother Mario. And I am so disappointed in John Maxwell. Turns out, he has become an unusable weakling in the kingdom of God.

  78. Gabriel Mayes

    Mario, Im disappointed in this blog. This is not at all what John said. I was in the room with him that day! Who is your source and where did you get this info? I’m deeply saddened by this article you’ve written. The way you’re attacking the AG is so divisive and is not kingdom. Please take this article down or revise it so that it’s truthful.

    • Mario Murillo

      Rob, I stand by my report. Please release the recording of Maxwell’s message (unedited).

  79. C M

    This article is innacurate when it comes to the details of what Maxwell said. Get better sources Mario.

    • Mario Murillo

      I stand by my report. Please release the recording of Maxwell’s message (unedited).

      • Rob Ketterling

        There wasn’t a recording.
        It was 70 pastors, there was Q&A and multiple people say you are reporting a lie. I have volunteered to be on a podcast, do a phone call, an interview and you have decided not to take me up on it. So stand by your deceptive source and lose your credibility. Click bait! That’s all you want, stand by your report and slander your brothers. I can only hope whoever you are accountable to will do their job and correct you. My offer still stands. I will go in the podcast or outlet of your choosing.

        • Mario Murillo

          Of course there wasn’t a recording. Of course I won’t dialog with you. The facts speak for themselves. Everything John does publicly is recorded. Why not this one?

  80. Leslie Philp

    Sadly, I live amongst people who say that the church should stay clear of politics. Even our local churches are remaining silent or indifferent to the Israel Hamas conflict

  81. Kelly

    I was there, and I must say I was heartbroken over what I heard. I have always had a great deal of respect for John Maxwell, and I was completely stunned by the things that he said to pastors. The message was very clear that pastors should not be involved with things political that will polarize or divide people. He shared that Billy Graham told him that one of the worst regrets in his life and Ministry was when he endorsed a political candidate, and John said Billy encouraged John not to make that mistake.
    John Made it sound like pastors, who speak up and speak out concerning things “political“, are trusting in politics and politicians, rather than trusting in Jesus. Personally, that felt rather passive aggressive towards those who are standing up and speaking out boldly in this hour of such chaos and confusion. People need clarity in this moment. I was present for John‘s entire message in both sessions, and there was no mistaking what he was saying. I must say in response that I personally do not know any Christian pastors, who are trusting in politics or politicians, rather than trusting in Jesus. There may be some out there, but I have not met them. However, I have met a few uncommon Pastors who are standing up and speaking out clearly in the midst of the chaos and confusion. Our 18-year-old daughter was in the room, listening to Maxwell for the first time in her life. She was almost in tears over what she was hearing him say to the leaders in the room. She left that meeting wishing she could have a conversation with Maxwell and ask him a very important question. She said as he spoke to these pastors all she could think about was the pastors in the time of Nazi Germany and Hitler’s reign. About 20% against Hitler. About 20% were for Hitler. And the other 60% of pastors didn’t want to say anything or do anything that could be considered polarizing or divisive. She was deeply troubled, as was I, over what she was hearing this Beloved and highly respected Christian leader, say to a room full of other leaders. Our daughter is 18 years old, and she is more of an introverted person, yet she is very aware of what is taking place in the world, and in the nation that she is growing up in. The word she heard John Maxwell speak troubled her deeply as a young, Christian, American in this hour. We love Jesus with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength. We love John Maxwell. We love the assemblies of God. We also love the nation to which God has called us to, and we love the people in this nation who desperately need to hear the truth, even when it’s polarizing or dividing. The seeker sensitive movement has not helped the cause of Christ. The seeker sensitive model that plays to the applause and approval of men… has brought the church into a very weak, confusing, compromising and ineffective place. John spoke of being salt and light. However, our daughter noted that if you lose your saltiness, you are no longer effective. Salt preserves, salt heals; but before it heals it stings and burns, and can be very uncomfortable. The church has lost it’s saltiness when we try to blend in with the world in order to be liked, applauded, and approved of. Not speaking up and speaking out about the evil agendas of hell, in order to gain the applause and approval of men, has only brought our nation into deeper darkness, confusion, and demonic bondage. Sadly, History tends to repeat itself. And what we see today is a replay of Germany in the time of Hitler. 20% of pastors are standing up and being rebuked for it. 20% have gone totally woke and have become apostate. 60% of pastors want to be silent and keep playing the seeker sensitive games that aren’t helping anyone come to the knowledge of the truth. We desperately need Bonhoeffer’s in this hour who trust in the Lord with all of their heart and lean not on their own understanding. We need Bonhoeffer’s today, who are willing to stand up and speak up and speak out against the evil agendas of hell. I’m sorry, John, we love you, but we do not agree with much of what you said. You had your say, and it appears the majority is standing with you. However, there are a few of us who trust in the Lord, with all of our heart, and because of that we cannot lean on our own understanding of what seems right to you, and to the majority of pastors in this hour. it would be wrong for us to say nothing and just go along with the seeker sensitive agenda.

    • Howell Shaw

      Powerful report. I suggest someone confront Mr. Maxwell and ask him directly what he thinks Pastors should do in this season and record his response for all to hear. That will make this whole controversy of “he said, she said” at this gathering of 70 pastors moot.

    • Elaine M

      Thank you for giving us a first hand account because you were there. Makes one wonder why the others who were there choose to come on this site and call Mario a liar. Why are they denying the truth? And they wont release the recording of it. That speaks volumes. Mario is telling the truth. Period.

  82. Jeannie Cook

    Mario, you are the best. Bold , fearless with Truth. Thank you

  83. Debbie Logue

    My former pastor was Assembly of God and refused to discuss politics. Every Sunday before an election, he would say, “Vote life.” That was the extent of his speaking out. I bought Eric Metaxas’s book and left it for him to read with a note signed with my name. I never heard anything from him afterwards. Don’t know if he read the book or not. I left the church because of his unwillingness to take a stand against evil.

  84. Julia Collins

    Bro Mario: i am appauled that any Christian would encourage others not to be involved in politics. Well, call it “government” then. I personally boutht 4 copies of Eric Metaxes book about speaking out against the evils of our day. I circulated to 5-6 pastors to read and be aware of the danger we THE CHURCH are in, in these days. How well, they read or paid attention i am not fully aware. I do APPLAUD you for speaking up and encouraging those who WILL listen to also speak up about the dangers of the culture in which we find ourselves. An epression I use often is “the reason we are in the fix we are in as a nation is because the Body of Christ has slept and let the world take over the culture.” Dear God, awaken those who sleep, (praise the Lord there are SOME who are praying “on the wall” against the evils of our day and they are speaking up and out!!).

  85. Kmo

    Thank you for exposing the
    ” goats” and warning the
    ” sheep”! Please sound the alarm about the Hollywood film coming out that is anti- Christian and calls itself God and Country. We will not be deceived.

  86. NickT

    Amen, Mario.

    Maxwells message is wrong we must not remain silent in the face of evil. We must speak out against it, pastors all believers in Christ.

  87. Gabriel Mayes

    Why did you write this article without having access to the audio from this event?!

    Mario, you need to take down this blog, publicly apologize and let your audience know that the content of this blog is inaccurate.

    By writing something like this you become illegitimate and divisive. Whats the motive for writing something like this when you don’t have your facts straight?!

    I’m genuinely shocked that you’d post something like this.

    Please, take it down and apologize.

    • Mario Murillo

      Gabriel you know what he said. My source is unimpeachable. If they think I lied then they would release the audio.

    • Linette

      If what Mario is saying is false, why is someone named Kelly saying that he/she was at the event with his/her daughter (about 5 comments above yours) and heard that John did say that the church should not to get involved… plus much more. Is this person being dishonest also? I don’t think so.

  88. Dale E Stevens

    Thank you Mario! Thank you God for this amazing Apostle of Truth. I pray that your voice will Roar through the airwaves, internet and into the bowels of hell! Shake the earth my brother!

  89. Beverly Chick

    My Bible Study group once decided to go through that Andy Stanley book, Not in it to Win it. My husband and I read the first chapter and new it was NOT the voice of the Holy Spirit. There was just too much advice that did not seem right to us. So we opted out of the group until they were done with this study and gave them back the book. Thank you for standing up for what is right!

  90. Margaret Gail Segars Rainey

    I am going to send you a copy of a Letter to the Editor to The Eatonton Messenger which I wrote and was published in our paper yesterday about not not being silent about the evil in our country and in our own community. I am not in any of the churches in my locale now) because as you have said before, some of us long-standing Bible-believing Christians are now MISFITS. I was a victim of rape by neighbors who still reside on my street and was not convicted, because the GBI (GA Bureau of Investigation) threw out the evidence as well as the Atlanta Crime Lab. Exactly one year later (9/23/23) I am a hit and run victim from a drug dealer in my neighborhood (not convicted, not arrested). There is no law in the land except for local police and sheriff deputies who are fighting this behemoth system of NO LAW IN AMERICA under this Communist/Marxist regime that our government is operating under and a few are fighting. I am still standing and not afraid, because I know My Lord is protecting me during this turmoil; otherwise, I would not be here today. Your next question might be, “Why don’t you move?” Because, after what I call a “kangaroo court trial”, all of my rights have been taken away, EXCEPT TO VOTE? That was even stolen in 2020 in Fulton County, GA. I have been waiting on the Lord for 11 years on when to take my case to the Supreme Court of GA. I believe this will be the year. When a person is a Ward of the State and declared “incapacitated” that person virtually has no legal protection, but I HAVE JESUS AND HE IS ENOUGH P.S. If you want to be on a church’s prayer list locally, you have to give them money. Also, local judge unconstitutionally has kept me from driving, so I am on the streets constantly at age 73 and still kickin’

    • Shirley Brown

      I stopped listening to John Maxwell years ago, when I saw him in an interview reach over during a comment and touch the woman beside him on her leg. I pointed it out to my husband. I wondered why he felt comfortable enough to just reach over and put his hand on her leg. 🤔

  91. M. Rachelle

    God, forgive us.

    I can’t tell you how deeply this grieves my heart and damages Kingdom advancement. Not just for the unbiblical message & its silencing impact, but the political tactics of falsely accusing the whistleblower you experienced (It’s not the first time). That says nothing of the unbiblical elitism created by “mega-church-pastors-only” events.

    These are my people. I can tell you there is a remnant in the AG. Please pray for them. Please pray for courage, humility & repentance as even more deeds of darkness are being exposed.

    Thank you for being a consistent & courageous prophetic voice in this generation. With the loss of voices like Graham, Wilkerson, & Bonnke, we’ve never needed it more.

    Lord, have mercy.

  92. Don Krause

    Mario, I spoke to my AG Pastor about this blog. According to him, your blog needs correcting. The conference was for AG churches of 1,000+ members of which about 70 AG churches were represented.

    • Mario Murillo

      The mistake is because the name if the event is easy to misunderstand. It is called 1000+. But what your pastor think about Maxwell telling pastors to be silent, the connection to Andy Stanley, and that the session was not recorded?

  93. Elaine M.

    Amen and amen to everything you said brother Mario! The Church and its leaders must awake and take a stand against evil! The Democrat party has become an evil entity. We must pray and take a stand, and pastors and church leaders must speak the truth about the issues of our day. We cannot remain silent!



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