God’s Power on Display in North Carolina

by | Oct 24, 2023 | Living Proof Tent Crusades, Winston-Salem | 32 comments

As night two began, we all felt a sense of expectation in the Tent. Everyone was looking to see what God was about to do and, as always, He came through!

We started with an incredible time of worship led by Catherine Mullins and her band. They do such an amazing job because it is not a performance, it is true worship. The anointing of the Holy Spirit is on them.

They ended their time of worship with some battle songs: This Is How I Fight My Battles, and Break Every Chain. They were the perfect songs to transition into the time of ministry. The Devil is not happy about what God is doing inside the Tent. These nights are not just meetings, they are battles in the heavenlies for the souls of our fellow countrymen.

Mario took the stage and charged the people to seek God and to pray in tongues. There was a loud, continuous roar in the Tent for some time. This was not a quiet night, this was a night of fire. God was preparing to do something special.

We are going to get our country back!

Mario said the Devil was right to be scared, and that we are going to take back everything he stole from us. Our children will be saved and restored, our families will be reunited, and we are going to get our country back!

After the worship had spilled out into the aisles and the front of the Tent, Mario had the people return to their seats as we transitioned into the time of ministry – the pursuit of souls. He began by saying there is going to be a healing service, but that we would see the worst sicknesses healed first. Like a battlefield surgeon doing triage, the ones in the most desperate need would be treated first.

When you choose to take yourself down, you don’t go alone. You take others down with you.

Mario told the audience that they were going to have to make a choice, to choose life or death. And that choosing death is not a person’s sole choice, but when you choose to take yourself down, you don’t go alone. You take others down with you.

We need to be ready to be lied about, persecuted, and misrepresented.

Then Mario said that these meetings were going to be talked about outside, in the media. And when they are, we need to be ready to be lied about, persecuted, and misrepresented. But “Greater is He Who is in me, than he who is in the world.”

Mario talked about how in Acts 2, Peter preached to the people after the Holy Spirit came upon them in the upper room, and how it says the people were confounded and cut to the heart. And Peter used many words to convince them.

He said, if you believe: 1. hell is real; 2. Christ is the answer; 3. that He saves you; 4. that you are a representative of that truth, and 5. If you believe that someone in your audience is in the worst possible form of danger, you have a right to compel them, even to beg them to come to Jesus.

He asked, ‘Why would you abbreviate or shorten your message?’ He said they worry more about the hypocrites in church who are more concerned about their lunch reservation than they are for the souls in that room.

Altar calls should not be apologetic, nor should they be something you apologize for. It’s not something you do lightly, but rather, it should be something you pray over more than anything else.

43% of evangelical Christians in America do not believe Jesus is God.

He then went on to talk about us as a nation and how 43% of evangelical Christians in America do not believe Jesus is God. He said that Jesus warned, “Take heed that the light in you be not darkness.”

He told about a well-known preacher who is telling his people that homosexuality is not wrong and that some portions of Scripture are. Mario said the fact that certain things no longer bother us is not a sign of spirituality but a sign of immunity.

He told how Jonas Salk, when he created the polio vaccine, saw that the vaccine worked by fooling the human body. It introduced into the body cells that looked like polio, but they were polio without the power. This fooled the immune system into fighting polio, which it could not defeat, but it could defeat the impotent version, and then the body learned how to defeat the real threat when it came.

Christianity with dead cells.

Mario said what happened in America is talked about in the Bible when it says, many preachers would preach a kind of Gospel that had the active ingredient removed. In other words, a Christianity with dead cells.

When it goes into a person’s spirit it does not save them, but instead it gives them the illusion of being saved. It gives them an immunity, so that they do not know they aren’t real Christians. It gives them immunity to real Christianity when it shows up.

Mario said the greatest Christian witness is not an evangelist but an average, everyday Christian. When they are full of Jesus they become a light and power beyond words.

He then called for those who wanted to be saved to raise their hands, and once again hands shot up all over the Tent. Then he had them stand up and, finally, come forward to the front.

There was another amazing response as the entire front of the Tent filled with souls being set free.

There was another amazing response as the entire front of the Tent filled with souls being set free.

Mario prayed with them and then, as he had last night, released them to be ministered to briefly, one on one, with our team of volunteers.

Mario then gave some instruction on how to receive healing. He said that you need to give Jesus at least the same respect you give your doctor. He talked about all the indignities you go through at the doctor’s office, arriving early, waiting many hours, desperately working to get the prescribed medication, with side effects that are worse than the thing they are supposed to fix. Yet you won’t give the same consideration to Jesus.

We will wait for hours for a prescription to be filled, but when it comes to God, we demand that He work in our time frame.

Mario then had the people begin to pray aloud in the Spirit, and then we waited for God to do what He wanted, when He wanted.

He then pointed to someone on one side of the Tent and indicated there were three people who were being healed.

He then pointed to someone on one side of the Tent and indicated there were three people who were being healed.

Next, he had a woman near the middle section stand up and told her that five minutes earlier she had something happening in her body, and that it was the power of God healing her. He said all the pain had left her body and she confirmed it was true.

She could barely stand for the power that was clearly coursing through her.

He told her that the condition had begun several years earlier and had affected her ability to walk or even move without pain. There had been a traumatic accident that twisted her bones. He had her move her arms, and then the power of God came upon her. She could barely stand for the power that was clearly coursing through her.

Her neck, shoulders, feet, eyes, and hearing were all healed. The pain she had experienced previously if she moved wrong, and which sometimes caused her to fall down, was gone. And now she was moving freely and easily.

He had her come out into the aisle and start walking. She started to head in one direction, but then came back across the front, going faster by the minute, until she was running. She made her way all the way around the Tent. It was clear that what she was experiencing was real.

Next, he identified a woman from the same row. This woman was suffering with cancer. Mario had her put her hand on her stomach and said there was something that had been growing inside her that had metastasized and was now being burned out by the power of God. God was destroying the cancer.

“There is nothing special about me. I do not have the power to heal anyone!”

Mario started to move down off the platform, but paused and reminded the people that there was nothing special about him, and that he did not have any power to heal anyone. He said that his one claim to fame was that he was a lost sinner saved by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Mario also asked them to agree to remember that if he called them out, it was not his doing, but it was God who was doing it.

He went over to the side of the Tent and asked a woman to stand, and he revealed to her that there were multiple situations in her past that had led to the place in which she now found herself. And that there were multiple tests which had been performed, but, like the woman in the Bible, she had suffered many things from physicians, without receiving any answers or solutions. Then he had the woman next to her stand up and asked both of them to come out into the aisle.

He told the first woman her heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver were all being healed. He said her lungs were being opened and had her take a deep breath, which she did without trouble.

Then the most astonishing thing happened. Mario had paused a moment, then said, “The power of God is in your throat. He is touching your throat.” And he told her that the lump in her throat was now gone. She immediately reached up to her throat and was astonished to discover she could not find the lump. It was completely gone! Glory to God!

Then he said, her hips, knees, stomach, and ankles were all healed. She began moving her arms and legs with no trouble. And she kept reaching up to her throat looking for something that was no longer there.

Next Mario had her lay hands on the woman next to her, and her vital organs, spine, neck, and forehead were all healed. Vicious attacks of pain in her head were now completely gone.

Another woman was called out. Mario revealed that doctors were no longer able to offer her any help. He had her stand and then rebuked the cancer in her, in the name of Jesus, stating that the tumors in her body were being uprooted and destroyed.

After this he returned the stage and had the people raise their hands if they needed healing. He then had those around them lay their hands on their neighbors, and pray for them.

As he closed out the night, he asked everyone who had been healed to stand to their feet. Hundreds of people all over the Tent stood up. It was such a visible demonstration of the power and love of God for His people.

In addition to all that happened in the big tent, there is also a smaller children’s tent right next door. There is a wonderful team there teaching and training the children, revealing Christ to them, and working to transform their lives as well.

I spent a little time in there with them. So much energy and excitement. Kids were engaged and participating. It was so exciting to see! I know that if we can capture their hearts now, we can save them from a lifetime of pain and heartache. We can also increase their impact in the world around them as they learn how to follow Christ and participate in His mighty works.

If you are able to do so, I highly encourage you to come out on the remaining nights: Tuesday and Wednesday, Oct 24th & 25th at 6:30 PM, at the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds, Winston-Salem, NC.

Your life will never be the same!


  1. Tim Dunn

    Amen, God bless this ministry!

  2. Vincent Mack

    Praise Jesus!

    • Colleen MacPherson

      God is SO good. I love that you have a special, safe place for the children to be ministered to. God bless all of you.

    • Lydia Perry

      Praise the Lord Only Jesus , by His stripes . Hallelujah Praise God for His Glory and all those testimonies. Praying you come to South Carolina. 🙏🏻❤️

  3. wendy Cairns

    God is so kind and merciful, mighty and awesome in power. Glory and honor and praise to Him from everlasting to everlasting, hallelujah to our king!

    • Janice J Gibbons

      Glory, praise and honor to our soon coming King, Jesus the Christ! God bless the ministry of pastor Mario. Thanks for preaching the sound doctrine of the Word of God. Hallelujah


    God is touching, healing and saving the people He died for and loves with an everlasting love. All glory and honor to Jesus for the great things He has and is doing.

  5. Susan

    Praise God for His goodness!!

  6. Lisette Matos

    Mario Murillo I’m writing to inform you that you are a man of GOD and I am grateful for you standing for the kingdom of God and about the Father’s business. Thanks be to God Almighty for everyone called and obedient to the Will of the Father. Love you brother Mario. GOD bless you, your team and all the volunteers after God’s heart. Thank you Abba for sending Labors out to the Harvest fields in Jesus Name

    • Jacquelyn Ostby


  7. Ange

    Thankyou Jesus

    • Judy Page

      Thank you Mario for your obedience to God. When I read of the salvations and healings I weep. These things are LIFE CHANGING!! No one but Jesus and Holy Spirit can transform your heart spiritually and heal it physically . The world is crying out for a real Savior, thank you for introducing Jesus!

  8. John Federer

    Glory to the Lord Jesus who reigns on high.

  9. Pearl Dalton

    I PTL and rejoice with Mario,and the team for their steadfast love and obedience to sacrifice their lives for the Work of God.Winning Souls,and moving in Word of knowledge that allows Father God to heal the sick,and set the captives Free. Hallelujah to Jesus 🙌 🙏

    • Rosamaria Avitia-Bristow

      Great write up Mr. Rutledge and I give God all the glory, I was at the crusades in LA Calif, Colorado and many more and I know the power of the Holy Spirit falls from heaven with signs, wonders, healings, miracles, most of all souls getting saved. I wish I could gone this one, but the anointing God even comes through the writing and jumps off the pages, phone lines, and through face book, get under the tent crusade if you anywhere near North Carolina and give your life to Jesus. Praying for all the workers with MMM and God bless you and protect you all. Don’t ever give up America needs the tent keep going from town to town, Jesus needs to be in your town, praying sic-em Holy Spirit and knock them off their horse, bring in the lost, addicted, afflicted in Jesus 🙏 name !!!

  10. Sandy

    Please pray for my husband. That his spiritual eyes are open and he walks in the light of the Lord Jesus Christ. He needs Jesus.
    He also needs to find his wedding ring.😔

    • Sandra

      Praying for your husband to be bombarded.by the Holy Spirit and won for Christ sake and the needed kingdom work! I call forth angels to lead you to the ring in Jesus name. God bless you and speak things that aren’t as if they were and see the Kingdom manifested in your life. Sometimes it takes a while but it will come forth if you believe!

  11. Marilou Libby

    Awesome wonder working power of our God. Our God is an awesome God. He reigns

  12. Laurie Huddleston

    I am so encouraged and thankful to hear of God’s mighty plans for salvation and healing continue!! I have been deeply committed to the IDF efforts in Israel. We serve an awesome God who is more than able to meet every need. Please receive my gift.’

  13. Don

    I have been healed of many things, and continue to believe for more! I recognize that the Lord has given me FAR more than I deserve!
    I’m very grateful for your ministry—which I experienced first hand Monday night. The Spirit of God was present in power—to save, to heal, and to free! A wondrous experience! We’ve been praying for revival on the east coast for several years—it has begun!! Blessings!



  15. Connie

    So thankful for whose you are. Don’t know how to about this Mario, this is me reaching for total healing in my body, head to toes. I have done lot of heavy lifting in my life, besides the normal norms. I have had to many head injurys, I like a lot of other folks want to be a blessing to others, I am so grateful, thankful to the Lord for how He has kept me. So tired of living in pain. This 82 yr old has been prayed for. Trusting for total healing, thank you for all you are doing. Thank you FATHER for Mario

    • Sandra

      I pray that you are pain free in Jesus name. Tell the devil he has no authority! You are a child of GOD and should not have pain. Declare your healing in Jesus name because HE took all those stripes for our healing and then start praising Him because He is worthy whether he heals us or not! He forgave us and reunited us with the Father and He is worthy to be praised! God bless and love you!

  16. Mark Regalmuto

    Thank you Mario for being obedient to the Lord! Sunday night I left the service mad. I
    came expecting and left empty, you walked by my wife and I during healing time, I had a dream one night in August that I was there in the
    crowd and you saw me. I knew
    in my heart that I had to come to Winston-Salem. Then Monday night came; what a difference. Catherine brought the holy fire, break the chain
    set me free, I was the nut that was running the aisle in the back and shouting! I broke free and had to run!!! Later when you had the healing prayer for the tent and I laid my hand on my heart by faith to heal my double vision, I looked up and no longer saw
    2 Mario’s on stage, Healed by the blood 🩸 of Jesus! I praise
    Jesus and give Him all the Glory!!! Keep preaching the truth and giving the devil a black eye! I was going to go home after Sunday night, but I came to get a blessing! My
    cup was run over! Hope to see you again one day! I thank God for you!! AMEN!

    • Sandra

      Amen brother, never go to hope a man sees you but GOD and thank GOD HE did. Jesus really is the only one we should be looking for in a meeting or Church and then we would never be disappointed! It is because HE loves us that HE sent Mario and thank GOD for his faithfulness and love for lost souls that he and his team and volunteer’s are there. Pray for their ministry and impact on saving souls! That is what it is all about! Thank GOD for the Pauls’ out there!! I thank GOD today for Paul’s ministry! I feel kinship with Paul, because I desire that all men be saved!

  17. Beverly Lewey

    Thank you Mario for your heart for lost souls & your expectation that God answers your prayers for healing & salvation. I volunteered with you the past 2 years in Colorado Springs, & I have started sending my monthly tithe that I was giving to my church, to you, because my church is doing nothing to save souls & speak against the evils of abortion & transgenderism, & YOU ARE! God bless you with strength & health to continue God’s work & inspire us all!!

  18. Jane Alexander

    Glory, glory, glory. Tears…. seeing the power of God rolling through the audience….Thankful for Mario answering the call of having these tent meetings. Oh Lord!!!! fall upon our churches in the same way. Bring your healing power into the churches as well as the tents. Fall upon my church over and over as you did years ago. Not just a sprinkling, but in might and truth and power. Fall upon where I live. Amen

    • Sandra

      AMEN to that! Where has the power and healings gone? Like I told my old church for running off aGodly preacher they needed to repent! If I need to repent and believe me I do every day then the church needs to repent!!!

  19. kathy lisle

    Praise God!

  20. Victoria Armstrong

    Thank you, Jesus! I praise you, God, for how you are moving in our midst. We anticipate a giant harvest in which hundreds of thousands of people will come to know you as their Lord and Savior! Our nation will be saved, because nothing can come against the power of God Almighty. Thank you for how you are moving in North Carolina, Lord! Please bring Mario and his ministry to western Pennsylvania. Our area needs a giant move of God. Come, come, Lord Jesus, come!!

  21. Sandra

    I am so glad GOD showed up but I knew He would. And so thankful for the kid crusade in another tent. GOD bless and prosper your ministry and team and volunteers for doing HIS work!

  22. SJean

    When we went to Ft. Meyers I was shocked how many people got saved who were just praising the Lord and raising their hands earlier. It showed me that the church is full of unsaved people. Big eye opener!
    AND my husband was healed of stage 4 prostrate cancer! Praise the Lord!



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