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What should Israel do? And what should America do?

First, Israel: The world is wondering what Israel should do. Most of the advice they are getting is ignorant noise.

Some are calling for Israel to use restraint. Rights groups that are trying to pin war crimes on Israel are glaringly silent about the babies that were beheaded in front of their parents.

Israel’s right course of action becomes crystal clear when you realize two things:

-The first thing to realize is what the goal of Hamas is.

-The second thing to realize is what Israel must do to prevent this horror from ever happening again.

Anything besides these two points is irrelevant. If you do not wish to know the answer to these two things, you would have to be overcome by ignorance, hate, or blatant dishonesty.

1. What does Hamas want? Hamas espouses a doctrine of genocidal antisemitism which seeks to eradicate Israel and all Jews. The Hamas Covenant, the organization’s founding document, claims that there will be a day of judgment in which all Jews will be killed. Religious leaders within Hamas have repeatedly called on Muslims worldwide to “totally exterminate” the Jewish people.

The only reason for the existence of Hamas is to destroy Israel.

The only reason for the existence of Hamas is to destroy Israel. Iran agrees with this doctrine. And shockingly, so do elected officials in the United States. Think of that!!

I am talking about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib. All three of them support Hamas.

When you say you support Hamas, you are also saying you support the annihilation of Israel.

So much of the world community is behaving like stoned hippies. They chant “why can’t we all get along?” Here’s why we can’t just co-exist: Israel believes they have a right to exist, but Hamas believes Israel has no right to exist. Got it?

The world community should wake up to the fact that Palestinians overwhelmingly support Hamas. And the only hope for peace is for Palestinians to renounce the idea of Jewish genocide.

Any other course of action is suicidal denial.

So, what should Israel do about Hamas? There is no room for negotiation or mediation. There is only room for an unwavering resolve for the nation of Israel, they must remove the power of Hamas to destroy every Jew on the planet. Any other course of action is suicidal denial.

2. What should Israel do to prevent this horror from ever happening again? At the entrance to the Holocaust Museum in Israel you see these two words prominently displayed: “NEVER AGAIN.”

Those are the watchwords now. As long as Hamas has the weapons and the power to use them, Israel will face these kinds of atrocities again.

The bottom line is this: Israel must utterly wipe out Hamas’ ability to function. That means the eradication of their infrastructure and network of tunnels. Israel must ignore the world community and finish the job.

America should support Israel and provide them with whatever they need to finish Hamas.

Second of all: What should America do in this crisis? Here is where I am going to lose some of you. America should support Israel and provide them with whatever they need to finish Hamas. America ended the parent group, ISIS, and now we must help Israel to end Hamas, the terror group that ISIS spawned.

What we should not be doing is rattling swords and spoiling for a fight with other nations.

The fingers that run the Biden hand-puppet want war. They want world war. They make money when there are wars.

We live in a world that is so dark that globalist villains manipulate money. They give it to Iran so they can buy weapons to attack Israel. Then they will turn around and get America to buy weapons to attack Iran. They make bank either way.

Nicky Haley and Lindsey Graham need to stop calling for war.


Nicky Haley and Lindsey Graham need to stop calling for war. We do not need to declare war on Iran and Russia. Nicky said this was an attack on America, and we must finish Iran. Lindsey Graham also said that we need to bomb Iran. They are both calling for war on Iran.

But perhaps the worst offender is Dan Krenshaw.

But perhaps the worst offender is Dan Krenshaw. Who is literally calling for World War Three. He said “This will not be a fleeting conflict in the Israeli-Palestinian saga. This looks like it will be the war to end all wars. It needs to be clear to Hamas and the Iranian Ayatollah – & all their other proxies – that this was a severe miscalculation. They need to be defeated.” Oct 8, 2023

His statement “War to end all wars” is particularly heinous. That is what they foolishly called World War One and that didn’t even stop World War Two.

What happened to Israel is an atrocity. But there have been many other atrocities that have gone unnoticed. For example, Armenian Christians are being slaughtered by the thousands, as are Christians around the world, but that does not make the news. And we are not declaring war on every nation that mass slaughters Christians. I am not downplaying the horrors of Hamas on Israelis. I am saying we must be disciplined, wise and ready to win the wars…should they come.

America has already been manipulated by the war in Ukraine. We have sent billions without having any idea where that money is going or what it is being used for.

This is precisely what made Donald Trump such an effective world leader. He put America first and kept us out of wars.

This is precisely what made Donald Trump such an effective world leader. He put America first and kept us out of wars.

America must get its own house in order. War with Iran may be inevitable. But to do it prematurely would be disastrous. Sun Tzu said “The warriors of old first placed themselves beyond the possibility of defeat and then waited for an opportunity to attack.”

We need to close our southern border. We have thousands of Hamas-style terrorists pouring into our country, and probably forming sleeper cells. We need to get “Wokeness” out of our military, because we are not ready for our enemies.

We are also crippled by domestic crisis. Fentanyl is killing our citizens by the hundreds of thousands. Democrats are doing a better job of reducing our cities to rubble than any foreign enemy.


Israel must have our help. What has happened to them is purely and simply evil. It is wrong and must be punished. We must support them until they destroy Hamas. But we must finish this job without starting World War Three.



  1. Sandra

    God bless Mario thank you for your faithfulness

    • Thomas Holohan

      1,000% agreement. The inside and wisdom given by our brother Mario cannot be overlooked. As serious-minded followers of Christ take our positions in constant intercession this will be my prayer exactly of which brother Mario has written. Again my brother we thank you and we value you in this hour.

    • Cy Bassett

      May GOd continue to bless you and protect you and your team, Mario! Praise His Name! You all are in our prayers.

    • Lux

      Before anything else, we need to ask ourselves, Who created Hamas?
      It’s the same globalist villains who made the war in Ukraine! The Israelis & Palestines are being used as pawns. The evil agenda is to depopulate the world, divide us, & most of all, to put money into their pockets!

    • phil beatty

      AMEN!! I dont care what anybody says, Trump is not perfect , but we were far, far better off than the pitiful, putrid, pathetic zombie we have in the white house now! M
      Make America great again in Jesus’name!!

      • Moreen Williams

        Amen! Praying for God’s protection over Mario as he brings truth to light.

      • Carolyn Binkley

        Thank you. You are so right. We need to clean out the White House. Get some one in there that doesn’t put themselves first and cares nothing about us.

      • Von

        I beieve that God will vindicate Trump
        It has grown worser by the day for him- ppl have turned on him so
        maliciously- yet he still speaks the TRUTH about the corruption the Dem Judges want to stop.
        Nothings impossible with our God – so I say- I believe that God- and only God can turn this around for Pres Trump

    • Myrna Whitlock

      Thank you Marii. We pray for Israel that they will be able to finish Hamas! They don’t need to exist in the world! They need to be iradicated fast! America must support Israel to the finish line for our sake! Godspeed!

    • Laurel Stevens

      May God’s angels be a hedge of protection around you and all who are part of the Crusade. The Lord bless you, keep you, make His face shine upon you all, protect you and all who come and give you deep peace – and a huge harvest…..

    • Mark Taylor

      I’ve been waiting for Mario to come East for a while, Iam coming from Lancaster Pa to work the streets and help minister in the tent. Please pray for me. I was a junkie for 30 + years and now serving God with all my heart Don’t tell me you can never change praise God and thank you for sending Mario to this city at this time. I can’t hardly afford this trip but God is my source watch out Winston Salem Iam coming

      • Carol

        Mark, Praying for you to have a successful trip to Winston Salem, NC.
        I pray that God will provide for everything you need and more. So wonderful that have found Jesus and are ready to share your story. Keep
        your eyes on him and stand strong. God Bless you, Carol

      • Rosalie Gilliland

        God bless you, Mark. God has poured into you, and prepared you for this time. I pray abundant divine provision for your trip, and blessings of every kind. And may the Lord use you mightily in the furtherance of His Kingdom. In Jesus’s name I declare that you are anointed to lead thousands of precious souls to Christ. Amen! God bless you brother.

      • Virginia Drastata

        OH God bless you. My heart cries out for you as I read your comment. The Lord will supply all your needs as you serve Him. Love you in Christ.

    • Christine rinard

      I agree with you. 100 percent. All truth thanks

    • Kitty

      Yes thank-you Mario Murillo! If only our present Govt would listen to you. They’re so busy in-fighting each other that they can’t even hear anyone else provide sound advice. May God help us navigate these apocalyptic waters.🙏

    • Cindy Hoesly

      Thank you Mario for that clear concise and clarion call.

  2. Thalia

    Agree. Well stated.

    • Barb Sellentine

      Where do you suggest that we send donations to help Israel?

      • Mario Murillo

        I have no recommendations at this time for money to go to the victims of Hamas in Israel. I will look into it and see what can be done.

        • Terry

          Samaritan’s Purse is sending food and supplied

          • Suzanne

            Operation Blessings from CBN is helping out people in Israel. They always help everywhere in the world when they need to. God bless Operation blessings.

  3. Sharon


    • Elizabeth Southard

      Well said ♥️🙏

      • R Lynn Leist

        If only politicians had your wisdom

  4. Renee

    You are right. We need to support Israel. God will bless those who bless Israel. I have been crying before God to give them supernatural strength and wisdom To comfort them help them to know Jesus and his love for them

    • Vicki

      i agree totally with you Mario!

    • Virginia Drastata

      Amen and amen

  5. Scott MacPherson

    Mario, that was an excellent message! Well-worded and to the point. I agree and support everything you boldly declared, and if the Church should WAKE UP, they will be in agreement also! Thank-you for speaking MY mind, as well as the LORD’s!! Scott

    • Roy salander

      I agree with everything that you sand in this blog.

    • Pastor Norma Tilton

      I agree totally with your message! Excellent n such wisdom. God wake up AMERICA and our leaders n save Israel! I will forward this to our congregation.

  6. Charlene Mibus

    I am with you Mario, 100%. I pray God will intervene and help as America is so far down the rabbit trail of treason, corruption and evil people in government I fear they will do nothing. But God. He will protect and fight for His people. I pray the Israel people will not back down but keep it up until the Hamas are totally eliminated. It is the only way they will have peace and other countries will have peace along with it. I also pray that our real president will get back in office despite the way they are trying to destroy him. God has picked him and He will continue to strengthen and uphold him. Thank you for speaking directly the truth and the way it is.

  7. Lin Mohl

    Yes. Thank you.

  8. Angela Vines

    This should be on the front page of every major news paper…. Father I pray and decree truth and wisdom and divine intervention. I hold on too the governments are on your shoulders and that the KINGDOM GOVERNMENT WILL REIGN

  9. Reyes Cabrera

    This is what has to happen.

  10. Alyce Prewett


  11. Lisa Kurimski

    We must be prayer warriors!

  12. Ruth Ann Holt

    Discord, extreme hatred and confusion , blatantly evident in our nation and across this world! Satan has to do all he can before YAWEH, Jehovah God the Creator of Heaven and of this earth steps in and sets this world in order with his rule! Praise the Name of Jesus! Thank you Mario for your ministry and your love for mankind from God!

  13. Diana Simon

    I totally agree! What else can we do to stop funding the bad guys?

  14. Mimi

    Amen,Amen and Amen! Thank you for your wisdom and boldness in calling out our leaders by name. God Bless You!

  15. Ross Chapman

    Thank you for being online with what is happening, and saying what Our God is leading you to say.

  16. Ange

    Thankyou Mario fir Diwali g the truth .

  17. Angela

    Thankyou Mario
    For telling the truth .
    God bless you

  18. Leonor Gileslava

    This is truth. The enemy had to be wiped up completely!

  19. Victoria Ferris

    Have to be on agreement with you Mario Murillo and is is good to have your wise and Godly opinion that I’ve always fully agreed with because it is right and right from God. Hallelujah. How to people exist without HIM I cannot comprehend,,…

  20. C K Langton

    Thank you

  21. james r hanson


  22. Ray

    Amen and Amen !

  23. Leyla Schrunk

    Thank you Mario! God give you more boldness and courage and protection and wisdom than He already has! For His Great Glory! And may all His children follow likewise! Angel armies come!

  24. Brenda Diehl

    Good Morning Mario,
    A well-written, comprehensive, yet succinct piece you’ve Blessed us with. Thank you for clarifying exactly what our view, our stand, our action should be. May we take it to heart. May AMERICA stand strong with Israel until Israel declares the victory over this horrific enemy, Hamas!
    Thank you Brother Mario! The LORD Bless you in all you do for HIM. Amen

  25. Colleen

    You are so right! People need to read the bible to know what God did in bibical wars. I will always stand with Israel.

  26. Jan

    I agree with you 💯.

  27. Mary Jersild

    Amen! Wisdom from the heart of God! In Genesis 6:11 we are told that the earth was corrupt in God’s sight and full of violence before the flood came. How ironic that the word for violence in Hebrew is hamas. As in the days of Noah shall it be before Jesus’s return!!

  28. Ethyanne Andres

    Amen! God help us all. You are spot on. thank you for continuing this fight via your platform Brother Mario.

  29. Susan R Vehrs

    God Bless You Mario! We miss you on Flash Point! Praying for millions of salvations under your tents! You are right on the mark! We need to do whatever Israel needs! Thank You for speaking out!

  30. Gary Bitikofer

    Amen. Mario. We agree with you 100%. Thank you for being a leader in the charge to see our nation return to the Lord Jesus.

  31. Sandra Gunter


  32. Tricia Sims

    Mario, thank you for your commentary. I pray more people can have the discernment and wisdom to speak truth over this horrific situation. God’s blessings on you and your ministry.🙏✝️

  33. Steven W.Honeycutt

    We actually showed up in Winston-Salem on September 23, Sat evening only to find out that we made a mistake, driving uncomfortably in the rain going through Greensboro in a rush to get there on time believing God for miracles in our bodies and got lost trying to find out that we was so desperate for a move of God” we messed up on the dates Brother Mario! Hopefully! we will try to get there this time on the right Date, and Still in NEED” of the Gift of miracles to heal our bodies completely.

  34. Mary Thompson

    I agree. God fights for and with Israel. Gaza is part of their land, it belongs to them, and is part of the covenant God has with His people. God blesses those who bless Israel. We can’t afford not to be under His blessing.

  35. J Huff

    The mouth of the righteous utters wisdom, and his tongue speaks justice. Psalm 37:30

  36. Gretchen

    Yes, Mario, I agree completely. There can be no consistent with a nation or group that does not want to acknowledge another nation and wants to wipe them off the face of the Earth. Israel actually has made so many accommodations allowed Palestinians to have work permits, basically has love there and me in spite of everything. This attack was obviously planned for a long time and funded directly or indirectly by our own people. It’s a shameful blocked on our history. We pray for the Arabs that they would be saved and that the mindset of deception will be broken. I pray for the Jewish people to thrive in the Messiah , Jesus will return to the land of Israel. The enemy has been stirred.

  37. AD D

    Thank you Mario. You are exactly right, every word. I will pass this one to all I know. God bless you and yours. God bless America & God bless Israel.

  38. Doreen Tucker

    Thank you. You are right on target and you are bold.
    Not hearing much like this anymore. We are praying for you and your crusades.
    Please come to central Pa.
    God be with you !

  39. fred bowen-smith


    So true and so correct. The evil needs to be stopped, pushed back. But the neo-con war machine of the uni-party must not prevail

  40. Jeannie cook

    Thank you Mario for your unwavering stand. Miss seeing you on flashpointnand victory news.
    I love your warrior spirit.

  41. Lillian C Conti

    I agree whole heartily Mario!

  42. Sandra

    So true! Our biggest job is to call on GOD Almighty to be Israels’ help as well as ours wherever we live, America, China, Russia, etc. HE is our only hope for now and eternity! Yes satan wants all Israel dead but we know better! We have the WORD of GOD and we know who wins and satan is a created being and can not win against GOD’s chosen people and I am proud to say I am grafted in and trust GOD to the end of this age as we know it and I believe it is almost to the end. Read Revelations and see who wins and see the cries of those beheaded who call out under the alter for revenge! Looking for the saints to soon leave this evil world to prepare to come agin to battle the evil ones and win! Pray for sinners but also pray fir our brothers and sisters in the Lord! Praying for Winston Salem crusade!

  43. Lillian C Conti

    I agree whole heartily Mario!

  44. Karen L Eagleton

    You are exactly right!!

  45. Ron Rupp

    I agree, where are these voices for attack on iran at when hundreds of Christians have been slaughtered in Africa…

  46. Claudia MacPhee

    Yes, yes and yes, Mario! As a country, we need to walk and watch very carefully our words and actions! Agree with you wholeheartedly.

  47. Barbara Dodge

    We must destroy witchcraft in our country from California to Detroit to SALEM there is growing rebellion of satan in our midst.

  48. Paul Herrera

    Very good read , we need to remember that the Jews are the chosen people , America has forgotten that , they are allies and we should always have our support. However we have allowed our own country to be controlled and changed by ignorant people , the woke crowd that do not realize those same Hamas and Palestine’s that they march and support would kill them for even breathing because they are infidel’s the Quran tells them to kill us. But people will say stuff like they are good Muslims they love us the have business here . We have allowed the wolf in with the sheep and we will parish like sheep.

  49. Tom Kimmel

    As the prophetic clock ticks ever closer to the return of Jesus, it becomes even more urgent to share the good news of the gospel. Let’s each tell someone today! Jesus died for them. Mark 16:15-20.

  50. Alexandra Butler

    Agree 100% And that was before I even read your blog post.

  51. Robyn O'Neal

    I agree and intercede accordingly as the Word of God clearly supports.


    Strong’s H2555 defines Hamas as violence, cruelty, wrong, false, damage. See Genesis 6:11 for the first mention….

  53. Rev Robert Rascon

    Well put and said!

  54. Colleen Wadtke

    Thank you Mario Murillo, I so appreciate your account of whats going on and what we shud do. I have gladly followed you since all your tent revivals in CA back a couple three years ago. ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 Prayers for a good outcome with this current crisis ♥️🔥💪

  55. Judy Page

    Amen! America must stand with Israel! Terrorist from any nation with these types of evil agendas must be stopped! We must get the evil out of our Congress our White House and state, city and municipal governments. How different would these who have joined themselves w terrorist feel if it were their family, their children that were the target of beheading mutilation and death!! I found it crazy how the terrorist reacted when Israel declared war and brought them their just reward. They we’re incensed and shocked. Just shows how far from reality and truth they live. My heart grieves over the innocent who are paying a horrific price for unhinged humans. I stand w Israel and pray Jesus the messiah will be revealed to them through their grief and searching.

  56. Catherine

    We need TRUMP back ASAP. Pray for Gods Will to be done. Pray for an end to the CABAL and their Anti God Agenda

  57. ali s winters

    Hallelujah!!! AMEN!!! Sha’alu Shalom Yerushalayim!!! Let God arise, His enemies be scattered. Stand with Israel. He who watches over Israel never slumbers nor sleeps. Psalm 121.

  58. Greer

    Thank you Mario.

    We are praying for the Crusade in Winston-Salem this weekend.

    GOD is doing an work there this weekend and many will be saved!

    I pray that you be strengthened in your spirit, mind and body for the continued fight!

  59. Ted Jenne

    Dear Mario,
    You’re exactly right on all points of your Blog. One more thing I’ll add it’s IS 60:1-3–Read it
    and then as Christians we Shine the Light of Yeshua, Israel’s Savior, as we Give to excellent
    ministries physically on the ground With Israel–actually giving the IDF and Citizens Christian
    Thank you for your faithful ministry!

  60. Tony Perone

    Amen, and Amen Mario. Your counsel is Holy Spirit inspired. The wars and rumors of wars will continue until Jesus the rightful King of Kings returns.
    Until then we, the eklesia, must wrestle with these evil spirit beings in prayer and actions led by our Captain of heaven’s host.
    Evil powers hate Israel because It is God’s nation used to save the nations; and America is in a covenantal relationship to share the gospel to the nations from its inception.
    Trump wants America to be great again, and we must pray for America to be Good by God’s grace and fight evil to seeks God’s glory and His power to save!

  61. Colleen MacPherson

    I totally agree with you Mario. Very well said.

  62. Grow Susan

    Thank you for your open truth. Our country and world need to hear this.

  63. Christa Reed

    Right on point across the board, brother. Keep proclaiming wisdom and truth!

  64. Jacque Brandau

    AMEN! Thsnk you Mario fot the absolute truth on every level. I hope all who read your post will have their eyes opened if they think othet than this. We must have God’s perspective. His wisdom to support Israel & change America.. Pray for you & your team.

  65. Gwen Willock

    Totally agree with Mario

  66. Mavis Brotherton

    Thank You Mario! Have you read Pastor John Hagee’s book countdown Jerusalem? Or Earth’s last empire, The final game of Thrones? If so, do you believe he is spot on? If not, excellent reads.

  67. Denise Myers


    Thank you for always being bold and telling the truth. I agree with everything you said 100%.

  68. Sharelle Mendenhall

    Yes!! Thank you for speaking out with clarity

  69. NickT

    Agree 100%

  70. Tony

    Brother Mario, help me, a Believer and Follower of JESUS CHRIST, to better understand what I/we are to do if we are in the end times, and as many of these things happening have been prophesied and continue to be fulfilled prophesy, would our, Believers resistance/defense go against and/or delay what is written? I am not a kid, and I have seen and served in wars since Vietnam, and I know that wars only kill, steal, and destroy, which by the way is what we are told about Satan. GOD’S enemies are my enemies, but I know that GOD does not need me to fight His battles; Brother Mario, am I wrong? I have had dreams for years of being attacked here in the USA, in my neighborhood, just as in Israel, and yes I am old, but I am also still able to defend my Family and my Country. All Glory to GOD ALMIGHTY! Praised Be YOU KING JESUS! Hallelujah! Peace and Blessings Brother Mario, and thank you….

  71. MaryAnn Stuart

    Thank you for that excellent advice.

  72. Joyce Bidwell

    Mario, thank you for blogs and inspiring words. Your message always keeps me grounded in the Lord. I appreciate what you are doing to help save souls as well as the United States of America.

    God bless you Mario

    Joyce Bidwell

  73. GWhite

    Thank you for speaking Truth. God Bless and protect Israel!

  74. Kimberly

    Mario, thank you for your words. I agreed with 100% of what you wrote. Hamas has only one stated goal: the complete extermination of the Jewish people. Israel can and must destroy them, it is their only path forward: no truce, no “land for peace”, no negotiation. Only complete and utter destruction of this group of demons.

  75. Nayivis Cunill

    Amen! Mario, I agree 💯. I believe Israel needs to focus on obliterating Hamas and America needs to continue to back them up. Get rid of the nonsense woke agenda in our military and close our borders!!!

  76. Penny McCartney

    We don’t need more war mongers. follow their money. See who hey are receiving support from.

  77. Marie Groves

    Sending love and prayers from Eden,NC, Just an hour away from Winston Salem,NC. Thank you for all you do for us. Marie

  78. Judy Marleen Ledford

    Yes, and Amen to all you’ve said. —— God is moving in our little Assembly of God Church in Newton Ks. We have a new Pastor and he’s a fireball evangelistic preacher! It’s been like one step at a time but revival is stirring. People are being healed. Praying for your next explosion in Winston-Salem. Our God Reigns!!!

  79. Joanna

    It has been shown on multiple platforms that American media Media is owned by Jews, the narrative is shaped by Israel, the propaganda continues to be debunked (no evidence of beheaded babies per Israeli military.) leaked videos of Netanyahu stating that he fears no retribution for annihilating Palestinians because “America can be maneuvered.” Israel is continually being exposed as the bully with its superior military and global support due to the Holocaust. Now they are the exterminators of a people. Hamas has been shown to be Israel’s creation to enable the label of terrorists. Israel is the terrorist, but we pray for Jerusalem.

    • Mario Murillo

      I am only allowing your horrendous ignorance because Christians need to see antisemitism in sheep’s clothing. The Federalist said this “One of the most misleading, contextless talking points spread by the pro-Hamas right and left contends that Israel “supported” and “created” the terror organization. It is the political equivalent of condemning someone today for failing to make a citizen’s arrest of O.J. Simpson in 1986.

      The myth was popularized by former Qatari propagandist, now one of MSNBC’s leading terror apologists, Mehdi Hasan. The insinuation, of course, is that Israel bears moral and historical responsibility for the murder of its own citizens. A lot of these same people, no doubt, blamed Americans for creating al Qaeda and thus 9/11. The Hamas claim is even weaker, frankly, considering Israel had no hand in arming any iteration of the terror group.”

      And yes, babies were beheaded. But why is that even an issue since Hamas took the social media of a grandmother so they could live stream her rape, torture and murder. To even try to downplay the horrors of Hamas shows us all how deeply flawed your viewpoint is.
      You have a great opportunity to repent of your hatred. May God have mercy on you.

      • Virginia Drastata

        Thank you , thank you Mario. May hearts long for truth , for God is a God of truth , May we be strong in the power of God’s might and seek His way. Holy Spirit guide us. and He will as we submit to God’s ways. Lord teach us to pray and listen to Your voice and not follow the voice of a stranger. Amen amen !

      • Darlene R Wallace

        I wanted to ask you a question Mario. Who are you angry at? Are you angry at the Church or are you angry at God?

        • Mario Murillo

          Darlene, That is not a question. Than is an accusation. Irony it is asked out of anger.

  80. Jeryl Reinbolt

    Awesome blog! I totally agree with you on these points, Mario! Thank you for stating the facts so succinctly.
    I’m praying for your next Crusade! The Harvest of Souls is here!

  81. Larry D

    Yes Mario! God bless you for stating TRUTH! Keep standing on HIS word!

  82. Israel

    Great words and right on target.

    Pastors must also speak up and stop being silent for fear of the “”Woke” king of Assyria.
    2 Kings 16:1-20

    Egypt does not want to let Palestinians into Egypt and Hamas does not want to let the Palestinians out? Why?

    Because the innocent civilians is the cover [Cover to create casualties the terrorist need to further their terrorist agenda of attacking Israel.
    They know that if civilians leave they will not comeback and the terrorists will not be able to rebuild under the cover of civilian population. They need them there. They know without them they will
    Lose their access and ability to rebuild and strike Israel again.

    That why they are demanding no occupation also.

    • Mario Murillo

      Great insight.

  83. Gary Kosak

    Mario, You get another “atta boy”. Keep up the good work!

  84. Becky

    Brother Mario and Fellow Believers,

    This was another of your insightful, God-inspired posts. Both Israel and America are under mandates from God to show Him to the world. People need to understand that when so much falseness is put forth as the truth it is to aid the anti-Christ spirit which comes against the true things of God. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and we as believers must follow His ways and words. We are to bless Israel and pray for the peace of Jerusalem! America must stand beside Israel, God will be with both of our nations and all of the people who lift Jesus up on high so that mankind can be drawn to Him and eternal salvation! Thank you, Brother Mario, for keeping us informed and on the front lines for God! We must keep unity in the body of Christ, I believe that both your evangelistic ministry (I love your program Fire Power on Wednesday night) and that of Flashpoint both have their places, and I learn a lot from both. Believers, keep the unity of the Spirit, please!!!! God is both Justice and Mercy, and He alone knows when to apply what! To God be the Glory and Praise!!!

  85. Anne Sears

    Dear Mario, Saying Thank You is not enough for your courage in speaking out, and your faithfulness to God. May the God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob bless you mightily, now and forever I
    pray in the Name of Jesus.

  86. Shanda Donahue

    Agree Mario thank you. Blessings

  87. CoraLee Baughman

    Thank-you Pastor Mario for your decisive viewpoint about the Israeli war. Now is a time for America’s leaders to choose to defund Hammas, through sanctions and legislation. As we pray for a Speaker for the House, we can pray for our government to make wise foreign policy decisions too. And when we pray for the people of Israel we need to ask God’s guidance on self-sacrificing ways of giving to humanitarian aid for Israel.

  88. Michelle McClanahan

    “So don’t be proud of your alliance to any human leader. For actually you already have everything! -everything belongs to you and now you are joined to the Messiah, who is joined to God.”

  89. Leonard McKinnon

    Yes, I must appreciate Mario viewpoint. And I am in agreement with him.

  90. Roger Boucher

    My question is where is the outcry in America regarding these three Muslim women in Congress and their stand for these demonic terrorists? When are the American people going to wake up and DEMAND these three so-called politicians
    face their sworn duty to uphold the Constitution? (Of course that is assuming they know what the Constitution is).

    • Jeff

      I pray for their removal on a daily basis. First their salvation, the out of Congress

  91. Faith

    I do not believe they can “finish the job” without ushering in WW3, esp with support of US. The WEF global leaders who are controlling our country want war. Do we not see interesting timing here, right before a major election where blatant fraud would even be hard to cover. If we are at war, they can “postpone” the election, tank our economy, usher in digital currency and hand over our sovereignty to evil, corrupt globalist influences. It is all part of the agenda. Timing is everything. Trust no one we hear and nothing we see. We are living in disheartening times.

  92. Eddie

    “For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”
    ‭‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭10‬:‭3‬-‭5‬ ‭

  93. Rebecca Moore

    You posted this prophechy in Nov. 2020. One question I have – Is this prophecy intended for the future tribulation times or will we see the surprise in our times?

    On election day morning, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “Something you are not expecting is going to happen tonight. But do not fear, because God has a surprise for all of you.”
    Then I watched as Fox News prematurely announced that Biden had won Arizona. It felt like sabotage. Then Georgia, and Pennsylvania stopped counting votes. It threw everything into confusion. That confusion is right now reverberating across America. Many of God’s people are dismayed.
    Then I remembered the chaos that God had warned me was coming in November, and I realized, this is it.
    I too was shaken, until I remembered the promise I had received this morning, “But do not fear, because God has a surprise for all of us.”
    Why did this happen? It happened because Satan wants to rob the church of her destiny, right at the finish line.
    Why did God allow it? Even though this attack has come from the pit of hell, God is exploiting it to demonstrate something to us all. The victory He promised will come. The miracle God is about to do will be something new—something we have never seen before.
    He is doing it this way, so we will know that it is God Who has brought this miracle, and we did not do it ourselves. We cannot take the credit. We will bow down and worship God for His stunning intervention.
    Satan has stepped up to attack the church—to rattle her faith. This is a moment of intimidation where the enemy wants us in confusion and fear. But God is speaking by His Spirit directly to your heart. He is telling you not to fear. He is telling you that He has got this. You must hold on and reject all the vain imaginations that Satan is trying to put into your mind.
    Those of us who are the remnant of God must enter into the chamber of God’s presence and let this storm pass. To be sure, there will be a powerful judgment from God, because He is going to topple arrogant villains.
    One final tactic is coming at us from heaven, and God is going to use this intervention to provoke the American church to revival!
    Jesus said, “Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid” (John 14:27).
    Mario Murillo

    • Mario Murillo

      I believe we will see it in our time. I also believe that even in this global crisis we are watching the watchfires breaking out.

  94. Laurie

    They are also encouraging a world war by paying thousands of illegals to go into our streets and support Hamas. My question…what are they doing against us while our eyes are diverted in the wrong direction? Put on the whole armor, call it down in Jesus’ name, and stand against this evil no matter what our physical eyes see. God is the victor!

  95. Terry

    I’m distraught, depressed, and outraged over the pure evil and hatred that was displayed by Hamas. Babies beheaded, children burned alive, a pregnant mother butchered and the unborn baby killed while the umbilical cord was still attached to the mother. People say they are inhuman. I have to agree. This is a demonic infused hatred. However, the eye opener here for me is how many Americans are complacent in this hatred with their cruel words that only add more pain to the cruelty. God help us and protect Israel. Open prime minister Netanyahu’s ears and heart so that he may hear your voice and allow your wisdom to guide him.

  96. Donna Balzer

    As I was reading the statement: “The only reason for the existence of Hamas is to destroy Israel,” the name Hammas stood out …remember Haman the principal minister of King Xerxes sought and planned the total destruction of the Jews and his plot was exposed and thwarted by Esther. Israel is liken to Mordecai and should refuse to bow to Hammas.
    Hammas like Haman wants power and to be worshipped . As Haman’s demise, it should also be Hammas’ praying it will be stunning and swift.

  97. Lou Powers

    I totally agree !

  98. Sonya

    Everyone needs to leave Israel alone. They know better than anyone how to fight these wars. This is God’s war. The I S should provide them with all supplies and weapons needed, but no boots on the ground. There are 3 more wars to come including Armageddon and all of them Israel wins by the hand of God.


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