The American leftist license to hate Israel came from Obama.

by | Oct 12, 2023 | Mario Murillo Ministries | 73 comments

The American leftist license to hate Israel came from Obama.
Obama has made no public statement about the recent atrocities of Hamas. That is
shocking to all decent Americans, but not to any of his close friends.

Obama created the social media bias against Israel. 

Hamas took over a grandmother’s social page in order to live stream her rape and
murder. And during this latest attack on Israel, Hamas left behind many severed heads
of babies. Telling you this will be censored on social media. You can thank Obama for
the censorship. He created the media bias against Israel.

In the face of these atrocities, Democrat Representative Rashida Tlaib proudly
displayed the Palestinian flag outside her office in Washington D.C. She would never
have gotten away with that before Obama.

Rashida Tlaib would never have gotten away with this before Obama.

The Southern Poverty Law Center refuses to label leftists as hate groups.

Several left-wing organizations responded to the murders of more than 1,200 Israelis
and 22 Americans at the hands of Hamas by excusing or blatantly ‘standing with’ the

The Southern Poverty Law Center has repeatedly labeled innocent Christian and
Conservative organizations as ‘hate groups.’ They were asked if they would do the
same to organizations that defended or celebrated the butchery committed by Hamas.
Like their silent master, Obama, they refuse to answer the question.

Not only this, but I have always wondered why leading pastors never confronted the evil Obama did to the church. Not just Israel.

The Southern Poverty Law Center refuses to label leftists as hate groups.

Google swiftly censored the names of students on a list of those who publicly
demonstrated on campus as supporters of Hamas. Obama must be pleased.

Did you donate to Black Lives Matter? Some of that money undoubtedly went to
Hamas. Radical black activists have long identified with the “Palestinian cause.” BLM
has a history of supporting Palestinian organizations, and delegations of BLM activists
have visited the Palestinian territories on more than one occasion.

BLM has long identified with the “Palestinian cause.

Who do you think helped them believe that Jewish lives do not matter?

Mark Hemingway in the Federalist said this, “And it’s probably time to admit that, while
attempting to bury their aims under layers of academic sophistication, Obama and his
acolytes used his presidency to destabilize the Middle East in the service of a left-wing
ideology that excuses antisemitism and justifies terrorist violence.”

Hemingway went on to say, “But historically, it’s worth noting his animus is deeply
personal, and not some misguided policy objective. In his biography, Dreams of My
Father, he told a very self-serving version of how he came to break up with an early
girlfriend, Sheila Miyoshi Jager — essentially, she rejected Obama’s “incipient embrace
of Black racial consciousness” in favor of her own “white-identified liberal universalism.”

However, David Garrow—the Obama biographer—tracked down Jager, who’s now a
respected professor at Oberlin, and she told a very different version of events.
At the time they were dating, a Chicago mayoral aide named Steve Cokely, in
conjunction with notorious Nation of Islam founder Louis Farrakhan, had “accused
Jewish doctors in Chicago of infecting Black babies with AIDS as part of a genocidal
plot against African Americans,” and (Jager) broke up with Obama after he pointedly
refused to condemn Cokely’s obvious antisemitism.”

Obama’s animus toward Israel is deeply personal.

While we must be in deep intercession for the nation of Israel, and we must weep with
those who weep, for the sake of truth and sanity, we must also tear the veneer of
decency off of Obama, and see him for the historical villain that he is. He opened the
door for these atrocities to take place and has left a legacy of hate and violence.


  1. Cyndi

    You certainly called Obama out like no one else has! I read his book and some others about him so I am not really surprised that he’s been silent!

    • Janice

      Look who his father was! Look who paid for his education

    • Patricia Reavis

      So much more to be uncovered about him…
      I’ve always wondered how he won a second term. Thank you for writing about this evil man.

    • Paul Raj

      Obama & his cursed type will be sorted permanently as per Pilate’s prophetic statement on Christ’s Cross by King Jesus of the Jews! However American’s biggest problem is the “Deep State” Praying this demonic organisation’s use by date is terminated soon. Thank you Lord Jesus. Amen

    • Leo

      The only thing surprising here is that he actually once dated a female…but apparently not for long.

  2. Judy

    Thank you for exposing and stating what we all have witnessed and been suspicious of…

    • Mark B

      If Obama is not the antichrist, then he is sure a forerunner. Wickedness in high places. Israel was judged for that in the OT and we in the West will also be. Like Nineveh, we must repent from the top down.

    • Margaret


  3. Elaine Heistad

    Great info. Thank you. Truth must run through the streets of America today. We MUST pray and intercede for America. Greater is He that is in us. Arise church today and come out of your sleepiness. Time to wake up and get to work. Blessings

    • Rita Pope

      Amen! Well said.

    • Patricia Reavis


  4. Ron Rupp

    From day one, it was obvious his fast gain to fame was promoted by an entity of anti anything that’s just, his presidency proved the movie Passion by Mel Gibson, the antichrist posed a strong resemblance, not coincidental…Shalom Shalom

    • Jeryl Reinbolt

      Amen to that!

  5. Greta Browning

    Not political. Actual dna studies from over several decades show that the descendants of Abraham are spread throughout the earth. Like sand.

    • Sandra

      Yes they are! Satan and Antichrist co signers are so dump it makes me laugh! And if they have signed up and pledged support to him whether he has shown himself or not means they are domed and we do not have to fear they will never be in heaven or left alive on the new earth!

  6. Melvin Cooper

    Everything you said of Obama is so true. He is nothing but a demon.

    • Rita

      He truly is. Amen.

  7. Cynthia Mosley

    So True.. Sadly The Nation was duped by him.
    Im appauled at the church that are not Speaking and Praying for Israel. Only a handful. ..
    So much False teaching going on along with False Prophets.
    I’m tired of the church representing Jesus Christ Like Fun an Games having itchy ears .Where is the Empathy..
    It’s Grevious.
    God Bless and Thankyou for speaking out Truth.

  8. Dona

    The ideology of what Obama dis slaps in the face of righteousness and truth, his plan to destroy America has taken its toll, just as John 10:10 says the thief comes to rob, steal, destroy, BUT Jesus Christ came to give life and give it in abundance. We are calling for His life in abundance over this world. We are taking captive vain imagination, taking ever thought , ever pretense of evil and bring it under the blood of Christ.

    • Amen and Amen!

      Amen and Amen!!

    • Julie

      Amen and Amen!!

    • Sharon E Smith

      Hello Dona, I agree with you that Obama was in office to do the very evil things he did, and he is definitely responsible for his part; however, he did not get there by himself; there are others in the government and power communities that made it possible for him to be in office. People have a propensity to be evil, but somewhere along the line, they are usually preened and prepped for such positions. Satan and his demons are assisted by people who are considered minions of satan, and many times, we don’t know who they are. 1 John 4:1-5 tells us to try the spirits. We must
      study the word to know what it means to try the spirits. That is how we will know the truth from falsehood i.e. lies.

  9. Pearl Dalton

    I am praying 🙏 Ps.83 . for our Jewish ✡️ and American people. Come Jesus Come 🙏 🙌

  10. Regan Beauchamp

    Totally agree . Anyone who does not believe Obama is at the root of all the evil policies of the past 3 years is living in deception.

    • Lynette

      Actually since 2009, when he took office, and his anti American reign of terror began, and continues thru the insipid fool in the WH now. Rush Limbaugh warned us about him years ago. Any criticism of this snake is decried with rants of racism, his ace in the hole. It’s about time he is being shoved off his pedestal, like the many historical statues that the violent thugs he help create have pulled down and desecrated.

  11. Neil Lewis

    The TRUTH is The TRUTH !!!

  12. Sandra

    Thank you.
    We must not hide from the horror and we must weep indeed and pray pray pray.!!

  13. Fonnie Davis

    Thank God sombody See’s Obama for the demon he truly is, I saw the evil in him from the start, thank you for posting this, so many people has been fooled by this head demon of Satan himself.

    • Rita

      I did from the day they strutted him out on that platform and he spoke the words, “I’m going to fundamentally change America.” I clicked the TV off and said to myself, “Oh No!” I knew then he wasn’t the one for America. Too bad many people did not see it.

      • Richard

        Rita, I too remember that day. I have recalled that so many times as we have gone through these last 3 years.

  14. Judy Marleen Ledford

    All I can say is AMEN to all the above and I’m praying for Israel and for awakening in America. Americans are to comfy. Comfort is the enemy of the army of God. It causes blindness and deafness and laxness. Jesus forgive us for grieving your Holy Spirit. Please visit us again.

    • Rita Pope

      Amen to all that!

  15. Fred Lykins

    Thank you Mario for speaking truth. Woe to those who call evil good., and good evil.

  16. Melanie Madeira

    Truth, Mario! I appreciate your courage.

  17. Jan

    Thank you Mario for speaking truth when so many refuse to. God bless you. One day I will make it to a crusade.

    • Sandra

      So proud you are not scared to speak the truth, so many pastors’ refuse to do so and how that greaves the Holy Spirit. I weep for the injustice against Jewish people or any people for that matter, we are all related from the beginning. But I chose fellowship with like minded people and hate what our leaders have been doing to our Nation behind our backs for years. This evil did not just begin! I desire to see all make it to Heaven but some are lost already! So let Holy spirit guide you on how to pray and always pray in the spirit! Bless this ministry and always speak the truth. Love all the faithful prophets in the WORD and the few now adays!

    • Marleen

      Thank you for writing this, Mario. I agree.

      Praying fervently for Israel.

      Praying also for the NC Living Proof coming up.

      God bless!

  18. James Fields

    Right on! Obama is a Muslim so he obviously supports the present Palestinian Hamas atrocities.

  19. Penny McCartney

    Thank you for this well researched and thoughtful Blog. Blessings on you and your team.

  20. David Madeira

    Truth! Obama told us he would fundamentally transformed America (for the worse).

    Note: He did put out a statement on X after 48 hours, but he and his Iranian born consigliere, Valerie Jarrett, surely created an environment where it was acceptabe to hate Israel.

  21. keith webb

    Undoubtedly True.
    Pathetically cruel. A real coward. Obama was and is a demonic madman implanted into American politics for our destruction! Praying for his soul first, his removal immediately!!

    Keith and Mary

  22. Cheryl

    It has long been obvious to those of us paying attention. Of course the $7B he gave them on his last day in office as well as the recent Billions in military equipment Biden (Obama) left behind just funded this war. I pray swift justice as well as peace to Israel! God help the USA as we are beyond vulnerable.

  23. JoAnna DiPastena

    Obama has never left office as long as Joe Biden is doing is bidding.

    • Genoveva Olivas

      I agree with all , as soon as I knew what he was standing for I decided not to vote for him, while talking to my oldest sister about him , she commented that her firstborn son had said “ Obama is the antichrist “ I kind of smile to that, but now with everything being exposed, yes he is definitely against God and His children ! May God have mercy on his soul if still time for him to repent for the horrendous things he has done and participated on 🙏

  24. Dennis

    Barack HUSSAIN Obama,
    ▪CARISMA came from Allah
    ▪MUSLIM Spring was DEMONIC
    ▪He showed his shoes/soles in the White House to Bibi Netanyahu

  25. Karen G

    Thank you Mario for bringing all that history to our attention. I did not vote for Obama and have always felt that he was evil. Recently, I have heard that Obama will be in the news and the truth will be told. Thank you again for sharing this and I pray in the words of God over Israel today.
    Genesis 12: 2-3
    I will make you into a great nation
    And I will bless you,
    I will make your name great,
    And you will be a blessing.
    3- I will bless those who bless you,
    And whoever CURSES YOU, I WILL CURSE;

    May it be so, in the name of Jesus, I pray for Israel

  26. Colleen MacPherson

    God bless you Mario. So grateful for the boldness that God has given you to speak the truth.

  27. Dennis

    I live in DuPage Cty., Illinois and was shocked to find out that some of our tax dollars have gone to BLM.

  28. Hugh Howard

    Unfortunately, his legacy continues to grow as every aspect of the Biden regime has Obama fingerprints all over it.

  29. Connie S. Thomas

    I continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. But what we are seeing could very well be the beginning of the end.🙏

  30. diane Jackson

    Thank you, Sir, for being unafraid to expose and confront the true Obama legacy. And, may I add, his Pastor Wright, who was very anti American.

  31. Theresa

    this is a time where truth is free to be EXHAULTED where the lies and deception are uncovered. The gross darkness has covered the people, but The Light of Christ is shining in God’s people and in the earth. Darkness is being expelled, exposed, and repulsed. No weapon formed against us shall prosper. They are powerless against the word, the power of GOD. fear of man is defeated in Jesus all powerful name. Open the eyes of our understanding Father thank you for the forever victory against the forever loser.!!!!

  32. Cynthia Karen Infante

    What you stated is fact and truth! He is being exposed as God Almighty said! All those that have stood behind these atrocities will be dealt with severely! May God have mercy on their souls!!!!!

  33. Laura

    why is Lance Wallnau still on the stage at Flashpoint with all those fakes? I thought he saw the light. It’s laughable that there was all the “intelligencia” gathered and no one saw what was coming to Israel in hours

    • Rose Rhodes

      Re: Lance Wallnau
      Something is very wrong here.

      Right on, Mario. Excellent.

  34. Ann

    You’re right about all of this and if people will open up their eyes and ears, they will understand the truth!!! God help us rid ourselves of this evil that seeped into system! Praying for Israel and the downfall of Hamas and serious interruptions of the chain of evil and hatred that allows this to happen!!

  35. Douglas Krause

    Totally Agree. Trojan Horse, under the guise of first black president, which was all a demonic narrative, full of lies. I pray for justice, and victory in America, and Israel, and bind the adversary satan’s influence, by the power of Jesus, and His blood.

  36. David B Graham

    How timely was Mike Bickel’s call for fasting and prayer for Israel back in May….
    The Father’s heart cry was answered obediently by His people.

    God, richly bless IHOP and all it’s efforts……and thank you for their boldness!

  37. JJ

    You are exactly right.

  38. Janet Mertes

    Mario have you got any information on Michelle Obama as she may run for President and so many Uninformed people will vote for her and she is no better than Barack. I remember some of the things she said about America.

  39. Becky

    God bless Mario Murillo and all who replied on this issue! God showed me these things and others many years ago and it is uplifting and inspiring that many other true Believers seem to have received many of the same messages concerning the same issues. Our time is now, to out the liars, to right the wrongs being committed in our nation against the principles and faith of this nation–One nation under God. God Almighty is on the move, He will not be deterred or mocked, they better look to themselves, because He is coming, and that right soon!!! To God be the Glory, now and forever!

  40. john

    what about his acceptance of him allowing nuclear threat with Iran ?

  41. Beverly Lewey

    Yes, Obama is in his 3rd term right now, & will probably run Michelle Obama for President, so he can have his 4th term & finish off this nation. I have always believed he is one of the antichrists, who proceed the final Antichrist. God protect Israel & America, because this will probably be coming to our soil soon, with the terrorists who have crossed our open border. Be prepared.

  42. Sandra L Weaver

    Obama, Is a vile vile man. We have always known what a hate monger he is. Thank you for exposing him.
    I pray for God’s chosen people and cover them in the precious blood of Jesus.

  43. Barbara

    Oh, yes, where are the Pastors for sure!!! When I first heard Obama’s voice and saw his face..the Spirit of GOD said “DECEPTION”!!! And I am not a Prophet or Pastor or Teacher..just someone who loves Truth!!!

  44. Mary L Moylan

    Actually Obama did finally come out and condemn what HAMAS did and he said Israel had the right to defend itself. However, it was two full days after the attack and after he clearly saw what the overall reaction to the massacre was around the world. He knows how to cover his rear. Everything you say in this article about him is accurate and true and I rue the day this man was engineered into power by those who hate our country. The damage he has done is incalculable and continues on since he is still running the government today. We all know that.

  45. Ben

    Is Obama untouchable? It will be done to him and his followers as they sought to do to Isriel.

  46. Betty Monroe

    Thank you Mario, for exposing this evil man. God Bless You. O’Bama was educated by a communist father and has adopted all his ideology. He is behind all of the disastrous policies of the Biden presidency and the disastrous open border policy as well. We must all continue to pray the Christian’s will turn out to vote and bring some Christian men and women into our congress, and turn us back to a Christian nation. May God bless and protect you Mario Murillo.

  47. David Holtzclaw

    God is separating the sheep from the goats . Jesus said my sheep know my voice and will not follow another !As a spirit filled Christian, I know truth when I hear it. Mario is spot on with the truth!

  48. Mona

    Please continue to be our voicepiece!thank you! God bless you Mario

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  50. Mary Speck

    I agree when Obama was giving his acceptance speech in 2008 my spirit man was grieving. I did not know why. it kept getting stronger and stronger with e word ” VILE” /. He was speaking louder and louder VILE VIle. I turned off tv. asked what was wrong since i could not see his perspective. Pery Stones book Nightmare on Pennsylvania Ave. he was saying HE was god to the Muslim nation. White horse in background. symbol east to west as influence. etc. No one really vetted Obama even his original birth certificate. His college admissions says he;s a foreign student.

  51. Ted Casler

    President Obama on X (Twitter) on 10/9/2023:

    All Americans should be horrified and outraged by the brazen terrorist attacks on Israel and the slaughter of innocent civilians. We grieve for those who died, pray for the safe return of those who’ve been held hostage, and stand squarely alongside our ally, Israel, as it dismantles Hamas. As we support Israel’s right to defend itself against terror, we must keep striving for a just and lasting peace for Israelis and Palestinians alike.


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