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In Los Angeles, I am breaking every rule I know about tent crusades. Our team is heading directly into harm’s way.

No other outreach has caused me more turmoil and agony than this one.

In general, there are a million reasons not to go to Los Angeles for a crusade. To do it this way is ridiculous. We normally take several months to plan for a tent crusade. We have done some in as little as three months. But here—in a city that easily justifies a year of groundwork—we gave ourselves just 45 days! Why would we do such a thing? Why would we put ourselves in a position where we have only 45 days? In Los Angeles?!

No other outreach has caused me more turmoil and agony than this one.

Why did I do it? The Los Angeles County Fairgrounds was suddenly available for September 10-13. I knew that would not last. I snatched it up. Then the facts came crashing down on my heart.

Consider the facts:

-The cost for this crusade could easily be as much as five crusades put together. L.A. is expensive.

-It will be harder to get a crowd here than anywhere else I have preached. L.A. oozes with distractions and endless things to do. Plus, the most sophisticated marketing in the world goes on here. How can we compete with that? How can we get their attention?

-Then there is the persecution. The gloves are off here. Government and media have the Christian Faith in their crosshairs. We will be censored, misquoted, and threatened.

-But the biggest obstacle is the vast number of believers across America who consider L.A. to be a lost cause. Many believe God should destroy L.A.

There you have it. A crusade that is the most expensive—the most difficult—done in the least amount of time.

In the natural, I felt I was living out this hilarious quote: “We, the unwilling, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much, for so long, with so little, we are now qualified to do anything with nothing.”

What is not funny is the way my soul suffered. The crushing weight on my spirit had to be removed. I had to be convinced—totally convinced this was God.  Only God’s voice could bring the relief I needed.

The story of how I got my answer is amazing. It began when I clearly heard this phrase: “WHERE IS THE GOD OF ELIJAH?”

It began when I clearly heard this phrase: “WHERE IS THE GOD OF ELIJAH?”

I could tell you we are going because of the great need. No one needs to tell you how destroyed and desperate millions are in Los Angeles. But that is not the biggest reason.

The real reason seemed like a complete contradiction: The reason this mission is impossible is: Los Angeles. The reason we are going? Also: Los Angeles.

This crusade is not about Mario Murillo. This crusade is not about the impossibility. It is about God and Los Angeles. It is about this moment in history.

We are at the very same place that Israel was when Elijah was taken from them in a fiery chariot.

The reason this mission is impossible is: Los Angeles. The reason we are going? Also: Los Angeles.

2 Kings 2:13-14, “He (Elisha) took up the mantle of Elijah that had fallen from him and went back and stood by the bank of the Jordan. Then he took the mantle of Elijah that had fallen from him, and struck the water, and said, “Where is the Lord God of Elijah?” And when he also had struck the water, it was divided this way and that; and Elisha crossed over.”

The renowned prophet Elijah is suddenly gone. Israel is left with a massive moral vacuum. Would the evil now go unanswered? No! Never! God has placed a double portion upon the successor—Elisha!

But instead of Elisha declaring himself the new prophet, he did something remarkable. He declared the God of Elijah. And more importantly he threw down this burning question: “Where is the God of Elijah?!”

At that moment, Elisha understood what Israel needed was not a man. Israel needed a national miracle. They needed to know what God was going to do now that Elijah was gone.

This self-effacing act released power. Elisha struck the river Jordan with the mantle and the waters parted just as they had done for Elijah. The vessel was not the important feature. The God Who was doing something new, that was what mattered.

We are at the very same place that Israel was when Elijah was taken from them in fiery chariot. It is breathtaking but true—Los Angeles has been used to bring more moral awakenings and miracles to the world than any other city in the modern era.

It is breathtaking but true—Los Angeles has been used to bring more moral awakenings and miracles to the world than any other city in the modern era.

Los Angeles can only go one of two ways: it can either destroy America or it can save America.

Shall I list the movements that God birthed from Los Angeles? Billy Graham, Aimee Semple MacPherson, Kathryn Kuhlman, Youth with a Mission, Trinity Broadcasting, the Jesus Movement, Azusa Street, and many, many more.

If God wants to use this city to shock the world one more time, how can we question it?  We have only one question to ask: Where is the God Who did all of these things in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles can only go one of two ways: it can either destroy America or it can save America.

And If He is at work, then nothing else matters. The money does not matter. The shortness of time does not matter. The sleepy church does not matter.

I am entering the greatest time of testing in my life. But God will be with me in the fire. The potential for failure and humiliation is great. But God is greater.


I am not going to lie to you. The biggest miracles I have ever needed must come in a short span of time. But I remember these words: “And Hezekiah rejoiced, and all the people, that God had prepared the people: for the thing was done suddenly” (2 Chronicles 29:36).

I am entering the greatest time of testing in my life. But God will be with me in the fire. The potential for failure and humiliation is great. But God is greater.

We have thrown caution to the wind to go to Los Angeles. We are sacrificing everything not because our time is short—but because America’s time is short.

I believe you may have a date with destiny in Los Angeles. Do not fear to join me. It is time for all of us to break the rules that do not matter.



  1. Fanie & Suzette van Rooyen

    Hi Mario. We are so excited to hear about your intended meetings in Los Angeles. Without faith it is impossible to please Him. For he who comes to God, must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. God will reward you for your faith in Him. Angus Buchan says “Attempt something so big, that when it succeeds, you will know that it is from God ” May the Lord bless you and release the finances needed before you even reach L.A. God bless from South Africa.

    • Pamela McCarty

      WOW! I received Christ in Los Angeles at the end of the Jesus Movement. I left CA in the late 90’s but my family and best friends are still there. I have NEVER given up on CA or Los Angeles. I prayed over its border when I was there in July. I have begged God to redeem CA….and I have begged God for a chance to be part of your tent revivals since the first one you held in central CA! Bring it Jesus! And it “just so happens “ that I booked tickets last Thursday for a one way trip to CA because the Lord hasn’t told me when I will be coming back to Texas yet. And it “just so happens “ that I will be there the exact dates of this beautiful event. Thank you Jesus…..I don’t have to wait until October to see You move in my beloved California!!!

    • phil beatty


    • Gary Horstman

      Prayer support from Oklahoma!! May all the right doors be open for you and your team!! God is up to something big in America!! He’s still on the throne!! I pray for revival, awakening and harvest across our nation and worldwide in Jesus’ name!!

      • Danny v Murillo

        Blessings warrior of Christ,in James 5 verses 17and18 we are remained that Elijah was as human as we are , except that he prayed earnestly for not to rain and three and a half years latter for rain and all of this happened. Your humble transparency and acute diagnose of today’s conditions as of Israel in the days of Elijah and Elisha,compounded with the years of knowing and serving the God of Elijah positions you to come to Los Angeles California and part the waters of sin , phisical and spiritual death and allow the Christ in you to be ‘the man of the hour’ and cross this multitudes of humanity to the other side to salvation from sin healing and abundance of life in the spirit. Allowing Our Christ in you to prophesy to the great valley of dead dry bones to come to life eternal , dear man of God prophesy,prophesy prophesy in the Name above all name JesusChrist. This is Danny v. Murillo I have greeted you in Bakersfield blessings

    • Patsy Worrell

      Yes I believe this is so true. there is no better or worse time. God says now!
      Go forth>>>Make fishers of men. Heal, deliver and Make their Savior known.
      I have revisited the events of Azusa St. last week. It was on my heart.
      Times are so fake, we need reality. thank you for every thing your team is doing.
      Praises to our Lord & Savior and Thanksgiving everyday of our lives.
      He is REAL and we have to make him reall to others. God Bless and Protect you and this mission . It is so wonderful and Risky. Amen!

    • Patricia Houston

      M Brother Mario: This sounds like a golden opportunity for our God to move even better & bigger than He has done in generations past. Wjat ,ales tjos sp great is timing, media, demonic spirits, the area, etc. BUT this is exactly the circumstances our God loves as only HE will be able to pull it off as “man is not able to touch” this monumental project. Only God. Thank you Father for bringing this miraculous project into our midst at this time as most of us have never experienced the likes of Azusa Street Revival, etc. Mario, we’re praying & lifting you up in all areas of your weeknesses & you have been chosen “for such a time as this.” Praise you Lord what you are doing & will do in our midst. We love you Abba Father.

    • Charles Decurgez

      Mario, as I’m reading this blog, your future LA scenario rose up in my spirit, like a blast to the past from the story of Jonah and Nineveh. I’m sure Jonah thought the same way about Nineveh as we do about LA today, like you said in your blog:

      -“But the biggest obstacle is the vast number of believers across America who consider L.A. to be a lost cause. Many believe God should destroy L.A.”

      We all know, even though God told him to go preach to them so they could be saved, Jonah didn’t care if they were destroyed by Gods judgement………but God cared.

      I’ve heard your story how you left CA for what ever reasons, but I’m glad to see your obeying God and returning to “shine the light of his glorious gospel”, so that as we were once in darkness and were saved by someone who obeyed God, they also might hear and be saved?

      If we were honest about this scenario, it’s difficult to care about a people we don’t know, especially if we don’t live in that part of the country or have family members there and seeing how they choose to live in darkness because they love sin. Like Las Vegas (Sodom and Gomorrah).

      Never the less, because God cares, I too will obey the spirit of God to support you in going back to Nineveh!

      If God is truly calling you back into that darkness, then he will also supply your every need to do so, because if you decide not too, you know God will just send you back in the belly of a big fish, right?

      Thank you for going!
      In Jesus Name! Amen

      P.S.; sending my support on your website.

  2. Mike…

    I wish you had the same conviction to come to Las Vegas, i.e. “Sin City”.

    Even Jesus sought-out and mingled with the “sinners”. Yet no ministries come here.

    • Mario Murillo

      We came there once and we will come back to Vegas again!

      • Judy Lane

        Would you please consider coming to Austin Texas? Their motto is Keep Austin Weird. So much darkness. No ministries go to Austin either.

      • Charmagne

        Thank you Mario! Nevada needs and will have Jesus and a great outpouring. Charmagne Muzinich in Sparks! Spirit Filled Church

      • lance j foreman

        nice, cant wait

      • Jeffrey Van Horn

        To the brother that says, “No ministry comes here,” to Vegas, I would humbly offer, “YOU be the ministry.”

      • Deborah Lee

        Vegas is good .Please come to PHX. We were with you in Bakersfield. We live in Sierra vista az. The hand of God is on you Mario, after 3 yrs of none stop footpain,I was healed in Bakersfield God has this, thank you for bring obedient

      • Sandra

        I wish you would come to Illinois my grandson loves you! As we all do. God Bless!

    • lance j foreman

      i agree-)

    • Sandra Stewart-Delli

      God’s people are everywhere. Because where sin abides, grace does much more abide. We have many wonderful churches here doing God’s work.

    • Hove herrmann

      Go find mike Thompson church until he gets there. God bless you

    • Jeffrey Van Horn

      I wept just reading the blog today.

      Mario goes where God calls him.
      He doesn’t call God to come where he’s going.

      Mario’s words: “Only God’s voice could bring the relief I needed.”

      Those words are anointed.

      It is ONLY His voice that calms the seas, stills the storms, and vaporizes all fear.
      Only God’s voice will lead you beside still waters.
      Not a book, not a great sermon, but God Himself will do this.

      His goodness and Faithfulness are overwhelming.

      Glory, glory, glory to the Lamb of God.

      Thank you, God, for sending Jesus.
      Thank you, Jesus, that you came.
      Thank you, thank you, thank you!

      Keep Mario Murillo and the ministry in your daily prayers.
      The devil will lose.

    • DebY

      Mike Thompson Ministries is there.

  3. Shawn Estep

    Thank you Mario for being such a willing Vessel of ELOHENU. Some are called to go, some are called to send them. I’m sending you with a $1000, which I am dropping in the mail this very day. May ELOHENU Bless you in every effort.

  4. Joy Compton

    The city of Angels will not be without them. Chariots of fire surrounded Elisha, and God will surely send angels on assignment to surround you and defend His purpose for this pivotal city. May you be richly blessed, man of God. Do it again Lord! 🇬🇧 We’re praying from UK.

  5. Laurel Stevens

    The God of Elijah is still on the Throne and is very much alive and active! He can and does anything!! We welcome the kingdom of heaven to L.A.!!

  6. Charlene Frazer

    God is with you. Be Blessed. The Greater Glory is about to be manifested.

    • Suzan Marie Kelly

      Oh I feel this is going to be the greatest meeting yet. I will be praying up through those days.

  7. Jean Brown

    I prayed for California this morning too. I know that God is going to do a great thing so all will see how great He is. Blessings to all.

    • Msrgaret Wagner



  8. Ronald Beasley

    Where is the location area in LA and other locations so we can get hotels and etc. times of the meets each DAY and NIGHT so we make plans to support. Thank you so much for your help. God is good all the time God is good.

    • Mario Murillo

      The Fairgrounds are located in Pomona 1101 W McKinley Ave, Pomona, CA 91768

  9. Cliff Schaeffer

    Mario, I believe you. I believe God more. I believe that God will back you but, more importantly, I believe that God always backs His word. Be a fool for Jesus!!! Love you friend.

    • John

      Thank you for inspiring us all. Your visit to Long Island decades ago. Changed my life. I now pastor there bringing the good news to the Long Island community. Press on GRACE AND PEACE!

  10. Patty Palm

    God is with you and has gone before you. He’s already there and will finish what He has started. For His Glory.

  11. Marcella

    PRAYING for a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Los Angeles. Praying for this Crusade.
    Praying for Mario Murillo.
    Asking all to pray as never before.

  12. Maria Puscizna

    May God richly bless the crusade in Los Angeles by the power of Holy Spirit. May all the needs be met and may God’s people hear and receive salvation, healing and deliverance. May the fire of God spread from there to all over the nation. God bless the USA.

  13. Angel Anan

    We cannot come but we are with you in prayer, believing for another outpouring in LA to spread like wildfire across the nation. He will not forsake you!

    • Jacque Ostby

      Father, flood Los Angeles with your love , draw those from my home town of Santa Paula and touch all of California. Draw them to hear your truth, touch all with your miraculous healing, set free the captives and flow through the team. Bless each one, provide for the needs of this work, the team , for Mario.. We pray protection over this event, the crew, those coming, the prayer partners, the people pounding the pavement for you! Let the people of the USA say Look here is the God of Elijah!

  14. Patty Palm

    The Lord goes before you, brother Mario. Holy Spirit prompted this going. He has initiated this good work and will bring it to completion. JESHUA has the won this battle and is providing everything necessary. For His Glory. Amen. He is with you and for you right now!

  15. Ric Peterson

    Holy Spirit! Come!

  16. James Germany

    Come on Jesus make yourself famous once again in the center of satan and bring many souls to deliverance and salvation amen!

  17. Jan

    I volunteered 25 years in a Juvenile Prison here in Modesto CA.because GOD and only GOD called me in .I worked 2 jobs 31 years in a school here and after school program .This was on the worst side of town with shooting and drug dealing my students lived with daily .I got to watch Holy Spirit give me the right words for the right incarcerated teen on Tuesday night after working 2 jobs going in 7 to 10 pm in Juvenile Hall.To this day years later I keep in touch with those once teens now 36 year old parents loving GOD .i feel as a senior citizen now God continues to open new doors .This LA..tent revival I feel is going to bring a Daniel 3 rise of YOUTH SET FREE of deception and lies from the enemy..and we will see thousands of youth there DANIEL 3 YOUTH…Im asking God if I am to go volunteer at age 67 now

    • Charmagne

      God bless you! What a marvelous testimony! God is alive and well in California and certainly we desires to see Los Angeles set free!

  18. Lorelee

    Dear Mario Murillo,
    I am a woman of God, from western Canada, and I have been following you for a few years now. Thank you for all that you are doing for the lost and the world; please know that what you do in California or in other places is felt around the world, in the most obscure and isolated of places, such as the one that I have been living in. Even here, in the midst of great evil and criminality, which is not one would expect from a small rural isolated community, there are great moves of God- angel armies, healing miracles and a movement of God that is huge, involving many levels of government. So, be encouraged in your mission to L.A., as there are many from around the world, such ad me, that are praying for you, for your teams’ safety, and for your success with the lost and with everything else that God wants you to accomplish with this mission. I know that you will have God and his angel army with you.. be blessed and good luck with all the planning. Best wishes, Lorelee

  19. Ron Rupp

    The past moves of GOD you printed..let the SPIRIT of evangelism come, the SPIRIT of healing and miracles come,let The Fire from Heaven fall, let Heaven show Signs and Wonders

  20. Linda Jackson

    If God told you to go there why do you worry about making the biggest mistake of your life? Why do you worry what others will think?

    • Bettsey

      Because we are all human and Mario is sharing his heart which lets us know HOW to pray for him and this meeting

  21. Sue Brookshire

    I wish Mike Hines and Claire Tromsness were alive to see what you are doing with the tents that we started making in the backroom of the Christian bookstore in Miami Oklahoma back in 1980. The God of Elijah is going before you to prepare the way. I am 89 now but making those tents was the hardest and best job I ever had. Wish I was able to come but my prayers are with you.

    • Steven Lance

      God bless you Sue! How exciting to know that you played and are playing a part in this!

  22. Rita Beitz

    Thank you Mario for stepping out and not only listening, but asking. We must always ask God, especially when the cost is so great. We do not want to disobey, but we need the assurance that God is indeed with us and that it was His idea.

    I live in Florida and volunteered for your event in Ocala. I was privileged to be a part of what happened there. I pray that you will get an abundance of believers for your Sept event in LA. I pray for mighty favor and I stand on miracles, signs and wonders for all to see. As I proclaim now in the mighty name of Yeshua, that you will have open doors, divine protection, and a multitude of victories that will for ever change LA. We will not stand for destruction under the name of Jesus and this country is untied with Christ. We will not accept failure and we claim victory for this crusade and we see nothing but deliverance and changed lives forever for the lost in LA. For nothing is impossible for our God! Blessings from Florida

  23. Doreen Tucker

    We all need to see The God of Elijah show up in LA. We need a great turning point in America. I will be praying and. And believe with you Mario that If God be for you who can be against you! The battle for souls is real. May this crusade send shock waves across the land

  24. Brenda

    Praying for surrounding strength for you a a multiple army round about.
    You and the teams are warriors
    I join in prayer of victory and walls crashing down of the enemy.
    Yes. Blessings. Even Gavin Newsom gov and family.

  25. Cathy Beck


  26. Thomas A and Lois M Tusant

    “The Spirit of the Lord, YHWH is upon (you) because YHWH has anointed (you) to preach the GOOD NEWS to the humble.”

    Praying with you for the greatest, most empowered, fired up team of volunteers that you have had yet.

    Father, send the fire right today Aug 4 on Los Angeles! Pour out your Spirit on all flesh as you have promised!

  27. Billy max Ferg

    Brother Mario I have been PyTorch you & all the tent crusades you are doing! When I heard you were going to LA to hold a Revival my Spirit Flipped!! I sensed it would be the biggest & greatest meeting you ever held ! Going into the devils lair. God is in this & with you ! It’s good it’s only 45 days to prepare! Less time to worry ! We Love You! Our God is Amazing!

  28. Geneva D Green

    What is not possible with man is possible with God! Faith pleases God, be it unto you Mario according to your faith! Father God I stand with Mario, our eyes are fixed upon you, from which his help comes. May your compassion, kindness, mercy and awesome power be poured out on Los Angeles. Signs, wonders and miracles for the needy souls! For your glory and the good of the people, reveal your salvation plan and may the name of Jesus be exalted!!!!!! Remember Florence, Al also merciful Father God, we need you!

  29. Felipe Davila

    I’m praying for you and the ministry.
    I’ve shared the information with 5 pastors in Pomona, and I’m praying that they will respond to your invitation

  30. Alysa Giorgetti

    Mario, I’m praying, God is surely a God of more and not less. Come Holy Spirit!!!

    • Susan S

      Praise God and may God bless the work of your hands for his Glory. I pray for the salvation of Los Angeles and all of California. I wish that you would come to the Washington DC area. We need revival as well.

  31. Marlene Lasure

    The greater the challenge the greater the blessing

    • Emily

      Mario. Could you please come to Long Island New York to the speedway in Riverhead on the North Fork.? There is so much evil especially in the Hamptons and a revival is desperately needed on Long Island New York. God bless and protect your whole Team in LA

  32. Paula Bos

    Praying for this Los Angeles outreach. Believing the God of Elijah will show up big. He will provide all your needs according to His riches in glory which are unlimited.

  33. Anita Nammo

    I’m praying for Revival! God be with you & May He be Glorified!

  34. Frieda Bergen

    Here from Canada
    Praying and believing for the greatest Spiritual impact LA has
    ever had

  35. Diana Kline

    I volunteered at your first Colorado crusade. It was life changing.
    I hav no money. I can’t pay my bills. But if the God of the impossible makes a way I would love to volunteer for LA.

  36. Cynthia Sampson

    Let GOD arise and His enemies be scattered. The time is now

  37. Jeff Arend3

    Amen…..Decreeing & Declaring Isaiah 60:1-3, Haggai 2:6-9 over LA !!!!

  38. Terry Barnett

    We love you, Mario! More importantly is that God loves you and will provide for all your needs. Keep up the great wok you do!

  39. Danny Green

    I pray that the mission will be completed. Sure do miss you on Flashpoint.

  40. Monica Cortez Gaxiola

    Good morning Mario, I will be at the Fairplex tomorrow along with my husband Jesse. He is a prophetic DJ that preaches, prays and prophesies all while he uses the DJ turntables to lure the kid, youth, young adults and even parents and grandparents.

    We are from Che Ahn‘s church and have been there since 2014. Papa Che along with Ed Silvoso are our spiritual grandparents.

    We can help. We live five minutes from the Fairplex and you have no idea Mario, we have been doing prayer drives around the Fairplex & claiming it for Jesus since we moved here in 2019. Whether we were walking or driving, I kept telling my husband, my love I keep seeing tent revivals at the Fairplex. So we have been praying praying praying to be a part of something so monumental.


  41. madeline linville

    I can’t come to Los Angeles. Please know me and my prayer group here in Minnesota will be praying.

  42. Margaret

    An Azusa Street child. Yes Jesus. Yes Los Angeles. Yes God of Elijah.
    In the gross darkness. The glory of the Lord rises upon you.
    I love you Mario.
    You can only be wrong in the STRENGTH OF THE LORD.

  43. Vangel Creech

    I have followed your ministry since the first time I heard you preach at Eagles Nest church in Scottsdale, Az.
    I was part of your “Armed and Dangerous” teaching.
    I am praying for you and this upcoming event in Los Angeles. I believe you have heard from the Lord that this event is going to to be massive. I believe that the Lord will supply everything you need to go forward. I pray for protection for you and everyone working with you to answer the Lords call.
    Blessings to you.
    Vangel Creech

  44. Richard Best

    I believe GOD has already done the spiritual ground work for this crusade to become a total success and many souls will come to know THE SAVIOR and, many hurting people will receive deliverance from illnesses and addictions. I’m excited in my spirit to hear the end of this episode.
    GOD bless all of your team and volunteers as they embark on this awesome journey!!
    Love you in THE LORD!

  45. David

    Amen. Heavenly Father we ask that you continue to do your glorious works through Mario, his team and all volunteers. Pave the way as all obstacles are obliterated all attacks from the enemy diffused to the point of bringing them to your salvation. In Jesus name we plead the blood over the entire events with a triple hedge of protection around all attendees and workers. May this gathering spark revival fire that spread throughout all those connected to at all tent revivals. May that fire be carried back to each attendees home as they travel back and spread the fire, blessing and presence of the Lord. Thank you Jesus for all you are doing as you pour out your spirit upon the land.

  46. Lillian C Conti

    Prayers for you Mario & for Los Angeles!

  47. David H. Kelling, CPA/CFE

    Let God arise through MMM’s tent crusade in Los Angeles and let His enemies be scattered! You are daily in my prayers, Mario. I see a great number of salvations, healings and signs and wonders during this crusade. God bless you abundantly and all of yours also!

  48. Jeff R.

    For what is worth, three years ago I had a dream/vision, if you will, that California was in chaos, and I was ascending the Coastal Range to watch disaster/judgment strike in the form of a meteor or tsunami. Instead of disaster, I saw that a rock had fallen on what I gathered was Los Angeles, and had grown into a massive mountain. It brought to mind Nebuchadnezzar’s dream in Daniel 2:34-35.
    It seems only natural that the culmination of the California crusades should be in Los Angeles.

  49. Sue Wirick

    Dear Mario! I have to share with you a prophecy by James Ryle in 1989, at a conference at Vineyard, Anaheim. The Lord said that, “Just as L.A. is known for its wickedness, it shall be known for its righteousness!” I was so amazed by that, but thought, “How could that happen?” In 1991, Jesus brought that word up to me and said, “That was not man’s idea, it is MINE, and I WILL DO IT!!” I’ve been praying into it for 32 years, and I believe this is the time! This is your calling, and your hour. Be encouraged…be blessed…for God is with you, so NO ONE can be against you!! Thank you for answering the call! My prayers are with you.

  50. Christi Ferraro


  51. Karen

    I contributed financially yesterday and will contribute more. I cannot be there to volunteer in person as I’m fighting cancer.
    I believe in what is happening and that many lives will be saved.
    God bless all of you!

  52. Terry Haight

    We shall keep you in prayer for everything you will need to bring this to bear. May God provide everything you need along with workers to accomplish every task at hand. We need this miracle of God to happen and it shall be. For nothing is impossible when God is in control. Your post reminded me of Joshua, how he obeyed Gods instructions to march around the city and seeing it given into his hands. Such a beautiful story of the power of The most High. You Mario, amaze me. You are truly a man after Gods own heart.

  53. Linda

    God bless and be with you with His great Heavenly Army while you are in Los Angeles. He has brought you to this time and place and will continue to provide your every need. I look forward to hearing wonderful feedback of miracles, healing and deliverance while you are doing what God has asked of you, Mario. To God be the glory!!!

  54. Donna

    “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”


    PRAISE GOD for this is the ElIjah SHOWDOWN! Pray all the pastors of SoCal and the Sons of Issachar unite and devote all gifts and spiritual weaponry for this moment. May there be TRUTH TRUCKS to support these end time missions to free the captives!

  56. Harriet

    Brother Mario, I believe the Spirit of Elijah is on you to turn the hearts of the children to their fathers and the hearts of the fathers to their children!!! How our nations needs that! May you have a double portion like Elisha!!!

  57. Beatrice Sanchez


  58. Lynn Fontenot

    Per My Pastor: Are you kidding? This is what God has been waiting for. He has been preparing California for a showdown. He has been gathering the most powerful witches in this country to do exactly what He did on Mount Carmel. Which is prove that there is no evil that can prevail against Him and all of their sacrifices and rituals and chants have no power against Him. Get ready. You are about to see the enormous, amazing, beautiful power of God descend on Los Angeles county. Stand back and see the salvation of the Lord. Bless His Holy Name. This plan is amazing. And Jesus said: when you see these things being to happen, look up because your salvation is near. I’m excited.

  59. RAFO

    Just a thought that came to me while reading this. Perhaps God is targeting Los Angeles, through you, at this time because of what Los Angeles MAY be facing in the near future. This may be a “last call” for this area, hence the urgency to send the Mario Marillo team in. Those saved at these meetings could be their last opportunity.

  60. Diane Mulford

    I’m in my late 60’s and grew up on the west coast loving CA. Evidently God agreed because last year he sent me here! I’m now living in CA and warring in prayer for CA, and I will be praying for this crusade. God bless Los Angeles and every person who lives there! Our Father blesses the just and the unjust, and I’m believing for God’s blessings to flow in every part of this crusade–in setting it up, in getting volunteers and churches to support you, for financial support, for encouragement, and every area that’s needed.

  61. Elizabeth

    I know that there have been earth quakes in California before but this movement of God is going to shake people to their very spiritual core. I believe that people will come alive in their spirits as never before. To God be all the glory.

  62. Marjorie A.

    I was able to attend the Colorado Springs Living Proof Crusade in both July 2022 and July 2023.. God gave strength to my legs in 2022. I have not needed my cane since then. I give the Lord praise for physical strength and His promise of ministry in my old age.
    Psalm 92:14-15 NLT
    “Even in old age, they will still produce fruit; they will remain vital and green. They will declare, The Lord is just! He is my Rock!
    There is nothing but goodness in Him.”
    I am praying that Boomers (and older) will rise up and plead for the precious GenZs and Alphas.. We can’t neglect to fight for them. RIGHT NOW !!!
    Bless you Mario and team/volunteers.

  63. Cynthia Jones

    I believe God will do miracles because of your unwavering faith. I believe that if God did not want you to go there He would let you know in such a way that you would have no doubt. I too sent an offering for the winning of souls. May God be glorified!!

  64. Gladys

    Prayers Marillo as you have been directed by the Holy Spirit to go to LA for the tent Revival. God is not finished with California and you and your team will be a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit to proclaim His message to the lost and broken hearted to set the captives free. God will supply all your needs according to His Riches in Glory. Remember; He owns a cattle on a thousand hills; and the hills the cattle are in. As Corrie ten Boom said: Ask God to cash one of the cows for His Glory. Blessings, Peace and God’s Favor go with you, before you and be your rear guard.

  65. Gail Segars Rainey

    Thank You, Lord of All, for what You shall do in Los Angeles, through Your obedient servant and his team! Nothing is impossible for You and Your arm is not too short. It is our turn now! We give You all the praise and glory! Hallelujah!

  66. June

    Where is God? He is sitting on His throne and his eye is searching for the obedient to fulfill His purposes! You have the key ingredient – faith, for without faith it is impossible to please God!

    God WILL uphold you with His mighty right hand! Hallellujiah!

    Praying for a mighty move of God in Los Angeles!

  67. Maura Taylor

    Mario, we lived our entire lives just 15 minutes from the LA fairgrounds. We moved to Texas a year ago because our daughter’s family moved here and because what we saw in CA was a place that had so given itself over to evil we could no longer stay there. We loved California, but after COVID there was a complete takeover of LA county by the local and state government. Our sweet town where neighbors loved each other and looked out for each other changed abruptly and the spiritual oppression was daunting. We still pray for CA, but it has continued in an exponential decline…crime, lawlessness and homelessness have only increased due to the laws being implemented there. As you mentioned, CA is a place where God has birthed amazing things. Do it again God!
    Mario, I declare and decree that you will bring breakthrough to CA and LA county! You will take down strongholds! You will topple idols! You will break off the horrible spirit of fear and complacency! It will all be done in the mighty name of Jesus! No weapon formed against you will prosper! Many will be saved and transformed!
    We attended New Life Church in Pomona and I reached out to them yesterday. Harvest Rock (Che Ahn) church in Pasadena would be a wonderful partner church. Have you reached out to Jack Hibbs at Calvary Chapel in Chino or Rob Mc Coy in Thousand Oaks? All are in the fight to save California and to turn California and the US back to godly principles! The event will be 30 miles east of Los Angeles. The LA fairgrounds will be an incredible place to host your event! God bless you and your entire ministry.

  68. eleanor Janetta curtis

    Mario. I add my prayers to those already expressed. It is no fun to have to take the brunt of satan’s attacks before a conference/meeting. Praying for you in Texas, I am believing for miracles no one can explain. salvations by the dozens. Bearing much fruit, you will bring MUCH glory to the God you love and serve. God bless you brother. May all your needs be met by God Himself. I pray in Jesus name.

  69. Connie

    Los Angeles will demonstrate the awesome glory and power of God. Mario, please accept my commitment to intercede for you each day as you walk up to and through the fire. He does not call where He does not equip. I stand with you in prayer and finances to see God do a miracle above and beyond! Blessings…you don’t stand alone!!

  70. Nancy Ziznewski

    Dear Mario, I’m very excited about the tent crusade in LA. I attended the recent event in Colorado Springs and I believe God will do even greater things in Pomona! Wow! Thank you, Mario, for your obedience and great faith. I believe the God of Elijah will move in His power and might… It’s going to be mind-blowing! (I’m a retired teacher who taught in a juvenile county and federal jail for 25 years.) I’m making plans to attend this event and am interested, if possible, in reserving a room at the Sheraton Fairplex Hotel. I understand the Sheraton Fairplex is on the fairgrounds property. Will the Sheraton Fairplex be in “walking distance” to where the tent will be? Thank you for a reply. I’ll be praying for you and this event and plan to send another financial offering. God bless you, Nancy

  71. Laurie Van Wyckhouse

    …A light shining in the darkness! People will be drawn to that light without understanding why. I pray for this to be a turning point for all of CA and the US. May the very glory of God rest on the tent such that it can be seen in the night skies!

  72. Elyce Mouskondis

    God has given you the fire and glory to go out and bring in the souls that have been lost. He has equipped you Mario for these tent meetings, so go in God’s peace and assurance that it is the great I Am who will conquer Los Angeles.
    Praying for you and all the team that God has called for such a time as this.

  73. Carl Bruun

    May our “Promise of the Father” attend powerfully this mission – along with full and deep conviction of sin. Will support the ministry both in intercession and with finances. God will vindicate His name.

  74. Kari Vossahlik

    Im so awed by your commitment to go into the byways & highways….in this day & age, it takes not just the call, but physical planning & money. Elijah called down fired and it came……but then even Elijah became distraught and took off after Jezebel sent him a “real & present danger” warning. You are dealing with the masses of evil behind the scenes. Yes….it’s extreme. Im in such awe of your willingness to just bare it all for Jesus. It’s like going to the cross….Jesus cried drops of blood when knowing what a horrific battle was coming….pain to endure. Please know you’re just human, as Jesus became & suffered too, humanly… was agonizing. I am sorry for the rebuke of anyone that says….(basically) So you’re following God, just suck it up. Or something to that effect. Very sad. Jesus suffered too. We pray for you, the angels come and feed you manna from Heaven to strengthen you….this is a battle of good & evil you’re dealing with. God does ask hard things. May God of the Angel Armies strengthen you mightily! Body, Soul & Spirit. Provide ALL you need in the natural too. Selah.

  75. Walter Pecherzewski

    Considering to volunteer in this event. Already sent support gift. I’m 77
    years young, living in Olean NY. Can you please send me some info to help
    me settle my heart of wondering for lack of experience. will there be housing
    provided, and meals? I need to know this. to help me with my decision.

    Thank you

  76. Danae Jackson

    I have been waiting for you guys to come down to Los Angeles and I am so excited to volunteer and be apart of what the Lord is going to do in Los Angeles. I pray that the turn out will be so great and people will be so hungry for Jesus there won’t be enough seats to fit…That the spirit will move and break chains, deliver from addictions and those who have been possessed or taken over for years…this is going to be epic and thank you Mario for listening to the Lord and coming so revival can sweep through this great state of California..xoxoxoo and God Bless the USA!!!

  77. Marilyn R Cappo

    A few years ago I was hearing such awful things coming out of California that I said to
    God, “Just drop them into the ocean.” He spoke very clearly and said, “Too many points of light!” Now I am praying let those points become beacons.
    Thank you, Mario, for your willingness to serve God in California especially in Los Angeles. The name of this city suggests that you will have God’s help.

    • Mario Murillo

      Wonderful comment!

  78. Rebecca Marquevich

    What time does the outreach/revival begin each day?

    • Mario Murillo

      The tent opens at 6PM and the service begins at 7PM each night


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