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Even the children feel the expectation. The Tent is up. This is the eve of miracles in Roseville, California. 1,000 volunteers are settling in for the great work ahead. The air is filled with a crackling electric faith, expectantly awaiting healing miracles.

A labor of love lifted the Tent against a glorious blue sky.

The Tent! Will this be the site of souls saved, drug habits destroyed, and miracles wrought? Ask the army! Will the meetings in this tent spark the long yearned for awakening? They are convinced!

They will tell you that they have never felt anything like this. They have visions of notable miracles burning in their hearts. They cannot wait for the first altar call. It will be their chance to touch lives—weeping souls and repentant sinners—with the power and love of Jesus.

They are flying in from New York, Florida, Texas, Arizona and many more places. Some have come thousands of miles just to usher their loved ones, relatives, and children into the Tent.

Thousands have asked if the meetings will be live streamed. “I cannot come, but will you show it online?” The answer is simple, if the Tent is full, we are ready to stream it live. Why should that matter? Because my friend, revival is not a spectator sport. The body of Christ developed that terrible habit during the pandemic. They have chosen the couch over in-person revival. But there are those who have a valid excuse.

Yes, there are those who cannot come to Roseville. Yes, there are those who have no choice but to be at home. I understand all of that and I have compassion for them. My conviction is that every chair in the Tent is like a hospital bed during an outbreak of disease. Like a lifeboat in an angry sea.

Luke 14:23 says, “Then the master said to the servant, ‘Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.”

That is why, once the Tent is full, we will stream it live.

Do you realize what that means? By bringing those who need Jesus or who need healing, you not only touch their lives, you open the door for thousands more to see and hear the message of Christ around the world, online.

Those of you who are reading this but cannot come, can still have a great impact. Contact those you know who live within driving distance of Roseville. You too will be helping to get the meetings online.


Do not let the cold stop you. The Tent will be heated to a comfortable temperature.

It all adds up to one final question…Will this be our greatest tent crusade ever? It has all the makings. This act of love and power has been saturated with prayer. Over the past weeks, we have visited thousands of homes, businesses, and churches. Our team has given away over 40,000 cards, tons of food, and clothing.

There is more! Lance Wallnau will be speaking in the Tent this Tuesday morning November 15, at 10 AM

Lance wallnau at Placer Fair Grounds Crusade

It is all in the hands of God now. The stage is set for Satan to suffer a massive loss and for the Kingdom of God to enjoy a glorious gain. It is time for the people of God across America to be encouraged and emboldened to win loss souls and heal the sick. Even the children here know that! See you there!


  1. Joan Goodman

    Sending many prayers and love to MMM and all of the people who will be attending this glorious tent meeting. Still recovering from two broken legs, but I will be watching every moment of the stream. Praise God, thank you Jesus and Holy Spirit have your way!🙏

  2. Richard (Rick) Clarke

    May the Peace of Yeshua Ben Yosef — Yehovah’s Love be with you, your family, everyone that serves in your ministry, and everyone that attends!

  3. Susan Seldomridge

    How do we connect with the life stream. We are out-of-state.

  4. Marian Strong

    Praying for the greatest move of God ever experienced on earth! I cannot travel to be there but my prayers have been and will be with both you and Lance and all working and attending! Hallelujah! God is so good!

  5. Kathie FitzPatrick

    At what location will this be live streamed…link please?

    • Mario Murillo

      Please read the blog thank you!

    • Paul Douglas

      Greatly enjoyed it. I was one of many who came forward for the Wednesday evening Revival.
      I pray the lady who you brought up will get a room for your Bakersfield trip. Her story was quite interesting and worth sharing!

  6. Tammy Adams

    God Bless the little child. Let the little children come to HIM. Go Mario and Lance Let the Holy Spirit flow like a river.

    • Leisa

      May God be with you all i would love to come but iam in Ga. Please say a pray for our paster an his wife please she has a touch of demtion an our paster has back problem an i know prayer works please pray for us all may God bless everyone i watch you all on utube all the time

  7. NICK E

    God willing, I will attend a MMM miracle tent meeting in 2023.

  8. Marjorie

    Praise for the victories about to happen.

  9. Linda Oliver

    God is blessing all you do.

  10. Jeri Van

    Please come to Shreveport/Bossier Louisiana.

  11. Diana Zarr

    So looking forward to it! Only 2 1/2 hours away!

  12. Cindy Williams

    May God open the windows of Heaven over the tent. May every soul experience the life changing, healing, Power of the Living God! #Jesus #Over #America!😇💜

  13. 4gv70x7

    Greatly encouraging thanks Mario`s team,. with you in prayer and Jude 20 aplenty,from New Zealand: Ed The Sower….Matthew 18:19 the 2 agree deal, a wonderful encouragement to say hearty AMENS too in.agreement.. There is no wisdom or understanding or counsel against the Lord. Proverbs 21-30 Amen. And we are raised with *HIM* Ephesians 2:6 ALLELUIA . A FACT NOT A FEELING. Thanks *FATHER*.

  14. Milton Morley

    I, and many others in New Zealand are greatly burdened and in prayer for America, that this sickness will be overcome by God’s mercy. Praise Jesus for His mighty testimony in this and many other of these meetings to build a great army of spirit-filled warriors for Christ. I am greatly encouraged, as I know that God is in control, to the glorifying of His holy name. He will keep His promise to free America and the world to bring in many souls before He takes us home to His Glory.

  15. James Lockwood

    We support you prayerfully from South Africa and trust and believe this will become a movement greater than the Jesus Movement of the 60’s through 80’s when we were brought into the Kingdom of God. May the Lord send forth a multitude of laborers throughout the globe in these the final days. Le3t God arise and His enemies be scattered. Love in Jesus..Jim & LIz

  16. Marilou Libby

    The third Great Awakening has begun. Praise God.

  17. Judith Wynne

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow. By the draw of the spirit bring hungry and hurting hearts to hear the message of Jesus. He is more than enough to meet every need and Beyond.

  18. Debra

    For those of us who cannot attend, is this going to streamed on Rumble or YouTube? I missed everything that happened in New York because that wasn’t except for blurbs if I could find them. Thank you. Praying for all that will happen in our Savior’s Name!

    • Mario Murillo

      Please read the blog. It explains our plans for live stream. Thank you

  19. Pray for Shane

    May the Lord bless your event and I pray many souls are brought to Christ. My son is having major heart surgery on the 15th to repair heart defects he has had since birth, God will be by his side, I will be by his side, please pray for him. His name is Shane.

  20. Frank Savino

    I am praying for protection and for many to come to Christ, and the forces of darkness will not prevail in keeping people away. Praying from Little River South Carolina.

  21. Joyce Bidwell

    Thank you for being an undefeatable faith leader and fighting spirit as we push forward to save our country at this time. Stay strong bringing forth the Lord’s message to help save souls and to restore our country.
    God bless you,
    Joyce Bidwell

  22. Susan Schiller

    Praying for this tent meeting, for all God desires it to be. Salvation, deliverance, healings, life changes!! I live in NYS and was disappointed when Mario’s crusade in Batavia was cancelled. My husband needs healing so we will be watching online because that tent will be full.
    God bless you all and praise to God for making this possible.
    Susan Schiller


    Living in Atlanta, GA, but praying for many to be saved and healed in Rosewood, CA.

  24. Jim Tatum

    We agree with you that God’s love and power flow into the people who attend and souls to be saved.

  25. Mary Shields

    I’ll be in prayer for the Roseville tent meeting to be the most powerful yet! Coming off the “re-election” of Newsom, the people of California need hope and yes, miracles! I have no doubt that the Holy Spirit is more than ready to grant their plea!

    I’m currently reading Do Not Leave Quietly! Such truth and urgency! We must do our part and God will not fail to do His part! Praying the tent is overfull and that we’ll be able to watch the miracles happen via livestream!!!


    Mary Shields

  26. mike hakins

    where can we watch the live stream

  27. Eunice Forcet

    We give thanks to you O Lord for all that you are about to do in Roseville. We give you all the honour, glory and praise as we anticipate the beginning of this great move of God, your end time promise to us, for the great outpouring of your Spirit. In Jesus name. Amen.

  28. Joe M LaPilusa

    Will the Roseville Crusade be LIVE CAST???

    • Mario Murillo

      Please read today’s blog. Thank you!

  29. John H Blevins


  30. djkappleton24304

    Totally agree about livestreaming. Bless you and your ministry.

  31. rdbest2002

    GOD bless you all as you, through the power of THE HOLY SPIRIT, draw people to a saving knowledge of JESUS CHRIST!! I thoroughly enjoyed the services I was in at Tulsa and Colorado Springs, so I know every person who shows up will be blessed as well.

  32. Mike Briglia

    I love the picture of the little girl carrying the chair. It warmed my heart.

  33. Beverley Swigart

    Wow it is so wonderful to se the glory of the Lord in your tent.
    We are praying for a might outpouring of the Lord here in Dayton ohio

  34. Anne Benson

    Hello, brothers and sisters in Christ. A group of us prayer warriors in Mpls, MN are praying for you all each night. We prayed for the Hanford tent meeting too and got to read the blog the next day which encouraged us greatly. Press on Ecclesia!!!

  35. Paul D. Everts

    I attended last night (11/14/22)! “Wow!” would be an understatement. I was so moved. I felt the Holy Spirit’s presence. The music was off the chart! I loved the variety of songs. I loved “How Great Thou Art.” I thought that was a nice shout out to Billy Graham. He would use that song at his crusade!! Pastor Murillo’s message was GOD-CENTERED. On point!

    I hope I will have the strength to go tonight. What I can say is, “PLEASE GO to at least one of the next three nights.” Powerful. We need these moments. We need to have wind behind our sails. Thank you Pastor Murillo and to your team. Thank you Destiny Church. Appreciate everyone’s work.

  36. Yvonne Fundingsland

    Go to Mario Murillo ministers live on Facebook. Just pick the date you want 11-14, 11-15, 11-16, and tonight 11-17. You will be able to see it all.



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