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Gavin Newsom has totally lost his mind and Californians are buying it. Newsom cannot be trusted to do anything other than to lie, cheat and steal. You would think that no Californian would ever listen to him again.

Not only are they listening, they are listening to his latest idea—the most bitterly cynical, and insane idea he has ever had.  His idea begins by conceding he has nothing to offer people. And the reason to vote for him has nothing to do with him.  Since he set forth this loony approach, he received and spent more than $30,000,000.00 in the month of August alone.

Let me capsulize what he his idea is saying:

“I cannot think of any good reason for you to keep me as Governor, and I am certain, neither can you. Yes, I am a horrendous Governor. Yes, California is being destroyed by my policies. Murder is up 300%. In Los Angeles alone, 67,000 people are homeless. 15% of those are children. It’s true, I single handedly destroyed over 100,000 small businesses…in other words I wrecked the lives of the number one job creators in the state. I locked down churches illegally. Then they sued me and won. I cost California millions of dollars in fines and legal fees because of what the courts recognized was “religious discrimination.”

“I ran so many people out of the State that we lost a seat in Congress. I helped make San Francisco such a hellish place that 40% of those who live there say they are moving out within 2 years.

“While I threatened you, the non-elite of California, to stay home during the pandemic, I went with friends and family to the French Laundry Restaurant. It was great. My wine bill alone was $12,000. And there was not a mask at the table!

“I have proven in every way imaginable that I do not care about you. I have blissfully and arrogantly done stupid things and could care less what you think about anything I have done. But I still want to remain your Governor.

And since I cannot think of a single decent or logical reason for you to do that, based on my performance, I want you to do it for a bigger reason: DO IT BECAUSE YOU HATE DONALD TRUMP!

Even the New York Times admitted that this is what I am doing: “By invoking Mr. Trump as his opponent of choice, Mr. Newsom is reprising a message that he has used in the past to blunt criticism.” effectively,



I want you to fill your lungs with an intoxicating cloud of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

“I realize this is a stretch. I realize it has nothing to do with this recall. But I want you to inhale deeply. I want you to fill your lungs with an intoxicating cloud of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Do it until your hatred of Trump erases every arrogant, selfish and vile thing I have ever done to you. Keep at it until hating Trump becomes more important than fixing California. Do it until it is more important to despise Trump than to despise our gender-obsessed educational system which is making your kids illiterate. Here is why: Hating Trump is more important than any kind of future for you and your children.

“Yes, the State is burning down. Yes, you have no electricity.  But it is worth it if you can hate Trump enough. We are destroying the middle class. The wealthy elites who are taking over every coastal town are driving out all the poor and are making everyone who lives in the Central Valley into domestic servants. But how important is that compared to hating Donald Trump?”

Here is what is going to happen to the State if you listen to Newsom. One day soon, you will find yourself sitting on a giant pile of sputtering rubble called California. You will be taking in the unbreathable air—the undrinkable water—the dystopian skyline of your neighborhood. It will be worth it to trade mean tweets for mean streets.

You will hold your despairing children close…and you will have become an automaton, mindlessly repeating the mantra:

“Newsom has destroyed my future and my children’s future―but Trump hurt my feelings.”


  1. George

    Well said, thank you.

    • Jean White

      Terrible way to campaign ..the man is crazy!

    • Wordforworld

      This Newsom character stopped just short of calling every California resident an idiot.

      In his own derangement, he revealed his true persona.


      He does not deny the numerous indictment(s) against himself. He lists them for all to see.

      Much like the story about the snake that turned on his kindhearted rescuer (in an ice storm). When he thawed out, he BIT her! She was horrified, perplexed and asked “why?”

      His answer:

      Oh, LORD JESUS, thank you for You are the Way, the Truth, and the Life. You are exposing the wicked, You are exposing the darkness with Your Light. We are so grateful that You DO care for America!!!

    • Billy

      Mario Murrilo has glaringly gone too far with identifying his faith with American right wing nationalism. Our citizenship is in heaven, far above all countries and political parties. Mario is following his carnal mind and not the thoughts of the Lord. He has gone to bed and fornicated with the world and is one with it.

    • Lucy Monteiro

      Newsom’s idea is Not insane!!!! HE IS…. He looks like the joker……….and laughs … him too!!!!!!!.

  2. jcreif2007

    Thank you Mario

  3. Petro

    This person is filled with evil. We bind it in the Name of Jesus Christ!
    God bless America! God bless you Mario

  4. Petro

    This man is filled with an evil spirit. We bind it in the name of Jesus Christ

  5. Lydia

    A plan straight from hell… just crazy enough to possibly work. How “owned” is Newsome to display such a false humbleness? Willing to publicly admit his deep ineptness only
    In order to continue it? Dear Lord have mercy! Father, we pray that no weapon formed against the people of California shall prosper! Keep their eyes open to the schemes of the devil.

  6. John Grooter

    “And God gave them over to a DEPRAVED mind.” This is one sick demonic soul. Exposed for all to see what is inside ALL these Narcissistic rats. Yet, there are fools that fall for this crap. But eventually, ALL this hatred inside these leftist elites will consume them and destroy them suddenly. King David shares about this in Psalm 73.

  7. Robin tamburi

    I think you stated that very well. Now if they only listen and newsome doesn’t cheat. I’m asking the Lord to watch this election very closely.

  8. NickT

    Yes well said…
    We don’t live in California but this Newsome fool sounds like he is inspired by the demonic left.

  9. J. Franco

    I cannot find these quotes. Can you give sources? Is this sarcasm?

  10. Sandra tegg

    Excellently put

  11. n9nwo

    Not sure that he can be defeated. Let alone that Larry Elder can be elected. Just too many ways for the left to rig the election. It is going to take G-D to bring a miracle. Nothing less.

  12. Daniel L Hutto

    If the people of California believe this lying bastard then they deserve to live in California and not be allowed to move beyond its borders. It will provide they have been given over to a depraved mind according to Romans chapter one. God help them.

  13. Kevan

    A very sad commentary on the state of the “lost”…and I think I’m including “woke” Christians in that group. Goats and sheep. Right-hand of the Lord and those on the left.

  14. Margaret Perrin

    It is right and just for God to trouble your troubles and give rest to the troubled, both to you and to us, at the unveiling of the Lord Jesus from heaven with his messengers of power within a flame of fire. He will bring perfect and full justice to those who don’t know God and on those who refuse to embrace the gospel of our Lord Jesus. 2 Thessalonians 1:6-8

  15. Cathy

    He’s in Gods hands and I would not want to be in his shoes!

  16. CS1

    Brother Mario, the DNC “Red carpet” has been pulled. Former POTUS Obama, is on tv ad’s supporting Gavin Newsom demonizing Larry Elder. Obama is so concerned about California, wow, Like Chicago his home town is doing so well? He has yet to do one ad about the black on black crime there. VP Harris coming too and Biden? wow! for what ? They are scared of losing CA because many well-known democrats are leaving Gavin and calling out to vote for Elder’s as are many independance .

    Currently 39% are for Mr. Elders and the media is stacked against him. When Harris became senator she was down until they found that drove of mail in ballets in a wearhouse. it cost much money to challenge an election in CA with A DEMOCRAT SUPER MAJORITY.

    We fought to get us to this re-call and yet many are still not awake. The fire did not do it, drought, crime of pandemic proportions, Homeless of 40% of the nation in Ca. Suicide of many youth and lost to reckless actions, School system broken.

    The people of God many have been fighting , praying, and working to help the homeless and reach the lost. We are given grace to do it in CA. For how much longer ? IF Gavin Newsom remains he will shut down the state again as many are expecting him to do.
    He has done nothing, about , crime, homelessness, cost of living.

    I see the church in California Like Nehemiah.

    We have broom shovel and paint brush, and hammer rebuilding and a SWORD IN THE OTHER !!!!

    The Sword of the Spirit !!! the word of God !

    I believe there are more than 10 righteous in California. We have repented for California as Daniel did for His people and we are crying out to God for salvation and revival.

    Time is very short for California. Many are not see this and sometimes I feel like Jeremiah who prophesied what the people would not receive even though it is from God, they want to hear California is OK God has our back! LOOK! the temple of the lord is right there !!! stop casing Fear Jeremiah. WE can find other s who will say what we want to hear !.

    Yet The United States is about to be hit. The enemies of America are moving closer and closer to take a shot at her. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A PROPHET TO SEE THAT. 20 years of military service will teach you that.

    God and the church is the only Hope. yet many of them have left CA and many who were here could not live under what they voted for. WIMPS!!!

    As you know, they predicted 800,000 families to leave Ca in 5 to 10 years LOL it happed in just 2 1/2. This is irrelevant because of the increase of people from other countries as we are “sanctuary state”.

    I only mention Mr. Elder’s because he is the only one so far with most of the opposing votes. Yet women wearing ape mask is ok while throwing eggs at a black man in LA , who those on the left disagree with.

    I have spoken to school boards, city council and to the MAYOR . I am still waiting how much our city got for recreational Marijuana they said would be so helpful. It was helpful, to the devil.

    Mario, it is my hope and prayer as Nehemiah we can rebuild California save it! for the glory of God. God is waiting on us.

    and Time is short and the door is closing.

  17. Luana Mills

    Love this. Shared on Facebook

  18. jeanne

    Well it may appeal to some, but I think his time is up.

  19. Penny Turvey

    I think you may be underestimating Californians. I just do not see evidence that they are “buying” anything Newsom is saying. The fact that they got thousand and thousands more signatures that needed for the recall would be an indication that the recall election will not go well for him. There are lots more conservatives in CA than some might believe, but with the ability to cheat in elections and the fact it’s the liberal cities that hold most the idiot liberals that have steered election in the past. I am one who believes that if the 2020 election had been fair, California may have very well gone red. I have conservative family that live in the golden state. I am praying hard that the state will not only get rid of this liberal, slimeball of a governor, but that they just might start back on the track of conservatism. Hopefully they will be watching the election closely for cheating.

  20. Armando Llamas

    Prayers that the truth will prevail.

  21. Larry Franklin

    Praying that the people in California, will turn back to God and see that the Government is not nor has ever been the answer. They create problems and then convince people they are the answer to solve those problems. May the Lord give them eyes to see and the courage to do the right thing.

  22. Jenny

    I pray for election integrity and common sense. Newsom has to go

  23. Debbie Bennett

    Wow! Seriously disturbing and evil!

  24. ali

    Dear LORD, I am at a loss for words! To think people would hate to the point of destroying everything and everyone is beyond unbelievable – it is satanic, insane and inspired by powers of darkness, strongholds ruling CA and the nation. We must, through prayer, seek and destroy these hellish demons, IN JESUS NAME.

  25. Marleen

    Thank you, Brother Mario!
    Praying for the recall and California to turn to Jesus. IICorinthians 4:3-5

  26. LT

    People are loosing their mind and don’t know it! They will swear that you are in the wrong and they are in the right! And let’s not only blame unbelievers. My husband is a believer, spirit field, Sunday school teacher, board member of the church, great father and great husband and he voted for Biden. His excuse, he couldn’t and still can’t stand Trump. He believes Trump is a racist, liar and unfit to be President. His own word : ” I would vote for a roach before I vote for Trump!”.
    He watches and listens to CNN, MSNBC, ABC and the likes. He swears that I’m being brainwashed by the conservative views A lot of my Christians family and friends voted for Biden and support his policies. There you have it!

  27. dsc59811sweger

    Excellent message

  28. Marie Feltz

    Mario, Your ministry will open the eyes of multitudes. Satan has blinded so many and led them to believe his lies and those who work for him. JESUS will set the captives free in the coming days, weeks, months and years to come. HALLELUJAH. Keep preaching, praying and healing by the mighty power of JESUS !

  29. Sandra

    Oh my! Well, that says it!

    “Newsom has destroyed my future and my children’s future — but Trump hurt my feelings.”

  30. Peggy

    There are just no words to say to this absurdity! Anyone who votes for Newsom truly has lost all sense of reason and common sense.

  31. Collin R Williams

    All true. Socialism solves nothing but creates horrendous pain and suffering.

  32. Brenda Hagan

    Demons care nothing that they destroy the lives of human beings. The Fact is they take great glee in doing so.. And those who listen to their deception of lies do so because they also are in a fallen state of wickedness and a euphoria of selfish justification.. Discernment is a much needed eye opener that places the Gift of Truth, JESUS The Salvation of The World, as The Armor to deflect and destroy demonic strongholds!
    Take a good look at the photo of Newsom, the demon wants to be seen.. it’s that bold..
    But it’s main thrust of hatred is toward GOD, HIMSELF.. The demon will use people like Newsom to give a finger to GOD and say see how worthless your human creation is.. They will serve me and not YOU!!
    But, I tell you, When GOD Says Enough, When HE Comes on The Scene, that demon and the legions of others will be crying out for a place to hide and will be begging for the pigs to occupy.. Only this time, the chains of Hell awaits them!!

  33. Peg

    Excellent….. that should be in every newspaper in the State!!!!!

  34. roxyfredricksonyahoocom

    You always say it like it is Mario God bless you and yours!

  35. Melani Beavers

    We are praying for the awakening of the “wokeness” in our country. This is revolting. Praying for the truth to be revealed and that our God-given common sense is once again put into practice. Thank you for continuing to keep us informed and up to date on all that is affecting our country. May our Lord and Saviour continue to guard and protect you and your team.

  36. Lorraine Maillie

    Wow! Awesome to hear all this from a true follower of Jesus Christ! No shirking back. We ARE in a very serious spiritual and digital war. I am glad you only go to the Communist States (California and New York)! I am honored to have you represent us in Christ! I was at your leadership conference recently in Batavia NY. I understand you were very sick. But the grace of God covered you and delivered you! The Holy Spirit spoke through you so strongly to us. We will rise up in Christ to fight this battle for our children, grandchildren, those who don’t know Jesus yet and our land and the world. We will not back down. Those of us true followers of Jesus Christ were trained by the Holy Spirit all of our lives for times such as this.
    Until Jesus comes we must stand firm with no fear, for we have a mighty God!
    Thank you Mario for your life giving service to the Lord!

  37. outspoken2blog

    Newsom needs JESUS.

  38. Dorian Kreindler

    Maybe I’m missing something here, but I don’t even get how Trump Derangement Syndrome equates to keeping Newsom as governor. Maybe this should be renamed Newsom Derangement Syndrome. (Oh, and after the recitation of Newsom’s lengthy litany of atrocious-performance bullet points, is no one noticing his remorselessness?)

  39. Holly Mayo

    Thank you for being a voice of reason, calling God’s people to action and awakening the masses. You are in our prayers.

  40. mysteryfan247

    In the Name of Jesus Christ, let us stand together and tear down that satanic stronghold of hate. Satan – we resist you and we know you MUST flee – Scripture tells us so. Lord God, shine your light into the darkness of hate so that darkness will be dispelled. May truth fly like a banner over every evil lie. Open the eyes of every Californian to see the destructiveness of hate and give them ears to hear the truth. We pray Psalm 64 over this election and declare life in every corner where death lingers. All praise and glory to You, Lord. Amen

  41. John Miltenberger

    Thank you, Mario. You are one voice in the wilderness of honesty that we desperately need to hear at this time. GB

  42. Steve M.

    Amen Mario! Proverbs 18:2 says A fool does not delight in understanding, But only revealing his own mind. This describes his actions perfectly. I pray Heavenly Father that you let righteousness rule in California! Strike down wickedness and raise up righteous leadership!

  43. Valdemar Garcia

    Absolutely true and correct, Gavin Newsom is totally out of touch with Californians that don’t want it’s tyrannical rules and lies.

  44. gennawalter

    This is exactly what is happening! The majority of the people around the world including our own Country are close-minded; asleep that they do not realize what is going on in California, New York and other parts of our country; this is reality. This people that do not like President Trump are in denial because he opened our eyes for the most part, which has been going on for decays and the people have been lied to. Now that we are fully aware; some people do not like to hear the truth and want to live on with their eyes shut and their hears closed because they do not want to know what is going on in our Country and the world. It will be too, late for those that continue thinking that it will get better and this will pass. I don’t think so! Our country is in a real mess. Only God can have mercy on us if we ask him for help because it is not going to get any better if we continue in this path. Prayers for our Country and President Trump to continue with what he is instructed to carry on. Thank you, Brother Mario for your inspiration and for keeping me on my toes! Glory to God because we have you Brother Mario, a true warrior of God that is doing a wonderful job in bringing God’s word into a dying world. Thank you, again.

  45. kimberoff3731

    So well said! I would love to put this on Facebook with your permission

  46. Jeff Doering

    Wow! How refreshing-Boldness! The Spirit of God speaks Life!

  47. Elaine

    Absolutely true! So ridiculous! You left out some things – dumping our fresh water into the ocean and using geo-engineered weaponry to help create the drought, buying 1 billion dollars worth of “masks” from China, rigging our former elections, giving tax payer money to illegals while ignoring Californians, and keeping the Obamacare fine on us for not having insurance ($1500!). Plus, gas taxes continually go up. Gray Davis was recalled for far less. This guy has got to go!

  48. Alethia Cleary

    Keep speaking the truth because some people are not hearing Newsom he puts Trump haters in his speech knowing some people focus on their hate for him When they need to open their eyes and see how bad Biden and his cohorts has messed up our country

  49. Joan Collins

    Oh My Gosh, this is a deranged, crazed meglomaniac! But, whoever is buying into this is a tragic sucker for idiots!

  50. Louise

    No truer words ever spoken Mario — thank you. As I read your article I just sat & cried & I live in Oregon. Woe to you Gavin Newton for your diabolical & treacherous ways against California & it’s families & children.

  51. Tanner from Louisiana

    🌲Philippians 2:10🌲
    “That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;”


    Build the 🏕 tents ⛺️
    Fill the 🏟stadiums🏟


  52. Daphanie Madril

    So clear and yet the blind refuse to open eyes and be set free .Well put! Thank you ,Mario

  53. Jan Sleight

    So spot on, Mario. Truly, a breath of fresh air when we need it most.

  54. kingskid48

    You hit it on the head once again, Pastor Mario.

    I saw Larry Elder’s press conference yesterday. He is such a good talker. He is brilliant, and hits all the points, loud and clear. He had Rose McGowan with him and she is also a good speaker. After listening to these two, I have to wonder how a single democrat that still has some scruples can vote to keep Gavin Newsom. Larry Elder could talk any democrat under the table. I’d buy tickets and make popcorn for the chance to see him debate Biden, Kamala, or Blinken. Actually, I think he could debate all three of them at once all by himself.

  55. wms2

    It is inconceivable that he would remain in office.We must rise up in prayer and action to uproot the evil that plagues our land. Praying for a miracle in California.God sees all and His arm is not too short. On a side note.Had to sign up for email again.

  56. Carolyn

    So clear. So few hear.

  57. Lorenzo

    Well here is your chance California, many people fought for this moment don’t blow it!

  58. Penny Baker

    This man is so demonic you can see it in his whole face, how sad that many will be so deceived and so blind that they will follow him. I feel sorry for those caught up in the crossfire of all of this. Mario keep on spreading the truth…The Father God is with you brother.
    We are praying for you and all your team. God will win this battle no one can fight against Him.

  59. Pamela McCarty

    Yes, well said.

  60. mrsbmp

    Insanity as it’s worst. Just like satan.

  61. Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

    Look at Newsome’s eyes in the above photo!!!! PURE EVIL!!!!!

    One thing I KNOW FOR SURE! DONALD TRUMP IS GOD’S ANNOINTED—and Newsome is on Very Shaky ground!

    GAVIN NEWSOME IS MORE ‘WACKO”—it seems to appear than Joe Biden—and that is saying a MOUTHFUL!!!!!

    I am praying for LARRY ELDER TO BE ELECTED. With Newsome’s “mental state”—if he stays in—-California will very soon cease to exist.

  62. megagenius

    You can not teach stupid. Democrats love to be lied to as long as you feed the lusts of their flesh. They know that what they vote for and do is worthy of death, but they still take pleasure in doing it. Democrats are hell bent on embracing the “Duke Of Death”, Gavin Newsom! The Newsom Formula: Lovers of self. Lovers of free money. Lovers of Pleasure.

  63. Sophia Mackiewicz

    I did not realize this was what he said, thank you for showing it to the public.

  64. Jackie

    I really hope and pray California Voters will see past this smokescreen from our current administration and change the way they vote. This blog was very timely and spot on! Well said my brother! The word of God states we will know them by their fruits not nice speeches!

  65. Scott MacPherson

    He (Newsom) is not worth my breath; but good article, though.

  66. Linda

    Wow. How true. Californians, wake up!!! God help us.

  67. soljerblue

    P.T. Barnum said it first, best, and everlasting: “There’s a sucker born every minute” Gavin Newsom is gonna prove they all by some miracle can vote in California.

  68. Jl Anderson

    I pray he does not win this victory so that all the Glory will be to God!

  69. kleav577871

    Blinded and deafened to reason. They shake their fist at God and Trump. Sad. Lord Jesus you are our only hope.

  70. Lauri Karaglanis

    Thank you Mario. I really love reading your blogs, I appreciate your boldness. We traveled down to your tent revival in Modesto this year. We were encouraged by the love of God and Country of the people in attendance. We loved the fire of the Lord you brought to this State. Our family voted for President Trump. I was born and raised in California. My children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are still here. We live in a small rural town up in Mendocino Co. We all are hard working conservative people. We are all voting for Newsom to be recalled. The election fraud in this state is undeniable. No one in their right mind would vote to destroy everything in this beautiful state. We have had 5 years of fires. Many have lost their homes. It’s not global warming, it’s very bad environmental policies. We used to have very healthy forests. Our schools have become indoctrination centers for the liberal agendas. If not for my faith in Jesus Christ, I would be utterly lost. Thank you for your devotion to saving the lost.
    Sincerely, Lauri

  71. Anthony DelGrosso

    It cannot be anymore frank than what you have written Mario! I so very much admire your bravery and courage in the face of perhaps the worst oppression Americans have ever endured since King George III. It is time for another revolution. If not now, when!?

  72. connie777777

    I am saddened that line of “reasoning” still works, but in California, it appears it may.

  73. Gregory Ammondson

    Thanks for writing again

  74. Beverly

    Well done.God Bless you Mario Murillo. You are truly a warrior for the Divine!

  75. Lynn Alston

    We as a country are under attack from Satan and he is a liar, a thief and a murderer from the beginning.

  76. Joyce Miller

    Very sad how much people hate Trump!!! He thinks that’s the only way he can win!!!! 😞😢😡

  77. Danny Raymond Lake

    Spot On Mario.

  78. NickT

    No matter what God still Reigns over the earth and … we believe his word. God has dealt with tyrants for along time. We won’t give up, shut up, and we will stand up for our God and his goodness in our nation and the world.



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