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The Left blackmailed corporate America by saying, “Do what we say or else we will mark you as racist and homophobic.” It worked. Now leftists, flush with their power over big business, are raising the ante. “We got you to bankroll fraud voting, promote BLM, and critical race theory, now you must save abortion.” 

So, Wall Street and Big Business—at the behest of the leftists—will now weaponize their wealth and power to preserve abortion on demand.

At first it was only out of fear. Then something really evil happened: greedy businesses found they could make money by being traitors, and Wokeness became a sound business model. 

Leftists and big business? This new band of villains are not even trying to hide it. They all believe they own us.

Nathanael Blake tells us how this started: “New York Times columnist Linda Greenhouse recently lauded corporate CEOs for using the economic clout of the businesses they manage to push States around on election security and LGBT issues. In Greenhouse’s view, managerial corporate oligarchs deciding social and political issues of the country is awesome, and we need more of it. After praising their previous interference in our democracy, she then begged the “executive class” to impose more economic sanctions on conservative portions of the country, this time targeting states that are trying to restrict abortion.”

This is a shameless attack on freedom. Big business knows it, but it does not matter, if they can profit by it. And, as Hamlet put it, “Assume a virtue, if you have it not.”

Big business, virtuous? How rich. The hypocrites! As Nathanael observed, “There is hypocrisy here, insofar as the same corporate class that is staking a moral claim to rule the United States, is also eager to do business with the evil regimes elsewhere. They are sanctimonious at home while cozying up to tyrants and relying on slave labor abroad; apparently, social justice stops at the water’s edge.”

But calling out their hypocrisy will not change them.  They have no conscience to appeal to, and no ethics. So we, as Christians, face a hard battle. Defeating them will not be easy.

Conservatives have come to love the slogan, “Get woke, go broke,” but that only works in Red States. Conservatives and Christians have limited influence in the Blue States. It is sobering to think about the extremes they will go to in order to keep the depravity of abortion alive.

But we do not despair – there is hope. The answer must come from another sector: Everyday people. They were not supposed to be the in the forefront of the battle, but they are now.

Here are the three specific weapons that are becoming key in starting the uprising that we need. 

Those videos of moms yelling at school boards over the sexual indoctrination of their children. Because nothing is more compelling than a mom trying to protect her child.

The free thinkers of the black community who refuse to stay on the leftist plantation. They destroy stereotypes and show that the three pillars of Wokeness are lies: 1. that there is systemic racism in America, 2. whiteness is evil, and 3. critical race theory is science.

Immigrants who came here from communist nations. They are crying out warningsabout how America is going down the same exact path that Russia and China did.

The real vanguard against this evil was supposed to be the American Preachers. They were supposed to send up a war cry so loud and compelling that it would have unified and fired up Christians from all traditions to rise up against the evil. But they did not.

What I say now gets to the heart of why I write these blogs. From every angle and by every possible verification I can employ, I have endeavored to warn and provoke the Church to wake up.

It breaks my heart to say that just as Wall Street and Big Business are profiting from Wokeness—many pastors make money by avoiding controversy and sleeping through the harvest. They are overwhelmed with self-preservation. They let the government control their church and they are afraid to openly oppose abortion.

Our version of leftist blackmailers is lukewarm believers—believers who threaten pastors and steer them away from preaching against abortion. The pew-warming ostrich-Christians may use different words, but it is the same blackmail that the Left uses on Big Business.

The compromised preacher acts just like the Woke corporation―saying the right things, but avoiding action in battle.

Last August I went against the grain when I said that we could lose Trump, the firewall that God provided, if we do not act. We took some action, but it was totally inadequate.

Today, the church is overconfident that we can end this atrocity of abortion—the most evil holocaust ever to see the light of day.

In truth, we will only end abortion when our preachers’ moral outrage against abortion exceeds the Left’s pagan worship of abortion.

Deliver those who are drawn away to death, and those who stagger to the slaughter, hold them back [from their doom]. If you profess ignorance and say, Behold, we did not know this, does not He Who weighs the heart perceive it? And He Who guards your life, does not He know it? And shall not He render to every man according to his works? (Proverbs 24:11-12).


  1. scotty196

    Way to hold those pastors’ feet to the fire, Brother Mario!

  2. Michael A Druckenmiller Sr

    Sadly, the rich do not realize how temporary their wealth is…
    “But God said unto him, Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee: then whose shall those things be, which thou hast provided?” Luke 12:20
    No one becomes an eternal warrior (God’s SEAL Team) by seeking wealth and/or personal comfort.

    • NickT


  3. Barbara Becker

    Thank you Mario for standing up for the voiceless and stirring the sound of ours, God bless you and keep you

  4. Nathan Lane

    Thank you Mario! You had a personal word for me back in 67 in Santa Barbara and you have one today. Stay courageous!

  5. Freda Crump

    Thank you for your stand!
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  6. The Grump

    That is why they are bring in foreign slaves over the bor
    borders they can program them to work and vote.

  7. Feliciana A Contreras

    Thank you Mario for your faithfulness and your obedience to the Lord

  8. Sandra Calhoun

    He will render to them their desire eternal hell and torment! They are hurrying up Christs’ return! Where are the disciples of Christ? Who are they following? Whose word do they believe? Are the so called christians not reading THE BOOK ? The greatest book ever written!!!!!! We are HIS VOICE on EARTH let us be bold and strong for our GOD against the destroyer!!! You are either for HIM or against HIM! I stand with you brother for HIM! All POWER and ALL GLORY belongs to HIM!!!! GOD REIGNS!!!
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  9. Dora

    Godspeed to you and Michel and body of Christ , receive strength as you stand in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth ❣️??

  10. NickT

    Amen Marion,
    For too long the real church has been silent on these issues! How and why did we let this happen, Pastors and laymen?
    We must speak for the babies that are being killed in the womb!!! Also, all the other Demonic Leftist
    crazy stuff that they and corporate businesses are trying to force down our throats. Speak up and pray.

  11. RAFO

    “ In 1954, Congress approved an amendment to place an absolute ban on 501(c)(3) organizations from engaging in any type of activity that attempts to influence the election of a public official.” —
    For 67 years now the Federal government has stymied any type of political activism by churches with the 501(c)(3) rule. Tax deductible donations was a hook with bait that the churches readily swallowed as those churches that weren’t “approved” suffered from lack of donations.
    So, in essence, us Christians, myself included, drove the churches to silence by our contributions, or lack thereof. WE, unfortunately, share in the fault of where we are today. Yes, truth hurts. What to do?? Encourage your church to get OUT of 501(3)(c) and let them know you’ll continue to support them… even if it costs us more in personal taxes. Talk to your pastor and church board about this. Time to remove the shackles that we’ve allowed to be placed on us!! This rule is a MASK that’s been placed over our mouths… sound familiar??

    • Michael A Druckenmiller Sr

      [For 67 years now the Federal government has stymied any type of political activism by churches with the 501(c)(3) rule. Tax deductible donations was a hook with bait that the churches readily swallowed as those churches that weren’t “approved” suffered from lack of donations.]
      One of the first E.O.’s biden overturned.
      1. On May 2, 2017, almost as soon as he had gotten settled into The Oval Office, President Trump signed an executive order releasing churches from threat of financial duress due to political speech. Yet, by and large the church in America remained silent concerning the evil machinations taking place in the political arena. That silence has resulted in the overthrow of Constitutional government in America and the freedoms the church has enjoyed from the founding of The United States of America.
      2. In 1954 the American church in its lust for financial gain accepted without comment the Johnson Amendment which muzzled the church’s free speech in exchange for tax free status. Thus, choosing million-dollar mortgages over speaking the truth diligently. (Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing)
      Of course ethnic churches have been violating The johnson Amendment since its inception.
      (Above the first two points of my Indictment Against The American Church.)
      To protect The Church, The Property, The Pastor and The Board there is such a thing as a LLC (Limited Liability Corporation.)

  12. Eric

    Christians need to quit waiting on sanctioned “Pastors”. Martin Luther certainly didn’t wait on the Roman Catholic Church. Jesus and the apostles most certainly didn’t wait on the religious establishment. Do you think Chinese Christians are waiting for approval? Only put yourself under the authority of the government and church incorporated as much as they honor God. Be the change!

    • Eric

      Start your own evangelistic Bible study group.

  13. fromanislandinnewhampshire

    I think we should all pray for each other and hold the line. God has heard us and He is acting. We are to battle with Him, and we will win. The tables are about to turn.

  14. Roger Culwell

    satan knows if he can keep offering children to Molech he can keep America under a curse, and the Church allowed it, they didn’t try to stop it hard enough, and then theres the POB prophets of Baal who run some much of the Church today who are for abortion, and the Evangelicals who voted for it, the ones who are supposed to have warned us sold out to the enemy for profit of some kind, and didn’t watch and pray and sound the alarm, every since the 60’s when they took prayer out of schools and the Ten Commandments out of the court houses later, our morals have dropped, people lie like a dog, they now sleep with anything, and call it pan, and who knows what else Canada now allows sex with animals, which is what some people are acting like, but when you remove what our moral standard are based on, what do you expect, and some scream at me your putting us back under the law, no your taking us into lawlessness, unlearned what tells your children not to lie, cheat, steal, commot adultry, covet, to honor father and mother, and so on, the Ten Commandments and with out we have a lying, cheating, stealing, Adultress, coveting bunch a people running this nation, like you haven’t ever seen, WAIT WE DO NOW, I dare say those Ten Commandments, and shedding of innocent blood mattered, along with same sex marriage, that God said do not do, we should have listened to, but I am just a voice crying in the wilderness, but when we honored those Ten Commandments and didn’t allow abortion and honored God Yahweh this nation was strong and blessed, does the shy need to fall on our heads, and preachers should have been screaming the truth as we are now, sounding the alarm but they are not, they went silent as so many tell me to be, but I warn when wrong is being done and a people are being fooled and lied to, all we can do is warn them and give what God tells us, and I will keep sounding the alarm until God shuts the door as he did in Noahs day, for as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be in the coming of the son of man. God Bless you sir good word

  15. Wordforworld

    Good word, Mario, but may I add one more thing? Maybe 2 more?
    Big business would not be big if it wasn’t for OUR buying power. WE have to stop feeding the enemy. Who cares if feebee, twits, gaggle & amazombe don’t like us?! We have so much power to come agst all the evil of the present day. We have the NAME of JESUS, the WISDOM of GOD, the WORD of the LORD. Why support those who don’t like you? Why are any of us waiting on a pastor to tell us these things?
    Starbucks in your hand? Thanks for supporting the enemy of life!
    Pro-sports fan, thanks for supporting anti-American agenda.
    Big box consumer? Thanks for the downfall of our local retailers.
    Donating to “St Hospital”? You joined the support of abortion and use of baby stem cells. The awake need to Wake Up to the practical measures available to us.
    #2 We need to always tell the Good News when it’s in our power. June 12, 2021 was the first ever NATIONAL MENS’ MARCH TO END ABORTION. This is miraculous, noteworthy! The organizer Fr Stephen, said, “a man is involved in every abortion…(but) culture of death (says) to men ‘it’s none of your business.’” He compares men today to Adam, who failed to protect the woman & the Garden. Men are coming forward!
    (In the event any would come forward to disdain this move of God, try to smear the heart of the Organizer, it is known that he was involved in abortion as a teenager, he knows what he is talking about.)
    All the more, glory to God!!
    Yes, saints, HOLD THE LINE!

  16. STP

    Thanks for another important message, Mario. It’s “we the people,” not “we the titans of industry!”
    I may live in a blue state, but I can still have a small impact by directing my spending away from woke national chains and brands and to locally-owned grocery stores, restaurants and other businesses. Small local businesses, regardless of the owners’ political beliefs, don’t typically have a budget for pushing woke public policies. Local businesses have suffered tremendously during the pandemic while the national chains have raked in massive profits. Let’s flip that script!
    In addition to prayer and writing our elected officials, we can support local pregnancy clinics that do not provide abortion and local/national right-to-life organizations. And fly the American flag daily as a reminder that we are one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

  17. Sandra

    O God, help us to do what’s right!!


    [image: LIBERALmediaDIE.jpg] HUSTUSA
    On Wed, Jun 16, 2021 at 12:26 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” The Left blackmailed corporate America by > saying, “Do what we say or else we will mark you as racist and homophobic.” > It worked. Now leftists, flush with their power over big business, are > raising the ante. “We got you to bankroll fraud voting, promo” >

  19. kingskid48

    I’ve read in credible sources about Biden’s plans to go after Christians and Conservatives. I haven’t been to church since the first of the year, since the pastor said it didn’t matter who we voted for.
    All I know is, if the pastors are still saying this, they will have much, much, to answer to the Lord for.

  20. Kathleen Wood

    Many well meaning Pastors and their churches have tried to support pro life organizations such as Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Students for Life and others. However, we are up against satanic demonic worship and Satanism, child trafficking using the blood for adrenachrome and other gruesome practices which the church does not wish to look at or see. It is almost too terrible to imagine. But it is true. Those who go into tunnels to save children and sexual abuse victims are even horrified. This with the sad facts we must face is that the majority of the church has no power. The Joly Ghost of course would help and gain victory against evil and in prayer. But how many churches have altar time to prevail in prayer anymore? How many seriously faste? How many accept or even acknowledge the gifts? God has not failed to act. His people have.

  21. Marilyn Nichols

    Pastor I totally agree with what you are speaking. The very revelations of the Bible: In the last days they will be taken in by their own lust for the things of this world and lovers of self with conscience seared. I have always said this does not have to be if we as Christians stood up in obedience to God and His word. I know many we’re praying for our God given President Trump and I truly believed we had enough prayer going up as well as doing all that could be done to keep our President. If my people will humble themselves and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then will I hears from Heaven forgive their sin and heal their land. I believe their were plenty praying but not turning from their wicked ways. That all it can be. I’m for one am so very sorry that things have gone this way. Totally destroyed everything or President Trump had done and had in process. I’m just sorry.

  22. Walter L. Johnson II

    Obviously, most people either didn’t listen, or weren’t listening, to the obvious warning signs. Now, America is paying the price for it. Please continue to pray for true repentance and revival in our broken land. Thank You and God Bless You.

  23. Blair Tingley

    Thank you Mario. I continue to hold you up in my prayers. My daughters was in Modesto and it changed her life. She now lives for Jesus and has a new-found joy after a very dark time in her life.
    I receive your blog via email, not Facebook. So I am replying via email as a way to let you know your message is getting out. We are in this fight together.
    God bless and strengthen you. You are an important voice of Truth. Also, I know you are deeply on the front lines of the battle field, but Generals need to stay refreshed. If the Lord ever leads you to go to Cape Cod for some spiritual renewal and restoration, you would find your spirit fed and your soul rested at the Community of Jesus in Orleans, MA.
    With many thanks and prayers, Blair Tingley
    On Wed, Jun 16, 2021 at 3:27 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” The Left blackmailed corporate America by > saying, “Do what we say or else we will mark you as racist and homophobic.” > It worked. Now leftists, flush with their power over big business, are > raising the ante. “We got you to bankroll fraud voting, promo” >

  24. Linda Root

    Thank you for standing I pray the pastors will all take a stand

  25. Stephen H Ruble

    Our great Lord tells us that he that knoweth to do do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin. Every pastor better take a stand, or they will be held responsible.




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