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There once was a preacher who was just plain boring. How boring? A man on the back pew became so angry about it that he went outside and got a brick. When he came back in, he threw the brick at the preacher. But it fell short and ended up hitting a man sitting in the front row in the back of his head. The victim stood up reeling, and said, “Hit me again, I can still hear him.” 

Tonight, I felt just like that man. Joe Biden’s speech was pure torture. I just wanted it to stop.

I am a man of God. I am trying to exercise restraint and grant due respect. But there comes a time when the corruption and madness is so beyond the pale that human decorum must be set aside for the sake of truth and decency.

It is difficult to say which part of the speech was the most unbearable. It was as if the father of lies had written the speech.

Was it the outrageous lie at the beginning, where He accused Trump of causing thousands to die of Covid because he was too slow to stop the virus? What a lie! And when you realize that it was Democrats who fought Trump’s efforts, it becomes a vicious lie.

Remember how Biden called Trump a racist for blocking flights to America from China? Remember Fauci telling us that the virus was not going to be a problem for America and that there was no need to take precautions? Remember Nancy Pelosi and Bill De Blasio cheering people on to go to Chinese New Year’s celebrations and to go to restaurants? Remember when they said that the protests should not stop because of the pandemic?

It is absolutely horrible that over 500,000 people have died, but remember―it was the Democrats who had estimated there would be over 2 million deaths. Trump’s valiant efforts helped stem the disaster.

Biden lied about reopening schools. Scientists say that it is safe for children to go back to school right now. Biden wants kids to stay out until the fall.

He boasted that the Covid relief bill was to fight the virus and help Americans. What a lie! 240 million of it goes to the arts—art by the way that is often blasphemous. Nancy Pelosi won 600 million for San Francisco—a city that just voted to defund the police by $160 million.

Millions more go to Blue states–not one dollar to Red states. And more millions go to countries that hate us.

Biden became embarrassing trying to make July 4th a soft reopening for Americans to gather in small groups. He even threatened to shut things down again, if necessary.

But the worst thing he said was that we must unify and trust the government. His exact words were: “Put trust and faith in our government…” Not, “Put faith in God alone,” but trust the government – the very existence of which, now residing in the White House, is based on lies and fraud.

Putting the government in more control of our lives is like having the weasel guard the chicken coop.

As the Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden found out, Biden does not want unity. He does not keep his word. He does not want the nation to heal. He says what the progressive tyrants who own him want him to say.

Tonight reinforced dreadful news about Biden.  This man did not get here by the will of the people. This man has no clue about what America needs to do.

This is supposedly the leader of the free world. But his painful lecture had no vision, no inspiration, and no hope. It sounded more like he was officiating at the funeral of America.

Only one good thing came out of this travesty. America saw for certain why we need to get to the bottom of what happened on November 3rd. Tonight, America saw the proof. After this dishonest and defeatist speech, it is crystal clear that there is no way this man could have been the people’s choice.


  1. Mary Lou German

    Amen and amen!

    • C. Jones

      Biden is NOT the president. He’s just a useless liar wanna be that will never be. He’s actually a bastard “president” from a democratic bastard system. In fact, Biden is demonized! I want nothing to do with this lying criminal coward!

      • Wordforworld

        We all hear you CJones!
        We agree as one, IN JESUS’ NAME: that the illegitimate persons in our government ARE UNSEATED, and UPROOTED!
        We agree THE RIGHTFULLY ELECTED DONALD J. TRUMP is seated in his godly appointment as President of these United States of America.
        Amen, so be it.

      • NickT


        • shoshanausa

          Amen. He is not the President and he will be stripped of it. He and all this traitors are an abomination in the eyes of God.

      • Linda C

        Oh so true…

    • shoshanausa

      The most disappointing to read was Franklin Graham to appreciate what Biden said. He is such a disgrace to all evangelical Leaders. May God have mercy on him because I Don’t!!!

      • It would be best if you read much more of what Franklin Graham says then to becoming full of hatred which is against your soul and the spirit of the living God.

        It would be best if you read much more of what Franklin Graham says then to becoming full of hatred which is against your soul and the spirit of the living God.

      • Petro Swart


      • Janiece

        Yes, Franklin’s statement was very disappointing. My heart sank. I know as Christian we want to be kind and respectful but at what cost? Even John the Baptist called out the leaders of his day to their sins. You do know that Herod was a Jew, which makes his sins worse because the King was supposed to observe and support the Torah. Herod was a false king, paying the Romans to let him rule. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it!?!

      • Linda Rath

        I, too, have been very disappointed in Franklin Graham- it seems that he is bending over backwards to extend “Christian charity” while ignoring the complete corruption and fraud that stole this election from the millions who voted for Trump. Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is a great ministry, and Samaritan’s Purse does so much good world-wide. I just don’t understand how Franklin seems so blind to what is going on. I am SO very disappointed in him.

      • Stephen Tres

        Where is this source about Franklin Graham appreciating Biden?

        • shoshanausa

          Franklin Graham was posting on his Facebook page.
          I copied it:
          I watched President Joe Biden’s address to the nation tonight and I was appreciative of his positive approach, encouraging Americans that we will come out of this pandemic but still cautioning us not to let our guard down. Thank you Mr. President, and we will pray for those who have lost loved ones, that God would wrap His loving arms around them and give them peace and comfort. I do wish President Biden had also thanked former President Trump for all of his work to fight the coronavirus early on, waiving the red tape so that the vaccine could be completed and reaching the American people by Christmas.
          I encourage everyone to continue to pray for our nation and our leaders—we need God’s help and mercy.
          May God have mercy … I don’t! …sorry.

    • Mike Cartmill

      Most certainly brother Mario. Their agenda is totally against the Will of God. If these people only knew that the Satan they are serving has a plan to destroy them in the end. Thank you brother Mario for your front line call to duty of winning souls for the kingdom of God.

      • cmcteer1

        Amen! In agreement! Thank you brother Mario for all that you and your team do!

    • Becky Ferguson

      Brother Mario
      I could totally feel your pain. I watched the “speech” on Flashpoint and like you it took great restraint and ALL the gifts of the Spirit to not let come out of my mouth what was going through my head! ??‍♀️
      For me, navigating between heartbreak and anger for those that are still trapped in this web of lies anddeceit is difficult. It is hard to understand how the truth is not clear, even if you are not a believer it’s so obvious. Evangelical leaders that want to act betrayed or disappointed in Biden is confusing. If you can’t clearly discern between good and evil, what are you doing professing to be a pastor or evangelical leader? How can you lead when you are so clearly lost?
      I commend you Brother Mario for being on the front lines in this battle. For saying yes to the Holy Spirit long before we got to point. I love reading your posts and listening to you on Flashpoint and the posts of all that is going on in California. There is an army rising up! ??
      We will win this WAR!??

    • Lauren Jones

      It was a pathetic and gloomy speech, peppered with untruth, and sucking the joy out of the listeners. Couldn’t listen to the whole thing. Praying for all of the authority, especially for their salvation, because it’s apparent that there are a lot of people in our government that need it. Also praying in the Holy Spirit. Trusting in God that he will carry us through whatever comes our way.

    • Lauren Jones

      It was a pathetic and gloomy speech, peppered with untruth, and sucking the joy out of the listeners. Couldn’t listen to the whole thing. Praying for all of the authority, especially for their salvation, because it’s apparent that there are a lot of people in our government that need it. Also praying in the Holy Spirit. Trusting in God that he will carry us through whatever comes our way.

  2. Zorica Angelkovich

    Thank you brother Mario,please,please keep praying,keep working with the LORD,I always agree with you and MMM ?❣️I don’t watch TV fake people and fake news, I believe God will take care His enemies soon and God will bless His children ?Zorica Angel

  3. Petro Swart

    I’m praying, praying and trusting the King of Kings! Thank you Sir for your faithfulness! God bless America! Remnant is standing, in the Name of Jesus Christ!

  4. pjchiri

    I so agree with you, Mario. The first thing he said was a lie. I had to turn it off. I knew I would hear other people’s thoughts on what he said, and I know I didn’t miss anything by not watching him. Thank you for your truthful analogy of this evil administration. I believe joe is an illegitimate president, and the election was fraudulent. I agree that the truth will be exposed. It’s just alarming what evil this administration is pushing on our country, I trust my Lord, He is the only Truth. And, I trust the words of His servants. You are in the place GOD put you for such a time as this. I pray for you and your ministry. Thank you, GOD will bless you for your faithfulness.

  5. Sherrill and Wayne Luebesmier

    He wasn’t the people’s choice he stole it and tried to put himself in but he isn’t President just trying to pretend to be. So horribly sad. But one day he will stand before God and be Judged!

  6. mrsbmp

    I refused to listen to him. I painfully put him on mute, walked away from my computer until his teleprompter speech was finally over. Then I needed to watch real news from Flash Point to stay aligned with God. I will never support Mr. Biden but will continue to pray for his soul. May God have mercy on him and everyone who is a part of this demonic nightmare. Praise God we worship a God who is our King of King and Lord of Lord. Every government is upon His shoulders! I declare our birthright, we are one Nation Under God! Thank you Lord for delivering us from evil as the Lord’s prayer declares….For Thine is The Kingdom and The Power forever and ever Amen!!!

    • Ruthanne Huber


  7. Felix juarez

    I thought i was the only one who felt like that. I cant listen to anything they say beacuse it’s All Lies, What a blessing to see someone with a Backbone, praise God for you, May God continue to bless and strengthen you!!

  8. Gary Walsh

    Another press site said that 7,141 actually watched the travesty.

  9. Paul Pratt

    I only disagree on one point Mario, and that is the Covid death toll. The US government has been artificially inflating the numbers, so I do not trust the government covid death counts.
    I suspect that a large percentage of the government covid death count should have been attributed to other (no-covid) causes. According to the government counting rules George Floyd would be counted as a covid death (which is absurd).
    There is an average expected annual death count from all causes: cancer, drug overdoses, heart disease, etc. When those numbers are finally tabulated for 2020, I suspect that “other causes” will have dropped off sharply in numbers that are largely consistent with the covid death count.
    In order to illustrate the absurdity of this method of counting, I give you this theoretical absurdity: if you gave all cancer patients covid, the cancer death rate would drop to zero.

    • Rebekah Moriarty


    • Bri H Loftis

      You are correct! Here in Dallas, my co-worker’s best friend lost her finance in a car crash. Her friend asked what they were going to put on the death certificate and they said covid bcs they didn’t know why he didn’t put on his brakes! There have been many inflations of the covid death toll. Hospitals recieved $28K for each covid death so there was much incentive to cheat. My guess the real number is less thn haof the reported number – or maybe a third.

    • Linda Rath

      Agreed. Physicians have come forward saying that they were “forced” to write “Covid-19” as a cause of death on ALL who died- no matter the primary cause, and no matter if covid wasn’t even a factor. The most graphic abuse was a man who was killed in a motorcycle accident- Cause of death? COVID!!

  10. Jim

    Psalm 37: “Do not fret…” “Trust in the Lord…” “Delight yourself in the Lord…” “Commit you way to the Lord; trust in him…” “Be still before the Lord…” “Refrain from anger and turn from wrath…” “…but the Lord laughs at the wicked, for He knows their day is coming.” “But the wicked will perish…” “Wait for the Lord and keep his way. He will exalt you to inherit the land; when the wicked are cut off, you WILL see it.”
    Hallelujah! Maranatha! Preach it, Brother Mario. And never, never, never, never, never stop!

    • Wordforworld

      Amen! Amen, Jim, thank you for speaking the LORD’s WORD!

  11. Barbara Gray

    This man is pitiful. We are in deep trouble, but we continue to pray and repent for the sins of our nation with hope God will again have mercy on us.

  12. Barbara Gray

    This man is a sad excuse. We are in deep trouble, but we continue to pray and repent for the sins of our nation with hope God will again have mercy on us.

  13. Judy

    I am praying for this fraudulent presidency to come to an end soon. I cannot watch Biden when he speaks I tried tonight and was planning to but about 2 minutes into it I had to turn it off and walk away. I think the truest statement he ever said was “We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of politics.” Of course they defended him by saying it was a slip of the tongue and/or taken out of context. That is truly laughable when you realize how many things the false media took out of context that President Trump said.

    • n9nwo

      The problem is that Kamala is in the wings, waiting to ascend the throne.

      • Sarah in Texas

        And make no mistake, she will be worse!

      • Kimberly

        True. But not a problem for God Almighty.

      • Glen H. Kippel

        Have you noticed that Harris is always standing off to one side when Biden is actually awake enough to do anything? I never saw V.P. Pence hovering over President Trump like that.

      • OvaJean Siemens

        And after Kamala, Pelosi.

    • Shelley

      If Bidens health keeps going down we still will be in trouble cuz Karmell Harris will be the fake President n she is no better

      • sylvia

        I think that had been the plan since the beginning. Prop him up for awhile. Then he sacrificially ‘bows’ out siting doctor’s advice over ‘health issues’ and tuh-dah, welcome President Harris!

  14. Lowell Lingo, Jr.

    He forcefully reminds us of the hymn that is our National Anthem, v3
    “O Thus be it e’re, when free-men shall stand between their loved homes and the war’s desolation;
    Blest with victory and peace, may the heaven rescued land Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a Nation!
    Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just; and this be our motto: “In God is our Trust!”
    And the star spangled banner long in triumph shall wave, O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!”
    I pray that that we seek the wisdom and bravery of our forefathers, as well as the guidance from Providence that they sought, and restore our Government with leaders who who do trust in God; that we once again feel that we do not necessarily have to distrust the government.

    • Clara Jean Phillips Sommerkamp

      Beautifully written. AMEN

  15. Judy Geppert

    I hear you Mario and agree with all you said. It appalling to see so much corruption and so many lies being enforced on our Nation. Much shame has been brought upon our nation. President trump did so many good things for us as a Nation.. I weep at the bludgeoning he endured for this nation . It is hard to understand how people can do so much wrong and feel no regret for it , In fact they double down. I fear for their souls, and I pray for them and our Nation. We must rise up, be a loud voice and pray like never before. If we remain quiet, we will be held accountable for doing and saying nothing.

  16. yesua7

    insanity gone to seed

  17. mark Dubois

    Amen, so true brother Mario!

  18. Susan

    Amen MMM!


    Thank you Mario. I did not, cannot, watch the man. Thank you for speaking the truth and saying what millions of other Americans would love to say if they had your platform. I am praying for church leaders to rise and fight for the rights of the people of this nation. While praying I have contacted ALL my state representatives with my less than humble opinion. Praying for you and your ministry.

  20. Denise

    OMG you are so right. It was so painful to watch his insincerity & lies. There was no hope only governmental control. Wake up church we need to pray; our freedom is on the line.

  21. Sheryl

    The only thing worse than listening to him will be listening to Harris.

  22. Marsha Carol Watson W Gandy

    MARIO, to me—it is becoming more and more creepy by the day and night! The darkness all around them is manifesting more and more. They soon will not be able to cover it at all.

  23. Freda Crump

    Yes – thank you!
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  24. Kristin Salzman

    I watched this sham speech on Flashpoint and Praise God for the truth spoken by the panel including you, Mario. Keep on hitting these lies with the truth! Praise God for your stalwart voice!
    Proverbs 19:5 A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall not escape.
    Proverbs 29:12 If a ruler hearken to lies, all his servants are wicked.
    Isaiah 59:3 For your hands are defiled with blood, and your fingers with iniquity; your lips have spoken lies, your tongue hath muttered perverseness.
    Jeremiah 9:3 And they bend their tongues like their bow for lies: but they are not valiant for the truth upon the earth; for they proceed from evil to evil, and they know not Me, saith the LORD.

  25. n9nwo

    The left seems to be focused on Trump and Biden. They are clueless to the movement of G-D. They cannot see what people like Mario are doing. Or how the video series The Chosen is having a huge impact. Or that K-Love radio stations are in every city.
    G-D is building his forces. Soon there will be a tidal wave of spiritual revolution that sweeps through the nation and wipes out the rebellion of the left.

    • Sarah in Texas

      I know you are right about that; I just pray He comes sooner rather than later! Our country is being ripped to shreds before our very eyes! ??????

    • C. Jones


  26. Carmen Miyares

    Mr. Murillo, I am in total agreement with you. It was unbearable!

  27. Paula

    Brother Mario! Once again I stand and say hats off to you for conveying words of truth regarding Biden’s leadership. How long, O Lord, before we see the end of our faith but our trust and hope is in you. Thank you for speaking the truth in love.

  28. Lori Callahan


    • NickT

      Amen for sure

  29. Clint

    Please add my total agreement and Amen! to all you said. The speech was obscene. God Bless you!

  30. Debbie Hudson


  31. kayeminton

    Amen and amen. You were braver than I in watching him lie; I can’t stand to even look at him, let alone waste my time to watch this false president. The saddest part is, we are all in pain knowing he stands in that office under totally false pretenses, bringing this nation to its knees. I cry to God daily that He intervenes quickly before his actions can be reversed, but I know God is in control, on His time. We have to stand up in the gap as believers that God WILL restore America, and may He have mercy on us all.

    • OvaJean Siemens

      I honestly feel that man standing there reading a speech someone else wrote is a pawn, a tool, in the hands of those behind the scenes figuratively holding him up as he speaks. Sickening how he, who is obviously not in control, is being used as a face while the movers and schemers work to keep up appearances.

  32. Linda Sherrer

    We watch Flash Point and when I heard the President was going to speak, I was very excited to hear him again. You see when I hear President I think of President Trump! Well of course major disappointment when I realized who they would have. I could only listen to two sentences. We turned it off. After what has happened and all the evil and vicious lies and deception and how the Democrats are taking our Country down and the plans they have, I can’t listen to it!! I agree with RHB, there is a Resident in the White House. And no I did not misspell that word Resident. A church leader said he appreciated his speech?! I am wondering if people are no longer able to hear and then speak truth? We have become confused being little obedient lambs being led down a terrible path to destruction!! We must wake up and Stand Up!! The States must be bold and speak up and defy this giant of from the enemy!! Who is this that he would defile the armies of the living God?! Thank you Mario for boldly speaking the truth of this speech. It gives me hope!!

  33. pkadams

    Pure torture, but also I have to admit I laughed because it was so ridiculous. Laugh or cry! Praying God will intervene and save our country from the Communists, but in the meantime, sharing the truth of Jesus everywhere I go.

  34. d48day

    Thanks for enduring the speech I turned the tv on and there he was and I immediately switched channels – I’m sure I’ll hear bits and pieces for awhile but prefer not to hear the liar and thief at all – they want, and are, swiftly coming after the good folks of this nation and they have NO FEAR OF GOD! Lord have mercy on us and Lord remove the frauds asap –


    A-M-E-N!!! I didn’t listen as I knew what it would be and had to turn the TV off because I didn’t want to hear the comments, either.. (Even from the ‘good networks’)
    A friend sent me a message you’d e-mailed in February about STANDING and realizing it’s only God who can fix this horrendous mess.. as encouragement because it’s so hard to stay positive with the onslaught of evil everywhere… I KNOW that and I tell people that, but a timely reminder does the heart good!

  36. Hilda Winzeler (@hwinzeler)

    yes satan is in control of the WH and the Dems including the liberal media. Those who voted for Dems will reap what they sowed. That vote seed is cursed.

  37. Wanda Carpenter

    Thank you Mario, for your assessment of the speech from Hell. I cannot bear to look at this thief and liar and it was more than just painful to listen to his sick message. Satan appeared on our TV’s and I fear that too many Americans yet did not recognize what they saw and heard. I appeal to our heavenly Father for help and deliverance from this sham of a government.

  38. Rick W67

    Let’s be VERY CLEAR…Biden did not STEAL this election…that would attribute some competence to the man and that is unconscionable and devoid of basic wisdom. Just like he cannot string 2 complete sentences together, to ascribe the coordinated and diabolical effort to use our corrupt system to install himself is more absurd than charging Trump with the Riots on Jan 6th!! Biden is a puppet and his handlers….the mysterious power brokers that control most/all politician with money and sex (deviant sex mostly)…are the ones moving our country now in this most horrible direction. I’m saddened by the this outcome, but more so by all the Evangelicals that hated Trump, could not see the forest for the trees, and were offended by his manners and tweets! Such Bullshit!!! That’s like saying you don’t like the food your eating because the plates were ugly!!! To those who have an ear to hear, let them hear. And to those who have eyes to see, let them SEE!! Praise God for Trump, Brother Mario, and Lance Wallnau for turning me on to him. May the anointing of Franklin Graham’s father be on him…since it apparently missed him!!

  39. Sheldon

    Thank you Mario for absolute truth about this most vile person and the people who are pulling the strings of this “dead” puppet.

  40. Sandra Calhoun

    You are right on, so refreshing to hear a true man of God stand against the evil that is trying to kill off mankind because it hates man who is made after GOD’S image! Bless your true word which I believe is straight from GOD! I know GOD can do something if man will believe!
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  41. prayinginok

    You said it better than I could, Mario, thank you! At one point I looked up to Heaven and said out loud, “God, how can You stand all these lies?”
    I couldn’t get through the whole thing and turned it off.

  42. Lynne Eddy

    I could not watch as well and only saw the beginning because I was watching Flashpoint. But I did hear the panel (I think Greg) say that Joe also neglected to say “and God Bless America” to end his speech. That says it all. Thank you Mario for showing your pain on air last night. It was honest and raw and believe me we all heard the demons coming out of Joe’s mouth during his speech and we were all sick and angry!

  43. Denise Loftus

    Mario, I don’t know what to say to you. I totally agree with you and can’t understand why no one seems to care. It has to be satanic and their spiritual senses are veiled. The only thing I can think of is if there was a country wide repentance day with speakers like you involved to guide things it could work. I admire your tenacity in standing up for truth and all I can say is that I pray for you often to help you to keep going. God is surely with you.

  44. Sheila Price

    Sadly there are still so many people who are spiritually blind and deaf and therefore did not see or hear it the way we did. These are the ones we need to keep praying for, as well as the brainwashed politicians. As evil as the biden administration is, God still loves each one and wants them saved. It’s our duty to pray for them, asking God to grant them repentance, (2 Timothy 2:25), and help their minds to become able to override the demonic powers that control them so that they have a chance of asking God for help. Thank you for your no nonsense point of view. Prayers for you and your ministry.
    On Fri, Mar 12, 2021, 1:38 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” There once was a preacher who was just > plain boring. How boring? A man on the back pew became so angry about it > that he went outside and got a brick. When he came back in, he threw the > brick at the preacher. But it fell short and ended up hitting a man s” >

  45. Roger Culwell

    Its hard to restrain when someone stands up and lies like a dog and speaks nothing but negativity and control, and he is supposed to be leading the country, he couldn’t lead a horse to water, or run a washing machine without supervision, and its sad because it is elder abuse, but they did this, show’s they are not only baby killer’s, country destroyer’s, but elderly abuser’s also, there is no mercy or help for anyone but them, and its time we speak it, they have neutered the Church and the people, with there passiveness and tolerance, and now the cancel culture, until we don’t have a voice, and until we get upset enough to do something about it, they will keep pushing, until they wipe out the one’s who do not agree with them.
    And how many were actually were Covid death’s, I suggest we look up how many people died all together a couple years ago, and compare the death with last year, and see how many more died, than before, and you might find out that not that many more died than die every year, it’s just most were labeled Covid death because it helped them do what they had planned. They have lied all the way through and still are, people take the vaccine thats not even been tested yet, and one Dr. said yesterday, it did nothing for the virus, but it was gene Therp. and caused your immune system to work overtime, and cause inflammation, and other health problems, WHY ARE THEY TAKING A VACCINE THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH COVID, IT MEANS THEY ARE DOING OTHER THINGS TO YOU, AND SPERM COUNT’S HAVE ALL BUT ENDED IN THE ONE’S WHO TAKE IT, THAT AND ABORTION WOULD STOP THE NEXT GENERATION, AND THE TARING DOWN OF THE IMMUNE SYSTEM WOULD THIN OUT THE POPULATION B.G. SPECIALITY, THEY ARE PURE EVIL, THE LORD TOLD ME TO TELL MR. TRUMP NO MANDATORY VACCINE FOR AMERICA AND I DID, BUT THAT’S ALL I CAN DO IS WARN THE PEOPLE, THEY HAVE TO LISTEN, BUT THE VACCINE HAS NOT BEEN TESTED, SO I HAVE TO ASK MY SELF WHAT’S IT FOR, IT DOES NOTHING FOR THE VIRUS, YOU STILL HAVE TO WARE MASK, DISTANCE YOUR SELF, STAY SHUT IN, NOT HAVE CHURCH OR SINGING, WHATS THE SHOT FOR?
    I will trust the government when hell freeze’s over, they did all this to us, they caused all the destruction they just had Covid relief pay for, paying for their destruction, just evil all the way.the Reparation deal they put in the bill to help farmers of color a 120% is to cause racial conflict, thank God for the men of color speaking against that right now, they don’t want unity, they speak wih forked lying tongue, and they have a plan to bury this nation and it’s people, a people who kill all there babies, castrate and mutilate their young, put out vaccines, that kill mens sperm, and let elderly die in nursing home’s not of Covid so much as of negelect, their causing people to commit suicide, OD, and lose business, they are all about the death of this nation and the people, not life but death, he promised the one’s who voted for him a 2000 dollar check, they never got, those people will never take care of you but rather make us slave’s is their goal, and thin out the population, their is no hope in them, OUR ONLY HELP IS IN THE GOD WE WORSHIP AND SERVE, FOR THESE PEOPLE ARE OF satan, and whats his mission to kill, steal, and destroy, hmm sounds like some one else’s mission doesn’t it. we must get election integrity restored, so our children will have a chance, we must keep screaming until justice is done. some Christians thought he did a good job it was a good speech, sometimes I, never mind. something is wrong with the body! Be Blessed sir

    • eaglepbm

      Amen and Amen a thousand times over

  46. Denise Curtis

    That’s exactly why I don’t tune into all their lies or all the lies of main stream media. I save myself the aggravation!

  47. chris sack

    Mario, I think you are the only one who watched it.

  48. archaios6

    Mario, once again you make others aware of how truth has been victimized while lies is glorified. All things have a season and time, and the Almighty regulates the sequences of events. We are but spectators where evil is allowed a stage of corruption to be played out, while behind the curtains Christians are preparing a performance of healing that will change how people accept/reject a comedy of errors acted on a world stage

  49. Arthur J Rigby


  50. Karen Bode

    Thank you for your honesty. It is so refreshing!

  51. Debra

    Thank you for being a voice. I couldn’t even bear to sit still and listen to it. It is insane. But our hope is in the Lord who made heaven and earth and it is a comfort to know you and others are with us and we are with you. God bless you and your ministry.

  52. David Carroll

    great word brother, thank you for standing for the truth,God bless you,we need more christian to stand up.

  53. Cheryl Glover

    Yes to all.
    Im not infallable but at the 7 decade mark of life, God has gifted me with a sensitive “nose” for truth and falsehood when I hear it..
    especially when it is BLATANT.
    You sir, are a man of truth, due to your steady and ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ and His WORD of Truth, the Bible.
    It does take discernment to live this life, trying to avoid the dangerous pits and schemes of the enemy of our souls and his soldiers of darkness.
    Still, clarity follows the roadmap. Jesus Christ is the Way, Truth and the Life.
    Thank you for Holy Ghost boldness. Great is your reward. It wont be taken from you.
    Your gaze is steadily on the Truth.
    Would that there were more like you!

  54. Gloria DeNicola

    This Is the Video to Watch: Infecting W/COVID Swab, the RNA Vaccine, Artificial Intelligence | Alternative | Before It’s News
    Gloria Rowley DeNicola Sweet Peace Farm Newport, ME
    On Fri, Mar 12, 2021 at 1:29 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” There once was a preacher who was just > plain boring. How boring? A man on the back pew became so angry about it > that he went outside and got a brick. When he came back in, he threw the > brick at the preacher. But it fell short and ended up hitting a man s” >

  55. Michael A Druckenmiller Sr

    Reposted to Facebook
    [Only one good thing came out of this travesty. America saw for certain why we need to get to the bottom of what happened on November 3rd. Tonight, America saw the proof. After this dishonest and defeatist speech, it is crystal clear that there is no way this man could have been the people’s choice.]
    The “god” of this world has blinded the eyes of them that believe not… They are like the Germans of WW2, or the Japanese Imperial Troops… They don’t want to see the truth…
    I am not at all sure that even if an Archangel of Jehovah appeared to them they would acknowledgment the truth.
    We want God’s deliverance as long as He doesn’t take any of them out????
    That leaves only His taking us UP!

  56. Marrion Hamm

    Well said!

  57. Linda Best

    Pastor Murillo,
    Could you please advise the Christian community how to combat the Communism coming into our country. We are all praying, but need to activate our communities.
    We need your leadership!!

  58. Arthur J Rigby

    It’s sad to see government officials pass down such evil policies. I call some of them “demonocrats” because such evil can only come come from demons.

  59. Crystal

    Thank you for speaking the truth!

  60. Laurel Young

    I agree 100%!!!!!!!

  61. Linda Bates

    I cannot thank you enough for continuing to speak the truth. I share what you write because I believe God is speaking through you to those who will hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. I look forward to reading the emails.
    I pray for strength and wisdom as you continue His work in California.

  62. Lin Welsh

    You are spot on my friend! I want u to come to our church & speak! You are fearless & truthful! My husband & I watch you on u tube & read your blog every morning May you be richly blessed with the favor of God in everything you do
    Blessings Linda Welsh
    Sent from my iPad

  63. Jesus Is Our Light

    Holy Spirit revival fire come. Fall on our nation and save us from the evil being perpetrated by satan and his minions. Remove the darkness over our nation/world and let the light of Christ spread across America from “sea to shinning sea.” Be with and protect brother Mario as he speaks the truth and let his message be heard loud and clear, far and wide. And finally Lord, let every eye be opened, every heart receive, every knee bow, and every tongue confess that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD. Halleluiah!

  64. Sharon Kemp

    I am a Veteran of the United States Air Force, citizen of the United States and Heaven and I totally agree with you????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Get Outlook for iOS ________________________________

  65. carol weiler

    You are so right..it was painful to watch. You nailed it. Thanks for you ministry. Carol Weiler
    On Thu, Mar 11, 2021, 10:32 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” There once was a preacher who was just > plain boring. How boring? A man on the back pew became so angry about it > that he went outside and got a brick. When he came back in, he threw the > brick at the preacher. But it fell short and ended up hitting a man s” >

  66. jgracemo

    AMEN Brother Mario!! ? for America ??. God will have His vengeance!
    On Thu, Mar 11, 2021, 11:32 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” There once was a preacher who was just > plain boring. How boring? A man on the back pew became so angry about it > that he went outside and got a brick. When he came back in, he threw the > brick at the preacher. But it fell short and ended up hitting a man s” >

  67. Wordforworld

    To all who’ve called/cried out to our LORD against the wickedness and evil doers in this present evil world:
    The LORD hear(d) you in the day of trouble; the name of the God of Jacob defend you; & send you help from the sanctuary, and strengthen you out of Zion; and
    Remember all your offerings and accept your burnt sacrifices; Selah.
    The LORD grant you according to your own heart, and fulfill all your counsel.
    We will rejoice in your salvation, in the name of our God we will set up banners: THE LORD fulfill all your petitions.
    Now we know that the LORD saves his anointed; he will hear him from his holy heaven WITH THE SAVING STRENGTH OF HIS RIGHT HAND.
    Some trust in chariots, in horses, BUT WE WILL REMEMBER THE NAME OF THE LORD OUR GOD.
    They are brought down and fallen (!); but WE ARE RISEN AND STAND UPRIGHT.
    SAVE, LORD, The king hear(d) us when we call.
    When our petitions/counsels agree w/the LORD’s WORD, and we say what He said (about things) HE works with & confirms His WORD with signs following.
    Speak His WORD, people!
    Thank You LORD, the throne of iniquity IS cut off!!
    You have destroyed the staff of the wicked; the scepter of rulers!
    Those workers of iniquity are cut off!
    Their strength is departed from them,
    In Jesus’ Mighty Name, amen. So be it.
    Our power is in agreement w/our Great High Priest, & ensures that the gates of hell SHALL NOT PREVAIL AGAINST THE LORD’s CHURCH.

  68. Jim Judd


    I’m throwing a thought at you, one that you most likely have heard already but possibly not…I’m going to explain my thought in a minute. First thank you, just plain thank you!

    I moved away from the Church back in the 80’s, over a tithing issue with my Pastor. While I am God fearing, I was not Church going after that but for a handful of times (Christmas and Easter on occasion). Until recently, our local Pastor here in Graeagle, CA., I have reconnected with the Church. This is because of Pastor Mike. As we shared stories of our past in personal conversations, I explained to Mike that I felt the Church left me. I always felt the Church was the cornerstone of God’s word and should not be liberalized. God words should never be diluted to benefit membership with unmoral values. These last 40-50yrs is testament to a liberalized Church. In short as a close friend recently told me, I’ve been born again!

    Ok back to my thought, you remember the Tea Party movement? In 2008, I was so fed up with what I could see coming down the pipe with the Obama Administration and more importantly how American’s need to wake up! I helped start and then spear headed the North Bay Patriots which was to “Re-Establish Our Constitution and Our Commitment To It”. We met weekly at my place of business until we outgrew the space and started renting the local community center. NBP did outreach to local schools and communities as well. Now understand this is in Cotati, CA. one of the most liberal, if not the most liberal area in CA. We grew organically and as the 2010 election cycle came I felt I should run for Congress against Lynn Woolsey CA-6 a 16yr incumbent that made Pelosi look conservative! While unsuccessful, we were successful in may other ways.

    Here’s my point, I had a base to jump off of with the NBP and what a campaign organization we built. It scared the B-Jesus out of Woolsey. Your ministry has the elements and following to organize a grass roots organization to find and vet Christian candidates for local and State offices, in other words a “Christian base”!!!

    From what I read and hear viewing Flash Point with Gene Bailey, Dutch Sheets and Lance Wallnau it’s the perfect base to organize an effort that can tap this great harvest of souls to take back our State and our Country putting these souls to work for Gods purpose. I’ve said it a hundred times, until we get God back in our hearts, schools and government we will never come together as Nation. Evil is here and must be stopped! I lived it back in 2009/10 during our campaign for Congress and it continues to ravage Americans today. Imagine if the world simply applied the 10 Commandment to our daily lives how simple government would be and out of our lives! Just dawned on me… “Repent and Re-Establish Your Commitment to God”

    I pray this email finds your eyes and/or onto leaders in your organization were I can be tapped to better serve God. I find a calling to get back into the fight and use what I’ve learned from my experiences. I live in the Graeagle area and only 1hr from Reno should I be of service or simply have lunch and talk. I understand you are extremely busy, as I.

    God Speed Mario, you are a gift from heaven!

    Jim Judd
    Clio CA,

  69. Bri H Loftis

    Well said! Please, please, pleasse – tell them at Flashpoint that we CANNOT show that imposter or any of the other dems on the show! It violated me to the point that I felt like a group of children would if a pedophile was turned loose among them with no other adults present. It was that bad. I muted the sound and read until I saw you on the TV screen. I know who the enemy is – I don’t need to listen to him and have his words penetrate my spirit!!!!!!!!!!! Flashpoint has been my safe place and it wasn’t so safe last night!
    Thanks for your words last night about having faith and now is the time to stand in faith. Those words quieted my soul. I am standing in faith with you and I am on God’s back about moving against all this. Why do I say it like that? Years ago Kenneth Copeland was speaking at a meeting and told us that he had gone to God asking Him why he was on Kenneth’s back about this and that. Others did it and it wasn’t bad. (Kenneth’s mother had prayed him and Gloria and numerous others into the Kingdom and she prayed all the time for them). God told Kenneth his mother was on His back, so He was on Kennth’s back. It was funny – but it let me know that if I really pray, God “has” to move!

  70. Adelin Schauer

    I’m glad you had the stomach to watch it. I didn’t because I didn’t feel like throwing up.
    The American people did NOT vote for him.

  71. Jenny

    My heart heavenly bleeding for what democRats are doing to our beautiful country, God help us! Thank you Mario Murillo for being so courageous and standing for the truth

  72. twolistenersorg

    All this is perfect evidence of why we should NOT trust the gov’t
    and these people who do (and get their vaccine) are learning the folly in that decision (and many are dying!)
    I still remember Kim Clements prophesy where God says “I will fool the people” and there is another Kim Clement
    prophesy where God says “I did it !” when Kim says a veil has been placed over everyone’s eyes.
    Yes everything seems sort of surreal. I told my husband it feels like we are trapped in the matrix or some
    sort of soap opera! Although I do recognize some of us have more spiritual discernment than others.
    Well this will blow your mind (even further):
    See how deep set his eyes are? and no eyelashes. *This is a mask!*
    This is NOT even the real Joe Biden!
    So, is this all just a soap opera designed to wake the people up?
    so they can all see how bad we almost had it?
    I am feeling in my spirit that all this will start to be unveiled over the next few weeks
    or a month or so and things will make a swift turnaround. It will be Biblical!
    Funny thing is all this follows the “Q” plan, so we will soon see!!

    • Pauline Davis

      Can you spell..I..M..P..O..S..T..E..R!! That was not Biden!! A few days ago, he didn’t even know where he was?? Your telling me that this man spoke for 20 min. or so is Biden?? I think not. He is wearing a mask. They have masks that are so life like they are frightening.!! I have seen them on the web. Biden, has blue eyes…This man’s eyes were brown. God, is going to expose all of this, and more!!
      I wrote this in reply to another comment, finally, I found someone that saw the same thing.
      Thank you!! Praying God will open the eyes of the people to see that this man is a total fake!!

  73. Philip Woodcock

    I didn’t vote for this current president , He is a joke, and he is not God’s appointed man for the job, Donald J trump is, I wish there was some way we can get this guy out of the white house, He is not my president.

  74. poetsgardenaolcom

    I am a senior citizen and have only known about Mario for about 6 months. You are truly a man who reflects my thinking and I am so grateful you are so honest and forthcoming, no beating around the bush. This is what we need to hear to help us speak to others. I have three liberal daughters and one who doesn’t care about politics at all. I pray I can help them see the truth, but not so far. I need thiskind of ammunition to gently bring them around. Thank you, Mario, for this very honest post, plus it was feisty, which we desperately need. I love them more each day but this was A1.

  75. Marion Hooton

    I love the story about the boring pastor. I felt the very same as Mario did when Biden was speaking.

  76. mackcent1958

    I think president Trump will go down as one of the best presidents this country has ever legally elected, and ought to sue biden for slander

  77. Marjorie Schinke

    Thank you. I pray for those people who are deceived and believed what Biden said. I pray for their eyes to be opened to know the truth. I pray for corruption to come down and for the rightful President to be reinstated. God is good. He hears our prayers

  78. Cyndi Goodrich

    THANK YOU Mario for speaking the Truth with passion and boldness. I watched your message on RE-OPEN THE CHURCH on YouTube last night and sent an offering to help spread the FIRE. I’m standing with you here in Texas.
    ? With much love and respect,

  79. ggramma

    WOW! Biden’s speech had about as much truth, hope for America and sincerity as a wet noodle! Could only watch about 5 min. ..was nauseous with disgust and actual anger at the lies, threats and “canned religious” overtones!
    Thank you for speaking the truth Mario!!…love, love, love your constant ministry of truth and hope for America….now “we” need to get with it and storm heavens gates for Gods mercy and divine Holy Spirit intervention!! Bless you Mario!!???????????❤️

  80. Hans Mundt

    Amen Mario!! From Canada.



  82. Glen Kippel

    I hope you were watching Sean Hannity’s show last night (Thursday, March 11) as Mark Levin eviscerated Biden for his lies and his failure to give ANY credit to President Trump for having vaccines available when Democrat nabobs were saying it would take five YEARS for any to be manufactured. And I don’t know if that was actually Biden. It looked and sounded more like an animatronic robot.

  83. Mrs. Elizabeth Bixman

    Prayer is the strongest weapon. My heart weeps for America, and for the world. For now, I fight in faith and long for the rapture! Stand, and continue to speak. Thank you for reaching out.  In Faith, Mrs. Elizabeth Bixman

  84. junglequeen

    I have no intention of watching – I cannot abide the sight of this man – but kudos Mario for a great piece of reporting. The gremlins are coming out of the woodwork!

  85. kingskid48

    I loved the story about the boring pastor. It made me chuckle. I can definitely relate. I thought I could endure 20 minutes of listening to this fake president, but after he started out with his slams and lies about President Trump, I confess, I said out loud that he is a liar and found something much more interesting and productive to do…like cleaning the water dishes we keep on the property for wild critters.
    How this this man sleep at night? Even in his diminished state of mind, how can he go to church several times a week-at least, they say he does-and reconcile Bible teaching and Christian principles with the things he is doing? Funding Planned Parenthood with our tax dollars-money that should be going to help the small business owners he and his democrat cronies have destroyed? Promoting racism in a myriad of ways, across America? Pushing for the destruction of the school system, the innocence of children, and the traditional family on which any civilized society is based? Favoring our enemies over us, putting us in danger in multiple ways? Inviting every criminal in the world to come illegally over the border and get everything free off the backs of taxpayers? Causing thousands of children to be used to get illegals across the border, separated from any family members, used by pedophiles and child sex traffickers…and he calls this humane?
    There is no way I will refer to this man as the president of my country.

  86. swordandspiritwriter

    Reblogged this on Sword and Spirit Writer and commented:
    I greatly appreciate this straight talking pastor, Mario Murillo, who doesn’t feel the need to wear a “pious” hat and speak nice sounding words when niceties are SO FAR from what is called for.
    The world needs truth according to scripture, and when it sees evil, even if it falsely wears a title such as president, it needs to hear the church call evil, evil.
    Enough of this respect the office of the president trash when this one stole the seat and only knows how to lie and cheat.
    If WOE TO JOE is talking, he’s lying. Wake up, church! We can’t negotiate with tools of satan.
    But what gives me GREAT comfort is the Word of God. That is the greater truth. And I wield that Word from my mouth like a sword against the principalities and powers of darkness coming against the American church and America.
    Word weapons like this truly keep me in God’s perfect peace:
    Psalm 31:17 – Do not let me be ashamed, O Lord, for I have called upon You; Let the wicked be ashamed; Let them be silent in the grave.
    Joel 2:27 – My people shall never be put to shame.
    Psalm 7:14-15 – Behold, the wicked brings forth iniquity; Yes, he conceives trouble and brings forth falsehood. 15 He made a pit and dug it out, And has fallen into the ditch which he made.
    Psalm 57:6 – They have prepared a net for my steps; My soul is bowed down; They have dug a pit before me; Into the midst of it they themselves have fallen. Selah
    Galatian 6:7-8 – Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption.
    Psalm 37:12-15 – The wicked plots against the just, And gnashes at him with his teeth. The Lord laughs at him, For He sees that his day is coming. The wicked have drawn the sword And have bent their bow, To cast down the poor and needy, To slay those who are of upright conduct. 15 Their sword shall enter their own heart, And their bows shall be broken.
    If we ask anything according to His will in faith, we have the petitions we ask of Him. That’s His Word. So, we can thank Him in advance for bringing His Word to pass regarding the wicked who’ve come against America, the church, even the nations.
    All glory to God who is mighty to save and to be magnified ABOVE all that is seen!

  87. twsimonsonsr

    Thank you for sharing, I take heart in what you share! Gods speed!

  88. C.D. Gentry

    Praise the Lord Brother Mario! Outstanding commentary and insight each day. Look forward to every morning to get the Truth about Satan and his demonic possession and influence presently thriving in the halls of Congress as well as the whitehouse. Amazing how ungodly, unrighteous, and unholy our Federal Government has become, but when you give place to the devil and allow him and his realm of darkness to control and be used by him, it is no wonder our Nation is on the toad to “irrelevance”.
    No One But Jesus!
    C.D. Gentry

  89. Judy J Foss

    Mario, your words are not being delivered without effect. I am in the middle of an Ekklesia group who is taking ahold of the throne of God for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Coeur d’Alene, ID. Stay tuned. We are very intentional in our outreaches and determined to stay in unity. Pray for us!

  90. Lorene

    Mario, you are so right. As discouraging as it is to realize that half the country voted for this man, it’s even worse to think that we now have no choice. Ah, but wait Mr.. The Lord is not done with us and we are still on our knees asking for HIS help. Stand strong, and kneel often. Bless our country and bless the believers who believe in You, Lord.

  91. Paula Meville

    The idiot has no clue what he said or what it means! I have no sympathy for HIM!
    I have no sympathy for the pathetic American people who allowed it! I have no sympathy for the people NoT to have taken the election in hand snd made it right! And there was NO Insurrection! National guard GO Stand Down!

    • NickT


  92. Gerald J Slaminski

    love your political correctness. God bless you.

  93. Katherine Cabral

    AMEN, Mario you nailed it. Thank you.

  94. marysethluoma

    THEY are the Deplorables!
    On Fri, Mar 12, 2021, 1:35 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” There once was a preacher who was just > plain boring. How boring? A man on the back pew became so angry about it > that he went outside and got a brick. When he came back in, he threw the > brick at the preacher. But it fell short and ended up hitting a man s” >

  95. Elizabeth Laymon

    I would love to share these posts on FB. However, I’m not sure that MMM would want me to do that.

  96. Dorothy Zimmerman

    He agrees with your opinion Sent from my iPhone

  97. Deborah Stock

    Amen brother! You all were brilliant on Flashpoint! Thank you for continuing to be the voice of encouragement and sanity in our country. ?
    Deborah Stock
    Faith gets answers. Enduring faith gets answers with character. Bill Johnson
    On Fri, Mar 12, 2021, 12:29 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” There once was a preacher who was just > plain boring. How boring? A man on the back pew became so angry about it > that he went outside and got a brick. When he came back in, he threw the > brick at the preacher. But it fell short and ended up hitting a man s” >

  98. Signe L Elliott

    I totally agree with everything you’ve stated and I love that you are bold and honest about the real truth of who (or what) Biden really is. I spent most of the evening yelling “Liar” at my TV set. I shake my head and keep praying “Lord, what can “WE THE PEOPLE” do?” I am so thankful for people like you and Dutch Sheets who I can connect with on a regular basis to help keep myself focused and centered. God’s got this – I know that – I’m just asking for forgiveness that I’m not as patient as I may need to be sometimes. God bless you and may the angels surround you and your camp during the upcoming revival meetings you have scheduled.

  99. Daniel S Solloway

    I listen for about 5 or `10 minutes and could not take it any longer. So boring, as I listen to him lie as if he and his administration were responsible for the downturn of the Covid virus. If Slow Joe was trying to figure out how to get the vaccine made it would have been at least five years and that may be charitable since that is the normal time it takes and Joe would have no idea how not know to speed up the process. It took a businessman whose business depends on efficiency. The rest of the world must be laughing their ass off except for our friends like Israel who must be scared for their future since Joe favors Iran just like Obama.

  100. Harvey L Wampler

    Continuing to support and enjoy your years of ministry–having met you and worked in the Phoenix Crusades back in the early 80’s. Have followed your ministry and read your book thru the years. Lately, your passion and burden has corresponded with my heart with current needs for the times. Mario, you remind me of Joshua and Caleb appealing to the Church to go on in and possess the “promised land.” All the critics and rejectors remind me of the 10 reports that “we are not able” as the giants are there, the cities are walled, the people are too many. Seems that Christian familiarity has created a curse over our nation rather than a blessing and encouragement for the Army of God (Remanent)!

  101. gege4god

    IMPEACH BIDEN!!!! I am starting a petition online!!What a joke! Phil Beatty

  102. NickT

    Amen to that, Mario,
    Biggest liar to ever call himself president. We all know theY stole the election from the American people. Lying Joe is trying to con the people into believing he is president and that his government (their god) will save us. President Trump did all he could to stop the Wuhan virus. These progressive fools on the left are sick
    with their vision for America. What is their slogan “Trash America Again” only make it worse then Ever before?
    I prefer MAGA. Trump won hands down.

  103. loradollarhide

    We are definitely living in perilous times, I still believe Trump will be back this year, but my faith is in God because He is our only hope!
    I wish the churches would get their eyes opened and see we need to stand together, as far as some of the comments about Bro Graham, doesn’t matter if I agree or disagree with what he had to say but it’s my responsibility to pray for him, so I’ll keep my opinions to myself because I don’t want anything between me and God!
    Bro Mario I love to watch the videos of what God is doing through your ministry!!! I watch all 3 segments of the pastor luncheon and I was blessed, you have a great anointing and God is using you mightily!
    I pray for you and your family and your ministry every day…..to God be the Glory for your boldness and obedience to Him!!!

  104. emmalmoore

    He has been a liar for years and there is no truth in him. Nothing has changed. I wonder if he is going down the route that Ananias and Sapphire went. As I heard from a minister years ago, “You lie, you fry” from the scripture liars have their part in the lake of fire. I guess we don’t have to wonder-just follow the Holy Scripture of God.

  105. dianle25

    Bravo!!!! Encore!!!!

  106. Susan Sites

    Thank you so much Mario, you always pinpoint every detail, I cannot watch anything that this fraudulent person does or acts on. I’m very disgusted and upset that a person that has done so much criminal activity to come against the integrity of our Constitution and blatantly lies, and the very worse murdering innocent babies! Especially on our tax money! I appreciate you Mario, so thank you!

  107. Sharon Soldo

    Biden is a disgrace! But he won’t be in office for much longer. His mental incapacity is quite apparent. Both Pelosi and Harris are waiting in the wings to take over. It’s disturbing to think of who Harris will pick as a VP and what abominations they will attempt to bring on our nation!

    • soljerblue

      It is past time — FAR past — for a rebirth of the church militant. Our faith was once fueled by hymns such as “Battle Hymn of the Republic”, and “Onward Christian Soldiers”. We learned of stalwarts of the faith such as the Knights Templar, Martin Luther, John Calvin, many pastors of our early republic and — yes — Pastor Murillo. Ecclesiastes 3 talks of a time and place for everything, even a time for war. War is what we have — against America’s liberties guaranteed by the Constitution, supplanting God with government not of We The People, but they the unseen elites behind their enthroned puppet. This is emphatically not a war we wanted, but it’s being forced on us. Before we can truly fight it we must first of all acknowledge what it IS and stop listening to those who believe there’s any wiggle room left in the situation.

  108. Erica Jones

    Preach!!!!!! In total agreement Mario! Please keep speaking truth!! We need to hear it.
    Praying for this nation. May the Lord bless you mightily!
    On Fri, Mar 12, 2021 at 1:36 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” There once was a preacher who was just > plain boring. How boring? A man on the back pew became so angry about it > that he went outside and got a brick. When he came back in, he threw the > brick at the preacher. But it fell short and ended up hitting a man s” >

  109. Ronald Chandler

    Amen brother we love you sir. I had the honor to play worship music for some of your services in Oakland and Berkeley CA from east bay faith center at that time. Also helped you move somethings from your office in Danville CA to your home in Berkeley Ca. We are excited seeing you on victory channel along with tent meeting. We now live in Madison MIssissippi since 2011 and E members of Eagle mountain church Fort Worth tx.

  110. Sherry Lee

    What more can I say?Right on Mario!!

  111. Huba Topai

    Evangelicals for Biden? Absurd!Do they even read the Bible?They are for everything that GOD is against!

  112. casamamas

    My thought was that, his mouth was moving, he’s lying.
    Sent from Mail for Windows 10

  113. cjd729

    Praise the Lord! Discerning and truthful words. I pray that the Lord will continue to bless and lead you Mario. You are a voice crying in the wilderness of American religion, calling back the church and its Elders and Pastors to the Bible, to the Truth and to the clear teaching of the Lord Jesus.

  114. eaglewind77

    I could not watch this Evil, Anti-Christ, Reprobate Man talk. He has Waxed so Dark in his Soul . Biden has Grieved the Holy Spirit of God.. God we Pray for your Wisdom and Understanding in these Dark Day’s. Give us your battle plan.. to defeat this Tyranny.

  115. Patricia Hatley

    I’m in agreement with you Brother Mario. Biden did not speak the truth. The saddest thing to me is his mental faculties. True, the man is guilty of a lot of things during his political years but what I’m seeing and hearing is a man in need of serious medical help. Spiritual help, number one, but his mind just is not there. He is a patsy being exploited by someone for their personal gain. And it saddens my heart that his own family would use him in this way. Shame on his wife and family. They know he’s sick yet they choose to exploit him in this shameful manner. I really don’t like the man and I just can’t help but believe someone is taking advantage of a sick individual. God help those who have done this for the nation is suffering from it as well.

  116. Bill Beaty

    You are soooooo right! Preach it from the rooftops.
    Sent from my iPhone

  117. Lisa Coleman

    On Fri, Mar 12, 2021 at 12:33 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” There once was a preacher who was just > plain boring. How boring? A man on the back pew became so angry about it > that he went outside and got a brick. When he came back in, he threw the > brick at the preacher. But it fell short and ended up hitting a man s” >

  118. sandy long

    On Fri, Mar 12, 2021 at 12:34 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” There once was a preacher who was just > plain boring. How boring? A man on the back pew became so angry about it > that he went outside and got a brick. When he came back in, he threw the > brick at the preacher. But it fell short and ended up hitting a man s” >



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