Private hell

by | Feb 28, 2020 | Christianity Today | 87 comments

Vast swathes of the church still bring up his past.  A few who are wearing tinfoil hats call him a devil. Clueless preachers still won’t take a stand. He goes through hell every day protecting the American church and they repay him with indifference.

I am sure that he would make me take down this blog if he could. How I know that, is my business. He doesn’t want the church to know how our ingratitude hurts and baffles him. Obama silenced pastors and yet many pastors still love Obama. Meanwhile, Trump fought for and won free speech in the pulpit—free speech that is being used by many to castigate the very person who restored that right.

But no matter how much I am attacked for supporting him, I will not turn my back on President Trump.  Because of his policies, I have been able to win more souls and preach with greater freedom. The President is standing up for our ministry and he is standing up for you, as well.

You lefties need to save your strength.  Nothing you say is going to change my mind.

Now, I have a burning question for the church: Have you seen the chilling video of Lance Wallnau relating the prophetic warning Trump gave to Evangelical leaders?  Our President found out what the Democrats plan to do to Christians if they win the White House and retake the Senate.  He took the time to gather church leaders and to warn them.

The Left will go after the church with a vengeance because they think the church helped Trump.   Embarrassingly, that is a false accusation since the church at large really hasn’t done much to help him. Nothing like they could have. Now because of apathy, Trump’s hard won protections can be frittered away.  The President’s description of the Left’s hatred for the church and their plans for us is chilling.

Informed sources say, radicals will be bolder to assault conservatives and Christians.  Social media would tear off its mask and openly persecute the church.

Yeah, I’m angry!  Donald Trump and his family have endured excruciating suffering so that we could do something as simple and easy as voting and challenging other Christians from our pulpits to get out and vote. AND WE STILL CAN’T BRING OURSELVES TO DO SOMETHING AS SIMPLE AS THAT?

It is jaw-dropping how oblivious many believers are about this moment in time in which they are living.  Trump is a divine disruption—a merciful pause button to give the church a chance to keep America from going off the cliff of Socialism.  So far, most people in the church have done little to act on this mercy, let alone appreciate it!  But I thank God for my President!

And what has the church done to repay Trump for the silent, nameless agony he suffers daily on our behalf?  Many reward him with apathy, ingratitude, disrespect, slander, and abandonment.  My friend, we are about to pay an incalculable price if we don’t get a right view of this hour.

I am sorry to say this, but Satan has seduced many preachers who head personal empires and oversee independent kingdoms. At such a critical hour as this, they will still not come together in unity to speak to the nation with one voice.  Because they are protecting their own private little empires, they can’t afford to offend their congregation.  Little do they realize this: if the Left gets its way, they will have no empire to defend and no nation to pass on to their children.

You may ask: “Mario, is there any hope?”  Yes, there is! But we need God to apply the electrode paddles to our faintly beating hearts.  We need holy rage, holy boldness.  We need to talk to every believer we know and tell them to wake up and vote and tell others that they need to vote.

I realize that it takes courage to support President Trump and to take a stand for our faith at this hour.  Just remember, right now it may be difficult, but if we lose in November, it will go from hard to impossible.

No one believes in miracles more than I do—and a miracle is exactly what we must have at this hour.  We need a miracle of repentance and boldness, but it all begins with our having a humble appreciation for this man whom God has placed in the White House.

There will never be a more important election than this one.  Your vote will never mean more than it does now.


  1. Michael A Druckenmiller Sr

    Posted to my Facebook…

    It’s called courage when you do what you know is right even when people are indifferent, and in some cases outright antagonistic even when your actions directly benefit them.

    It is the height of foolishness for some calling themselves evangelical, to heap slurs, innuendos and contempt on the only champion Christian, Jews and Israel has truly had in the oval office for decades!

    These fools have said in their heart that Jehovah cannot forgive a *FORMER* billionaire playboy, and use him for His Glory and the protection of God’s People in America.

    Sham, Shame, Shame! May their teen years come back in nightmares to haunt them to their deaths!

    *REMEMBER* The story of the unjust servant? Yeah, how would you like your original debt of sin to be restored?

    • Brendolyn Taliaferro

      He used David; a man God said was after His own heart.

      • Joyce Gibson

        Amen! Some of the Christians today would not believe Saul when he was called of God and became Paul!

      • Michael A Druckenmiller Sr


        God also used several secular kings to preserve Israel after He was forced, by their sin, to send them into bondage.

        But, I think Trump is much more than that, showing us what a man called of God can do for our Country and the world, in politics. But, even more, I’ve noted a change in him that tells me something good has happened at the heart level. And, incomplete, I believe it is on going.

        • Carolina

          I agree Mr Druckenmiller Sr,
          Donald J Trump the man, not the President, is being handled by The Master Potter, shaped on the potters wheel spinning it until smoothed, adding just the right rate of speed to the wheel, just the right amount of living water and of the touch of The Master Potter, where it even hurts through the shaping, molding process. This is all about molding the inner man unto the glory of Christ The King. Trump hating people ignore this, because frankly it’s just too deep for their dimmed spiritual eyes to see. The Lord Jesus Christ loves and cares about Donald J Trump just as much as HE does for anyone else on this planet. The Omniscient Lord is not caught by surprise by any of this crazy hateful behavior. HE’s using it… in His incredible eternal economy, so that nothing is lost or wasted.

      • Gary Stewart

        David Repented before God and changed his ways !!! No matter how those who Support President Trump make it sound God is a God of Truth, Justice, Mercy ,Love and Righteousness. No one can argue against that

        • Michael A Druckenmiller Sr

          I am sure that everyone of us became perfectly Discipled Christians within the first few years.

          I bet you never have to go to the feet of Jesus and ask to have your feet washed.

          How do you know that Trump has not asked forgiveness? How do you know he is not placed by Jehovah for such a time as this?

          Can you point to even one democratic candidate that is a better match to truly Christian Principles of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness?

          Not a single one of them is pro-life. And, the shedding of innocent blood is an abomination before Jehovah.

          Here’s a bit of truth for you, remember what happened to the unjust servant? Yeah when he refused to forgive his fellow servant his master restored his entire debt!

        • Carolina

          Yes Gary Stewart, as far as those who support PR-Trump are concerned, most of us fully understand the gospel of Christ, the need for repentance, and the doctrine of how short ‘every human being’ falls from the glory of God. We are not consumed with finger pointing other peoples sins out to them, including PR-Trump. We know that we didn’t elect a priest, or a minister, or a pastor to be president, but a smart businessman for the job. Because God is The Lord of the Truth found only in Jesus Christ, it definitely is Repentance that is required for the people of this nation to get back on track with each other and act among ourselves without the hubris that is being used against each other as far too many spitefully disagree with another in this nation.
          Watch this I hope it helps ?

  2. megagenius

    Lots of churches have leaders who are little insecure boys or girls with big titles. They want to be Undisturbed Country Clubs and call them churches. President Trump puts them to shame as he plows through the status quo. I think this sissy Christian behavior with empty excuses is provoking God to anger.

    • Joann

      AMEN! Truth!!!

    • William Nix

      Agree one thousand percent……popularity “preachers” make me sick and if it makes me sick i’m quite sure it makes God sick.

      • Bungalow Bill

        You are talking about the same Trump who embraces Paula White, right?

        • Michael A Druckenmiller Sr

          If Paula White was the only one who had President Trumps ear, there might be reason to be concerned. But, she is not.

          I’ve been thinking as lot about the definition of a heretic.

          1. religion : a person who differs in opinion from established religious dogma
          2. : one who differs in opinion from an accepted belief or doctrine :

          So, as long as a person believes Jesus is the Son of God, raised from the dead and confesses same, they can be saved but still be classified as a heretic.

          The problem becomes when their heresies get in the way of good government or the True Gospel.

          So far I have not seen Paula’s advice to Trump fit that category. And, by aligning herself with Trump she is willing to take the heat for that, heat many other “popular” evangelists are refraining or even condemning.

          Here’s the thing, if we fail to Vote for Life we will get a Socialist government that will basically legalize hatred and attacks against Christians, Jews and The Not Yet Born.

          There is not a single demoncrap who has proclaimed themselves as Pro-Life, if fact they have repeatedly and forcefully proclaimed that they are for throwing all restrictions to abortion off.

          And, I beg you not to be confused by all the innuendo, if you fail to vote or vote for a demoncrap you will be complicit in the shedding of innocent blood.

      • Diana Stewart

        Yes! You cannot call yourself a Believer of Jesus Christ and VOTE the “LACK” of values in every single Democrat candidate!
        Come On!!!!

    • William Strength

      I believe that GOD is shaking his head at our hypocrisy and trying to warn us about the door to Salvation that is QUICKLY closing. He raises up, and puts asunder Kings and Princes to do his will, even if it’s unknowingly carried out by an imperfect human. Those who are without sin, cast the first stone. GUILTY!!

  3. Dea Darnell

    My saved brothers and sisters in Christ have self righteously allowed Satan to speak in a very haunting voice as only he can. He has tricked them into judging our President for things they find unforgivable, even our pastors in the pulpit. The older I get I recognize, and thankfully so, realize how I am responsible for my sin. I am confused that some of the faith in Jesus have chosen to ignore their own sin because it isn’t “as bad” as what they believe our President has done. This to me is the most damaging choice they can make. The amount of lost souls that will be pushed away from the gospel because of their judgement will damage their witness. I have heard and observed sins within the body beyond what some have heard about President Trump. However, I am not righteous nor are they. If you face your own sin you will be busy enough to not get caught up in Satan’s plan. Join me by praying for forgiveness. Love one another and always ask God to help you not to judge.

    • Mary Binaco

      Amen!! I join you in prayer.

      • Elsie Rose Wanstall

        I pray for our country and our beloved President Donald J Trump in troubled times. Clean our hearts and guide our actions by the power of Holy Spirit. We need him to come along side each of our hearts. Humble our hearts and minds that we might live in wisdom given by God. Forgive our sins, as we forgive others. May we live in UNITY. We pray that your Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven

      • Vicki

        That’s right and David did some pretty bad things! God can use anyone no matter what they have done if they will be still and listen to and for God! Plus we all are sinners saved by Grace and only Grace!

    • Bari Bailey

      Amen, I’m in total agreement with you.
      I Pray for President Trump and his family and his administration. I pray for him to win this 2020 Election. I really cannot believe our brothers and sisters in Christ who want to judge President Trump for his past. How soon we forget what God has forgiven us for. If you believe he has forgiven you then why can’t you believe he’s has forgiven President Trump? His sin was no worse than anyone else’s. Sin is sin. Ask and you shall be forgiven. That’s what my Bible says. I THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP and I will continue to pray for you.

    • William Strength

      EXACTLY! that’s what I’m saying.

  4. Libby Murray

    Christians need to look a little closer than how many times someone has been married, whether a few 4-letter words fly or even a G..D…or if he acted somewhat ridiculous in his younger years during the s……Revolution. He loves the Lord, he loves the people, and he loves this country and he’s doing his positively best and he’s not stealing from this country. Has he broken the 10 Commandments, I think not. So who hasn’t made a mistake in life, you ask for forgiveness, forgive yourself, and go on. So, do the same for your President.

    • Nev Stubblefield

      We have no idea what our PRESIDENT has been through for the past three years. He’s hated by so many people, & these people have no clue why they hate him so bad.
      I know that so many people are always judging him, about him being a Christian. The CHRISTIANS are the worst to judge him.
      The most important thing for me to do is to Pray for him & I Trust the Lord will be the one, who will take care of the things that he’s lacking in his life. It’s not my place to judge, & it’s not good for others to judge his relationship with the Lord. If we think that we have the right to judge, then the Bible, tells us not to Judge, lest we Will be JUDGED.

  5. Carolina

    Just take a look around you and anyone with half a brain can see the left over half baked ideas that the Obama administration left behind. PR-Trump has been working day & night to dismantle those bazaar leftist executive decisions in order to revive this nation again to at the very least its former glory.
    It simply doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that IF these snarly socialist politicians win the White House Oval and more branches of government, this countries goose is cooked! Health Care as we know it will be over, how do I know? Because both my invalid brother and mother right now are dealing with Medicaid assisted insurance from the gov. (which is very limited) and the Drs. who participate within that system make them wait on line for everything no matter how desperate, sick and pressing the need is. I can’t even get them to call me back after one of them has fallen and broken some part of their body. Then there’s the Social workers, who have to fight so many government privacy laws that people die while they’re waiting!! And these simpleton “Medicare for all” politicians know darn good and well that they will NOT use this type of insurance if they get it instituted. NO just like the 2 tiered system of justice our nation is facing whereby slick willy politicians and FBI agents get away with anything they do unlawfully, while the rest of us have to pay, pay, pay, for anything and everything that is done period. These same dudes and dudettes will make the justice system completely weaponized against anyone they consider a threat. And YAP that means all Christians and YAP that means Christians in leadership who’ve had non profit status will be seized for back Taxes they never dreamed of !
    WAKE UP people…since God had Jonah thrown out of the boat into the belly of the great fish for not prophesying to Nineveh, what do you think He’ll do with you preachers for keeping silent!!?
    “where much is given much is required”.

  6. Susan Grant

    Well said Mario!! The Ecclesia is supposed to be a light and a voice! We are not to be silent during these deceptive and chaotic times just to get a tax break or worry about offending someone! We are to be unified in love, truth , and righteousness. We are to love God’s truth— the Bible and love our fellow man enough to stand up for it!!

  7. Darlene Rodriguez

    Mario, I left Hillsong for numerous reasons and this is one of them. I was tired of fake worship, uniformed fellow parishioners who had no clue to the power and authority they had in the Name above ALL names. Parishioners who didn’t want to talk about abortion and wanted to sweep it under a rug. I was tired of not being fed the Word by ministers who had me scratching my head when I left a service wondering what I just heard and nothing to go on for the week ahead…. I was tired of not hearing the Word preached about the evils we faced in society and how to equip ourselves for the fight. They always acted like we were gonna go to a trip to Disneyland instead and just ignore what is going on in our city…state…and country and the world. I didn’t want to hear about how “cool” it was to have a female guitarist on stage, or how the senior pastor was trying out a new funky hair cut to go with his “skinny jeans.” He was 50 going on 15…. It was all business and no genuine warmth from them or the congregation…no reaching out what-so-ever to me…just a “welcome home” when you entered on Sunday and see you next week when you left. I tell you what…my home is far more welcoming because I can feel the presence of Holy Spirit and the peace that passes all understanding when I walk in the door and the power that goes with me when I exit to go about my day.

    Anyhow, I agree with you and commend you for speaking the truth in this hour. I wish you had your church home here in Arizona. I pray for our President and occasionally send him a letter or card to encourage him so he will know he is appreciated. I don’t know if he reads them, but some may land on his desk and God only knows if my cards do, but at least Ive done my part. Thank you for your personal words of encouragement to me Mario…its much appreciated by me…your the only pastor of stature who takes the time to write notes…God bless you for it.

    • Nancy Zimmerman Kroeger

      Brother, Father, Friend Mario . .you lead the ?????♥️ charge. Love you.
      When Donald Trump announced he was running for president, I knew I was going to vote for him. I am a born again spirit filled christian. I followed the news and media and supported him with prayer and showing favorable postings on facebook and wherever I could comment. I didn’t care what anybody else thought. Then, one day while in my kitchen the wind of the Holy Spirit shot me a thought. I heard the word “Cyrus” and I knew it had to do with him. I knew about where in the Bible Cyrus was mentioned so I opened to Isaiah and arrived at chapter 45 and started reading. I knew the Holy Spirit had told me this. I knew this was what Donald Trump was supposed to do and he was going to win the election no matter what the rest of them said. God had a mission for him. I remember putting a search in about “Trump and Cyrus” and Lance Wallnau’s book came up “God’s Chaos Candidate.” I ordered it. I knew that I knew God had something to do with Donald Trump running for president, and if so, Donald Trump would be our next president no matter what it looked like in early 2016, and what I heard “church people” saying about him. I was born again at the age of 30. I hadn’t sat in a church pew my whole life from the age of 3, like many, before that. I even used to make fun of evangelicals in tent meetings. I had actually been dubbed a Catholic and had gone to a Catholic school up to the 8th grade. I say “dubbed” because it wasn’t a choice. At least not til I made a choice to fall into Jesus’s arms at the age of 30. I then knew what grace was. I knew what forgiveness and becoming a new creation was. So, I knew what many in the church at large was saying of him was unfair, but worse it showed a huge lack of hearing the Holy spirit on their part. And there are many. I even clashed in posting with a facebook friend whom I had known as another mom in a type of christian school our kids had gone to years before. She was very firm about what she thought of him and it wasn’t good or anything near thinking of him as a man God had chosen to be president. Yes, they are all still out there thinking like that. Even after he has worked so hard for 4 years. The church needs to be filled with the Holy spirit, those who have never been. And a refilling if they once were. And dare I say also some need to be born again as well. Or if they were, at least consciously use the available gifts, power, and communication that comes with what the father has given us that he knew we would desperately need on this earth until Jesus returns.

      • Carolina

        Nancy Zimmerman Kroeger, your testimony brought tears to my eyes!?
        Stand tall fellow Kingdom Sister in Jesus Christ.?

      • Shirley Shumard

        I have no words for the sadness I feel over the state of indifference I see around me with what’s happening to our Country. And yes I’m praying for President and our Country.
        But for the Grace of God there go I!

      • Gladys Knight

        Darlene Rodriguez AND Nancy Zimmerman Kroeger, I agree 100% with both of you and others. I’m not able to donate to President Donald Trump but I voted for him and will again! I do post on my Facebook daily about how President Trump has done everything he promised except what the Dems have tied his hands. I do receive some flack on my Facebook but I’m not going to stop. Most who do agree with me who are conservative Christians just do the like. Personally, I think Christians believe we are supposed to be quiet and not be vocal. Really, just look at what happened to the Jewish people in the holocaust! I watch and listen to the Hagees Ministry every day on TBN and they preach the truth. May God bless our country with another four years with President Donald Trump, IF Jesus hasn’t returned.

      • Frank

        Wow, love ❤️ your testimony!

    • Nancy Zimmerman Kroeger

      Darlene . . . ??♥️?

    • Carolina

      Darlene Rodriguez YEA and AMEN!!!????

    • Ron Geyer

      “But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving others and being deceived.” Paul was warning Timothy about the last days Church. In Matthew 13 Jesus’ parables describe for us what the kingdom of heaven will look like until His return. The kingdom will be filled with Tares and evil men, growing with the wheat. Jesus said leave them there. My point….don’t judge the Church by the tares. The real believers, those who make up the Kingdom of God are supporting our President and you too. Once we are gone, the apostate Church will be all that’s left…and salvation will cost them dearly. For now, God knows them that are His….the demise of the Church has been written and spoken of by Jesus, leave them alone….we have enough for what needs doing… love you guy#…thanks

  8. Donna Lerlie

    I have been reading your blogs for a while now and every church in this country should and needs a voice such as yours .. We as God’s children are being so lied to and sad to say, many are falling for it.. Many are getting weak in the knees. For some, it would only take a straw of grass to push them over. I for one is not one of them… I know who I believe in.. God has to shake up those who say they believe but will fall for anything.. They have to be weeded out… the chaff from the wheat… but God will always have His remnant.. who satan will never be able to stop….

  9. Bill

    Ignorance and even racism runs rampant through our pastors and churches today. Many Never Trumpers would prefer this country destroyed rather than Trump be successful(they think). Keep preaching it Mario!!! It’s time for Christians to stand and be bold!!

  10. Linda Misak

    I support our President by voting and covering him with prayer. My concern is also for the church. The lack of prayer and discernment is alarming. I do not remain silent, we must speak out for truth.
    Thank you for speaking out.

    • Judy

      President Trump is the real deal! Stands up for pro-life! Protects American citizens from terrorism, and a surplus in your countries economic growth! This man recognizes the significance of The God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob is Lord over All.
      Trump is pro-Israel by moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, pro-life and pro-USA.
      Matt 6:10 Your kingdom come
      Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. President Trump is in office for such a time as this.
      Pray for Him and his family!

      • Kathleen

        Amen and amen!

  11. Sinea Pies

    And many many of us are with you, Mario. We love our president and do know how faithful he has been to us. We pray for him day and night and thank GOD that He put him in power.

    May the church wake up before it is too late. I believe he will win again, but it is not a shoe-in. We must stand and pray for President Trump and our nation!!! After he wins, we must continue to stand in the gap on his behalf.

  12. Daniel C. Parker

    Dear President Trump. I would like to personally thank you for all you have done from the bottom of my heart! I would anything to support you to keep you in the White House including but not limited to pick up arms and lay down my life to defend you for Making America Great against the leftist socialist liberal Democrats. I happen to live in a liberal state and I would like to open a campaign office to flip the Liberals in this Blue State that are against you and ICE and is a sanctuary state and even the Judges and bailiffs are part of a conspiracy to protect illegal Immigrants that have been deported and then came back into our Great Nation. I am going to be 66 in April and I would like to keep this country great for my 9 grand children and one great granddaughter and I am now a grandfather of 8 as I have lost my first granddaughter at 28 a year ago this past January do to opiate addiction to fentanyl. Coming over the border and I support your wall in fact I have been a self employed welder and fabricator since 1979 I would love to go and work on the wall for food and drink. My state was the home of Paul Revere and now we don’t even have a state Militia I want you to know that all of my friends also are your supporters and are voting for you in 2020. God Bless America and all of your family. Sincerely Dan Parker

  13. Darelle Estep

    Thank you Mario.  My husband and I pray for President Trump nearly everyday.  We support him and pray for our nation. Mrs. Estep

  14. Jim Taylor

    There is a pattern with the people of GOD that seems to keep repeating and it goes like this …. God blesses His people, His people live in His blessing and for a time are thankful and mindful of His Goodness, then they start to live IN the blessing, forgetting the One who gave it them, they fall into times of captivity and despair and finally call out once again to GOD, who in His mercy reaches out and saves them once again. That pattern has repeated itself in the church in North America over these past decades, and we are now in the place where we need to be freed from our captivity once again. But first ……. if My people, called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from THEIR wicked ways (not the world out there) then I will hear from heaven and heal their land. That is a cry of warning over the US for at least the past three years, yet the church, led by heirlings have been sleeping through it all. Some mistakenly believing they will avoid the nastiness and be raptured before the times of trouble….. we are in times of trouble now. WAKE UP

    • Shirley Shumard


  15. kingskid48

    I, too, am grieved at what is being preached in the pulpits and passed off as the Gospel today. Pastor Mario pours his heart out daily, trying to save our freedoms and save this country, and we get pablum on Sunday morning. I sit and wonder, “Is this the Gospel, the Good News, the Cross, of the Sacrifice He made for our freedom and eternal life? ….Reaching our goals in life?” Of course, God wants us to prosper, be in good health, live a satisfied life, etc, we all know that, but do we need it Sunday after Sunday after Sunday? Where are the teachings on getting to truly know the Person of the Holy Spirit? Where are the teachings on receiving power from Him, to fight this end time battle, save America and our state, and save the lost? Where are the admonishments from the pulpits about being aware of the times and what is happening to our country? To be sure, it’s not all the pastor’s fault. To his credit, he had our Representative come and take questions from the people…six people showed up, out of a church of 8,000 members. The last prophecy conference was held in 1999. Church of 8,000-about 150 people showed up. Some of the biggest names in Bible Prophecy. It was SO embarrassing. That’s the last I ever heard a teaching on Bible Prophecy in the church. So, it’s not all the pastor’s fault. But why did he not chew us out? Why is he not chewing us out now? All I know, is I want to be found faithful. If God has to put a man in there who will get rough with us and shake us up from the pulpit, I say, Yeah and Amen. It’s irresponsible for a pastor to talk about the plans for the future of the church a hundred years from now, and not at least say, “If Jesus tarries”. All we have to do is look around us, look at Israel, the world, at the advances in technology. Everything would have to reverse, and then move back into place again, if we have a hundred years left. We were told to be aware of the times, the signs and seasons. There will be a Rapture, it’s one of the clearest teachings in Scripture. The question is, who will go? I believe Perry Stone may have it the closest to being right-those who are truly walking close with Him, committed, living for Him, busy for Him, and who “love His appearing”. Many who think they are going in the Rapture will instead have to go through the Tribulation and prove their love for Him by escaping the antichrist and avoiding taking the Mark. There has to be mortals on the earth after His physical return to set up His Kingdom. There have to be those who survive the Tribulation. Otherwise, there would be no final rebellion against Christ at the end of the Millennium. Some things are just too clear in Scripture to be up for grabs. But the only way to learn this stuff is through reading and studying of different viewpoints from different teachers. They don’t all agree on all points. You have to study, pray, and use discernment You’re not going to get it in church. The average Christian who is doing a cursory study of Bible Prophecy knows more than 98% of the pastors on end times, is my guess. Okay, end of rant.

    • Carolina

      kingskid48, I appreciate your rant.
      Particularly on the ‘prophetic’ aspect that far too many ignore today. YES, Perry Stone is hitting the nail on the proverbial end time head! Right now you can get his new book on all these prophetic issues through TBN, I couldn’t find it on Perry’s website, but through TBN it’s a special offer.
      The title is…”Prophecies Concealed Now Revealed”. Mario M. and Perry’s books are really the best one’s right now. Granted even TBN no longer has enough on their network about last days, end time doctrine, nor do they have the guest speakers they used to regarding these incredibly important prophetic topics. Compared to when Jan & Paul were still alive. BUT, right now they gave a good share of TV time on it with Perry recently and also offering his book. ?
      Based upon many end times theologians from the past and their opinions about the need for repentance & revival, I’ve always said what I learned from them, “Quality and quantity last days, end time teaching of prophecy and the Revelation, brings many complacent converts to their knees”.

  16. merilee land

    Thank you. I notice democratic candidates aren’t shy about going to primary black churches while at the same time many ministers live in fear of offending someone and remain silent.

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  17. Christine Martin

    Yep. Agree. Amen. You have articulated this clear warning very well.Standing in the gap in prayer for this nation. Indeed, we are in trouble if we do not take a stand for truth.Blessings,Christine

    • David Larson

      The most dangerous place in the US is a church parking lot on Sunday morning. For “Christians” who can’t get out of their own way, understanding the political and social aspects of the coming persecution, or even voting, seems beyond their grasp. God didn’t make stupid people. People made themselves stupid. Is there an explanation for this?


      • Donna Storeide

        Me. Murillo your statements are so true! I am appalled by the hate displayed toward our President by those who label themselves as “Christian”! They would rather have someone who fights to kill babies than someone who fights to restore their rights to pray in public. During a ladies bible study class recently on King David some of the ladies started making negative comments about President Trump. I got angry and asked them “don’t you know that God raises up kings and deposes kings. It is not your place to criticize the man God placed in a position of power, but to pray for him and his family, not that he will be removed from office, but God’s work will be accomplished through him. That what the enemy has destroyed will be rebuilt!’ I was amazed how after I said this I saw a dark shadow appear on several of the ladies face, just like I see on many Democrats currently in power! We must pray without ceasing for our President, his family, his administration, and the church. The devil is not going to win this battle!

  18. Sheri Cromley

    Praying for our President and the USA!!!

  19. Sandy Hayes

    Please sir! Your article broke my heart for this President. Please can you send him all these notes of encouragement. How desperately do we need his stance and his desire to do what is best for this country , for Christians, for every area of our life. I am sooo grateful for him and how God is directing him to protect this country and it’s founding principles. ‘Do not grow weary in well doing for in due time you will reap your just reward’. We love you Pres Trump. Keep standing for us and thank you and we ask God bless you and your family.

  20. Randy Miller

    TOTALLY RIGHT ON! May God have mercy on our self centered country and rescue us from the destruction planned by the demon inspired left!

    President Trump needs our prayers, votes and support to drain The Swamp! That’s why The Swamp has spent the first 3 years of his Presidency trying to impeach him. Thank you Mario for your courageous leadership on this crucial issue!

  21. free73735

    Today is my birthday and I thank God I am here to see another year with PTrump/Pence, their families, & their Teams still at the helm of America!

  22. Doug Spurling

    I hesitate to mention this because, I don’t want to plant seeds that could lead to Boot Hill.

    So, I submit this, with a prayer. That’s all. No fanfare. No alerts. I’ll just leave it here, alone.

    If anyone finds these words, I pray, they pray; for us, for US. Intercede that we’re what our name implies, United. That we’ll bow our knee and be, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

    The idea may be way out in left field (which is fitting, actually). But it seems, a match-made-in-hell may be forthcoming; Buttigieg & Hillary…(Butt Hill).

    The LGBTQ would love it. The Hillary groupies would love it. The feminists would love it. The liberal-left-wingers who call themselves “Christians” would follow, the never Trumpers and demonicrats would rally…

    (Reader Note: If you think this is a political post, please stop reading now, you’ve missed the point and will never understand the rest).

    Sure, it’d be more difficult for Hillary to cover up the murder of a young Butt, than an old one; but, perhaps the young mayor wouldn’t need to be murdered, just manipulated enough for Hillary to run the show—or think she does. The real enemy would have free reign to manipulate from the highest office of mankind—whetting the devil’s lust for power and setting the world stage for his final hour.

    One thing the body of Christ should be good at is, unity; with one mind, and one voice, united in honor of and answer to, Jesus prayer that we “all may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You; that they also may be one in Us, that the world may believe that You sent Me.” (John 17)

    Alas, we’re not.

    The world is.

    Since the Tower of Babel the world figured out the power of one voice. God said it best: “The people are united, and they all speak the same language. After this, nothing they set out to do will be impossible for them!” (Genesis 11:6).

    With a small, but united, voice, they’ve caused and applauded the slaughter of millions upon millions of innocent babies. Their perverted, lust corrupted mind, has fallen to delusion about their very creation and gender. Yet, due to their united front, they’ve caused common sense and common knowledge to be replaced with laws in their favor.

    Until this morning I thought America was safe from God denying socialism, at least for another term.

    But then, from out of nowhere I caught a glimpse of what seemed to be a page from the devil’s playbook and could almost hear the one voiced Babel.

    Now, I’m sure we’re not secure. We must not be complacent. We must never underestimate the power of unity—for, or, against us.

    We, the body of Christ, with the mind of Christ, must wake, rise and pray…without ceasing. Stand shoulder to shoulder and stay the course. Speak the truth in love without apology or turning back. We must, must, must, grow up and throw aside those petty things that make no eternal difference.

    “The night is far spent, the day is at hand, let us cast off the works of darkness and put on the armor of Light.” (Romans 13)

    Notice: “put on the armor” indicates, a time for war.

    Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear.

    Spurling Silver

  23. Linda Frye

    Totally agree! Where r ourChristians. So much condemnation of our president. The one who fights for our rights. Is he perfect No are we NO!

  24. Sherry

    Lord Thy will be done and Thy mercy and Grace over a sinful Nation. Lord You are enough for President Trump to win the election and to continue the work You have anointed him to do. 1 Timothy 2:1-2 I urge then first of all that requests, prayers, intercession and Thanksgiving be made for everyone for Kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all goodness. Lord I praise you that You are King of kings and Lord of Lord’s. (rev. 19:6, 11-16) Lord forgive the sins of this Nation and please heal our land. 2 Chronicles 7:14) Lord put the full armor of God over our President so that the enemy has no stronghold over his mind or body. Surround him with warring Angels to ward off all spiritual and physical attacks against him. Lord have our President be dependent on You for strength and wisdom in the hostile world we live in. Lord I thank you for a President that loves You, loves the people and loves this Nation. Help Him lead in integrity, trustworthiness and honoring You in words and actions. Lord I pray He knows Your voice and that he puposes to fulfill Your purpose and will. Lord You are Sovereign over all things. In You I put my trust. May You be glorified in this election and may the Church have a great awakening of following you, following Biblical principles and not the current demonic Worldview. In Jesus mighty, Holy Name. Amen

  25. Shoshanna M Zimmerman

    I think it’s time for me to share what I believe the L-rd gave me. This goes along with what Brother Mario is saying. I heard this from the Lord, “Fraudulent application of my word.” That’s what is going coming from the church world.
    A few weeks later while in prayer this is what I saw. I was standing behind President Trump on my right and Melanie on my left in front of them stood their son. A horn of oil was poured on President and another over the first Lady. Both were soaked with oil . I heard the Lord say “what G-d has joined together let know man separate.” Next I heard, ” President Trump has a new anointing for his calling. Trump will be shocked at what he will accomplish in the earth. ” All three will be filled with the H.S.

  26. P Rock

    Many Churches feel God leads their own thoughts or consciences. God stands behind his word (Bible), not emotion or the thoughts of men. His word will not return empty/void. Men think they know, but they do not know. The end is death, God is not lead by politics, God raises up Kingdom after kingdom. God sets up leaders, & anoints them. I have met Liberal church members saying this or that. I have met conservatives church members who say the same. Only God says what matters & what will come to pass not man.

    • Carolina

      P Rock,
      If what you’re saying were true, then God would’ve done away with humanity long ago He wouldn’t have decided NOT to save Noah and his family.
      If what you’re saying was ‘completely’ accurate, then Christ would’ve have never said…”The gospel of The Kingdom will be preached in all the world and then the end will come”…
      If what you’ve said today were accurate, then Apostle Paul would’ve never said, “and how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written: How welcome are the feet of those who announce the gospel of good things”…
      If what you’ve said here were exacting regarding God and humanities role within God’s masterful workings, then Apostle James would have never said, “…”You (say) you have Faith, and I have works”, Show me your Faith without works and I will show you Faith from my works…Foolish man! Are you willing to learn that Faith without works is useless”?.
      God uses people men, women, children, young people, businessmen, politicians, governments, nations, science, His entire creation speaks even the cosmos itself God uses to beckon His plan into action at His good pleasure.
      God in Christ also stands behind and with many thoughts that people have and if they are correct thoughts and plans He supports them into action.
      The Lord God is compassionate up close and personal, not a detached authoritarian dictator distant from humanity as you’ve indicated here.
      We’ve a responsibility to co-operate with HIM as HE moves within us.
      All competing thoughts are not equal, leftist thoughts are not comparable to conservative ones at any level.

  27. Gary

    I am sure he could use all the support he can get.

    He has a tough job but the hardest part of the job Is that you never get to be alone. It is not like you can tell the secret service and staff to take the week off. I saw that in a dream one time. He was the one in the dream but maybe it was just about the job in general.

  28. dee2rites

    Reblogged this on Dee2rites Blog and commented:
    “And pray for every political leader and representative, so that we would be able to live tranquil, undisturbed lives, as we worship the awe-inspiring God with pure hearts.” 1 Timothy 2:2 The Passion Translation

  29. David Dolve

    Unfortunately, not every Christian is packing. Rom 8-14 For as many as are led by the Spirit of God these are the sons of God. Conversely, without being led by the Spirit, can one really know the heart of God? Religion is the process of making things hard and understandable. The Spirit opens one’s mind to the Gospel and wisdom. I would just say this; If one votes democratic with what they will provide, they are blinded. Vote Trump and let’s continue the ability to preach the Gospel. Like Mario said he is for us! In fact, he is one of us! Blessings

  30. Breaking Forth

    this is the one thing that gets me more ANGRY than just about anything—-that Christians are spineless as you explained above

  31. Ian

    Those who follow Christ are being separated from those who just want their ears tickled.
    God is calling the hot, the lukewarm He will spew out of his mouth.

  32. Paula Peterson

    I’m with you!! Amen!!!!!

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  33. Shane Walker

    Thank you Mario and president Trump

  34. anette young

    And the church also steps aside and refuses to help the thousands of homeless americans with simple sanitary shelter, allowing them to die of exposure, freezing tempertures, insect bites, no toilets and no running water (see san franciscom, seattle, portland, los angeles and other “democratic sancutaty cities” while letting in 1 million + “illegals” from around the world and “giving them air conditioned, heated shelter with tv, meals, clothing, and transportation paid for by my tax dollar. Yet the church cannot open its doors to have soup lines, sleeping on pews in the chuirch, blankets and comfort for children living in cars with their families who have done no wrong ecxcept they are unable to find housing they can afford.d.

  35. phc1

    I tried to find the Wallnau video, but couldn’t. Do you have any info like a date, or a title? I would like to watch it.

  36. cactusflower18

    I couldn’t agree with you more and I’m praying for him and his administration that “are” supporting him; still believing that our God only needs a remnant to get the job done; of course I will vote for him again in 2020!!!! I’m hopeful that those in the remnant are praying, fasting and are going to vote for life….in the womb and out. God Bless President Trump, his long-suffering family and all those that are for righteousness and see the truth!
    I think the “Christians” need a holy slap on their holy faces to WAKE UP!!!!!

    • Doug Spurling

      Amen. The night is far spent, the day is at hand…time to get slapped awake

  37. Debbie L

    Thank you! I just read Numbers 16, The Rebellion of Korah. Wow sounds like what we’re going through.

  38. Roberta Hallquist

    Some of the most vicious people I have ever dealt with in day to day life have been professing church members……er, pew warmers who are in fact lukewarm to the core. Satan has planted his tares, and he has his ministers too! Holiness befits the people of God, and if there is one thing God detests, it is spiritual pride. Many church people have never been born of God to begin with, so naturally such individuals are not looking for and hastening the Lord Jesus Christ’s return….and it follows that they will not be raptured because they are not part of His Body, except they truly repent and become entirely new creations in Christ Jesus. Indeed, Jesus came down hard on the self righteous scribes and Pharisees of His day. All true Christians need to humble themselves beneath the mighty hand of God and pray for the lost, beseeching God for His mercy on them and upon our nation and our world. It would not hurt to pray especially for those we deem most wicked, entreating our Lord for the salvation and deliverance of their souls, remembering that everlasting death where the worm dieth not and the fire is never quenched is a terrible reality! If church members talked less and prayed more, immense amounts would be accomplished in and for the Kingdom of God. May God grant us a passion for souls, compassion for the lost and struggling, merciful hearts toward those in want, and a fiery spirit of intercessory prayer until we truly know what it is to shake the heavens and the earth with our prayers in consonance with the Holy Spirit of God! For with God, nothing shall be impossible!! Let us with one unstoppable voice cry out the word AWAKEN over America just as the children of Israel prayed down the walls of Jericho!! In Jesus’ mighty Name, Amen and amen!!

    • cactusflower18

      Amen and amen; I so agree with you!

  39. Cathy Davis

    after reading all the responses, I found this site n a trolls page and thought it was a good idea to see what we are up against on the left, not only here but worldwide.. read the article.. this is the way the left portrays Our president. It’s horrible that the left has smeared him so badly.. WE definitely need to pray for our president and we also need to pray for these people who still do not have their eyes opened.

  40. Bobby Lewis

    You don’t need Trump to save souls. You need Jesus.

    Jesus isn’t left or right. He just always the way.

    You claiming that government gives you some kind of special freedom when your rights are from God is just astonishing. Statism is a dangerous religion.

    • mariomurilloministries

      Never said I needed Trump to win souls. But Israel didn’t need King Cyrus to get free of Babylon either…however, God used Cyrus. Yes, the Gospel comes first! But Jesus went after the Pharisees for the very same reason Godly voices go after leftists, abortionists, antichrist globalists, and false preachers. We never stop preaching the Gospel but we don’t put our head in the sand and let evil run rampant. Our nation was founded on the truth that our rights come from God. I don’t trust government but I also use my vote to oppose evil. Silence in the face of evil is itself evil.” -Dietrich Bonhoeffer

    • Michael A Druckenmiller Sr

      Special Freedoms? No… Constitutional Protections yes. Those were preexisting before Trump. Left to languish under the Bush’s and downright run over by obama, clinton and johnson.

      You miss the point. Trump is the only active President in my 60 plus years to *ACTIVELY* support the rights of pastors to speak truth from the pulpit concerning the political processes.

      He is also the only president to *ACTIVELY* support pro-life initiatives.

      Remembering that the shedding of innocent blood is an abomination that counts a lot.

      We live in a country that allows us to exercise God-Given freedoms, freedoms that *WILL* be lost if we refuse to allow The Holy Spirit to exercise our Mouths, Our Hands, Our feet, and or uniquely American gift of a non-coerced vote.

      Vote or not vote but, if your vote goes against you, keep your mouth shut!


    MARIO MURILLO, I have paid attention to your words off and on for many years. I was 100 % for TED CRUZ A CHRISTIAN BROTHER, he was my candidate for president. I was angry when Trump called him lying Ted. thru- the years I went to hear ” Kim Clement,” one morning I was playing on the net, went to his web site, and head the prophetic words about the TRUMPET.. A few weeks later, again , but this time the TRUMPET BEING CALLED THE DONALD, I got down on my knees to ask God for discernment, because I was believing the prophetic word.. my heart was changed, and I SUPPORT TRUMP 100 %.. NOW WE HAVE PRAYER BACK IN THE WHITE HOUSE..AMEN

  42. Michael A Druckenmiller Sr

    Accidentally killed my reply. Drat.
    1. There was a *LOT* more at stake in 2018 than just pro-life issues, many Congressmen were afraid of losing their seats, and many did.

    2. This was part of an Omnibus bill to keep the government alive. Some of my Federal Friends actually were unpaid for a time.

    3. At the time Tucker was a Never Trumper and carefully left out many details of what was actually going on.

    4. During that time period Tucker said he was actually a liberal posing as a Conservative. As a result he carefully word-smithed his reporting to intentionally hurt Trump.

    5. Since that time, Trumps people have fought and restricted abortion rights and have won much ground. Including Judges that will vote for Life.

    The long game was always to keep his promises and he has done an admirable job of that. Yes working in Washington, DC is a living hell (as Mario has stated) where sometimes the best you can do is take a step backwards to get a running start to jump the chasms.

    Just remember to issue as much grace to your President as you do yourself…

  43. James / jim Kucera

    Lord…save our President!!



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