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Every day someone comes up with a new reason for believing that Trump is finished.  However, the FBI found out that conspiring against the President backfires.  The media went for ratings by bashing Trump, only to lose ratings and credibility.

  • Mueller’s witch-hunt investigation has flamed out as a political disaster.  Americans saw the insanity of it.
  • Comey said his new book would do Trump in.  Instead, it was as effective as shooting spit balls at a battleship.
  • CBS believed it had the silver bullet that would end Trump.  Recall how they gleefully believed that a Sunday night interview with a porn star would be the end of Trump.  Monday came, and they joined a long list of disappointed Trump haters whose weapons did not prosper.
  • 400 newspapers declared war on Trump. Now many of them are up for sale and the survivors are fighting to stay in business.
  • The impeachment not only fizzled, it drove people to leave the Democrat Party.

I could go on and on.

You don’t need to worry about Donald Trump.   Let me give you seven reasons why all the attacks on Trump will fail.

1. The poll numbers are skewed against him. Scientists have shown that when people have a favorite candidate who is attacked by the press they go silent. They still support the person, they just won’t tell you.  Many, many more than we hear about still support Trump.

Even so, Democratic pundits are dismayed at the way Trump survives.  They were counting on a major drop in support after Trump’s impeachment. It just never happened. In fact, quite the opposite happened: his poll numbers climbed.

2. Americans have a deep sense of fair play.  They go for the underdog.  People see through the flagrant, wanton, partisan and disgraceful attacks on Trump by the media.  They are giving him a break for that.  They also understand his rookie mistakes; he is not a politician. We elected him because we didn’t want a politician, remember?

Uber-liberal director Rob Reiner denounced Robert De Niro and other celebrities for their rants against President Trump, saying it only helps the President. And Reiner is correct.

3. It’s the economy. Unemployment is at a 16-year low, and the consumer sentiment levels are at near record highs. When all the background noise settles, and the voter who now has a good paying job, prepares to pull the lever in 2020, the thought of returning to an Obama economy will horrify.

4. President Trump has plenty of time to win back those who have turned against him. Listen to Jake Novak senior editor at CNBC: “Both party establishments still need a vote-getting leader and President Trump already has the White House leadership role they covet. He has enormous executive power at his fingertips and the ability to win over some doubters with just the passage of time.”

5. The other side still looks so much worse. Elizabeth Warren is a shrill-throated hater of the white middle-class worker.  Bernie Sanders’ economy from Mars plays well only because pot is legal on campus.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has made socialism so unpopular it has 18% approval. Maxine Waters is a VOTE FOR TRUMP machine.  Nancy Pelosi is, well, Nancy Pelosi. Joe Biden is a creepy man.

6. Millions are praying for our nation. There is no way that the fervent prayer of millions will go unheeded in heaven. Sometimes, in the early stages of revival, things look as if they are getting worse before they get better.

I know Satan is writhing in agony right now.  He knows his time is short.  He knows what God is about to do.  He is in a futile rage against the inevitable answer.  He is spewing deception to make the anointed vessels of God think that no answer is coming.

7.This is the big one: Trump is here by divine appointment. Trump will survive.  Not because he’s perfect.  Not because his base is fiercely loyal.  He will survive even though he is hard for some Christians to take.  He is here by divine appointment.  Can you hear heads exploding?  Yes, you heard me right—he is here because God set him in the White House.

Today Maxine Waters said God has raised her up to bring Trump down.  Can you guess how that is going to turn out?

Donald Trump is here to wreck and dismantle. He is here to apply strong medicine to a self-destructive nation.

Nothing else explains why he is still standing after the cruelest and most unrelenting attack on any leader in American history since Abraham Lincoln.  More importantly, nothing else explains why none of this has broken his spirit.   Deal with it.  Someone way bigger than you and me wants him right where he is—doing just what he is doing.

Call him ruthless and impetuous, but President Trump is here until he fulfills his purpose.

Urgent final remarks:  To all the intercessors who cried out for a national miracle—you got it.  It’s just a much rougher package than you imagined.

He will put another conservative on the Supreme Court.  He is standing with Israel.  He is against abortion.  He is putting prayer back in schools. He is not only securing our borders, but also working to stop other nations from abusing and harming us.

Thoughtful believers see past the fog.  They see what I see.  They are praying for his protection, for wisdom and for God’s continued favor.

The big question is why is Trump here?  Here comes the chilling answer:  Trump is buying time for the sleeping church to wake up and do her job.  Trump is the divine stop-gap that has been brought to us by the mercy of God.

Nothing could be worse for us than to waste this miracle.  Nothing could be more grieving to God than for the American church to be ungrateful for a man—though a rough customer—who is taking the hits for standing for all the values that we cherish.

As I said before, he will not be removed from office.  And if the rising church continues at the current pace, the next four years, and more, are his.  Hate me, laugh at me, despise my writing…it does not matter, I know it’s true. And it is time for the church to rise up and be the church!



    • Leslie Marlin

      Amen Brother!! Preach it!!

      • Carolina

        I throughly listened to the speech PR-Trump made at the 68th annual prayer breakfast meeting in DC for the 1st time yesterday. This breakfast was just a few days ago you can catch it on youtube. The news shows only took out a very small excerpt during PR-Trumps speech, to show over and over again on every channel including FOX news, that PR-Trump was disowning Nancy Pelosi’s statement that she ‘said’ she prayed for PR-Trump. He basically quickly said he didn’t like people who use their faith as a cover up for what they are really doing and thinking, by saying they are praying for people when they are not. In this case actions speak louder than words. Point is the entire speech he gave was about how many policies POTUS administration has implemented for the protection of our religious liberties. For the rights of the unborn child, for the rights of others in other nations to be protected as they worship, for the right of pastors, evangelists and ministers to preach what and when they desire to in America. And for the rights of Christian school children to pray in public schools again like they used to be able to. Trump spearheaded the first religious meeting of its kind at the U.N. a couple of months ago, most people don’t understand that that day was a BIG event.
        Christians who are on the fence about PR-Trump simply must ARISE, STAND and make a decision.
        There isn’t anybody on earth in such a position of power that is for us and not against us, like Donald Trump is. His packaging and approach is immaterial its what he is doing for our civil liberties and human rights that counts. Don’t be caught unawares‼️

      • Debbie Burch

        I truly believe God has put him here to do his will and I am so glad to be here during this time!!

      • RL Perrin

        Amen, preach it brother, and let this word ring true in the ears and hearts of all of us. That where we go we will not be ashamed to speak out this truth.

    • megagenius


  1. prayingalways74


    On Thu, Feb 20, 2020, 23:41 Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Every day someone comes up with a new > reason for believing that Trump is finished. However, the FBI found out > that conspiring against the President backfires. The media went for > ratings by bashing Trump, only to lose ratings and credibility. Muelle” >

  2. hvgarvey


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  3. David

    So grateful to be alive at this point in time. Praise God ?????

  4. Anthony Yaklich

    Wow – a wonderful post! Maybe your best Trump post ever! Very encouraging – thank you.

  5. jentemitt

    ?. Awakening underway.

  6. PEARL Dalton

    Amen to that ?❤️

    On Fri, Feb 21, 2020, 12:41 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Every day someone comes up with a new > reason for believing that Trump is finished. However, the FBI found out > that conspiring against the President backfires. The media went for > ratings by bashing Trump, only to lose ratings and credibility. Muelle” >

  7. Loralie French


  8. John Steele

    I really enjoy your blogs. I pray more preachers had your insight and boldness..

  9. babybluesntn

    Excellent commentary! I’m right there with you

  10. Karen

    Thank you………….I agree completely! Thank you for stating the truth!!

  11. cj

    Our church group has been saying this for a couple of years now. It is so good to have a confirmation given to us about this! We have been praying and will continue to pray for him and our nation. Thank you for the good word!

  12. Pamela Blackwell

    I love reading your posts every day and this one is by far the most eye opening. I have known since President Trump was elected that he was a blessing from God. I love him and how he does what he does. He is by far the best President of all. Please keep the posts or emails or letters whatever you call them coming they make my day. God Bless you for what you are doing in California to.


    Yes, and AMEN Brother Mario!!

  14. Leslie Achord

    It appears the rest of the nation is waking up to the lies and deceptions. Let’s pray California and New York follow.
    The church leadership here is still in the fog. Trump himself will have to wake up Californians through water deals, prison reform etc…

  15. Jim Alford

    2 Kings 9&10.
    President Trump is certainly in office by divine appointment. God Almighty put him there!
    He is the latter day Jehu, and just like Jehu, Trump is rash, relentless, rough, and driven.
    Yet, like Jehu, he will accomplish much of God’s desire, but he will also still be himself (read
    2 Kings 9&10).
    Support President Trump fully, but keep your eyes on God, not man regardless of whom that man may be.

  16. RL Perrin

    Yes, yes, yes. Keep it up we all need to hear the truth. Truth is like love you can’t have to much even though it hurts sometimes.

  17. janice sigrest

    Amen!! In agreement all the way! Thank you!

  18. Marieta Henning

    On Fri, 21 Feb 2020, 07:42 Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Every day someone comes up with a new > reason for believing that Trump is finished. However, the FBI found out > that conspiring against the President backfires. The media went for > ratings by bashing Trump, only to lose ratings and credibility. Muelle” >

  19. kingskid48

    This is a wonderful article. Thank you for the encouraging word, Pastor Mario.

  20. joanne

    Hip- Hip-hurrah…..I’m so glad I see …..God working in and through my President!

  21. Ice

    Sad thing is the African American church is blind to this.

  22. Gaila Gale

    ​Hello Mario,
    You say so much more eloquently the things I keep telling people (mostly Christians, who (not surprisingly) don’t really know the Bible. I have seen our President as our firewall and I know his health, his ability to stride forward accomplishing so much for our country in spite of all the hate arrows, curses from the Satanic community, and ignorant people who listen to fake news and don’t look any deeper than that. They don’t seem to know about the thousands of small business people who are grateful to him for making it possible for them to be successful, the thousands of families who, because of his tax cuts, have extra money, the stance he stands for regarding abortion, protecting our borders and our citizens from the hordes pouring into our country (those Angel-moms aren’t ever mentioned in fake news). The list goes on. I, for one, am so glad you are educating all who receive your blog. I pray for the success of your tent revivals and, if I can work it out, am going to try to be at your Chico one. It is an honor to know (through your emails) a true Christian Warrior for Christ!
    In His Service,


  23. Roger Weeks

    Thank you brother Mario! These are the same things I’ve been telling so many for so long. Yes we interceded through the demonic efforts of the Obama administration. It was one the enemies most blatant efforts to destroy our nation. Also we are so sick of modern “church” we could vomit. Skinny and ripped up jeans, lights and fog machines! No glory no power no strong timely word. We cry out and contend for the real deal. Gods order presence and proper operation of the gifts of the Spirit. Travel and real praying through, deliverance instruction and correction. Acknowledgement of and praise of God in church worship. Not promotion of personalities.

  24. Marilyn Benoit

    Dick: in response to your “Trump vs New World Order”.

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  25. Sandra Rose


  26. cathcareythomas

    AMEN!!! Right on point!!!

  27. soljerblue

    Rev. Mario, I’ve just read this post of yours for the third time since you put it up and it continues to resonate. I voted in ’16 AGAINST Hillary. I will vote this fall FOR the best POTUS(IMO) since Reagan and dynamite could not blast me loose from pulling his lever if God spares me until November. I’ve thought for awhile that God’s hand is smack-dab in the middle of this entire story, but didn’t know if I had the grace or insight to judge aright. So your ‘take’ is welcome news. In church this morning our pastor preached from the 3rd Chapter of the Gospel of John in which he asserts that Jesus will increase and he, John, must decrease. I’ve stumbled over that passage before, but it came clear in the context of what God is doing with America. It’s time for us to look up, see the light, and realize that light is most emphatically not us. And we had better darn well realize it and humble ourselves while there’s still time.



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