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We get it. You hate Donald Trump. But what happened to all your ideals? What about diversity? What about your hatred of Wall Street and capitalism?

You started with a gay man, women, and minority candidates. This is your final answer? Let’s replace one white New York City billionaire with another? You dumped the candidate who really did put illegal pressure on the Ukraine for a quid pro quo, and then you turned around and picked Hillary for Mike’s VP—the one who really did collude with the Russians to rig an election!

This must be your rationale: ‘Okay, so Bloomberg has racist tweets. He said that blacks and Latino men don’t know how to behave. So what? He may have made extremely vile and sexist remarks verbally and in print (he did:, but at least he’s our candidate. He may have put farmers in a new “basket of deplorables” by calling them dumb, but hey, at least he is our guy.’

We believe you now. You hate Trump more than you value diversity, equality and truth. If it means winning against Trump, you will violate every conviction you ever cherished just to get back into power. You have truly sold your soul to the highest bidder.

This is what a morally and ideologically bankrupt political party looks like. This is what a cynical crime family, who has abandoned their high sounding platitudes, looks like. This is what liars and despots act like when they have zero ideas and zero concern for the American people.

Every Bernie follower must be seething right now. Even if he gets the most votes, they are going to derail him because the establishment knows he is too extreme to beat Trump. ‘Berners’ know that the greedy and cold blooded Democrat establishment can’t resist Mike Bloomberg’s money. Look at them—the aged overseers of the swamp.

They remind me of an aging actress still trying to get free dinners on her looks. How you have cheapened yourself. How degraded, salacious, and contaminated you have become. Your entire party and its legacy is forever slimed by the utter depravity of your attempts to strike a blow against Trump.

My kindly, hard-working, law abiding fellow Americans: behold the monster. No ideals, no morals, no plans, nothing noble or compelling to hold to. They are a blob of hate and ambition that demands utter repudiation. They have become the epitome of what Proverbs 4:16 describes, “…evil people can’t sleep until they’ve done their evil deed for the day. They can’t rest until they have caused someone to fall.”

What are they going to say against Trump, now that they are everything they accuse him of being? Every time they slander him, it will be nothing but a self-portrait.

They became the party of atheism and death when it suits them. In Proverbs 8:36, God defines them: “All those who hate Me, love death.”

We as Americans have the power to drain the swamp. Don’t wait for Donald Trump to do it for you. It is up to us to stand for righteousness and vote these cold-blooded scoundrels out of office!

Maybe now millennials will see how they have been played. Maybe now, at last, you will face the fact that they are corrupt to the core.

Leo Tolstoy said of Napoleon, “He lost the power to think a decent thought.”  So has the soulless Democrat Party Establishment.



  1. leslielantzbeaumont

    Wow….hard hitting, Mario! You have the guts so many in the Church lack! Yes, the Dems are creating that ‘self-portrait’ via the evil they accuse others of. God Almighty will have His way, but we all need to pray and repent ….stand in the gap for the weak Church.

  2. megagenius

    I respect a man of God like Mario who has the (you know what) to call the Democratic Party what it really is: A Sewer Of Satanic Slush. The habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. Mario, you are brilliant and anointed. A man who has come to the kingdom for such a time as this. THANK YOU SIR.

    • Carolina

      Wow Mario, this was a scathing zinger!
      What else can one say about people with a morally bankrupt character.
      It is this kind of thinking that are teaching school age children that the birds of the air God created came from 1st being dinosaurs??…
      Meanwhile as all the bickering and hate-filled Trump rhetoric continues, the south is being plunged into water?…
      The southern Sudan in Africa is awaiting an overtaking of locust that they fear will make a cloud over entire cities as the locust destroy all their already meager crops. Authorities are fearful this plague of locust could morph & travel to Europe from Africa with the same devastation…?
      Then there’s the Chinese coronavirus that is spreading globally with now 71,000 victims and some in our own U.S. cities…?
      These are but a few potentially apocalyptic signs Jesus spoke about in Matthew 24: that are occurring right now. Famine, plagues, floods, why should we be surprised by anything that these political moguls would hatch up? We must fight the good fight of faith and that means fight for your right to Believe and exercise your beliefs as well as your right to expel from the public scene and government morally bankrupt individuals.??

  3. Jo Ellen Stevens

    Wow, exactly!! Thanks Mario!!

  4. marcianof

    Right on brother!

  5. Mary E. Stewart

    For many years, I have had the opinion that “Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats have a monopoly on sin.” However, I now believe the Democrats are in the process of earning the reputation of having a monopoly on sin. I pray that they will see their need to repent. It is the goodness of God that leads to repentance.

  6. Dr. Rebecca Orchard

    Bloomberg is also a name in Jeffrey Epstein’s “Little Black Book.”

  7. Sheri

    Just like everyone else, all I can say is WOW! Mario, you have a Godly gift to articulate what is scrambling around in all clear thinking people’s heads. Thank You!

  8. revedrhodes

    Well said!!!!

  9. kingskid48

    Some great comments here. Thank you again, Pastor Mario, for articulating what discerning Christians know is happening before our eyes, and doing it so boldly. If you had a church within driving distance for me, I’d be there every time the doors open. Praise God for your boldness. Prayers, prayers, for your protection and also for your family, crew, and volunteers.

  10. Stephanie Cantwell

    Thank you Mario!!!! I agree 100% and the only thing I would add to these comments is VOTE VOTE VOTE and vote RED!!!!

  11. MICHAEL DEWITT @ Grace Abounds

    All organizations that Represent a form of Morality are being exposed including many Congregations. From Disneyland to Scouts, God is showing us the way, it’s up to us to correct our course. ? These Organizations are crumbling or succumbing to dark forces because they did not put our Lord first, they did not build a Foundation on solid ground, But rather on a worldly ground.

    If you consider yourself a Christian, but are not spending time in His Word, you may miss these lessons that His hand is graciously pointing us towards, and how to reverse this course in the knowing of His will and how He is directing us as a nation. He Founded this Nation, if He has Abandoned it like some False Teachers tell you, then why would He go to such great lengths out of His Love and Mercy for us to show us the way.

    Matthew 16:2-3
    2 He answered and said unto them, When it is evening, ye say, It will be fair weather: for the sky is red.

    3 And in the morning, It will be foul weather to day: for the sky is red and lowering. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times?



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