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Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler are officially delusional. And I say that as a Christian who prays for his enemies and blesses those who curse me. I have been doing a lot of praying and blessing lately…

With a grin that is both giddy and sardonic, Nancy handed the Senate a document that might as well have been a ‘how-to’ manual on the care and feeding of unicorns.

Hate is a funny thing. Consider Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner. No matter how many Acme anvils fall from the sky—no matter how many bombs blow up in his face—no matter how many times he falls to earth leaving coyote-shaped craters, he never learns, and the chase must go on.

Consider Lev Parnas—the October surprise that came in January, a witness who evokes all the sympathy and excitement that the second Darrin did on Bewitched. It was so, so typical. We’ll wait until the last minute and drop this on them! Step right up ladies and gentlemen—we finally have the smoking gun; we have the proof we yearned for. Will it finally stick this time? Will we catch our prey? (Cue the anvil).

What keeps them going? We know it can’t be facts. This is the Democrat version of the movie Cats.  Audiences kept waiting for the movie to make sense, instead it just got cringier and cringier.

Then there was the week that the impeachment investigation ended. The gleeful ‘gang of three’ skipped joyfully in the halls, only to be told Trump’s approval rating had risen. They were crestfallen, but then the opiate of hate kicked in again. And their collective delusional grins returned.

But you say, “Mario haven’t you heard the things that CNN, Rachel Maddow, NBC and a galaxy of other experts are saying? Yes. I have. But can you find a single person, one who doesn’t hate Trump, who is neutral, and who is saying that this fake news propaganda is any kind of a threat to Trump?

Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler are taken in by their own arrogance. They still believe they have something on Trump. They still believe that this impeachment hoax is going to stop him. What they have encountered instead, is a law of physics: Every action has an equal reaction. The nastier they get, the greater the blow-back is going to be.  Because they’ve got nothing.


Something I discovered about Satan by reading the Bible. You can tell the devil about the lake of fire. You can tell him to his face that all his schemes will ultimately fail on a grand scale, but he will never believe you. The Democrats who are in his company need to beware, because they have fallen prey to the same kind of denial.

The stage is set for another big backfire. Don’t you dare fret over reports that say, “Irreparable damage has been done to the President.” That hollow statement is right up there with, “Socialism works.”

Here is the real outcome: America will get sick of the unfairness and the nonsense. The President will not be removed from office. His base will become more hardcore. The nation will give the Left the same scolding that Ricky Gervais gave at the Golden Globes “Nobody cares what you think. You have no right to tell anyone about anything.”

Instead of strengthening their position, Nancy, Adam and Jerry are about to evoke the last emotions you ever want to get from the American voter: Pity and scorn. God bless America!


  1. contender4him

    Just as Nehemiah prayed about his attacking enemies…. I pray,
    ‘Hear us, oh, God, for we, His people and the President, are being mocked. Turn their scoffing reproach onto their OWN heads! Frustrate their plans! Bring their plots to nothing! Make them as captives to their own evil lies! And may their scoffing and lies fall back on themselves and expose their true evil schemes.’ ????

    • Carolina

      Yes, yes!…and I am praying Jeremiah Chapter 20: over this bazaar exercise in futility for this year of 2020.
      Yesterday I am driving my dear Mother back from one of her many Dr. office visits, she’s 86, and as I’m driving along she’s states with fervor, ” oh I hate Trump”! I responded, “Mother why would you say that about the President of the United States?…and particularly since you’re a Christian”. She responded with, “because he’s ridiculous”, I said, ” even if you think that… hate is very strong”, she responded with, “I wish he’d just, (blankety blank)”! I told her, ” Mother that’s delusional thinking, you’ve got the sickness of hating Trump”, she said, “I’m not delusional”! I said, “oh yes it’s a sickness”, she then said, “Well I don’t know how my daughter could betaken in by such a person”, and then she put her head down as if she was very worried about my soul.?
      My poor Momma watches CNN regularly and says she loves all of the reporters and knows them by name. She hates FOX news, all Republicans, & particularly Donald J Trump.?
      It’s extremely sad, but The Lord is the Great equalizer and He alone knows the heart, I take solace in that.?

      • Connie

        I have the same problem with my Mother. I cant even have a discussion with her about politics because she gets so angry. So I keep my opinions to myself to save our relationship. Its awefull.

  2. Doug Boyle

    This is an excellent article and shares the same sentiments I have been feeling since President Trump has taken office. Keep up this work and we will help share the truth.

  3. Beni Johnson

    Spot on friend

  4. JD

    “ a witness who evokes all the sympathy and excitement that the second Darrin did on Bewitched”… brilliant! Too bad those under 40 won’t get that.

  5. Daniel L Hutto

    Exactly, they are going to get their due. God is not mocked for whatsoever a person deals out that also will they reap. Payday comes. If the people can’t see the evil hand in this charade they are truly blind. But the souls of the perpetrators still have net worth. But His judgement cometh but quickly.

  6. Mark Stripling

    My prayer has always been, let those who dig a pit for our President fall into it themselves. Psalm 7:15-16, Proverbs 26:27. And the stone they have tried to roll over our President is about to roll back over them.

  7. Greg Dean

    The left has become demonic. The evil that they have embraced has blinded them. But it has not blinded the pubic. Even a large percentage of their voters. Thus the #WalkAway movement.

    But politics cannot fix the cultural pollution that the left has spewed for decades. Much of the social issues are cultural pollution.. The left wanted to destabilize society so that they could take over. Same tactics used in Russia in 1917 and in the 1930s Germany. What they have not calculated was how deep the sense of godliness is in the US. And that the more they pushed the more Americans would turn back to G-D.

  8. Danny Raymond Lake

    Enjoyed this post. Humor and reality combined.

  9. Jill Steele

    YES! Truth of God. In the name of Jesus. This confirming word is exactly what the Holy Spirit has impressed on my spirit. EXACTLY. Praise the Lord. We move forward. The Kingdom of God moves forward and moving IN HIM, will not be stopped. The Sovereign God of everything will have His way and NOTHING stops Him! Keep encouraging the body, Mario. God bless you.

  10. Noel

    The evil of the Left reminds me of the warning of Jesus to his disciples the night before he was crucified. “And a time is coming when whoever kills you will think that he is offering a service to God.”
    Their consuming hate is murderous at its core and they wish to carry out the desires of their father, the devil. But don’t you know that their dear leader is so “prayerful.” The contrast of darkness and light is so apparent to anyone that has the Spirit. Their murderous intent is to destroy all that is sacred. Somehow they think that their agenda is so noble and will usher in their vision of utopia.

  11. Darlene W

    Yes , Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner. At every turn. Our President is a patient man. It’s military precision and a sovereign move of God. They have no idea what is coming.

  12. Shelley Matthews

    Dear Mario:

    Thank you for all your wonderful prophetic words for our President. He most certainly has been appointed by God to this position and I just love him and in warfare for him daily.

    I am located in Virginia – my wonderful state which is under siege at the present.

    I wanted you to know that I have made a copy of your schedule so I can lay hands on it and pray for you.

    I was watching some of the “Time to Plow Conference” where Dutch Sheets was speaking– it was very interesting. A lady had sent him a dream. I tried to type what he said and have attached it. I also attached the link to the you tube where I saw him and under the link I put the area where Dutch started. It was all about California and the revival coming there. He believed things were going to happen beginning in March which is when your first event starts. Thank you for being available to our Lord for his work in that state. You are a wonderful vessel and I bless you Mario.

    I actually have not watched the whole conference and what Chuck Pierce had to say – but I just watched Dutch at this time and hope to get to the rest. Dutch just had back surgery and is on the mend at this time.

    I have left the main line church a long time ago – am in a house church now and just love it. But my pastor has been afflicted with Alzheimer’s – we have prayed and prayed and don’t seem to have the authority over the demons like we normally do. He is also under a doctor’s care. If you have any insight on this – would greatly appreciate it. If you could remember him in your prayers – Harry Selfe is his name – I would greatly appreciate it. This year we are donating to your ministry. The name of our little church is Lord of Life Christian Church in Clifton, Virginia.

    Love and blessings


  13. kingskid48

    Some great comments here. Blessings to all of you. This blog was a treasure, Pastor Mario. Humor mixed with God’s truth and common sense, with hope and excitement mixed in. You truly have a gift. This is what I needed to read this morning. So excited to see how God is using you.

  14. Bobbie

    The three need to be tried for treason; IF, they are wrong along with ALL others involved! Ask the “American Free Press” along with “Spotlight” and if the ones pictured are satanist and attend those satanic meetings that they try to cover. Can someone research each and who they really are and their evil agenda? It’s like spitting on the American Voter for who wanted in Office and the Constitution (and all those who died serving this Country). People don’t matter to satan either, John 10:10, John 8:44. Diamond and Silk, we need armies of people like you! If, it’s all a “RUSE” let it be exposed. Shut down garbage, lying dung news; NOT to mention playing the American people for stupid. “Enough is Enough”!

    They hate Trump because going after the satanist and pedophiles that think they run the Country. Elite, that thinks their money makes them special; “drain the swamp” and the evil! Life vs. the sewage that want us to live in; look at our Nation, Suicides, Mass Shootings, Garbage Curriculum Agenda in Schools evil there and ALL that it created, Opiod Crisis, Homeless Crisis, VA, MI, OH, CA, IL as each State whatever Crisis they are dealing with in Chaos, Murder, Mahem, Death and Destruction it keeps going and going like the “energizer bunny”.

    Someone said, “look at the 26 Creeds of Communism and it’s here the agenda for”; said communism would be satanism. You’re either for God or for satan, no middle ground; never has been, never will be. What’s ALL their fruit who have ever run this Country? DJTrump, his fruit is his Children, children matter that would be people (Malachi 4:5-6 call). Pray it all gets exposed!
    Don’t want agenda of California across the U.S.A. or the World at all: https://www.charismanews.com/opinion/the-flaming-herald/78451-why-and-how-christians-must-pray-against-the-california-satanic-agenda-right-now.

    For all those that tried to warn and say this was coming: Aaron Russo, Ted Gunderson, Milton William Cooper, John DeCamp, Gary Webb, Dr. James W. Wardner, Charles Sykes, John Gatto, John Scura/Dane Phillips, Ann Blake Tracy, Judy Mikovits, Theo Colburn, Jeffrey Smith, John Whitehead, David Wilkerson, Dr. James Dobson, Mark Levin, Jaco Booyens, Robert Bork and the many who herald who didn’t name and those who died martyred for it.

  15. Robert

    The Democrats from day one January 20, 2017 until November 2018. Continuously attacked the president about Russian collusion of Obstruction and the Robert Mueller report. And America believed it – that’s why they won the house back.They will continue their attacks all the way to November 2020. They want to keep the negative on the front page news daily. The Jezebel Spirit lives And thrives in the Democratic party.

  16. Jeff

    Wile E. Coyote is the perfect analogy for the Democratic Party. I’m just waiting to see Nancy Pelosi trying the old Acme Rocket Skates.

  17. Suzanne Bonne'

    Perfectly true as usual!!



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