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The Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution are masterpieces of freedom and equality. But they are something else: they are the foundation of the fairest system of religious freedom in history—a system that allows me to preach the Gospel.

There are many compelling reasons to support Trump: The Supreme Court, the unborn, national defense, and of course our economy. But the plain truth is that I must support whoever is trying to protect my freedom to preach the Gospel and I must oppose those who are trying to destroy it, because, bottom line, I want to win souls.

I do not want to restrict other religions; I simply want the freedom to tell the best story mankind has ever heard. When the Gospel is proclaimed, its superiority over all other religions and philosophies becomes self-evident.

Show me proof that Trump is a threat to winning souls, and I will stop supporting him. If you could show me proof that the Democrat Party is not trying to silence the Gospel, then I would stop attacking their policies.

If you could show me that it is Trump and not the Democrats who are going after religious freedom, I would change my tactics.

If you could answer these simple questions, I would instantly alter course:

  • Who regularly attacks the Bible? Who is censoring the Gospel on social media and wishes to do much more? Who has declared that preaching against sin is a hate crime? Who champions Islam and attacks Christians and Jews?
  • Which party’s candidates for President proudly state they they can be Christian and at the same time live a lifestyle the Bible calls immoral?
  • Who tries to put Christians out of business because they give to Christian organizations? Who, if they had their way, would make it impossible for me to rent land for tent crusades? (Those in power in California have told me that I have only a little time left before I must alter my message or be silenced.)
  • Who is ordering Christian public school teachers to call a 5 year old boy a girl in front of all the other children, if that is what that boy prefers?

My passion is to win souls. Show me how voting for a Democrat protects my right to do that.

And now, to my brothers and sisters in Christ who favor the Left over Trump because of your passion for social justice for illegal immigrants, transsexuals, and those on the fringes of society: Are you not buying into a half-cure? Are you not condemning them to a lifetime of dependency on government?

When you align yourself with George Soros—and worse, when you take his money—are you not aiding and abetting a false cure? Are you not a puppet in a final act that will remove freedom to preach the Gospel?

Show me any way that a confederation of Evangelicals and Leftists ends well. 

When will the oppressed ever be set free by being placed in a godless socialist institution and cared for by a cold government bureaucracy?  Isn’t socialism Einstein’s definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results? The addict who gets free needles is still an addict. The homeless who get token assistance remain homeless.  Only after they are born again are they free indeed.

Now let me address those of you who love Jesus but find Trump crude. We had a smooth and refined President for eight years who dismantled religious freedom and could not hide his hostility toward the Bible. I am not looking for impeccable manners—I only want to win souls.

If you want to win souls why would you attack the only candidate defending the Gospel?  And why would you empower the avowed enemies of soul winning?

And finally, did you notice that I didn’t attend—along with the galaxy of Evangelical celebrities—the Trump rally in Miami? Why? Because I only want to win souls. I don’t need a photo-op with Trump. I only need a President who will protect my freedom to preach the Gospel. That’s my unwavering goal.

I do not write blogs to win favor with the President. Even if I were invited to a state dinner I would only attend out of my love and respect for Trump. But I’d be out of there in a flash. I couldn’t get out of my tux and back into street clothes fast enough—to get back to the only thing I want to do: Win souls.


  1. Mary Irvine

    I am a Canadian. Have a daughter and her family in California. I am praying for a way to bring her Mary Jane to Christ. She lives very near Roseville.
    Please pray with me for her and family salvation.

    • D Williams

      God loves our loved ones more than we do. They will be saved. ?

  2. Carolina

    Amen Mario, we (my Husband & I) understand You.?
    There is also an attack on the term ‘Evangelical’, and it comes from many who are accredited to be within the Household of our Faith. Due to the new move by many people who claim Christ as their Lord, who have defected from the *absolutes* of our Lord Christ Jesus’s commands, original Gospel message, and traditional doctrines of Christianity. These are the same one’s who would prefer Trump be removed from POTUS and support Impeachment. These same claim that the universal church body of Christ must “evolve” in order to remain relevant in an ever changing world. Maintaining that the Bible was written for that time and era and just doesn’t apply to today except in a “metaphoric way”, hence their accommodation to ‘inclusiveness’ with the alphabet people, social justice ideology, etc. These actually believe Jesus of Nazareth was a Socialist.?
    NOTHING could be further from the truth! Jesus said “the poor with be with you always”, Jesus spoke to the slaves of that day and told them to be “devoted” to their masters with not just lip service but with their heart. There is a modern day bastardization of the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Canon of scripture that is utterly demonic and, we believe is in part, living proof of the great falling away (aka Apostasy) spoken of by Apostle Paul, Peter, John and Jude.

  3. KatAmanti

    Thank you Mario! Exactly right!

  4. jentemitt

    You get my amen!

  5. Cindy

    We PRAY for continued Anointing, Protection and Blessings on you, Mario, as you remain Laser-Focused on your Mission…??✝️?

    May we All become more like You as the Army of GOD continues to Awaken, Arise and Battles to Save Lost Souls..????

  6. Laura Parson

    As usual, you are so right! How I thank God for your voice Mario Murillo. I am going to save this post and try to read it daily to remind myself of how important it is to support President Trump. As I told my very liberal friend last night as to why I support the President, I said “because he’s pro-Israel, pro-religion and pro-life”. You are a true man of God, Mario. I thank God for you and your beautiful wife.

  7. watcher5775

    Thank you Mario, spoken like a true follower of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I am afraid we are seeing the children of Jezebel riding on her coattails with those who call themselves ‘christians’, and discarding the teachings of the Word of God. When government goes against the Word, it is time to stop being sheep. Blessings and continue to carry the Standard of the Cross!

    • Carolina

      AMEN watcher5775!!!!!!??

  8. Sinea Pies

    Amen, amen, AMEN!!!

  9. mary ferrell

    I just want to say amen amen amen to all your posts. My heart resonates with your
    posts. Thank you.

  10. soljerblue

    The words of Paul to the Galatians resonate here: “Stand fast in the Liberty with which Christ hath made you Free, and be not entangled with the yoke of bondage.” Before there can be liberty of the body — individual or politic — there must be liberty of the spirit and of the soul. That does not, will not and cannot come at the hand of government; ANY government. The idea of Christ as a socialist is a concoction of denial or ignorance, or both — conditions which are the heart of the socialist idea. When I run across such messaging, I think of the words of Christ to Pilate: “You have no power over me that is not given you by my Father.” ‘Nuf said.


    You can see Satan’s plan for the destruction of Religious Freedom in Western Civilization.. This is where we have to do some serious deep diving into world affairs.. If the Constitution Declares Freedom of Religion how do you reconcile that Freedom with Islamic Beliefs and traditions? This is why the Left want’s more Muslims both here and in Government.. The People will not stand for their beliefs in practice. But the Left will use freedom of Religion to defend their Practices until they can no longer do it because of the atrocities that would occur as a result.. And on the Basis of Equality they will use this abuse to take Freedom of Religion from ALL of us, they are all about equality after all and it wouldn’t be fair to allow freedoms to one religion and not another, so all must be banned.. Conservatives believe in the Law, but Laws can be written on the fly to accommodate policies.. We have a Battle coming and we need to know how to fight it. The islamification of America won’t stop and their numbers will only continue to grow here.. Our Focus has to be putting a stop to it within the confines of the Law and Religious Freedom.. Gear up…

    • Carolina

      Very well said Mr DEWITT??


    The Problem isn’t as Simple as Cleaning up the Mess that Obama left… It lies in cleaning up the mess that created Obama..

  13. Sondra Brannon

    Thank you for your dedication and heart for the Lord. May God’s protection and anointing be even more manifested in your life as you continue to tell others of our Lord and Savior. May God’s richest blessings rest upon you as you walk in His divine favor!!!

  14. lillian ruckman

    Good Job, the body of Christ needs to be reminded of all this president is doing for the christians this a window of opportunity that we all need to take advantage to proclaim the gospel , yes our prsident needs our prayer of protection

  15. Nick E.

    I thank God for you Mario, and for the amazing words that God gives you which you share with us on almost a daily basis! Blessings to you, your family, and your team at MMM for the upcoming healing and tent meetings.

  16. D Williams

    Our good God deserves to have every child in His family that Jesus died to redeem. There will be a river of glory from Chico and Bakersfield and beyond. Expecting exceedingly, abundantly above …???

  17. Russ

    kudos to the intent and calling you carry and kudos to the Lord of glory Himself! We all in.

  18. Cheryl Miller

    Wonderful article. And right on. What a pleasure to read such focused and thoughtful article!

  19. Ron Giovanetti

    And we love you for your heart and passion to win souls ?

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