Trump is not impeached

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Trump is not impeached here’s why: Let me quote from the National Review: “A Harvard law professor who was a pro-impeachment witness called by Democrats now says that President Trump might not technically be impeached if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declines to send the articles to the Senate.

“The Constitution doesn’t say how fast the articles must go to the Senate. Some modest delay is not inconsistent with the Constitution, or how both chambers usually work,” Noah Feldman wrote in a newspaper column.

But, he added, the speaker has to eventually forward them to the Senate for the proceedings to be legitimate.

“Both parts are necessary to make an impeachment under the Constitution: The House must actually send the articles and send managers to the Senate to prosecute the impeachment. And the Senate must actually hold a trial,” he continued.

“If the House does not communicate its impeachment to the Senate, it hasn’t actually impeached the President. If the articles are not transmitted, Trump could legitimately say he wasn’t truly impeached at all.”

Pelosi is hilarious!  She wants guarantees that the Senate will be fair after pulling off the most unfair trial in recent memory.

She needn’t worry about fairness. The Senate will be fair for reasons that escape the leftist mind. Rational people understand when you have done nothing wrong you don’t fear facts.  You don’t mind opposing views. This is why Trump said he was glad to have a trial.

The intention of the Democrat controlled House was to feed a lie, while the Senate will seek to find the truth. What they will find, among other things, is that Adam Schiff conducted a witch hunt to advance his own career.

There is only a delay because they are choosing between death by hanging or by firing squad. There is no pleasant outcome for Democrats. Should Pelosi hold back the Articles (hanging), this will all go down as a pathetic piece of unfinished business.  If she delivers that hot mess to the Senate (firing squad) it will be examined in the light of day and shot full of holes.

In the end, Democrats got nothing they wanted and everything they feared. Trump’s approval jumped 6 points. The economy is booming. Trump’s base is not just fired up, they are now filled with a holy resolve.

Right now it looks like we will finish this year with a President who is not the third president to be impeached. So let’s focus on Christmas!

Something I will now begin to write about from now, until that glorious day, celebrating the birth of Jesus!


  1. megagenius

    Trump has never been on trial. The Dummycrats are weighed in the balances and found woefully wanting. They make the Three Stooges look brilliant.

  2. Laura Ann


  3. Michael Druckenmiller Sr

    This is all in the demonic script. I have heard that the Senate cannot campaign for reelection while an impeachment trial is in process…

    The real goal of demonic forces is to take control of the Senate where they can impanel liberal anti-Constitution Judges to Federal Benches across the nation.

    They could care less about the purse strings as long as they can destroy the Judaeo-Christian foundation of America…

    So wait until optimum campaigning time and let the demon pacs massively outspend the GOP pacs.

    And, we all know that Conservatives, in the past, have not been as vocal or liberal in their support for good candidates.

    PRAYER is THE key! this battle is far from over and as Petra sings, get on your knees and fight like a man (or woman) of Faith!

    • Carolina

      Yes Mario, it appears we’ve a reprieve from the banging gong and clanging symbol of Democrat impeachment rhetoric through the Holidays.
      As to Mr Drukenmillar’s comment, I also see that the efforts of ‘that’ branch of government (the current House of Representatives) is attempting to alter the power of the other branch, within the Senate House. It is my witness that the House of Reps desires to completely take control through this stall tactic, in not following the proper protocol of sending the impeachment docs to the Senate.
      Yap!…I believe they’re that raunchy a group within the House of Reps right now, that they would if they could, actually change the way the two branches are suppose to work together. Thereby ‘fundamentally changing’ (remember that was the Obama slogan) the way the American Constitutional government has worked since its inception. And just like they thought they had a master plan to spy on Trump in 2016, and make him the guilty one with the Steal dossier Hoax, I perceive they have another Hoax plan to try to do the unthinkable to the Republican Senate House. This is not a conspiracy theory, this is just how devilish they are.
      Pray for the Republican Senators, that Christ The Real King, will protect and defend them in the months to come.?

  4. soljerblue

    There is much work left to be done, and it will not end after the 2020 election, no matter who wins. If we want the country back from the grasp of the evil Left, there’s a lifetime of work still ahead. Pray the words of the 144th Psalm, for we are in a war that the Left has long wanted and we have only begun to fight:

    “Blessed be the LORD, my Rock,

    who trains my hands for war,

    my fingers for battle.

    2He is my steadfast love and my fortress,

    my stronghold and my deliverer.

    He is my shield, in whom I take refuge,

    who subdues peoples under me.”

    It’s a war of the mind and the heart — of hands that write what the mind wants to say, and fingers that pull the levers in the voting booth: and a voice that speaks words of truth — even to those who refuse to hear.

    • Carolina

      Beautiful response and relevance in your post to this article soljerblue?!!!

  5. Gregg Neil Huestis

    Amen…I posted something VERY similar from that Pro-Impeachment Harvard Law Professor on Facebook a few days ago…

  6. Grace Bristol

    Mario, Do you know of a good full gospel church near Surprise Arizona?

  7. Noel

    Articles, House Managers, etc. are not even part of the text of the U.S. Constitution. The House has the sole power of Impeachment- Article 1 Section 2. The Senate has the sole power to try all Impeachments- Article 1 Section 3. I am following Jay Sekulow Live and the ACLJ to understand where this all stands, Constitutionally.

  8. Desertstream

    When you ask Bill Clinton if he was impeached he will quickly say no because of his acquital by the Senate. He viewed it as similar to a criminal proceeding: first the indictments against him (impeachment articles) and then a (Senate) trial, being found not guilty. Would the House Speaker nullify the vote of impeachment last week by eventually failing to transmit the articles? Answer seems clear. But what happens after that is going to be interesting.

    • mariomurilloministries

      Thanks Desert Stream, Bill would be wrong because once the articles were delivered to the Senate he was formally impeached. The subsequent trial decided if he would be removed from office. They didn’t find him innocent they simply didn’t have the required majority to remove him from office. Just curious, has Bill ever said he wasn’t impeached? Now the reason I say Trump is not impeached is that in order for him to be formally impeached the House must send the articles over to the Senate. If they don’t do it, Trump is not impeached.

  9. Desertstream

    Glad to hear from you, Mario. And hoping you and Mechelle have some special moments at this wonderful remembrance of our Savior’s birth… You’re right about the whole process of impeachment and conviction related to the House and Senate working together. Some years ago, I remember an interview of Bill Clinton speaking with Maria Bartiromo saying he wasn’t impeached based on the premise that he ‘lied, instructed others to lie, or cover up evidence.’ So, in that sense He was in denial. With President Trump – if the House Speaker doesn’t act soon and appoint managers, etc. then you’re right. I can’t see any reason why she would stall out and not transmit those articles, though. Nevertheless, how ironic it would be if your original prediction in a previous blog. ‘Trump will not be impeached.’ ends up coming to pass! I love you and the inspiration you give us to take our stand for God. I’m the one you pointed to in that auditorium at Christ For The Nations back in ’76 and said, ‘My brother, the Holy Spirit will show you your Ministry.’ And He certainly has.

  10. lonesomedove

    Here’s part of an article from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

    By design, it is not easy to get rid of a president. Here are the steps in the process for impeaching a president:

    First, an impeachment resolution must be introduced by a member of the House of Representatives. The speaker of the House must then direct the U.S. House Committee on the Judiciary (or a special committee) to hold a hearing on the resolution to decide whether to put the measure to a vote by the full chamber and when to hold such a vote. A simple majority of the Judiciary Committee must approve the resolution.
    If the Judiciary Committee approves the resolution, it moves to a full vote on the House floor. If a simple majority of the those present and voting in the House approve an article of impeachment, then the president is impeached. The procedure then moves to the Senate where a “trial” is held to determine if the president committed a crime. There is no set procedure for the trial. How it is conducted would be set by the Senate Leadership. Members of the House serve as “managers” in the Senate trial. Managers serve a similar role as prosecutors do in a criminal trial, they present evidence during the procedure. The president would have counsel to represent him at the Senate process. The chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court presides over the trial.
    Senators listen to the evidence presented, including closing arguments from each side and retire to deliberate. Senators then reconvene and vote on whether the president is guilty or not guilty of the crimes he is accused of. It takes a two-thirds vote of the Senate to convict. If the president is found guilty, he is removed from office and the vice president is sworn-in as president.



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