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The Debate Last night proved once and for all that a Democrat win would be a disaster even for Democrats. Leftists dream of a Trump loss, not realizing how horrendously they would reap what they have sown. The Left has poisoned the well so completely that it will be impossible for a Democrat to govern. A Trump loss would absolutely push millions over the edge, and only God knows what that would look like.

Here are the 3 reasons why it would be a nightmare for Democrats as well as for the rest of us, if Trump were to be defeated:

1. Americans, by the tens of millions will believe the election was rigged.  And, they will adamantly reject the results and force legal action.  Even those who are not currently Trump supporters believe that an elite group of leftists are in control of the social and news media platforms.  We know that they manipulate and censor information.  We know this elite group is fiercely anti-Trump. We know this cadre has the power to rig an election. Google has been caught in a scheme to add millions of votes to the Democrat candidate.  Facebook has leaked the fact that they will choke off Trump ads and shadow ban any post that asks people to vote for Trump.  We already know that CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, and CBS will saturate America with anti-Trump propaganda.

 2. The economy would instantly plunge downward. Does a Democrat really want to oversee the greatest collapse of jobs and wealth since the great depression?  The nation will blame the Democrat Party.

It is one of history’s greatest miscalculations to believe that veering left is what Americans want. Yet, all of the Democrat candidates are falling over each other to be as far left as possible.  The Socialist/LGBTQ/Anti-Israel rants play well to the oxygen deprived audiences of Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, and Bernie Sanders. However, they scare the liver out of the majority of Americans.

If the day were to come when a Democrat takes the oath of office, all that will be seen by millions of Americans, is impending economic disaster.

3. Millions of people will make it their aim to be as rude and unfair to both the Democrat President and their followers, as the Left was to Trump and his supporters. I am in no way condoning this—I am merely predicting what would take place.  It  tragic that the Left destroyed civil discourse. 

A Democrat win would mean open season to say, print, or publish whatever vile slur comes to mind, because that is the model that has been created by the Democrat Party. A vast segment of the population would remember that Trump was the most unfairly, falsely, and cruelly treated President since Abraham Lincoln.

The backlash for all that the Left has been doing, such as: assaulting people in MAGA hats, spitting on them in restaurants, their elected officials calling for harassment and for chasing down Trump supporters, and for all the violence committed by Antifa, has set the tone for the new President.

In Red States, masses would push their representatives to block everything the new Democrat President tried to do, and would take out their rage on any and every Democrat politician in their home State. Forget about any new appointments to the Supreme Court.

You may ask, “Mario, are you saying I should vote for Trump even though I violently disagree with him?” No, I am not. What I am saying is that you, who are leftists, have done a great evil to America. I am saying that defeating Trump will not bring the elation you fantasize about—it will bring even more misery.  And, why not? It is only fair that you should suffer along with the rest of us.

However, Trump is going to win. And, if you only realized what that means for the future of America, you would be relieved to know that it is true.


  1. Patsy Autry

    Forwarding to many.
    Makes best common remarks yet..
    That is exactly what could happen…I have ofter wondered just how far ahead the totally dumb Democrats are looking…backwards !!
    Pass this along for many to read…

    • Carolina

      Amen Pasty Autry, and a BIG AMEN Mario!!!!!
      I would add that the whole group of DEM Presidential candidates are fully committed to the “Climate Change” (or as I call it) “The Go Green Scheme” due to the fact that it is an all out war on the current economy that we now have. These people know that their so-called “Climate agenda” has little to do with REAL science but has everything to do with global economic power brokers. And the new world order that they hope to achieve through this shoddy agenda.
      The ‘Elite Left’ goal is to remake America’s economic structure by the formation of these “Climate Change” directives and laws that they intend to force down the throats of everyone on the planet but particularly on Americans.
      If they get away with that false agenda the stage is set for the world ruler the Bible teaches us about called, the anti-Christ Son of Perdition, who subdues all Godly people and nations.

      • BB

        Agenda 21

  2. kingskid48

    Some believe that the democrat party are on the verge of imploding already. I happen to agree with that viewpoint. If, indeed, they should regain the Presidency, this scenario would most likely play out, and it would mean the death knell of the democrat party. i hadn’t thought of it happening this way, but it certainly makes sense. There’s speculation that if they impeach Trump, it would spark a civil war. Hopefully, they are not really that stupid. At any rate, while they deserve what happens to them for destroying our culture and civil discourse the way that they have, everyone else will suffer along with them. Not a pretty picture.

  3. Roger Culwell

    Amen thats the whole problem they don’t want anyone to save America, they want her destroyed, but as long as there is a praying people, who still know how to get in touch with the Lord, America can be saved, it all depends on how bad the real true men and women of God want it, not the so called Christians, THE TRUE CHRISTIANS, WHO KNOW GOD IS LOVE, BUT A FIGHTER TO IF HE HAD TO BE, some where we got confused and were told, just love, you don’t have to fight for anything, tell that to the men and women in Arlington C. what we don’t fight for we lose, and thats why we are losing America, we quit fighting, they have said God is in control he will handle it, We are the voice that moves the hand of God, no prayer no action, much prayer great action, from our God, he left us in charge of things here, in other words if we want to let it go to hell, its with in our power, or if we want to male it like heaven, its in our power, to do so, Gods not waving a magic wand over us and making us do right, when we insist on doing wrong, we have a free will, but we could have heaven down here, if we just did as we are supposed to, 2 Chor. 7:14 if my people who are called by my name, will humble them selves and pray, and turn from there wicked ways, [ what wait a minute, wait a minute, I think that means we did it, we allowed this evil, or we wouldn’t have to repent and turn and humble ourselves, uk oh I think its our fought according to that] if we do as we should in prayer the other shouldn’t have to be, but if we don’t pray, what then, do we just surrender this country to evil? to people we know are going to kill us. man there killing off there whole next generation and party why, do you think they would blink twice before killing us, if you can kill a new born baby, you can kill any one, because there murders and haters who want this country destroyed, where is one good rational plan they have, for something to help this country prosper and do good, instead of depleting it in every way, and killing people, they have said us Christians have to change or die, some where we forgot what its like to stand for something and fight for it, God called Warriors not wimps, he has a mighty army, if we will become it. Be Blessed survival is survival

    • Bobbie

      Mario: “A vast segment of the population would remember that Trump was the most unfairly, falsely, and cruelly treated President since Abraham Lincoln.”.
      Then why aren’t they being tried for Treason and ALL their EVIL agenda?

      Roger well said: Leonard Ravenhill wrote and said what you said was coming brutal.
      One Example: All these gun shootings, why aren’t they going after the Entities that is behind and their agenda to take away gun rights period at the expense of people’s lives? “America is Too Young to Die”-1979 by Leonard Ravenhill and his 1959-“Why Revival Tarries”. 5th Column is here and has been: ‘not the armies from the North, South, East, West, but from within by our own institutions man set up and created’ believe by Derek Prince (we’ve been imploding so fast).

      Street Festival had “suicide prevention vendor/table” and as everyone milling about; asked the Staff manning Booth on the IRONY of; what are you doing about public education grammar school text books promoting children to kill themselves or that whole agenda in “13 Reasons Why” on Netflix or what promote on “electric toilet”, plug in drug=television. Contact “Focus on the Family” for that whole agenda and Parents either don’t want to hear it or incredulous going on and worse, don’t know. Under the egyptian taskmaster of no time, curse of no time in America and Malachi 4:5&6 call which who is heeding? Or, complaint of elderly and people born in America and can’t afford to live here as they’re doing commercials of elderly sleeping in their cars. Books to inform: Battle Hymn by John Scura/Dane Phillips, David Kupelian, Milton William Cooper and Dr. James W. Wardner reads, Aaron Russo tried to warn and Gary Webb also. Fast, Pray, Repent, Pray/Speak the WORD and weep, mourn, howl, travail, cry for the condition of our Nation especially when you have General or Admiral Collin Green doing clarion call of “we have a problem” of suicides in the Military and everything in between. “TO SEE A SICK CHURCH IN A DYING WORLD” and dead pastors want to do dead business as usual and people love to have it so! Please Pray!

  4. free73735

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    Very well stated. If Trump had not won the 2016 election, much of what is stated in your post would of began then. We would be in the midst of another Civil war today.

  5. kinthenorthwest

    Tweeted, FB’d and put it on forum.

  6. bjbrn93

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