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Finally, the Holy Spirit has released me to share this news about California with you! The supernatural flow that is carrying us southward down Highway 99 is increasing. The river is gaining speed and the current is growing stronger. Our firepower has been replenished. The momentum is remarkable.

And then, out of the blue, the Spirit of God said to me, “Your next meeting is in Fresno, but your next tent crusade is in little Dinuba, California.” Yeah, that seemed strange to me too!  Where is Dinuba? It is slightly south and east of Fresno, CA. I wondered, “Why are we going there?” God warned me not to let the size of Dinuba fool me.  He said that this city is a spiritual volcano.

Suddenly, we find that we have more favor here than in any other city where the tent has been.  The city has given us the best location possible for a tent crusade—the site where their new High School will be built.  And get this: the city is letting us use the land for free! We already know this will be our greatest tent crusade ever.

Now for another big piece of news:  God has given us a new strategy that we have never had before.  It is called The Night of Miracles.  The Spirit of God spoke very emphatically, “Go to one church in the city, and for one night only, give them the exact same experience they will have under the tent.  Most importantly, God said that from now on, this will be the very first thing you do in a new city.

This was the opposite of what we have been doing. We have not had a miracle rally first. We always laid the groundwork by having a luncheon for pastors and leaders. I had never tried this before. I had to fully trust God that it would work.

We went to Living Word Fellowship in Dinuba. 500 people filled the church. We were all stunned!  Then the Spirit of God broke out on the people, as He demonstrated His power by healing many.  It was as explosive as any previous night where we had held meetings under the tent.

Soon, the wisdom of God’s strategy became blazingly clear: the people had a foretaste of the tent, and they were electrified by the Glory of God! The left knowing exactly what to expect, and could invite friends and loved ones, with incredible expectancy.

Dinuba is set. The tent is going there. When is the Dinuba Living Proof Crusade? I am not going to tell you. Listen carefully.  After Dinuba we are taking the tent to Fresno. I would tell you the date and location but we are finalizing the use of a very strategic location. Living Proof Fresno will be an epic display of the miracles of God and soul winning.

What?? Wait – why? Hold on, let me explain.  I am not telling you, simply because I want you to focus all of your attention on the next announcement I am making.

Even though Dinuba is our next Living Proof Tent Crusade, it is not our next event. The event I want you to focus on, will take place on Sunday August 11th, at 6 PM. We are doing a Night of Miracles in Fresno. That’s right, Fresno. It’s the only night I want you to think about. It is a night where we will be facing demonic power. We know the Spirit of the Living God will stir up intense and deeply entrenched demonic power. For anyone who lives near Fresno, you must come, and you must bring someone who needs a miracle in their body and soul. I am not exaggerating. August 11th is the next demonstration of the Glory of God in our journey south, along Highway 99.

We had originally announced this date for August 4th but my staff needed a break after the World Convention. August 11th is the date!

We expect the windows of heaven to open and pour down upon us a drenching rain of the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.  At the very least, please pray with us for the August 11th meeting.  This Night of Miracles will break open the next phase of the river of God flowing down the Central Valley of California.

This night is not limited to folks from Fresno. I am asking the army of God that has been in all the previous tent meetings to drive down and be a part of this astonishing night.

Remember the location: Sunday, August 11th at 6 P.M., at the Covenant Worship Center, 1461 North Chestnut Avenue, Fresno, CA 97303.  

Pray. Bring someone. I will see you there!






  1. Mabel Kaminski

    Mario please pray that you come back to the Destin -Fort Walton area. This area has a need for revival and the power that is holding a real move of God!!! Thanks Mario. I met you at Destin assembly many years ago. I will be praying!!!!’

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    • Debra

      So blessed to hear this! I just wanted to testify to a previous meeting in the small town of Clear Lake, Ca, several years ago. I was not at the meeting and didn’t even know that MMMs was having meetings. I am a Registered Nurse and was working in a rural hospital at the time. The day after the meeting a woman came in crying because she reported healing after getting prayer for cirrhosis of the liver.
      She was there to get confirming tests done. Also, I was healed of back pain after a car accident back in the Early 90s. And this just in ?…my son has been sober for the past six months…God is moving…and my hearts desire is to be in step with Him…I picture myself in a three-legged race with Jesus…our legs yoked together and heading for the finish line. Thank you, MMMs! You’ve been there for most of my saved life…praying that as you have watered others, you yourself will be watered.

      • tracy lamirand

        I love this! Rejoicing with you! You sound like a blessed warrior!

  2. Roger Culwell

    That’s wonderful, Praying

  3. shirlea durston

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for being the Lord’s friend and for your obedience in following His voice. Your messages are so encouraging to us in Canada who are pressing in and believing for our land, that we will Stand agains the strongholds that have gripped our country and that His water of life will flow here too. We continue to pray and watch as the Glory of God is revealed in California and that many are being saved and healed. Shirlea Durston


    • mariomurilloministries

      Shirlea, I was an eye-opening experience to be in Edmonton. There is indeed an army for God forming up north!

  4. AMH

    Yes Heaven will pour out such a blessing on Fresno! Tears flowed reading your report! Reminded me of prayer events along I-5 in NW I the 90’s when I was involved with preparation for March for Jesus! Whole communities were changed as The Glory Tent went from California to Canada in 95’.

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  5. Pam Young

    Praying for you Mario ??

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  6. Mark Stripling

    We will pray!

  7. Linda Challoner

    Amen, the river if GOD IS GOING TO FLOW! We’ll be praying!

  8. kingskid48

    This is so wonderful, Pastor Mario, and it’s also encouraging to read these posts, with the hunger for God and the excitement for what He is doing. It gives me hope in this crazy world. I will be praying for you, your family, your staff and ministry. Thank you for your faithfulness!

  9. Maria L. Cruz-P

    Yay. Yay. Yay
    Wr prayed uou in. Encountered some heavy duty warfare.
    The enemy tried to take my husband and I in Nov 18.
    But failed.
    In 2007 or 08 I saw the River flowing through
    Dinuba. We were preparing for many baptisms.
    “Fresno will be known Internationally.”(WOrd Lord Whispered to me)
    Dream of a giant outpouring. 1998. Coming. For Years
    Fresno has had a bad reputation.
    As of last year I have felt a covering of
    Beautiful love enveloping FRESNO. I weep everytime I go there to shop.
    I also saw a revitalization of The Downtown area just when businesses abandoned.
    When I arrived in 1989. (After being gone 1976);

  10. Isabel Tovar

    Oh, could you please send it again? This message didn’t come through. Since I discovered your emails messages I read them all and share many of them.

    By (divine plan) I saw you once, recently at the Mission Church in Santa Clara CA!

    I thank God for connecting me to your ministry!

    Isabel Tovar

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    Praying for a harvest souls and mighty miracles!

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