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Kamala Harris just made the most chilling statement I have even heard a politician make.  She said California is the future of America.  How big a boatload of Kool-Aid would you have to swallow to consider that a positive statement?

The last time I heard a threat like that, I was a boy and Nikita Khrushchev said, “your grandchildren will grow up under communism.”  That didn’t happen.  Neither will Kamala’s threat.

San Francisco was once the crown jewel of California.  Today, my home town is a smoldering mess.  I was there recently.  It shocked me how it had degenerated.  Human waste, dirty needles, and the odor of death hung over the city.

I felt a danger on the streets, I had never felt before.  I wasn’t afraid of crime per se…it was more the disintegration of civilization itself.  Market street was an endless line of dazed people—sitting up against the walls in lawn chairs—in front of even the swankiest stores, smoking marijuana.  One report said San Francisco is now worse than some of the poorest cities in the world.

Fully 25% of America’s entire homeless population lives in Los Angeles.  Cali liberals are so defensive about this, they ban videos on social media that showed the homeless camps.

California ministers can’t say they weren’t warned.  I know I did my share.  The last few years I lived there I made several new enemies because of the message the Holy Spirit burned in my soul.

I preached in many of the larger spirit-filled churches in the state.  I was very clear:  I told them we had 5 years left.  I told them the things we had to do.  If not, God could not use them to stem the disaster that awaited California.

Here’s what I said in a nutshell:

-You must make your church a nuclear reactor of outreach and holiness.  If you do not, your church will degenerate into a hospital for disgruntled and anemic saints.  In such hospitals, the patients rise up and kill the doctors.  That is what is happening now.

-I said you better preach and teach the Cross, the Blood, and core Bible convictions.  Arm your people with values and the reasons behind those values.  Preach truth now, I said, or a day will soon come the truths you are avoiding will be banned.   That happened.  The user friendly message which was a mistake then, is the only one approved by government now. If it gets out that you preach moral values now, you can easlity be protested and prosecuted.

-Finally, I implored them to sharpen their rebuttal to California’s insane values on marriage, drugs, crime, prostitution laws, propaganda in childhood education.  I warned them they were too busy in their isolated kingdoms to come together as one voice that could influence voters.  This one was the most painful thing for me to watch.  When bill after bill came before California voters, the silence of the church was deafening. 

Jerry Brown accused Trump of declaring war on California.  Imagine, our Attorney General Jeff Sessions came to Sacramento to enforce Federal Law and the Governor calls it a declaration of war.

Governor Brown, it is you who declared war—on your own people.  You put a bulls eye on the middle class.  That’s why they are leaving in droves.  You made Christian parents send their kids to classrooms where their faith was bashed as bigoted and false.  On your watch, California went from number one to dead last in many categories, including being named the worst state overall.

Now Kamala Harris wants to spread California to the rest of America.  Wispy liberals across the nation love the idea.  This is a repeat of history.  The Romans worshiped and emulated Greek Culture.  Then Greece rotted from within.  But it was too late for Rome to change course—they rotted too.  At least we have the advantage of seeing what a failure California’s culture is.

I am not giving up on California.  There are millions of Christ followers there.  There are thousands of pastors who putting their lives on the line every Sunday to preach the entire Gospel.  There are ministries there that I will work with till Jesus comes.

Acts 20:31 says, “Therefore watch, and remember that for three years I did not cease to warn everyone night and day with tears.”   My messages of warning once limited to California are now nationwide.  I get it.  Not everyone is comfortable with my blogs.  I was banned from some churches in California—I expect that ban to spread to other states.

I confess, it is disheartening that churches in other states learned nothing from the folly and cultural impotence of seeker churches in California.  It knocks the wind out of me when believers don’t see—regardless of how brash he seems—Donald Trump was a deliverance from certain catastrophe under Hillary.

No matter what I will carry on.  Not just because growing audience is starting to listen, or because I see the mercy drops of latter rain, but because these warnings are a part of my calling.  And no, California is not in anyway America’s future.


  1. Norma

    The chilling part is the unfortunate comment by Harris has been echoed by many who have said” As goes for California, goes for the entire United States.” We say, not now,not ever” That is why this must be stopped by the Federal Government through prosecution. Lawlessness cannot continue in the natural or in the spirit.

  2. Judy Haga


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  3. John L Escalante

    Amen, let God be glorified in the beautiful state of California!

  4. Rosie

    Thank you for being a voice crying in the wilderness! God have mercy and wake us up!!!

  5. Carolina

    I was watching yesterday the great 1951 movie Quo Vadis which means in Latin “Where are you going?” This very old movie based on the 1896 novel by Henryk Sienkiewicz, told the story of the first Christian persecution in Rome with all the significant characters including AP Paul & AP Peter. Whenever I think of the horrors of the 1st Christian persecution I am reminded of just how close we are today to just such a holocaust as the 1st church persecution. The liberal left of post modern society today is not only capable of such demonic thinking as to persecute any and all who staunchly disagree with them. But acutely these are the last days by which a strong delusion is sent to them that love the wages of sin & unrighteousness.
    The mess that is now California is so unabashed in it’s deluded stance that it would not be far fetched to consider they’d consider holocaust tactics to rid themselves of the likes of us Christian stalwarts. Each time I look at the sad mess that has become the California streets and byways, my heart sinks realizing just what their leadership has done to it. It was at one time probably the most beautiful land mass a person could ever see and experience. Now it’s just pathetic and unsafe. Heart rending.
    I say to California… “Where are you going!”

    • Jacqueline Jacobsma

      Wow! So true! “Where are you going”. . good question! Intercessors intercede!
      The fields are so ripe for harvesting! May God hear all the saints prayers! And may America bless God!!
      Jacqui J

    • elisa berry

      Thank you for the recommendation of this movie Caroline. I will check it out!

  6. Janice Seaver

    We are in the 9th day of a 40 day fast throughout all of California. The purpose of the fast is to seek God and implore Him to bring revival, restoration and a great harvest of souls in California. We are praying for turnaround in government, education and the whole culture of California. I was born in San Francisco in 1944. I was about to give up on California until this amazing call was sent to the church to fast and pray in unity for God’s deliverance and salvation for our state. Please join us in this prayer season for California. Jesus is Lord over all the Earth!❤️

      • Jacqueline Jacobsma

        I will pray!

    • Rebecca McAnally

      As Abraham interceded for Sodom and Gomorrah, if there be but 10 righteous, God would save it. Yes, there is great wickedness in California, but there are many more than 10 righteous if we would but intercede for our state.

  7. Jacqueline Jacobsma

    Dear Mr. Murillo,
    Besides monetary gifts…how can I help your ministry? I live near Portland, OR. I was raised in SJ, Ca. I still have many friends and family in Ca. I really want to help and be part of your ministry.
    I am thankful to God for your healing!!!
    God is so beyond words!
    You are loved!
    In Christ,
    Jacqui Jacobsma, RN

  8. R.A. Hauk

    Mario, you ever coming to Idaho?

    • mariomurilloministries

      People say we had amazing meetings in Boise in the 90’s. We are open to coming again.

      • Dorrie

        How about southern Oregon? Marijuana farming is destroying this rural area! We need revival!!

  9. Bonnie Sirsi

    I’m with you a Janice I also live in Calif, in Sacramento, and see all of what’s been portrayed. Many of we the people of California are compassionate, conservative and Christian and are sickened by the illiterate voice of our government and those who blindly follow. We pray for wisdom for those who govern us.

  10. elisa berry

    Mario, I am a Carholic Christian and I LOVE your blogs and pray for your ministry! I gain strength and encouragement from them every day. Our pastor is boiled in oil daily for preaching the TRUTH and he will not deviate. Many have left our parish but more are coming sick of the junk that has been preached from their pulpits. Many are young familes who I think are being graced with a seal of truth and they are so hungry for the TRUTH of the gispel of Jesus Christ! Keep Going! Stay strong! I pray for your back and your health and healing and that your ministry sets a fire to this country! Any chance of coming to Pennsylvania? I recently moved from Mississippi. If you go there I’d be happy to make the trip! God Bless and keep you always! Elisa… Oh that one day we may all be ONE IN HIM!!! It’s gonna happen!!! Maranatha!!!

  11. Joseph I Tenorio

    I’m shocked to the level of Meism Califonia people are willing to suffer? At the hands of skubala creating leadership my State is grown to accept. over 40 years here in California , they are not the future , they are on borrowed Time and without God this State is done. BUT GOD!

  12. Anna Jungert

    Thank you for standing strong and sharing the truth! God has made you this day a fortified city and an iron pillar and bronze walls against the whole land… they shall fight against you but they shall not prevail against you, for God is with you to deliver you. Jeremiah 1:18-19



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