Fresh Fire (Download)


This is the downloadable PDF version of  Fresh Fire by Mario Murillo – a guide to fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit.

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Here is a guide to fresh baptisms in the Holy Spirit. New drenching of Holy power await us; power that will neutralize the flood of stress, fear and evil in this final moment to mankind.

Satan sensing impending doom has broken into a sprint. He is submerging the world as fast as possible in despair, violence and filth. He labors to side track the Spirit filled movement with everything from form of godliness that denies the power, to out and out foolishness.
In all this, God yearns to deposit a far surpassing tidal wave of righteousness, boldness, joy and wisdom on his willing children.

This is a book for those who would cry out from an undivided heart, "God drench me in apathy-killing fear destroying, devil busting fresh fire."