Courage Tour Georgia

 “DO NOT FIGHT AS ONE THAT BEATS THE AIR.” It’s from Paul’s first letter to his Corinthian converts. The Apostle had labored among the Corinthians for nearly 15 months. It is one of the only places where God told him, “Fear not Paul, for no man shall set on thee to hurt thee.” God told him, “I have many people in this city.” He had many souls ready to be saved in that city. Many souls! This is part of God’s plan to save America. 

A GREAT door is opening for Mario Murillo and Lance Wallnau to deliver a decisive blow to the powers destroying America.

Core values such as the sanctity of life, the fairness of our electoral process, and our cherished freedom to worship stand on precarious ground, threatened with erosion in the face of these relentless challenges. I would despair if not for a word from God! 

At this critical juncture, Mario and Lance are launching “The Courage Tour” as a rallying cry that WE HONESTLY BELIEVE CAN SHIFT THE BATTLE OVER AMERICA!

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Courage Tour Georgia, April 11th–13th, at Gas South Convention Center, Duluth, GA.

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Apr 11 - 13 2024


All Day



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  1. Gary Doughton

    Thank you all so much for Loving God, Family and our Nation. We can save America with the help of GOD. God Bless America


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