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Dear Left…you’re salivating at the thought of throwing Trump out of office.  Be careful what you wish for.  You are truly in a lose-lose situation.
Let me say upfront—I want Donald Trump to remain president.  I believe he will remain president.  And then he’ll be relected.
I know, I know…some Christians are wringing their hands at all the drama going on right now.  But I am at total peace.  These histrionics are simply proof of two things: President Trump is not a politician.   And who could have foreseen, when he started draining the swamp, how vicious and abundant the monsters.
Trump is impulsive?  In a zombie apocalypse, you must act fast!
So, go ahead and dump him.  You never will, but let’s just say you did.  You’d bring to power the most committed Christian who has ever been president.
Don’t get me wrong I respect Donald Trump, I believe he is a man of faith, but I might not crown him theologian of the year.  Mike Pence, on the other hand, knows the Bible well.  He will take a strong stand for godly principles.
And so, dear left, if you get your wish, …here is who, and what, will be in the White House:
He is even more socially conservative than Donald Trump.   Mike Pence is stronger on abortion, and marriage than Trump.  For social progressives, this is exit frying pan enter fire.
The new MAGA would read Make America Godly Again.
 And if you think you can use the tactics you currently use on Donald Trump…consider the Mike Pence temperament.  He is calm, measured, listens before he speaks, uses few words and leads a squeaky clean personal life.  He is the yellow journalist’s worst nightmare.
I can’t wait for Stephen Colbert, Rachel Maddow and Don Lemon to try to tell us what an evil person Mike Pence is.
Remember the vice-presidential debate?  Recall how he reduced Tim Kaine to a caterwauling infant.  The more Mike stayed calm, the shriller Kaine became.  It looked like a school principal talking to a hysterical junior higher.
Instead of the zingers from Trump (which I love) you will get the rational, considered opinion that demolishes stupid questions. (Which I also love).  You really want that?
Mike Pence also has bi-partisan support—even from those that disagree with his convictions.
Left-wing God haters rest between the proverbial rock and a hard place.  For those who want one nation under God, Mike Pence would reinforce it
Trump is an answer to prayer.  He is the wrecking ball to corruption in both Democrats and Republicans that we so desperately needed.  This just in:  Trump will not be thrown out of office.  Donald Trump will fulfill his destiny.
However, the thought of a president Mike Pence should give the left a fresh nightmare.  But it should give the faithful another feeling: the feeling of win-win.



  1. Carolina

    This is priceless! What to Go Mario!
    Oh yes, the liberal leftist much bigger nightmare would be Michael Pence in President Donald Trumps place. So true. Regardless of how measured VP Pence is in his comments and approach, he is diametrically opposed to homosexuality and transgender issues. To Mr. Pence these issues are not even on the map! And abortion is inexcusable.
    I live in Arizona, and believe it President Trump is loved and respected out here, the turn out for him yesterday was voluminous, active and inspired. To get into that conference center alone, in downtown Phoenix in order to see & hear him is at best a colossal exercise in patience and endurance. And they turned out by the thousands for our President, young, old, black, white, Asian, Native American, women, and children. Yap!..that happened because we get it and thousands bowed they’re heads to pray with the first 3 Christian leaders that came and sealed the meeting in prayer prior to President Trump’s speech. Hallelujah!… at last we’ve got a fella in the White house that’s his own man.

  2. Cindy Alexander


  3. Glen Kippel

    Yeah! Right on! As the saying goes, don’t swat at mosquitoes – drain the swamp. Maybe Mr. Trump didn’t realize that the swamp has not only mosquitoes, but vicious alligators and venomous snakes. I believe he is capable of getting rid of them all. MAGA!

  4. Sandra Douglas

    What a wonderful “watchman on the wall” observant scenario yo be sure…God has this !!!!!

    • Frances Barrera

      Thank you dear Mario Murillo – encouraging courageous uplifting prophetic wonderful ??❤️✝️????????????

  5. Jill Millet

    God’s not dead, He’s surely alive
    Living on the inside (of Mike Pence)
    Roaring like a Lion.

  6. Duane Nicholson

    I have said long ago that God is using Brash, no holds barred , beholden to no one Trunp to drain the evil swamp and prepares the way for PENCE to become The most Godly President we have ever had! God is surely in control!

  7. Carolina

    You are correct, God surely is in control. Yet why would you think that Almighty Christ Who moved upon this nation’s people to massively go out & elect then Mr. Donald Trump into being President Donald Trump and then assume that Christ was not pleased to do so? Though President Donald J Trump is as you say “brash” at times, and has no need of this civil authority job as President because of his vast self accomplishments and wealth which renders him “beholden to no-one.” Why would,d you think that Vice President Michael Pence would then take President Trump’s place? That could only happen by 3 horrible events:
    1) President Trump doesn’t win a second term… ( that would be catastrophic for this nation).
    2) President Trump is either assassinated or becomes deathly ill and dies.
    3) President Trump is impeached.
    In each case those are horrific events to consider. Or are you thinking that V-P Pence might carry on President Trump’s agenda in a 2025 campaign bid? Also let’s remember, Pres. Trump is a very different man than Michael Pence, P- Trump is much more experienced with negotiating wide & large across the globe with vast amounts of money & deal making…as well as having the strongest work ethic most people have ever contemplated having or encountered. V-P Pence is experienced in a different way, more civilly, nationally, state wide & local. But would Michael Pence have what it takes to withstand the world sign an executive order to move America’s embassy to Jerusalem and command that America stance is now today OFFICIAL finally– that Jerusalem is The capital of Israel? Now that’s…Historic!

  8. John Head

    Yes, I must agree with your evaluation. There is now doubt, without divine assistance Trump, or any godly man would have gotten elected. In remodeling a home, which I’ve had to do a few times, the first step is usually demolition. The removal of any structure unsuitable to accomodate the refurbishing to come. Trump is the demolition man, bold and unrestrained in his efforts to purge our nation of things we cannot build on. Pence, on the other hand would be more like the architect. God’s liaison who has trumps ear as things are put in place to fill the void. Sure, a man like pence could do both, but the left would have bristled from day one with an obvious man of God in the oval office. The battle would have immediately pivoted to an attack on Christians, whereas now it remains there, but behind the scenes. With Trump in office I’m a peace that God is in control, but still apprehensive about things to come. We have read the word and know all too well that calamity is on the horizon. You made a comment earlier that things will be shaken. Well I think we see that now. The corruption is deep, and the very foundation of our government is being shaken, cracks are opening and some long established institutions crumbling.
    I believe God is separating the wheat from the chaff. A line has been drawn and all must decide which side to stand. There will be no gray area. God may well be “pulling out the rug” so to speak. Exposing the truths to all, opening the eyes that were blinded, leaving many to revalute their lives and some fore the first time able to see both the light and the dark, able to make a life altering change while there is time. God has granted a stay, for a time. An opportunity to reach untold numbers that may soon find themselves looking for the real answers.
    The harvest has never been more ripe than it will be in the comming months.



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