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We have opened the vault about put together a treasury of the highlights of 50 years of ministry. These are specially chosen videos, books, and audio sermons.

Here are just some of the treasures you will find in this flash drive:

  • 4 Bestselling books that are currently out of print. Critical Mass, Fresh Fire, Edgewise, and I am the Christian the Devil Warned You About.


  • Witness 14,000 people the world famous Cow Palace in San Francisco where nearly 2,000 came forward to receive Christ.
  • Witness 30,000 people in Los Angeles at the World Convention of Victory Outreach.
  • Plus more videos.

Handpicked audio sermons:

  • This includes the classic message The Orphan Heart preached to 18,000 in the World Trade Center in Johannesburg South Africa.

All this and much, much more for just $20. Not only that, the proceeds go to soul winning in America making this a win-win offer.