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Now in its fourth printing, Vessels of Fire and Glory keeps reaching the top of its category on Amazon. Critical Mass has now sold over 150,000 copies and remains an international classic on awakening. Both books are still in high demand. So why are we making this amazing offer to you? California is the reason why.

We need to act fast in California for two big reasons. First, Fresno was a shocking breakthrough. Fresno is a sign that tens of thousands of Californians hunger for the Gospel. Second, the battle for America will be won or lost in California.

That is why we must make this stunning book offer to you. You get both books for just $20. Not only that — Mario will autograph your copy of Vessels of Fire and Glory. On top of that…you get free shipping.

This is a double win for you. You get these choice books at an excellent price and the proceeds go to win lost souls in California.

Order right now! Thank you for allowing three weeks for handling and shipping of your order.