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Your Healing God’s Way

How To Hear From God

If They Could Do It


The Treasure in Your Trial

A Farewell to Discouragement

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  • Your Healing God’s Way (1hr 14min) – Summary: Mario preaches about the miracles that God provides.
  • How To Hear From God (1hr 50min) – Summary: With a beginning lesson of how Moses listened to God’s instructions, Mario speaks of how one can hear the word from God
  • If They Could Do It (40 min) – Summary: Mario preaching on becoming a champion
  • Mainstream (1hr 21min) – Summary: “The river of God” – Mario Murillo
  • The Treasure in Your Trial (49 min) – Summary: “Ambassador in chains” – Mario Murillo
  • A Farewell to Discouragement (47 min) – Summary: Mario speaks about having authority to one’s life through God


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