Night of Miracles – Batavia. Feb 4th 2024

Mario Murillo returns to Batavia, New York

Hear Mario share what God is saying for America in 24.

America is in danger!
You and I have never faced anything like this before.
Evil has never been this blatant.
The forces of tyranny have never been this strong.
American freedom is a candle in the wind.
Decency is hanging by a thread. Censorship is exploding.
It seems that nothing can stop the ruling class from turning America into a godless prison.



It is time for drastic action.


That is why the massive breakthroughs of Mario Murillo Ministries are so encouraging and exciting. Tens of thousands have been converted to Christ and healed.
Now Mario Murillo returns to Batavia for a night of miracles. Join us Sunday, February 4 at 6 PM at Cornerstone Church, located at 8020 Bank Street Rd, Batavia, NY 14020.
This night will overflow with fire, miracles, and divine direction. Come expecting your miracle and bring someone who needs God’s supernatural touch. Be a part of God’s mission to save America!

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Feb 04 2024


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Cornerstone Church
8020 Bank Street Road, Batavia, New York




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  1. Dawn Kelly

    Rapid City please

  2. Carol

    I love to hear Mr Murillo speak
    Please pray for me.
    To surrender my all to Jesus instead of trying to make a person….a so called friend my everything.. in my mind. A trick of the enemy.
    I am claiming total freedom so I can once more live for Jesus totally. He has a plan for me in my latter days as I am 79 yrs. Husband passed.

    • Charlotte

      My reply is to Carol, a widow of 79 also, I believe God has a BIG PLAN for us, I live in Alabama, God Bless you, my name is Charlotte.

    • Mark Taylor

      Iam praying for your freedom in Christ.

  3. Margaret Bowen

    I’m so blessed by the messages and interviews I see on YouTube. Hope to be in one or more of your devices when you’re near here. Are you ever in eastern North Carolina?

  4. wilma

    Mario, I have been watching Fire Power. You are reaching so many through that program. You preach that “All things are possible with God” which is very encouraging for all who are listening to you. I am happy when I see people getting saved and healed by the power of God. May God continue to Bless You in your ministries.

    • Deborah Hall

      Mario , just wanted to thank you for spreading the gospel and speaking the truth. Me and my husband of 50 years would love to come to one of your meetings, my husband has been battling cancer for a year now it was in his neck , then his bone and his blood. Because of your message, we have stayed hopeful. We are ready for this demon to be cast out once and for all . I know if we could attend one of your meetings we could be healed and my husband would be the man he used to be . Please pray for him his name is Joseph Hall (Pat) for short . Pry for his deliverance he was a strong man at 242 lbs and now he is 139 lbs . I don’t want to loose him . We watch you all the time . I love your show firepower. Also we live in Huntsville Al and I’m from Lafayette Tennessee. We would love to attend one of your meetings should you come our way . I am always telling everyone to watch your show . Thank you for obeying God and being a light for us too see . Amen God Bless you Always .

  5. Elizabeth Mercado otero

    Prayer for deliverance and healing in their body is needed for all my children. My oldest Natalie my middle child is chanel n my youngest son Isaiah 27 they need prayers n for their children to remain faithful that their name remain in the book of live. To know Abba Father in Spirit n in truth. Tim is my first daughters husband he needs deliverance the children have seen him manifest and my son’s wife needs to have a true relationship with Abba Father so they can raise their little one yr old son kaytriel. Also for self so I can know my gifts n to operate in them in these wonderful times!

  6. Bryan S

    Can you come to Indianapolis the City for a meeting Lester Sumrall used to maintain now we have no leadership since 1996 the City has literally gone to Hell like the White House 5 people murdered a night, one of the biggest LGBT parades in the Country, demonic leader I’m sorry I spelled democrat wrong on purpose. I’m doing my best can’t even go in and heal at the Hospitals they are controlled by the Catholic satanic army of Priest who can’t and don’t heal that false church or Pagans needs exposed like never before I’m not talking about the people who attend but that is Paganism 1.2 Billion souls that need to meet the real Jesus who isn’t plastic and get healed.

    God bless you brother I would love to just hand out flyers or sweep the parking lot at one of your meetings may God raise up men like you all over this Nation and World in Jesus name.

  7. Linda Nathan

    Please, please come to Washington State, the Seattle area! God bless you and your wonderful ministry!

  8. Betty

    Pray for Israel…..Baht Rivka Whitten is here from Israel with spouse who produces Worthy News, she has a song called Rise Up …. I believe she would be honored to assist in worship at some of your events, let me know if this is something you would like to know more about. Betty

  9. Tina Platz

    Please advise if this is cancelled because I listened to a video with Mario saying it was cancelled due to lack of help and volunteers I have 8 tickets

    • Mario Murillo

      Tina that was two years ago. February 4 is definitely happening

  10. Tina Platz

    Please advise is feb 4 Batavia is still happening

    • Mario Murillo

      most definitely happening.

      • Rakel Campbell

        I’m in Germany. My daughter has type 1 diabetes. I believe God can and already healed her on the cross. Have you seen any healings of type 1. I will fly her to your conference in faith as I believe faith without works is dead. 🙏🏻

  11. William Brand

    Please include a prayer for my grandchildren to be restored from what doctors claim to be autism. Only the creator of the universe and all that is in it, can and will heal them. By the stripes that were bore by our savior Immanuel. Thanks to the Holy Trinity for their mercy and grace.

  12. Paulette McWalters

    do you have any events planned for Pensacola Florida? Even the bible belt needs revival and especially boldness!


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