Living Proof California

Plan now to be parting of a healing, signs and wonders army in California. Use this link to volunteer. Roseville CA November 13-17 use this link to register
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To find out more about this amazing outreach click here
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Nov 13 - 17 2022


6:30 pm


The Grounds
700 Event Center Dr, Roseville, CA 95678
Volunteer Registration


Mario’s voice has been heard by millions around the world, bringing a message that zeroes in on the hurts of society. His simple declaration: Come and see. He is passionate about revival in America, spiritual warfare, prayer and healing and Christian and political leadership.



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  1. Joe wilkins

    How can I signup as volunteer

  2. Julie

    I was really hoping Mario was coming to Sacramento to do his tent revival on Sunday August 7th through Wednesday August 10th, 2022! As I fell from a freak accident on a ladder and the hospital wouldn’t operate on me without taking the fake and vaccine nano bot infiltrated pcr swab test! So I never received any surgery for my broken ankle and broken knee… God supernaturally healed my leg for me! Because I have been in a wheelchair since August of 2021 though my right leg is very atrophied and I still can’t walk on my own yet… And that’s what I’ve been hoping God would heal me from when Mario had scheduled the Sacramento revival in August! If there is any way Mario could get together his prayer warriors and say a supernatural healing prayer for me to have God heal my right leg so that I can finally walk again without any pain & the atrophy to miraculously disappear, I would be eternally grateful to all involved to make my walking a reality and I will receive this healing in full faith by witnessing what god has already done for me by healing my broken bones in both areas and by professing to the naysaying doctors that “He who is in me is greater than he that is in the world!” And that my God would heal me 100%, when they all told me that I would never walk again and be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life if I didn’t get the surgery! But I never got into agreement with their false report of my condition! And I still will never agree to that prognosis!
    Also, I said back then that I would be more than happy to take a blood test or a saliva test to see if I had their never before isolated virus and never once proven to exist Covid-19 fake virus, as we know now it is graphene oxide poisoning that is in the shots (as they are not a vaccine at all, but is a dna altering death shot that changes your dna and not in a good way!) and one of the doctors from the hospital called me and said he knew of a way around me taking the phony pcr test… And I asked what it was, he said “we’ll put you into our treatment center here as Covid positive and you can go through the 10 day treatment protocol and after you get released from the treatment center after the 10 days we can operate on you!” I asked him if he knew what their hospital protocol was that I would be subjected to for those ten days? (and once again he would be putting me in there even though I didn’t have Covid at all!) He said no he didn’t know what the required protocol was for their hospitals treatment program… I said well I know because I just had a close friend go into a Reno, NV hospital named St Mary’s Hospital who was unvaccinated and she died the first day she was thee from a massive heart attack! She was as healthy as a horse before entering that Covid ward and she never had any history of heart issues! So I pulled up what the CDC’s protocol was for these hospitals nationwide and also got deferred to the NIH’s website when I looked up “Remedesivir” which is the required toxic medication that ALL COVID PATIENTS ARE PLACED ON WHEN CHECKED INTO THESE COVID WARDS AND THIS MEDICATION IS SO DEADLY THAT IF YOU ARE LUCKY YOU WILL SLIVE FOR FOUR TO FIVE DAYS BEFORE YOUR KIDNEYS SHUT DOWN AND YOU DIE OF RENAL FAILURE! That is if you don’t have anaphylactic shock (which is what my girlfriend died from!) which is basically a heart attack and die from that within a day or so of taking this death drug! And this is required to take as the medication in all hospitals by the CDC but now has been in passed over to the NIH to enforce it! When Hydroxychloroquin is safe and effective as well as Ivermectin but of course has been banned in the USA by the FDA now as all these political agencies are in on this mass genocide going on all over the world as satan’s master plan to wipe out humanity is rolling right along with no mass media coverage in the news because these satanists own them all! As well as the newspapers and the publishing companies who print books! Oh and I forgot, if they put you on a ventilator while you are stuck in these Covid death zone hospitals, if they don’t kill you with the Remedesivir first then while stuck in a room alone on these ventilators which no one needs at all, then you will develop pneumonia within 5-7 days where your lungs will fill up with water and then you’ll die too! And from the knowledge God has shown me that these hospitals and these doctors who by the way will have had these shots and are now more docile and easier to persuade to go along with this all as their licenses have been threatened to be taken away if they won’t go along with their mass murdering all these poor souls who make the mistake of going into the hospitals for any reason right now & especially the Catholic ran ones Or Kaiser which was where I unfortunately had as my medical provider when all this happened to me! So when I told this murdering Dr about my extensive research on their CDC/NIH mandated required protocol for treatment of the fake virus which is actually graphene oxide poisoning and the 5G radiation poisoning together that is effecting our bodies and not the never isolated phony Covid virus which doesn’t exist, as told him as utterly vile and is a mass murdering formula put in place to kill me, that I would pass on his disgusting offer to basically assassinate me! And I told the dna altered (demon dna is what takes over these humans after they are injected with the jab, tak a pcr test (as it’s in their forehead-read Rev 13:16 and if your Bible says “ON” and not “IN” their right hand or forehead your Bible is corrupted and you need to find a 1611 KJV uncorrupted Bible which shows the mark of the beast is put inside our bodies which are the temple of God not on or outside our bodies like a tattoo or something… God resides within us as the Holy Spirit and this shot wipes out the God Given dna He has placed within us all and our dna glows with a white light when it’s pure God-Given and it’s 10-5-2-5 dna strand = Y-H-W-H or YAHWEH which is the name of the GOD of Israel, the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, and the one and only true God i Heaven who’s only begotten Son Jesus Christ He gave to us to come to Earth in the flesh and to teach us how to live and then have Him die for our sins and rise three days later when He Ascended up to Father God in Heaven and His Blood He shed on the Cross and His ascending into Heaven was accepted by God to be an atonement and covering for all of our sins!! So Jesus took back the authority that satan lied to Adam and deceived him and Eve to bite into the apple of the tree of knowledge of good and evil which caused mankind to fall and created death for humans and satan gained authority over the earth through his deception and lies because God is a God of His Word, but after Jesus shed His blood on the Cross that authority has been taken back by Jesus and past on to us as believers! So no fear of the enemy, don’t try and fight against the heavenly realm as God has the authority over the heavenly realm just pray to God and ask Him to bind and destroy whatever spirit is in the heavenly realm and we can bind and destroy all demons in the earthly realm and you must remember to bind them forever or totally destroy them on earth!) Back to what I think is in these shots, the pcr test that goes up into your forehead and penetrates the blood brain barrier, along with the storebougtt masks (& if you don’t believe me, don’t google anything ever again as the are part of the big tech that’s in on this but go to DuckDuckGo.come and look up the researchers at Columna who did testing on all these items and found graphene oxide in them all and it’s a deadly toxin which will only dissipate out of the body with intravenous glutathione or take 650 mg NAC’s vitamins which is a natural precursor twhoch creates glutathione in our bodies or do massive amounts of exercising (& now we understand why our government shit down all the gyms and houses of worship for so long during this PLANNEDEMIC they made up years ago & satans behind the whole thing as these are the end times right now my friend!) and I believe it’s Nephilim dna which is put in these shots, swab tests & the store bought masks that are taking over these ones who took these shots too! And they come to lie steal (Gods childrens inheritance and all they own, so watch them because they will lie straight to your face and steal everything you have and sell it all) & destroy (kill you & will deceive many with their straight up lies and deception they tell everyone! Whatever you see the cdc fda tv news etc tell you to do. Do the opposite and for heavens sake turn of your television, get off Facebook, and all social media but maybe Telegram and turn off your cell phones and throw them in the trash & these evil One world govt satanist couldn’t do any of this!…) And do some research on 5G it’s DEATH TO HUMANITY, The Planet and all living creatures on it! Don’t buy anything 5G & demand they take it all down yesterday! jGod bless you all & even if just one person wakes up to all I’ve said here it was worth typing it all out!

    • Mario Murillo

      We will be in Roseville November 13-17 at Placer countty Fairgrounds

  3. Carolyn Hoffman

    Mario Murillo will you please come to the Los Angeles area for one of your tent services? Lost souls need to come to your service to find Jesus!

  4. Sandra Tyson

    Mario I’m praising God You and the Ministry are coming again to California. I live in Bakersfield & was so very Happy to attend tent meeting. Thanking “ Our Heavenly Father for His Love for the people
    of highway 99. California ❤️


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