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How they will replace Biden

This was no debate. This was elder abuse. Biden’s people had no business letting him do this. The look on his face said it all.

My opinion of Joe Biden has not changed. He had a long career that oozed corruption and deception. But I felt sorry for him. He is a puppet.

It is difficult to hold a puppet fully accountable, except of course, for agreeing to be a puppet. But this is the end.

This debate ended Biden’s career. It was four words on the end of a string of gibberish: “We finally beat Medicare.”  To which Trump replied, “You sure did. You beat it to death.” Game over.

“Millions just witnessed the end of a presidency, live on television.”

The New York Post said, “Millions just witnessed the end of a presidency, live on television.”


For weeks the Left has scolded us about cheap, fake videos. They insisted Biden was coherent. They censored everything that betrayed his true mental decline. Their defensiveness was maniacal. They even tried to say Trump was just as cognitively challenged as Biden. What liars! Now the whole world knows they are liars.

So why did they suddenly pull away all the restraints and show us the ugly truth about Biden? The answer to that question will also tell us how they will get rid of Biden.

Think about it. They wanted to show us that Biden has dementia. They wanted us to be horrified.

The puppet masters needed an excuse to get rid of him. And a disastrous debate was the perfect way!  

Why else would they allow the split screen? Trump with clear eyes and speech. Biden with a thousand yard stare and slurred sentences. There is only one answer:

They are going to replace Joe Biden. The puppet masters needed an excuse to get rid of him. And a disastrous debate was the perfect way!

The tide to remove Biden is rising according to plan. They want to make it look like the idea came from their base. Even the New York Times—the most blindly loyal rag to Biden in America—is asking Biden to step down.

But they aren’t going to do it until the convention. That way their new choice can’t be vetted. It also guarantees a ‘honeymoon’ after their convention.

Their biggest reason not to get rid of Biden now is Kamala Harris. Even they realize what a horror show she would be. But now comes the danger you must understand: this is dangerous because it is a trick. Donald Trump is about to face their secret weapon.

No matter who they parade out next, we all know who Trump is running against. The hand puppet will change, but the hand will not.

When their new shining replacement is finally presented (it is not easy finding young puppets), there will be excitement. The Left will be energized. And the poll numbers will tighten. That is when Trump will be in danger. We must not be fooled.

We must never get our eyes off the goal: to assure our children have a future.

Remember the most important facts. It was not just Biden who ruined America it was the Democratic Party. What they did to our freedoms, our borders, our money, and our children. There is an endless list of evils they have done—and continue to do.  There is not a single aspect of American life that they have not damaged or destroyed.

No matter who they parade out next, we all know who Trump is running against. The hand puppet will change, but the hand will not.


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  1. Peter Yang

    who, michelle obama?

  2. Roger Weeks

    Exactly what I told people after this debacle. They already knew it, this was the perfect setup to through OBiden under the DUALS! They’re in full desperation mode! Be prayed up and praying. not play praying, get real praying. They will now throw any and everything they can. To deceive, confuse disorient mislead manipulate and control YOU.

    • Dave


  3. Shane Freeman

    The person my friend & I are talking about is M. Obama. It would not Suprise me. That was Mr Oboma can still have control. Just my Opinion.
    God Bless. from CANADA.

  4. H. Capp

    In the meantime, Hillary’s new book came out this week.

    Coincidence? I think not.

  5. Cindy Moomey

    Mario, you are spot on .

  6. Catherine

    Hello, I had a dream about Joe Biden about a year ago. This dream came on a day that I told my husband how corrupt I thought he was and that he’d been this way for a long time. I dreamed I was trying to find a way to talk with him. I had such compassion in my heart for him and a strong desire for him to accept the salvation Jesus died to give him. It was like my heart was the Father’s heart. I had such a sense of urgency that in the dream that I asked my husband what the address of the “vice-president’s” residence was, so I could reach out and share the Gospel. I woke up with a sense of dread for Joe Biden that he must accept Jesus, I continue to pray.

    • debbie


    • Thomas Oaxaca

      The Christian church must rise up and pray. We know that the puppet master is not going to change. President Trump will, once again, run against the enemy of our souls.
      The good news is that he will continue to lead in the polls. The Godly news is that as we seek God and His will in our lives, God will move and begin to heal our country (2 Chronicles 7:14).
      As the body of Christ, we must seek the safeguarding of the 2024 election by our Heavenly Father. We must pray against fraud, deceit, and every possible weapon the enemy may use to steal this election from us.
      I cannot begin to express just how vital prayer is with regards to this election.
      The devil isn’t going to give up east. He’ll continue to fight to the very end.
      He has a lot invested in his plan to destroy America.
      However, God has a lot invested as well. And last time I checked, God’s investments always pay off, guaranteed winners.
      Please pray Church. I can’t imagine what another four years of a Democratic president would be like.
      Can you?

  7. Jodi

    💯 percent agree with this whole assessment. We must not let up on our intercessions for our families, church, and country! I think of the sons of Issachar; they understood the times and knew exactly what to do.

  8. Larry Lavallee

    Keep our eyes on JESUS 🙏
    Do all that you can to “STAND” against the plans of the enemy, Pray continuesly for America to be saved!! 🔥

  9. Lynne Baker

    The powers that be destroying their own candidate for their selfish gain is a new devil/new level of evil in our political system. We definitely need to be awake and aware. They are back room screaming at a feverish pace to take Trump out. PRAY and PRAY some more. But God.

  10. Laurie Machamer

    Excellent commentary!

  11. Gilda Garrison

    Totally agree with you, I’ve been saying the same thing. I’ve said that as soon as they were done using him that they would discard him like a piece of trash. I feel sorry for him too, and feel anger towards his wife , apparently money and power is more important than the marriage vows( she’s a gold digger), if she really loved him she would never have allowed this to happen. I pray they both accept Jesus Christ before its to late. My Father was a God fearing truth telling preacher for over 50 plus years, he went home to be with the Lord in 2019 at the age of 93. I really miss him but I have the hope of seeing him again someday. Love watching Firepower and the tent crusades. So thankful for men like you standing up and preaching the true word of God. 🙏❤️🙏

  12. Joseph Shriver

    You hit the nail on the head
    I didnt think of that
    Thats probably what they have in mind
    I dont think Trump will win whoever they put forward but who knows? God is in control and he will select the next leader. I believe God is punishing the US for all of our evil. I think Obama was running the show

  13. Douglas Krause

    We need to pick up our bats, and whack the gap, no matter which mole pops up.

  14. Janice Andreyka

    It will be interesting to see how this changes in this coming election… we pray very strongly that God will keep our USA in His loving hands and change what needs to be changed. I pray for two things every single day without fail: for the Mario Murillo ministries to change the world, and for Donald Trump to become President again very, very soon. May the gates of heaven be stormed by Christians (called by His name) praying for forgiveness of our sins, then God, who hears us will forgive us, and heal our land. amen

  15. Tracy Wells

    Watch for a suiciden. Then they have to replace him.

  16. Judith Watts

    Perfectly said!

  17. Norma Smith

    NAME OF JESUS DEAR ONES 🙏🏼🙌👏⚔️🛡✝️🇺🇸🇺🇸

  18. Sherri Davis

    I knew this was a setup! Why else would their narrative change so suddenly. They put him out there to be humiliated so they have an excuse now.

  19. Debbie

    Your observation is spot on as usual. The whole debate was planned to get rid of him. They plan well ahead and have the media to completely back any scheme or lie they decide to force on us.
    We have to put our trust in God, contend for our country. And not our trust in any man.


    I see it Mario, but don’t know what I am supposed to do about it except pray. That’s my only option. Pray and live righteously, awake to opportunities to speak Jesus name to people who are being called.

  21. Abraham Traynham

    Agree- and continue with me to pray for the safety of President Trump and his family.

  22. Kent Gross

    Kent from Oregon, could not agree with more. I’ve been thinking the same about your account for some time now. Prayers and blessings to Mario Murillo Ministries!

  23. Bettsey

    I wanted to cry for Biden as I watched the debate. How his wife and the democrats could allow him to debate in his condition is deplorable! They should be charged for elder abuse!! Jesus turn hearts to you and let truth reign in our country!

  24. John F. Johnston

    Excellent article & right on!

  25. Norma Valeri

    Mario: Thank you so much for the work you are doing for our Lord!! You and the others in your ministry, including the volunteers, are doing amazing things to inspire, educate and encourage believers, non-believers and lukewarm Christians!
    Many many blessings !!

  26. Laney

    I’m thinking it might be Michelle Obama! Her husband has been running the show through Biden.. Dear Lord have mercy on us!

  27. Mark Larsen

    Wow Mario, you nailed it!
    It truly does look scripted out of Hollywood. A set up.
    There is a quote somewhere when Biden was a 29 year old senator where he’s says, ‘I do so many favors for people, I feel like a prostitute.’
    We must stay vigilant. Like you said, we must not be fooled.

  28. Maria Rodero

    Thank you Mario Murillo. Very accurate. Very succinct. I am so grateful for your voice of truth that breaks through the whirlwind of confusion and lies. We pray and believe that God will have the final say. They may have a secret weapon, but it is no secret to God. Man makes his plans and God laughs! I put my faith in our Living God and trust his promises to deliver us. And I will pray, fast and commit my life and home to serve the Lord all the days of my life. I will be praying for you and your ministry as you keep fighting for the sake of Jesus Christ, our living hope. And for His kingdom.

  29. Tony Perone

    Truth will have His day, and His Way is the only winning way. When Jesus exclaimed “It is finished” the war was over—but the battles have not ended yet. The demon spirits are the hand and the human puppets, as Mario points out, are just the show. We thank God the the blood shed by the Lamb of God has overcome two of our souls’ enemies—the world and the devil. But our own fallen flesh, that sin nature has still to be defeated by each one of us in our heart of hearts. That is done only by receiving, by trusting, the saving grace of Jesus Christ.
    May God help each one of us to give our faith, our hope for salvation of America in the King who is coming in Glory.

  30. Dave Mueller

    Spot on

  31. Linda Barnes

    I have said from the beginning .. from the day he was sworn in .. that he is a “puppet” .. After being sworn in and he turned to walk back into the building as he started to go thru the door he repeated what was being said in his ear piece .. “salute the military..” he repeated his instruction BUT did not salute.
    My father had dementia and Biden’s behavior reminds me so much of what my dad went thru.. the walk .. the quick flare up of anger .. the glazed over look on his face .. Sad ..

  32. Sadra Grejdus

    I must admit I know no drugs can make you coherent, what they did to Biden,was elder abuse. I agree with everything this article represents… The white hats are in control knowing all along what is happening. No surprise, no surprise. Let the greatest show on earth continue
    Only GOD KNOWS THE FUTURE But I know God has found favor in President Trump, the Trump will sound the alarm. He notified GODS people of what is happening. We were asleep in GODS mercy, brough Trump To alarm us, thank you, JESUS, thank you. President Trump for obeying GODS call for your life. I am so grateful for GOD’S immense mercy. upon us, he loves us so much. Look what HE’S done. HE chose a man that’s very generous. that’s not perfect. That’s very generous. The word generous really hits people and I believe that’s why I trust President Trump. He’s gotten so many people out of bines and he’s paid for them all. We love him. We don’t care what his past represents. My past was really absolutely horrible. How was yours?

  33. Revs Jerry and Sonia M Mashek

    Bless God Prophet Mario for you are so “Right-On”!!! The HOLY SPIRIT has been showing my wife and I the same thing, But to KEEP OUR FOCUS ON YESHUA and NOT GLEAN with our Sight nor human ears! We ❤️ Love and Support you with our Prayers and Finances. You Are Truly a REAL MAN OF GOD!!!
    in Him,
    Pastors Jerry & Sonia <

  34. Sam

    Mario, please don’t forget to name the RINO’s along with the Democrats when laying blame – together they are the evil uni-party that all of God’s people must oppose

  35. Ramona Nordhoff

    Amen Brother Murillo, the Democrats will destroy anything that get in the way. They only put Biden up to help destroy the Country. Then Biden could be blamed for the destruction of America. Hold him accountable well he will be in a nursing home or dead.

  36. Karen

    The Lord would have us llknow the shaking that is here and will increase over the next 5onths includes Iran and their desire to eliminate Big Satan. This shaking is going to make Lehman Bros. Child’s play.
    Behold your King.

  37. phil beatty


  38. Catherine S Doctor

    We need to be on the alert and in prayer.

    • Patricia

      We need to pray and register Christians to vote. Less than 50% are registered to vote and less than that actually vote. We can change that. Volunteer to help in person or via telephone. God expects us to do our part like our leader here does.

  39. Cynthia K Finley

    Wow!!!!!! This blog was so powerful & right on!!! We see all this happening, what’s up their sleeve is right.

  40. Jen

    For the past two years I’ve had a bad feeling that our next installed president will be “Michelle” Obama. This way Barack Obama will get his 4th and 5th terms. He’s already having his 3rd term via Joe Biden. This sure would explain the reason for the strong push for everybody to accept transgenderism to the point where transgenders are worshiped. This is so when “Michelle” Obama comes out and reveals the truth about who he really is, many won’t care because they think men pretending to be women and women pretending to be men is OK. I pray all the time that this gut feeling turns out to be wrong.

  41. Alan

    This is spot on, and may I suggest that hand belongs to…Obama.

  42. Dave Wollenberg

    Vote Trump, November 5, my brothers and sisters in Jesus!

  43. Kari Gold

    I think it will be warlock Michael Robinson, aka “Michelle” Obama. He’s a monster. Obama has been the puppetmaster behind this demonic administration the last four years. He wants to continue.

  44. Kari (Gold) Barron

    I think they’ll put Warlock Michael Robinson in position, aka “michelle” obama. It’s been barry running things the last four years anyway, he wants a 4th term.

  45. Tony

    “But beware in your souls that your hearts never grow cold with gluttony and with drunkenness and with the cares of the world, and suddenly it shall come upon you that day. For it shall spring like a trap upon all of those who dwell upon the face of all the earth. Be watching at all times, therefore, and praying that you will be worthy to escape from these things which are going to occur, and to stand before The Son of Man.”

  46. S Dale

    This is all truth we have all known Brother Mario. We must continue to guard our ways. Being vigilant and honoring Our Lord God Almighty. Thank you man of God for standing watch with us.

  47. Joy

    Gavin Newsom would like to be their choice. That might be a worse disaster than Biden. Newsom has ruined California. He is the worst governor this state has seen and we have had some doozies before him.

  48. Saundra

    Thank you Mario for tell the Truth. Some people are not going to realize what they’re doing they are going to be deceived. God help us

  49. Samuel Burns

    Amen Mario, what you stated is so true!

  50. Sister Sybil Gordon


  51. Amy

    come to Pittsburgh,PLEASE, MARIO!!!

  52. Pastor Michael Conti

    We need a tent up in Dallas, Hanna had a desire to have a manchild, and she refused to be denied. I have access to a church on 70 Acers of land. two lakes and a RV campground. Have a revival and get them Baptized. Even invite Trump for a Rally. Take it By Force and we Refuse to be denied. Matt 11:12 AMP.

  53. Chuck Haser

    I must say that I did not feel sorry for Biden during the debate. He and Jill built this house of cards and now everyone can see that there is no foundation to it. Obama has lost his puppet and now needs to find another.
    The question is, will the democrats be so blatant as to install Michelle and let everyone know that Barack is actually the candidate?

  54. Debbie

    Well written!


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