Powerful Night in Western New York

by | Jun 25, 2024 | Living Proof Tent Crusades | 63 comments

It was a beautiful evening in Batavia, NY as the second night in the Tent began. For the first time that I can remember, the second night had a larger crowd than the first.

The night began with Catherine and her team leading the people in a great time of praise to our God. They sounded incredible and were very anointed, as always.


Mario began the night by talking about the anthropologist Margaret Mead, and how she had tried to describe Christianity as being just a collective experience. She said that religion was just “human emotion”, that it was basically from one culture and that she had no basis for believing it to be of supernatural origin.

Mario countered by sharing from Acts chapter 2, when the church was born and there were individuals from every nation. When the Holy Spirit came upon them they began speaking in each of the people's various languages and dialects, telling of the mighty works of God.


Mario shared how the birthday of Christianity was international and multicultural. And the people there at the time were amazed because these were not learned men, but simple men, fishermen and the like.

“For I will give you a mouth and wisdom which all your adversaries will not be able to contradict or resist” (Luke 21:15 NKJV).

Mario said that we are soon going to see a time where God is going to slice through the lies of our time and speak to perversion, all under the anointing and unction of the Holy Spirit. And that we will begin to see people get saved in record numbers.

He then told the people in the Tent that they were not there by accident. That God even knew where they would sit. And that the Truth would begin to work in them and that God’s Spirit would remove every excuse for remaining unsaved. He told them that now is the time to get right with God.

Mario declared, “I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ.” And he said he has seen it turn a wife-beating alcoholic into a saint and model husband, in one step rather than twelve. That he’d seen it deliver the drug addict and the perverted. Watched it remove suicide, heal race problems and change societies.

Nothing is like the love of God. Nothing is more powerful.

The further we have moved from God, the more we have begun to be miserable, and we know it. The more the churches began to apologize for God, the less power they had, and the more the general public was victimized.

He said, “That’s not going to happen under this Tent. I’m going after you, and you’re going to understand you don’t need to go home and think about it.”

He talked about how society has been conditioning us to not question things. To not think they are wrong, or indecent, but that causes your children to suffer, your body to suffer, your mind to suffer, and it tells you not to connect the dots of what’s really going on.

The idea being attacked is the one that says we are not supposed to think for ourselves. Because when you do, when something is wrong you know it’s wrong.

Mario talked about how when COVID was at its peak, people did for their body what they never do for their soul, they checked for symptoms. We couldn’t taste our food. We worried if we felt warm or had trouble breathing. And because we knew it was dangerous, we were constantly afraid and looking for signs of its presence.

He said, the Bible doesn’t tell us what the symptoms of COVID are, but it does describe the symptoms of a corrupt generation.

“But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having a form of godliness but denying its power” (2 Timothy 3:1-5 NKJV).

Then Mario re-iterated four of the items in those verses: unthankful, unholy, unloving, and unforgiving. He told the people if they’ve ever checked for symptoms of COVID, to now check themselves to see if they are culturally cursed. That these words are symptomatic of what’s going on.

Each of those words, the prefix “un” means that whatever comes after the prefix is not there. Unthankful means there is no gratitude. Not that you don’t leave a good tip, but that you’ve lost the power to feel or appreciate beauty.

Mario said people’s minds are beginning to awaken to the damage being done, what’s its doing to our children, and to our lives. How people who have participated in all this experimental perversion, and surgeries, and altering of genetics, have discovered not only boredom but desperation and a loss of natural affection.

And speaking of people being unforgiving, he said it speaks of a wound that never heals. He said it isn’t when you get so depressed or are in total despair that suicide is a threat. It is when it doesn’t matter anymore, when you have become numb. When you’re feelings of hope are so far gone that you no longer desire to search for hope.

Mario then shared what he considers the most terrifying verse in the Bible

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life” (John 3:16 NKJV).

He said it’s terrifying because in order to determine how extremely horrible something is, you look at the extremes someone would go to in order to keep you from it. Whatever hell is, God the Father decided to give His only Son so you wouldn’t have to go there.

Finally Mario shared about vaccinations. How traditionally they were designed to fool the body into designing antibodies by introducing an inert, powerless, version of the disease to be treated.

In today’s churches this inert, powerless, thing is modern preaching. It has the symbols and lingo of Christianity, but it doesn’t tell you to repent. It doesn’t tell you you’re going to hell, and it lets you go to church while keeping your immoral lifestyle. We are giving people a harmless Christianity, a faith with dead cells in it.

And you think it’s right, you think you are right, you believe you are right with God. You believe you know God. But your habits have not left, your agony has not left, all your old life is still there. You are unchanged. And so the only thing you get out of it is immunity. So when the real comes along, you can sit in church totally unaffected.

Mario then had the people close their eyes and began to speak to those who wanted to be free of their depression, to have a fresh clean slate, to be rid of their anger, their loneliness, and their fear. Those who want to know when they die they are going to go to Heaven.

He had them raise their hands, then stand, and finally come forward. It was a beautiful response as people came and filled the front of the Tent.

Mario told them, this is the end of shame. The end of fear. The end of confusion. That these dark days of depression are over. Because Jesus Christ is going to be added to their life. The Son of God Who is going to take their burdens and wash away their sins, and give them power to live a brand new life.
Mario prayed with them and then directed them out to the workers waiting to pray further with them and get their information so we can connect them with churches to help them grow.
Next Mario had Pastor John Minor come up and share briefly about his father David Minor, who prophesied powerful words over the region of Western New York.

Pastor John shared a final prophecy from his father:

“Have I not said that there would be a visitation in this region. They shall come from the North. They shall come from the South. They shall come from the East. And they shall come from the West. For there is a sound that is going out that there is bread again in Bethlehem. And yea, the hungry shall come. The thirsty shall come. The bruised and the broken shall come. And they shall find rest in my house. And they shall find deliverance. They shall find that I am the Lord God, yesterday, today, and I am ever the same. I change not. For I am getting ready to arise and smite the enemy and deliver my people. And they shall come from afar to this place. Even from across the ocean to see what God is doing in this region. Yea it is a set time and an appointed hour. And I am about to break the power of the wicked one. And my glory shall be seen in this place. And it shall radiate and it shall go out to the ends of the earth. Thus saith the Lord God of Israel.”

Mario then went on to preach a little longer. To encourage the people to become soldiers. He said, the quiet and harmless church, no one wants it. It no longer makes any sense. The drug addict is too addicted to want a quiet church. The Christian Warrior is too on fire to want a quiet church.


Then the atmosphere turned almost on a dime. One moment Mario was speaking and the next moment it felt like the air went out of the room as it was filled with a fresh presence of the Holy Spirit.

Mario pointed toward a section of the audience and said a man sitting there had suffered multiple heart attacks, and was being healed. Then Mario pointed to another section where a woman was being healed of migraine’s, blurry vision, and insomnia.

Next, he pointed out a man with diabetes, heart disease, neuropathy, and vision loss. Then, a woman who had been in a car accident, with pain in the back, neck, and jaw. All being healed. And he pointed to someone who had been diagnosed in the early stages of cancer.

Then he went on to a woman who was being healed of five things. He revealed her devotion to prayer, how her Bible is filled with papers of people and places she was consistently praying for. She received healing in her heart, her lungs, her spine, her eyes, and a growth in her throat. When Mario mentioned her lungs, I saw her take a deep breath and her eyes grew wide as she could breathe without difficulty. Then she felt her neck for the lump and it wasn’t there.

There was a woman with arthritis, as well as pain in her spine, neck and hips. As she was being healed she stepped out into the aisle and carefully begin to walk, shaky at first, but with more strength and confidence the further she went. She soon revealed that she had died back in November and had been returned to life. And now she was walking and regaining strength and balance.

Next he revealed that there were cancers all over the room that were being healed: throat, lung, and brain cancer in particular.

Finally Mario asked everyone who needed healing to raise their hands, and had the people around them lay hands on them. He then had them all pray aloud: “I believe that tonight God will heal me. I believe that right now my body is going to change and I’m going to be well.” And finally had the people pray over one another and people’s bodies were touched throughout the Tent.

I was so excited to see what God is doing in the Tent in Batavia! As always, I can’t wait for the reports that come later as people begin to realize their bodies are healed, or who go to their doctor’s and get the healing confirmed.

It was a powerful night. God is birthing something in Western New York, but it will require the people to partner with Him for the necessary breakthrough to see the promised revival.

If you missed the first two nights you have one more chance: Tuesday night, June 25th, at 6:30 PM, in the Tent outside Cornerstone Church in Batavia, NY.

Come and bring someone with you who needs salvation and healing!


  1. Carl Bruun

    Praise God for revisiting my home state, New York, in such a marvelous way. May the people of NY have a Third Great Awakening.

  2. Ila Johnson

    Shout Hallelujah
    Glory To King


    JUST Whisper
    J esus

    JOHN 3:16

  3. Cathy Stirman

    Praise the Lord, for He is greatly to be praised!
    Thank you Maurio for taking Jesus to Western New York! This is just the beginning! By the power of the Holy Spirit thousands will be saved & filled with the Holy Spirit throughout New York & will flow on to many other areas that are around the state of New York! In Jesus Holy Name I pray ; Amen & 🙏🏻 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  4. Larry Lavallee

    Happy to be a part of History being made in Batavia NY 🔥

  5. Duane Reeves

    Wonderful are the ways of God.
    All glory and honor and power to him.

  6. Nerrida Khoory

    Mario I watch and listen. God’s blessings to you and everyone doing Gods work. God is good. Our pray group ladies are praying for REVIVAL NOW, 🙏
    I personally tremble humbly before God crying/sobbing for all our children being destroyed with evil, God touched my heart in this NEED FOR PRAYER. 🙏

  7. Anita Andeeson

    Hallelujah. God us in the move! Praying for this from west of Chicago.


  8. Pastor Michael Conti

    If you want to save America; Raise an Altar (Tent) in Dallas. call me. Michael Conti 714 743 8347

  9. Sandra Gunter

    Wonderful to hear of the salvations and healings!!!

  10. Jane Rodden

    Praise God for moving across our land. He is mighty to save. ✝️🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  11. Leyla Schrunk

    All Praise be to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creation!

  12. Pearl Dalton

    Mario, thank you for sharing all that God gas done,and us continuing to do in NY..I rejoice with you and your team. I PTL for hearing and answering the prayers and desires of those peoples hearts.

  13. Janet drawhorn

    Thank you for tent revivals!!!!
    Praise God!

  14. Mae

    A beautiful recap of what God did…..praying from Virginia for victory through the power of the Holy Ghost. May God arise and His enemies be scattered and conquered for eternity!

  15. Cindy Capuano

    Worship and message was wonderful. I came for the second night with the hope and believing for healing on my tongue which has nerve damage from a tooth extraction. It’s a battle I fight every day. I didn’t receive healing but was blessed for those who did.

    I do struggle with one thing though. I have never received the gift of praying in tongues so that has been difficult to be there when asked to pray on the spirit. I can’t.

    • Anna Outman

      Lay down fear from your tongue injury holding you back., no one is perfect, enough, only Jesus. Start praising Jesus for how much he loves you, God inhabits the praises of His children. .
      I was part way through deliverance when I got the Baptism,
      Others thought I couldn’t have it and made me renounce my (false?) tongues and repent, but guess what I got same tongues back.

  16. Joan Hoffmann

    Praise the LORD. For all the great and mighty miracles and HIS faithfulness to answer orayer

  17. Tricia Sims

    Praise the Lord for this awesome report! Praying that this will be the start of a great awakening in NY State! God bless you, Mario, for your obedience to the Lord’s assignment to bring revival here in New York!

  18. Debbie Stamp

    Great recap of the evening. Powerful message. Glad we were there and looking forward to tonight to see what God will do.

  19. Gale Livelsberger

    Great reporting of a wonderful night of blessing here in Batavia. I am so happy that I came to support Mario’s work. I am very inspired.

  20. Stoney Creek, New Brunswick, Canada

    I am praying that God’s glory will be present on the third night under the tent in a greater and more powerful way than the first two nights!
    There will be healing and restoration for everyone’s spirit, soul, mind and body!
    Praise our God Almighty!

  21. Kazuko Managhan

    I am going to be 90 in a few days. I am far from New York ,but in Montana, I am in your tent…got renewed entire being “spirit,soul body “!
    Praise God !!
    He is A God of “forward “?
    … I am going to be in the mountain in the tent in a 3 days.
    Thank you Brother Murillo…
    for your anointed messages!

    I too pray for your physical strength and an extra anointing for upcoming tent-crusades!!
    Thank you Jesus what He is doing through your ministries! God bless you and your ministries ever more!!Amen

  22. P. Roloff

    Praise God for His Goodness! Praising Him for His out stretched hand and His mercy and love that endures forever. Praising Him for his will being done on earth as in Heaven. Rejoicing for victory that is spreading across the land. For open hearts and eyes that are seeing the Truth and being set free. God’s light is shining and exposing the darkness. The Ekklesia is taking ground back that was stolen. We are resisting the enemy and he is fleeing. The harvest has begun and it will not stop. It will spread and and fill the earth with God’s Glory. Amen!

  23. Helen Owen

    Dear Brother Mario, I am praying you and your team can come down to Texas . San Antonio where I live . We need you!!
    We need to see signs , winders , miracles. San Antinio is a sanctuary city filled with cartels, undocumented people coming in from no telling where. I am an Intercessor.

  24. Beverly Pendrak

    I attended the Sunday night excited to see and be in the midst of what God is doing. Many people like myself are praying earnestly for our country and this confused generation, and the religiously dead Northeast.Answers to prayer have been trickling in. The tide has shifted the floodgates are opening. PRAISE OUR GOD!
    Thank you Mario for hearing and obeying the Holy Spirit. I believe the shifting in the Northeast has begun.

  25. Marcia Meade

    God is So Good! praise His Holy Name!
    I would have loved to have been there!
    Thank you so much for writing this!
    I am so thankful for this ministry, and for Pastor Mario!
    To GOD be the Glory!!!!
    Things are changing! Praise GOD!!!

  26. Sherry Wells

    Beautiful live and healing through pastor Mario and for the Lord to touch so many! Praise be to god almighty!!!!!!

  27. Sharlene Carpenter

    Praise God for the miracles that he is doing here in Batavia!!
    Thank God, for the man of God Mario and for sending him here. May the Lord continue to bless him and keep him and shine his face upon Mario and all the saints that are stepping up and out in NY, in Jesus name 🙌 🙏🏻 🙌

  28. Judi Kenney

    Praise-praise-praise!!! Thank you Jesus! Holy Spirit you are

  29. James Mullins

    Praise God for what he is doing in the tent Revivals , People giving their heart’s to God and for all the healings, I’m believing God for complete healing from diabetes,
    Thank you Jesus

  30. Suzanne Bonne

    Thank you Thank you Thank you for coming to NY!!

  31. Michael J. Briglia

    What an uplifting message from God. Thank you Mario.

  32. Sherri Brewer

    Praise Jesus for His Salvation and Healing Grace.

  33. Rebecca Fairburn

    Praise the Lord he is faithful

  34. Kathleen Brandt

    Praise the Lord !
    May this anointing spread across America !
    Please pray for “Joe …cancer …He may have never received Jesus !
    His girlfriend , Bev, has received Jesus. They haven’t married .

    My prayer is Joe will totally give his life to Christ ! I pray the Lord will give him more life on Earth. I pray he will desire to know who he is in Christ …and repent !
    I pray that Bev will turn to her Lord , Yeshua, and know God’s mercy & love for her & Joe .

  35. Kathleen Brandt

    Please let us pray for revival in America. Watered down Gospels have made the Church weak . Let the fire of God spread across our land !

    Thank you for spreading the “fire” of our Gospel . I pray America will be hungry for the Lord only.
    I pray the Church will be fired up and spread the flame of God’s magnificent light !

  36. Renee Felsheim

    Thank You God Almighty! You are faithful and True, Your loving kindness and power toward us is mighty and saves!
    Thank you, Jesus, for Mario and his team. Bless him and keep them in Your embrace as they reveal Your glory and power to the nation, this nation that needs you.

  37. Connie Strock

    Total Awsomeness. We Love you Lord.
    So exiting.receive all The Glory Lord.and Thank you for Healing, Salvations and deliverances.

  38. Sally pollick

    “I believe that tonight God will heal me. I believe that right now my body is going to change and I’m going to be well.”

  39. Shirlee Hays

    Mario had went to New York before and was not received. Now was the time to go back. All glory, honor, praise goes to God our Father and so happy Mario went back. I’ve heard your Story Mario how you were so chosen by God to do just what your doing.

  40. Laurie Ann Goetz

    Neat, praise God! And I am pleasantly surprised to see Pastor John Minor there and sharing a prophetic word from my beloved former Pastor Minor, Sr. ! God bless all the seeds planted to germinate for God’s glory!!

  41. Cindy Boldan

    Praise God for His presence, His healing and forgiveness!! Keep on going Mario!!! We love you and are so blessed by your dedication and service to our Lord and Savior!!

  42. John Fearnow

    When will you be coming to north central Indiana?? live in Rochester Indiana.

  43. Pam Roelen

    Please tell me of a good church that preaches the true word of God in Syracuse NY. I have been to several churches but I don’t feel as they are true to the Bible and God’s word. Thank you.

    • Gracie Gerrety

      A new church just outside Syracuse. Blessed Hope Baptist Church, 30 Clinton St., Jordan, NY

  44. Johnna Smith

    Hallelujah and praise God forever more!!!!!!!

  45. Rita

    Praying for Larue who is suffering from pain due to Shingles.

  46. Ade Ti

    Thank you for sharing this testimony MM.
    Glad to see and hear what He is doing.
    He alone be praised

  47. Linda Stewart

    Amen the Lord is mighty to deliver !

  48. Shanda Donahue

    Please pray for my body. I have Arthritis in my neck knees and back. I know he can heal me. Thank you and so thankful for these tent meetings. I live in Indiana

  49. Todd Ward


  50. Elyce Mouskondis

    There aren’t words that can express the joy, greatness and love our God has for the people in New York.
    Thank you for the love you have for people and most of all for God.
    To walk in His presences continually as you do has got to be the most glorious existence on this earth.

  51. Dianna Paulsen

    How wonderful is our God….He loves to move and show His love for us.
    We have such a blessing in Christ Jesus!!!!

  52. Deborah Potts

    Awesome report. You’re a serious encouragment to the masses looking on from afar. We love you Mario. Potts family.

  53. Tony


  54. brenda

    why are the nightly tent meetings not on youtube or any wherer i can watch live at batavia june 23-26

  55. Norma Harker

    PTLORD Just reading this blessed me! Thank You, for being faithful! May You Be Protected By The Holy One Always ! Jesus is Coming Soon!🙏❤️✝️

  56. Robert B Goode

    Thank you Jesus. Amen and Amen!

  57. Vicki Phillips

    Blessings in the name of the Lord and praise Jesus for all the healing

  58. Yvonne Green

    Glory to God for this amazing testimony!

    Thank you, God, for changing lives through Bro. Mario.

    Bless future nights with salvation and your presence.

    Bless you, Mario.

  59. Tony Mancuso

    I was there tonight at the last night of this revival effort. Pastor Mario i wish to tell you you have nothing to apologize for and no need to be forgiven for following Gods instructions. I thank you for your efforts i appreciate all you have done. Until the sinners who have grieved the Holy Spirit confess and repent for what they have done we will not be able to break this demonic stronghold and commence with revival. The Lord tasked me and others to pray for the pastor in question. I humbly ask that you continue to pray for us as we will continue to pray for you. May God bless you now and always.

  60. Lura Voelkelt

    I just read the report by Larry Rutledge about the second night of revival in the tent in Batavia, NY. It filled me with joy hearing what was spoken to the people… How God moved to bring healing to many… And to watch the response of the people to the things said and to God’s hand moving in their midst. It was wonderful to read about all of that and to feel so much worship and thankfulness to God. I am an older woman and I remember watching a young Mario Murillo doing a program on TV called “Armed and Dangerous.” and now the tent revivals. Thank You Father for helping Mario stay “armed and dangerous” with the truth of Your Word.and for You confirming Your Word with many signs and wonders… displaying Your love for people.


  61. Sandra

    As always the truth was preached and GOD showed up ! Praying for salvations by greater and greater numbers! Jesus is coming for us soon and very soon! He will not leave us here with all the evil and war!



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