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America is in a death spiral. But God has given me a plan.

Today is the first day of Pride Month—30 days of war on our children—and a symbol of our demise. Today is the perfect day to announce God’s plan to stop the evil that plagues our nation.

Mario Murillo Ministries is about to go from reaching thousands to reaching millions.

I am taking the greatest risk of my life.

I am taking the greatest risk of my life. You may reject me when I tell you I am believing God for ten million dollars. Not all at once but certainly soon.

Everything changed 28 days ago when I walked out of the Tent. Everyone was rejoicing. But I was grieved. We can only handle a fraction of those who want to be saved.

Please watch this important video from Mario Murillo 

Then national leaders told me things I did not want to hear. Things are worse than you know. The greatest evil and the greatest hunger for Jesus are happening at the same time.

That is when God gave me the plan.


This drove me to pray life and death prayers. That is when God gave me the plan.

What do we need?

– A new tent that will seat 7,000, 4,000 more chairs, heavy equipment, arena lighting, staging, sound system and trucks.

– To finish and equip our 20,000 square foot warehouse. The advanced design will let semis drive in one door and go out the other. This strategic center will instantly multiply our outreaches.

– Create a new arm of MMM to invade arenas in major cities like San Francisco, New York city, Seattle, and Chicago. For example the 16,000 seat Cow Palace arena in San Francisco.

– One million people viewed our Phoenix tent crusade on the Internet. While that is amazing, we can increase it overnight to millions more. And we will, with the right investment in tools and talent.

-To finish and equip our 3,000 square foot studio, sound stage and media center. We can produce programming and content to influence an entire generation.


– A school for the next generation of evangelists. The housing is already being finished and we will pour our experience and expertise into new weapons of mass soul winning.

I am asking you for the largest gift you have ever given to MMM. Let me give you the ultimate reason why. Thomas Paine said: “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace; and this single reflection, well applied, is sufficient to awaken every man to duty.” None of us will ever feel peace unless we can say that we did everything we could to save America. Reflect on the America the Left wants your child and grandchild to live in. And then remember that they will live in it without you. Then you will know why you are giving.

God bless you. And God bless America


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  1. Scott Robson


    • Nancy Schaaff

      Prayin it up !!!!

    • James Moore

      No weapon against you shall prosper. And every tongue that rises up against you I do condemn. By the Blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony I shall over come all evil.

      God showed me there will be a great harvest of lost souls before the rapture.

      I am praying for 70 million lost souls in America and 1 billion lost souls throughout the world.


      Blessings Blessings Blessings

      James & Katherine Moore

  2. HUSTUSA aka Gilbert Cope

    Mario…God bless you, sir…thank you remaining dedicated and fruitful, all these many years…your humbleness, is admirable!!! I used to write often, years ago…keep it up!!! HUSTUSA

  3. Sharon Johnson

    Thank you for listening to what God wants you to do. I pray that we will see 1,000,000’s of souls saved. I pray God will open the hearts to hear and receive this message in Jesus precious name, amen

  4. A Jewel of the Crown Of Glory Praise & Prayer Ministry

    May God continue to bless you and every plow you put your hands to in Jesus ‘ mighty name!

    We know Our God supplies all our needs according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. A powerful prayer was shared with us. Our God supplies all our needs according to his riches in glory he is able to make all grace abound towards us. That we having all sufficiency in all things may have an abundance for every good work. We stop thinking outside ourselves and inside the word and we’ll let Jesus bless the world thru us. Father that includes Brother Mario and his Ministries and we thank you for it. We also know Romans 28:8 reminds us how you work all things for good according to your purposes. We love you and thank you and praise you Father, Holy Spirit and we thank you Lord Jesus in your mighty name we pray. Amen

  5. Linda Stater

    Believe Mario … if God gave you the plan, He will undoubtedly provide the money

  6. David Munson

    “0” comments; I don’t think so. Mario, as you’ve said many times; this is not a political battle: it’s a spiritual battle. Train Evangelists & preachers: not soldiers!

  7. Jolene Porche

    Amen Amen Amen
    I am in agreement with you and will give when I get paid next week. Thank you, Mario, for serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We r all so blessed. I understand the times we r living in.
    Our son Nicholas has spent almost 2 yrs in jail waiting trail, for looking at underage porn and we are praying for his soul wounds to heal and Jesus meet him where he is, to just turn his life back to God. When he does get out he can live a productive life serving God again.
    God continue to bless this ministry and saving souls for Gods Glory!

  8. Judi Kenney

    Can you include Portland OR as one of those unreached cities please?

  9. Jennifer Lewis

    The Medical ‘Establishment has “diagnosed my with Ataxia.”

    I have suffered with falls broken numerous bones, I can’t walk across a room.

    PLEASE pray for My Miraculous Healing = I have FAITH God Will Heal Me!!

    • A.B. Eschner

      Jennifer, I don’t know if I have a gift of healing or not but I do know God has used me to heal others (a man with spina bifida for example.) I believe Jesus the mighty healer and great physician hears and will use my (our) prayers (along with all the others praying for you) that you ARE made whole and walk as though there has never been a problem! The Bible says faith without works is dead being alone, so right now GET UP and TAKE STEPS, that’s the works part. Now faith is! We praise you Lord Jesus and we give God all the glory that Jennifer’s legs ARE HEALED now and forever!

  10. Andy K


    • Baker

      Really? Ask the thousands of people who have been saved, healed and delivered. The proof is in the pudding.

    • Dr Jim L

      On what evidence? I have known Mario as a friend for years, and I know him as a humble and trustworthy servant of the same God I serve. You need to know your facts before making unjustified accusations.

  11. Beverly Belle

    I thank God for your faithfulness. I pray many will give to this assignment God has given you. The time is now! God is preparing and equipping those He has called to rise up, rise up!
    I pray God’s protection over you and your ministry He has entrusted you with. Glory to God! I will continue supporting your minìstry.

    • Robin D

      Agree completely! Thank you Mario we will continue to give and increase our giving. To God be the glory!

  12. Karen Shoap

    Please pray for me and my family, total restoration in every area of our lives, and the God would give us seed for sower in your ministry I want to be a body wholly filled with God himself. To be saved to the uttermost, Thank you.

  13. Carri

    Praise the Lord! Love the Plan of Action!

  14. phil beatty

    GLORY TO GOD!!!!

  15. Mary Thompson

    Gods plans never fail. I’m unable to give right knife as i had surgery yesterday and c Silk runs what i constantly paying for medical supplies but will send what I can over the next few months. I’ve donated before so as the Lord directs i.will follow.

  16. Ron Rupp

    At this time as a monthly giver, it’s as seed and we believe when seed produces harvest, we can again increase to whom we are going and to more, giving unto every good work.

    Shalom Shalom

  17. Lethy Mae Evans

    Thank you Pastor Mario for all you do. I wish you would come to Illinois.

    • Ruth Luce

      Amen, brother Mario! I prayed hard to do the right thing by you and the work you are doing. My only income is social security but the Lord put a figure before me and I obeyed Him! You are doing a good work, the Lord is with you 🙏

  18. Jacqueline Henifin

    I’m giving because of Mario’s signs and wonders brings the gospel. Thank you.

  19. Jeff Brown

    Praying for the immeasurable riches of heaven to pour out through MMM, and praying for how the Lord wants me to participate.

  20. Sandra Lee Rountree

    All Praise Honor & Glory to You Almighty God Lord & Savior Jesus Christ * Fill these tents with Your Holy Spirit & Healing from Heaven

  21. Diane Jackson

    Mario, We are so thankful for your obedience, and may I say, great faith in what you are called to do….and we can be a part. We are partners, and hold up your arms with prayers, and finances. We look forward, with faith, to the great harvest coming in.

    We had 3 women give their hearts to Jesus at County Jail Ministry on Thursday.


    This is the news I’ve been waiting for on how to use a recent financial ‘windfall’ to bless a worthy ministry like MMM to fight against the spread of evil in America.

  23. Sofia

    Amen🙏🏼🙏🏼 God bless you more Mario Murillo for such obedience to the Lord

  24. HR King

    Mario thank you with all my heart for your courageous endeavors and persistence in reaching the lost. I am in agreement with you and trusting our Great God to move in mighty ways against the forces of evil. To God be the glory. Praying grandma

  25. Robert B Goode

    God bless you Mario. Thank you for answering me call. I will too! Blessings and Shalom!)!

  26. Heather Faulkner

    I’ve tried numerous times to give, but something is not working in the system. It doesn’t even get to the code sending when it says the system has timed out. But I’m clicking paste. It’s impossible to be timed out. It’s the devil! I’m praying.

    • Mario Murillo

      please call us at 1 800-980-3424 to assist you. MMM

  27. Janice Andreyka

    This is fantastic News !! not many would want or even desire to do what MMM is going to do ! notice I did not say ‘trying to do’… I look at it this way…. it only takes money to get this task done. When donations come in and God multiplies the dollars… it will get done ! AMEN ! May MMM do mighty works with the money to get the job done and the miracles happening and lives saved ! AMEN !!

  28. Laurie Huddleston

    Bless you Mario and Keep Going!

  29. Sherryl Robertson

    Praise GOD for a man of GOD being willing to carryout GOD’s plan for saving America, and winning this world for JESUS!!! I will be one of the 10,000 giving $1,000 to MMM!!! BLESS YOU, MARIO, YOU ARE GOD’S HUMBLE SERVANT!!!

    • Tracie Deming

      Amen Mario! Our intercessor prayer group prayed for you last week and a cry went up for ‘replication’. We prayed the Lord would replicate and multiply all you are doing. And now this news!

  30. John

    Awesome, thanks for sharing, I have been privileged to see souls coming into the kingdom.
    And yes now is the time to run to the battle. To quote a song from the Eighties. Do you have your armor on? We have been training for so long but have we learned to use his sword, we may not be many but we serve a mighty Lord. ”
    Written by Steve Camp.

    Thank Mario, the harvest is now .

  31. Jeanie Free

    I’m standing in agreement with you Mario! You were indirectly responsible for drawing me back to the Lord over 40 years ago when I really had never been disciples, and there was an evangelist who knew you named Luz. Everything happen after I met her and got right with God and I will always remember it was through you, and that powerful evangelist that God reached me in a hair salon where we both worked what a miracle I really needed to completely and totally surrendered to Jesus where I got the Holy Ghost in the whole enchilada! Never turned back since then… Well, I am a senior citizen, living on Social Security, and have no extra cash to give but you have my prayers brother may God provide all you’re asking and more because he is able ! bless you as only he can in Jesus Name!🙏🙌🏼

  32. Jeanie Free

    Mario, I wrote a nice comment but after I submitted it, it said duplicate error. It looks as though you’ve already made this comment so I had to delete it. I hope you receive this. I have no cash I’m on Social Security God bless you and provide all exceedingly above, and beyond all that you ask or think in Jesus Name!🙏🙌🏼

    • Jean

      Send one dollar so God can give you increase. It’s called sowing and reaping. God can multiply! Blessings Jean.

  33. janice bartholomew

    i pray for you every night.i am called to pray the Lord of the harvest.. for souls of thi world…i am a grandma now i was in your meetings in the 70″s in sacramento///i wil continue to pray…janice..

  34. Dael Hunter

    I’m with you we pray the lord of the harvest

  35. Brenda Diehl

    Awesome Announcement Brother Mario! Thank you for being a visionary.

  36. Angeles Peart


  37. Pamela

    I watch you every day and my heart responds to your messages. I live in NZ and I know the problems you have in america effect my country and much goes on here as it does in your country.I pray you will be energised by the Lord and will achieve all that he wants you to. God bless you. your wife and your team of workers.

  38. Cindy Cooley

    Thank you thank you thank you for building God’s Kingdom instead of a mega church! I just want you to know how much we appreciate you and your ministry. We will be praying for you

  39. John Mark

    I just sowed a $100.00 seed into this ministry. If only 100,000 people will give a hundred dollars, Mario’s need will be met! Please join me!!!! I believe in what he is doing!!!

  40. Glenn

    May this new expanded MMM effort be multiplied 10 fold to meet outreach vision plans. Lost souls need opportunity to reform their life in the midst
    evil, confusion, addictions, let Holy Spirit fill them!
    Building upon strong Biblical foundations as each new venue will be a blessed life transforming salvation opportunity for millions nationwide and globally.

  41. Dan Randolph


    Thank you for listening to the Lord and going all in.

    I am right there with you. I am going all in. In fact I am stretching myself beyond my monthly budget to believe for new streams of income to be added to my life so I will be able to give even more in the future.

    It brings joy to my heart to finally see a minister who is willing to lay it all on the line. A minister who will unashamedly tell of the needs in their ministry, and not try to sell me into giving because if I give God will pay me back 100 times more than I gave.

    You are advancing the Kingdom of God and fulfilling the Great Commission to go into all the world and share the gospel.

    I will be constantly praying for your ministry and for the Lord to provide even more than what you asked for in the video.

    It is time for the Body of Christ to arise and take back our nation!

    To provide a safe, moral, God seeking nation for our future generations.

    Let us continually remember our God is able to [carry out His purpose and] do superabundantly more than all that we dare ask or think [infinitely beyond our greatest prayers, hopes, or dreams], according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations forever and ever. Amen.‭
    [Eph 3:20-21 (AMP‬)]

  42. Jean

    I was one of the three people God healed their back when you were speaking with Zid Roth on YouTube.

    O Happy Days!!

  43. Blair Broadbent

    This may seem a little bit out there, about two weeks before the May 9th announcement was made I had been waking every morning with the Beach Boys song ” Surfin’ USA” on my mind, I hadn’t been listening to any of their music, nor reading or thinking about the Beach Boys band. I could remember some of the harmony’s without all the lyrics, Just kept thinking why am I waking with this song every morning. At the end of the week I decided to play the song with the lyrics, starting off with ” If everybody had an ocean across the USA”, moving on to waxing down our surfboards couldn’t wait for June,I prayed about it and not for long, for me it was waves of the Holy Spirit breaking across America and masses of people riding those waves with joy, I’m not a surfer, never have been, but it always looked like a fun thing to do. Being Australian I had never realised in the day the only beach they mentioned in the song outside of the US was Australian, so that was just an added bonus. I agree with the lady from NZ that whatever happens in America influences the world in so many ways, to say I was stunned from reading the email of May 9th would be a huge understatement. Really exciting news to hear, will be praying for the whole team, so happy to give for all the needed equipment ( how could I not. )Thank you for being obedient in the work that you do. Blessings to everyone there Blair Broadbent

  44. Muriel Attwood

    Thanks for being Obedient.
    We need this in Canada.
    No Country closed. Praying Jabez prayer for you and your ministry. Also Isaiah 58. You are sounding the Trumpet.

  45. Peggy D. Taylor

    Thank you Mario. God bless your ministry as all believers will give to MMM and your team will reach the millions of people in need of salvation. We stand in awe of our God. Truly, Peggy Taylor

  46. Jan

    Thank you for being God’s spearhead for America. I am glad to be able to help support this effort.

    Las Cruces NM needs help, also– the State of New Mexico is planning to build a multi-million $ abortion facility with taxpayer funding in Las Cruces, across the street from a Neighborhood Walmart. We are just up the road from El Paso along two major Interstates. I 25 going north and south, and I 10 east and west. The Believers here are praying against this. Please join us in prayer for the overthrow of this facility and their brutal plans.!

  47. George

    God bless this powerful ministry! This is a good ground to sow into.

  48. Nayivis Cunill Pommerenck

    Mario, a couple of days before you made your announcement on June 1st, I had a dream that you were on stage and said these words, “ingenious allocations guaranteed .”
    And by the way, you pointed at me at the courage tour in Atlanta and I got healed from horrendous acid reflux. I had to sleep sitting up and I haven’t had to do that ever since. Praise our God and thank you, Mario. I declare God is about to bless you and your ministry mightily! Praise our King Jesus!!!

  49. Shirley Wood

    Dear Friends,
    Only $1.00 would be a big contribution. Added to other $1.00’s
    would equal a lot.
    Please pray about it. Yes, it is called sowing and the Lord knows and brings the blessing to you, regardless of the amount you give.
    Mario is one of our godly evangelists in this world and he will
    always use the funds for the glory of God only!
    I will be praying for you.
    With love and prayers in Jesus’ name!
    Shirley Wood

  50. Danny M; Hammond

    I’m really Blessed being able to receive MMM videos and messages from you! Recently, I asked about a DVD series from your Michigan three-day meetings. Emails are checked daily by me. Still no response to my request to buy the DVD series, including Lance Wallnau and Anointed Worship team. Please confirm*.

  51. Tina

    I love you MARIO l was in that tent in Bakersfield during COVID my life changed that week you lit my life on fire 🔥 the evangelist in you put me on 🔥 for GoD again thank you yes let’s save America 🇺🇸 the world 🌎🌍 GoD bless you MARIO Murillo my brother in Christ 📖

  52. Daniel O Peverini

    Fight on saints of Jesus Christ of Natzareth

  53. Ric

    How was Oregon pastor meeting? Still going in September?

    • Mario Murillo

      It was amazing. The date for Living Proof Oregon is August 18-21.



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