An Explosive Night Under the Tent in Michigan

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There are no words for what happened tonight in Michigan. Each event seems to grow in power, but this was exponential growth. God moved in a big way.

Once again our powerhouse, Catherine Mullins and her amazing team led the people in a time of worship. I love seeing the people fill the altar and engage in what God is doing, especially as I see more and more young people joining in.

Lance began the night talking to the people and said, “One of the things about the Courage Tour is that we are unashamed about the role of the Body of Christ in the affairs of planet Earth. We get trained to believe that all we are here to do is to get saved, then hang on and wait until we go to Heaven. We don’t realize that the ultimate role of Jesus is to come back and rule the Earth.”

When Mario took the stage he shared with the people the powerful night we had experienced the previous night in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and how God moved mightily and visibly there.

Mario then told the people, “Even if you don’t believe in healing, that will not protect you!” But, he then asked, as if one of the people were saying, “What if I don’t have faith, how can God heal me?” To which Mario responded, “Ask Lazarus…”

He then reminded the people that no man can do any of these things, only Jesus Christ, and He gets all the glory! And then he said the Holy Spirit had given him a personal word this morning that He had never said to him before: “Wake up and do your duty!”

Mario said one of the reasons vessels of God have had great power with God throughout history, is because they were gripped by a clear urgency of the time in which they lived. There has never been a time with more denial than right now. Our pulpits are paralyzed with denial. Our media is in the business of denial. And it is important as people of God to stand up and tell exactly what is going on!

He said we live in a moment that is precisely like America before the Civil War. All the same features of a divided nation are present now. The features of abuse, dishonesty, and evil are all present now.

America has sinned. America has abandoned God. There is no sweeping under the rug the seeds the nation has sown, both here and worldwide.

“And they shall take away some of your sons who will descend from you, whom you will beget, and they shall be eunuchs in the palace of the king of Babylon. So Hezekiah said to Isaiah, “The word of the Lord which you have spoken is good!” For he said, “At least there will be peace and truth in my days”” (Isaiah 39:7 NKJV).

Mario asked, what’s the difference between the sons of Hezekiah being castrated to serve in the court of Babylon, and the doctors who are disfiguring children right now?

The doctors who would take a scalpel to children to maim them, makes these doctors less than animals. Because of the capacity for evil in the medical community to disfigure a child, it makes them no better than Dr. Mengele who served under Hitler. No different, because they are doing human experimentation on the most innocent among us. Mario said, “What they are trying to do to our children should awaken us to war, in Jesus name!”

Mario then quoted Thomas Paine who said the opposite of Hezekiah:

“If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace; and this single reflection, well applied, is sufficient to awaken every man to duty.”

We must declare war on the demons that are coming after our children!

Mario asked, “What do you need from this Courage Tour? Do you need a long litany of reasons to awaken you to your duty? Let your child and your grandchild be enough, the threat on our innocent children should be enough for us to unify and mobilize. Enough to tell the American church: Your petty doctrinal debates don’t mean a thing.

He then told the people, the day of Republican and Democrat is over. It is no longer conservative against liberal. Every preacher that loves God needs to tell the Christian you need to know what’s right, what’s wrong, what’s at stake, and what does God require of us in this hour! Awaken to your duty!

The division now is loyalty to government versus loyalty to the truth. The founding fathers didn’t want us loyal to the government, they wanted us to be loyal to the truth.

As a nation we are loyal to the Constitution, the document on which America was founded. As Christians we are also loyal to the document that founded us: the Bible. It is the inerrant Word of God.

Mario told the people that we are well past the point where we can physically stop electoral corruption. Well past the point where we can track down every hired liar, thief or ‘mule.’ He said, “Since it is demons that fix elections, it will take the power of the Holy Spirit to break their power.”

Mario then told the people he wanted the Church to be delivered from the ‘Christian Witness Protection Program.’ He had the people repeat: “I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ for it is the power of God to everyone who believes…”

Mario told the people about the desperation those who are lost have to find hope, to find an answer. And he called pastors to begin giving altar calls again. And if anyone in their congregation complains that ‘they aren’t being fed because the pastor is preaching the Gospel to the lost’, that pastor should tell them that they have turned the church into a feeding trough.

He then said the biggest regret of people’s lives was to be too busy to hear the cry of their own soul. That they often don’t realize how much pain they are in until it stops. And they distract themselves with many things.

Mario had the people close their eyes. He then called for those who wanted to be set free and restored and to know Jesus Christ, to raise their hands. Everyone who doesn’t want to be confused, depressed, lonely, angry, helpless, or hopeless any more, to raise their hands. Then he had them stand and come forward.

It was such a massive response! So many souls filled the front of the Tent. So many souls restored, lives set free, hearts restored. What a beautiful sight to see!

Mario prayed with them and then helped guide them out to be ministered to by our many wonderful volunteers. Catherine and her team led the people in songs while the people were being ministered to.

It was an amazing time of celebration as we sang, “When I think of His goodness and what He’s done for me”, all the while knowing what He had just done for all these amazing souls. Look what the Lord has done!

Mario returned to the pulpit and gave some instruction to the people about how God was about to move and heal people by His power and mercy. That it is not an obligation for God to heal.

Mario then pointed to one side of the Tent and told of a woman who was being healed. Then he pointed to the middle of the Tent and said that a man was being healed of heart disease. Pointing to the other side of the Tent he indicated a woman who was also being healed.

He told the people that many would begin to be healed on their own, without being called out. That their pain would vanish.

Mario pointed out a woman who had diabetes, insomnia, pain in the spine, and pain in the feet. And she was healed!

Then he turned to another section and had a woman stand up. He told her she needed healing of seven different things. And that she would be healed by praying for someone else. He then had the woman in front of her stand up and told the first woman to lay hands on and pray for the second woman. He told her that even while she was being healed, the power of God would back up on the first woman, and she would be healed.

The second woman was being healed in the neck, back, chest, and the legs. And the first woman was then healed in her spine, her eyes, and from damage from a car accident.

Mario then had the people raise their hands and pray aloud in the Spirit. As they did, you could feel the power in the room raise exponentially. It was clear that God was working, even without a word being said.

Then Mario had a woman stand up. She was being healed of arthritis, joint pain, breathing issues, and a growth in the stomach.

Then a man being healed of diabetes and an allergic reaction that had the potential to kill him.

Next Mario had a man lay his hand on the shoulder of the woman next to him and that she was being healed throughout her body.

Then Mario had another woman stand up and he said she was scheduled for an operation. But that operation was now going to be cancelled because it was going to be unnecessary. Then as proof of another healing in her body, he had her cover her eyes and said her eyes were being healed, as well as her spine, hips, and feet.

Next he called out a woman who was being healed of Multiple Sclerosis.

He then began pointing throughout the Tent calling out cancer, heart disease, a lump in the throat, mystery pain, rashes, and difficulty in breathing. All were being revealed at the same time as God was healing them.

Mario had the people begin to pray in the Spirit again. And it felt as though we were moving to another level. The power kept increasing and filling the Tent.

He asked for a female worker to help, and told her to go to a specific woman and lay hands on her to be healed. As soon as she stood up, the woman’s arms and legs loosened up and all the pain and stiffness left. She was able to move freely.

Next a married couple was highlighted where the devil was trying to tear their marriage apart. And God said it would not happen. Their children would not be forced to live in divorce.

Mario had the people pray in the Spirit again, pointing out that each time they did, more diseases were being healed, more sicknesses were leaving, and more of the devil’s power was being broken.

Next he asked for every man under the Tent who was battling heart disease to stand up. Men stood up all over the place. Then he asked all the women with heart disease to stand up. And soon, hearts were being healed all over the Tent.

Next he called for everyone who was battling cancer to stand to their feet because it was time for God to give them a miracle. He prayed for their healing and for tumors to be burned out of their bodies in the name of Jesus, for the glory of Jesus.

He then asked for everyone who was battling diabetes and neuropathy of the feet to stand up, and immediately, many, many people stood to their feet all over the Tent.

Next Mario pointed out a man near the front and revealed that his liver was also being healed, as well as his kidneys.

Finally Mario prayed over the people as he closed out the service.

What an incredible night, both in the message we received from God and in the miracles God performed, healing bodies and saving souls.

What a night! If you missed it, don’t fret, there is still one more chance. You can join us for the final night at 6:30 PM at Floodgate Church, 1535 North Old US 23, Howell, Michigan 48843.

Bring someone with you, and come see what God is doing! You will never be the same!



  1. Sandra K Talo

    Oh I believe Mario…..yes I believe. I sent a message to you some time ago that you would be able to come to Michigan and you did. I wanted to come to Detroit so bad but did not because of bad weather warnings. Then I heard a woman was healed from lack of Oxygen and I cried because I have Sleep
    Apena and Chronic Pulmonary Hypertension. I carry a tank with me at all times and use a breathing devise at night. So I too need oxygen at all times. I cried in disappointment but then thanked our Lord for all the healings that took place at your tent meeting. So excited and happy for all the people who came and received salvation. Praise the Lord. Glory to God. Bless you and those with you for all you do in the name of Christ.



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