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There is Fire from the mountains! I probably should not tell you this, but 1,553 people squeezed into a sanctuary with only 750 seats. It may also be wise for me not to tell you what happened at Radiant Church, Sunday night. But I can’t help myself.  I will do both.

Yes indeed, everyone—by some kind of divine compression—found a place to sit. And yes, it is dangerous to express my real feelings because you may not believe me.

Yes indeed, everyone—by some kind of divine compression—found a place to sit.

We hear people say, “Man, that was a good meeting!” Well, I have been to many good meetings, but ‘good’ does not begin to describe Sunday night.

We have also heard people say, “Wow, the power of God was in that place!” This too is a woefully inadequate description of what occurred Sunday Night.

People love to throw around the term “revival.” Any extra special event today is instantly branded an “awakening.” Because of this I am deeply reluctant to tell you my real opinion — but again, I can’t help it.

Radiant Church, Sunday night, April 16, 2023. Remember that date. When Christians in the future ask, “When did it all start?” If you remember that date, you will be able to answer their question.

Sunday April 16, 2023. When Christians in the future ask, “When did it all start?” If you remember that date, you will be able to answer their question. 

There is only one word that truly describes Sunday night: UNSTOPPABLE! What got on the people—what God put in the people—is unstoppable.

The unfettered presence of God is the real story. It was a glorious presence. It was an intense presence. Reverence for God burned out all possibility of foolishness. Saint and sinner were swept up into it. Each one convicted and compelled to surrender.

At the beginning of that night’s service, while worship was still going on, I ran upstairs to minister to the packed out overflow room. A few minutes later, 25 people were born again.

As I made my way back to the main auditorium, I felt a holy dread come over me. I knew I dare not say anything that came from my own mind. I knew I must only speak God’s counsel. And that was all I did.

As soon as the message ended, the Holy Spirit fell on me. No one could have predicted what was about to happen.

No one could have predicted what was about to happen.

Out there in the audience was a young man. He was in a gang that had turned on him. They threatened to kill him. He ducked into this meeting to hide. I pointed to his section and said, “God is healing a young man in his left knee. Where are you?”

You can appreciate why it took him so long to raise his hand. His hand went up slowly, like a periscope. Then I asked him to come up on the stage. Imagine that. He’s there to hide, but now he is standing in front of over 1,500 people!

I described his left knee and told him it was a sports injury to his ACL. As I spoke, he tested his brand new knee. How I wish you could have seen the look of shock and awe when Jesus healed him. Then he was born again.

How I wish you could have seen the look of shock and awe when Jesus healed him.

Then I got the most wonderful guidance. You see, during the entire service there were hundreds of teenagers sitting on the floor right in front of the platform where I was standing. And God ordered me to recruit them!

I directed them to divide up, and to fill all four aisles. Their marching orders were that they were to start laying hands on all of the sick people as the Lord showed them to me, and they were called out. The words of healing erupted, and dozens recognized when it was for them. Then those young people went to them and laid hands on them. Miracles were happening everywhere!

Now I understand what God was doing. This was the dawn of a youth awakening—and not only that—but God had raised up an army of youth with healing in their hands!

This was the dawn of a youth awakening—and not only that—but God had raised up an army of youth with healing in their hands!

Since that night, the reports of healing have been nothing short of astounding. A young woman sent Pastors Todd and Kelly Hudnall ‘before and after’ pictures of her spine: one with the curvature and the other with her spine totally straightened.


Another young man suffered from Crohn’s disease. For six years he had been in agonizing pain in his stomach. Even a light touch would cause him severe pain. He was so stunned by his healing that he even punched himself to try to feel pain, to no avail!

I am only giving you a tiny fraction of the miracles that flooded Radiant Church on Sunday night. As I said, many new reports are still coming in every day.

The only way to crown a night like this is with a towering harvest of souls. They came from everywhere to be saved. How many came? Only God knows the true number.


I am warning you. This is unstoppable. I get chills just thinking about where it will go from here.

The fire that is coming from these mountains is going to spread across America!

Again, I am warning you. Our tent crusade is going to send a shockwave of the agape love of God throughout Colorado. But it will not stop there. The fire that is coming from these mountains is going to spread across America!

Use this link to register for the brunch right now.


P.S. Do not miss the opportunity of a lifetime! Please join us for the Leaders and Pastors Brunch in Colorado Springs. Lance Wallnau and I are going to team up to minister to those who influence Colorado. We will be talking about Law Enforcement, Education, Business, Politics, Entertainment, and especially Pastors. The Brunch is free, but you must register.

Use this link to register for the brunch right now.

P.P.S Come to Colorado Springs and experience the Glory that will be both on the streets and in the Tent!! Become a volunteer. You will lay hands on the sick and they will be healed. You will lead souls to Jesus! You will be a part of the most excited army on Earth.

Use this link to volunteer right now!



  1. Sinea

    I was reading an account of the Azusa Street revival and they said that the building seemed to EXPAND as they needed more room and then would go back to its original size after the service!

    • phil beatty


    • DAaron

      Amazing! Thank you for sharing this.

      • Kinga Paur


    • Annaliesa Moberg

      Absolutely amazing Father , God we have. Hallelujah

    • Christine

      Dear Mario and Lance. True YHWH blessings are upon you no doubt. Unfortunately I’m in the UK and can’t attend but please pray for a healing for me. I have Osteoarthritis and am suffering a lot of pain. I also have 6 children, 19 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren and ask that you would also pray for guidance for them all. I myself had a prophesy in 1985 and many significant dreams but I don’t go to church here because I was going to return to the JW’s and YHWH took me to Ezekiel where He told me “I have taken you from following the flock” so I trust in His Word Jesus to reveal His truths to me. He told me to gather Jacob to Him (the 144000 of Revelation) but I didn’t know how to. I told Jonathan Cahn and Tracey Cook. I’m sure you are both of the 144000 of Revelations.

  2. Dwayne Desmarais

    Glory to God Mario! I was talking to my sister yesterday. She lives in TX, her son works with Annabelle. I live in RI. Her and I were volunteers at your tent crusade in Colorado Springs last year. I was wondering if the fire was still burning there, here is my answer! If you live in CO, you will not have to go far to **shout it from the mountain tops**

    I pray one day that New England awaken to God’s glory coming down. I have a feeling we will have no choice, as He pours out His spirit on all flesh…pray you are invited here soon…be blessed…..><(("<

    • Leona

      I lived in RI most of my life and I so wish that the Holy Spirit would fall on the whole region since that is where it all began in the Americas. Praise the LORD.

  3. Jennifer Lewis

    My name is Jennifer Lewis
    My home is Columbia, MO.
    By 2002 I had been Married EIGHTEEN YEARS.
    I was VERY active in aerobics. MY BALANCE kept making me fall.
    For years, I saw various Drs., But none cud ‘diagnose me.
    My Marriage ended, I WAS in Shock!
    FINALLY, in 2004, I was man diagnosed with “incurable” Spinal Cerebellar Degeneration, (a VERY Rare form of Ataxia. NO MEDICATION AVAILABLE.)
    I DO believe GOD is My SuperNatural, Divine Healer.
    Are you returning to Colorado Springs in July?

    • Diane Sarber

      Praying for you in Arizona Jennifer ♥️🙏🥰

    • Teresa Thomas

      Jennifer, I pray that powerful healing from God will come upon you and you will see his glory and you will be healed, in the name of Jesus, Amen

  4. Lisa McDaniel

    God Bless Your Obedience Mario…
    You’re not only a doer you’re a listener to the Holy Spirit.

    We are praying for you and your team …

    Keep going in Jesus….

    Blessings from Yuba City, California ….

    Pastor John and Lisa

  5. marmaduke bethell

    Something like that could happen here in Italy I wish

    • Alysa

      Praying for Italy

      • Darlene

        Praise God, Mario! Praise God! Let the Fire spread to my city!

  6. Richard Imus

    Fire is burning bright in Washington State. We filled an arena baptizing 150 with another 500 coming forward receiving Jesus. The enemy is taking a real beating.

    • Jeanette vanmerlin

      I live in Washington what city did your miracle happen?

    • Geri

      Where in washington state?

    • Carl Bruun

      Richard, would you give us some more details, as it would encourage the ranks in Washington State.

  7. Carol Lyons

    I Love you Mario!! Keep up the great work you are doing! You’re such a an inspiration. Glory to God for all of these miracles and newly saved souls!!

  8. Caroline bingham

    In the n Ireland we don’t hear it see creative miracles why is that.

    • sandy

      I recently watched a history of a great awakening in Ireland in the middle ages. It was HUGE and there were few people not touched by the Holy Spirit.
      I would suggest that you ask the Lord for a repeat…

  9. Esther Gibbs

    Wow wow wow is all I can say about our awesome God and His power and love!!!! Watch out because —- you ain’t seen nothing yet!!! Batten down the hatches because this nation will be saved, turned around and show the world how huge our God really is

  10. Valerie Gottschalk

    Glory to God in the Highest! That is such a beautiful report! ‘Spread across America’… We have been waiting!
    Thank you for your faithfulness, Mario!

  11. Henry Marais


  12. Mrs Elaine Reeves

    Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. Praying on for more miracles

  13. Sheryl Jolly

    Glory glory glory be to the Most High God. This is it! This is it! Thank You Jesus. Thank You Jesus.

  14. Vickie Steele

    What an amazing continued testimony. Can you please tell me when you are coming to the East Coast in one of the southern states. My daughter and I would love to attend one of your tent meetings!

  15. Jeanne Cooke

    Praise God!!! He is Moving!!!

  16. Mary

    Where is radiant Church?

    • Mario Murillo

      Colorado Springs CO

  17. Ria D.

    God bless you Mario and staff. I pray for you daily that you will have the physical, emotional, and spiritual stamina to continue God’s work. Greetings from Ontario Canada.

  18. Cindy

    Praise God for all that he is doing through you Mario Marillo!

  19. Marilou Libby

    I am sitting in my rocking chair and I am crying and praying for the State of Maine. I am so blessed just hearing about the wonderful presence of God. So wonderful the people who are coming to get saved. This is awesome. I lived to hear this.

  20. Albert Gonzalos

    Excellent Blog, Brother Mario. The Lord is definitely moving. So pleased that you are teaming up with Lance Wallnau. Just awesome. You are so missed on FlashPoint. Hope to you return again at some point real soon.

  21. Gail

    Its so awesome to see the moves of God
    We pray it i and need to prepare our hearts to expect and shepherd this wonderful move with Love
    And not be like the apostles hiding bit be ready
    That’s for myself first
    Blessings dear Mario your mi is try is marked by God.
    Thank you.
    My son is a New Yorker I’m from Ottawa area
    He will be greatly used too soon.

  22. Ronald Swanson

    Mario, missing your presence on Flashpoint, are you going to be returning any time soon?
    God’s Blessings on you and your ministry.

  23. Pearl Dalton

    Awesome report. Thanks for sharing all the Victories,of Holy Spirit movement 🙌 👏 🙏.

  24. P. Roloff

    Glory to God! It has begun! We’ve been seeing healings but the presence of God’s Glory that totally changes lives is what we long for.

  25. Joann Wotton

    Amazing. So thankful for what God is doing.

  26. Marcia David

    I live in Ontario. We need revival meetings like this in Canada so I’m praying for evangelists like you Mario to rise up in my country.

  27. Carol

    Amen, Amen & Amen!!

  28. Maya Glover

    I am so happy to see how the awesome presence of the Holy Spirit is moving in Bakersfield and now In Colorado Springs.
    I am praying that He will lead you to Bristol, Va / Tn.
    Please pray for the salvation of my Hindu family whenever the Holy Spirit leads you.
    Blessings to you, Lance Wallnau and the rest of the team.

  29. Joseph Lynes

    Are you still coming to Batavia NY on May 18

    • Mario Murillo

      I am not scheduled to be there. However, I totally support Cornerstone and the Doyles!

  30. Brenda Torres

    Praise God this is happening in Colorado!!!!
    May God and His Army overturn the State law that approves the acceptance of the mutilation of children.
    God bless you Mario


    Fire code, Schmire code let the people pack in and taste of the Lord. Hallelujah!

  32. Tina Williamson

    Please come to Tampa, Florida. Our City needs healing and a out pouring of the Holy Spirit.

    God bless you!

    • Beverly McClellan

      Please see The River Church at Tampa Bay, Rodney Howard-Browne is the Pastor. Great things are happening there regularly.

  33. kathy lisle

    praise God! thank you for sharing

    • Becky

      Hallelujah and thank you for sharing this! GOD bless you!

  34. Marleen

    Come Holy Spirit to the east coast! Thank you for the awesome report!

  35. ~J

    I go out to the malls and businesses all over my area. I take kids with me sometimes too. It’s so awesome to see God touch people’s hearts.
    I’m watching & waiting to serve when you come to North Carolina. I do not have words for the excitement I am feeling. Like a toy car that has been pulled back waiting to be released to take off running!
    ~ J

  36. Leonor Gileslava

    The Lord is good, so faithful. He is answering our heart’s cry for repentance & revival in our nation & the world. May Jesus’ name be glorified. Hallelujah!

  37. Sandi

    That’s amazing😭😭 I wish I were there. Bless you Mario ‼️

  38. Patricia G Kraft

    I live to see the young people who have been targeted by the evil one be able to do God’s bidding by the laying on of hands and bringing healing to their generation as well as across all ages. PTL. I’m 82 and am contending for the young because I have seen the destruction the enemy has brought to our youth including my own grandchildren and I am contending for their healing spirit, soul and body. My daughter used drugs during each of my three granddaughters’ formation in my daughter, so they went after these beautiful girls before they ever saw the light of day. Only God can fix what the enemy is bent on stealing. This is the most encouraging blog and I’m so grateful for this ministry. May God continue to blow your mind with what HE has planned because it is exceedingly and abundantly above ALL your ministry could ask or think… To God be the glory. Amen

  39. Teresa Hiatt

    May I ask if this was Radiant Church in Colorado Springs? Although I no longer live there, I am praying to come and be a prayer minister or usher, etc. AND receive my physical healing AND see our grandson come for salvation healings and deliverance.

    • Mario Murillo

      Radiant Colorado Springs

    • Erica Hughes

      Yes it is.

  40. Betty Gibbs

    I am here this morning to read your blog and agree with all you wrote. Watching the live stream from Texas, I saw exactly what you testified on the blog today! When the power of God is so real, intense, and overwhelming that His presence permeates the airwaves and flows out toward all who will believe and receive, revival takes place. If you cannot attend a meeting, do not miss being a part of the broadcasts. An unstoppable expression of God’s love and mercy for us all. Thank you Pastor Mario for your leadership, and for His character that dwells within you.

  41. Esther Elias

    I pray in Jesus’ name that a movement of God come to Canada, to Manitoba, to the cities and rural areas. We need God to move here. It is so dead.

    • Louise Liggett

      Esther, Christ lives in you. God is there in you. You have eternal life in you. Pray. Reach out to others to pray with you. Believe what the word of God says. Call salvation & healing to you and your area. Do what you can now and God will expand you. Just start. Just open your mouth & God will give you the words. Love you Sis, Louise

  42. Joyce Miller

    This thrills my heart and soul how God is answering our prayers about these young are turning to God in masses!! Praise God !! Jesus continue to bless Mario and his team as they seek your face! 💜💜

  43. Jim warrick

    When will be have a tent meeting in Nashville?

  44. Suzan Marie Kelly

    Please come to Phoenix in the winter when it’s cooler. Or the stadium in the summer.

  45. Dana

    Excitement, Chills, Praise God, the youth have been sent out!

  46. Dianne Nikirk

    Praise God it has begun!!! Myself and others have prayed for this outpouring for years we have a Great God whose timing is Perfect!! Praying for strength and youth renewed for you Mario,!🙏🙏🙏🥰

  47. Nancy Cole

    Come to NE TN, the River of Tricities, Johnson City, TN!

  48. Wendy

    Absolutely beautiful! Thank you Lord ! To God be the Glory. Thank you for your obedience Pastor Mario and your amazing team

  49. Carol

    I love the hope which God is bringing to our youth they are in
    desperate need of the truth, not the lies from the enemy! May
    we all pray from our hearts so they would receive exceedingly and abundantly more they asked for including their parents!
    a mom and Nana

  50. Linda Shortes

    Please come pitch that tent in Leave Texas!

  51. Linda Shortes

    Please come pitch that tent in Leander Texas!

  52. Erica Hughes

    My four teens where of those that were sent out into the audience that night. My 17 year old said she felt fire in her arm when she prayed over a woman with addiction. My 15 year old son found me in the lobby saying intently that the Holy Spirit had something for him but he didn’t know how to pray for it and he needed it NOW! I prayed over him and I felt a mantle/ covering fall on him. I felt Gods power on him and I started to cry. He has been called to preach the good news, and pray over the sick, and cast out demons in Jesus name. With that, he ran to the balcony and continued praying for people with the rest of the youth. My 19 year old felt power coming from her gut when she prayed for healing for a woman to be healed of kidney stones. Even my 12 year old was a hound dog prayer warrior running all over the place praying for who she could ever time Mario said, “Go get em!” An army was sent out to change the world that night and it wrecked me. Get to the tent in July!!!

  53. Kathy Walenta

    I was reading an article in Zerohedge today about downtown recoveries after Covid. At the bottomof the list is San Francisco at 31% recovery. 3 of the Top 10 downtowns that have recovered – Fresno 121%, Bakersfield 125%, Colorado Springs 84% – are all cities where Mario has had the tent revivals. That can’t be coincidence. God is at work in those cities!

  54. Barbara Keene

    when will you be in Dallas Texas?

    • Mario Murillo

      June 29 6:30PM Miracle Service
      Marriott Dallas/Fort Worth Westlake
      1301 Solana Boulevard, Westlake, Texas 76262

  55. Teri Robertson

    Jesus goosebumps

  56. Teri Robertson

    Massachusetts, New England, we are desperate, please come with a tent

  57. Carole Phelps

    We are now in the beginning of the vision I was given back in 1972 of the end-time just before He returns. Many had this vision at that time and are living to be used in this Great Adventure, some have gone to be with the Lord. It showed the world in upheaval, but God moving over the people in fire, glory, miracles. Angels teaching and ministering. Jesus walking among groups ministering on the streets. The Greater Glory, the Greater Acts of the Father and Son and Holy Ghost to save millions of souls and purify the Bride for her Beloved’s return. God bless you Mario for being a harbinger of Truth and Fire for Jesus.

  58. Janice

    Is there a church in Indianapolis, Plainfield or Avon Indiana or nearby that you totally support?

  59. CoraLee Baughman

    Praise God for His compassion for the people of Colorado! My home is in NM and we need God’s miraculous blessings here. This experience at the Radiant Church inspires me to continue to pray for the Holy Trinity to move in the hearts, and the minds of people in NM, among the indigenous peoples and all of us. Thank-you for glorifying God with your message.

  60. Debra

    We need you, Mario, to bring that fire of the Holy Spirit to the suburbs of Chicago! There’s such a large veil that needs to be ripped off the people so they can see how deep they’ve fallen from morality, decency, respect, spirituality, kindness, etc. Chicago/Illinois has turned into a place I don’t recognize anymore, where I was born and lived in for 67 years! We NEED hope, salvation!! Please!

  61. Tammie Waldrep

    First time i watched Flashpoint i told the Lord you have a heart for the lost, very passionate and a sense of humor too. I need a church in Jacksonville, Fl to go to. I can’t do any more watered down skim milk preaching . I quit going and started sending my tithes to you a year ago. A man after God’s heart – Lost Souls. Love Lance too.

  62. Carol Snoeyink

    Oh Mario, God is doing a mighty work through your faithfulness to him! Thank you so much for listening to Him!
    I pray some day you will come to Michigan !


  63. Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

    MARIO, I just keep going back to Berkeley in 1969…Remember the Majesty of GOD and Fight! That continually LIFTS ME UP—and I REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wish you could come with your tent to my hometown: Sylvester, GA…We are a bedroom community for Tifton, Albany, Moultrie, Cordele, Ashburn, etc. I am praying.

    I remember about the “Bell Sheep” in Israel.

    • LOIS Farmer

      My daughter who has had suffered from uncontrolled seizures, multiple medications with the accompanying miserable side affects and scoliosis pain for 44 years was healed in Colorado Springs at the night of Miracles meeting in Colorado Springs April 19th when Mario called out a healing for epilepsy. The change in her demeanor is amazing. All glory to God.

  64. Ruth Robyck

    I appreciate and continue to pray. I pray the follow up will enforce the GENESIS story, made in the image of God.

  65. Kelly Garwood

    I had a waking vision in March 2020. I saw the name MURILLO.? I thought to myself what is a Murillo? I set out to find out. God is so so good!. I’ve been praying for the fire and glory to fall on my city, state and Nation since 2016. Glad to declare it’s here!

  66. Connie Whitlow

    I pray you would come quickly to Portland, OR – the most unchurched state in the nation. God has truly anointed you. Thank you and Abundant Blessings!

  67. Brei Luchaco

    All glory, honor, praise to YHWH
    Awaken church

    Let not those who are saved be taking the space needed for those who are lost
    The sick shouldn’t be the saved, arise above your pain and serve in Jesus Name
    Gods grace is sufficient for you to overcome your flesh and be the church, the Ecclesia that Jesus died for and Lives

  68. Dr. William Sawvel

    My family and I attended the afternoon service. For months, the Holy Spirit has been telling me that Colorado Springs is a strategic site in an intense spiritual battle for our nation. When Pastor Murillo asked at that service for folks to stand up who’ve heard from God about the strategic importance of this city – I just about fell out of my chair! There has been such a pin-pointed, demonic effort to take over this city (and state) – and, now it’s at the point that there are many of us in this city fighting back for the souls of our own children.

  69. Sheree

    God is raising up his Bride a warrior Bride on her knees praying for mercy, forgiveness for all of us. This Gideon’s three hundred sifted tails on fire and loosed in the corn the youth. It’s neon electric and unstoppable. A fresh wind has been circling around West Virginia from the west. Been CONTENDING for miracles here.

  70. Sheree Y. Strickland

    God is raising up his Bride a warrior Bride on her knees praying for mercy, forgiveness for all of us. This Gideon’s three hundred sifted tails on fire and loosed in the corn the youth. It’s neon electric and unstoppable. A fresh wind has been circling around West Virginia from the west. Been CONTENDING for miracles here.


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